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Chapter 563 ?

Sun Liang just hung up the phone. Not long after, someone walked into his office and said, “Old Sun, why are you still here? It’s time to set off.”

The visitor was Zhao Xia, with some resentment on his face, he said, “This Zhong Tao at Xuanyuan 2 is too arrogant. Isn’t it the fourth stage of the Innate Realm? What’s the point!”

Sun Liang was taken aback when he heard what Zhao Xia said, and said, “Old Zhao, is Zhong Tao here again?”

Zhao Xia nodded and said, “Isn’t it? I will show off as soon as I arrive. By the way, old grandson, did you contact Instructor Lin? Tomorrow the colorful origin fruit will mature. If he doesn’t show up, he won’t be able to participate in the mission. , You may be blamed by the above.”

“Not good!” Sun Liang slapped his thigh, then he quickly picked up the phone and pressed the number to dial. Zhao Xia was puzzled when he saw him like this, “Old Sun, who are you calling?”

Sun Liang said worriedly: “Instructor Lin is on his way back. It would be no good for him to meet Zhong Tao. I have to remind him!”

Zhao Xia was also surprised when he heard, “What? Instructor Lin has returned? Where has he gone in the past half month.”

“I’ve gone to retreat, but I’ve already left, and I’m rushing over now.” Sun Liang replied casually, and found that the phone could not be reached, “Oops, instructor Lin’s phone cannot be reached.”

At this moment, Sun Liang’s cell phone rang, and it was Peng Zhuo who let him go. He had to put down the phone. He could only pray that Wayne Lin would be low-key when he came back this time and would not meet Zhong Tao.

Otherwise, with Zhong Tao’s strength, he really doesn’t think Wayne Lin can beat Zhong Tao.

After he went out, he saw that Zhong Tao and others had arrived. Zhong Tao looked around, obviously looking for Wayne Lin.

Because the three bases of Xuanyuan were closest to the mountain where Colorful Origin Fruit was born, Xuanyuan 1 and Xuanyuan 2 both came to Xuanyuan 3 a day in advance to settle down.

Over the past half month, the senior officials of the three organizations have discussed many times, formulated various plans, and set up the scenes, waiting for the colorful origin fruit to mature tomorrow.

Sun Liang came over, and after seeing Zhong Tao, he was obviously a little nervous, because he knew that Wayne Lin would be back soon, and Zhong Tao would definitely be in trouble when he met Zhong Tao.

In addition to Zhong Tao, there are also many masters from Xuanyuan 1 and Xuanyuan 2 who also gathered here.

Among them, there are actually three masters of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, their aura is extremely powerful, and the entire three places of Xuanyuan are pressed into shortness of breath, which is very uncomfortable.

“Zhong Tao, I heard that your brother-in-law was beaten to death by a new instructor at Xuanyuan No. 3?”

At this moment, a person suddenly teased Zhong Tao that he was one of the fourth stage masters of the Innate Realm in Xuanyuan. When these words were said, the atmosphere of the audience immediately changed.

Zhong Tao’s face changed suddenly, he snorted and said, “Yes.”

Another master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm also smiled and said: “There are seeds in the three places of Xuanyuan, you dare to move your family. But with your personality, I’m afraid this guy died terribly, right?”

As they said this, they didn’t care about the people in the three places of Xuanyuan, they were joking casually, with a high posture.

The fourth stage master of the first innate realm said with a smirk, “Hehe, then you guessed wrong, people are living well, Zhong Tao hasn’t seen anyone yet.”

“No, Zhong Tao, this is not your character? Zhong Tao, can’t you not beat the opponent?”

Others looked at Zhong Tao, surprised, ridiculed, and gloating.

Zhong Tao was already full of fire, but now this situation makes him even more uncomfortable. He directly said coldly, “Huh, the third place of Xuanyuan is hiding this beast, otherwise, Lao Tzu’s first day Screwed his neck down!!”

After he finished speaking, he stomped his feet vigorously, and the floor under his feet immediately split like spider silk, spreading to the feet of the people in three places on the left Xuanyuan.

Peng Zhuo’s expression was also ugly. They didn’t put Xuanyuan in their eyes at all, nor did they look at him, Peng Zhuo!

If it had been changed five years ago, the third place of Xuanyuan had not erupted that battle, and no talents had died. How would you dare to stand on the head of the third place of Xuanyuan like this?

Peng Zhuo took a deep breath, he decided to bear it down, and waited tomorrow, the colorful origin fruit matured, if he can successfully pick, then he will make a great contribution, then the above will not treat Xuanyuan three places badly, and poured more resources over. There is still hope for the rise of the three places of Xuanyuan!

But the people at Xuanyuan No. 1 and Xuanyuan No. 2 saw him being bullied to the door of his house so much, they didn’t dare to speak, and despised him even more.

Among them, another master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm at Xuanyuan 2 stood up and said to Peng Zhuo: “Peng Zhuo, I heard that you have a master at Xuanyuan 3, where is the person?”

Peng Zhuo said with a cold face: “Instructor Lin went to retreat.”

“Retreat? I think I was afraid of Zhong Tao before the tortoise shrank up? Yes, this is also in line with your Xuanyuan three styles. When something happens, hide like a tortoise, hahaha.

His words aroused a lot of people’s ridicule. He mocked the three Xuanyuan places on the three places of Xuanyuan. It could be said that he didn’t give Xuanyuan three places any face.

All the people in Xuanyuan 3 gritted their teeth and were very angry, but they couldn’t help it. The gap was too big. In the Xuanyuan competitions in recent years, they were all abused by Xuanyuan 1 and Xuanyuan 2. , There is already a psychological shadow.

Zhong Tao sneered disdainfully, and said to Peng Zhuo: “Peng Zhuo, you don’t need to be hard-headed, because I’m afraid that I will kill your new instructor because I shot too hard, so you hide him and pretend to be closed. I tell you, I have investigated his identity. Wayne Lin, right? A businessman in Hwadrid who killed Brian Gu and Wu Meizi. He was also known as the number one master in Province G. I don’t know the so-called. !”

Peng Zhuo’s face was ugly, he clenched his fists, he was very angry, but there was no way. Who wouldn’t let his fists be beaten by Zhong Tao? Even if he and Zhong Tao are singled out, they may not be Zhong Tao’s opponent, let alone Said that, behind Zhong Tao, there are three masters of the fourth stage of the innate realm.

So he still had to endure and not talk back to Zhong Tao.

Zhong Tao sneered and scorned Peng Zhuo even more. His gaze flicked across all three of Xuanyuan’s eyes. The contempt and disdain seemed to be just looking at a group of ants.

All the people in the three places of Xuanyuan were very angry, but there was no way. Many people were looking forward to it. Wayne Lin came back quickly to teach Zhong Tao a good meal and fight for the three places of Xuanyuan!

At this moment, a loud voice came from behind everyone, “Who said I was hiding?”

This voice sounded very loud, but also very ethereal. It came from far, far away.

The people in the third place of Xuanyuan heard this sound and immediately became excited, because they recognized who this sound belongs to.

But the high-level officials such as Peng Zhuo and Sun Liang changed their expressions and became nervous.

The next moment, everyone looked back, and suddenly saw a tall man in the distance, walking over leisurely.

Isn’t Wayne Lin who else?

Chapter 564

“Oops! Why did instructor Lin come back at this time?!”

Peng Zhuo’s heart suddenly jumped.

The other senior officials in Xuanyuan 3 were also worried. They didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would come back at this critical juncture. Didn’t he just hit the gunpoint!

And many people in Xuanyuan three places started to get excited when they saw Wayne Lin’s figure, and many people started cheering, especially those in the fourth group, the most excited.

“Great, instructor Lin is back!”

“Let me just say, instructor Lin is such a powerful person, he is not afraid of heaven and earth, how could he be afraid of an instructor at Xuanyuan 2nd place!”

“It’s great that instructor Lin is back, and I will teach that surname Zhong a lesson! I just see if he is not pleasing to the eye and drag him.”

They were ridiculed by the people at Xuanyuan 1 and Xuanyuan 2 and they had already suffocated in their hearts. Because of the difference in strength, they could only endure it and did not dare to show it. They pin their hopes on Wayne Lin. Now they see Lin Zi When Ming came back, they were all too excited and excited.

However, the other people in Xuanyuan No. 1 and Xuanyuan No. 2 heard what they said and realized that Wayne Lin had killed Brother Zhong Tao’s enemy. Immediately, their expressions became exciting, and their eyes fell on Wayne Lin. Look at what Wayne Lin has three heads and six arms, dare to fight against Zhong Tao.

When Zhong Tao saw Wayne Lin, his eyes widened suddenly, and his breathing swiftly rose. His eyes were as big as a copper bell, and he stared at Wayne Lin!

He clenched his fists and made a clicking sound, anyone could feel his anger and killing intent.

“This is the new instructor at Xuanyuan No. 3? It looks nothing special.”

“Yeah, looking ordinary, it’s a little bit taller, and you dare to offend instructor Zhong. This is the hanging of the birthday star. Is it too long?”

“Look, with the character of Instructor Zhong, this guy dared to show up in front of Instructor Zhong. Instructor Zhong will definitely not let him go.”

“Instructor Zhong is going to kill him, right?”

“Hey, this is hard to say, instructor Zhong is notoriously hot.”

Because of Wayne Lin’s arrival, the atmosphere on the scene suddenly boiled, and everyone’s eyes were on Wayne Lin.

There were three other super masters in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, who also stared at Wayne Lin closely. They wanted to see what Wayne Lin’s cultivation was.

But no matter how they looked at it, they still couldn’t clearly estimate Wayne Lin’s strength. They just felt that Wayne Lin was mysterious, seemed very powerful, and seemed to be vain.

Wayne Lin had just arrived, and when he heard Zhong Tao’s threatening words, he did not hesitate to dedicate himself.

This was the first time he saw Zhong Tao. Without introducing him, he recognized Zhong Tao immediately. I have to say that this Zhong Tao is indeed quite strong, and his strength has surpassed Ye Xingchen.

In addition, there were three other people in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, which he also observed.


Feeling the contempt and hostility of these people, the corners of Wayne Lin’s mouth rose slightly, and some fighting spirit rose in his heart.

He just came out of retreat and eliminated the demons. He was completely reborn and his strength increased a lot. He was about to find a master to experiment with his strength. Zhong Tao and these three innate stage 4 masters appeared. It can be said to be very timely.

“Lin! Zi! Ming!” Zhong Tao saw Wayne Lin, his eyes burst out with terrifying hatred, his whole body’s momentum reached a peak, his hair stood up one by one, like a hedgehog, which looked special. terror!

He did not hide his murderous intentions towards Wayne Lin at all, everyone present felt it

When he reached his terrifying killing intent, he couldn’t help but shudder and began to sympathize with Wayne Lin.

“No, this Zhong Tao is going to kill Instructor Lin!” Someone exclaimed in Xuanyuan’s three places, and they also realized this.

Peng Zhuo immediately walked out, stood in front of Zhong Tao, and said in a deep voice: “Zhong Tao! Don’t mess around, the colorful origin fruit will mature soon. The task is important, you can’t move Wayne Lin!”

Zhong Tao stepped forward, staring at Peng Zhuo, and said coldly: “Get out of here!”

He didn’t make a move, but the momentum he brought was incredibly powerful, even Peng Zhuo, who was also in the fourth stage of Innate Realm, couldn’t bear to be frightened.

Peng Zhuo did not back down. He resisted Zhong Tao’s pressure and continued to say in a deep voice: “Zhong Tao! You have already figured out how important this task is. You will do it for your own personal grievances! By then the mission will fail. Can you afford this responsibility?!”

Peng Zhuo’s words were so loud and full of majesty that it was deafening to hear.

Sure enough, after Zhong Tao finished listening, his brows were slightly frowned, and some hesitations flashed. Peng Zhuo was right. This task is very important. It is inevitable to win the colorful origin fruit. If it is because of him His personal grievances delayed the task, so he couldn’t bear the blame.

However, just as he hesitated, a voice came from next to him, “Zhong Tao, are you awkward? The task is important. With so many of our masters working together, are you afraid that it will not be completed? Besides, once the task is completed , It’s a great achievement. You killed an instructor at Xuanyuan 3rd place in a mere trivial area. What is it?”

It was an instructor in Xuanyuan, with a faint smile on his face, for fear that the world would not be chaotic.

After Zhong Tao listened, his eyes brightened, and he suddenly became clear, “Yes, as long as the task is finally completed, the rewards above are too late. Where can I blame?”

In such a short time, Wayne Lin was already very close. He still had a faint smile on his face. He was not afraid at all. He clearly did not see Zhong Tao in his eyes, which made Zhong Tao see him. , More angry.

“Peng Zhuo, let me say one last thing, if you don’t get out, don’t blame me for shooting you!” Zhong Tao tore his face and said coldly to Peng Zhuo.

As he said, Zhong Tao’s eyes became extremely cold, and they were already moving. Peng Zhuo snorted inwardly when he saw him like this, but he still did not back down and said to Zhong Tao: ” Zhong Tao! As the chief of Xuanyuan 3rd Division, I am one level higher than you. If you count as half your boss, you still dare not do anything to me?!”

At this time, Peng Zhuo could only use his position to suppress Zhong Tao.

According to the position, Peng Zhuo is the chief division, and Zhong Tao can be regarded as the deputy division, and he is indeed a higher level.

Zhong Tao laughed loudly, as if he heard a huge smile, “Peng Zhuo, because of you, the chief of Xuanyuan 3rd place, so you dare to use your position to suppress me? It seems that you are toasting and not eating fine wine. , I want to attack you and see if the above will favor you!”

After speaking, he shot Peng Zhuo directly.

Peng Zhuo was also annoyed, he was also a director anyway, Zhong Tao didn’t give him face like this.

“You’re looking for death!” Peng Zhuo didn’t step back and met Zhong Tao.

This touch made a huge noise, the movement was extremely quiet, and the ground trembled fiercely, showing how profound their skills are.

Thump thump…

Peng Zhuo backed away continuously, with some blushes on his face. Just now, he fought Zhong Tao’s palm, and he actually fell into a disadvantage.

When he immediately lowered his qi and blood pressure and was about to take another shot, one hand grabbed him from the side and said with a smile: “Chief Peng, there is only Zhong Tao, you can’t do it yourself, let me come.”

Chapter 565

Peng Zhuo had already accumulated his energy and was about to launch a counterattack against Zhong Tao, but Wayne Lin grabbed his wrist like this and he couldn’t move!

And Wayne Lin still had a faint smile on his face, and he looked very relaxed. He couldn’t help but be surprised, and sighed that Wayne Lin was so powerful? !

When the others saw Wayne Lin’s arrival, they all looked over. Zhong Tao’s eyes were electric, staring at Wayne Lin, sneered, and said: “The surname Lin, you can be regarded as showing up! Who gave you the courage, Who dare to kill me?!”

Wayne Lin walked over from Peng Zhuo and looked at Zhong Tao faintly. There was no trace of jealousy or fear, and he clearly did not put Zhong Tao in his eyes.

“What kind of stuff your brother-in-law is, you know yourself, no matter how much rubbish like him, I will punch him to death.” Wayne Lin said lightly, with some disdain from the corner of his mouth.

Zhong Tao watched thunderously, and roared: “You are looking for death!”

Then he stopped staying, and rushed directly towards Wayne Lin. Once he shot, it was a thunder attack, and he wanted to slap Wayne Lin to death.

I have to say that Zhong Tao is still very fierce and powerful. At a distance of more than ten meters, he has already walked two steps before arriving in front of Wayne Lin, and brought a lot of mental pressure. In everyone’s feelings, Zhong Tao is not a person, but an ape god with a figure of hundreds of feet, holding an iron rod that can pierce the earth in his hand, and passing towards Wayne Lin!

In their opinion, Wayne Lin was about to be stabbed to the core and died.

“Oops! Instructor Lin is in danger! This Zhong Tao is terrifying!”

Everyone in Xuanyuan 3 on the scene began to numb their scalp. In their opinion, Wayne Lin was not Zhong Tao’s opponent at all, and he was about to be punched through by Zhong Tao.

As for Wayne Lin, what he saw in his spiritual world was not a hundred-foot ape god, but only a two-meter-high ape. The aura was indeed quite big, but he was far from stabbing him to death.

When Zhong Tao’s punch came in front of him, he moved.


He did not choose to hard-wire, but moved to the right. The speed was extremely fast, almost like a teleport. On his ground, there was a 20 cm deep crack. This was because his speed was too fast and his strength spread to the ground. , As strong as a knife, cut a crack on the ground.

It was also because of such an astonishing speed that caused him to get Zhong Tao’s punch in time.

“Huh?” Zhong Tao yelled, looking a little surprised, as if he didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would still be able to escape his fist in this situation, because he was a bit sneaky just now.

Zhong Tao didn’t stop when he missed a punch, he immediately launched a series of attacks on Wayne Lin.

One punch after another, one punch is faster than one punch, and one punch is stronger than one punch. All of a sudden, it covers Wayne Lin’s whole body, mainly towards Wayne Lin’s face, as long as he takes a punch casually, Wayne Lin will also be seriously injured!

With fists like a cannon, Zhong Tao didn’t believe that Wayne Lin was able to dodge under his intensive and fast attack!

When they fought like this, they brought great power. After a while, they whipped up a strong wind out of thin air and blew it all around, especially on the hard ground. They were also trampled by their feet like being crushed by a bulldozer. Terrifying!

Except for the remaining three masters of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, as well as those masters before Peng Zhuo, including Zhao Xia, did not dare to get too close, and dodge quickly for fear of harm to the pond fish!

There is no way, this level of high

Hand fights are not something they can mix.

Wayne Lin faced Zhong Tao’s attack, his eyes brightened a lot, and his mood became a lot more excited.

“Good come!” He yelled and let out two long and cheerful howls.

This time he came out of retreat and reborn, just wanting to find a master to play a good game!

He kept hiding like this. No matter how fast Zhong Tao was, he couldn’t hit him. After a long time, Zhong Tao couldn’t help but get angry. He cursed loudly: “The surname is Lin! You can only hide! There is a kind of Head to head with me!”


The arc of Wayne Lin’s mouth rose even more, “Okay, as you wish.”


Suddenly, Wayne Lin’s temperament suddenly changed. It was no longer the gentle and plain temperament that was just now, but changed, like a different person, becoming fierce, aggressive, and domineering!

Wayne Lin’s original form of retreating rapidly stopped abruptly. His eyes were no longer as calm as before, but suddenly became much colder, like two suns emitting dazzling light!

He said: “Zhong Tao, take my punch!”

It seemed that the Fa came out at random. By the time he finished speaking the last word, his fist had already reached Zhong Tao, and there was not much movement, nor did he imagine the sonic boom. It gave people the feeling that his punch did not spread through the air, but came out of the void, silently, but full of power and mystery.

Zhong Tao felt the horror of this punch. In an instant, his pupils were suddenly enlarged, he screamed in his heart, and yelled bad!

But he did not choose to retreat, because he also had incomparable confidence in himself, strength, and always his good at, he did not believe that Wayne Lin’s fist could be as heavy as him!

Therefore, instead of backing up, he sank his right foot back, exerting force on his waist, and wanted to fight Wayne Lin’s punch!

‘I want to see, what are you capable of! A sneer appeared on Zhong Tao’s face. However, he hadn’t laughed long before, and immediately, his smile stiffened, because he felt the terrifying force of Wayne Lin’s punch!

He felt as if he had collided with a high-speed train. This powerful force could not be blocked by humans, even if he was a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm!


A loud noise that could pierce the eardrums erupted from between the two of them. The next moment, Zhong Tao’s huge body flew backwards!

But Wayne Lin remained motionless, the scene, as if Zhong Tao had been hit by a train, gave everyone the feeling that they were especially against.


Zhong Tao was in the air and couldn’t help but spout a mouthful of blood!

But in comparison, the shock in his heart was even stronger.

He actually fisted and lost to Wayne Lin, how could this be possible!

Not only him, but all the people at Xuanyuan No. 1 and Xuanyuan No. 2 were also dumbfounded, feeling that this scene was too shocking and incredible.

They all knew who Zhong Tao was, and how strong Zhong Tao was. Now that Wayne Lin was spitting blood with one punch?

Wayne Lin didn’t take advantage of the victory, but stood still, smiling faintly, looking at Zhong Tao, and said: “Your strength is too small, so you are embarrassed to face hard with me?”

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