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Chapter 293

Ugly Master suddenly felt the strong pressure, and his breathing was a little unsmooth. He knew that this was not what Wayne Lin deliberately embarrassed him, but it was invisible, which made him panic. He now seriously suspects that Wayne Lin will punch him at will. Can kill him.

Wayne Lin did not deliberately embarrass the clown, but his natural reaction when he mentioned Gu Hanxing.

The Ugly Master quickly said: “Back to Young Master, the young grandmother’s family is fine during this time, and no one has come to ask for trouble. As for Gu Hanxing, it is rumored that he was also in retreat during this period to attack the congenital realm, and there was no movement from him.”

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “That’s good.”

Next, Wayne Lin did not stay to waste time either. Now that he has successfully broken through to the innate realm, he should go back to Hwadrid.

Counting it down, it has been almost half a month since he disappeared, so he had to make a call to report to Alma Chu.

The phone was connected quickly, and Alma Chu’s worried voice rang, “Wayne, where have you been in the past half a month? Why have the phone been unable to get through, are you all right now? Oh my god, you don’t know me. Worry about you!”

Before he had time to speak, Alma Chu spoke out to Barabara, her tone full of worry and excitement.

Feeling Alma Chu’s concern and nervousness for him, Wayne Lin only felt warm in his heart. He was particularly moved and said softly: “Fool, what can I do. Didn’t I tell you, I have something It needs to be processed. It will take half a month. Now I am not calling you.”

“Then you didn’t tell me that I would keep shutting down, you don’t know how worried I am about you! You bad thing!”

“I’m sorry, I neglected your feelings, I will go back now.” Wayne Lin said with some guilt. During this period of time, in order to sprint into the congenital realm with all his strength, he had indeed turned his hands off and ignored Alma Chu’s feelings.

Alma Chu said an address and asked Wayne Lin to come and find her.

After hanging up, Wayne Lin went on to call Damon Wang and Jeff Han and asked them about their work. Both companies were still operating on the right track, so he was relieved.

After arranging everything, he began to leave here with Ugly Master and rushed to Hwadrid.

Back in Huarvell, Wayne Lin bid farewell to the ugly man and went directly to Alma Chu.

It is said that Xiaojie wins newlyweds. This is the truth. After half a month of separation, when Alma Chu saw Wayne Lin, the thoughts and joy in his eyes almost overflowed, and everyone around him could feel it clearly.

Wayne Lin was equally happy when he saw her. He held her hand in the past and looked at each other affectionately, “Alma, I’m here.”

Alma Chu nodded vigorously, nestled her head on Wayne Lin’s shoulder, showing a happy smile.

This was at a dinner, and there were more than a dozen people, all of whom were of the same age, some dressed very lightly, some dressed more ordinary, they saw Alma Chu, who was always so cold, would actually be a little bird to a man. Yiren was surprised at the scene of throwing his arms around. Especially some men felt even more uncomfortable in their hearts, and the eyes looking at Wayne Lin were full of jealousy and hostility.

Now Wayne Lin looked tall and thin, wearing sportswear, and he didn’t look like a rich man at all.

“Alma, who is next to you?” a woman asked.

Alma Chu took Wayne Lin’s hand and said with a smile: “He is Wayne Lin, my husband.”


Is it your son-in-law? Didn’t you say that he is a waste…”

“Cough!” Alma Chu coughed immediately, with an unkind look on her face, and said, “Chunying, please give me the respect that my husband deserves.”

Xiao Chunying was stunned by Alma Chu in this way, her face was a little embarrassed, and she laughed twice before saying anything.

As for those men, they couldn’t hide their jealousy and hostility towards Wayne Lin.

They had eye contact and reached a consensus, to unite, take turns to toast Wayne Lin, get Wayne Lin drunk, and make Wayne Lin embarrassed!

Wayne Lin couldn’t see through their tricks, and smiled slightly, without revealing them, those who came would not refuse.

At the beginning, they saw Wayne Lin so categorically and agreed. They didn’t have any vigilance, and they all despised Wayne Lin in their hearts. They felt that Wayne Lin’s brain was not so good, and they were even more proud.

However, they found something was wrong. No matter how they poured Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin was fine. Drinking tens of degrees of white wine was like drinking plain water, and they would never get drunk. However, some of them were a little dizzy after drinking. They all began to wonder if Wayne Lin did tricks in the cup, but they gave the cup, and they poured the wine. Everything was going on under their noses. How did Wayne Lin do the tricks?

In the end, they were all scared by Wayne Lin, so they didn’t dare to fight anymore. The eyes that looked at Wayne Lin were like ghosts, which was terrifying.

Later, Wayne Lin learned that this group of people were Alma Chu’s college classmates, and those men among them were Alma Chu’s former suitors.

“By the way, Peter Zhang seems to say that he will come over too. I don’t know if he is here yet. I’ll call him.” Suddenly, a boy said. When he said this, he deliberately aimed his eyes at the forest. Ming it.

When other people heard the name Peter Zhang, their eyes were a little light, especially those girls, they were even more looking forward to it.

“Ah, will Peter Zhang come over too?”

“It’s too sudden, why don’t you say hello in advance? I didn’t even put on my most beautiful outfit.”

“Peter Zhang is the male god of our class. I haven’t seen him for a long time. I heard that after graduation, he set up a company and made a fortune.”

“That’s not true. Now Peter Zhang is a successful person. We can’t call him by his name anymore, we want to call him Mr. Zhang.”

Many people began to slap Peter Zhang’s flattery.

Peter Zhang, but a legend in their class, not only looks handsome, but also has money in the family. He is the prince charming in many girls’ hearts. Many girls present wanted to pursue Peter Zhang before. It’s a pity that Peter Zhang didn’t see them, so he liked Alma Chu.

Now that Peter Zhang was about to come, they were all excited one by one, and they unconsciously began to organize their appearance, some people even made up on the spot to show Peter Zhang the most beautiful side.

When Alma Chu heard the name Peter Zhang, she immediately frowned, flashed some disgust and rejection, holding Wayne Lin’s hand under the table, and said softly: “Or let’s go back first, I don’t want to see Peter Zhang.”

Indeed, since experiencing that incident, she has been particularly annoying to Peter Zhang, and she has no idea of ​​meeting each other!

Wayne Lin didn’t know Alma Chu’s thoughts. He patted Alma Chu’s hand lightly and said with a smile: “It’s okay, this is your university party, don’t affect your mood because of Peter Zhang.”

Chapter 294

Alma Chu said: “I don’t want to see him, we’d better go back.”

Since Alma Chu’s attitude was so firm, Wayne Lin didn’t hold back, and he himself didn’t like to participate in such a class meeting. During the conversation just now, this group of people mainly talked about the topic of money. They all said they went to work in a big company after graduation, where they bought a house, what luxury car they bought, and so on.

With Wayne Lin’s current status and thoughts, it is true that he can’t talk to such people, let alone these people are hostile to him.

“Okay, then go back.” Wayne Lin said with a smile, being extremely gentle to Alma Chu.

Alma Chu felt his gentleness, with a sweet smile on her face, nodded and said, “Well, when I go back, I will make a cake for you.”

After speaking, Alma Chu stood up and said to everyone, “Dear students, I still have something to do. Go back first, and you will continue to talk.”

“Hey, Alma, this is a good chat, why are you leaving?” A woman with a fat body on the opposite side immediately said dissatisfiedly.

A tall and thin female classmate next to Alma Chu also grabbed Alma Chu’s hand, pretending to be displeased, and said, “Xiao Xia is right. It’s not long since you came here. Why are we leaving? How long does it take for my old classmates to get together? They didn’t have a good conversation, so you just said you were leaving. Wouldn’t it not give us face.”

“That’s not it, is it because you are now the chairman of the board, do you look down on our old classmates?” a boy said sourly.

Other students also kept Alma Chu one after another, and at the same time complained and expressed dissatisfaction with Alma Chu.

Alma Chu is a thin-skinned person. She was a little embarrassed by the complaints of so many classmates, and quickly explained: “You have misunderstood. I didn’t mean that, but just happened to have something at home and want to go back.”

A girl with a louder voice said, “Alma Chu, who are you lie to? When I asked you today, you also said that there was nothing to do today, and you could talk till late! As a result, it was only eight o’clock and you said you were leaving. , Obviously it doesn’t give us face.”

Another girl said yin and yang weirdly: “I said you are not sensible at all, and I don’t look at Alma Chu’s current status. They are both the chairman of a large company, with a net worth of tens of millions, and you can make a good profit in an hour Tens of thousands, and even eating with you little people, what are you all thinking about.”

When these words were said, Alma Chu became even more uncomfortable, and said, “Yuelan, you misunderstood me. I really didn’t mean that.”

Seeing Alma Chu in such anxious state, Wayne Lin took her hand and gave her a calm look, and then said: “Dear students, you have really misunderstood Alma. As classmates for many years, I believe you also have a good understanding of Alma. As far as I know, I know that she is not such a person. Now we really have something to go home. Everyone is working in a nearby city and can get together anytime.”

There was a boy who had been instilled a little bit by Wayne Lin just now. He was immediately upset. He pointed to Wayne Lin and said unceremoniously, “Hey, we are talking to Alma Chu, what is the matter with you. I think Alma Chu is so anxious. Leaving is your idea behind the scenes!”

The boy spoke with a smell of gunpowder, and directed at Wayne Lin, causing Alma Chu to frown and angrily, “Hey, Liang Jianhua, what are you talking about!”

Wayne Lin winked at Alma Chu, so that Alma Chu didn’t have to be so excited.

Another boy said: “I

Look, Alma Chu said that she would go home, and she would be false if something happened. She would dare not meet Peter Zhang. After all, Peter Zhang had a past with Alma Chu before. “

When these words were said, Alma Chu’s face changed again. What she hates most now is Peter Zhang. If it weren’t for Chairman Zi Qiong to appear in time for the incident six months ago, she would have been lost to Peter Zhang!

She didn’t expect that a good old classmate gathering tonight would evolve into this. She had known that she would not come here.

When other students heard this, they also showed intriguing expressions, believing that Alma Chu was escaping from Peter Zhang, and at the same time the expression looking at Wayne Lin was even more gloating, even with some mockery.

Wayne Lin felt funny seeing them like this. Would he be afraid of Peter Zhang? I was afraid that Peter Zhang would pee his pants in fright when he saw him.

However, he didn’t bother to explain such things. Now he has broken through the innate realm and has a watershed with ordinary people. He simply ignores these ridicules and misunderstandings, and just smiles.

But Alma Chu was different. She cared about this. She couldn’t help but lose her temper. She slapped the table and said angrily: “Bai Juncai! What are you talking about? Who said that Peter Zhang and I have passed. He and I have always been innocent! Don’t spray people with blood.”

Bai Juncai smiled happily, “Since you and Peter Zhang are innocent, why should you escape him? Isn’t this smashing yourself in the foot?”

Bai Juncai was also one of Alma Chu’s suitors when he was in college before. He wrote a love letter to Alma Chu, but Alma Chu relentlessly refused.

If Alma Chu is married to a rich boss, it’s fine. He is ashamed. But now Alma Chu is married to an ordinary person or a door-to-door son-in-law. He feels very upset, thinking that Alma Chu would rather marry an ordinary person. People do not marry him, just look down on his performance.

In fact, many people present had similar ideas.

When Alma Chu still wanted to talk, Wayne Lin stopped her and said with a weird expression: “I’m a little bit curious, according to what you say, is Peter Zhang very good? No one else has arrived yet. You are all rushing to take pictures of him. Flattery.”

When he said this, everyone present looked at him with silly eyes, and Bai Juncai said, “Are you really ignorant or phony? Peter Zhang is the youngest son of the Hongyang Group, rich. He is handsome, and I don’t know how many women like him. Do you think toads eat swan meat like you do?”

Another said: “You know he is pretending to look at him. He deliberately pretends not to know Peter Zhang. His acting is flamboyant. Who doesn’t know that Peter Zhang has always been in love with Alma Chu. I think it was his idea to make Alma Chu. When I left, I was afraid of seeing Peter Zhang.”

“It’s so pitiful, even my wife can’t hold her back, and she wants to steal people away.”

“This is not a very normal thing. He is Alma Chu’s door-to-door son-in-law. He is just an ordinary person. How can he compare with Peter Zhang? He won’t let Alma Chu go. Could he stay and watch Alma Chu flirt with Peter Zhang? ?”

Seeing what they said was getting more and more exaggerated, Wayne Lin hadn’t reacted yet, but Alma Chu couldn’t bear it anymore. She said loudly, “Enough! Who said my husband was afraid of Peter Zhang? It’s nonsense! I told you. You, my husband is a super boss. When Peter Zhang sees my husband, he will definitely not even dare to put a fart!”

Alma Chu finished speaking excitedly, but after listening to the others, they laughed out loud, thinking that Alma Chu was telling a joke.

Chapter 295

“Hahaha, I heard you right, Peter Zhang didn’t dare to put one fart when he saw this guy? I think he didn’t dare to put one fart when he waited for Peter Zhang!” A man was drunk by Wayne Lin just now. After drinking a lot of alcohol, the brain began to excite, and he didn’t care that it would offend Alma Chu, and said nonchalantly.

In fact, all the men present drank a lot of wine, their minds were not sober, they tore away the usual gentle disguise, and spoke out their most primitive thoughts.

“It’s so ridiculous. I don’t pee and look in the mirror. What kind of stuff do I dare to challenge Peter Zhang? Peter Zhang is now a big boss, with a net worth of tens of millions. What do you compare with others depends on what you wear. Is this a Baleno?”

“I didn’t know what it means to sit in the well and watch the sky before, but now I have seen it.”

“I don’t think it’s as simple as sitting on a well and watching the sky, but I don’t know myself, I don’t know how to live or die!”

“Wait, Peter Zhang is on the road, he will be there soon, when Peter Zhang comes, you will know that it is amazing.”

They made no secret of their contempt for Wayne Lin, and they even ridiculed Alma Chu in.

Especially those female classmates, they are far inferior to Alma Chu in terms of appearance, and they did not show it on the surface. They were dissatisfied with Alma Chu deep in their hearts and were hostile to Alma Chu. Now they saw that Alma Chu actually married someone. Ordinary people, who are still door-to-door son-in-law, are still very happy, and are especially looking forward to what it will be like when Peter Zhang arrives.

Alma Chu was so angry that she was crying. She couldn’t understand why these classmates were all fine when they ate just now, and why they all targeted her like this all of a sudden!

Her nose was a little sour and she was particularly wronged. At this moment, Wayne Lin held her hand and said softly, “Fool, what can be wronged? When Peter Zhang comes, I will help you out. come back.”

Alma Chu felt a lot more comfortable when she heard what he said, but she still didn’t completely relax, because she knew Peter Zhang’s character was particularly stingy, and she had to be compared with each other. She loved to bully Wayne Lin before.

Even if Wayne Lin is Chairman Ziqiong, Peter Zhang doesn’t know. After Alma Chu speaks out, Peter Zhang will definitely not believe it. This time he will lose his face, alas!

Alma Chu sighed for a long time. She didn’t expect that she would become the chairman of Shengke Lighting. In the end, she would inevitably end in shame. It was really depressing.

Wayne Lin saw Alma Chu’s thoughts at a glance. He didn’t explain it, and the truth became clear when Peter Zhang came. Now I gave Peter Zhang a hundred dare not to fight him, so he didn’t bother to say anything, and sat down to eat.

Speaking of him, since the beginning of the retreat, he has not eaten properly. Now he is hungry and feels that a cow can eat it.

Compared with the acquired peak, the innate realm is a step forward like a dragon. Both physical fitness and spiritual realm have been greatly enhanced, and the energy required is also more. Now Wayne Lin’s appetite alone is comparable to that of five people. If he let go of eating, ten people would not be able to eat him.

Alma Chu saw that he was still in the mood to sit down and eat. She was very depressed, but she couldn’t say anything, so she sat down and watched Wayne Lin eat.

As for the others, seeing Wayne Lin gorging himself and hungry ghosts reborn, he ate half of the food on the table in a short while.

The food in this five-star hotel is well done, and it is quite to Wayne Lin’s taste. Wayne Lin let go of his food, not caring what others think of him.

Originally, his character just didn’t care about other people’s opinions of him. Now that he has broken through the innate realm, what has changed dramatically is not just the simple force and spirit, but the most important thing is his mentality, in a sense, These ordinary people are just ants in front of him. How can people care about the opinions of ants?


“Alma, don’t you want to eat it?” Wayne Lin asked Alma Chu.

Alma Chu shook her head and said, “I’ve already eaten it. I’m not hungry.”

“Okay.” Wayne Lin nodded, Alma Chu was a little worried when he saw him devouring like this, and said, “Would you like to eat slowly, or eat so fast, it will hurt your stomach.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “It’s okay, I have a sense of measure.”

“Okay…” Alma Chu felt helpless, feeling embarrassed, as if she had returned to the scene where Wayne Lin had humiliated her when she was just married.

When other people saw Wayne Lin devouring like this, they despised him even more. They are all gentlemen and eat bite by bite. How can they be like a poor ghost from the countryside? , I haven’t eaten a big meal, and I don’t have any quality at all. I really don’t know how Alma Chu can see this kind of rubbish, is she lowered her head.

They hadn’t eaten enough before and they needed to eat more, but now Wayne Lin eats so ugly, they have no appetite anymore and feel very sick.

At this moment, a telephone rang, and a male student picked it up and said excitedly: “It’s Peter Zhang here, I will go down to pick him up!”

He said that he left. Before he left, he gave Wayne Lin a sneer. When Peter Zhang came, he looked at Wayne Lin’s pretense. With Peter Zhang’s character, he would definitely teach Wayne Lin severely.

The remaining classmates also looked at Wayne Lin coldly, waiting to see how Wayne Lin got embarrassed, they even thought of it, and later Wayne Lin would kneel in front of Peter Zhang and beg for mercy.

Thinking of that scene, they looked forward to it.

Alma Chu became more and more restless, and she wanted to take Wayne Lin away several times.

“Wayne, are we really not leaving? Peter Zhang, he is not very easy to deal with.” Alma Chu couldn’t help but asked Wayne Lin in a low voice.

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “Don’t worry, the person who should be leaving is Peter Zhang. I am more difficult to deal with than him.”

“However, Peter Zhang doesn’t know that you are Chairman Zi Qiong, even if we say now, he won’t believe it.” Alma Chu said worriedly.

“It’s okay, I can scare him to pee his pants without using this identity.” Wayne Lin smiled slightly and said disapprovingly.

Now Alma Chu felt that Wayne Lin was a little bragging. She had known Peter Zhang longer than Wayne Lin. She knew Peter Zhang’s character very well and would never be scared to pee on her pants. But Wayne Lin said so, she couldn’t say anything anymore, just wait.

Within a few minutes, it suddenly became longer. In the huge box, except for the sound of Wayne Lin eating, everyone else said silently, waiting for Peter Zhang’s arrival.

Finally, under the expectation of many people, the box door was opened, and several figures walked in. Among them, the one who was walking in the front was Peter Zhang. Now he has swept away the decadence in the Yuntian Pavilion auction. And wretched, the whole person is full of spirits.

Next to him, the male classmate who picked him up in the past is now trying to flatter him.

When other people in the box saw Peter Zhang appearing, they also showed flattering expressions one by one. Many people also took the initiative to meet Peter Zhang and greet Peter Zhang.

“Wow, Mr. Zhang, you are finally here, but it is very hard for us to wait for you.”

“President Zhang has a different status now. He is already a big boss. Looking at this outfit, I’m afraid that he won’t be able to get under 300,000?”

“Three hundred thousand? Are you kidding? The gold watch of Mr. Zhang is worth five hundred thousand!”

“f*ck, a watch is 500,000 yuan, awesome. Sure enough, Mr. Zhang is Mr. Zhang, which is not understandable by ordinary people like us.”

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