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Chapter 413

However, Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention to him at all, and drank tea on his own.

Wayne Lin’s ignoring gesture deeply irritated him, and his face became gloomy.

“I’m talking to you, are you deaf?” Lu Fan said coldly, his tone of anger revealed.

Wayne Lin slowly put the teacup down, leaned on the sofa, looked at him, and said, “I will not leave her.”

Lu Fan sneered, “So, you don’t give me Lu Fan face anymore? Lin, I advise you not to mistake yourself! My uncle is Origin City Lord Lu Yingjie!”

When he said this, he straightened his waist, his face full of arrogance, in the eyes of the other Taoists, he was extraordinary.

However, for Wayne Lin, it was just a clown, no different from the ants crawling on the ground. Just kidding, he is a terrifying existence that even Brian Gu and Wu Meizi can beat to death by a small character like Lu Fan.

“So?” Wayne Lin said leisurely.

Lu Fan felt Wayne Lin’s contempt for him, and was extremely annoyed. As the nephew of the city lord Lu Yingjie, he was always in awe wherever he went. Whoever saw him was not always respectful. As a result, this guy in front of him, It is unforgivable to dare to despise him!

“You are looking for death, do you know?” Lu Fan said these words almost gritted his teeth.

“Master Lu, what do you do with so much rubbish nonsense, just be honest with you!”

“Yeah, Lord Lu, with your identity and this kind of rubbish nonsense, didn’t you tarnish your identity! Let us brothers take action, beat him up, and throw it out!”

Three young Taoists geared their hands around Wayne Lin, staring at him, trying to make Wayne Lin rough.

As the Tao family, they have now become Lu Fan’s lackeys.

Wayne Lin’s expression is a bit weird. These guys are not even ordinary warriors. They are just ordinary people, and they are ordinary people with relatively weak physique. At first glance, they know that they are the master of Ye Ye Sheng Ge. They have long been hollowed out by the wine. Body, such rubbish, let alone three, even if it were three hundred, it didn’t threaten him at all.

“I advise you not to act rashly.” Wayne Lin frowned and said.

When they saw Wayne Lin saying this, they thought Wayne Lin was scared, and they all started to laugh inwardly, “Why, now they know that they are scared?”

“Unfortunately, I thought how hard his bones were. Now we are afraid before we start, haha.”

“It’s okay if we don’t want to do anything. Kneel down and apologize to Lu Gongzi. We can look at Lu Gongzi’s face and let you go for the time being.”

The other Tao family members also looked at Wayne Lin jokingly. In their eyes, Wayne Lin had become a rubbish.

Wayne Lin: “…”

He felt very speechless. Tao Sanniang had a high IQ and was well-educated. Why are all of her family members so brain-disabled?

But he is also embarrassed now, anyway, these are Tao Sanniang’s family members, is it really impossible for him to deal with ordinary people? In his capacity as an extraordinary master, it is really unsightly to deal with ordinary people.

But if you don’t make a move, letting these people offend him is not his character.

Just when he was embarrassed, Tao Sanniang came out, accompanied by her impatient voice, “Mom, you don’t need to say, anyway, what I promised you has already been done. Now I have found a boyfriend. Next You don’t care about me!”

Tao Sanniang came out of the room and saw Wayne Lin surrounded by a group of people. Several of the young men were still flexing their hands. She was about to be violent towards Wayne Lin. She immediately speeded up and said angrily, “Hey, What are you doing!”

The three young Taoists saw Tao San

Mother came out with an expression of unwillingness on her face. Unfortunately, before they had time to teach Wayne Lin, Sister Yu Rong came out!

“You didn’t do it?”

After Tao Sanniang came over, she asked Wayne Lin worriedly.

Wayne Lin shook her head and said no. Tao Sanniang breathed a sigh of relief. She knew Wayne Lin’s horror. Once Wayne Lin started, the more than 20 people in this house, tied together, were not enough for Wayne Lin to punch.

However, they didn’t know the truth yet, and pointed to Wayne Lin and said, “If you are lucky, Sister Yu Rong has come out, otherwise you will feel better!”

Wayne Lin was still helpless about this.

Tao Sanniang glared at the few people fiercely, and cursed: “You are impatient, right? Fortunately, you didn’t do it, otherwise the gods won’t be able to save you!”

“Cut, ghost letter.”

“Sister Yu Rong just brags.”

“Just this Lin, I can hit ten with one hand.”

The young Taoists all expressed their disdain and sneered.

But Tao Sanniang was very angry, and at the same time she felt even more guilty of Wayne Lin. She didn’t expect to encounter such a thing when she came back this time. With Wayne Lin’s current status and strength, she came here to feel angry. I am wronged by Wayne Lin!

Tao Sanniang held Wayne Lin’s hand, apologizing, and said softly: “I’m sorry Wayne, I’ve made you wronged.”

Wayne Lin smiled and said, “If I have been wronged, you just need to handle your affairs.”

“Hmm!” Tao Sanniang showed a happy smile and nodded vigorously.

Lu Fan, who was on the side, saw that they were so affectionate and didn’t put him in his eyes at all. His face was crooked with anger and gritted his teeth.

Peng Yulu walked over and said: “Yu Rong, Mom doesn’t make it difficult for you. Tell me about this person next to you, what does he do, and how much money he can make in a year? Don’t blame mom for the reality, your dad left early. It was Mom who worked so hard to bring you to this age, and it’s time for Mom to retire and enjoy the blessing!”

Tao Sanniang said, “Mom, don’t worry about that. Wayne is the chairman of the three major companies in Hwadrid, with a net worth of over 10 billion yuan. There is absolutely no problem in supporting our family.”

Everyone was stunned for a moment. They didn’t expect Tao Sanniang to say something like this. The chairman of the three big companies has a net worth of over tens of billions. What kind of concept is this!

Lu Fan immediately sneered with disdain, “Haha, Yu Rong, I said you have to find someone reliable if you are joking! Just like him, is the chairman of three big companies? Are you worth more than ten billion? When are we all fools?”

After Lu Fan said this, everyone else came to realize that, yes, Wayne Lin is so ordinary, at first glance it is a hanging silk, without the slightest extravagance, compared with Lu Fan, how can such a person be worthy The big boss of tens of billions!

Peng Yulu’s face sank, and she said, “Tao Yurong, mom is serious about you, don’t laugh at me! Come on, what does he do, let me tell you, mom’s requirements are not low, if one year Mom doesn’t look down on those who make less than ten million!”

Tao Sanniang said, “Mom, what did I lie to you for? Wayne Lin is really the big boss. If you don’t believe me, you should call and ask friends in Huarvell. The main name is Wayne Lin, you must all know.”

Seeing Tao Sanniang so sure, Peng Yulu was a little shaken, is it possible that this guy who looks so ugly is really a big boss?

Just when she was about to make a call, Wayne Lin frowned suddenly, looked at the door, and said to Tao Sanniang, “Someone is here, does your Tao family have enemies?”

Tao Sanniang was stunned and said: “No…”

However, as soon as her voice fell, she heard a loud bang, the door was violently kicked open, and a group of people walked in from the outside.

Chapter 414

The movement was so loud that everyone in the room was shocked, especially Lu Fan, who was drinking tea leisurely, was so scared that he swallowed a mouthful of hot tea and screamed hot.

When Peng Yulu saw this group of people coming in, she immediately became annoyed, slammed the table, and cursed loudly: “Hey! Who are you that kicked my door badly and want to die!”

There are about ten people in this group, all men in suits. The man in the middle looks at his thirties, a brand-name suit and sunglasses on his face, and he knows that he is not a good person. It’s a big shot.

As for the group of suits behind him, they are also very prestigious.

After they entered, the aura immediately covered the entire house, and the originally angry Tao family members were immediately suppressed.

Especially for a middle-aged man. He turned pale when he saw this group of people coming in. He hurriedly hid behind the others, afraid to run out, for fear of being discovered.

“I’m here to find Tao Ziqiang, let him get out of me.”

The man in the suit and sunglasses said in a very flat tone, with a faint smile on his face, as if he was chatting with an old friend.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, and then turned their eyes to Tao Ziqiang who was hiding behind him!

Tao Ziqiang was discovered in an instant, his face was extremely pale, his face was full of fear, and his feet were even swinging.

At this time, he had to bite the bullet and walked out and said: “Ding, Ding, are you here?”

The man in the suit and sunglasses looked at Tao Ziqiang, took off the sunglasses, and said with a smile, “Tao Ziqiang, you are not so courageous, you dare to hang up my phone, do you think you are hiding here, I just Can’t find you?”

The man in the suit and sunglasses was smiling on his face, but he was very gloomy, and there was no smile in his eyes, which made people look creepy. In an instant, Tao Ziqiang’s face became paler, his legs swaying wildly.

“Ding Dingding, Ding Ding, I didn’t mean to avoid you, I really have no money, please can you…”

Before Tao Ziqiang finished speaking, he was punched in the face by the man in a suit and sunglasses. With great strength, he directly knocked Tao Ziqiang into the air and fell to the ground screaming.

The other Tao family members were taken aback, and soon they reacted. Some men immediately stood up, pointed at the man in suit and sunglasses, and said, “Hey! You are so brave, you dare to break into our Tao’s house and beat others. , I think you are tired of living!!!”

“What are you doing so much nonsense with them, just f*ck the guy, kick them out, and call the police!”

“Yes, report to the police. They are going into the room and beating people. It is a criminal case and must be sentenced to jail!”

The other Tao family members started to call the police.

But the man in the suit and sunglasses was not afraid. Instead, he sneered even more and said to Tao Ziqiang, “Tao Ziqiang, I think you are impatient with your life, and you want to call the police? Okay, then you call the police and give it a try!”

Tao Ziqiang seemed to know that the other party had a great background. After hearing this, his face became paler with fright. He quickly said, “Don’t call the police! Call the police and it will be over! Our Tao family will be over!”

Those Tao people who originally wanted to call the police realized that something was wrong when Tao Ziqiang was so panicked. The other party might really be a big man!

Tao Ziqiang was originally a big boss. At his peak, he could make three or four million yuan a year. He was quite prestigious in the Tao family. They had never seen Tao Ziqiang so scared.

Look like.

So those people dare not call the police anymore.

Peng Yulu stood up and frowned and said, “Self-improvement, what is your situation? Who are the other people asking? Why did you find our home?”

Tao Ziqiang swallowed. Now he was panicked and said, “Sister-in-law, it’s complicated to say, Ding is always a big man. I owe him a sum of money and I have to pay it back.”

Peng Yulu asked: “Then how much do you owe him?”

Tao Ziqiang put up a finger, trembling, and trembling slightly, Peng Yulu immediately said in surprise: “Ten million?! Self-improvement, you are not a good company, how can you borrow so much money!”

At this time, the man in a suit and sunglasses came out and said, “Ten million? Humph! If it’s only ten million, would I f*cking chase him like that? He owes me 100 million!”

One billion!

When this number was spoken, the Tao family gasped in an instant, and Tao Ziqiang’s face was full of depression and pain, one hundred million, for him, it was an astronomical figure, and he would not be clear in his life. !

Even Lu Fan was taken aback.

Don’t think he is the nephew of the city lord Lu Yingjie, but he is also a second-generation ancestor. He doesn’t have much abilities. A hundred million pairs are also a big number, and he can’t get it out.

Peng Yulu poked Tao Ziqiang’s forehead and said: “Zhiqiang! How can you owe so much money, 100 million, how can you pay it back!”

Tao Ziqiang said bitterly: “I really owe him only 30 million. Of this one billion li, 70 million is in interest, and I have already paid back more than 10 million.”

When the other Tao family members heard this, they opened their mouths in surprise.

Even Tao Sanniang frowned, this interest is too high, the principal amount of 30 million has rolled to more than one billion?

The man in suit and sunglasses snorted and said, “Tao Ziqiang, today is the last day. If you still don’t have to pay, then you go to death, I will chop you into pieces and throw them into my fish tank to feed the fish!”

When Tao Ziqiang heard this, he was frightened and weakened.

At this moment, his gaze saw Lu Fan on the side with hope in his eyes. He rushed over, took Lu Fan’s hand, and said excitedly: “Master Lu! You are the nephew of Lord City Lord, help me. Right! They are illegal loan sharks. Now they threaten me. You have seen it. Help me, okay?”

Lu Fan was pulled by Tao Ziqiang, and he frowned. He didn’t expect to encounter such a thing again.

However, he saw the admiration of other Tao family members, and his heart was moved, especially Tao Sanniang’s eyes were placed on him, which made him float.

Tao Ziqiang was about to kneel down for him, and the other Tao family members also asked him for help, saying all kinds of flattering words, and flattered him particularly comfortably.

Peng Yulu also came over and said, “Master Lu, you are the nephew of Lord City Lord, with a distinguished status. If you can help us, I think Yu Rong will admire you too!”

“Ahem!” Lu Fan was said so, his tail was about to rise, and he said proudly: “Well, since Aunt Peng said this, I would naturally not stand by.”

Then, he walked out and deliberately glanced at Wayne Lin, full of contempt, and then said to the man in suit and sunglasses, “Hey, Ding always, give me a face, forget it today.”

The man in a suit and sunglasses looked at him as if looking at him and said: “Who are you, want me to give you face?”

Chapter 415

The man in the suit and sunglasses didn’t give Lu Fan any face, making Lu Fan very faceless in an instant. The corners of his mouth twitched twice, especially when Tao Sanniang was here, his face was even more unbearable, and he said with a cold face. : “Hey, show me respect when you speak!”

Then he straightened his waist, coughed twice, and said proudly: “My name is Lu Fan, the vice president of Chenxi Group!”

However, the man in the suit and sunglasses sneered disdainfully, “I haven’t heard of any shit Chenxi Group. Hurry up and roll aside for Laozi, or I will throw you to feed the fish!”

The man in a suit and sunglasses had a tough attitude, and he cursed at Lu Fan’s nose.

Now Lu Fan’s expression became even more unbearable. The other Taoists in the room looked at him with suspicion, especially Tao Sanniang’s sneered expression, which made him even more uncomfortable. He immediately increased his voice and said in annoyance: “You are so courageous, even I dare to threaten? It seems that you are living impatiently!”

The man in the suit and sunglasses was a little bit embarrassed when he saw Lu Fan’s so confident. Could it be that Lu Fan is really a big man he can’t provoke?

So he asked in a deep voice: “Dare to ask you who?”

Seeing that the man in suit and sunglasses eased, Lu Fan regained his pride, “Listen well, my uncle is the lord of Yuancheng City, Lu Yingjie! I said you are very brave, dare to be on the ground in Yuancheng City. Loan usury, the principal of 30 million, dare to roll to 100 million? Still dare to threaten Tao Ziqiang’s life safety in front of me? I don’t know if I tell my uncle, the city lord, what will happen to you! “

When Lu Fan said these words, he was full of official accents and full of domineering, which excited all the Tao family members present. Tao Ziqiang flushed with joy and wept with joy, thinking that he was saved.

Feeling the Tao family’s admiration and gratitude to him, the smile on Lu Fan’s face became even more intense. At this moment, he felt that he was the savior.

However, Wayne Lin could see that the other party didn’t put Lu Fan’s identity at all. His face was just a little surprised, without any fear.

“Lord Lu Yingjie is your uncle?” The man in suit and sunglasses asked with a smile.

Lu Fan was trembling now, as if he had seen the scene of the other person being scared and asking for mercy, so he didn’t see the other person’s expression, it was not afraid at all.

“Yes! Why, I’m afraid now?” Lu Fan sneered and said, “Unfortunately, it’s late, you guys are breaking the law, enough to catch you guys!”

Tao Ziqiang was even more excited when he heard it. He quickly said to Lu Fan, “Fortunately, Master Lu, you are here. You are my savior. Yu Rong is really a blessing for her to marry you for ten years. !”

The other Tao family members also flattered, “Yeah, yeah, Lu Gongzi is really amazing, and their identity scares them stupidly.”

“I think, you should tell Lord City Lord to bring them to justice and take them to jail!”

Peng Yulu also stood up and said, “Master Lu, this time our Tao family really thank you so much. Let’s stay overnight tonight. I will let Yu Rong make your bedding.”

When Lu Fan heard this, his eyes lighted up. As an adult, he didn’t even know what Peng Yulu meant. It was to let him and Tao Sanniang cook mature rice.

He couldn’t help looking at Tao Sanniang, and seeing Tao Sanniang’s hot body, his heart was hot and he swallowed constantly.

At this moment, the man in the suit and sunglasses burst into laughter. Not only him, but other men in the suit also laughed. Looking at Lu Fan, he seemed to be watching a joke.

Lu Fan was upset in an instant, he cursed: “Hey, the surname is Ding! You still dare to laugh, do you really think I dare not tell the city lord!”

The man in the suit and sunglasses stepped forward, staring at Lu Fan, and said disdainfully: “What big person I said, it turned out to be Lu Yingjie’s wasteful nephew, cut it!”

He called the city lord a trash, his gestures were full of disdain and contempt, and he didn’t put Lu Yingjie in his eyes at all, making Lu Fan stunned in an instant.

As long as the other Tao family members had their eyes wide open, they couldn’t react for a while. In their opinion, City Lord Lu Yingjie was the most powerful person in Source City. Now this President Ding dare to insult the City Lord in public?

Even Tao Sanniang was surprised. As a native of Yuancheng, she naturally knew what the city lord represented.

“You, you…” Lu Fan was furious, pointing at the nose of the man in suit and sunglasses, and yelled, “You dare to insult Lord Santos in public, you are looking for death! I’m going to call Santo and ask him to rule. Your sin!”

With that, he was about to take out his cell phone and call the city lord.

The man in the suit and sunglasses did not stop him, and he looked at Lu Fan coldly, just watching a clown.

After a while, Lu Fan got through and he turned on the speaker on purpose, “Hey, Uncle City Lord, are you free to chat now? I have one thing to tell you.”

There was a slightly tired voice on the phone, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s like this…” Lu Fan said what was happening just now, and finally said: “Uncle, the surname Ding is too arrogant. I just call you rubbish! I said it was your nephew. I was taught a lesson by him, so I can’t tell you anything!”

When Lu Yingjie heard it, he became furious, slammed the table and cursed: “It is unreasonable, there are such arrogant beasts, where are you, I will send someone over now!”

After hearing this, Lu Fan was overjoyed and hurriedly reported his position to Lu Yingjie. The other Tao family members were also overjoyed.

However, at this moment, the man in suit and sunglasses said to Lu Fan’s phone, “Lu Yingjie, are you brave enough to call me a brute? Very good, I remember!”

The man in the suit and sunglasses was full of coldness and anger. Lu Yingjie was obviously silent for a while, and then he said anxiously: “Ms. Ding, is it you?”

“Otherwise, who do you think it is?” The man in suit and sunglasses continued coldly: “I will report today’s matter to the boss. I don’t know if you can be so beautiful then!”

Suddenly, Lu Yingjie became visibly panicked after hearing this, and said quickly: “Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, this is a misunderstanding! Mr. Ding, I don’t know that Lu Fan, the bastard provoke you, is you! Lu Fan! Ah, even Mr. Ding dared to offend him, you f*cking kneel down and apologize to Mr. Ding right now, or you just wait to die!!!

When Lu Fan heard the roar on the phone, he was completely stupid. With his mouth wide open, he could swallow an egg and looked at the man in suit and sunglasses on the opposite side like a ghost.

He grew up and he had never seen Lu Yingjie look so anxious and fearful. In that case, this surnamed Ding is really a big man, and he is far from offending!

For an instant, his heart was ashamed, his face lost his blood, his legs were trembling and he was shaking.

As for the other Tao family members, they are no better than him, and they are even more afraid.

Oh my god, even the lord of the city must be afraid of people, how big is the backing of the other party?

At this moment all of them were extremely scared.

The man in a suit and sunglasses walked over, pinched Lu Fan’s face, and said jokingly: “City Lord Nephew, right? You were arrogant just now, and you want to take me to jail? Now you are acting!”

Lu Fan’s face was pinched and deformed, and his whole body was trembling in pain, but he did not dare to resist, because he was completely frightened.

“President Ding, yes, sorry…” Lu Fan cried and begged for mercy.

The man in the suit and sunglasses kicked him and kicked directly into Lu Fan’s crotch. With great force, he kicked him upside down. Everyone vaguely heard the sound of broken eggs, and Lu Fan let out a scream.

“Grass and mud horse, a rubbish, dare not pretend to be in front of Lao Tzu? I don’t know how to write death words!” The man in suit and sunglasses looked fierce and looked fierce. Many Taoists were so scared to cry, especially Tao Ziqiang, even more. Needless to say, he was already limp on the ground.

Tao Sanniang is also very frightened. Anyway, these are her family members. If something really happens, she can’t bear it.

The man in the suit and sunglasses swept across everyone, and said in a cold voice: “Who else has a bigger background and wants to protect Tao Ziqiang? Stand up for me! Isn’t it all? Good, Tao Ziqiang, I will ask you now, today Can you pay me a hundred million, no, you just die.”

Tao Ziqiang was so frightened that he was fighting with his teeth. He knelt in front of the man in suit and sunglasses, begging for mercy: “President Ding, I was wrong, I was wrong, I really can’t get one hundred million now. I can’t forgive for a few more months, I don’t want to die, I really don’t want to die, oooooo…”

The other Tao family members felt particularly uncomfortable when they saw Tao Ziqiang’s collapse, and they became even more panicked.

The man in a suit and sunglasses smiled coldly, “Don’t want to die? Now your life is not your turn. Your dog’s life is mine! Come on, drag this guy away for me.”

“Yes! President Ding.”

Two men in suits came out and wanted to drag Tao Ziqiang away. However, at this moment, a tall figure came out and said lightly, “Ms. Ding, have you passed?”

Everyone looked over, and it was Wayne Lin, looking lazily.

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