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Chapter 485

When Wayne Lin returned to the headquarters, the Ugly Master was waiting there. He was so badly injured, but after taking the Yulu Vigor Pill, he now not only passed the dangerous period, but also walked down the ground, showing Yulu’s vitality Dan is great.

His face was full of tension. After seeing Wayne Lin’s return, he immediately greeted him and asked: “Master, you are back, where is Ye Xingchen?”

Wayne Lin said lightly: “I was beaten to death.”


When the ugly master heard this, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and said: “He is finally dead, great!”

Wayne Lin smiled slightly, there was no pride or excitement on his face, he looked very plain, as if he had just done a trivial thing.

His gaze, looking in the room, did not find the red figure, and his consciousness searched for a while, but he did not find the breath of neon clothes, and he couldn’t help but feel a little lost.

“Where is the neon clothes?” He couldn’t help but ask.

The ugly master said: “Master, I just wanted to tell you that Master Nishang is gone.”

“Oh.” Wayne Lin replied, and the loss in his heart became more serious. He solved Ye Xingchen and still wanted to tell Nishang the news himself.

“Did she say anything before she left?” Wayne Lin thought for a while and asked.

Ugly master thought for a while and said: “Master Nishang said that he wants to return to the organization, and he won’t be here during this time.”

“Really?” Wayne Lin frowned slightly, and couldn’t help saying: “Other than that, what else did you say?”

Chou Ye shook his head, indicating that there is no more.

Wayne Lin sighed inwardly. It seems that the relationship between him and Nishang is over now, and people don’t want to pay attention to him at all.

What’s more, originally he and Nishang met in Pingshui, and Nishang kept seeing him uncomfortable. If it weren’t for the bond of his mother, he would never have known Nishang in this life.

As for what happened today, consider it a dream or a deal.

After understanding, Wayne Lin didn’t think so much. He finally confessed a few words to the ugly master, and sent Jeff Han over to treat the aftermath, gave a sum of money to the injured hand, and he began to leave.

After he came out, he saw that passers-by looked at him with weird eyes. Many people even pointed at him before realizing that he had forgotten to change his clothes. Now he looks too embarrassed, unkempt, and the clothes are still Dirty is not good, the most embarrassing thing is that he doesn’t even have shoes, he is barefoot, just like a beggar.

He couldn’t help but laughed bitterly, he was too mad, and he didn’t even know how to clean up his image from the ugly master, and now these people on the street must think he is a lunatic.

Fortunately, I didn’t meet any acquaintances I knew, otherwise I would be embarrassed.

However, God is so tricky, the more things you don’t want to happen, the more they happen.

Wayne Lin was walking with his head down, hoping to leave here early, find a clothing store, buy a set of clothes, and then change it in a nearby hotel. At this time, he really met an acquaintance.

And this acquaintance is really familiar.

In front of him, there were a few people standing chatting, two men and three women, among them there was a beautiful woman who looked like a flower and had an elegant and generous temperament. It wasn’t anyone, it was Alma Chu.

Wayne Lin was stunned when he saw her. He never expected that he would meet Alma Chu here. This is a coincidence!

If it was normal, Wayne Lin would be fine, he only felt that he was very destined, but now, his image, if he walked over, would definitely embarrass Alma Chu.

So when he stepped into the clothing store, he turned around and wanted to leave, but when he was about to leave, he suddenly found that the man standing beside Alma Chu, his eyes looking at Alma Chu were full of covetousness and coveting. , Obviously it was Alma Chu’s idea.

Moreover, this man is still an acquired master!

Those who had swallowed the Xisui Pill, but failed to attack the Innate Realm, immediately, Wayne Lin’s eyes narrowed.

The pace he was about to leave stopped.

At the same time, there was a woman with a pretty look, but with a very thick makeup, and said to Alma Chu: “Alma, we finally came out to meet once, and went to dinner at night. Zhu Xinghai reserved seats. All right.”

Another woman also said: “Yes, Alma, Mr. Zhu is the big boss. The seats reserved are the best. And I heard that the big star Ning Yuning will sing tonight. This is rare. Opportunity! It would be better if I could ask for a signature.”

The Houtian Pinnacle man next to Alma Chu smiled and said, “I have a good relationship with Ning Yuning’s boss. It is not difficult to get a signature of Ning Yuning. In fact, I can also invite her over and have a meal with us. “

After he said this, his face was full

Proudly and proudly, Ning Yuning is currently the hottest star in film, music, and variety shows. He is a very versatile three-above artist. At present, the popularity in China is extremely high, and many people are her fans, even Alma Chu is no exception.

When Alma Chu heard that she could have a meal with Ning Yuning, she immediately moved.

And Wayne Lin at the door, when he heard the name Ning Yuning, he couldn’t help but be stunned. Isn’t this the female star of Black Rock Media? Ning Yuning really admires him.

Especially when he saw the heartbeat on Alma Chu’s face, who seemed to be a fan of Ning Yuning, he felt even more weird.

Alma Chu thought for a while and said, “Well, can I take one more person to dinner?”

Zhu Xinghai nodded generously and said, “No problem, as long as it is your friend, Miss Chu, I welcome them.”

And the woman just now asked curiously: “Alma, who do you want to bring over?”

The gazes of several other people were placed on Alma Chu’s face.

A light of happiness appeared on Alma Chu’s face, and she smiled and said, “I want to take my husband there.”

“What?” The woman was shocked immediately, and Zhu Xinghai was also stunned, and then frowned deeply.

“Alma, are you married? No, why haven’t I heard you say it!!” The woman said in surprise. She looked down at Alma Chu’s hands and did not see the wedding ring.

The other three were also surprised, especially Zhu Xinghai, who was obviously a little unhappy.

Today, he rushed to Alma Chu under the introduction of a friend. When he first saw Alma Chu, he was so surprised and satisfied with Alma Chu, but now, Alma Chu actually said that she was married. ?

Alma Chu smiled and said, “I have been married for five years, and the wedding was not grand that year, so I didn’t tell you.”

“Really?” The woman said, “Then what does your husband do? You are now the boss of the group. Your husband must be a great character too?”

When Alma Chu mentioned Wayne Lin, there was a flash of light in her eyes, and she nodded, and said, “He is the chairman of Ziqiong Media, Peng Yue Advertising, and Aegis Security. If it is great, it will be fine.”

Hearing what Alma Chu said, all of them took a deep breath. Three of them involuntarily looked at Zhu Xinghai. They were very sympathetic. Since Alma Chu’s husband has such a big background, Zhu Xinghai didn’t. There’s a chance.

After Zhu Xinghai listened, his face was not good, he wanted to use a smile to hide his unhappiness, but he still couldn’t do it, and he smiled reluctantly.

“It turns out that your husband is so powerful. Ziqiong Media is a big company, and its market value is about to exceed 10 billion! Alma, you are so lucky!”

“Yes, Alma, the chairman of the three big companies, the net worth is at least tens of billions, I envy you too much!”

Both women expressed envy to Alma Chu and flattered them.

This made the two men particularly embarrassed, especially Zhu Xinghai, he was even more embarrassed.

“Alma, you introduce your husband to us to meet you, we haven’t met a big boss of this level yet.”

Alma Chu listened to the envy and ingratiation of the two of them, she was still quite refreshed, nodded, and said, “Okay, I will call my husband later and let him come over.”

Wayne Lin at the door, listening to their conversation, touched his nose, couldn’t help but laugh.

However, at this moment, two waiters walked over with frowning brows, and their faces were not pretty. After coming over, they shouted to Wayne Lin: “Go out, you can’t come in here.”

Obviously, they all regard Wayne Lin as a beggar.

It just so happens that their voices are not small, attracting the eyes of many customers in the clothing store, including Alma Chu’s.

When Alma Chu saw him, she was stunned and called out in surprise: “Wayne? Why are you here?”

After speaking, she walked towards Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin sighed horribly, but Alma Chu discovered it, which was a bit embarrassing now.

At the same time, the four people traveling with Alma Chu also looked over.

When they saw that Wayne Lin was ragged, unkempt, without shoes, and looked like a beggar on the street, they couldn’t help frowning, showing contempt and disgust.

“Alma, who is this?”

Alma Chu was also a little curious about how Wayne Lin could be like this, but she didn’t dislike it at all. She held Wayne Lin’s arm intimately, and said with happiness: “You don’t want to know my husband, he is.”

Hearing this, the four of them were dumbfounded in an instant, with wonderful expressions.

And Wayne Lin also laughed bitterly.

Chapter 486

Wayne Lin knew what they were thinking when he saw the expressions of the four of them. It was indeed embarrassing now, even with his face, he couldn’t help but blush.

Seeing Alma Chu’s face, Wayne Lin still actively greeted him, “Hello, I am Alma Chu’s husband, Wayne Lin.”

He is very polite, but no one is paying attention to him.

It’s not that they don’t give face, but Wayne Lin looks like this, it looks too desolate, and it has no relationship with the big boss that Alma Chu said.

Zhu Xinghai carefully looked at Wayne Lin. Originally, he had no idea about Alma Chu. After all, Alma Chu’s husband is the big boss, so he could not offend him. But now, seeing Wayne Lin’s appearance as a beggar, his mind immediately became active. .

Even if Alma Chu is already married, it would be nice to have fun, the best wife. Besides, Alma Chu’s husband is an ordinary person at the bottom, he is not afraid of offending.

After thinking about it, he immediately became energetic, and his smile returned to his face.

“Alma, if I remember correctly, you just said that your husband is the boss of three big companies?”

“Yes, chairman of Ziqiong Media? Are you sure it is the one next to you?”

The two women were so weird that they almost had the word “Unbelief” written on their faces.

Alma Chu is also very embarrassed now. She didn’t expect to meet Wayne Lin here at all, let alone Wayne Lin’s image. She herself was a thin-skinned person, and her pretty face immediately blushed.

She couldn’t help but glared at Wayne Lin in embarrassment, as if she had gone back to the days when Wayne Lin humiliated her.

But in front of the outside, Alma Chu still wanted to give Wayne Lin face, she nodded and said, “Yes.”

But they obviously don’t believe it, because they are also people who start companies, and they know exactly how big a company is. Since Alma Chu’s husband is the chairman of Michelle Media, how could she be so embarrassed, like a beggar on the side of the road. of.

The two salespersons next to him obviously didn’t believe it, thinking that Alma Chu was bragging, just like Wayne Lin’s shabby appearance, if they believed it, there was a problem with IQ.

Zhu Xinghai held back a smile and said to Wayne Lin: “It turned out to be President Lin, who has long admired his name. Ziqiong Media is a star enterprise in Hwadrid with a market value of over 10 billion. I have always admired the chairman of Ziqiong Media. I didn’t expect to meet it today.”

What he said at first sounded nothing wrong. He was expressing his admiration for Wayne Lin. However, in line with his expression, he was ridiculing Wayne Lin in a strange way. He immediately changed his voice and asked, “Forgive me. Humble opinion, I don’t know if Randal Lin’s dressing up is the latest trend?”

He ridiculed Wayne Lin solemnly, and immediately made everyone around him laugh, and several onlookers were laughing and laughing, as if Wayne Lin was a joke.

Even the two women who were in the same group couldn’t help being laughed. The gloating expressions on their faces couldn’t hide. They were friends that Alma Chu had known for a long time. Their friendship could only be said to be average. They were always secretly jealous of Alma Chu’s beauty. They said that they were married to the big boss, they were quite unbalanced, but now, after seeing Wayne Lin, they immediately felt relieved.

When Zhu Xinghai saw so many people snickering, he was particularly proud. He felt that he was too funny. Not only did he humiliate Wayne Lin, but he also raised his own image, killing two birds with one stone.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, where he couldn’t tell, Zhu Xinghai was hitting Alma Chu’s idea.


p; Alma Chu’s expression changed instantly, and she became a little embarrassed.

“Alma, your husband is really interesting. He is dressed in’fashion’. No wonder he can become the chairman of Ziqiong Media and lead the’fashion’!”

“Haha, of course, after all, he is the chairman of Ziqiong Media. However, I haven’t heard of it. Now the trend is rising and beggars are pretending to be.”

“Hey Alma, don’t be angry, I’m just joking with you.”

“Yes, Alma, we just talked casually, you are the big boss, you don’t have the same knowledge as us.”

The two of them began to be yin and yang weird, and that look was very disgusting.

Alma Chu clenched her lip. Now she felt a hot pain on her face. It wasn’t because she complained that Wayne Lin was ashamed of him, but because she just blew a wave of Wayne Lin proudly, and the reality was that she gave her one. Slap in the face is a shame to her thin-skinned temper.

Wayne Lin suddenly lowered his face and said, “Is it funny?”

His aura is very full, such a stern face immediately made everyone breathe and began to be afraid, as if facing his top boss, the clothing store was strangely quiet.

The joking smile on Zhu Xinghai’s face also instantly stiffened, looking very funny and embarrassing.

“No, no…”

“Just kidding, don’t worry about it…”

The two female friends hurriedly apologized, but they broke out in a cold sweat. There was no way, because Wayne Lin just put too much pressure on them.

Wayne Lin retracted his gaze and explained apologetically to Alma Chu: “I dealt with a little thing today, so I made it like this. I went to the clothing store specially, bought a set of clothes and put it on and went home to look for you.”

Alma Chu immediately took Wayne Lin’s hand and asked worriedly: “Then you are all right?”

Wayne Lin smiled and shook his head and said, “It’s okay, I’m fine.”

“That’s good.” Alma Chu breathed a sigh of relief. Wayne Lin then asked the salesperson to bring him a suit and go into the fitting room.

After Wayne Lin left, the talents of them breathed a sigh of relief, with a stunned expression on their faces, and then realized that what happened to him just now made him scared of Wayne Lin?

This made them feel very embarrassed, especially Zhu Xinghai. Now his face is so ugly that he was actually bluffed by a beggar version of trash. This is simply his shame!

He is a person who likes to bully and fear hardship. In his eyes, Wayne Lin is the kind of soft persimmon, and he will definitely not let it go.

Not long after, Wayne Lin changed his clothes, walked out of the fitting room, and immediately surprised many people.

Before entering, Wayne Lin was ragged and unkempt, without shoes, just like a beggar, but now he is wearing a neat and high-end suit, matching his tall and slender figure, and his gentle temperament, this strong The gap between the two, stared at everyone present.

Wayne Lin’s looks are not handsome, but he is very attractive. He has a special charm, especially his temperament and the self-confidence displayed between his behaviors and actions, which made him the focus of the scene.

When Alma Chu saw Wayne Lin’s new image came out, she immediately lit up, greeted him, and affectionately took Wayne Lin’s wrist, with red hearts in her eyes, without concealing her enthusiasm for Wayne Lin, and said: “Wayne, you are so handsome.”

Chapter 487

“Really? You like it.” Wayne Lin looked at himself in the glasses, and he was indeed very energetic, much better than his previous image.

Zhu Xinghai couldn’t help being jealous when he saw Alma Chu and Wayne Lin so affectionate.

The salesperson walked over and asked, “Sir, this dress suits you well. Would you like to try something else?”

“No, just this one.” Wayne Lin nodded.

The salesman smiled and said quickly: “Then please go to the front desk to check out.”

“Okay.” Wayne Lin went to the front desk, touched his pocket, and suddenly remembered that his phone had been dropped by him, and he didn’t carry his wallet, which was a bit embarrassing now.

He coughed twice and had to say to Alma Chu: “Alma, that, I forgot to bring money…”

Alma Chu was taken aback and gave Wayne Lin a white look, but didn’t think much, took out her mobile phone to pay for Wayne Lin.

She knows Wayne Lin’s details. For Wayne Lin, these hundreds of thousands of suits are not even a dime, but others don’t think so.

First Zhu Xinghai sneered, “Mr. Lin, aren’t you the chairman of Ziqiong Media? Why can’t you even get hundreds of thousands of clothes?”

Other people around also laughed.

“Yes, the chairman of Ziqiong Media, the big boss of the big bosses, can’t even get more than 100,000 yuan, and he has to pay for his own wife, tusk.”

“Could it be fake? Hahaha…”

In their opinion, Wayne Lin’s silence became a tacit consent.

They are endless, Alma Chu became a little angry, she directly sank her face and said, “Enough for you! First of all, my husband is indeed the chairman of Ziqiong Media. If you don’t believe it, you can investigate by yourself. , Even if my husband is not the chairman of ziqiong media, are you guys always having an endless yin and yang?!”

Since Alma Chu became the chairman of Shengke Lighting, her aura has increased a lot. Now that she has a temper, she still has a certain deterrent effect, and she immediately stops them from ridiculing.

However, when they looked at Wayne Lin, they were still full of ridicule, thinking that Wayne Lin was not a big boss at all, let alone the chairman of Ziqiong Media. It was just made up by Alma Chu under his vanity.

Alma Chu was angry, but wanted to say it again. Wayne Lin held her hand and shook her head slightly to indicate that she didn’t need to be familiar with these people.

Alma Chu nodded, obediently, and then settled.

Zhu Xinghai rolled his eyes and said, “Ms. Lin, we have agreed to go to the Alice high-end restaurant for dinner together with Miss Chu. You happened to be here too. We will go together later.”

Without waiting for Wayne Lin to speak, Alma Chu immediately shook her head and said, “No, we don’t like western food either.”

A female friend said: “Alma, you didn’t say that just now. Besides, Ning Yuning will go to the Alice restaurant to sing tonight. Are you not a fan of Ning Yuning, why not go?”

Alma Chu actually wanted to go, but she didn’t have a good impression of these people now.

Wayne Lin also saw that Alma Chu wanted to go deep in his heart. He smiled and said, “Okay, then go together.”

Zhu Xinghai’s eyes lit up, he immediately blocked the conversation without waiting for Alma Chu to speak, clapped his hands vigorously, and said, “Mr. Lin is refreshing enough, then that’s the decision! We will go to Alice’s restaurant for dinner together. The star Ning Yuning will sing in the past, and Lin is always the chairman of Ziqiong Media, I believe he must know Ning Yuning too?”

He squinted his eyes and said yin and yang weirdly. His tone was clearly watching Wayne Lin’s jokes. He didn’t think Wayne Lin would know Ning Yuning, he was just playing with Lin Zi.

Ming only.

Alma Chu’s face sank at the moment, she was becoming more and more displeased with Zhu Xinghai, and she couldn’t bear the mockery of Wayne Lin.

But Wayne Lin didn’t understand it, and smiled and nodded: “Okay.”

Zhu Xinghai saw that Wayne Lin had really put on it, and said playfully: “Mr. Lin, you really know Ning Yuning? It’s not the Ning Yuning who acted in the sketch, but singing, acting, and variety shows. Ning Yuning, your star.”

Wayne Lin looked at him with a foolish look, and said, “Nonsense, or which Ning Yuning do you think I’m talking about?”

Zhu Xinghai was choked by Wayne Lin’s words and felt very embarrassed. He wanted to refute it, but he couldn’t think of any refutations for a while, but it made him very uncomfortable. Finally, he had to snorted coldly and waited. Just watch Wayne Lin’s jokes later.

Coming out of the clothing store, Alma Chu found a chance to talk, and said worriedly: “Wayne, how did you agree to him? Didn’t you tell that they were all mocking you?”

“Is there? Why didn’t I find out.” Wayne Lin said deliberately in surprise.

Alma Chu was furious. She was just about to explain to Wayne Lin. She immediately saw the smile on Wayne Lin’s face. She couldn’t tell that Wayne Lin was teasing her. She pinched Wayne Lin and cursed in an annoyed manner: “hate.”

Wayne Lin’s eyes were dumbfounded by her charming look and amorous feelings, and she said sincerely: “Alma, you are so beautiful.”

When Alma Chu heard his praise, the smile on her face became even greater. For a moment, she swept across the country and fell in love with her, staring at many people around her in a daze.

Alice Western Restaurant is a high-end restaurant in Hwadrid City. The grade is very high and it is almost not open to ordinary people. If you want to come in to eat, you must be invited by members, and it costs 10,000 yuan to eat.

In order to advertise and increase the brand level, Alice Western Restaurant also specially spent a lot of money and invited the star Ning Yuning to sing.

Wayne Lin had heard of this Alice Western Restaurant. Before, many big figures in the industry invited him to have a meal, but he refused. In fact, he has no interest in Western food.

The group went to the Alice Western Restaurant, and the other two female friends immediately became excited, and immediately took out their mobile phones to take pictures, combined with a text, and sent them to Moments to show off.

For them, being able to come to Alice Western Restaurant for dinner is something to show off.

Wayne Lin took a look and had to admit that this western restaurant is quite high, full of noble and luxurious atmosphere. It is not at the boss level. Most people can’t afford it. Most importantly, In order to build a brand, this western restaurant is qualified to come in and consume through membership invitation.

After Zhu Xinghai came in, he straightened his waist, full of pride and arrogance, and said: “Friends, I know Alice’s boss, you can treat this as your own home, you are welcome, you can eat whatever you want.”

After speaking, he deliberately glanced at Alma Chu, not without showing off.

After listening to the two female friends, their eyes flashed gold, holding hands, and said admiringly: “Wow, President Zhu, you are so amazing, you even know Alice’s boss.”

“That is, President Zhu really belongs to the upper class, and his level is different from ours.”

Another man couldn’t help but flatter, “Mr. Zhu, since you know Boss Alice, I wonder if you can give us a membership?”

When Zhu Xinghai heard them flattering, the smile on his face couldn’t stop, full of pride and arrogance, and confidently said: “No problem, it’s just a small matter for me.”

Then he said to Wayne Lin: “Mr. Lin, how about you, do you want me to give you a membership as well?”

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