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Chapter 425

Everyone present was shocked, and all were dumbfounded!

Nearly three thousand pounds of fist strength, they had never heard of it before, if an elephant could be killed.

Connor’s face is full of arrogance and pride. Since he accepted the baptism of the water of life, his strength has been greatly improved. Now he feels endless energy. If Wayne Lin is still here, he can easily punch Can be killed!

As the boxing champion of Great Britain, he was actually defeated by a Chinese man, which is a great shame to him!

With his arrogant character, it is simply suffering, so during this time, he exercised frantically.

Of course, he had such a big breakthrough within a period of time. It was not because he exercised himself, but because he was baptized by the water of life.

This made him even more in awe and admiration for his boss Jax!

The water of life is the most advanced scientific and technological achievement in the contemporary era. It can transform the human physique and achieve a terrible existence!

And the most amazing thing about the water of life is that it has no side effects and no stimulant ingredients. It can’t be detected at all. You can still go to the game as usual.

The only drawback is that the water of life is too expensive, and the baptism costs one billion at a time. If it is not for the support of the boss, just relying on his financial resources, it is impossible to be baptized at all!

And he learned from the boss that the water of life he used for this baptism is still very ordinary. If the effect is really amazing, the value of one baptism will be tens of billions!

What a terrible thing this is.

As far as he knows, his boss reached his current state only after baptizing the water of life worth tens of billions.

Therefore, he disdains the so-called Chinese Kungfu from the bottom of his heart. What era is it now? In the 21st century, the era of the explosion of science and technology, Chinese people still practice the practice of ancient times? Too outdated!

Now it is about science and technology. No matter how mortals practice, they cannot break the limit. Only by relying on the power of science and technology, through the baptism of the water of life, can they pursue a higher realm!

Smith came out, squeezed Connor’s muscles, and exclaimed: “Oh my God, Connor, your physique is so strong, it’s terrible, presumably that Chinese monkey is definitely not your opponent, haha.”

Connor said with disdain: “That is inevitable, I can easily screw off his head now.”

“That’s great!!” Smith was extremely excited. When he thought of Wayne Lin’s neck being broken by Connor, he was so excited that his face flushed.

At this moment, a tall figure came out and said lightly: “Connor is not yet the opponent of that Chinese.”

Hearing this voice, Connor’s face suddenly tightened, turned back hurriedly, bowed deeply at the other party, and shouted respectfully, “Boss!”

When Smith and the others saw each other, they also showed expressions of awe and admiration. The white man in front of him was Connor’s boss and a supernatural power!

The boss is tall, but the muscles are not particularly strong. He looks like an ordinary white man, but everyone present knows his horror!

He is the boss and Connor’s coach.

After the boss walked over, looking at the numbers displayed on the force measuring machine, he nodded in satisfaction and said, “Not bad. It seems that you absorb the water of life very well.”

Connor was particularly excited by the praise from the boss, but he immediately asked: “Boss, with my current

The strength of the Chinese monkey is not my opponent, right? “

He said this obviously unconvinced.

The boss asked, “Why, don’t you believe me?”

Connor shook his head quickly and said, “No, no, I didn’t mean that.”

The boss snorted coldly, and then said: “According to your description last time, I suspect that he is a superpower of China. At your current level, he is not his opponent.”

“Superior?!” Connor’s expression changed immediately when he heard this.

“It’s just suspicion.” The boss sneered, quickly full of cold arrogance and disdain, and said: “Even if he is a superpower, he is not my opponent.”

“That’s that!” Connor hastily flattered, and Smith and others are also all kinds of fancy flattering.

The boss feels better, with a more smile on his face, and said: “Connor, you are a good seedling. This time the Chinese is a good target for your trial. As long as you kill him, then return Great Britain, you are qualified to challenge the Supreme Golden Belt!”

Connor heard this and he immediately opened his eyes wide, extremely excited.

The supreme gold belt is the highest honor in their industry. It contains much higher gold content than his champion gold belt. If he can become the winner of the supreme gold belt, his commercial value will increase sharply!

“Then I won’t let you down, boss!” Connor clenched his fists and said with a creaking sound, very excited.

The boss nodded and said: “When you agree to the Chinese people this time, after returning to China, I will arrange a few games for you to get your ranking up. Then, when your value comes out, you will arrange the Supreme Gold Belt Challenge. , You can make a lot of money. Connor, I have great expectations of you. Don’t let me down, you know?”

Connor nodded quickly, a horrified light burst into his eyes, and nodded quickly, “Boss, rest assured! I will never disappoint you.”

“However, boss, you just said that Chinese is a supernatural person, I may not be able to beat him?” Connor thought of this and said with some embarrassment.

There was a flash of light in the boss’s eyes, he did not answer immediately, but turned around and punched the force measuring machine seemingly casually, and suddenly there was a loud bang!

The steel plate on the force measuring machine was actually directly punched by the boss with a fist mark two centimeters deep!

And this force measuring machine was about to fall apart, it made a beeping alarm, started to smoke, and it was blown out by a punch!

This scene scared everyone and was dumbfounded.

On the display, a number appeared, 7985!

Seeing this number, there was a huge chilling sound at the scene.

What is this concept?

And the boss just hit it at random.

In an instant, everyone looked at the boss with fear in their eyes.

The boss was very satisfied with everyone’s reaction. He said proudly: “Even if it is a supernatural person, he is also an ant in front of me. Connor, what are you afraid of when I will be in charge?”

After listening to Connor, he calmed down immediately. Yeah, he knows the boss’s toughness. As long as there is a boss author, the Chinese is just an ant.

At this moment, Wayne Lin had already tracked the two bodyguards, Tony and John, and came in this direction. He planned to bring Connor and Smith together.

Chapter 426

Tony and John didn’t even know that they had been followed by Wayne Lin. They were particularly embarrassed, thinking that their whereabouts were very secret and would never be discovered.

When they returned, the two guards at the door frowned and said, “Tony, John, what the hell are you two doing, what are you doing to bring the Chinese to us?”

“Ellen, what are you talking nonsense? How can we bring Chinese people back.”

“Yes, crazy.”

Tony and John are both masters of stalking, how could they have been stalked yet I don’t know, so they think the two door guards are purely teasing them.

The guard named Allen pointed behind them and said angrily: “Damn Tony and John, you two are still quibbling, then you explain, who is this Chinese!?”

Now Tony and John were a little confused. When they saw Alan’s appearance, it really didn’t look like a joke, so when they looked back, they saw a Chinese face, smiling at them, and still saying hello. “Hi.”

In an instant, their reaction was great, their eyes widened! Isn’t this guy exactly Wayne Lin!

Seeing Wayne Lin’s appearance clearly, their scalp was numb. They were originally tracking Wayne Lin, and they saw Wayne Lin go to the company with their own eyes. Why did they follow them in a blink of an eye? The strangest thing is that they have no idea about it!

“You, you, damn Chinese monkey, when did you follow us!?” Tony widened his eyes and cursed.

John reacted and sneered, “Damn the Chinese monkey, huh, we are going to teach you, but I didn’t expect you to take the initiative to send it to the door. This is better and saves us a lot of things!!!”

The two guards were taken aback when seeing this situation, and then said in a little shock: “This Chinese is the Chinese whom Smith and Connor want to avenge?”

John nodded and said: “Yes, this Chinese dare to come to the door, he is dead, hahaha…”

As they spoke, the four foreigners’ eyes met and surrounded Wayne Lin, with sneers and joking all over their faces.

In terms of physique, they were far beyond Wayne Lin, sandwiching Wayne Lin, like an eagle surrounding a chicken.

The smile on Wayne Lin’s face did not change, but he said to Tony and John, “Last night, you wrote about the Chinese sick man on my bodyguard, right?”

He spoke a fluent foreign language, and the other party understood in an instant, he laughed, “Yes! We did it, you are the sick man in China, your bodyguard is weak, too weak, even we can take a punch. No, hahaha.”

“The Chinese sick man is the best name for you Chinese.”

They laughed, and the two guards were also taunting. They looked at Wayne Lin as if looking at a piece of rubbish, being ravaged by them at will, and did not notice that Wayne Lin’s eyes were getting colder and colder.

Finally, at this moment, Wayne Lin made a move. He slapped it with two slaps. Tony and John only felt that they were slapped in front of them, and their faces were hit, as if they were hit by a helicopter propeller. , His huge body flew out directly, half of his teeth were actually knocked out, and the pain caused them to scream.

This scene surprised the other two guards. They were furious, “Damn Chinese, you are looking for death!”

“court death!!”

They shot together, took out the two electric batons around their waists, energized them, and slammed Wayne Lin’s head fiercely.

They want Wayne Lin’s life.


nbWayne Lin’s eyes were cold, without turning his head, he kicked out with two feet, and with two feet, he directly kicked the two 200-jin foreigners against the wall behind. With great strength, he made a bang. With two dull vibrations, there were a few cracks in the thick wall!

The two foreign guards spouted two mouthfuls of blood, their faces were full of pain, and their eyes were full of fear.

They felt that their bodies were kicked and fell apart, much more serious than being hit by a car!

Even their vision began to blur, their heads tilted, and they passed out directly.

This movement was not small, and it shocked many people inside.

Wayne Lin walked over, grabbed Tony and John, and directly tore off their clothes, then buckled a cement block from the side wall and began to write on them.

It is Wayne Lin’s method to treat his body with his own way.

The few foreigners who just happened to be driven out saw this scene, their eyes widened and furious.

Tony and John wanted to struggle, they were raised by Wayne Lin with one hand, and then shook easily like a pillow. The bones and joints of the whole body fell apart directly, and there was a sound of clicking.

With their screams…

The foreigners who had been driven out from the inside saw this scene, their eyes staring the size of a lantern, completely stunned.

They had never seen such a picture, especially Wayne Lin with a smile on his face, like a spring breeze, which made their scalp numb even more.

“This Chinese is a devil…”

“Damn the Chinese, dare to attack us, the sin is unforgivable!”

“Who is this Chinese, so courageous, he is desperate!”

“Go and stop him!”

With weapons in their hands, they started rushing towards Wayne Lin, the first to bear the brunt, with a machete in his hand, and slashed directly at Wayne Lin’s body.

This is the territory of the Chinese nation. As a foreigner, they dare to kill the Chinese people, which shows their arrogance!

And their aura is very fierce, with their natural tall body, if they change to a general martial artist, encounter this kind of situation, they really have to hate.

It’s a pity that the person they provoke is Wayne Lin, the top master of the Innate Realm, who has already broken the shackles of mortals, and can be called a superhero in science fiction movies.

Before his knife hit Wayne Lin, his whole body flew upside down like a ball. He flew for more than ten meters. When he fell, he had already died of breath, and appeared on his chest. A terrifying hole looked like it was bombed by a shell, but it was actually caused by Wayne Lin’s kick.

It can be seen how terrifying the power of Wayne Lin’s kick is!

Wayne Lin is not a cruel person, but when it is not necessary, he will not make such a heavy hand and kick someone to death.

This group of foreigners had already offended his inverse scales, and he didn’t need to be merciful.

Others were stunned when they saw Wayne Lin kick his companion so far with one kick, and for the first time fear appeared in the eyes of Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin finished kicking his kick and didn’t stop. He still wrote on Tony and John, but smiled gently in his mouth, “In our country of China, there is a saying: The body, this foreign trash, I sent it back to you.”

A big sharp stone, engraving on them, caused them to die and beg for mercy.

Chapter 427

But no matter how they begged for mercy or how they screamed, Wayne Lin still kept engraving on them over and over again. After a while, they were already covered in cuts and bruised flesh and blood.

This scene looked too scary, and the remaining foreigners were all scared. They asked themselves to be relatively cruel people, but compared with Wayne Lin now, it was still too far away. Especially when they heard the screams of Tony and John, their scalp numb and trembling.

Finally, Wayne Lin filled them with the three characters’foreign trash’ before he stopped satisfied.

Now that Tony and John are both miserable and miserable, they can no longer exert a little effort, and at the same time, they are extremely afraid of Wayne Lin!

I also regretted it in my heart. I knew that Wayne Lin was so violent, and they would not dare to abuse the bodyguard like this.

Wayne Lin looked back at the foreigners and said, “Do you want to be written by me too?”

Hearing this, all of them were shocked and shook their heads quickly.

“I heard that you are looking for me, good, I’m here, take me up.” Wayne Lin smiled like a spring breeze, the image of Young Master Pian Pianjia, but in the eyes of those foreigners, it is even more scary, like Shura of hell!

They dare not fail, so they have to lead the way.

When Wayne Lin followed them in, Wayne Lin glanced invisibly at five o’clock, with a mysterious smile on his face.

Until Wayne Lin followed the foreigners in, two people appeared in the grass at five o’clock, a man and a woman, wearing dark green uniforms, obviously national personnel.

Moreover, there is a slaughter aura in them that ordinary people don’t, and they know that their cultivation base is very high.

Among them, the man frowned and said, “Did the look in Wayne Lin’s eyes spot us?”

The woman nodded and said: “It is possible. According to the information, Wayne Lin is a master of the upper level of the Innate Realm. Even such extraordinary powerhouses as Brian Gu and Wu Meizi are not his opponents.”

Some light flashed in the man’s eyes, and he said, “It’s a bit interesting. I didn’t expect such a Tianjiao to appear in this small place in Hwadrid City. He is now in the building, wondering if he can come out alive?”

The woman said: “Look, if he can get out all over his body, it will be valuable to us.”

After speaking, they hid again.

So did Wayne Lin spot them just now? The answer is yes, and he still feels that these two people are masters of the innate realm.

At first he thought he was here to stop him, but now it seems that this is not the case. That’s right, he can show his talents and give these foreigners a lesson!

At the same time, Smith, Connor and others were chatting happily. In addition to them, there were also many Chinese people. The women were quite beautiful and were being molested by them. As for other Chinese men, they were doing it for them. Serving, mopping the floor, and moving things are all like slaves.

There was a man in his twenties who was slow at work. He was kicked by Smith and pointed to his nose and cursed: “How do you work, do it quickly!”

The kick was not light, and he kicked the man twice on the ground, with a painful look on his face, and said grievously and angrily: “Mr. Smith, I have not eaten for a day and I am very hungry. You have to feed me so that you can work hard. Besides, you have already owed me three months of salary!”

Several other Chinese couldn’t help saying, “Yes, boss

, You said that the salary was paid to us yesterday, but now it has not been paid, we have no money. “

Their postures are very humble, and their waists are slightly curved. Now they also regret it. They had known that these foreigners were so domineering and rude. They shouldn’t have come to work in the first place. As a result, they worked for nothing. They have not been paid yet, and the foreigners are very irritable, and use them to vent their anger from time to time.

They are almost unable to survive this kind of life.

“Boss, when will you pay us wages? If we don’t pay wages, we won’t do it.”

“Boss, you agreed to pay us monthly salary. Now you have been delayed for three months.”

“Mine has been delayed for almost half a year, and we will not be able to resist any longer…”

All of the Chinese people began to vent their dissatisfaction. They were all poor. They came to work because they were paid relatively high wages. As a result, they felt angry every day and did more work than anyone else. The wages remained constant. Drag and not send.


Connor slapped the table with a slap, slapped the table apart, and pointed at all the Chinese swearing, some ugly words.

With some Chinese swear words, it was so arrogant and nasty that the two bloody Chinese couldn’t stand it. He threw the rag down hard and shouted, “You foreigners, I don’t do it. Now I will go to the labor bureau to sue you!”

“I don’t do it anymore!!”

But they hadn’t walked two steps before they were blocked by two strong foreigners, staring at them coldly.

The two Chinese were only 1.7 meters tall. In front of the two 1.9 meters foreigners, they looked particularly weak. The surging mood immediately became a lot of counseling, and they couldn’t help swallowing.

“Go back to work for me, or I’ll beat you up.”

One of the foreigners spoke in a bad Chinese language.

“Damn it, unless you pay us a salary.” One of the younger Chinese said stiffly.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, the foreigner grabbed his collar and pressed it against the wall. He said fiercely, “What did you say?!”

In an instant, the young Chinese was stunned, and both feet were shaking uncontrollably.

“No, nothing said…”

“Hmph, damn it, go back to work!” The foreigner slammed him to the ground.

The other foreigners laughed loudly, very rampant and domineering.

The young Chinese man burst into tears and felt extremely humiliated. He wanted to resist, but he didn’t dare to resist. There was no way, these foreigners were so tall that he couldn’t beat them.

When other Chinese people saw this scene, they were extremely disappointed and humiliated. This is not the first time this happened these days.

In the first two days, another Chinese was beaten into the hospital, but the foreigners did nothing.

Even if they are too angry and unwilling, they have to grit their teeth and endure it and continue to work.

Smith and Connor saw that they were working again, with disdain and contempt in their eyes, thinking that the Chinese were cowardly and humble, hahahaha.

At this moment, the closed door suddenly opened.

Two foreigners ran in in a panic, pale and full of fear, “It’s not good, the big thing is not good…”

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