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Chapter 419

In the huge box, it suddenly became quiet. Everyone stopped talking, and their eyes focused on Wayne Lin, waiting for his answer.

If you change other people, you will feel a lot of pressure, it is impossible to taste wine so calmly.

However, for Wayne Lin, it was not the slightest disturbance.

As the person sitting next to him, Tao Sanniang felt the pressure now, and subconsciously wanted to quickly finish the wine for Wayne Lin, and answered Jiang Liqun.

But as for Wayne Lin, he still drank slowly, and finally let out a sigh of emotion, “Good wine.”

Tao Sanniang: “…”

For the first time, she felt that Wayne Lin’s face was a bit thick.

Jiang Liqun was not angry. On the contrary, there was more excitement and expectation in his eyes. People at his level are particularly capable of observing words and colors.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s calmness, he knew in his heart that Wayne Lin was mostly capable of helping him break through to the innate realm!

Originally, he was only half sure, but now seeing Wayne Lin’s reaction, it has increased to 80%.

He smiled and said: “In order to entertain Master Lin, I took out my daughter Hong, who has been treasured by my daughter for 20 years.”

Wayne Lin also smiled and said, “My daughter Hong of 20 years, how embarrassing is this.”

Jiang Liqun waved his hand and said, “There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Jiang’s daughter Hong has the honor to entertain Master Lin. It is Jiang’s blessing. If Master Lin wants to drink, Jiang will personally send the remaining daughter Hong to Master Lin. Go up to the house.”

Wayne Lin smiled. He suddenly changed his voice and said, “Half of the industry, I want to exchange for the innate realm, Mr. Jiang, your business is too cost-effective.”

Everyone’s eyes widened, what the hell, half of the industry, at least more than 30 billion in value, is this a bargain? Besides, to help Jiang Liqun break into the innate realm, it doesn’t take you Wayne Lin to pay anything!

However, after Jiang Liqun heard this, he showed a relieved expression instead, he was afraid that Wayne Lin would directly reject him.

To be honest, if you take out half of the industry and change your innate realm, most people’s thinking sounds like he is crazy, and he will make such a prodigal decision.

But only he knew that if he could only use half of his assets, and then exchange the cultivation base of the Innate Realm, he would have made a lot of money!

With his wealth, is there a difference between 60 billion and 30 billion? not at all!

Besides, once he breaks through the innate realm, is he still afraid that he won’t be able to earn the 30 billion?

The Innate Realm, also known as the Transcendent Realm, literally means surpassing mortals, and it is another level.

Jiang Liqun wanted to enter this level in his dreams!

“Master Lin, I made you a joke. Half of Jiang’s assets are indeed inaccessible to Master Lin.” Jiang Liqun said seriously: “Master Lin, I sincerely seek Master Lin’s help. Once I break through the innate The environment will always be Lord Lin’s ally and will never betray!”

Saying that he stood up, swearing to the light, very solemnly.

Ding Yan and the others felt that Jiang Liqun was very sincere. If they changed, they would definitely agree to it without hesitation.

However, Wayne Lin’s face was quite cold, and there was a sneer at the corner of his mouth. The goblet was spinning at his fingertips, and the magical thing was that the wine in the glass couldn’t be spilled.

“Jiang Liqun, do you think I would care about your alliance? It’s not good to say that even if you break through the innate realm, in front of me, you are still ants.” Wayne Lin said lightly. This is very arrogant, but all Everyone knows that Wayne Lin is not pretending to be compelling, but stating something


Isn’t it right, Brian Gu, broke through to the innate realm ten years ago, an absolute master, and died in the hands of Wayne Lin.

Needless to say, Wu Meizi was even an upper-level master in the Innate Realm, a famous female demon, but as a result, Wayne Lin was beaten to death.

Jiang Liqun is over forty years old this year. Even if he can break through the innate realm, he will never catch up with Wayne Lin’s footsteps in his entire life.

Jiang Liqun’s lips moved. He wanted to refute, but he couldn’t say anything to refute, because Wayne Lin was right.

During this period of time, he has specially investigated Wayne Lin. The more he investigates, the more surprised he is, and the more he is in awe of Wayne Lin!

Now that Wayne Lin ridiculed him in front of his subordinates, he didn’t dare to have any dissatisfaction, and some were just dejected and shocked.

He has always been known for his sleekness, and his best skill is dealing with him. Even if the enemy is in front of him, he can be said not to hate him.

But now, facing Wayne Lin, he couldn’t be smooth, because Wayne Lin was sitting there, like a big mountain, pressing him out of breath!

After a long time, he sighed and said: “You are right, even if I break through the innate realm, I will be an ant in front of you, alas.”

At this moment, he was full of depression, completely devoid of his previous domineering and vigorous spirit.

Ding Yan and the others are waiting for their subordinates, and now they are particularly unhappy.

At this moment, Wayne Lin suddenly said, “How did Wu Meizi reject you?”

Jiang Liqun was taken aback, then he reacted and said: “Wu Meizi’s conditions for her to open are too high. She wants 90% of my property, and I must break through the innate realm and worship her.”

This request sounds excessive, but Wayne Lin nodded and said, “It’s not too much.”

Is this not too much?

Tao Sanniang felt that Wayne Lin was a bit too much.

Jiang Liqun gave a wry smile without speaking.

Wayne Lin continued, “But Wu Meizi obviously failed. She doesn’t have the ability to help you break through to the innate realm.”

“Not bad.” Jiang Liqun glanced at Wayne Lin and nodded in a deep voice.

Then, he still read with emotion, “Shu Road is difficult, it is difficult to go to the blue sky, it is inherently more difficult, it is difficult to go to the sky!”

Everyone present felt his unwillingness and despair.

But what else can he do? If he can’t break through, he can’t.

Wayne Lin looked at him, and suddenly said, “What level of innate realm is your enemy?”

Many people think that Wayne Lin’s words are nonsensical, and it is so good that they are involved in the enemy’s family. Besides, with Jiang Liqun’s current strength and status, who can be his enemy.

However, after Jiang Liqun heard his words, his eyes suddenly widened, full of horror, and he cried out in silence, “You, how did you know?!”

Hearing his words, everyone reacted. Wayne Lin said it was right. Jiang Liqun really has an enemy, and he is also a master of the Innate Realm!

Wayne Lin smiled, he didn’t break Jiang Liqun’s pride in the slightest, and said lightly: “Your eyes told me the answer.”

Now, Jiang Liqun is even more in awe of Wayne Lin!

Even his closest subordinates didn’t know this secret, but Wayne Lin saw it out of the meeting.

Chapter 420

This heavy, thick wooden door was directly kicked and hit against the wall behind. The handles of the door were all deformed and made a loud noise, which shocked many people.

Looking back, only four men and two women appeared at the door. Among them, the person who kicked the door saw Jiang Liqun in the box and said jokingly, “Oh, who is it in box number one? It turned out to be Jiang Ergou. what.”

The man who spoke was Jiang Liqun’s age, wearing a dark red Tang suit, holding a string of Buddhist beads in his hand, not tall, even a little fat.

But from his body, there was a terrifying breath, and he knew that he was not an ordinary person.

The few people next to him were also masters. They were all masters at the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow. In terms of momentum, they completely overwhelmed Jiang Liqun and the others in the box.

Moreover, Wayne Lin could also see that these people had swallowed the marrow pill, and their true strength was much stronger than that of ordinary acquired peak masters.

Especially the middle-aged man wearing Tang suit, he swallowed three wash marrow pills, his physique was unusually strong, he already had the breath of some innate realm masters!

In terms of cultivation base, he was even better than Jiang Liqun.

When Jiang Liqun saw these people, his face immediately changed, and it was hard to look.

As for everyone in Ding Yan, they also became nervous one by one, staring at each other fiercely, as if they were facing an enemy, and their eyebrows were full of hatred, it was obvious that there was hatred between them.

“Fatty man, do you dare to come to my place and make trouble?!”

Jiang Liqun slammed the table, stood up and stared at the man in Tang suit.

Immediately, Ding Yan and more than a dozen people also took out their weapons, surrounded the other six, staring at him.

Depending on the situation, it seems that Jiang Liqun has the upper hand, but in terms of real strength, it is actually the Tang suit man who has won.

Of course, this is the case when Wayne Lin is not counted, otherwise, just a Wayne Lin who can easily wipe out these six people with his fingers.

Wayne Lin’s expression is a bit strange now. According to reason, Jiang Liqun is a big brother in Yuancheng. Even the city owner wants to be afraid of him, but now suddenly a fat man in Tang costume who dares to kick Jiang Liqun is the key to this fat man. , It’s just the peak of the day after tomorrow.

If Wayne Lin’s guess is correct, most of these people are Jiang Liqun’s enemies. This is a bit interesting. As soon as he was about to understand, the other party came to the door.

The fat man in the Tang suit walked in swaggeringly, his gaze shot in the box, among which Wayne Lin was directly ignored by him. In his opinion, Wayne Lin was just an ordinary person.

Soon, his gaze was placed on Tao Sanniang, showing enthusiasm and covetousness, and said, “Jiang Ergou, I can’t tell that you have hidden a big beauty. Huh? Or is it the one who practices alluring? Not bad? Yes, from now on, it will be my daytime yuan plaything, hahaha…”

Chapter 421

He was extremely arrogant and walked directly towards Tao Sanniang, and then wanted to touch Tao Sanniang’s face.

Tao Sanniang’s face immediately turned dark.

Wayne Lin was sitting there, his eyes were also much colder. This fat man, as soon as he arrived, he spoke harshly to Tao Sanniang, already touching Wayne Lin’s reverse scale.

“Fatty Bai, you’re f*cking looking for death!” Jiang Liqun shouted angrily, grabbed a bowl on the table, and slammed Tian Tian Yuan on his body, extremely fast!

Regardless of Jiang Liqun’s apparent identity as the head of the group, in fact, his cultivation is quite good, and most professional fighters are far from his opponents.

If Tian Yuan didn’t hide, then he would have to suffer serious injuries.

The brilliance in his eyes flashed, and he dodged easily. Haha joked: “Jiang Ergou, I’m just joking with your horse. You are angry like this? I said your measurement is too small. Hahaha.”

The others who were with him also laughed.

Jiang Liqun’s face was ugly. He looked at Wayne Lin timidly, a little afraid that Wayne Lin was angry. Seeing Wayne Lin’s face was not waved, he was still very calm, and he couldn’t see what Wayne Lin thought.

“Fat Bai, you are f*cking dead!” Jiang Liqun cursed.

He is now unsure of Wayne Lin’s meaning, nor dare to announce Wayne Lin’s identity easily.

During the day, Yuan was joking. He didn’t put Jiang Liqun in his eyes at all. He just found a place to sit down and poured himself a drink. He didn’t put Jiang Liqun in his eyes at all, “Jiang Liqun, you crazy dog, Is it called there?”

Jiang Liqun gritted his teeth. He is indeed a little afraid of Tian Tian Yuan, but if Wayne Lin is here, if he behaves very aggressively, he will definitely leave a bad impression on Wayne Lin. So he yelled at the grass mud horse, and then shot Tian Yuan Yuan. .

Tian Tian Yuan was not afraid at all when he saw him making a shot, but instead he laughed, “Oh, I’m actually so embarrassed and angry, do you want me to do it? Tsk.”

His cultivation base is higher than Jiang Liqun, he is not afraid of Jiang Liqun at all, plus his backstage, he is bigger than Jiang Liqun, he is here this time, knowing that Jiang Liqun is here, and deliberately humiliating Jiang Liqun.

But what he never expected was that Wayne Lin, who has been the most popular recently, was actually on the scene. If he knew, he wouldn’t dare to come over and make trouble.

Now he faced Jiang Liqun’s attack, showing disdain, and did not dodge, and directly confronted Jiang Liqun.

A fist blasted over, and it collided with Jiang Liqun’s fist directly. The chair under his buttocks burst open and took two steps backwards, while Jiang Liqun took five steps back with a trace of pain on his face.

Obviously, in the fight with Tian Yuan Yuan just now, he couldn’t fight Tian Yuan Yuan and fell into a disadvantage.

“Jiang Ergou, is this your strength? Too weak, just you rubbish, how can you fight my boss?” Tian Tian Yuan shook his head disdainfully, and then he began to attack Jiang Liqun directly. s attack.

I have to say that Tian Tian Yuan is not tall, even a little chubby, but his physical strength is really good, his moves are also very fierce, and there is a strong wind in the box.

Faced with his attack, Jiang Liqun’s face immediately became serious, showing some fear. This was not the first time he had fought against Tian Yuan Yuan, but every time he could not beat Tian Yuan Yuan.

It was also right now. After a while, he was beaten by Tian Tian Yuan.

As for Ding Yan and others, they were also crushed and beaten by five other people. After a while, they were already lying on the ground, suffering serious injuries.

“Jiang Ergou, you are too rubbish. You haven’t made any progress for so many years.” Tian Tian Yuan shook his head, very disdainful and contemptuous, and then speeded up the offensive, breaking Jiang Liqun’s defense with one punch, and another gun punch. Seriously injured Jiang Liqun.

Just then, Wayne Lin made a move.

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