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Chapter 779

Others are also gloating at Wayne Lin to see how Wayne Lin will react. As long as he is a normal person, under such circumstances, he will definitely feel the unprecedented humiliation when he is given such an unrelenting lesson. , Thus doing irrational things.

And they waited for Wayne Lin to do irrational things, as long as Wayne Lin did irrational things, then they would continue to concoct Wayne Lin immediately, and it was easy to beat Wayne Lin hard.

Sure enough, Wayne Lin smiled when he saw Layton so confident. Originally, he didn’t want to be familiar with Layton, because he had no interest in Murongxue. Now Murongxue is just for him. Just a former old friend.

Seeing that Murongxue had found the one he liked, he should have been happy for Murongxue, but now Murongxue and Layton’s operations really made him feel sick.

He laughed straight out and asked, “Is that right, if I refuse, I don’t know how you are going to deal with me?”

When Leighton heard this, his face became more gloomy, with a grin on his face, he stepped forward, and the horses beside him also took a few steps forward, surrounding Wayne Lin. , Layton said: “Hehe, if you really dare to toast and not eat fine wine, then I suggest to teach you a bitter lesson!”

His eyes were full of threats and coldness. As long as Wayne Lin dared not to be obedient, he would shoot directly and beat Wayne Lin severely.

Wayne Lin laughed loudly. He wasn’t angry, but he felt funny from the bottom of his heart. A small person like Layton dared to threaten him like this. It seemed that he was too low-key.

“Then I would like to learn your lesson.” Wayne Lin also said with a smile, intriguing.

Originally, he had no feeling for a small person like Layton, just like the ants on the ground, but if the ants were always disobedient and dared to bite him and provoke him, then he wouldn’t mind stepping on him to death. Only ants.

Murongxue frowned. She saw Wayne Lin look like this. It could be said that the last trace of respect for Wayne Lin was thrown away, leaving only endless contempt and disgust for Wayne Lin.

Originally, she planned that Wayne Lin was her childhood sweetheart anyway, but now Wayne Lin is down. As long as Wayne Lin corrects her position and gets along with her well, she is also ready to say something in front of Layton. Wayne Lin is arranging work.

But now it seems that there is absolutely no need for this. Wayne Lin is totally ignorant of good or bad. Such a person deserves a lifetime of despair!

She directly said coldly: “Wayne Lin, I urge you to dismiss your idea of ​​me. The current me is not something you Wayne Lin can climb!”

When she said these words, she was completely cold, she had no feelings for Wayne Lin, only disgust and dislike.

Leyton heard these words, and the smile on his face became more intense, and he clasped Murongxue’s small waist tightly, and kissed Murongxue, and then he gave Wayne Lin a demonstration. Raising the eyebrows is completely a gesture of a winner.

He was very satisfied with Murongxue’s performance, nothing happened, and he felt more fulfilling than in the current situation.

You know, Wayne Lin used to be the second young master of the Lin family, and Murongxue was Wayne Lin’s childhood sweetheart. Now his behavior is to grab women with Wayne Lin, and he likes this feeling the most.

Wayne Lin naturally saw Layton’s thoughts at a glance. To be honest, he didn’t care about Layton, but Murongxue’s approach really disappointed him. A friend so good before became so realistic and realistic. The city is gone.

He shook his head and said, “Murongxue, do you really think that if I left the Lin family, I really can’t hang on? You grew up with me, you should know me very well, in your mind In, I am so useless?”

Murongxue was moved when she saw his gaze, but she immediately shook her head and denied it, thinking it was just Wayne Lin’s dying struggle, swollen face to fill the fat man, if Wayne Lin is really good, then It is impossible to wear so shabbyly on such an important occasion tonight!

And when Wayne Lin came just now, Wayne Lin didn’t even drive, this is a completely desolate performance!

She can understand Wayne Lin’s desolation, and even some sympathy, but Wayne Lin is clearly desolate, and she has to pretend to be very powerful, and even said that she is the chairman of the Lin Group, which is completely ridiculous. !

She sneered and said: “Wayne Lin, I am really disappointed in you. I originally thought that for the sake of friends for many years, I was planning to introduce Shao Lei to you, let Shao Lei arrange work for you, and let you My life is a little better. I didn’t expect that you would not only not appreciate me, but also give me an idea! Humph, you don’t take a piss and take pictures of yourself. Are you now qualified to pursue me?”

With these words, Murongxue felt a lot more comfortable, especially the encouraging and satisfying look in Layton’s eyes towards her, which made her even more happy.

Wayne Lin sighed in his heart. By this moment, he had thrown away the last trace of his concern for Murongxue’s old friend. Now Murongxue is no longer the Murongxue he remembered.

“You said so well, because we are all old friends. I originally wanted to promote your Murong family. I didn’t expect you to put me in your eyes at all. You said a good meal and called it this. Many people came to humiliate me.” Wayne Lin said with a smile. He faced the hostility and ridicule of so many people alone, without the slightest restraint or anxiety. It hasn’t fallen, but anyone with a bit of foresight will find that such Wayne Lin can’t be disappointed.

“Murongxue, I admit that I did have a good impression of you before, but you think, after so many years, do I still like you? You feel too good about yourself. Now you can’t get into my eyes at all. .”

Hearing these words from Wayne Lin, Murong Xue’s face became even more ugly, and she snorted heavily, “You!!!”

She originally wanted to see Wayne Lin regret, panic, and even confess, but she didn’t expect that Wayne Lin was a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water, and even dared to say such excessive words.

She said directly to Layton: “Brother Lei, he bullied me!”

Leyton nodded, his gaze fixed on Wayne Lin, full of hostility and coldness, and with a big wave of his hand, he said, “Get me down with this surname Lin!”

He was going to directly attack Wayne Lin.

Chapter 780

Hearing what he said, many people immediately strode towards Wayne Lin eagerly, their mouths filled with grinning smiles.

“This Wayne Lin is finished, dare to fight Lei Shao? Isn’t this looking for death!”

“I see Wayne Lin’s desolate life in the past few years, there is a problem in his mind, otherwise, how could he do such a stupid thing?”

“There is a good show to watch here. Tell me, will Wayne Lin kneel down and beg for mercy?”

“Sure, I offended Shao Lei, he still wants to leave?”

“I will take this scene later and send it to the circle of friends, hahaha…”

At this moment, everyone was mocking Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin must be finished this time.

The corners of Wayne Lin’s mouth also rose slightly, revealing a joking smile. It’s ridiculous that these people are actually trying to harden him.

Since this is the case, it is also necessary for him to teach these guys a profound lesson.

“Wayne Lin, you rubbish, I used to rely on you as the second young master of the Lin family, and I didn’t know as much as you, but now you are an ant, and you dare to jump in front of us? It’s almost a death! In this case, I will give you A bitter lesson.”

Soon there was a taller young man who rushed in front of Wayne Lin for the first time, with a grin on his face, then shot directly, grabbing Wayne Lin’s neck, and wanted to take Wayne Lin down.

Obviously he has practiced some handles in this movement, which is a bit more powerful than ordinary people, but to Wayne Lin, it is no different from the ant.

Wayne Lin was not polite when he came over, he just slapped it and slapped it very loudly.

The man was beaten and rotated three times on the spot, and then fell to the ground. The whole person was dumbfounded, and half of his face was red and swollen, like a pig’s head.

At the same time accompanied by painful screams.

Wayne Lin didn’t use too much effort with this slap, otherwise he would have to knock off the opponent’s head. Although he didn’t use his full strength, Wayne Lin also penetrated some internal energy in, and this was enough for this guy to suffer.

Others saw that Wayne Lin settled a person so easily, they were stunned for a moment. They didn’t expect that Wayne Lin had not seen him in five years, and his skills had become so good, let alone that Wayne Lin was so courageous, he was already in despair. , Dare to fight back, this is simply looking for death, absolutely looking for death!

“Damn, let’s go together and kill him!” The young man who fell on the ground was already so angry that he yelled hysterically.

Others also started to get annoyed. Wayne Lin, this guy, didn’t kneel down and begged them for mercy. He even dared to fight back and hurt someone. This is simply unforgivable!

In addition, they themselves have a grudge against Wayne Lin. They drank a lot of wine just now. As the so-called wine is full of guts, now they are full of anger in their chests, screaming in their mouths, in all directions Come over and rush towards Wayne Lin together.

They didn’t believe it anymore. They went together, but couldn’t take Wayne Lin?

They want to directly maimed Wayne Lin!

The arc of Leyton’s mouth is even more exaggerated. He has already seen Wayne Lin’s miserable appearance. Such an abandoned child from the Lin family dared to jump in front of him, it was almost death! !

He has a hundred ways to let Wayne Lin stay in China


Even Murongxue’s eyes were half sentimental now, only happy, she wished to see Wayne Lin being taught.

However, what happened next stunned all of them, completely dumbfounded.

I saw that Wayne Lin didn’t move either. He was still standing on the spot, facing people coming from all directions. His movements were very relaxed, exactly like swiping flies. He slapped and slapped, and gave these people to them in less than a minute. It fell to the ground mercilessly.

And it’s still very clean, not one level at all.

After a while, the ground was full of people lying on the ground, all of them couldn’t stand up, Wayne Lin’s internal energy penetrated, and they screamed with pain. Not to mention how wonderful the scene was.

“This…” Leyton was completely stunned, his eyes staring out, and he looked at the scene in front of him incredibly. He did not expect that Wayne Lin’s combat effectiveness would be so strong, and it completely exceeded his expectations. !

Especially when Wayne Lin looked at him with a single eye now, he immediately struck a spirit, and for the first time he had the thought of fear.

He swallowed his saliva, and said to Murong Xue with some irritation: “Didn’t you say that Wayne Lin is a trash? What is the situation now, how is his skill so good!”

Murong Xue was also in a daze. In her impression, Wayne Lin had indeed practiced martial arts, but he was definitely not so powerful!

“I, I don’t know, he could only say very general…” Murong Xue’s tone also contained some grievances.

Wayne Lin clapped his hands as if he had done a trivial thing, and then he slowly walked towards Leyton and Murongxue, the expression on his face was very intriguing, and immediately made Leyton even more frightened. He stepped back and said quickly: “Wayne Lin, what do you want to do, I advise you not to mess around!”

Murongxue saw that there was something wrong with this situation, and Wayne Lin was about to beat people. She also immediately said: “Wayne, don’t be impulsive. Just now Lei Shao just made a joke with you. Lei Shao is the eldest of the Lei family. , A distinguished status, if you move Lei Shao, you will never know how to die!”

“Really?” Wayne Lin already walked in front of Leiton and Murongxue, looking at them with a smile but a smile, “It seems that I really can’t offend the Lei family.”

Layton saw Wayne Lin seem to be shocked. He was afraid of the Lei family and didn’t dare to attack him. He immediately breathed a sigh of relief. His rickety body also began to straighten up, coughing twice, and said in a majestic manner. “Wayne Lin, I just joked with you just now. I can’t see that your skill is so good. It’s very good. I admire you very much. You can come to my company and be my security guard…”

With a snap.

As soon as Leyton finished saying this sentence, Wayne Lin slapped him in the face and slapped him in the face, spinning him on the spot, and fell to the ground. The rim glasses were also knocked off.

“You, you, you, you dare to hit me?!!!” Leyton was furious, his eyes full of anger and violence.

Murong Xue also pointed at Wayne Lin, shaking tremblingly, “You, you, Wayne Lin, you dare not thunder, you are done, you are done!”

Others also thought that Wayne Lin was crazy, and he really dared to strike Leighton. The mockery was nothing. If he really strikes Leighton, the nature is completely different.

For a while, they all looked at Wayne Lin like a dead person, thinking that Wayne Lin was going to die!

Chapter 781

Of course Wayne Lin would not mind such ants. He saw Layton dare to be so arrogant, smiled, looked at him condescendingly, and said, “Is that right, I’m dead? I want to see. Look, what can you do with me.”

Layton is now completely frustrated and mad. His eyes are spitting fire. He has grown so much and has never been humiliated like he is today. As a young Lei family, his status is so noble, in his In the circle, it is the existence of being held by the stars.

If Wayne Lin is still the second young master of the Lin Family, he still has the qualifications to break his wrists, but Wayne Lin is just an abandoned son, a waste that even his own family does not want, what qualifications does he have to confront him? Come and teach him! !

He swears in his heart that he must concoct Wayne Lin well, he wants Wayne Lin to die, and he still died very miserably, in order to fill the anger in his heart.

“You are dead, surnamed Lin, I swear, you are absolutely dead! Lao Tzu not only wants you to die, but Lao Tzu wants your family to be buried with you!” Layton breathed fire in his eyes, gritted his teeth, and said with great hatred. At the same time, there seems to be a torrent of water, which is endless.

But his words reached Wayne Lin’s ears, but they touched Wayne Lin’s reverse scales. Originally, Wayne Lin didn’t care about him too much. For such an ant, he just beat it up and gave it a lesson. Up. However, Layton actually dared to threaten him with his family, which is absolutely unforgivable.

He was very angry and laughed, and stepped forward. When Layton was about to stand up, he stepped on Layton’s body and stomped him on the ground. He couldn’t struggle at all, even breathing. It was smooth, and his face flushed.

“An ant-like thing, you dare to use my family to threaten me, I think you are tired of life.” Wayne Lin’s tone was extremely cold, like a voice from hell, and Leyton immediately made a hit Ji Ling, the other people present were also frightened by him, and their faces paled a lot.

This kind of Wayne Lin was something they had never seen before, causing them to have a kind of extreme fear and regret in that instant. They had known that Wayne Lin was so terrifying, and they would not be against Wayne Lin.

So far, Wayne Lin is a lunatic with mental problems!

Leighton was a bit spine at this moment. Although he was very scared, he gritted his teeth and threatened Wayne Lin: “Wayne Lin, if you have the ability, you will kill me now! Otherwise, wait for me to go back. Will do everything possible to retaliate, you and your family, don’t want to live! I’m Layton grown so big, no one has ever dared to humiliate me like this, you are the first and the last! I want you to die, you The whole family will be buried with you!”

His icy tone made everyone present feel scared invisibly, thinking that Wayne Lin really caused a catastrophe this time, unless Wayne Lin was about to kneel down to apologize to Layton, otherwise it would really hurt. To the whole family.

Wayne Lin was happy. He hadn’t been threatened by the ants in his eyes for quite a while, and this person was his former childhood sweetheart fiance, which was quite interesting.

Seeing that Wayne Lin could actually laugh at this moment, Leyton became even more annoyed. If his eyes could kill people, then Wayne Lin would have been killed at least a hundred times.

“In this way, you are very confident of yourself.” Wayne Lin said with a smile, and then let go of Leyton.

In Leyton’s view, this behavior was an act of acknowledgment. He was delighted a lot, but of course he would not let him go because of it. He stood up, pointed at Wayne Lin, very proud. He said domineeringly: “Wayne Lin, you are dead, I can wipe your whole family from this world with a single call!”

Wayne Lin said, “Really, then I am looking forward to it.”


b “If you don’t see the coffin, you won’t cry!” Leyton snorted heavily, and then he took out the phone directly, and while dialing, he said to Wayne Lin: “I’m calling someone now, don’t leave if you have one! “

His behavior was actually warning Wayne Lin, but Fan Wayne Lin was a normal person. At this time, he would definitely run away in fright, unless he really dared to kill Layton. But obviously, the fate of killing Layton is much more serious!

Now Wayne Lin’s method is to stand there with his arms folded, looking at Leiton with interest, to see what big people Leiton can call.

And his behavior fell in the eyes of everyone, and it became a lunatic behavior, completely brainless.

Those who had been beaten by Wayne Lin just now stood up one by one, looking at Wayne Lin with incomparable hatred and annoyance in their eyes. They knew that Wayne Lin was very capable of fighting, and now they dare not attack Wayne Lin again. It is self-inflicted.

At the same time they started to call and call their thugs over. Today they were beaten by Wayne Lin. With their temper, it is definitely impossible to give up!

If Wayne Lin had the same character as the second youngest member of the Lin family, they would be beaten if they were beaten. There was no way, after all, their background was still not as good as the Lin family. But now Wayne Lin is just a bereaved dog, how can he compare with them?

It’s weird if they don’t take revenge!

Murong Xue didn’t have any sympathy for Wayne Lin now, and only hostility and hatred were left, thinking that Wayne Lin would not give her face, especially what Wayne Lin said just now, which completely angered her!

Wayne Lin sat down and ate leisurely there, seeming to wander around in a leisurely manner, without paying attention to the current predicament.

He has not eaten dinner yet, and he is indeed a little hungry now.

He naturally won’t let it go after ordering so many top-quality dishes on the scene.

Now his realm has reached the innate realm of Dzogchen, his appetite is much bigger than before, and his appetite is bigger. In the past ten minutes, he has eaten the appetite of almost ten people, and everyone who was there was shocked.

But they didn’t think so much. They were all ordinary people and couldn’t understand the horror of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm. Secondly, they are now full of anger and hatred of Wayne Lin, causing them to lose their normal sense, thinking that Wayne Lin is a hungry ghost reborn, and must have not eaten such a good dish for a long time, thinking about before dying, Have a full meal.

So the atmosphere now looks a bit strange. There are so many people in the big box, all standing, staring at Wayne Lin full of hatred and anger, and Wayne Lin, the only one sitting in the audience, eats leisurely there.

After a while, Leyton’s phone rang again. When he saw the call, his eyes lit up and he was excited. After the phone call, he chatted for a few words, and his face flushed with excitement!

At Wayne Lin, he laughed, and said arrogantly and wanton: “Hahaha, Wayne Lin, you trash, you are dead, the person I called has already come! You wait for death!”

Not long after the voice fell, the door of the box was opened soon, and a group of people poured in from outside, aggressive and terrifying.

“Which beast with no eyesight dares to offend Shao Lei, is he living impatiently?!”

Immediately, it was accompanied by a loud voice, full of majesty.

Wayne Lin was stunned when he heard this voice, then he looked up and saw what this person looked like, and he was stunned.

This is a coincidence, the guy Leighton called, he is an acquaintance.

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