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Chapter 254

Wayne Lin didn’t call Chou Ye, but Jeff Han. He just didn’t believe in Chou Ye anymore. In any case, Chou Ye was also a member of BRAGRUN’s organization. Maybe he would let Lu Dongbin go. Wayne Lin has always been strict in doing things, and with his character, he definitely wouldn’t do such a stupid thing.

As for Latoya Chu, she had experienced today’s things, and her spirit was a little abnormal, and Wayne Lin didn’t embarrass her and let her go.

After all the dust settled, Wayne Lin breathed a sigh of relief. The fight with Lu Dongbin just now took a lot of his mind and energy, and he was already a little tired.

Turning around, he saw the gazes of Alma Chu’s family looking at him, with more or less strangeness and awe, and he felt quite uncomfortable.

He walked over, smiled, and said: “The house is messy now, or move to the villa in Yulong Bay first, because there are many rooms there.”

Candice Liu was originally afraid of Wayne Lin. Hearing these words from Wayne Lin, his eyes lit up and he blurted out, “Okay, okay! Will you move in now?”

Berry Chu was also a little excited. It was a big villa of nearly 40 million yuan. It was a symbol of status after living in it!

Alma Chu immediately shouted to Candice Liu, winked at Candice Liu, and then took a deep breath and said to Wayne Lin: “This is no longer necessary. We can rent a house outside and live for a while without disturbing you.”

Wayne Lin said: “No interruption, I am not so bored when you come here. Besides, you are so tired because of me. Give me a chance to compensate. Don’t refuse me, okay?”

Wayne Lin looked at Alma Chu deeply. Since their divorce, the relationship has become even more ambiguous.

Candice Liu’s eyes flashed green when she heard it, and the awe of Wayne Lin disappeared a lot. She was already crazy about the scenery after living in Yulong Bay. If this spreads out, then she will have more face!

She hurriedly pushed Alma Chu, winking her eyebrows, and said, “Alma, Wayne is right, anyway, our house has been damaged and we will not be able to live in it for a while. We have to redecorate it. And this big night, we have to look for it. Renting is inconvenient, I think, let’s go to Wayne to live first. We were originally a family. Now that Wayne is promising, it’s okay for us to be in the light of Wayne!”

With that said, Candice Liu also pushed Berry Chu, motioning Berry Chu to stop there, and followed him.

Berry Chu hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, let’s go to Wayne’s place to live first. Anyway, we are a family.”

Alma Chu bit her lip lightly. She hesitated for a while, and finally said softly, “Well, I will trouble you.”

Wayne Lin was overjoyed immediately, waved his hand and said, “No trouble, no trouble.”

In this way, Alma Chu’s family of three immediately packed up and followed Wayne Lin.

Along the way, Candice Liu and Berry Chu’s fear of Wayne Lin disappeared, because they found that Wayne Lin was the same Wayne Lin before, and they still respected them. They didn’t become very high because they were rich.

This made the two of them secretly relieved and made up their minds, and they must let Alma Chu and Wayne Lin remarry and tie Wayne Lin firmly.

As for Alma Chu, she was full of doubts and wanted to ask Wayne Lin, and from time to time she raised her head to look at Wayne Lin.

After arriving at Yulong Bay, Candice Liu became even more excited, as if forgetting what had just happened, and

I also took photos and posted a circle of friends. The content wrote: From now on, I will live in the most high-end villa area of ​​Yulong Bay and experience what it is like to live in a forty million villa.

When this circle of friends was sent out, it immediately caused a sensation. Not only many people liked and left comments for Candice Liu, but also many people came to send messages to ask Candice Liu if it really happened.

Candice Liu is a person with strong vanity. At this moment, she feels that she is the pinnacle of her life and earns enough face. Many noble ladies who looked down on her before are also chatting with her in a low profile. So cool!

So she has fallen into the vanity brought to her by living in a big villa, and has forgotten the matter of Wayne Lin just now.

Berry Chu saw his wife so beautiful, he couldn’t bear the commotion in his heart, and posted a similar circle of friends. It really caused a great sensation. Suddenly many people came to envy him and wanted to come over. Ask him for tea and see the big house of 40 million.

Of course, the most shocking is the group of people from the Chu family. They were confused when they saw Candice Liu and Berry Chu’s circle of friends, and they didn’t understand at all. Just now, the son of the Kunlun Group was looking for Wayne Lin. Is it troublesome? Why did you live in the Yulong Bay Villa after only a few hours?

Is it possible that this matter has been resolved?

When they entered the villa, Candice Liu and Berry Chu were even more shocked by the luxurious atmosphere inside. They kept taking out their phones to take pictures, too excited.

The praise of Wayne Lin was endless.

When Wayne Lin saw the two of them who had never seen the world before, he felt a lot of vanity in his heart at this moment. After being a son-in-law for so many years, he was praised this way by his father-in-law for the first time.

It would be even better if he hadn’t divorced Alma Chu.

Alma Chu came in and saw the luxury of the villa, she was also a little surprised, but nothing more, she and Candice Liu were completely opposite, not vain at all, and did not have much pursuit of material things.

Wayne Lin saw that she had been absent-minded and full of thoughts, and knew this matter, he wanted to explain to Alma Chu.

Sure enough, Alma Chu couldn’t help it. When Candice Liu and Berry Chu went upstairs to pick their room, she took a deep breath and said to Wayne Lin, “Can you talk?”

Wayne Lin nodded and said, “Okay.”

When they reached a place convenient for chatting, Wayne Lin said, “Alma, actually…”

Alma Chu didn’t wait for him to finish, but interrupted him, staring at him tightly, and said, “Are you really Chairman Zi Qiong?”

In fact, Alma Chu had countless doubts just now that she wanted to ask Wayne Lin. She didn’t think about asking this question first, but when she asked it out, she couldn’t help saying this. This was also the question she cared most about.

Wayne Lin was silent for a while, he didn’t expect Alma Chu would ask this question first.

Seeing that he hadn’t answered for a long time, Alma Chu’s face was a little dim, and she tried to squeeze out a smile, and said, “It’s not convenient for you to answer.”

Wayne Lin looked at her and said, “It’s not that it is inconvenient to answer, but I answered. Will you believe it?”

In fact, this sentence already said the answer, Alma Chu bit her lips tighter, “I believe it.”

Wayne Lin said very solemnly: “I am.”

Chapter 255

Even though Alma Chu knew this fact in advance, when she heard Wayne Lin’s confession, she was still very touched! The whole body and mind are in a state of absolute shock, the head of the heart is knocked over the bottle of five flavors, all kinds of tastes, all kinds of flavors are coming to the heart!

She opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she couldn’t say anything, and her mind suddenly roared.

The scenes that had happened before, now rushed into her brain violently and reappeared before her eyes.

The first meeting with the chairman of Michelle Harmony, she went to Michelle Mansion by herself. As the president of Michelle Media, Damon Wang treated her respectfully, not daring to take advantage of her, and even flattered and feared and sent her to her. Go to Chairman Michelle’s office.

When meeting with Chairman Zi Qiong, she was wearing a mask, not showing her true colors, and being so polite to her. She was already a lone man and a widow in the room, and Chairman Zi Qiong did not touch her, and he would give her 20 million. , In the form of not writing IOU.

Later, she was deceived by Peter Zhang. When she fell into a dangerous situation, Chairman Zi Qiong had the ability to be a prophet and appeared in front of her in time to rescue her, and immediately met Wayne Lin…

And then Jeff Han’s respect to Wayne Lin, that kind of favor, etc…

Too many coincidences are linked together, now think about it, who else can Chairman Ziqiong be who is not Wayne Lin? Anyone with a little brain can understand this, but she didn’t understand it, and thought it was Wayne Lin’s impersonation!

The point is that Wayne Lin also explained to her that she didn’t choose to believe it and said so many things that hurt Wayne Lin. When she thought of this, Alma Chu’s tears couldn’t stop, and she burst into tears.

Seeing her crying, Wayne Lin suddenly became confused, “Hey, why did you cry? Wasn’t it all right just now?”

When Alma Chu heard what he said, she cried even harder. She couldn’t stop it, and attracted the eyes of a few passersby next to her, thinking that Wayne Lin was a scumbag and did something to hurt Alma Chu.

“Why are you, why…” Alma Chu sobbed, unable to speak clearly.

Wayne Lin saw her so wronged and sad, and thought that Alma Chu still could not accept the fact that he was Chairman Zi Qiong. She was pierced with a needle in her heart, then forced a smile and said, “You are lying. I’m not Chairman Michelle, and you don’t want to think about it. If I were Chairman Michelle, I would still be a door-to-door son-in-law in your house for so long. So don’t worry, Chairman Michelle has someone else. , He is a handsome guy. I happen to have a very good relationship with him. I will introduce him to you next day…”

Wayne Lin didn’t say the word “know” at the end, so he suddenly widened his eyes, full of inconceivability, because Alma Chu actually stood on tiptoe, hooked his neck with both hands, and blocked his mouth.

Boom! Wayne Lin’s mind suddenly exploded.

This is the first time they have kissed since they got married for so many years!

In an instant, Wayne Lin turned around, and his whole person fell into a state of chaos.

Alma Chu actually kissed him, even if he felt so real now, he still felt it was an illusion, because it was too dreamy.

Lip points.

Wayne Lin looked at her like a ghost, swallowed heavily, and said, “Alma, you…”

Alma Chu’s face is flushed now, and she is particularly shy, but she did not escape Wayne Lin’s eyes, but instead said courageously: “Wayne Lin, let’s remarry.”

“What, what?” Wayne Lin was stunned, his mouth opened wide.

, You can swallow an egg.

Alma Chu bit her lip lightly, then leaned to Wayne Lin’s ear, and said softly and extremely seriously: “I said, let’s remarry.”

This time Wayne Lin heard clearly, but even if he heard clearly, he was still in a state of dementia.

How do you say that?

Happiness came too suddenly, and it was overwhelming for a moment.

Soon, Wayne Lin was rushed to his head by this joy, and the whole person was a little dizzy.

Seeing that he hadn’t spoken for so long, Alma Chu deliberately snorted and said, “Why, do you disagree? If you disagree, then forget it.”

Wayne Lin finally recovered and quickly said: “Agree to agree! I must agree! How could I disagree?!”

Alma Chu also smiled, her face now blooming with unprecedented brilliance, and all of the world was pale!

Wayne Lin was lost for a long time, and murmured, “Alma, you are so beautiful.”

Alma Chu made no secret of joy on her face, deliberately cursed, idiot.

Today can be said to be Wayne Lin’s happiest day. In fact, every day after his divorce from Alma Chu, he has never stopped wanting to remarry with Alma Chu, even if he knows that this kind of hope is very slim.

When this day really came, he was really happy!

On the way back, Alma Chu kept holding Wayne Lin’s hand, as close as she had never been.

The two of them talked a lot tonight, and they talked until three o’clock in the middle of the night before they were willing to go back to their room to sleep.

The next day, when Candice Liu and Berry Chu knew that they were about to remarry, they were so excited that they were almost speechless.

Wayne Lin was also very happy about this, but he didn’t forget about business because of this. After Alma Chu went to work, Wayne Lin also went out, and he was going to see Jeff Han.

Of course, it is better to say to see Jeff Han than to see Lu Dongbin, who is now imprisoned in Jeff Han’s hands.

“Chairman, here you are!”

Jeff Han saw Wayne Lin walk in and hurriedly stood up and bowed respectfully to Wayne Lin.

In fact, Wayne Lin is not very embarrassed. After all, Jeff Han is a 60-year-old person. Every time he meets him, he is so respectful, which makes him disrespect the old and love the young.

But this is what Jeff Han strongly requested. Their previous status gap was too great. If Jeff Han was not allowed to be so respectful, they would probably scare Jeff Han into thinking that he had done something wrong.

So Wayne Lin didn’t say anything at all and let Jeff Han continue to be so respectful to him.

“Well, Jeff Han, thank you for your hard work, who helped me watch the night.” Wayne Lin said.

“No hard work, no hard work!” Jeff Han said hastily, “It is my honor to be able to do things for the chairman!”

Wayne Lin smiled slightly, did not say any more, but said, “Where are you, take me over to see you.”

Jeff Han said: “Okay, people are locked in the confinement room.”

Soon, under the leadership of Jeff Han, Wayne Lin went into the confinement room in the basement and saw Lu Dongbin.

When he first saw it, he almost didn’t recognize Lu Dongbin.

Chapter 256

Where does Lu Dongbin still look like he was extraordinary at first, standing high, looking down on sentient beings? It is completely a prisoner, and it is not an exaggeration to describe it as a beggar.

The clothes on his body were dirty and torn, blood stained, dying, and seemed to die at any time.

When he saw Wayne Lin, some panic flashed in his eyes, and he instantly regained darkness, full of fear.

Wayne Lin raised his mouth slightly, revealing a meaningful smile, and said to Jeff Han back, “You beat him so badly.”

Jeff Han said quickly: “Chairman, I think he wants to escape, so he used some tricks. Please rest assured that the chairman, our subordinates are all measured, but he suffers skin and flesh. Life is dangerous!”

Jeff Han was panicked, for fear that he did something wrong.

Because Wayne Lin called him over that day, he directly handed the person over to him, and he didn’t explain who it was or how to be fettered. He didn’t have any foundation in his heart. He could only proceed according to Wayne Lin’s attitude towards Lu Dongbin at the time. Judging, I probably concluded that Lu Dongbin was Wayne Lin’s prisoner, so when Lu Dongbin wanted to escape today, he asked his subordinates to use some means to teach Lu Dongbin, and the order lasted.

Wayne Lin sighed. Jeff Han became even more frightened when he heard it. He was about to apologize when Wayne Lin said, “You made your move so lightly that you can’t hurt him at all.”

After that, Wayne Lin kicked out suddenly. Lu Dongbin’s pupils contracted suddenly, and the muscles all over his body became tense. He reacted. He wanted to dodge, and his movements were very keen, but his speed was still slower and he couldn’t keep up with Lin Zi. Ming, was finally kicked by Wayne Lin on the waist, kicking him hard against the wall like a ball, spitting out a bit of blood!

“You should be like me to hurt him, otherwise it would be tickle to him.” Wayne Lin said with a smile.

When Jeff Han saw this scene, he was obviously demented, completely dumbfounded. After recovering, he swallowed hard, and the look in Wayne Lin’s eyes instantly changed, and he became even more afraid.

He knows that Wayne Lin’s identity is not simple. He is the chairman of Ziqiong Media, with a net worth of several billions. He also has something to do with the underground emperor Ugly Hwadrid, but he doesn’t know that Wayne Lin himself can still fight so well. Ruthless.

At this moment, he felt the majesty of a dragon from Wayne Lin’s body, which should not be profaned or offended.

“Yes, yes…” Jeff Han nodded quickly and said, “Thank you for the chairman’s guidance.”

Wayne Lin walked over to Lu Dongbin, with a bright smile on his face, like a normal friend, and said: “Lu Dongbin, your injury is recovering quickly, I was almost deceived by you. If I come here one day later. , Now you have all escaped.”

A sturdy fighter next to him said: “That’s impossible. With a few of our brothers watching him, it’s hard for him to fly!”

“Yes, just his physique, who has been injured so badly, how could he escape, and he is not a god.” The other thugs also said unconvincingly. They thought Wayne Lin was underestimating their abilities.

When Jeff Han saw that his two subordinates actually touched Wayne Lin’s mouth, he hurriedly slapped them in the face and cursed: “Fart! What kind of stuff are you guys, and if you dare to question the chairman, I apologize!”

They were still very afraid of Jeff Han. They were slapped in the face by Jeff Han. They didn’t dare to answer their lips. They lowered their heads and apologized to Wayne Lin, but their faces were still obviously unconvinced.

Their performance made Jeff Han angry, for fear that these two fools had offended Wayne Lin, and when they were about to teach them, they were stopped by Wayne Lin, “Okay, they haven’t seen Lu Dongbin’s skills, no I believe it is normal.”

“Chairman, neither of them have good brains. You must not have general knowledge with them.” Jeff Han pleaded.

Wayne Lin waved his hand and said that he hadn’t taken it seriously, and then said to Lu Dongbin: “Okay, Lu Dongbin, you don’t have to pretend anymore. I can feel that you are now very vigorous and you are about to recover half of your physical strength. “

“Cough, cough, cough…” Lu Dongbin was dying, coughing hard, and said to Wayne Linshu: “I don’t understand what you mean, how much do you do yourself, don’t you know, I am about to die now. Wayne Lin , For the sake of my knowledge of your mother, can you hold your hands high and let me go, I can give you a lot of money.”

“Oh? How much can you give me, tell me.” Wayne Lin raised an eyebrow, looking very interested.

There was some hope in Lu Dongbin’s eyes, he coughed hard, and said, “One billion, as long as you let me go, I will be able to transfer it to your account soon.”

Hearing the number of one billion, everyone else in the room opened their eyes wide and their breathing became rapid. Even Jeff Han brows and was tempted.

One billion!

He has struggled for so long and has no savings of one billion. And Wayne Lin can get this billion by just moving his fingers!

At this moment, Wayne Lin’s impression in his mind became even bigger.

As for the other thugs, even more needless to say, this is the wealth they can’t get for ten lifetimes of struggle.

Wayne Lin laughed, “Lü Dongbin, you are all about to die. You still come here. Do you think I will believe you? Besides, one billion is just a small amount to me. Can you tempt me? If you promise to give me 10 billion, I can consider letting you go.”

Hearing this, Lu Dongbin also understood that it was impossible for Wayne Lin to let him go. He was just playing with him. For a while, his face changed uncertainly.

Then, while lowering his head, he observed the surrounding environment and found a breakthrough, then suddenly violent without warning, began to run in the other direction, planning to jump the window and escape!

His sudden uproar shocked Jeff Han and the others. It was completely unexpected that Lu Dongbin, who had been so badly injured, had such a surging explosive power, even more agile and quicker than the athletes!

And the two strong men standing in front of the window were pushed away easily by him, like children, they couldn’t resist.

This scene was too unexpected for them, it was completely unexpected to them, especially the two thugs who had expressed disapproval to Wayne Lin just now were even more dumbfounded and completely dumbfounded.

Seeing that Lu Dongbin was about to run out and jump out of the window, at this moment, one of them moved.

It was Wayne Lin, as if his virginity was moving like a rabbit, Wayne Lin stepped forward, three or four steps, and he got behind Lu Dongbin, and then grabbed Lu Dongbin’s neck, squeezed hard, and with a click, Lu Dongbin’s spine was directly covered. When he was dislocated, Lu Dongbin let out a scream, paralyzed his whole body, was captured by Wayne Lin in his hand, and walked back slowly.

Seeing this scene, everyone in the house was full of shock.

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