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Chapter 281

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Nishang. He stared indifferently and said: “Talk more, do your own duty, and ask less about things that shouldn’t be asked!”

The clown panicked instantly, knelt down and slapped himself twice, hurriedly said: “The clown is guilty, please calm down your anger!”

Nishang waved his hand and said, “Okay, get up. Then you have to do your best to help the young master, continue to hide his identity, don’t let the organizers find out, you know?”

“The clown leads!”

After a pause, remembering something, the clown said again: “Master Neon Clothing, in fact, some time ago, the young master met someone in the organization…”

“What?!” Nishang showed a shocked look for the first time, her eyes widened, and a powerful aura was exuding from her body, which made the clown out of breath, as if a mountain was really pressing on him. The bones were overwhelmed and made a clicking sound.

The clown hurriedly explained: “Don’t worry, Master Nishang, that person has been slapped to death by my palm, and the news of the little master has not spread.”

Nishang immediately put away his momentum, frowned and said: “What is the situation, tell me clearly.”

The clown did not dare to be negligent, so he hurriedly told about Lu Dongbin’s incident. After he finished, he added: “Little Master is not good at martial arts now. Lu Dongbin is not his hands. The future can be expected. The only regret is that Little Master is still more kind. It wasn’t for me to show up in time, so Young Master released Lu Dongbin. The consequences would be disastrous.”

After Nishang listened, there was a strange look in his eyes, and he said with a smile: “I know this guy Lu Dongbin. He has average talent. He can only be regarded as a waste in the organization, but for ordinary people, it is also a great master that is difficult to rely on. Thinking of being defeated by brother Wayne. It seems that I still underestimated the talent of my good brother, so it seems that maybe I can implement the plan ahead of time…”

The last two words of Neishang said very quietly, with an intriguing expression on his face.


A few days passed in a flash. During this period of time, Wayne Lin was not idle. He used his own channel to inquire about Xisui Pill.

For him, Xisui Pill was something he hadn’t heard of before, it was a brand new thing, and he would have to eat it at that time. One accident was to take his own life, and he had to be cautious about such a big event.

After experiencing so many things, Wayne Lin has developed an extremely cautious character. Even if this is what the clown said, he cannot trust the clown 100%. Once the clown lied to him, he could not absolutely guarantee the loyalty of the clown; Come, if the clown himself made a mistake about the effect of Xisui Pill, then he really got into trouble after taking it, it would be even more worthless.

Therefore, he must understand clearly through his own means and control the risk to a minimum!

After he learned about it, it was almost certain that there was Xisui Pill, and it was also effective for his situation.

The venue of this auction is Fengcheng, and the specifications are high. Not everyone can participate. It is only open to some insiders. And this so-called insider is not a business circle, but a unique circle.

Specifically, this auction has a gray nature. It is not just auctioning antiques, calligraphy and paintings, and land plots. It also auctions other unpredictable transactions, such as servants, beauties, rare treasures, and treasures. Clues or something.

To the general public, Xisui Pill is a poison, not a tonic.

If it’s not for the “foundation” and very clean, or someone recommended, you can not participate in this auction.

Wayne Lin is recommended by You Chou Ye, so he is eligible to participate.

The auction will be held in a suburban resort in Fengcheng, covering a large area. VIPs who come to participate need to park their cars in the parking lot a few hundred meters away, and then walk to the auction site.

Along the way, you can see that there are many professional security personnel guarding them. Whoever dares to make trouble here will be severely punished.

Wayne Lin glanced at it and knew that this place was not easy, and at the same time he became more interested in this auction tonight.

“The scale of this auction is not small.”

After Wayne Lin and Chou Ye stopped the car,

They walked to the auction house together and said with a smile.

Chou Ye said: “Tonight’s auction has been held for more than 20 years from the first one to now. It is generally held once a month. The admission requirements are very high. Not eligible for admission.”

“I feel it.” Wayne Lin nodded and said.

Chatting with them, finally walked into the auction house.

The area of ​​this auction site is not very large, it is just a eldest lady in a basketball court, and the decoration style is also retro, and there are not many traces of modern electrical appliances.

When Wayne Lin and Chou Ye arrived, there were already quite a few people in the auction room. To Wayne Lin, they were all relatively new faces.

At first glance, these people are quite ordinary and not very eye-catching, but if you look closely, you can find that these people are not simple, and their aura is deeply hidden.

Just like the middle-aged man in front of Wayne Lin, with a slightly fat body, a lovely smile, and a very kind look, but with a lot of energy in his body, he is also a master.

There is also a young woman on the other side, dressed in a cooler dress, with affectionate eyebrows, and looks very sexy, and ordinary people will think it is a housewife at first glance. But in fact, she is a killer, and a faint murderous aura exudes from her, which cannot be found by anyone below a certain level.

Wayne Lin felt very new and looked around.

At this moment, a voice rang from behind, “Oh, this is not the ugly man, what wind has blown you here, you haven’t been to the auction house for a long time to shop for treasures.”

Wayne Lin turned around and looked at it. She was a mature woman in a purple carved cheongsam with a long slender lady’s cigarette in her hand. Her long hair was coiled, and her skin was white as snow, so good that it could be broken by a bomb, and she grew even more. She is extremely charming, with a smile on her face, giving people a kind of seductiveness that reverses all beings.

Behind her, there were a few people who were very strong women with sharp eyes and huge energy in their bodies. They were all masters with extraordinary skills.

Wayne Lin asked himself that he had seen a lot of beauties, but he was as seductive as the mature woman in front of him.

If you really want to describe it, it is that this mature woman looks like a human, but has a fairy-like temperament, as if she is a fairy cultivator. She smiles, and every move has a unique charm.

Even a person with such a firm will, Wayne Lin, felt uncontrollable in his heart when he saw her.

Her gaze first looked at the ugly master, and then fluttered across Wayne Lin’s body. Seeing Wayne Lin’s shameless appearance, she did not attract her attention at all, thinking that Wayne Lin was a follower of the ugly master.

When the ugly master saw her, some fear flashed in his eyes, and he disappeared immediately, and smiled, and said politely: “It turns out to be Tao Sanniang. I’m lucky enough to meet her.”

Tao Sanniang took a small step forward, and got closer to Ugly Master. The smile on her face became more intense, full of teasing and charm, which made the calm old man such as Ugly Master not help but speed up his heartbeat. He hurriedly ran the infuriating energy, suppressing the fire in his dantian, keeping a faint smile on his face.

Tao Sanniang was smoking a cigarette in a lazy posture, and then fluttered to the Ugly Master with a puff of smoke, and said with a smile: “Ugly Master is a great figure in Huarvell, and also a guest of our Yuntian Pavilion. I don’t know about Ugly Master. What treasure did you fancy this time? Tell Sanniang that Sanniang might be able to walk through the back door for the ugly master.”

She deliberately pronounced the word’back door’ harder, matching the expression on her face, which is imaginative.

The ugly master coughed twice and said, “Actually, I came with our young master this time.”

Tao Sanniang showed some surprise on her face when she heard this, and said: “Ugly Lord, there is a big man like you and a young master? Where is it? Introduce me to my acquaintance!”

She knows what kind of character the Ugly Master is, and he is a great power in Hwadrid, but there is a young master behind him? She had never heard of this before!

The ugly master said with a smile: “Our young master, we are far away in the sky.”

“Where?” Tao Sanniang looked around, looking for the figure of this’young master’. Immediately, she realized something and finally put her gaze on Wayne Lin next to the ugly master, and couldn’t help but say in surprise: “Ugly Lord, wouldn’t you say that the man next to you is your young master?”

Chapter 282

When Tao Sanniang said this, her face was obviously in disbelief.

Indeed, she is also considered a person of the party, asking herself whether her eyesight is not bad, whether it is an ordinary person or a big person, it is difficult to escape her golden eyes. This is the ability that must be tempered in her career.

She looked at Wayne Lin carefully for a while, but she couldn’t see what was special about Wayne Lin, just ordinary people who can be seen everywhere on the street. Who is Chou Ye? She knows very well. The underground emperor of Hwadrid City cannot be underestimated regardless of financial and strength. How can such a big figure be willing to be an ordinary person?

So she thinks that the ugly master is joking with her more.

Wayne Lin smiled faintly. He couldn’t see Tao Sanniang’s thoughts, so he didn’t bother to explain.

It is not to blame Tao Sanniang, he is now so simple and unpretentious, as long as he does not take the initiative to exude a momentum, not a master with a higher realm, he will not be able to see his depth. Like the Tao Sanniang in front of him, his realm is far lower than Wayne Lin’s, and he can’t see his strength naturally, thinking that he is just an ordinary person.

The ugly master nodded and said, “Yes.”

Tao Sanniang smiled and cast a blank look at Ugly Master, and said in a charming manner: “Hey Ugly Master, I haven’t seen you for a while. You have become funny and will make jokes with others. I can understand that you are here. Fool me, in case I get tempted, you have to be responsible to others.”

Tao Sanniang came up deliberately and poked a little on Ugly’s chest, a particularly sultry, lively fairy.

Ugly Lord was not picked up, his face immediately darkened, and he said, “Tao Sanniang, I didn’t joking with you, please apologize to my young master immediately!”

Tao Sanniang was taken aback, but she didn’t expect Ugly Master to be so serious, she seemed to be really angry.

“This…” Wayne Lin spoke when she was stunned, “Okay, you don’t need to be familiar with her. Find a place to sit down and wait for the auction to start.”

Only then did Chou Ye put his serious expression away, nodded respectfully to Wayne Lin, then stopped talking to Tao Sanniang and followed Wayne Lin away.

Now Tao Sanniang is completely stunned. At first, she thought that the ugly master was joking with her, but the respectful attitude of the ugly master to Wayne Lin just now, and the understatement of Wayne Lin when he ordered the ugly master, it was not a pretense at all. What came out… could it be said that this young man who looked at his appearance was really the ugly young master!

Tao Sanniang opened her mouth suddenly and was very surprised. She had known the ugly master for a long time, and had never heard of a young master behind the ugly master! You know, the ugly master is already a big man, how good is the master of the ugly master?

After a few seconds, Tao Sanniang finally recovered, patted her forehead suddenly, ran to catch up with Wayne Lin, and hurriedly apologized: “Oh, master, I’m so sorry, Sanniang has no eyes. Taishan, he didn’t recognize the young master, and asked the young master to have a lot of them. Don’t be familiar with Sanniang!”

Tao Sanniang nodded and bowed, obviously very nervous, and her figure was too good, and she was wearing such a tight cheongsam dress, causing a wave of waves, which was very spectacular.

Wayne Lin coughed twice, his eyes were a little attracted. Since he and Alma Chu ate the forbidden fruit and tried the taste of women, it was harder to resist the temptation of the opposite sex.

He waved his hand and said, “I’m not so stingy. Go ahead, and the clown and I will make plans by ourselves.”

Tao Sanniang saw that Wayne Lin was not angry, this

She breathed a sigh of relief. Although her energy is not low, she is one of the top of Yuntian Pavilion, but for businessmen like them, it is best to offend one less person and make more friends. Besides, she must have a very deep background to receive people like the ugly master from her subordinates, and she doesn’t want to provoke such a big man!

After she relaxed, she began to look at Wayne Lin carefully, and found that Wayne Lin looked very ordinary on the surface, but when she looked closely, she could find that Wayne Lin was very indifferent, exuding self-confidence in her bones, and came to the Yuntian Pavilion auction without any tension. Curious, this is obviously the person who has seen the big scene.

In that case, it is really possible that someone is the young master of the ugly master.

And the reason why she couldn’t see the depth of the other party, there was only one possibility, that is, her cultivation base was not at home, and the realm of the other party was too different, that would happen.

After understanding this, she became even more in awe of Wayne Lin. At the same time, her eyes turned up. Since it is certain that Wayne Lin is a big man, she can completely flatter her.

“I don’t know your young master’s surname?” Tao Sanniang’s eyes rolled and she returned to her coquettish and charming look, her eyes eagerly placed on Wayne Lin’s face, her beautiful eyes were affectionate, and any man who was flirted with her would catch fire in her Dantian.

Wayne Lin’s instinct as a man, facing such a stunner, it is difficult for him to feel calm, and there are still some ripples. Fortunately, his cultivation level was very deep, and in a short breath, he suppressed the heat, and said lightly: “My name is Lin.”

“Oh, it turned out to be Young Master Lin, long admiring the name!” Tao Sanniang smiled charmingly on the surface, and went crazy in her mind, recalling which family surnamed Lin was very powerful, and she soon thought of Hua The Lin family in the city said, “Master Lin, Sanniang, are you from the Lin family in Hwadrid? Hanson Lin belongs to you?”

Wayne Lin said indifferently: “I have nothing to do with the Lin family. You don’t have to guess, I am me and have nothing to do with anyone. I came to Yuntian Pavilion this time just to shop for some treasures.”

When Tao Sanniang heard this, she felt that Wayne Lin was even more mysterious, and she didn’t dare to offend it easily. She nodded and said: “That’s that, Master Lin, you are our honorable guest of Yuntian Pavilion. Sanniang Rong will make arrangements for you. A new seat, how about it?”

Wayne Lin was not hypocritical, nodded and agreed.

Next, Tao Sanniang personally arranged a VIP seat for Wayne Lin and Chou Ye, and arranged a young lady to come up to serve, and the treatment was particularly good.

After Tao Sanniang left, Wayne Lin took a meaningful look at the ugly master, which immediately blanked the ugly master’s brain, and felt fear in his heart and hurriedly lowered his head.

Wayne Lin’s eyes were clearly warning him!

Because he didn’t get Wayne Lin’s approval just now, he arbitrarily said Wayne Lin’s identity and put it on the surface. With Wayne Lin’s low-key personality, he was not happy to see this situation.

Ugly Master sighed with emotion, the young master is indeed the son of the saint, his strength is growing every day, and now he can’t stand the coercion of the young master.

Not long after Wayne Lin and Chou Ye sat down, a group of people walked in from the door of the auction house. Among them, walking in the middle was a tall, burly, and star-shaped young man wearing a customized suit and full body hair. The aura that came out was huge. After he came out, he seemed to have taken away all the luck of the audience, standing out from the crowd. Everyone was a foil in front of him.

And beside him, there was an acquaintance of Wayne Lin, not anyone, but Peter Zhang, the guy who was sent to jail by Wayne Lin because he wanted to have trouble with Alma Chu.

Chapter 283

Peter Zhang used to be Alma Chu’s college classmate. During that time, she madly pursued Alma Chu, because Alma Chu did not agree to him for a long time. Once she became angry, she called Alma Chu to Jeff KTV, and put medicine in Alma Chu’s wine. After being strong against Alma Chu, Wayne Lin arrived in time and took Peter Zhang to Lao Li as Chairman Zi Qiong. Unexpectedly, only half a year later, Peter Zhang actually appeared again.

“Brother Xing, is this the famous Yuntian Pavilion auction? It really is spectacular!” Peter Zhang bent his waist slightly, showing a humble posture, and flattering respectfully.

Half a year ago, he was indeed taken in by Wayne Lin, but because of a blessing in disguise, he recognized the big man in front of him, tried his best to fawn on the big man, and was released after less than half a year.

After he came out, he realized that Gu Hanxing is a real big man with a deep background and outstanding ability. Chairman Zi Qiong is nothing in front of him!

Just like tonight, he followed Gu Hanxing to the Yuntian Pavilion auction. He was so excited to see that there is such a hidden side in this world!

Now he hugs Gu Hanxing’s thigh, and there will be no need to worry about Brilliant Tengda in the future. Moreover, when the time comes, he will still find the trouble of Chairman Zi Qiong, and most importantly, he wants to obtain Alma Chu and conquer Alma Chu! This is already a knot in his heart. If he doesn’t get Alma Chu in this life, he will be incomplete.

Gu Hanxing nodded and said, “What do you see later, as long as it is no more than 30 million, I will take it for you as a gift for helping me.”

When Peter Zhang heard this, his eyes released a strong brilliance, his face flushed with excitement, he rubbed his hands vigorously, and said, “Thank you, Brother Xing!”

Gu Hanxing smiled faintly and didn’t say anything. He went in and sat for a while because of something six months ago. He just met Peter Zhang. After he came out, he took Peter Zhang as a younger brother. If he had any dirty work, he left it to Peter Zhang to do it. .

Gu Hanxing’s status in Yuntian Pavilion is not low. Tao Sanniang just came back from Wayne Lin and saw Gu Hanxing. She immediately put on a charming smile and started to entertain Gu Hanxing, “Oh, this is not Gu Shao, welcome! “

When Peter Zhang saw Tao Sanniang, his eyes immediately showed a fiery look, his eyes flowed around Tao Sanniang, salivating.

Sanniang felt Peter Zhang’s gaze, and some disgust flashed quickly in her eyes. Don’t look at her seductive appearance. In fact, this was just her method, and it didn’t mean that she was really a prodigal person.

Gu Hanxing saw Tao Sanniang, his eyes also flashed some hotness, and he immediately returned to normal. He showed a handsome smile and said: “Sanniang, you will be more beautiful for a while, and your temperament will be more personal.”

Tao Sanniang giggled and said with a charming smile: “Oh, Gu Shaozhen can coax people and make Sanniang listen to the deer ramming around.”

Gu Hanxing smiled, and when he came over, he wanted to hold Tao Sanniang’s waist, and was evaded by Tao Sanniang’s clever posture, “Don’t be so anxious, Gu Shao, how can Sanniang be embarrassed by the crowd. After the auction, can Sanniang chat with Gu Shao well?”


All of a sudden, there was the sound of men swallowing, especially Peter Zhang’s voice was the loudest. His eyes were fixed on Tao Sanniang, and he was not willing to move away!

After so many years, he has experienced many women, but he has never seen someone like Tao Sanniang.

He is not the only person who has such a thought. In fact, the men around are staring at Tao Sanniang with fiery eyes, and their hearts are constantly drooling.

As for those women, they are constantly scolding Tao Sanniang vixen, shameless, and seduce men like this under the big court. They must have been changed by foxes in the previous life!

Gu Hanxing also had a dry throat, and it was difficult to look away from Tao Sanniang. He was a frequent visitor to the Yuntian Pavilion. He had known Tao Sanniang for a while, and understood that Tao Sanniang was not so easy to learn. Don’t look at what Tao Sanniang said right now, and she was very open. When Tao Sanniang really wanted to be true, she immediately ran away, which made people very annoyed but helpless.

So he simply stopped arguing with Tao Sanniang, when the uncomfortable time was his own, he took his gaze from Tao Sanniang with difficulty, and then said: “Then please Sanniang arrange a seat for us.”

“That’s necessary, Sanniang will definitely entertain Gu Shao.” Tao Sanniang said with a smile.

After Tao Sanniang left after arranging a private seat, Peter Zhang kept his eyes on Tao Sanniang’s back. The twist and twist made his body keep on fire.

Gu Hanxing said next to him, “Do you want her?”

“Yes!” Peter Zhang nodded reflexively, and said excitedly: “Brother Xing, do you have a way?”

Gu Hanxing showed a disdainful expression, and said, “They are the top of Yuntian Pavilion, what do you think?”

Peter Zhang suddenly felt lost, as if he had lost something precious, very uncomfortable. Obviously a stunner woman is in front of her, but she can’t eat it, and she doesn’t even have the qualifications to touch it. Is there anything more uncomfortable in the world than this.

Gu Hanxing also secretly swears in his heart that when his strength reaches another level, he must find a chance to take Tao Sanniang down! Otherwise it would be a man in vain.

At this moment, Peter Zhang saw Wayne Lin not far away, who was being massaged by two young girls. He was stunned, thinking that he had an illusion. He rubbed his eyes vigorously, and then opened his eyes. At that time, he found that he had not read it wrong, it was really Wayne Lin!

This shocked him so much. He couldn’t figure out why Wayne Lin was here. Isn’t Wayne Lin the son-in-law of the Chu family? A waste that can’t even find a job, and this is the Yuntian Pavilion auction site. The conditions for entering the market are extremely harsh. If there is no internal recommendation, a big boss with a worth of over 100 million may not be able to enter!

But is Wayne Lin here now? He really couldn’t figure it out, and he squeezed his thigh, which was very painful and made an ouch.

Gu Hanxing on the side looked at him weirdly, “Peter Zhang, what are you doing well, are you okay?”

When Peter Zhang heard Gu Hanxing’s words, he recovered and suddenly said, “Brother Xing, do you remember that I told you that I have an enemy?”

“Remember, what happened?”

Peter Zhang suddenly pointed at Wayne Lin not far away, gritted his teeth, his eyes were as big as a light bulb, flashing with excitement and anger, and gritted his teeth and said, “He’s there!”

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