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Chapter 452

Time flickered and three days passed.

Wayne Lin had a relatively easy time during this period, but he did not relax his vigilance either. He knew that Ye Xingchen would come to trouble him soon.

He is now a charity ambassador, and if Ye Xingchen really wants to kill him, he must carefully weigh it!

He doesn’t think that the BRAGRUN organization can be strong enough to compete with the official.

However, no matter what, his own strength is still the most important.

With his current cultivation base of the third stage of the Innate Realm, to fight Ye Xingchen’s cultivation base of the fourth stage, the chance of winning is not very high.

There will be a battle between him and Ye Xingchen sooner or later, the more fully prepared, the higher his chance of winning.

Therefore, in the past few days, his main energy has been focused on cultivation, constantly simulating the situation of fighting with Ye Xingchen in his mind, trying to minimize his mistakes.

Alma Chu went to a business party. When the venue was about to end, Wayne Lin received a call from Alma Chu and asked him to pick it up.

Wayne Lin immediately changed his clothes and set off.

After hanging up the phone, Alma Chu said to a well-dressed young man in front of him: “Mr. Ye, thank you for helping me just now.”

“Hehe, you’re welcome. It is my honor to serve you such a beautiful and temperament lady.” The well-dressed young man said gracefully. He was slender and dressed in a decent suit. He looked particularly handsome and unrestrained. Many eyes of the opposite sex.

And his eyes when looking at Alma Chu were also full of heat.

If Wayne Lin was here, he would be able to recognize it for the first time, this well-dressed young man, no one, but Ye Xingchen!

Alma Chu has some good feelings for Ye Xingchen. At the party just now, Ye Xingchen helped her out and offended some big bosses because of it. She was very grateful to Ye Xingchen.

Alma Chu is wearing a black evening gown tonight, which sets off her snow-white skin even more like Snow White, noble, elegant and atmospheric.

Especially Alma Chu’s beautiful appearance is even more heart-stirring, coveting it.

Ye Xingchen had an almost abnormal desire for Alma Chu.

He came to participate in this business party tonight. It was very boring. He didn’t expect to meet Alma Chu, such a stunning woman, and his mind immediately became active.

Seeing Alma Chu not speaking, Ye Xingchen’s eyes flashed and he walked closer for half a step, showing a very handsome smile, and said: “Miss Chu, I just drove over here, why don’t I take you home?”

Alma Chu shook her head and politely rebuffed, “Don’t bother Mr. Ye anymore. I called my husband just now, and he is already on his way.”

Hearing this, Ye Xingchen’s brows immediately frowned, and a haze flashed in his eyes, and he said in surprise on the surface: “Miss Chu, are you already married?”

Alma Chu saw Ye Xingchen’s love for her at a glance, and said with a smile, “Yes, I have been married for five years.”

Ye Xingchen was a little disappointed, but he immediately showed another kind of desire, a wife, it would be good to conquer.

“Really? Then I have to get to know your husband and see what kind of excellent man can pursue such a perfect woman as Miss Chu.” Ye Xingchen said.

Alma Chu smiled, but did not respond.

Not long after, Alma Chu saw Wayne Lin who was coming, and she was overjoyed, walked towards Wayne Lin, waved and shouted, “Wayne, I am here.”

Immediately, Wayne Lin heard her voice and looked in this direction, and Ye Xingchen also looked towards Wayne Lin. Suddenly, the two of them looked at each other.


Wayne’s heart jumped, why did Ye Xingchen appear here?

Lin Xingchen was also stunned, and immediately he realized that Alma Chu’s husband is Wayne Lin. For a moment, he squinted his eyes and became cloudy.

Soon, Alma Chu walked in front of Wayne Lin, took Wayne Lin’s arm affectionately, and kissed Wayne Lin’s face, and said happily: “Wayne, here you are, I will introduce you A friend, fortunately having him just now, helped me out at the banquet.”

“Really?” Wayne Lin smiled and took his gaze away from Ye Xingchen’s face.

After a while, Alma Chu took Wayne Lin and walked to Ye Xingchen, and said with a smile, “Mr. Ye, let me introduce you. This is my husband, Wayne Lin.”

Then he said to Wayne Lin: “Wayne, this is Mr. Ye Xingchen Ye. Fortunately, he was able to relieve me just now, otherwise I must be drunk now.”

After speaking, she found something was wrong, Wayne Lin and Ye Xingchen looked at each other, the swords were drawn between them, and there were electric sparks in the air!

She was not stupid, she realized in an instant that Wayne Lin and Ye Xingchen knew each other, and they were still in a hostile relationship.

“It’s a coincidence. I didn’t expect that the woman I was looking for was your wife. Tsk tsk.” Ye Xingchen suddenly laughed, the corners of his mouth raised, revealing a mad and evil expression, where is the elegance and decency just now ?

Seeing him like this, Alma Chu immediately frowned, and the goodwill towards him disappeared instantly.

Wayne Lin squinted his eyes and stared at Ye Xingchen, and said, “Ye Xingchen, you are a powerful person in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. You still have a face when you attack the ordinary people around me? Could it be that you don’t think so My opponent, so he threatened me with the people around me and made me throw a rat? Or is it that your BRAGRUN organization is all in this style.”

Alma Chu realized that there was an irreconcilable grievance between Wayne Lin and Ye Xingchen, she immediately became nervous, and grasped Wayne Lin’s arm, especially the evil spirit that Ye Xingchen exuded, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

At the same time, she was scared for a while, that Ye Xingchen was actually a bad person.

Ye Xingchen laughed loudly when he heard Wayne Lin’s words, staring at Wayne Lin and saying, “I need to threaten you with people around you? A big joke!”

After he finished speaking, he took a step forward, staring straight at Wayne Lin, and a murderous intent appeared in his pupils, “Wayne Lin, you wild species, when Qin Yuehua betrayed the organization and married your father, it was a shame! And your existence is the shame in the shame, you are not qualified to survive in this world!”

The aura that he exudes at this moment is huge, such as overwhelming mountains, mountains whirring and tsunami, turbulent aura and murderous intent swept in, so that Alma Chu could not bear it first, her face was pale, and her breathing became short.

Wayne Lin also took a step forward, blocking Alma Chu behind him.

“Ye Xingchen, this is the cultivation of your BRAGRUN organization. One bite one wild species, and claiming to be a god, it’s a horrible thing in the world, but you also have this face!” Wayne Lin did not back down, his aura rose steadily. , And Ye Xingchen tit-for-tat, “Whether I am qualified to exist, it is not your BRAGRUN organization that has the final say, let alone you Ye Xingchen’s decision!”

Ye Xingchen showed a grinning smile on his face, his murderous intent was at the extreme at this moment, and he was about to disregard the occasion and directly attack Wayne Lin, “It’s not me who has the final say? Then I will let you see today, can I have the final say? !give me……”

Speaking of this, just when he was about to make a move, suddenly, he sensed something, his face changed suddenly, and he looked in a direction behind him. He was shocked for a second, and then he showed a playful expression, “Somewhat interesting. “

After saying this, he immediately disappeared in place, chasing in that direction.

Wayne Lin also sensed it in an instant, and he also looked over and saw a red shadow that flashed past.

Chapter 453

Seeing this red shadow, Wayne Lin immediately thought of it. This is what Ugly said, Master Nishang!

A super master of the fourth stage of Innate Realm, she appeared again.

Ye Xingchen’s murderous intent was condensed to the extreme just now, and he was about to make a move.

With Wayne Lin’s current cultivation base, Alma Chu was burdened by it, and when he really fought, his chances of winning were actually very small.

But at this time, neon clothes appeared.

No, to be precise, Nishang was here long ago, staring at them in the dark. When Ye Xingchen was about to attack Wayne Lin, Nishang warned Ye Xingchen and immediately alerted Ye Xingchen and rescued him in disguise. under.

Nishang disappeared very quickly, even with Wayne Lin’s eyesight, he couldn’t track it, but in an instant, he saw the profile of Nishang, a beautiful and flawless face.

He feels a bit complicated, grateful for neon clothes, and worried about neon clothes.

“Wayne, I’m sorry, I caused you trouble again.”

At this moment, he heard the sad voice of Alma Chu beside him, pulled his thoughts back, lowered his head, and saw Alma Chu’s guilty face.

Wayne Lin held her face and said with a smile: “Fool, how can you say that it caused me trouble? Originally, I and Ye Xingchen were in a hostile relationship. Even if you didn’t meet him tonight, there would be a relationship between me and him. It is impossible to reconcile.”

Alma Chu said, “But, he knows now that you have a wife…”

Alma Chu’s meaning is obvious, that is, she will become Wayne Lin’s burden in the future.

Wayne Lin shook his head again and said: “Fool, don’t think about it, there is no such thing, Ye Xingchen’s level of power, he will not start with ordinary people around me, once this kind of thing spreads out, he will be Thousands of people cast aside.”

“Is this really the case?” Alma Chu said with some worry.

Wayne Lin held her hand and said with a smile: “Of course it’s true, when did I lie to you. Okay, don’t think about it, it’s okay, this Ye Xingchen is not my opponent.”

“Um…” Alma Chu nodded gently, very docile, and after a pause she wanted to say something, but when the words came to her lips, she still didn’t say anything.

Actually, there is no need for her to say anything, Wayne Lin knows what she is going to say, just asking about the conversation between him and Ye Xingchen, especially Ye Xingchen saying that he is a wild species and is not qualified to exist in this world.

Wayne Lin looked at Alma Chu deeply and said, “Alma, I assure you that I will be fine. After this incident, I will explain my life experience to you.”

Alma Chu nodded vigorously, “Okay!”

Next, they went home together.

Wayne Lin finally glanced at the direction where the neon clothes disappeared, and some worries flashed in his eyes, hoping that nothing would happen to the neon clothes.

He didn’t choose to chase, he couldn’t catch up, and it didn’t make sense.


When Ye Xingchen was about to attack Wayne Lin, he suddenly felt a strong breath and warned him. When he turned his head, he found the neon clothes and chased after him without hesitation.

He came to Province G this time for the purpose of neon clothes, Wayne Lin, it was only his accidental discovery.

“Nishang, you really are protecting this wild species.” Ye Xingchen ran, showing a sneer, speeding up, and chasing towards Nishang.

Both he and the neon clothes are the fourth stage in the congenital realm, away from Dzogchen

Only one step away, the speed is so fast that the eyesight of ordinary people can’t find its trajectory at all. When you see a flower, the person disappears. People who see it often think that they have hallucinations.

A few minutes later, they had ran for more than ten kilometers and arrived at a remote park, next to an artificial lake, where the neon clothes stopped.

The movements are sudden, as if they are suddenly still, which violates science and loses inertia.

Then Nishang turned his head, stared at Ye Xingchen, and said: “Wayne Lin has never done anything to harm the organization, why are you targeting him?”

Ye Xingchen did not answer her, but stared straight at the neon clothes and said: “Neon clothes, you finally appeared, I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Ni Chang squinted her eyes, and she felt that Ye Xingchen coveted her, which made her very uncomfortable, especially Ye Xingchen’s eyes, looking at her, it was extremely annoying!

“Ye Xingchen, are you following me?” Nishang said coldly.

Wayne Lin walked slowly toward the neon clothes, step by step, and gradually narrowed the distance. After a while, he was already standing three meters in front of the neon clothes, and he could smell the fragrance of the neon clothes, which made his dantian fire constantly combustion.

“Nishang, the holy king once ordered that members of the mortal organization shall not help the wild species born by Qin Yuehua, and you, Yang Feng Yin violates, and I don’t know how I will tell the holy king, what the holy king will do with you!” Ye Xingchenpi Xiaorou said without a smile, that was extremely awkward, and when Nishang saw him like this, she couldn’t help but arouse a wave of anger when she was cold and arrogant.

Ye Xingchen didn’t speak. The Saint King had indeed given such an order. If Ye Xingchen really told the Saint King about this, then she would definitely be punished!

She was not afraid of being punished, but once the Saint King knew about it, Wayne Lin’s situation would be very dangerous. With Saint King’s character, knowing that Wayne Lin had grown up now would definitely kill Wayne Lin.

In addition, Qin Yuehua, his concubine, would also be implicated.

So for a while, her brows frowned very tightly, and at the same time she acted murderously towards Ye Xingchen.

“Why, do you still want to kill me? You can try it. I just want to learn about your strength in the Western Regions too!” Ye Xingchen laughed strangely, not afraid of the clothes.

That looks really cheap to the extreme!

Ni Shang took a deep breath, forcibly suppressed the anger and murderous intent, stared at Ye Xingchen coldly, and said, “Ye Xingchen, what do you want?”

“What do I want?” Ye Xingchen’s face once again showed that maddening and evil expression, flowing in air, slowly walking towards the neon clothes, at the same time, he showed an intoxicated expression and took a deep breath. With a sigh, I sucked in the scent from Ni Chang’s body, Ni Chang frowned, and she was really angry now, and she wished to take it immediately and put Ye Xingchen with a palm!

But she knew that once she did this, the result would be even worse, because she couldn’t kill Ye Xingchen.

“Neon clothes, what do I want, you know very well, so why bother to ask?” Ye Xingchen said with a smile.

Nishang’s face changed, and he blurted out, “Ye Xingchen, you have to die, I can’t be your Taoist companion!”

Ye Xingchen has been coveting her. It’s no secret. In fact, Neishang felt very disgusted and disgusted with this incident.

Ye Xingchen shrugged and said: “Impossible? Okay, then I can only kill that wild breed, take the wild dog’s head back, and ask the Holy King for credit. I believe this credit is enough for the Holy King to order and take you. The promise is given to me…Nice clothes, I heard that you are still an incomparable extremely yin physique in the world. Double cultivation with you can bring me a lot of improvement, hehe!”

Chapter 454

After speaking, Ye Xingchen took one step further, got closer to the neon clothes, took another deep breath, showing an expression of intoxication, like that, how insignificant it would be.

Nishang couldn’t help it anymore, she shot Ye Xingchen directly and slapped Ye Xingchen on the face.

She slapped her palm without warning, suddenly violent, and the distance was so close. When Ye Xingchen reacted, it was too late to dodge, so she could only watch the slap of the neon clothes and slap it on his face. on.


It was unusually loud and spread throughout the park.

Nishang didn’t kill him, the main thing was to teach Ye Xingchen, but even so, this strength was enough for Ye Xingchen to take a good meal.

Right now, Ye Xingchen was photographed back and forth, and half of his face lost consciousness. After a while, he started to ache fiercely, and his mouth was directly beaten with blood.

An anger suddenly rose from his chest and rushed to his head!

Vent out furiously, “Neon! You b*tch! You are looking for death!!”

Ye Xingchen’s eyes were instantly red, and the whole person was swallowed by anger, and he let out a monstrous roar, which scared the birds and beasts in the park to tremble. The sound wave was so loud that it caused a slight ripple on the artificial lake. It can be seen how loud Ye Xingchen’s voice is.

In this regard, Nishang is not afraid at all, she sneered, and asked her heart to be happy.

In the next moment, Ye Xingchen launched a fierce attack on the neon clothes. His eyes were fierce. Even at night, he could see two groups of flames in his pupils.

What brings the greatest pressure to people is his aura, like the essence, causing the surrounding air to solidify and become a cage. It seems that there is no place in the sky and the earth.

Even for a person in the realm of neon clothes, she felt the pressure in an instant, and her movements stopped for a while.

However, she was also an extremely strong person in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. She was not under Ye Xingchen, and she snorted. She was not affected by Ye Xingchen, and soon she began to counterattack.

Fortunately, it is the big night now, and this park is relatively remote, there are no people, otherwise, the two of them top masters fighting, the movement brought about is great, if anyone is photographed, they can make headlines.

Now in this world, there are innate realm masters, but because the number is too small, most ordinary people don’t know it. Once ordinary people see it, they think they have met Superman.

Ye Xingchen’s style is more feminine, like a poisonous snake, and every attack carries a cold air, which makes people very uncomfortable.

On the contrary, Nishang is a woman, her style is very strong, open and close, full of vigorous atmosphere between her fists and feet, like a female war god.

They just played against each other for half a minute, and they have already damaged the surrounding area very much.

“Nishang, you slut, I didn’t expect your strength to be so strong, no wonder you dare to challenge me.” Ye Xingchen did not take down the Nishang, and several killer moves were resolved by Nishang, but instead Every time Neishang’s counterattack was full of vigor, it shook his hands and feet uncomfortably.

In the same way, the neon clothes were invaded by Ye Xingchen’s cold air. Fortunately, her extremely yin physique quickly suppressed the cold air.

Then it transformed into the body and became the nourishment of her extremely yin physique.

Ye Xingchen soon discovered this too, his face was very ugly.

Nishang said with a cold face: “Ye Xingchen, we are equal in strength. You can’t beat me. I think everyone is a colleague in the organization. I can forgive you for this offense. If there is another time, don’t blame me. No mercy!”

Ye Xingchen suddenly smiled, “Is that right? How are you being merciless.”

Ni Chang squinted his eyes and said, “Do you think I don’t know what you have done secretly over the years? I don’t know what I have done to the Holy King. What will he do with you?”

In an instant, Ye Xingchen’s face was gloomy, staring at the neon clothes, gritted his teeth, and a strong panic flashed in his eyes.

Over the years, he has indeed violated Yang Feng Yin and done a lot of illegal things. If the Holy King heard about him, his fate would not be much better!

I was caught by the neon clothes, really

It’s uncomfortable!

Nishang continued: “Ye Xingchen, I don’t want to be an enemy of you. We don’t offend the river. Don’t provoke me, and I won’t provoke you, otherwise, we will die together!”

After saying this, Nishang stopped staying, turned around and left, stepping on the water, crossing the river with a reed.

Ye Xingchen looked at the back of Nishang’s departure, his face was ugly, and finally waved his sleeves, and said coldly: “Nishang, I will definitely get you, you wait for me!”


On Wayne Lin’s side, he was under even greater pressure, and he began to work hard to improve his cultivation as soon as possible.

If he loses to Ye Xingchen, the consequences will be disastrous, which he cannot accept.

He suddenly remembered something that Ye Xingchen mentioned when he first saw him.

Ye Xingchen thinks that his cultivation is so advanced because he has double cultivation with the neon clothes.

This is something he can’t understand. What martial arts can be diligent through double cultivation? In this world, where there is such a good thing, he has never heard of such a thing.

After thinking about it, he decided to ask the ugly master.

“Who is Ye Xingchen?” Wayne Lin said straightforwardly after seeing the ugly master.

Ugly Master was drinking tea. He was startled when he heard the three words Ye Xingchen. The tea in his mouth spurted out all of a sudden, Wayne Lin dodged and hid.

From Chou Ye’s reaction, Wayne Lin already knew the answer he wanted. This Ye Xingchen, even in the BRAGRUN organization, must be a supernatural existence.

Ugly Master said in surprise: “Master, did Ye Xingchen find you?”

“Not bad.” Wayne Lin nodded, and then he briefly said about the events of the past few days. After listening to the ugly master, he couldn’t hide the panic on his face, stood up, and paced back and forth.

Wayne Lin saw him like this and said again: “Tell me his identity.”

The Ugly Master swallowed his saliva and said to Wayne Lin: “Ye Xingchen, he is the protector of the Eastern Region of the BRAGRUN organization. He has reached the fourth stage of the innate realm and reached the peak of his cultivation. It is said that he was once in Antarctica. After three years of training, he has cultivated cold energy into his body, and every attack can cause a lot of damage to his opponent! The most terrifying thing is that his martial arts talent is extremely high, and he was killed when he first entered the first stage of the innate realm. A strong man in the second stage of the innate realm can achieve leapfrog killing. Now he has reached the fourth stage of the innate realm, and he is afraid that he can be a peerless strong who can challenge the great perfection of the innate realm!”

Wayne Lin was also a little surprised after listening, but after thinking about it carefully, the two contacts with Ye Xingchen did indeed feel Ye Xingchen’s extraordinary.

The ugly master said: “The previous Lu Dongbin was a small person, not to be afraid, but Ye Xingchen, the protector of the Eastern Region, will definitely attack you with his character, and then take your head to the Saint King. Thank you! Master, you are in danger!”

This was the first time Wayne Lin saw the Ugly Master in such a panic, so it seemed that Ye Xingchen was indeed a powerful character.

“It doesn’t matter, next time I see him, I will kill him.” Wayne Lin said calmly.

If you change the previous time, Ugly Master will believe it, but now, Ugly Master’s eyes are obviously full of doubts and bitterness, and he sighed and said: “Master, I know your martial arts talent is very high, but Ye Xingchen’s martial arts The learning talent is higher, especially, he is already in the fourth stage of the innate realm, one level higher than you, not because I don’t believe it, but in fact, you are really not his opponent.”

Wayne Lin smiled slightly, did not speak, and was silent for a while. He said with some curiosity: “There is one more thing. Ye Xingchen saw me for the first time and said that I had both repaired with Nishang, so I have such a cultivation level. What is this? What’s the matter, what is the secret of this neon clothes that I don’t know?”

When Ugly Master heard this, his face changed again, “This…”

He looked around, as if to see if the neon clothes were nearby.

Wayne Lin’s curiosity intensified when he saw his nervous look.

Finally, the Ugly Master was sure that Nishang was not here, he gritted his teeth, walked to Wayne Lin’s ear, and said softly: “This matter used to be a secret, Master Nishang, she is a rare extremely vaginal physique in the world, the practitioner and her Double cultivation, cultivation level will be significantly improved, if you become a Taoist, long-term double cultivation, you can get huge benefits.”

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