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Chapter 314

Wayne Lin did not go on, but began to close his eyes and rest his mind.

In fact, Wayne Lin knows that during this period of time, Shane Chu has been outside to make trouble, but Wayne Lin is very busy and can’t spare time to take care of him. Now that he is caught up, Wayne Lin will take good care of him. Got it.

Shane Chu saw that Wayne Lin was determined to rush over, and he was so anxious that he was crying. He regretted it. He had known this result, so he shouldn’t have called Wayne Lin!

Now that Wayne Lin closed his eyes, he didn’t dare to bother him anymore, with an expression of lovelessness.

“Brother Feng, do you think Shane Chu dare to come?”

In the open space several hundred meters away from the school, there were already a dozen people standing there. There were clouds and fog, and they knew they were bad young people. Three of them were still very burly middle-aged people with fierce faces. It doesn’t look like a good person.

With a cigarette in his mouth, Qian Feng took a fiercely and said with a grinning smile: “Don’t worry, Shane Chu, ​​this kid will definitely come. Last time I showed weakness to him, he thought I was really afraid of him. , Now I invite him to singles out. With his pissiness, he will definitely come.”

Immediately a little brother flattered and said, “Haha, if Shane really dares to come, he will be dead!”

“Recently, Shane made some money by relying on his brother-in-law to dominate the outside world. Last time he beat Xiao Shuang and had a lot of girls. It was extremely arrogant. I saw his comparison. I want to kill him!”

“Yeah, I’m not pleasing to see him now, grass!”

Qian Feng’s expression became dark, and he grinned twice, and said, “Huh! How long can he stay? Today I specially invited three masters to come over, and they can beat a dozen of them. Even his brother-in-law is a waste. His brother-in-law wants to be honest. I dare to come over, I will fight his brother-in-law together! I haven’t settled accounts with his brother-in-law about the last time!”

After Qian Feng finished speaking, he flicked the cigarette butt to the ground fiercely, and stepped on it with his right foot, as if the cigarette butt was Shane Chu’s brother-in-law.

Last time he was severely taught by Wayne Lin. He held his breath all the time and wanted to take revenge. Now that he caught the opportunity, he must let his breath come back!

Thinking of this, he was very excited, and said to the three masters, “Uncle Xiong, Shane’s brother-in-law may also come later. This guy is a practicer and has a bit of three-legged cat skills. Are you okay?”

Uncle Xiong said disdainfully: “Lianjiazi? I’m fighting Lianjiazi! Xiaoqian, don’t worry. With your Uncle Xiong, you will definitely beat your enemy down today and kneel in front of you to apologize for mercy. “

After finishing speaking, Uncle Xiong punched out, punching a clear fist mark on a wall next to him, with a huge bang, and seeing Qian Feng and other young people stare wide, full of worship.

Qian Feng became even more excited. He seemed to have seen Shane Chu and Wayne Lin kneeling in front of him begging for mercy. Then he would take a photo of it and post it on the campus website for everyone to see. In this university , The king is still Qian Feng!

Compared with Qian Feng’s lofty ambition Lingyun, Shane Chu is in a different mood. Now he is particularly worried and uneasy. The closer he gets to the school, the paler his face, and even cold sweats.

Wayne Lin saw him like this and said, “Are you scared?”

Shane Chu squeezed out a smile that was even worse than a smile, and said, “No, no.”

Wayne Lin shook his head and was very disappointed with Shane Chu, ​​who was also born by a parent. Shane Chu was really bad compared to Alma Chu. He had no other ability except pretending to be a girl and causing trouble all day long.

“Brother-in-law, shall we go back? I was really wrong, please…” Shane Chu begged.

Wayne Lin said: “What are you panicking? You are an adult. When you encounter some difficulties, just panic like this. How can you come out and make trouble in society in the future.”

Shane Chu said with a sad face, “I thought you would invite a lot of bodyguards to escort you, who knows you don’t have a bodyguard.”

“Then go and reason with him.” Wayne Lin said.

Shane Chu was even more panicked when he heard it. He made sense. Who is Qian Feng? If

Can be reasonable, is he still so scared.

Time passed very quickly. After a while, the car was already in this open space. Shane Chu saw Qian Feng, saw a dozen people who were eyeing each other, and carefully examined every car passing by.

Immediately, the cold sweat on Shane Chu’s forehead became even more severe, and even his legs began to swing, swallowing continuously, and he was about to cry.

Qian Feng brought more than a dozen people here, but he was the only one with Wayne Lin and a driver, so they couldn’t be tortured to death.

Wayne Lin opened his eyes and said to the driver, “Get off here.”

“Brother-in-law…” Shane Chu wailed, shivering, and took Wayne Lin’s hand, and he was about to kneel down for Wayne Lin.

The driver stopped the car, Wayne Lin started to get off, and said to Shane Chu in the car: “Get off.”

As soon as he appeared, Qian Feng and others were immediately spotted by Qian Feng and others. They all opened their eyes wide, showing excited and angry expressions, and strode over, “They are here, this is Shane’s brother-in-law, kill them! “

“What’s wrong, Brother Feng, why did a car come? Is there any ambush?”

Qian Feng cursed fiercely: “Ambush, there are more than a dozen of us, and Uncle Xiong who are sitting in town, afraid of the two of them? Let me go up together and kill them.”

In the car, Shane saw Qian Feng and the others approaching murderously. He became even more afraid. They were still in the car and refused to get off. Now Wayne Lin became a little impatient and said: “Get off, I Don’t say the third time.”

Feeling Wayne Lin’s anger, Shane Chu didn’t dare to be disobedient. He got off the car obediently and saw Qian Feng and others coming by. His legs trembled so much that he was about to lose his feet.

Wayne Lin cursed something useless, and then looked at Qian Feng and others who had already come in front of him.

Qian Feng’s group of people came to the front menacingly, and saw that there were really only Shane Chu and Wayne Lin. He burst into laughter and said, “Shane Chu, ​​your kid is okay. When it comes to war, I brought you and your brother-in-law. Come here, do you think your brother-in-law is a master of martial arts, can’t single-handedly challenge a dozen of us?”

His words caused a burst of laughter from the others, and they looked at Shane Chu like a fool.

Shane Chu was shaking more severely, and he said: “Qian Feng, you are so little, my brother-in-law is the chairman of Ziqiong Media, if you dare to move us, my brother-in-law can’t spare you!”

“Chairman of Ziqiong Media?” Qian Feng laughed strangely: “Oh, I’m really scared, my background is so big, hahaha, why don’t you say that your brother-in-law is the Jade Emperor.”

The weather in Chu was bad, and it was more of fear. Now Qian Feng obviously refused to let him go. This brutal beating was inevitable.

“Brother-in-law, what should I do, they will even fight you.”

Wayne Lin asked him back, “Then what do you think you should do? This is your fault.”

Shane Chu gritted his teeth and said fiercely: “Brother-in-law, wait for me to hold them, you can get in the car and run, and then call me the police!”

Wayne Lin was a little surprised and said, “You stay by yourself, are you afraid of being beaten to death?”

Shane Chu sighed long and said, “That’s nothing, it’s my fault, I can’t hurt you. Let’s go, brother-in-law, I will hold them.”

Seeing the determination in Shane Chu’s eyes, Wayne Lin admired it a little, this kid was still a bit responsible.

“Remember, I will wipe youra*sthis time, but there will be no next time after this time, you know.” Wayne Lin stared at him.

Shane Chu was stunned. Before he had time to speak, he saw Wayne Lin walk out and said to Qian Feng: “Qian Feng is right, I taught you once. You don’t have a long memory, and you dare to bring so many people to an appointment. If the kid doesn’t learn well, he’s thinking about making trouble all day long. Now I’ll give you a chance to get away with you, and study hard in the future. Don’t bully Shane again, otherwise I don’t mind giving you another profound lesson.”

Qian Feng and the others were stunned when they heard Wayne Lin’s words, thinking that Wayne Lin was a fool.

Chapter 315

“Brother-in-law! Are you crazy?!”

Shane Chu was frightened, and hurriedly pulled Wayne Lin, his scalp numb.

Qian Feng and the others regained their senses, and laughed in anger, and said, “Hahaha, okay, okay, you dare to be tough when you die, Shane Chu, ​​your brother-in-law is really amazing!”

“I’m so ridiculous, I still have to teach Brother Feng a profound lesson, I don’t have any.”

“Who does he think he is, Ye Wen, can he hit more than a dozen?”

“Ye Wen shit, mentally handicapped is about the same.”

They all mocked Wayne Lin unscrupulously, and many others gave Wayne Lin thumbs up.

Wayne Lin shook his head, he was not very impatient anymore. He finally had two days of vacation, so he could relax. He really didn’t want to waste time with these guys.

Qian Feng raised his head and said high up, “You want to teach me a lesson, right? I am here now. You have the ability to teach me a lesson. You are a trash, and you dare to pretend to be forced? Write it! Why dare you to pretend to be the chairman of Michelle Media, and not to take a piss and take pictures of yourself? Just like you, you are a waste delivery express! Dare to pretend to be in front of your dad.


Wayne Lin was completely impatient, gave a cold snort, then stepped forward, slapped Qian Feng’s face with a slap, and slapped him to the ground. Half of his face was swollen and he gave out a pig-like misery. Called, “You… hurt me so much, what you are doing standing there, give me all, give me all! Ouch, it hurts so much, hiss…”

Qian Feng suffered this slap in the face, and two teeth were broken, and the pain made his tears flow.

The others were stunned. They didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be so bold. Under this circumstance, he dared to attack Qian Feng. This was too lawless!

Shane Chu was also stunned. He didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be so irritable. He would beat people whenever he didn’t agree with him. Isn’t the brother-in-law afraid of death?

He now has oil on the soles of his feet and wants to run away.

“I dare to hit someone first and find death!”

“Brothers, go together and kill this man!”

“Go! Revenge for Brother Feng!”

The group of younger brothers who followed Qian Feng were all angry. They had weapons in their hands, with red eyes, rushing up fiercely, trying to beat Wayne Lin to death.

I have to say that these guys are really courageous. They use iron rods to fight, and the shots are so heavy, they are not afraid of killing people. It is conceivable that if the person here is not Wayne Lin, but an ordinary person, then this group of unscrupulous young people must be seriously injured or even killed.

“Brother-in-law is not good, run!” Shane Chu’s cries were broken, and the fear was extreme. The goose bumps all over his body were erected. He knew the fighting power of this group of people, and he still held iron rods in his hands. It’s going to kill people!

But Wayne Lin didn’t run, and stood there motionless, as if he was frightened.

When they all rushed in front of him, Wayne Lin moved and showed a disdainful sneer. Originally, he thought it would be fine to just teach these guys casually. Anyway, he was still a college student, and it was the future flower of the motherland.

Now it seems that there is no need for this at all. These people are all ill-informed people. After graduation, they will be a scourge to the society. There is no need to show mercy.

Even the masters of the Beitianhui were all chickens and dogs in front of Wayne Lin, vulnerable to a blow, let alone these ordinary people who were not even warriors. Not to mention they had iron rods in their hands, even with guns, they couldn’t hit Wayne Lin.

So Wayne Lin was very relaxed.

A college student was put down, and the shots were not too light. They couldn’t recover without lying down for two or three months. The most important thing is that Wayne Lin used dark energy to make his shots, enough to make them sore, and modern medicine can’t detect the injuries.

From the beginning to the end, Wayne Lin took less than half a minute, and the speed was almost incredible. Shane Chu, ​​who was trembling behind him, immediately looked dumbfounded. He rubbed his eyes vigorously, thinking that he had hallucinations.

Oh my god, how could my brother-in-law be able to fight like that, invincible!

Qian Feng, who had just gotten up on the ground, was also stunned when he saw it, obviously a little scared.

There were three Lianji sons of Uncle Xiong left, and they were also very surprised. They narrowed their eyes and looked at Wayne Lin cautiously. They looked away and underestimated Wayne Lin’s strength.

“Boy, I don’t see that you are also a practicing family. No wonder you are so courageous and dare to come to the meeting alone.” Uncle Xiong said in a deep voice.

Qian Feng then remembered the existence of Uncle Xiong, and quickly said: “Uncle Xiong, Uncle Xiong, you must act and defeat him! Defeat him!”

Uncle Xiong frowned and said: “What are you panicking? With me here, what storms can he upset, give me calmness!”

The other two middle-aged people also said: “Little Qian, you are calm, there are three of our top masters, this person is just a chicken dog. However, this price is not the first price, you know?”

Qian Feng said immediately: “But we said it at the beginning.”

Uncle Xiong stared, grabbed Qian Feng by the collar, and said unceremoniously: “You can also add money, we won’t help you settle this matter!”

Qian Feng is very annoyed, but he doesn’t dare to refute it now. Who calls his own people useless? In this situation, he has to accept Uncle Xiong’s price for sitting on the ground, “Then how much do you want to add.”

“This number.” Uncle Xiong stretched out two fingers.

Qian Feng raised his eyebrows and said: “Twenty thousand? This is acceptable. Then you should knock this guy down. I want him to kneel in front of me and lick the soles of my shoes!”

“You are a beggar when you are Lao Tzu, and you pay 20,000! What Lao Tzu said is 200,000!” Uncle Xiong slapped Qian Feng on the head and cursed unceremoniously.

“Two, two hundred thousand?! You are grabbing money…” Qian Feng immediately saw the murderous eyes of the three of Uncle Xiong, he immediately persuaded him, did not dare to say any more, swallowed his saliva, and said bitterly, “Okay. Two hundred thousand is two hundred thousand, but the premise is that you want to defeat him, otherwise I won’t agree.”

Uncle Xiong and the three of them all showed surprise smiles. It’s great. They didn’t expect that they could earn 300,000 yuan this time. It was too easy to make money.

They just watched Wayne Lin’s move, but in fact they didn’t care much, any practicer could defeat a dozen college students.

Uncle Xiong twisted his head and said to Wayne Lin: “Boy, don’t you see that you are still a cultivator, you are very powerful. It is a pity that you are not our opponent when you meet our three brothers, so obediently, you kneel down and give us A few people knelt down and kowtowed their heads to admit their mistakes. We won’t do anything. You can still avoid the pain of flesh and blood.”

Wayne Lin shook his head and cursed Shabi.

“You still dare to curse, you are looking for death!”

Uncle Xiong was furious at the moment, and an eagle claw caught Wayne Lin, very fiercely, able to grab a hole in Wayne Lin’s body.

Wayne Lin didn’t even blink his eyes, he shot directly, and after the shot, he grasped Uncle Xiong’s thumb accurately, then snapped it up, broke it with a click, and uncle Xiong screamed.

Wayne Lin didn’t stop, and then he kicked it out again. Uncle Xiong’s body was kicked upside down and flew out. “Just like you garbage, you dare to pretend to be in front of me?”

Chapter 316


The surroundings suddenly became quiet, and no one thought that the battle would end so quickly.

Especially the two middle-aged people with Uncle Xiong, their eyes stared out, and now they realized what kind of horrible existence they provoke!

Wayne Lin’s eyes swept over, and their hearts were broken, and they turned and ran.

They are definitely not Wayne Lin’s opponents, they still have this point of self-knowledge.

But will Wayne Lin let them go?

The answer is obvious.

will not.

Just two steps after they ran, they felt their bodies lightened and their necks hurt. They were actually lifted up by Wayne Lin one by one, and then thrown behind them casually and fell to the ground. Can’t stand up.

Then Wayne Lin walked back slowly and said to Shane Chu, ​​”This time I will wipe your butt, and next time, if you are outside to cause trouble, I will interrupt your legs, you know?”


Shane Chu swallowed heavily, his eyes looking at Wayne Lin were completely different, full of admiration and shock, nodded heavily, and said, “Brother-in-law! I know, I won’t cause trouble again, you say. To the east, I would never dare to go west!”

“Well, then you go to school.” Wayne Lin nodded lightly.

“Brother-in-law, I don’t want to go to school now, or I will learn martial arts with you, my requirements are not high, I just want to learn half of your skills, I will be satisfied.” Shane Chu rubbed his palms and said excitedly.

Wayne Lin’s eyes were cold, and he said, “Are you taking my words as the wind?!”

Shane Chu shuddered in an instant, and became frightened, obediently, now the majesty of brother-in-law is getting more and more full. Shane Chu didn’t dare to beep anymore, and hurried to the school to go to school. Now he was very excited and knocked Qian Feng down. From now on, he will be the boss in the school.

Qian Feng and the others regretted their death, and they were extremely afraid of Wayne Lin. They couldn’t understand why Shane Chu’s brother-in-law was so arrogant. Isn’t the school rumoring that Shane’s brother-in-law is a door-to-door son-in-law? Damn, they’re all liars, can you fight so badly?

At this moment, Wayne Lin was about to get in the car and go back. Suddenly, he sensed something, frowned slightly, and looked in one direction…

At two o’clock in his direction, a black Range Rover appeared. A few people walked down from it. One of them was a familiar face, not who, it was Gu Hanxing. He was wearing sunglasses and came over jokingly. While applauding, he joked and said, “Wayne Lin, you really have you. He went to the university to bully a few college students. Tsk tsk, I really feel ashamed for you.”

Wayne Lin was a little surprised, but after thinking about it, I didn’t feel surprised. Now Gu Hanxing must have known about his going to the North Sky Club branch. Huarvell is so big. With Gu Hanxing’s energy, he wants to take him It is not difficult to find out.

“Gu Hanxing, your strength has improved, not bad.” Wayne Lin commented to Gu Hanxing. At a glance, he could tell that Gu Hanxing had taken Xisui Pill and his meridians and five internal organs had been greatly improved, but he had not yet reached the innate state. , Send Na Linmen a kick.

However, even if Gu Hanxing reached the Innate Realm, he would not be his opponent.

The three of them, Uncle Xiong lying on the ground, felt the aura of Gu Hanxing and the others. They were all frightened. They shook their feet on the ground and didn’t dare to move. They just pretended to be dead. Now they regretted their deaths and realized that they had provoke some horrible existence.

As for Qian Feng’s more than a dozen college students, it goes without saying. Some people have even peeed their pants in fright, which is particularly embarrassing.

Gu Hanxing came over. He took off his glasses and stared at Wayne Lin, making no secret of his hostility and murderousness towards Wayne Lin. He said, “Wayne Lin, dare to come to Lao Tzu’s site to make trouble and hurt Lao Tzu’s people. , I think you are tired of living, right?”

His murderous aura exuded, just like the essence, it was a devastating oppression for Qian Feng and others, causing them to stop their brains, panting for breath, lying on the ground, shivering.

They are all ordinary college students, pure ordinary people, where have they ever seen a master at this level?

Wayne Lin grinned and said, “Gu Hanxing, I admire your courage, and dare to come and find me. I now suspect that you were picked up by your father Brian Gu, not his biological son, and he let you die.”

When Gu Hanxing heard this, he became even more furious, the blue veins on his neck burst out, and he cursed loudly: “You are looking for death!”

The aura on his body was condensed to the extreme, and he clenched his fist tightly, ready to attack Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin is also secretly accumulating his strength in the crowd now. If Gu Hanxing really dared to attack him, then he would not be merciful and beat Gu Hanxing into a cripple with one punch. Anyway, he has already offended Brian Gu so much that he is not afraid of itching with more lice.

At this moment, two police officers ran over and pointed at them and cursed: “Hey! What are you doing, dare to fight here?!”

Gu Hanxing’s imposing manner was reduced by half at once. In the public, he still dare not be too arrogant. Now that the police have seen him again, he still wants to keep a low profile.

“Wayne Lin, you have a seed, you wait for me! I will find you soon and kill you! Then I will snatch your wife over, ride under the crotch, and ravage him ten thousand times!” Gu Hanxing pointed at Wayne Lin’s nose and cursed viciously.

Wayne Lin was also furious when he heard what he said, and narrowed his eyes, already killing Gu Hanxing in his heart.

The dragon has inverse scales, and you will be killed if you touch it!

Alma Chu is Wayne Lin’s Ni Lin, and now Gu Hanxing still wants to make Alma Chu’s idea, there is no reason for him not to be angry.

But Wayne Lin didn’t say it. He just stared coldly at the back of Gu Hanxing’s departure. In his eyes, Gu Hanxing was already dead.

Soon the two police officers came over and gave a simple warning. They saw Qian Feng and others lying on the ground, obviously beaten by others, and began to inquire about the situation.

When Qian Feng saw the police, it was like seeing a savior. They quickly identified Wayne Lin, saying that Wayne Lin beat them.

The faces of the two police officers turned black immediately and said, “Do we two look like fools? One person beat up so many of you.”

Qian Feng immediately became anxious and said, “I didn’t lie to the police officer. He really beat us like this. He is a martial arts expert, and he is super good at fighting.”

Wayne Lin said: “Two police officers, I’m a businessman. I just met here. I don’t know these people at all, let alone what they are talking about. This is my business card.”

The two police officers were shocked when they saw the business card handed over by Wayne Lin. It said Wayne Lin was the chairman of Ziqiong Media. Now they believed in Wayne Lin even more. They had been in the police for many years. In terms of experience, how could the chairman of a big company fight on the street and beat more than a dozen people all by one person, but he was unharmed. This is not pure bullshit.

So they didn’t think too much, so they let Wayne Lin go, and they also called Qian Feng and the group back to the police station.

Qian Feng and others regretted their deaths.

For Wayne Lin, this incident didn’t affect him in any way. However, I met Gu Hanxing later, which reminded him of the need to speed up the process and train qualified bodyguards in the fastest time.

On the second day, he immediately began to execute, went to the newly established security company, and began training these bodyguards.

Some of them were Damon Wang’s newcomer. Seeing that Wayne Lin was so young and the boss of the company, they disagreed in their hearts, thinking that Wayne Lin was just a ticket, and didn’t take it seriously.

But not long after they saw Wayne Lin’s strength, they all put away their contempt, admitted Wayne Lin’s greatness, and began to train seriously.

Time passed quickly, and one week passed. During this week, Wayne Lin was mainly responsible for training these new people in the newly established security company.

Under his devil training, these newcomers have made obvious progress, and they admire Wayne Lin more and more.

Wayne Lin did everything without any leaks. Before his bodyguard team was appointed, he asked the Ugly Master to send masters to guard Alma Chu’s family.

The main thing is to protect Alma Chu.

In fact, the ugly master originally suggested that Wayne Lin should not be so nervous. The Northern Heavens would be a big power. They were domineering and had the demeanor they should have. Currently, they shouldn’t take the people around Wayne Lin to attack.

Wayne Lin naturally knew this truth, but he had to be 100% cautious in doing things, and take precautions.

On this day, the ugly master called him and asked him to attend a dinner. The other party was a big man in the circle who wanted to see him by name.

Wayne Lin still has a lot of things to be busy with. Whenever there is time to go to the dinner, he refused without thinking, but the Ugly Master immediately said meaningfully, “Master, I think you’d better go and participate. “

Wayne Lin realized that things were not simple, and asked, “This big man has a big background?”

The ugly master nodded and said: “In the south, the background is big, it is better to meet, and the attitude should give enough respect.”

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