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Chapter 188

Xiao Cheng’s expression immediately changed when he heard this, and he became gloomy, “What is a temporary upgrade? What do you mean by this?!”

To be honest, Xiao Cheng is very upset right now. He specially brought Alma Chu to the Tingfeng Pavilion in order to pretend to be forceful in front of Alma Chu and conquer Alma Chu’s heart so that Alma Chu can be taken down. As a result, the guard now tells him that he is not qualified to come in and spend? What a joke!

Besides, he paid five million for the membership for real money.

When Alma Chu heard these words, she also showed some weird expressions.

To be honest, she is not stupid. How could she not know that Xiao Cheng drove so far here, and on the way, she kept talking about how high a Tingfeng Pavilion is and how many big people are members here. This is what Xiao Cheng is treating her. Show off. She herself didn’t take these too seriously, for her, it was the same everywhere in business.

But now she heard the doorman’s words, she was still quite surprised, even the five million members who bought it could not come in? Is this Tingfeng Pavilion really so good?

The guard said respectfully again: “Mr. Xiao, we are also very sorry about this. We also just received the board of directors’ instructions. They said that Tingfeng Pavilion was suddenly upgraded this week. Black gold members will not be allowed to come in this week. Listen to Fengting’s consumption. Mr. Xiao, so I’m really embarrassed, and I ask Mr. Xiao to understand and come back in a week.”

Xiao Cheng’s expression is even more ugly. What does this mean? He brought Alma Chu to pretend to be forced. He had boasted so much on the road just now. As a result, now he can’t even enter the door of Tingfeng Pavilion, so where is his face going?

If in normal times, he can endure this kind of thing, forget it, after all, the big man behind Tingfengting is the Lin family, the absolute overlord of Hwadrid.

But things are different now! There is Alma Chu standing next to him. If he walks away in a desperate way, wouldn’t his image in Alma Chu’s mind be dark?

So he straightened his face down and said in a deep voice: “What a joke, I’m a black gold member who has spent five million recharges. I have a distinguished status. I can come to listen to the wind pavilion and enjoy the service anytime… , I don’t understand with you as a security guard, you call your manager over, I want to see, when Tingfeng Ting treats black gold members like this!”

Then he explained to Alma Chu: “Alma Chu, wait a moment, don’t worry. This Tingfeng Pavilion is too big, with many employees, and it is prone to errors. It must be the security guard who has heard the wrong news. I am honorable. The Black Gold members can enter at any time.”

Alma Chu frowned slightly. She is currently busy with her work and has a lot of things to be busy with. This time she set out to talk to Xiao Cheng for cooperation. The schedule was quite late. She didn’t care where to discuss business, as long as Just a quiet place.

So she said, “Mr. Xiao, we don’t actually have to talk in the wind pavilion. We can find a quiet place anywhere.”

Xiao Cheng’s expression became more determined when he heard Alma Chu’s words. He shook his head vigorously and said, “How can you be like this? You are my important business partner. You must talk in the Tingfeng Pavilion to show that I am right.” Your sincerity.”

“This, really don’t need…”

Alma Chu still wanted to speak, but Xiao Cheng interrupted him immediately. He was determined to take Alma Chu in: “Alma Chu, just wait a while. I know their manager very well, and when their manager comes out, We will be able to get in right away.”


p; And he glared at the door guard severely, and snorted heavily, “When the manager arrives, I have to let him fire this blind guard! No wink at all, even me Dare to stop, this kind of stupid staying in Tingfeng Pavilion is also embarrassing to Tingfeng Pavilion.”

His words were not so small that they were heard by all the guards, but the guards sneered at what he said, and didn’t take it to heart. The guard just now had obvious ridicule from his mouth.

Before long, a middle-aged man with a blessed figure strode out and frowned and asked, “What’s the situation?”

The doorman just said the incident briefly and concisely. After the middle-aged man heard it, he knew it in his heart. He looked at Xiao Cheng with a smile on his face and walked forward and said, “Mr. Xiao, Hello there……”

Xiao Cheng waved his hand directly, interrupted him, and said, “Manager Luo, you don’t need to say any more. I am a black gold member and a distinguished VIP customer. At the beginning, you gave me the card, but now I am heard by you. The security guard stopped me and made me ashamed in front of my partners. What do you think about this?”

Xiao Cheng couldn’t hide his irritation in his tone, and he was a bit aggressive.

Manager Luo said with some embarrassment: “Mr. Xiao, this thing really can’t be blamed on the doorman. Just the day before yesterday, the board of directors did release this information, so Mr. Xiao, I’m really embarrassed, please. Come back in a week.”

“What?!” When Xiao Cheng heard this, he immediately widened his eyes and became even more angry. At the same time, he felt hot and painful.

What’s the situation, isn’t he already a distinguished member of Tingfengting? It cost a full five million to buy it! As a result, everyone came to the door and told him that he was not qualified to go in? Is there any business doing this!

Alma Chu said again: “Mr. Xiao, or else just find a place to sit down and talk, I don’t have to come to listen to Fengting.”

Alma Chu really thought this way. She didn’t mean anything else, but when her words fell in Xiao Cheng’s eyes, it became a sarcasm and made him even more unhappy and annoyed.

He was directly angry and said to Manager Luo: “Manager Luo, I don’t like to make jokes like this! Now I have brought a partner to listen to Fengting, and you are still a member of Fengting who spent 5 million to buy. Now you don’t even let me in by a door? Does that make sense!”

Manager Luo said with a wry smile: “Mr. Xiao, there is no way. This is what the board of directors meant. Those of us who are subordinates have no way.”

Xiao Cheng was very annoyed and wanted to lose his temper, but he also knew that the background of Tingfengting was horrible, and it was not something such a small person like him could provoke. Once he really loses his temper here, he will definitely end up miserably. But he was not reconciled to let him leave like this.

So he gritted his teeth and said, “Manager Luo, can’t I go in to listen to the wind pavilion today? What’s the point of my topping up the five million!”

Luo Jing thought about it and said: “In fact, you really want to come in to listen to the wind pavilion today, that is, you can recharge another five million, upgrade to a Zijin member, and you can come in.”

When Xiao Cheng heard this, his face immediately changed. Before, he had spent five million to buy a black gold member, which was enough to hurt him. Now he has to spend another five million to buy a purple gold card. His fate!

In the back, Wayne Lin looked at Alma Chu’s back, and a white card appeared in his hand, which looked very ordinary…

Chapter 189

If you are the core leader of Tingfengting, seeing this white card, you will definitely receive the highest standard!

This represents the highest-level member of Tingfeng Pavilion, and it is not comparable to the most ordinary black gold member like Xiao Cheng.

Just kidding, Wayne Lin was once the core child of the Lin family, and even the grandson of Lin Changtian, the founder of Tingfengting. Could he not have a high seat in Tingfengting?

He was behind, watching the scene of Xiao Cheng deflating, he hesitated to appear.

Manager Luo’s words made Xiao Cheng speechless, and asked him to spend another five million to upgrade to Zijin membership. He couldn’t do that, let alone the question of whether it was worth it, even if it was worth it, he Now I can’t come up with that much money. Now he regrets it very much. If he knew that, he would not bring Alma Chu to listen to Fengting. As a result, he didn’t pretend to be, but he was embarrassed!

“How about Mr. Xiao, do you want to upgrade?” Manager Luo asked again. When he faced Xiao Cheng, he didn’t have any respect, just out of professional courtesy.

Xiao Cheng gritted his teeth and said: “Your behavior is discriminating against us consumers. If it spreads out, can you still do business in Fengting?”

The smile on Manager Luo’s face remained unchanged. He still smiled and said in a very polite manner: “Mr. Xiao, I suggest you don’t do this, it will not do you any good. This sudden upgrade has affected Mr. Xiao Your interest is due to our Tingfeng Pavilion’s fault. In order to make up for Mr. Xiao’s loss, we Tingfeng Pavilion can give Mr. Xiao a full refund for free, and can also compensate Mr. Xiao two million for the loss.”

The more he said this, the less face Xiao Cheng had. Alma Chu became more impatient. She said directly: “Mr. Xiao, I think we should find another place to talk, not to listen to Fengting.”

With that said, she turned her head first…

As a result, when she turned her head back, she immediately saw the man standing behind. In an instant, her body trembled severely, and the expression on her face instantly became very exciting.

It’s Wayne Lin!

She only felt that she had hallucinations. How could she meet Wayne Lin when she was in this place?

So she was stunned for a moment, and immediately forced her eyes to see if she really had hallucinations. When she opened her eyes again, she found that she was right. The man standing in front of her now, It really is Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin saw Alma Chu suddenly turn his head, his scalp numb, but his reaction was not as excited as Alma Chu.

Looking at Alma Chu now, he found that his mood still couldn’t calm down…

Yes, a couple who have been married for four years, how can they say that if they forget, they will forget. He is not a scumbag.

Alma Chu’s mood now is also very complicated. At the moment she saw Wayne Lin, a lot of things appeared in her mind, her mouth moved, and she wanted to say a lot, but she couldn’t say it. Because it seems, there is nothing to say, they are all divorced now…

At this time, Xiao Cheng had no choice. He had to follow Alma Chu’s words and nodded and said, “Well, it seems that this is the only way to do it, and maybe we have to talk about business at Fengting Pavilion.”

He also turned his head, and saw Alma Chu staring at a man in front of him lost, that expression was clearly telling.

Suddenly, he squinted his eyes and looked at Wayne Lin. When he found that Wayne Lin was only wearing ordinary clothes and looked ordinary, he didn’t look like a rich person, so he dropped a lot of vigilance.

“Alma Chu, I know that there is a place with a good environment, suitable for us to talk about business.” Xiao Cheng said with a smile, there is no embarrassment on his face, and his face is rather thick.

But Alma Chu did not leave, as if she hadn’t heard him, she still stood there and lowered her head.

Wayne Lin took a deep breath, now that he has encountered it,

Then there is no need for him to leave now. Although he is divorced, he can still be friends. There is no need to make the relationship so stiff. So he first did a thought movement for himself, and then strode over to reveal himself. A faint smile.

“Hey, Alma, haven’t seen you for a long time, how are you?” Wayne Lin spoke to Alma Chu in a friend’s tone, keeping the distance very well, neither alienating nor close.

There is a smile on his face, but if you look closely, you can still see the bitterness in his smile, the sadness and the sadness in his eyes…

Alma Chu saw him coming, and her face changed a little more. Finally, after a few seconds, she looked up and smiled and said, “Is that right? I’m fine. How about you? ?”

“Well, I’m fine too.”

Their conversation, anyone with a discerning eye knew it was abnormal.

The secretary’s expression on the side was also wonderful, filled with surprise and gossip. Her eyes kept peeking at Wayne Lin, obviously she knew Wayne Lin and knew Wayne Lin’s identity.

After a simple greeting, there was an abnormal silence, neither of them knew what to say.

At this time, Xiao Cheng realized something was wrong. He smelled the smell between Wayne Lin and Alma Chu, and narrowed his eyes, and he became very hostile to Wayne Lin!

In his mind, Alma Chu was already listed as his prey, and he must be hunted, and the appearance of Wayne Lin was the greatest threat to him.

The eyeballs gurgled around twice, and he was thinking of a solution quickly in his heart. After a few seconds, he smiled and took the initiative to approach Alma Chu with a smile and asked Alma Chu: “Alma Chu, this Sir?”

His opening broke the silence between the two of them. Alma Chu raised her head, looked at Wayne Lin, her mouth moved, as if she was thinking of some words to describe Wayne Lin.

Are you friends? It seems inaccurate. Between the two of them, they have never experienced the friend stage.

Is it an ex-husband? It’s not very nice, let alone, Xiao Cheng is just one of her partners, she doesn’t need to tell Xiao Cheng about her personal affairs.

What can you say? Colleagues, classmates, relatives?

For a time, there seemed to be no words that could accurately describe her, so she was embarrassed.

Seeing that Alma Chu hadn’t answered for a long time, Xiao Cheng probably knew what was going on, his eyes flashed even more!

Needless to say, this man must be Alma Chu’s predecessor.

To be honest, he was very upset. He felt particularly uncomfortable when he thought that a woman of such a high quality as Alma Chu had been enjoyed by other men.

Of course, on the surface, it is impossible for him to express this. On the contrary, he smiled more brilliantly, and took the initiative to stretch out his hand and said to Wayne Lin: “Hello, my name is Xiao Cheng, and I am a good friend of Alma Chu. .”

He deliberately pronounced the word’good friend’ more heavily, and there was some ambiguity on his face.

How could Wayne Lin not feel Xiao Cheng’s hostility and provocation? To be honest, he was not very comfortable in his heart. Anyway, Alma Chu was his ex-wife, and it was not long after the divorce that he was related to another man. Up…


However, this is Alma Chu’s freedom. He, a past person, can’t say anything, so he had to suppress the uncomfortable feeling in his heart, smiled, and shook hands with Xiao Cheng…

However, at the moment when he shook his hand, Wayne Lin felt a strong force, which came from the opponent’s hand and squeezed his fingers into a creaking sound…

This is deliberately making things difficult for him, which is kind of interesting.

Wayne Lin snorted coldly, showing a meaningful smile, and then he started to use his strength…

Chapter 190

This man named Xiao Cheng had a bit of hand strength, and he was a little stronger than ordinary people. When Wayne Lin didn’t exert any effort, he also had a little pain. But that’s all, he hasn’t been afraid of anyone if he wants to compare his hands.

Just kidding, with his current strength, let alone an ordinary person like Xiao Cheng, even the big man in the gym is not his opponent at all, easily crushed.

Originally, Wayne Lin didn’t want to make things difficult for the other party. In any case, now he has divorced Alma Chu. He shouldn’t interfere too much with Alma Chu’s freedom of making friends, as long as this person is not plotting against Alma Chu.

But now, the other party is actually making things difficult for him directly, so how can he make concessions?

So after a brief stupor, he immediately began to fight back.

On Xiao Cheng’s side, after he shook hands with Wayne Lin, a nasty smile appeared on his face, thinking that he could crush Wayne Lin 100% and make Wayne Lin feel embarrassed.

He has absolute confidence in his hand strength. Regardless of his gentle and gentle appearance, he actually went to the gym to exercise in private. He has a good figure, muscles one by one, and his strength is much larger than ordinary people. .

He went to the gym to exercise for no other reason. It was because he liked female sex and had to have a good physique before he could play with more women. Otherwise, his body would become weak.

Moreover, in his opinion, Wayne Lin is weak and has no muscles on his body. At first glance, he knows that he is the type of otaku who lacks exercise. Maybe there is a sub-health that is not light. This kind of garbage, he is not light to abuse. Easy?

It’s just that he didn’t expect that he hit the iron plate this time!

Within two seconds of his throbbing, he immediately felt an unprecedented huge force in his right hand, which was completely devastating, squeezing his palms into strange shapes, and his fingers creaked.

The intense pain caused him to change his face suddenly, and he couldn’t help but let out a scream, “Ah!!!”

It was so painful, he was about to cry, and his body was bent a lot. Now he, where there is the power and prestige just now, was suddenly embarrassed a lot, grinning, shivering.

Wayne Lin accepted it as soon as he saw it, without making things too difficult, Xiao Cheng took the initiative to let him go, and said with a smile: “My name is Wayne Lin, and I am also Alma Chu’s friend.”

After being let go, Xiao Cheng felt his whole body relax and took a few breaths.

His face is even more ugly now, this guy Wayne Lin actually caused him such a big embarrassment, f*ck!

Alma Chu glanced at Xiao Cheng with some sympathy. This guy couldn’t think so much. If he wanted to compete with Wayne Lin, isn’t this purely seeking abuse.

“What are you doing here?” Alma Chu asked.

“Go in to listen to the Fengting Pavilion and drink tea, how about you?” Wayne Lin also asked, they are now more polite than ever, so polite that even them feel ridiculous.

The secretary on the side looked at them with super gossip eyes…

Alma Chu’s mind was a little confused. She didn’t appreciate the meaning of Wayne Lin’s words for a while, and subconsciously nodded and said, “I came to listen to Fengting too, but we were rejected by Fengting. Black gold members cannot enter. .”

“Oh, is that so.” Wayne Lin nodded, “I am also a member of Tingfeng Pavilion. I can take you in for tea together. Do you want to be together?”


Fei hadn’t had time to speak, Xiao Jingcheng on the side chuckled out, “Haha, I said Mr. Lin, have you ever made a joke, do you know where Tingfeng Pavilion is? Only the top rich in the circle have it. If you are eligible for consumption, you will have to apply for a membership card of 5 million! It just happened this week to listen to the Fengting upgrade, and you need more than 10 million Zijin cards to enter. Would you tell me that you have a Zijin card?”

Xiao Cheng’s words were yin and yang strange, full of ridicule and ridicule.

He originally saw Wayne Lin not pleasing to his eyes, and through what just happened, his hostility towards Wayne Lin became even greater. He couldn’t wait to see Wayne Lin get embarrassed right away, in order to restore his image in Alma Chu’s heart.

Alma Chu also came back to her senses, yes, this is Tingfengting, the most ordinary member would have to spend five million to buy it, how can Wayne Lin have so much money?

Wayne Lin said, “I really don’t have a purple gold card…”

“That’s not it!” Xiao Cheng said, clapping his hands, “Tingfeng Pavilion is not an ordinary club, and ordinary people are not qualified to come.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “I don’t think you can get in right now.”

These words directly irritated Xiao Cheng, and he immediately became excited, “What do you know? I am a distinguished black gold member! In total, I spent six or seven million in Tingfeng Pavilion! Six or seven million, do you know what the concept is? Well, ordinary people can’t make this money for a lifetime! Mr. Lin, it’s not that I despise you, do you really know where Tingfeng Pavilion is?”

Alma Chu frowned slightly. Xiao Cheng’s words made her secretly agree. Yeah, Tingfengting is a top rich person who is qualified to spend. Wayne Lin is just an ordinary person. Where can he come from? Listen to Fengting tea? Did Wayne Lin know a chairman Ziqiong?

Wayne Lin was not angry, he still kept a smile on his face, and said, “Of course I know where the Tingfeng Pavilion is. In fact, I just…Forget it, I have a membership card and I can bring you in for tea. Do you want to be together?”

When he said this, his gaze was on Alma Chu. I don’t know why. He now has an inexplicable desire to show Alma Chu his powerful side and make Alma Chu feel regretful.

Alma Chu and Wayne Lin looked at each other, and then she said, “Forget it, I have no interest in Tingfeng Pavilion.”

“Oh, that’s a pity.” Wayne Lin said with a bit of disappointment.

However, at this moment, Xiao Cheng said: “Hey! Alma Chu, since Mr. Lin is so confident, let Wayne Lin take us in and see how great his face is, hahaha.”

With a mocking and disdainful expression on Xiao Cheng’s face, he looked at Wayne Lin coldly, but wanted to see how embarrassing this idiot Wayne Lin was.

He asked himself that he had a very accurate vision of people. At a glance, he could tell that Wayne Lin was just an ordinary person. He was definitely not a big man. Maybe he was a working class, with an income of several thousand yuan a month. Such a person is qualified to come in and listen. Fengting, what international joke?

Not to mention that Tingfeng Pavilion was upgraded just in time for this week. Only when you have a level above the Purple Gold Card can you come in and consume. Wayne Lin will not be able to get the Purple Gold Card even if he died.

Alma Chu frowned. She didn’t believe that Wayne Lin could take them in. She shook her head and said, “Forget it.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “It’s okay. I’m familiar with Fengting, so I can go in with a brush.”

As he said, he began to take the lead to walk towards Tingfeng Pavilion…

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