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Chapter 539

run! run! run!

Run with all your strength!

No one can feel the shock and panic of the Fool at this moment!

For this assassination mission, he prepared for a long time and guaranteed to be foolproof. Even if a 3s-level supernatural player takes the shot, he can guarantee to complete the mission and capture Man Lisa alive. But what I never expected was that the person who came this time was a 4s-level peerless powerhouse!

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, the fool is unwilling, why does such a thing happen, it is a trivial thing that he can’t complete the task, but he must not lose his life here, it is rare for him to cultivate to the state of 3s. .

At this moment, he regrets it in his heart, but more of it is still horrified and puzzled. Xuanyuan Third Place is just a down-and-out institution in China. In the great war a few years ago, many supernaturalists had already fallen. How could it suddenly happen now? It’s not scientific at all to emerge a 4s-level superpower. What’s more, the most terrifying thing is that this is a 4s-level super ability person, who looks so young!

At this moment, he exploded with an unprecedented desire to survive, and after only a while, he had already run far.

He will not be an opponent with a 4s-level ability, but in terms of running speed, the opponent may not be able to catch up with him.

Sure enough, after a while, he couldn’t perceive Wayne Lin’s breath, and he was overjoyed, thinking that he had already shaken off Wayne Lin!

However, not long after he was happy, he suddenly heard a playful voice in his ear, “Are you at this speed? It’s too slow.”


Hearing this voice, the Fool suddenly got goose bumps all over his body. He was panicked and shouted, “This is impossible…”

He knew that he couldn’t escape, because Wayne Lin had already chased him behind him, a distance he could reach as soon as he reached out his hand.

At the moment of his death, he made the fastest reaction, rushing forward, making a donkey rolling motion, avoiding the deadly palm of Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin yelled, but it was a bit surprising. The Fool could still escape his palm, but that was all. Wayne Lin’s second shot was already the Fool’s death.

Just as the Fool was about to stand up, he looked up and found that Wayne Lin had arrived in front of him. From his perspective, Wayne Lin was infinitely big, like a god of war.

Wayne Lin’s eyes were cold, without the slightest emotion, and then kicked towards the Fool. His speed was not very fast. The Fool could clearly see the traces of this foot. According to his ability, he could completely avoid this foot. However, his thinking has stagnated, and his reaction has been many times slower. He can only watch Wayne Lin kick him!

He knew that it was not because his movements were slow, but Wayne Lin’s mental power was too strong, which directly caused a huge impact in his spiritual world, causing his thinking to be sluggish, and his reaction also dropped a lot.

He had never heard of this method. In terror and fear, he suffered from Wayne Lin’s kick, and his strength was fierce and surging. He directly kicked his waist and flew out hundreds of meters before falling. When he came down, he no longer had the ability to fight.

He got up with difficulty, frightened, shivering, and only felt that his whole body was falling apart. He was also a 3s-level supernatural ability, and he was actually abolished by this Chinese man with one kick. How terrifying is the opponent’s strength!

Feeling Wayne Lin’s killing intent on him, his unprecedented fear, he shouted hysterically, “Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me please! I am willing to be your running dog, never…”

He hadn’t finished speaking, the look in his pupils suddenly faded, all vitality disappeared at this moment, the tall body also lost the strength of support, and collapsed weakly.

A dignified 3s-level supernatural player, well-known in the international assassin community, and a fool who has made countless people heard about it, died, died under the foot of a Chinese, if it spread out, I don’t know how many people will be frightened.

Wayne Lin smiled contemptuously at the Fool’s corpse, then lifted up with one hand and walked in the direction of Manlisha.


Time went back to one minute ago, as Wayne Lin killed Satan and the red-haired witch in an extremely quick and rude manner, and chased the Fool, the remaining dozen A-level killers lost their mainstay for a while, and they were stunned. At the same place, at a loss.

Man Lisa was also dumbfounded, she had never thought that things would develop in this direction.

The remaining assassins, when they reacted, did not dare to act rashly. Look at me, I look at you, the atmosphere seemed very strange for a while.

Now all the bodyguards are gone, only Man Lisa is there, a naked lamb, without the slightest ability to resist, as long as they want, they can capture Man Lisa at will.

But they didn’t dare to be as powerful as a fool, and they could only run in front of the Chinese agent, so they didn’t need to mention it.

So they don’t know what to do.

They exchanged glances with each other, discussed their opinions, whether to escape or choose to take the risk.

The result is that some people want to escape, and some people want to take the risk, capture Man Lisa alive, and make a lot of money.

Man Lisa was extremely anxious and suffering. These assassins surrounded her, staring at her, like a knife hanging over her head, falling down at any time, making her extremely uncomfortable!

She has never been so helpless, pinning all her hopes on a Chinese who she once looked down upon.

It was in such a delay that Wayne Lin came back…

When they saw Wayne Lin returning with the corpse of the fool, the devil-like horror made all of them numb their scalp and their legs.

“Very well, you are all here, it saves me a lot of effort.”

Wayne Lin put down the bodies of the fools and grinned at them. Under the fear of all of them, he entered the flock of sheep and launched a cruel hunt.

One by one they used their strength to escape, but in front of Wayne Lin, an invincible powerhouse, their lives were no longer in their custody.

In less than ten seconds, Wayne Lin smashed all these dozen assassins to death.

And he didn’t even sweat, he looked more relaxed than eating and drinking.

Except for Wayne Lin, only Man Lisa and Horton were left on the scene. They were completely stunned. They couldn’t use words to describe their shock and subversion at this moment!

“444, 4s super power, my goodness…” Horton was trembling, and was glared at by Wayne Lin’s eyes, and he was so scared that he fainted.

As for the remaining Man Lisa, she is also setting off a huge wave in her mind now! Even in her eyes, Wayne Lin was no longer alone, but an omnipotent god.

Wayne Lin came over and glanced at her lightly. There was nothing else but a lightly said, “You are safe.”

Man Lisa looked at him, her heartbeat speeding up inexplicably, and she became nervous and nervous.

“Thank you.” Man Lisa said in crappy Mandarin, making a gesture of gratitude to Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention to her, but walked to the bodies of Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang, squatted down, and closed their eyes.

“Comrade Xie Heng, Comrade Yu Gaolang, I have completed the task and did not shame Xuanyuan in three places. You can go with peace of mind.” Wayne Lin saluted them again, and then started calling Sun Liang to check the situation. Report past.

At this moment Manlisha walked over cautiously and asked with anxiety and expectation, “Hello, distinguished agent of China, may I know your name?”

Chapter 540

Wayne Lin looked at her lightly.

Man Lisa’s heartbeat speeded up a lot inexplicably. It’s strange to say that she has known Wayne Lin for a week and can meet every day. Before that, she didn’t put Wayne Lin in her heart at all, or even dismissed Wayne Lin. It was just an ordinary agent, too different from her, like the difference between a princess and a commoner.

But now, she has no such contempt at all. On the contrary, she has gone the other way. She is now very nervous and nervous in front of Wayne Lin, her original arrogance and dignity disappeared completely.

In fact, Wayne Lin’s performance just now subverted her cognition too much. It turns out that Wayne Lin is not an ordinary agent, but a super power of 4s! Although she is just an ordinary person without the power to bind a chicken, she also knows what a 4s superpower represents, that is the group of people on the human pyramid, has exceeded the bondage of wealth, in other words , A powerhouse of this level, even her father, would try his best to win in, and dare not make a mistake in front of him.

The reason why she believed in Horton so much was because her father was very polite in front of Horton. He invited Horton to be her bodyguard and to protect her comprehensively.

And Holden is just a 2s-level superpower, but the Chinese agent in front of him is a 4s-level super powerhouse who can kill Holden in seconds. Needless to say, that kind of status and influence.

Man Lisa has never seen such a powerful man, especially Wayne Lin just showed that he controls the audience, watching all sentient beings, a single idea can determine everyone’s domineering, deeply imprinted in her heart, and wiped it out for a lifetime. Can’t drop.

As a beautiful girl from the sky with a golden key, Man Lisa has never seen a good man, but she has never seen it, like Wayne Lin’s type, powerful enough to subvert her cognition, comparable to science fiction The superhero in the film!

The environment in which she grew up has created her character that worships the strong, and now Wayne Lin is a super strong enough to make her crazily worship.

Wayne Lin’s eyes were blazing, she couldn’t see her thoughts, the corners of her mouth raised slightly, showing a disdainful smile, did not answer her words, but glanced at the corpses over and over, many of them were her bodyguards, “Regret it?”

Man Lisa was taken aback. She was a woman with a very high IQ. She quickly understood what Wayne Lin meant. Her eyes darkened, and she glanced at the bodyguards on the ground, “I blame me, I didn’t listen to you.”

Wayne Lin had a big fire when he heard this, he could not care about the death of these white bodyguards, but he could not ignore the sacrifices of Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang! If it weren’t for Manlisha’s stubbornness, the two of them would not have to sacrifice at all! They are only in their early thirties, and there is still a great life they have not enjoyed. Their families will also fall into long-term pain because of their sacrifices!

Man Lisa felt Wayne Lin’s anger, and her heart became even more flustered. She took two steps back from the fright, and her heart thumped, “I don’t want to be like this either!”

Wayne Lin took a deep breath and gave up the urge to beat her, then turned around and stopped looking at her. Now he just waited for Xuanyuan three places to send someone over to deal with the endgame.

Man Lisa is particularly scared now, Wayne Lin brought her

The majesty of coming is too great, even surpassing her father.

She raised her head and found that Wayne Lin had not taught her. She breathed a sigh of relief, gritted her teeth, walked over, and said weakly, “I was wrong. I was too self-willed to listen to your warning… I won’t be like this next time, can you not be angry?”

“Don’t be angry?” Wayne Lin’s anger was finally suppressed. She was provoked by her words, turned her head suddenly, and smirked, “Man Lisa! I told you yesterday that a killer was staring at you. No, you can’t come to the scenic spot to play, to create a chance for the killer! As a result, you, instead of listening to me, deliberately left me and brought you so-called powerful bodyguards to play!”

“I…” Man Lisa lowered her head in fright by Wayne Lin’s angry look, very frightened.

Wayne Lin was furious, and continued to roar: “What am I, I said you wrong? You relied on your own money in your family, thinking that the whole world would revolve around you, and the killer wouldn’t dare to move you? Do you know, if It’s not because my motherland sent me to protect you. I don’t care about your life or death! Now, two of my comrades-in-arms are dead, they are only in their thirties, and they still have a great life, great excitement and no enjoyment, just because of you Your self-righteousness, your self-righteousness, your arrogance! Manlisha, why should they pay for your willfulness and arrogance?!”

Man Lisa was stunned by his yelling, and then her anger came, and she glared at Wayne Lin and talked back, “What are you doing so loudly at me! I didn’t mean it, who knew the killer would be here? Ambush, Captain Horton promised me that it will be safe. I didn’t mean to kill them. Besides, they are not my bodyguards, and I have not paid them any rewards, but they are willing to protect themselves. Mine, they are dead now, what is my business…”

Wayne Lin’s face suddenly became gloomy when he heard what she said, “What did you say?!”

Man Lisa was frightened by his appearance, but still said unconvincingly: “I am not wrong, they are willing to protect me. You can’t change things when you yell at me!”

Wayne Lin closed his eyes, clenched his fists, and made a clicking sound. If it wasn’t for Man Lisa’s special identity, Wayne Lin really wanted to teach Man Lisa a lesson.

After a while, Wayne Lin let out a long sigh and returned to his expressionless look, as if the person who was furious just now was not him, and the indifference in his eyes made Man Lisa feel scared.

“Sorry, I just said something wrong, I didn’t mean that…”

Wayne Lin interrupted her and said coldly: “Needless to say, you are right, we are not an employment relationship, and you are not obligated to be responsible for our sacrifices. When my colleagues come, they will arrange new bodyguards to be responsible. Your safety.”

When Manlisha heard this, she panicked immediately. She didn’t know why, and she felt particularly uncomfortable and disappointed. She went forward, took Wayne Lin’s hand, and said apologetically and panicked: “Sorry, it was me just now. Impulsive, I said the wrong thing. I didn’t mean that. Please don’t be angry.”

Wayne Lin shook off her hand and said coldly: “Miss Manlisha, please respect yourself.”

Chapter 541

Man Lisa was pushed away by him, especially Wayne Lin’s indifference that refused to take her at all, which made her very angry. At any rate, she is a daughter of a large European consortium. She is wealthy and wealthy. , Besides, she is still beautiful, even the female model of Victoria’s Secret is far inferior to her. I don’t know how many men are obsessed with her and bow down under her pomegranate skirt.

And the Chinese in front of her was actually indifferent to her, and her attitude was so bad that it stimulated the arrogance deep in her heart. She suddenly became unhappy and said angrily: “Hey, Chinese, are you a man? I apologized to you, and you still refuse to forgive me!”

Wayne Lin smiled when she saw her savage appearance, and said, “I forgive you, can you pay for the lives of my two comrades in arms?”

Man Lisa said loudly: “I have explained to you, I did not mean it, and I have already apologized, what do you want me! I did not ask them to protect me, they can leave just now what.”

What this said, Wayne Lin was really angry, and at the same time he regretted a little bit, why would he quarrel with such a stubborn and unreasonable foreigner.

Wayne Lin simply turned around and ignored her.

But she was energized, her eyes were red, and she looked aggrieved, “Are you having nothing to say? You Chinese are so savage, you don’t speak any truth!”

Wayne Lin frowned and endured it, anyway, the people from the third place of Xuanyuan were also there soon. When that time comes, he will leave directly, and don’t bother to wrestle with this savage woman.

Man Lisa’s next sentence directly lit Wayne Lin’s explosive barrel, “I haven’t said you yet, why did my team and I stayed in other countries and did not ambush the killer, but arrived in your country. , There are assassins? I think it is your Hua Guo, who deliberately put these assassins in, so as to show your…”


When Wayne Lin heard this, he couldn’t help it. With a strong kick with his right foot, he directly kicked off a big tree with a diameter of half a meter beside Manlisha. The whole tree fell down suddenly. Lifting a large dust on the ground, Wayne Lin stared at her coldly, “What did you say, say it again.”

Man Lisa was immediately frightened by him, her body trembled fiercely, her face lost blood, and her heart trembled with fear.

“I…I’m just skeptical, what are you doing so fiercely.”

Wayne Lin gritted her teeth, glared at Manlisha, and said, “Apologize!”

Man Lisa shook her head and said: “Why do I have to apologize, so I don’t apologize, what I said is the truth.”

“I count to three, you don’t apologize, but don’t blame me for being rude to you.” Wayne Lin said coldly. He exuded some aura and covered Manlisha, which immediately made her tremble.

But she still clenched her teeth and refused to give in. The stubbornness in her bones also came out, and she snorted heavily and said, “I didn’t say anything wrong. Why do I have to apologize? I won’t apologize! Why, I don’t Apologies, you still want to kill me?”

Wayne Lin took a deep breath and stared at her firmly and said: “I will not kill you, but I will teach you, don’t think you are Barbosa’s daughter, I dare not beat you.”

When Man Lisa saw Wayne Lin’s fierce appearance, she didn’t seem to be joking, she was also a little frightened, but besides the fear, she actually had an indescribable expectation and excitement.

If it can be abused by a 4s-level superpower, it seems to be a good thing.

Wayne Lin didn’t know Man Lisa’s thoughts, he would definitely think Man Lisa was insane.

“One, two…” Wayne Lin began to count, and at the same time, the aura he radiated became stronger and stronger. Manlisha was just an ordinary person, unable to withstand his pressure at all, and her face paled with fright.


But she didn’t have too much fear, and even had a perverted expectation, because she knew that Wayne Lin, as an agent of Hua Guo, would definitely not really hurt her.

“Chinese people, don’t want to scare me, I will not be intimidated by you, Man Lisa!” Man Lisa straightened her waist, perfectly outlined her plump lines.


When Wayne Lin finished the countdown, seeing Man Lisha still refused to apologize, he sneered, “You forced me.”

After speaking, he directly hugged Man Lisa up in his waist and walked over to the chair on the side. Man Lisa screamed in panic, struggling desperately, “Hey, Chinese people, what do you want to do, let me go! I am Man Lisa, your distinguished guests of China, you can’t be rude to me!”

How could Wayne Lin be threatened by her? Now he is determined and must teach Man Lisa a good lesson, otherwise Xie Heng and Yu Gaolang will die in vain!

Wayne Lin rudely took Man Lisa into a chair and sat down, then put Man Lisa on his lap, and said threateningly: “I will give you one last chance and apologize.”

Man Lisa became a little panicked now. She is a daughter of the European consortium. She grew up holding a golden key and was pampered. She has never been treated so rudely, especially in this posture. This kind of shame has never been seen before.

“Hey! Chinese! I’m Man Lisa, you can’t be so rude to me, otherwise I will tell your boss and let them punish…Ah!!!”

Before she could finish her words, she slapped her body, slapped her, and slapped her very loudly. She didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would really dare to attack her. This was too rude, too Too much! !

The slap was not light, and the pain made her muscles tense.

Wayne Lin’s slap was slapped, and there was a ripple in his heart. He didn’t expect that Man Lisa had such a good figure.

On the surface, he still kept his face straight and continued to threaten Man Lisa, “Apologize?!”

Man Lisa tried to struggle, but her strength was too weak, and she couldn’t struggle at all. At this moment, Wayne Lin slapped her again, and the pain shocked her whole body, but she was more angry. A lot of grievances.

“Damn Chinese, you really dare to beat me! I must tell my father when I go back, let the high-level officials of China punish you!” Manlisha scolded angrily.

Wayne Lin shook his head, and his anger came. This Man Lisa was too stubborn and didn’t put him in his eyes at all. Where did he suffer from this kind of anger, he slapped him twice and snapped twice. The sound is very loud.

Man Lisa screamed twice in pain, and her scolding became even worse.


“Don’t apologize, you will kill me if you have the ability!”

Bang bang ……


“It hurts… I made no mistake, why should I apologize…”

Papa Papa, Wayne Lin slapped a few more slaps, just about to talk, he suddenly felt a pain in his thigh, it turned out that Manlisha bit him, so angry that he hit a few more vigorously.

At this moment, Manlisha could not bite anymore, and she was crying, “I apologize, I apologize… Please stop hitting, it hurts…”

Wayne Lin apologized when he saw that Manlisha had given up. He was also relieved. He was about to let go of Manlisha. Suddenly, he felt something. Looking back, he saw Sun Liang and Zhao Xia. And a few high-level officials in Xuanyuan 3rd place stood there, looking at him with wide eyes.

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