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Chapter 464

“Hey, don’t go…”

The woman named Yanran stood up quickly and tried to hold the girlfriend in front of her, but she was already a step slower, and the girlfriend strode towards Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang.

She is no one but Ouyang Xuehai’s daughter, Ouyang Yanran.

During this period of time, she was in a very bad mood. She followed her best friend to travel abroad, visited a few places, and ate a lot of local delicacies. Her mood was a little more happy. Finally, she just flew back to Hwadrid City and was at the airport. Just saw such a scene, Wayne Lin and another woman Qingqing, I and I are clearly a relationship.

I don’t know why, when she saw this scene, she felt very uncomfortable, and she even felt aggrieved, her nose was sour, her eyes were red, and there was an urge to cry!

She didn’t understand why she had such a reaction. It was obvious that she and Wayne Lin weren’t even friends, they just met a few times, but she just couldn’t forget Wayne Lin, especially when she saw Wayne Lin being close to other women. It is extremely difficult.

What’s bad is that her good friend discovered her anomaly and had to go to trouble Wayne Lin, which really scared her!

She knows her best friend’s character, savage and hot, and will definitely be rude to Wayne Lin. The point is, she and Wayne Lin are not like that at all, aren’t they doing a disservice.

“Guiying, come back soon, things are not what you think!!” Ouyang Yanran hurriedly overtook her to stop her best friend Yang Guiying, but Yang Guiying was very fast. At this moment, she was already in front of Wayne Lin.

And shouted loudly: “Hey, scumbag, you stop me!”

She yelled loudly and with anger, and suddenly everyone around her was startled and looked over.

Wayne Lin had long discovered her anger towards him and felt inexplicable, but he didn’t look back, pretended not to hear, and continued to move forward.

Instead, Tao Sanniang turned her head and looked at Yang Guiying strangely. She frowned and was very angry, but Wayne Lin didn’t say anything. If she continued to move forward, she couldn’t say anything. After all, she was outside, a virtuous man. Women still have to give face to men all the time. Tao Sanniang still has this bit of wisdom for women.

Yang Guiying became even more annoyed. She stepped up to the ground and grabbed Wayne Lin’s shoulder directly, “Hey! I’m talking to you, are you deaf?”

Her speed is quite fast, she has the realm of a master.

If it was an ordinary person, she would have to be captured by her and fell to the ground. Her eyes flashed a little bit fiercely, intending to teach Wayne Lin this scumbag a lesson.

However, her three-legged cat kung fu is too pediatric for Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin just casually took one side of her body and avoided her grabbing.

Tao Sanniang suddenly became annoyed. She patted Yang Guiying with a palm and cursed, “Where is the mad woman from? She is sick!”

Tao Sanniang is also a master in the realm of masters. She rarely makes shots, which does not mean that she is a weak female class.

Yang Guiying was not wary of Tao Sanniang. She was accidentally slapped by Tao Sanniang, her face changed, and she stepped back several steps in a row. She became even more angry, shouted for death, and then got anxious and started to face Tao San. Mother attacked.

Fortunately, at this moment, Ouyang Yanran had already ran over, and she quickly stopped Yang Guiying, “Guiying stop!”

Yang Guiying was grabbed by Ouyang Yanran. She was very angry and said: “Yanran, don’t stop me, let me go, let me teach this couple!”

With that, she was about to push Ouyang Yanran away.

Tao Sanniang is also on fire now. She was in a good mood when she came back this time, but was destroyed by Yang Guiying, a crazy woman.

So she also has to do something to teach Yang Guiying a lesson.

At this moment, Wayne Lin spoke and said in a deep voice, “Enough!”

He frowned, stared at Ouyang Yanran, and said, “Ouyang Yanran, what are you doing?”

Ouyang Yanran was so scolded by Wayne Lin, especially the impatient expression, which blocked her heart, and she felt an unprecedented grievance. She opened her mouth and wanted to talk, but she found that she couldn’t say anything. My nose became sour instantly, and tears flowed out unsuspectingly!

Even if he witnessed Laibinbai’s derailment in the first place, he was far less sad than now.

Wayne Lin had never cared about her, even in Wayne Lin’s eyes, she was just a savage woman.

She didn’t know why she was like this. It was obvious that she had a noble background, thousands of pursuers, and a lot of excellent people. It happened that she had a love for Wayne Lin, which was very abnormal to her!

But in fact, she can’t change it. Wayne Lin is indeed the most attractive and powerful man she has ever met.

I feel that this kind of thing cannot be controlled or manipulated.

Wayne Lin was shocked when he saw her crying.

What the hell is this? He didn’t scold anyone either. Besides, he was obviously the victim.

As a woman, Tao Sanniang had outstanding observation skills, and she could tell at a glance that there was nothing so simple between Ouyang Yanran and Wayne Lin, she showed a meaningful expression.

As for Yang Guiying, she became even more angry, thinking that it was Wayne Lin’s scumbag who had done something to hurt Ouyang Yanran!

She yelled a scumbag and began to attack Wayne Lin again.

Tao Sanniang naturally wouldn’t let Wayne Lin take action, she stood in front of Wayne Lin and fought Yang Guiying.

For a time it was even harder to match.

Wayne Lin immediately got a headache when he saw it.

Many people in the airport stopped and began to watch this good show.

Many people still need to take out their mobile phones to take pictures. After all, this situation is not always visible.

Yang Guiying couldn’t win Tao Sanniang for a while, she became even more anxious, and cursed at Wayne Lin: “Scumbag! You hide behind a woman, what a man, you don’t want to be a turtle, and I Fight!”

Tao Sanniang also scolded: “Crazy woman, please clean your mouth. My man is not a scumbag!”

Yang Guiying cursed at Tao Sanniang: “You are a mad woman. You were deceived by this little white face. He is a scumbag and deceived my girlfriend. Now he is cheating with you again. You have to protect him with such a little white face. Your mind is flooded!”

Little white face?

When Wayne Lin heard these words, he became even more dazed. When did he become a little boy? It’s so wrong.

Wayne Lin was really dumbfounded.

Ouyang Yanran wiped her tears. Seeing this situation, she became even more panicked, and rushed over to hold Yang Guiying, “Guiying, don’t fight, things are not what you think, he…ah… “

Yang Guiying was furious. Wherever he cared about Ouyang Yanran, she pushed Ouyang Yanran out with a quick push. She was not weak. Ouyang Yanran was out of balance and was about to fall, and it happened that there was a half-meter high behind her. If it falls down, it’s hard to fall.

In a hurry, Wayne Lin had to take action. He was very fast, and in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Ouyang Yanran and caught her, but Ouyang Yanran was panicked, completely in a conditioned reflex, and hooked tightly. Wayne Lin’s neck, the two postures were quite ambiguous…

Chapter 465

The atmosphere became a little awkward for a while.

Wayne Lin hugged Ouyang Yanran’s waist, while Ouyang Yanran hooked his neck. That posture was made between lovers. Ouyang Yanran’s chest was still pressed against Wayne Lin’s chest.

Ouyang Yanran smelled the male hormonal scent from Wayne Lin’s body, her breathing accelerated a lot, her pretty face flushed involuntarily, even she was a little bit reluctant to leave Wayne Lin’s embrace.

“Ahem, are you okay?” Wayne Lin coughed twice, he quickly corrected Ouyang Yanran, and then let go.

Yang Guiying and Tao Sanniang, who had been fighting on the side, stopped at the same time, Yang Guiying’s face was full of expressions of’it really is so’, while Tao Sanniang squinted her eyes with some jealous and thought-provoking smiles.

Wayne Lin had a headache again, and he couldn’t cleanse it after jumping into the Yellow River this time.

Ouyang Yanran left Wayne Lin’s arms, still a little bit reluctant, she shook her head and said, “Thank you, otherwise I just fell down.”

“Yeah.” Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Since you are okay, explain to your friend to avoid being misunderstood.”

“Oh…” Ouyang Yanran gave a frustrated reply, and then briefly explained to Yang Guiying. However, looking at her appearance, it was obviously not convincing. On the contrary, it seemed to people that there was a gap between her and Wayne Lin. The one with a leg was now abandoned by Wayne Lin.

Yang Guiying understood Ouyang Yanran’s character, and she looked even more unpleasant to Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin didn’t bother to care about these insignificant details, and said, “Since there is nothing wrong, I will leave first.”

“Wait a minute.” Ouyang Yanran was inexplicably frustrated when she saw him leaving, she couldn’t help but speak, and stopped Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin turned her head, “You still have something?”

“No, it’s okay.” Ouyang Yanran wanted to say something, but she couldn’t say anything. She suddenly hated herself a little bit. Why did she suddenly become stupid? I can’t even speak anymore!

Wayne Lin didn’t know her psychological struggle, and he gave her a strange look, then walked to Tao Sanniang, took Tao Sanniang’s hand, and left the airport.

“Hey, this scumbag dare to leave!” Yang Guiying wanted to catch up again. Ouyang Yanran quickly grabbed her and said: “Guiying! Stop making trouble, he is not my boyfriend, I and him… Friends are not even friends.”

When she said this, Ouyang Yanran was quite sad. She once had a chance to get closer to Wayne Lin, but at that time she completely looked down on Wayne Lin and missed this opportunity. Now Wayne Lin has become an unattainable existence for their entire family.

Yang Guiying widened her eyes, and said more angrily: “What? Then he played with your feelings and didn’t even give you a place? No, as your best friend, I must teach him! It’s damned, this Dead man!!”

“Enough.” Ouyang Yanran said angrily: “He is not a scumbag, and nothing has happened before me and him. From beginning to end, it was my passionate and unrequited love.”

But when Yang Guiying heard this, her face was full of disbelief. She also reached out her hand to touch Ouyang Yanran’s forehead, “I heard that right, you Ouyang Yanran would also be unrequited love? Besides, that guy, just looking at it. That’s it! Did you get your head down?”

Ouyang Yanran rolled her eyes. The first time she saw Wayne Lin, she felt almost the same. She didn’t put Wayne Lin in her eyes, but with more and more contact, she began to feel Wayne Lin’s charm…

She sighed and said, “You haven’t been in contact with him, you don’t understand.”

Yang Guiying was full of disdain, and said: “I think you are infatuated. Just now, the guy is not handsome at all, and he can’t help but stand behind a woman. He has no masculinity at all!”

Ouyang Yanran immediately said, “You are mistaken, his martial arts are so strong

Very, a hundred of you are not his opponent. He didn’t make a move just now, but he didn’t want to be familiar with you. “

When Yang Guiying heard this, her face was disapproving, thinking that Ouyang Yanran was a beauty in the eyes of her lover, “Cut, you treat me as a fool, just like that scumbag, who is weak and weak. He is also strong in martial arts. You can beat him! Do you know what I am, Master! Many professional boxers are not necessarily my opponents.”

Ouyang Yanran said: “I didn’t lie to you, he is really good at fighting. Some time ago, he killed an innate realm master!”

“Hahaha, Yanran, why have you become so innocent? This is not your character. Do you know what an innate master is? That is a superhuman existence. You think that guy is my idol!” Yang Guiying Said disdainfully.

Ouyang Yanran became interested and asked: “Do you still have an idol? Who?”

Yang Guiying immediately straightened her back and said with a face full of admiration and yearning: “Of course, my idol is the number one strong in Province G, a truly peerless strong, even my master, when he mentioned idols, The face is full of admiration and shame, thinking that idols have the hope to impact the legendary realm of King Kong indestructible, and truly make the existence of the land immortal!”

When she mentioned the idol, her eyes were full of light, and her fists were clenched, as if she was talking about a god.

Ouyang Yanran was also stunned. She had known Yang Guiying since she was a child, a good girlfriend. She had never seen Yang Guiying admire a person so much. For a while, she was also curious and asked, “What is his name, male and female?”

“Listen!” Yang Guiying’s momentum changed, and then she said with pride: “My idol is called Wayne Lin. He is only 28 years old this year and is already the number one player in G province! I am now. The goal is to meet the idol and ask him for an autograph! If I have the luck and can worship the idol, then my life will be complete!!”

After hearing this, Ouyang Yanran was instantly dumbfounded. She stared at Yang Guiying dumbfounded. She didn’t expect that the idol of her good girlfriend was Wayne Lin? How does this feel so absurd!

And Yang Guiying didn’t know that she had offended the idol just now. She was very proud and complacent and said, “How about, you are also scared by me? Haha! I learned that the idol is from Hwadrid. This time I came to Hwadrid. I came to the idol. When the time comes, I will hook up with the idol. I will introduce you to it, so that you can also see and see the breath of the No. 1 powerhouse in the province, and ensure that you forget the little white face just now!”

After speaking, Yang Guiying was still full of pride, thinking that what she said was right, she would definitely be able to get Ouyang Yanran out of the sea of ​​suffering.

However, Ouyang Yanran’s expression became even more weird. She stared at Yang Guiying and said, “Guiying, haven’t you seen a picture of your idol?”

Some guilty conscience flashed in Yang Guiying’s eyes, but she still nodded vigorously, and said: “Nonsense, that must have been seen before, otherwise why should I come to him.”

As a good girlfriend for many years, Ouyang Yanran couldn’t see that Yang Guiying was pretending, and said in a weird tone: “Then you know, who is the man who was scolded by you just now?”

Yang Guiying hadn’t reacted yet, she blurted out, “You know, scumbag…”

Suddenly, she realized that something was wrong, and seeing Ouyang Yanran’s weird expression that couldn’t help but laugh, she suddenly felt a jump in her heart, thinking of a certain possibility, she shook her head quickly and said, “Impossible… “

Ouyang Yanran couldn’t help it, and said, “Congratulations, you have already met your idol just now, and you were almost beaten by you.”

Yang Guiying stiffened and forced a smile, saying: “Impossible, Yan Ran, you must be joking with me.”

Ouyang Yanran shook her head, looked at her with some sympathy, and said, “It’s really him, otherwise you think my eyesight is so bad, do you really see a little white face?”

Suddenly, Yang Guiying’s expression changed, and then, she let out a wailing, “No!!!”

Chapter 466

Yang Guiying’s mentality collapsed, and she had never thought that such a thing would happen.

She is an avid fan of martial arts. After hearing about Wayne Lin for a while, she became crazy about Wayne Lin and regarded Wayne Lin as an idol. She was even more obsessed than chasing stars. She dreamed of seeing him. Wayne Lin, the ultimate goal is to worship Wayne Lin’s sect. This time she came to Huarvell, mainly rushing to Wayne Lin, but she never expected that she would actually see Wayne Lin, but this was the case.

When she realized that Ouyang Yanran was not joking, but the fact, she hurriedly chased Wayne Lin in the direction where Wayne Lin disappeared…

However, it was still too late. Wayne Lin and Tao Sanniang left the airport and took the car back.

Yang Guiying really wanted to cry without tears, all her thoughts were grayed out for a while, and she felt that her life was gloomy.

She actually called her idol a scumbag, a little white face, and she had to teach the idol just now. Now the idol must be extremely disgusted with her.

“My life, why is it so bitter…” Yang Guiying sat next to the flower pond with a face full of love.

When Ouyang Yanran saw her like this, she wanted to laugh a little, but she didn’t expect Yang Guiying to be such a stubborn and hot person would have such a sad side.

“Are you okay?” Ouyang Yanran patted her on the shoulder and asked concerned.

Yang Guiying immediately grabbed Ouyang Yanran’s hand and said excitedly: “Yanran, chase the idol! When you are with the idol, blow the pillow wind to the idol and let the idol accept me as a disciple!!”

With a fiery face, she stared at Ouyang Yanran straightly.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that this method works, and then he said: “Yan Ran, on your terms, if you look so beautiful and have such a good figure, the idol will definitely like you! When you become an idol, then the idol will definitely not I will hate me. With my martial arts talent, idols are definitely willing to accept me as a disciple…Oh no, won’t you become my wife by then?”

Ouyang Yanran saw her talking more and more ridiculously, and couldn’t listen anymore, she said quickly: “Hey, what nonsense are you talking about? It’s messy! Didn’t you see just now? Wayne Lin already has a confidant, besides, he already Married, where can I have any chance…”

Speaking of this, Ouyang Yanran is quite uncomfortable. She never thought that Ouyang Yanran, such a goddess with such a good condition, was always the only one pursued by others, and now that Feng Shui turns, she has become a crush on others.

Yang Guiying recalled the picture just now. It seemed that the idol really didn’t have much interest in Ouyang Yanran, so she was extremely lost and couldn’t help but sighed. For a while, the two of them were sitting next to the flower pond, lost in their souls, and they became a landscape in the airport.


Speaking of Wayne Lin’s side, after he and Tao Sanniang came out, they found that Tao Sanniang was looking at him with a smiling face, which made him feel very guilty.

He was embarrassed by the look, and asked: “What’s the matter, keep looking at me like this.”

Tao Sanniang did not speak, but still looked at him with a non-smiling expression. He couldn’t bear it, and continued to explain: “Just now, that was Ouyang Yanran, Ouyang Feng’s daughter. You saw it at Gu Hanxing’s birthday party before. Yes. There is no relationship between me and her as you imagined.”

Tao Sanniang said, “Huh? What kind of relationship do I imagine?”

“Uh…” Wayne Lin immediately lost his words, became even more anxious, and said, “I didn’t lie to you, me and her…”

Tao Sanniang did not continue to tell Wayne Lin, she blocked Wayne Lin’s mouth, and said with a smile: “Fool, I just teased you. It’s not the first day I met you. What kind of person are you? I don’t believe it.”

Wayne Lin asked with some confusion, “Do you really believe me?”

On the contrary, he is a little unconfident.

Tao Sanniang held his hand and said softly: “Of course I believe you, if you were really the kind of man with a heart, you wouldn’t have rejected me like that.

It was not at the beginning that I chose to stand by your side when you were betrayed by relatives. You promise now that you will not accept me. So, how about a “cowardly” man like you, would he just get in touch with flowers outside? “

Wayne Lin breathed a sigh of relief when he heard it, but after listening, there was something wrong with Tao Sanniang’s mouth.

Tao Sanniang quickly realized this, her face turned red, and she continued: “Actually, you don’t have to worry about me being jealous. I am also a third party. I am already very content to be with you. What qualifications do you have to be consistent?”

Wayne Lin opened his mouth and wanted to say something. Tao Sanniang blocked his mouth again and said, “You don’t need to say, I know. You are a good man, and at the same time you are also an absolutely excellent man, a man like you. , Is destined to be extraordinary, and is destined to be loved by many women. I am mentally prepared. I believe similar things, your wife also told you.”

Wayne Lin was silent.

It is true that Alma Chu said something similar to him more than once, but he felt ashamed when he heard it. Is a person like him really qualified to have three wives and four concubines?

Next, Tao Sanniang didn’t say anything more about it. She held Wayne Lin’s arm all the way, Xiaoniao Yiren, very sweet.

She put her identity very upright, and had never longed to monopolize Wayne Lin. This was her idea, and it was also a fact.

For her, as long as she can date Wayne Lin occasionally and have her place in Wayne Lin’s heart, that is enough.

Today Tao Sanniang came back and Wayne Lin stayed with her for a day, but in the evening, she did not stay for the night. After having a supper with Tao Sanniang, she left.

Tao Sanniang is a bit disappointed, but she did not force Wayne Lin to stay. She knows how to measure and knows this kind of thing. The more you ask, the less you get. On the contrary, many times, she knows how to be considerate to men and stand more. Thinking from a man’s perspective, on the contrary, men will pity even more.

This is a science, Tao Sanniang is already familiar with it.

After Wayne Lin returned to Yulong Bay, Alma Chu and the two old men were already asleep. He went back lightly, took a shower, changed a new set of clothes, and then returned to the room.

Seeing Alma Chu lying on the bed, breathing evenly, she seemed to be asleep.

He felt a little guilty in his heart. In his concept, he always felt that this was an immoral thing, even if he had obtained Alma Chu’s acquiescence.

Alas, he sighed, he no longer thought about it, did not choose to go to bed, but simply meditated on the ground so as not to wake Alma Chu.

But as soon as he sat down, he heard Alma Chu’s words, “Why don’t you sleep in bed?”

Wayne Lin was startled and said, “Did you wake you up?”

“No.” Alma Chu shook her head. She turned on the bedside lamp, sat up from the bed, and said with a smile: “I didn’t fall asleep.”

Wayne Lin was even more embarrassed. He walked over, held Alma Chu’s hand, and said softly, “Is it because you are waiting for me?”

Alma Chu smiled and shook her head and said, “It’s so stinky, I didn’t wait for you. I just couldn’t sleep because I drank coffee today.”

Wayne Lin also laughed, he had found the answer in Alma Chu’s eyes.

Suddenly, he had an urge to confess and be lenient, “Alma, actually I…”

When the words came to his lips, he found that he couldn’t speak again.

However, Alma Chu became very smart at this moment. Her eyes were full of wisdom. She seemed to have seen through what Wayne Lin wanted to say. She smiled and said, “There is no need to have any psychological burden. When you think the time is right, take me Just meet her and get acquainted.”

“Huh?” Wayne Lin’s heartbeat accelerated a lot.

Alma Chu had turned off the light, lay down, and took his hand to make him lie down, and said, “Don’t talk, I’m sleepy, hug me…”

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