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Chapter 197


Wayne Lin had counted to two, and everyone else in the audience was afraid to speak. They held their breath, leaving only Wayne Lin’s voice.

Counting the number of two, Wayne Lin took a step forward. Immediately, for Tang Chenghong and others, it was Mount Tai lowered and the huge waves rolled over, so that they could not breathe at all, and their bodies suffered a huge amount. The pressure is going beyond their limits, and they are all trembling at this moment, their legs are swinging.

Tang Chenghong’s originally flushed face, now slowly faded, and became paler.

As the person involved, he was under the most pressure from Wayne Lin. The fear of Wayne Lin before, at this moment, all swept through, directly crushing his heart, and his mental breakdown. With a thump, he knelt on Wayne Lin. before.

He knelt, really knelt, even in front of Lin Zihao, he has never knelt like this!

This scene may not have much to others, but to Roman Li, it is unprecedentedly huge, because he knows Tang Chenghong’s strength best. Even without the support of Lin Zihao, Tang Chenghong himself is a big man. There are dozens of companies under him, and the annual profits are hundreds of millions. The key to Tang Chenghong The Tang family behind Tang Chenghong, although not as demanding as the Lin family, is still a big family.

As for Wayne Lin, he has now been expelled from the Lin family. Even if he has Lin Changtian’s 50 billion inheritance, he still has a big distance from Tang Chenghong in terms of energy!

In the past few years, Roman Li has been subjected to Tang Chenghong’s coercion and bullying, and he has a deep fear of Tang Chenghong. But now, such a person who was riding on his head and making shit, unexpectedly knelt in front of Wayne Lin so simply and neatly, it shocked him greatly!

He clenched his fists, his face was so excited that he began to flush, his heartbeat speeded up suddenly, and he thumped and thumped. At this moment, he secreted a lot of adrenal hormones, and the whole person was in a state of excitement, relief, and joy!

He even had tears in his eyes, and he felt really relieved.

At exactly this moment, Xiao Cheng, who had been away for a while, went back and forth. On the way he left, he didn’t stop and began to inquire about Wayne Lin’s identity to see if he was really such a powerful figure.

But after he investigated, he immediately became so annoyed!

It turned out that Wayne Lin was just Alma Chu’s door-to-door son-in-law, just a trash, at best he had some friendship with Jeff Han. But Jeff Han is just a little guy, he doesn’t care about it at all.

Besides, even if Wayne Lin’s background is doubled, what about?

He is now following Tang Chenghong. This is a big man who can eat well in Fengcheng and Huarvell, and he is especially short-sighted. Even if he offends Wayne Lin at that time, it will not be a big deal!

So the more he thought about it, the more annoyed he became, and the more he felt at a loss. In the end he couldn’t help but want to come back and find a place.

But as a result, not long after he came in to listen to the wind pavilion, he saw this scene in front of him. In his eyes, the omnipotent, the gangster Tang Chenghong, who can eat well in the circle, actually knelt before Wayne Lin tremblingly, and his face was beaten into a pig’s head!

This scene was extremely shocking to him, even far exceeding the shock in Roman Li’s heart.

After the shock, it is the extreme fear, deep into the bone marrow, reaching the fear of the soul, trembling!

His arrival attracted Wayne Lin’s attention, and his eyes swept over…

This scan didn’t matter, it broke Xiao Cheng’s mentality directly.

Immediately, his legs became weak, lost the support of strength, fell to the ground, and also wet his pants.

His top boss, in his mind, a godlike existence, actually kneeled in front of Wayne Lin like a dog, kowtow to admit his mistake. So how big is Wayne Lin’s background? He did not dare to imagine that he had exceeded his limit.

Wayne Lin saw Xiao Cheng come back and fell on the ground to pee his pants. His expression was a little weird and he didn’t know what was going on.

However, this does not affect him to teach Tang Chenghong.

He walked up to Tang Chenghong and stared at him condescendingly, “kowtow, apologize.”

Tang Chenghong is now completely brave, what dignity, what he relied on, what arrogance, all disappeared completely at this moment, his mouth trembled a few times, and under the pressure of Wayne Lin, he completely collapsed and began to kowtow. Apology: “Second Young Master, I was wrong, really wrong, I shouldn’t be rude to the old man…”

Bang, bang, bang.

All of a sudden, he kowtowed to Wayne Lin and finished a sentence with great difficulty.

The audience was silent and there was no sound. This scene was extremely shocking for everyone, and after the shock, there was a deep numbness.

Yes, they couldn’t feel the shock anymore, just numbness. The whole person feels unreal, as if dreaming.

Wayne Lin took it as soon as he saw it. It was not too embarrassing for Tang Chenghong. After Tang Chenghong had finished apologizing, he kicked Tang Chenghong over and stepped on his chest, condescending, coldly contemptuous, “Also, if you dare to find The trouble of the Chu family, if anyone is moved, I will make you worse than death. No one can save you. If you don’t believe me, I can try.”

Tang Chenghong was stepped heavily on his chest and couldn’t breathe. His face was flushed again. He couldn’t say a word clearly, so he nodded desperately and said with difficulty: “Yeah, umh… , I dare not, really dare not…”

Wayne Lin didn’t let go of him immediately, but looked directly into his eyes, and only let go of him after ten seconds.

Spit out a word coldly: “Go away.”

When Tang Chenghong heard this word, his whole body was so tight that his nerves instantly relaxed, and he gasped for breath.

Already had a cold sweat!

He wanted to get up, but found that he had no strength, so he had to call his men to help him up, and then ran away dingy.

Wayne Lin didn’t move, watching them leave quietly.

After a while, Wayne Lin and Roman Li were left.

Wayne Lin turned around, looked at Roman Li, smiled and said, “Roman Li, are you scared?”

Now Roman Li’s expression is indeed a bit horrible, and when he heard Wayne Lin’s words, his body trembled involuntarily.

The constricted pupils slowly returned to normal, and he was silent for a while, and said: “Second Young Master, Tang Chenghong is from Young Master, you just treated him like this, Young Master, he won’t let you go.”

“Do you think I am inferior to Lin Zihao?” Wayne Lin asked Roman Li with a smile.

Roman Li nodded reflexively, then shook his head hurriedly, and finally he also said bitterly: “Second Young Master, it’s not that you are inferior to the Young Master, but the Young Master is more energetic now, and you are still just getting started.”

Chapter 198

Roman Li’s worry is not unreasonable. Since Wayne Lin was expelled from the Lin family, Lin Zihao has been the best child of the Lin family and has become an absolute core figure. Although the current head of the family is Hanson Lin, Lin Zihao’s methods are so powerful that Hanson Lin has always cultivated Lin Zihao as his successor, and his love for Lin Zihao even exceeds that of his biological son Lin Shaoang. If no accident, the next Lin family head will be Lin Zihao’s.

Wayne Lin walked out of the room and looked into the distance. His eyes became long and deep. Instead of answering Roman Li directly, he said, “There are some gaps that can not be compensated by external factors.”

For some reason, when Roman Li saw Wayne Lin’s indifferent appearance at this moment, he suddenly became full of confidence in Wayne Lin.

Perhaps, the second master really has a way to defeat the eldest master?


After Tang Chenghong came out of Tingfeng Pavilion, he let out a terrible roar, “Grass!!!”

His wild roar shocked all the passers-by and looked at him displeasedly. Two young men who seemed to be quite rich complained about him and were immediately caught by his bodyguard. , Slapped a few times and ran away dingy, knowing that he had provoked someone who shouldn’t be offended.

Tang Chenghong now gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, his face was flushed, and his eyes also exuded monstrous anger, looking particularly hideous and scary.

He turned around and said fiercely to these people: “You are not allowed to say a word about what happened just now, you know! Otherwise, you know my temper.”

Everyone shuddered, and shook their heads hurriedly, saying that they would not say anything if they were killed.

Tang Chenghong’s expression looked better now. He got into the car, his eyes burst with unprecedented coldness and anger, and gritted his teeth and said, “Wayne Lin, you damn it! Wait, you won’t be surnamed Tang if I am immortal!”

Tang Chenghong had never suffered such humiliation. When he thought of what happened just now, Tang Chenghong was extremely uncomfortable and his chest exploded.

He swears in his heart that he must take revenge and return the shame Wayne Lin inflicted on him just now, ten times a hundred times!

However, thinking of the coercion that Wayne Lin had brought him just now, he couldn’t help but shudder, and he had a lingering fear. He had already planted the seeds of fear for Wayne Lin. He thought for a while and decided to tell Lin Zi what had just happened. Hao, file a complaint with Lin Zihao and let Lin Zihao take action to avenge him.


An arrow shot from the bow and arrow at an extremely fast speed. Almost instantly, it hit a wild boar running tens of meters away. It hit the wild boar’s neck and fell to the ground.

“Master is mighty!”

“Master is awesome!”

“So handsome!!”


With a burst of cheering, Lin Zihao put down his bow and arrow, showing a satisfied smile. He was in a good mood today and came to Fengcheng to hunt.

Lin Zihao is a person with violent blood in his bones. He especially enjoys the feeling of his prey falling to the ground, and he has a strong sense of pride!

Just as he rode over and was about to pick up the prey, a jeep drove up quickly and quickly stopped beside him. Three people jumped out of the car. One of them was full of humiliation. With the resentful Tang Chenghong, when he got out of the car, his eyes became red, and he walked quickly to Lin Zihao and said grievously: “Cousin, I was beaten by Wayne Lin, you have to be the master for me!”

“Wayne Lin?” When Lin Zihao heard these words, he immediately frowned, put down his bow and arrow, and said in a deep voice, “What is the situation, you can speak clearly.”


Tang Chenghong pours out beans, adding extra energy and jealousy to hear what happened in Fengting. He especially emphasized how Wayne Lin did not put Lin Zihao in his eyes and how he humiliated him.

After Lin Zihao listened, intense anger rose in his eyes, his face instantly became cold, and he said, “What a Wayne Lin!”

Seeing Lin Zihao’s anger, Tang Chenghong flashed some cunning and surprises in his eyes. He was particularly happy. His face was even more resentful and aggrieved, saying: “Cousin, Wayne Lin is too deceitful, so it doesn’t matter if I was beaten. The key point is that he didn’t give you any face, I broke your name, and was slapped a few more times by him, and his face was swollen…”

Before he finished speaking, Lin Zihao kicked him on his stomach, kicked him over, hit him twice on the ground, and coldly cursed: “Useless things, even a small forest. Ming was upset, and he was beaten up like this, embarrassing Laozi.”

Lin Zihao kicked hard with this kick. Tang Chenghong grinned in pain, and kept sucking in cold breath, but he didn’t dare to blame Lin Zihao at all. Said: “Cousin is right, but I am actually useless. If you lose your face, cousin, I am useless.

Happily, Tang Chenghong slapped himself seven or eight in a row, making his already red and swollen face even more embarrassed, and tears streaming down his eyes, looking particularly miserable.

Seeing him like this, Lin Zihao couldn’t bear it, waved his hand and said, “Okay, get up, there is no need to play bitter tricks. Wayne Lin, I will not let him go.”

When Tang Chenghong heard these words, he sighed in relief and didn’t dare to stand up immediately, but continued to kneel.

In fact, Tang Chenghong was not too afraid of Lin Zihao before, because Lin Zihao was very mediocre at that time, and his personality was not as arrogant and domineering as he is now. But since Wayne Lin was expelled from the Lin family four years ago, Lin Zihao’s family dominates, his personality has become more and more arrogant, more and more domineering, and more and more cold, like a poisonous snake, often a look in his eyes is horrible. Shaking and fear to the extreme.

From then on, Tang Chenghong became more and more afraid of Lin Zihao. He still remembers that Lin Zihao punished the cruel side of a subordinate who did wrong that day.

At this moment, from the woods more than fifty meters away, a sturdy wild boar rushed out, weighing at least a few hundred catties, with a sniffing nose, staring at this side, and then rushed over angrily, extremely violent.

It is full of momentum. If you are hit, people will fly up, and a hole will appear in their stomachs.

Everyone’s nerves tightened at this moment, and Tang Chenghong’s scalp was numb with fright, and his brain went blank.

Several people shot arrows in panic, trying to shoot the wild boar down.

It’s a pity that none of them hit the wild boar. After a while, the wild boar arrived in front of all of them, leaving only about ten meters away. In less than a second, they would hit them.

For a while, they all became frightened and began to turn and run away.

But at this moment, a person moved suddenly. It was Lin Zihao. He stepped forward and then clenched his fist. He fisted from top to bottom and hit the wild boar’s head. Go up, hit it hard.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang!

Accompanied by a screaming scream, the wild boar of several hundred jin lost its strength and fell to the ground, raising a cloud of dust on the ground.

And Lin Zihao was also hit by the powerful impact, backing seven or eight meters, pulling out two fierce grooves on the ground.

The wild boar was actually beaten to death by Lin Zihao!

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw this scene, looking at Lin Zihao like a ghost.

Chapter 199

It is late autumn and winter is about to come. The temperature in Hwadrid City is already very low. At night, it is only about ten degrees Celsius. Normal people have to wear a coat to keep out the cold.

But Wayne Lin still wore a short sleeve, and he was not cold at all. He walked on the street alone and attracted the attention of many people. Most people thought he was acting as if it was such a cold weather. , But wear so little.

He taught Tang Chenghong a lesson today. It was an accident. He did not expect to meet Tang Chenghong there. It is conceivable that Tang Chenghong must have gone to Lin Zihao to complain now.

Regarding this point, he didn’t have any waves in his heart. Originally, he and Lin Zihao were already in a state of turmoil and there was no possibility of reconciliation. Even without Tang Chenghong, there would be a battle between him and Lin Zihao sooner or later. And it was very likely to happen at this clan meeting, so he didn’t care about Tang Chenghong at all.

Taking a deep breath, he exhaled a long breath, spit out all the depression in his heart, and then took a deep breath back, suddenly refreshed.

At the same time, in the Lin family compound, a group of Lin family members are plotting.

“Patriarch, do we really want to invite Wayne Lin back to the family? He is afraid that he hates us to death now.”

“Yes, Patriarch, in that incident four years ago, we expelled Wayne Lin from the Lin family. He would definitely not forgive us.”

“Besides, Wayne Lin is now the son-in-law of the Chu family. If Wayne Lin is taken back to the Lin family, the reputation of our Lin family will be unpleasant in the future.”

The clan meeting will be held tomorrow. All the important Lin family members will gather to discuss matters. The subject is still whether to bring Wayne Lin back to the Lin family. Most of them were opposed, and a small group of people said that Wayne Lin should be accepted back to Lin’s house.

“I think it is still necessary to bring Wayne Lin back to the Lin family. In any case, Wayne Lin inherited the old man’s more than 50 billion inheritance and seized 70% of our Lin family’s assets. It hurt our Lin family’s vitality!”

“Yes, just take Wayne Lin back to the Lin family and regain his status as the second young master. Xiaozhi moved his emotions to reason. I believe Wayne Lin is still willing to spit out more than 50 billion. Anyway, he is in his bones. It was the blood of the Lin family.”

“As long as Wayne Lin comes back to the Lin Family with more than 50 billion yuan, will we kick Wayne Lin if we want to kick Wayne Lin?”

“Just kidding, you don’t know about Wayne Lin’s ability. Since childhood, even Zihao has not been an opponent of this son. If we take him back, I am afraid it will be easy to ask God to send it away.”

“Haha, then you are just worrying about the world. No matter how great Wayne Lin is, so what? We are always just one person. We are the entire Lin family. Is it possible to be afraid of him? Besides, we were able to treat him like a dog four years ago Just like expelling the Lin family, we can still do the same in four years!”

They had a violent discussion, and the conservatives thought that Wayne Lin could not be taken back so easily. It was to lead the wolf into the room. Then Wayne Lin might be the mainstay. There are also quite a few radicals who feel that they can take Wayne Lin back. The little Wayne Lin is not to be afraid. After that, he will be “lied” to Wayne Lin’s 50 billion heritage and kick him again. Open, no problem at all.

The same thing is that none of them regard Wayne Lin as their own, full of hostility and rejection. <

br />

At this moment, a voice rang, “Why can’t you take Wayne Lin back properly? After all, he is also from the Lin family, and the child Wayne Lin has a pure personality. As long as we apologize to him, I believe he is not Will hate us.”

Huh, everyone looked at the elder in the corner.

Everyone frowned, expressing their displeasure. Lin Shao-ang said in a deep voice, “Third Uncle, are you confused? Wayne Lin was born with a rebellious brain, and he was particularly rebellious since he was a child, like his dead ghost mother. , We really took him back. When he grows up, our Lin family will have to be played by him.”

Then, Lin Shao-ang said with a calm face and a more low tone: “Don’t forget, who is Wayne Lin’s mother! Now Wayne Lin doesn’t know his mother’s true identity, but once he knows his mother’s identity, you Do you think Wayne Lin will still treat the Lin family as his home?!”

As this sentence fell, everyone held their breath, thinking of something, their faces flashed some fear…

At this moment, a tall figure walked in from outside the door strode, followed by several people behind him.

“Little Wayne Lin, did you scare you like this? Humph!”

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes were looking towards the door, and it was Lin Zihao who walked in most of the way, with an open and disdainful expression on his face, his eyes swept across everyone, full of aura.

When everyone saw him coming in, they all calmed down, including Lin Shao’ang. His original vigorous aura suddenly weakened a lot, and Lin Zihao stabilized his head.

After Lin Zihao walked in quickly, he walked in front of Hanson Lin and shouted respectfully, “Father!”

Originally, Hanson Lin was just his uncle, but after his father Lin Sheji died, he soon adopted Hanson Lin as his son and became the young master.

He is also the first heir to the next head of the Lin family.

Hanson Lin looked at Lin Zihao who was respectful in front of him. The corners of his mouth raised slightly and gave out a proud smile. He liked Lin Zihao from the bottom of his heart and was also proud of Lin Zihao.

“Zihao, it’s just right that you are back.” Hanson Lin took Lin Zihao’s hand and sat down beside him, very enthusiastic, even for his biological son Lin Shaoang, he was not so enthusiastic.

Lin Zihao said: “Father, the young Wayne Lin shouldn’t be afraid. Tomorrow will be the clan meeting. If he really dares to come over, I will let him vomit back the 50 billion inheritance!”

“Okay! Believe you for my father!” Hanson Lin patted Lin Zihao hard on the shoulder, full of confidence in Lin Zihao.

Indeed, in the past two or three years, Lin Zihao has not let him down.

With Lin Zihao’s words, the expressions of dozens of Lin’s family members at the scene were obviously relaxed. Hanson Lin couldn’t help but feel relieved to Lin Zihao. They were the same. There was no way. In the past two or three years, Lin Zihao has done too much. It was dazzling, completely covering up Lin Shao-ang, and now Lin Zihao is the eldest master of the Lin family.

Next, a group of Lin family discussed some details, and the meeting broke up.

The next day, Wayne Lin came over on time to participate in the Lin family meeting.

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