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Chapter 460

If it’s easy to say at ordinary times, but at this moment, how uncomfortable is his heart?

Ana Lin grabbed Keller Shen’s arm, unknowingly, his nails got stuck in his flesh, leaned in his arms, choked and cried.

Keller Shen ignored the pain in his arm and tried his best to comfort her, “Don’t be too sad, you are pregnant now, and emotional fluctuations are not good for you.”

Ana Lin didn’t listen, she couldn’t control herself. Danna Cheng tried her best to support her on top of her mind. In order to avoid her being crushed by the smashed billboard, bright red blood dripped down her neck. One drop, one drop, she became annoyed and dying… She was holding her heart and crying.

Keller Shen had no choice but to persuade her.

Later, tired of crying, Keller Shen took her back to the ward.

She was lying on the bed with her eyes on her side and looked out the window blankly, looking at a certain place, her eyes were not focused, scattered and blurred.

Keller Shen didn’t dare to leave, worried that she would be overly sad and emotionally fluctuating, which would affect the fetus. After all, she had miscarried before.

“If it weren’t for saving me, maybe she wouldn’t die…” Her voice was so hoarse and squeaky.

Keller Shen stood by, silent.

“If you give me another chance, I will tell Phillip her identity as soon as possible, at least she will have no regrets, and Phillip will not even call her own biological mother a word of mother in this life.”

Danna Cheng always said that she had no regrets, but that mother didn’t want her child to call herself mom?

“Don’t blame yourself too much. No one knows that such a thing will happen. Besides, you were doing him well at the time. Besides, this thing was a grudge from the previous life. What does it have to do with you?

What you have to do now is to take good care of yourself and let him deal with Danna Cheng’s funeral with peace of mind. “

Keller Shen stood by the bed, persuading softly.

He sighed, “Take a good rest, what’s the matter, I’ll call you, so you can take care of the next things for him if you have good energy.”

Ana Lin knows what he means. Although the fact that Danna Cheng is Phillip Zong’s biological mother has not been made public, she is Phillip Zong’s wife and Danna Cheng’s daughter-in-law, and funerals are essential.

“I know.”

She responded hoarsely, closing her eyes slowly, not knowing if she was crying, her eyes were so astringent that she felt more comfortable when she closed.

Later, when she heard Keller Shen leaving the ward, she did not open her eyes, but tears fell again across the bridge of her nose.

Keller Shen brought her food at noon. She couldn’t eat it, but asked him how Phillip Zong was.

Keller Shen never came out.

“Don’t worry, he needs some time, after all, it was too sudden, and it was all in time.”

Keller Shen asked her to eat, “You don’t want to eat, you have to eat for the child in your stomach.”

Ana Lin stubbornly put two mouthfuls in his mouth, and later felt like vomiting. Both mouthfuls of rice he ate were vomited again. The vomiting was worse than ever before. There was nothing in his stomach to vomit out, so he could only vomit acid water. Later, when vomiting bitterness, people collapsed.

Keller Shen asked a nurse to give her vitamins, otherwise her body could not hold her back.

In the afternoon she was so tired and fell asleep.

When she woke up, the room was very dark and it was already dark. She rubbed her sore eyes, tried to sit up, and saw a figure sitting by the window in a daze.

She settled down, saw the dark shadow clearly, and after a while she lifted the quilt out of the bed and walked over, hugging him from behind.

Nothing, relatively speechless, but able to empathize.

After a long time, he reached out and touched her head, “Let’s go home.”

She said, “Okay.”

In the car Keller Shen drove, she was sitting in the back row holding Phillip Zong’s arm. He was quiet and didn’t say a word along the way.

After returning home, he went to the study. Ana Lin knew that he needed to be quiet at this time and did not bother him.

The next day, Zong Qifeng appeared at the villa. Whether the car accident was accidental or man-made, he should not be held accountable for the time being. It was not that he would not investigate, but that Danna Cheng had to be settled first.

He said that the funeral will be arranged three days later, which is suitable for soiling.

The cemeteries were all selected by Zong Qifeng. In such a location, where the funeral was held, he was responsible for it.

After speaking, he asked Phillip Zong.

Ana Lin said that in the study, he kept shutting himself, Zong Qifeng sighed deeply. He seemed to be much older overnight, and his originally tall and straight figure suddenly bent down.

His eyes were muddy, and he said lowly, “You can tell him.”

Ana Lin said yes.

In the evening, Ana Lin went to the study with food. He was sitting on a chair by the window. There was no light in the room, only the moonlight streaming in from the window. She turned on the light, walked in and put the food on the table, and walked He said, “Dad is here today, saying that the funeral will be three days later…” Phillip Zong suddenly took her hand, stretched her arms, hugged her waist, and stopped letting go.

“Yes, just let me hug me like that.”

His voice was very low, but no one saw the look on his face and buried it in Ana Lin’s stomach.

Ana Lin stood still, stretched out her hand to hug him, said nothing, did not go to see him, just stayed with him like this, hoping that they would go through these difficult days, but no matter what, she would stand like this Staying with him next to him… Time flies quickly, Phillip Zong doesn’t speak much in these three days, but he will come out, hold his daughter and take her to sleep.

Looking at it as usual, apart from becoming silent and not talking, there is nothing unusual about it.

On this day, the world was drizzling with gray and drizzle, which was the day when Danna Cheng was buried.

The green garden is surrounded by lush pines and cypresses, and the forest is verdant, perhaps with rain, the wind is also exceptionally cold, and the air is full of sadness.

Because Danna Cheng’s marriage to Zong Qifeng is nominally a junior high, and those wealthy Kutais don’t like to associate with her. She also likes to be quiet and doesn’t like to join in the fun, so she doesn’t have any friends. Those who come to the funeral are all clan family members, the Cheng family. Withered, only Roberson Cheng.

In addition to these, there are some clan relatives who say they are relatives, but they are not involved. They are many generations apart, they are the clan trees who come to cling to a familiar face, and some are partners in the mall, most of them have a good face. Celebrities.

Someone in the crowd said, “Why didn’t Phillip Zong come?

How do you say this, you can be regarded as a mother, and a stepmother is also a mother. “

Yes, Phillip Zong knew that today was the day when Danna Cheng was buried, and he did not come.

Foster Wen was wearing a uniform, and Li Jingwan was beside him, and took the words of the man just now, “He is my Wen family, what does it have to do with the surname Cheng?”

Ana Lin glanced at Foster Wen coldly and said nothing. Today is the day of Danna Cheng’s burial, and she does not want her to go uneasy.

She held Danna Cheng’s portrait in place of Phillip Zong, and Daniel and Ruth followed her with linen and filial piety.

At this time, Li Jing was a little sympathetic to Danna Cheng and pulled LaAna Lin’s cuff, “Call Phillip, she hasn’t been born in her life, and it looks very sad to see, let him send the last ride.”

“No, he will come when he wants to come.”

Ana Lin’s faint tone didn’t even look at Li Jing.

These people’s appearance here is just an indifferent situation. Who really hurts this woman?

Chapter 461

Foster Wen pulled Li Jing with a sullen face. It was not because there were too many people out there that he would yell at him and snorted coldly, “If he doesn’t come, Wen Xian is his mother. Why should I give this woman a filial piety? ?”

Daniel blinked and looked at the amiable uncle and grandfather before. He looked so mean at the moment, and instinctively stood in front of Ana Lin.

Roberson Cheng couldn’t help but walked here, Ana Lin grabbed him and said in a low voice, “If it’s a grudge, don’t say anything at this time, let her walk quietly.”

Roberson Cheng clenched his fists with both hands, feeling angry, but Qi Phillip Zong did not come.

Today is Danna Cheng’s last trip. As a son, how can he not come?

! Under the drizzle, under the priest’s prayer, Danna Cheng’s ashes were buried, and no one was talking, rendering a sad atmosphere.

Ana Lin didn’t shed any more tears, just watching so quietly, the two little guys beside him were sobbing.

Watching Ana Lin put the black-and-white photo of grandma in front of the tombstone, she knew that they would never see her grandma again after grandma had left them.

Ana Lin touched the heads of the two children, “kowtow to grandma.”

Everyone bowed deeply in front of the tombstone three times quietly, and then left one by one. Before Ana Lin left, Foster Wen walked to her and said, “Phillip hasn’t come, what are you doing?

Show your filial piety?

Are you still confused about your identity? “

Ana Lin looked at him directly, cold and sharp, “I don’t need you to tell me anything, and I hope my mother’s death has nothing to do with you.”

Foster Wen squinted her eyes. She didn’t expect that she would talk to herself in such a tone, and her face was ugly.

Foster Wen’s temperament is also fierce and stubborn. Li Jing is afraid that the two will have a conflict, so she just pulls them away.

Ana Lin didn’t want to continue pestering him, and led the two children away.

The entire funeral ended at noon. Ana Lin said to Alan Su after seeing off the guests, “You send the two children back first.”

“Okay, feel free to contact me if you have anything.”

Alan Su picked up Ruth and led Daniel away from the cemetery.

Ana Lin turned to look at the tombstone behind him after watching Alan Su with the two children.

Clear and cold.

Time flies, Danna Cheng’s life vanishes at this moment.

There is no such person as Danna Cheng in the world.

Keller Shen stood beside her and said that Zong Qifeng was sick, “Roberson Cheng sent the people back.”

Ana Lin said gently.

The clothes were wet after a long time in the fine rain.

Keller Shen took off his coat and put it on her shoulders.

Stand with her.

Suddenly a voice came from behind, “Can I come and worship?”

Ana Lin turned around and saw Jenkin Bai sitting in a wheelchair, holding a bunch of white chrysanthemums in his arms, pushing him from the plateau, holding a black umbrella with one hand, under the blue stone brick steps.

Ana Lin gave up his position.

There were steps, it was inconvenient for him to go up in a wheelchair. The plateau replaced him and placed the bunch of white chrysanthemums in front of the tombstone. His expression was a little tired. There was a lot of things in the company. He was overwhelmed. When he heard the news, the funeral was over .

“I didn’t mean anything else, it was my adoptive father, Bai Hongfei came to give her the last ride, I hope she will go well all the way.”

He sat upright, bowed three deeply towards the tombstone, his expression solemn and solemn, he looked at the woman in the black and white photo in front of the tombstone, and after the baptism of the years, he was still graceful and demure, “I will introduce you to mine again. Identity, I, Bai Hongfei’s adopted son, Jenkin Bai, my adoptive father has been infatuated with a woman all his life and has never married him. If you see him over there, give him a chance and don’t let him be too lonely.”

After talking, waited quietly for a while, silently mourning.

He looked at the plateau, “Let’s go.”

From beginning to end, he didn’t go to see Ana Lin.

He said that he would not bother her, so he did what he said, and stepped into City B again, just because this dead woman was the love of his adoptive father.

If not, he will not come.

“As planned, there were many people that day, but apart from the two people who died in the car accident, no one else could be found.”

Keller Shen said lightly.

Ana Lin curled her lips, “Foster Wen let me off easily, isn’t it strange?

He is so persistent, Wen Xian is his fate, will he let it go? “

Keller Shen knew what she meant, but there was no evidence now.

“As long as there is action, there will be flaws. Don’t worry.”

Ana Lin believes that good and evil will be rewarded in the end.

Besides, she and Phillip Zong are much younger than Foster, are you afraid that there will be no time to find evidence of his crime?

“Let’s go back.”

Light rain tends to turn to heavy rain.

Ana Lin gave a hum, she turned her head and glanced at the tombstone before leaving with Keller Shen.

Because of the cloudy sky, it hasn’t been dark yet, the sky is already dark, heavy, as if there is a heavy rain.

Both Alan Su and Keller Shen stayed in the villa, there were many rooms on the left and right, and they also lived. They were worried about Phillip Zong, Ana Lin was pregnant, and they had two children.

Add an atmosphere here, and also have a care.

This night, calm was restored again, the season of spring and summer, the rain also became more, mixed with wind, and the white curtains were raised.

There was just a dim yellow light in the study, and he had been sitting here, as if there was only himself in the whole world.

The flashing process in her mind Danna always has a quiet face. She doesn’t remember much, because after she entered the clan, he avoided her. Later, she lived in school when she was older, and then she graduated. Not going back outside at all.

Even the New Year will not go back.

Over the years, there have been only a handful of times going home. It’s not that Ana Lin probably didn’t even get along with this short-term.

In his hand is a picture Zong Qifeng gave him when Danna Cheng was young.

At this time, the door of the study was gently pushed open, Ana Lin walked in and saw the photo of him looking closely under the light.

Her footsteps paused, and she stood at the table not knowing how to comfort him.

Perhaps, all words are pale at this time.

He lowered his eyes, the light was projected on his face, a deep light and shadow intertwined, Ana Lin could not see his expression clearly, he could only hear his voice very low and dumb, like a piece of paper being pierced by the wind. The wisps, a kind of trembling that was restrained on one side and finally unable to be restrained, “I knew her identity before. I blamed her for concealing it. I hate her for keeping me resentful for so long. I refuse to face it. I don’t want to forgive… …But, why don’t you give me some time, let me forgive her, and leave like this…” Ana Lin came up and hugged him tightly.

Knowing that she had passed away, his heart would hurt so much.

It only takes a little time, “She has made me hate for more than 20 years, and I only need a few days…” “Why is she so cruel, so cruel that I am an unfilial son.”

“Why don’t you wait for me to forgive her, call her mother, just leave like this, and leave me again.”

He lived in resentment for the first half of his life, but would he spend the second half of his life in self-blame and regret?

Why treat him like this.

Chapter 462

The wind outside the window was getting stronger and stronger, the branches swayed and creaked, and countless black shadows swayed outside the glass window.

The clock on the wall was ticking.

After a long time, Ana Lin’s legs were a little numb, and her body was slightly hot. Phillip Zong hugged her upstairs and put her on the bed. She was dizzy and drowsy, and felt a little cold when she was in the rain during the day, but Did not care.

This will make you feel a bit cold lying in the bed.

I vaguely heard someone say, “Go to sleep.”

She looked at him blurryly with her eyes open, and said worriedly, “What about you.”

Ana Lin didn’t hear a response, and felt very sleepy. She didn’t rest much in the past few days, and she was really tired today.

Slowly, her consciousness was evacuated and she fell into a deep sleep.

Was awakened by a loud thunder in the night.

The room was very dark, only a lamp on the bedside was glowing with warm yellow light, and the windows were closed tightly. Through the curtains, the rain on the glass could be faintly detected. The heavy rain tilted down.

There was no one around, the sheets were neat, only her side was wrinkled. He had never lie down. Thinking of Phillip Zong in the study, she got out of bed and went downstairs and opened the door of the study. There was no one inside, it was empty. Only the sound of water rushing outside.

She searched the whole villa and there was no one.

In desperation, she went to knock on Keller Shen’s door. Keller Shen happened to be awakened by Lei and did not fall asleep.

He came to open the door when he heard the knock. Ana Lin stood at the door and said anxiously, “He’s gone.”

Keller Shen frowned, “What?”

Phillip Zong is missing?

“Wait for me, I will put on my clothes.”

Keller Shen closed the door and turned in.

Ana Lin stood in the living room and looked outside. Because of the rain, it was very dark and there was no light. She opened the door, and the cold wind outside instantly tilted in. It was very cold. Ana Lin hit A shiver, stepping on slippers to the garage, missing a car, he must have gone out.

When Keller Shen came out, he saw Ana Lin standing outside in a thin dress, frowning, “Although the weather is getting warmer, but it is still cold when it rains, wear thicker clothes. I will take you to find him.”

Ana Lin turned and looked at him, “I may know where he has gone.”

This was simple. Keller Shen urged her to put on her clothes. Her mind was still a little dizzy. She thought it might be fever. It is important to find Phillip Zong first.

She put on her coat, changed her shoes, and Keller Shen got her into the car with an umbrella.

“Go to Green Garden.”

Keller Shen looked at her sideways and said nothing, and drove the car in that direction.

The night in City B was covered by heavy rain, raging crazily.

A dark shadow stood on the bluestone steps of the Green Garden, and the chrysanthemums on the ground mixed with the smell of rain, which made people feel sad.

There was only one person in front of the lonely tombstone, standing silently on the spot, looking at the photos on the stone tablet.

The first time I saw her, it was when Zong Qifeng took her back. At that time, he felt that this woman had caused him to lose his mother. He threw the tea cup that the servant gave her to the ground in public. The porcelain cup was crushed and hot tea. Splashes were everywhere. She ran to see him for the first time, not reprimanding him for being unreasonable, but caring about whether he was hurt.

At that time, he thought, this woman is so good at pretending.

Pretending to care about him so much, pretending to be as nervous and caring as his biological mother.

When he realized that she was his mother, he was clearly right in front of his eyes, but he couldn’t take that step and called her mother.

Angry at her, resenting her, concealing myself, let myself be resentful for so many years.

But after listening to Roberson Cheng’s words, he realized that his grievances, his hatred, and his unacceptability were so insignificant in the sacrifices she made.

After being imprisoned for six years, the best years and best times were ruthlessly imprisoned. He gave up the ancestral business of the Cheng family in order to stay by his side.

She could leave selfishly and find someone to spend her life in peace.

You want to be with me so much, you don’t hesitate to give up the whole Cheng family, why are you willing to leave me now?

Danna Cheng, you are as cruel to me as always.

He just leaned straight down, hitting his knees hard on the rainy ground.

He knelt in front of the tombstone with a thousand words in his throat, bent his forehead and touched the cold ground, the rain slapped him on his body.

The rain is getting bigger and bigger, even the gods shed tears for this scene.

The rain ran across his face, and he couldn’t see whether it was rain or his heartache tears, and all of them fell.

In addition to pain, there was also a flash of hatred in those cold eyes.

At this moment, Ana Lin walked over with an umbrella and stood beside him, blocking the dripping rain for him, standing still, without speaking, and also looking at Danna Cheng’s photo.

She will always stand by his side.

Find out who did it, and punish the person who killed her to the law! Mom, I promise you that I will take care of him for you and protect our children.

“Phillip, let’s go home.”

Ana Lin knelt down and said softly.

His resolute face was full of water, and her fingers brushed his cold face, “We have a lot of things to go next. Find out who made the hand this time.”

She knew that now it was hatred that supported him to walk out of grief, the person who had harmed Danna Cheng.

Only in this way can he cheer up.

He stretched out his hand to embrace her in his arms and gave a soft humble.

The heavy rain raged all night, and it stopped in the morning. Phillip Zong left early. Ana Lin knew that it was time to investigate the car accident.

She takes care of the children and eats, they are all grown up, very well-behaved, and don’t need her to do anything.

They eat by themselves, wash their hands and wipe their mouths.

She hugged her daughter, hugged her son, and gently rubbed their heads, “You guys are so good, you will grow up in one go.”

Daniel hugged her and saw her brother hugging, Ruth also hugged her, two little guys wrapped around her waist.

Yu’s mother cleared the dining table and walked over, “You have to read and write later to prepare for elementary school.”

“Go ahead.”

Ana Lin let go of the two children.

Ana Lin looked at their small but stiff backs, remembering that they were so small when they were born. They grew up in a blink of an eye. She stroked her belly. It was still very small, and she couldn’t even feel it without touching her abdomen. , She lowered her head and said to the baby in her belly, “You have to be obedient, your life is for grandma’s life.”

She had a fever since yesterday, but she didn’t want Phillip Zong to worry, so she kept holding on. Now he is not at home, she asked the driver to prepare the car, she wants to go out, and brought a bodyguard to the hospital.

Because of her identity, she went to the hospital for a priority checkup. The doctor who treated her at the beginning did a comprehensive checkup. The fetus is currently in good condition, but Ana Lin is a little feverish, causing the fetal heart to beat too fast.

Her current body is not suitable for taking medicine. The doctor told her to go back to physically cool down. It was originally warm, and physical cooling could suppress this symptom.

“Keep it up, I didn’t expect you to reply quickly.”

Ana Lin said the doctor before leaving.

She said thank you.

Walking out of the hospital, when she was about to get in the car, she saw a familiar figure standing in the park in the hospital.

She stopped and watched for two seconds, and when the familiar figure turned around, she saw the face.

Her eyes narrowed, and Phillip Zong said that the result of Ida Zhuang’s examination was not serious, and he was still serving his sentence in it. How could he appear here?

And also wearing a medical suit?

What is going on here?

The whole ward was quiet, without a single sound.

I could only vaguely see that Phillip Zong’s body was shaking more severely than before, and his body slowly bent down, sliding down the wall and sitting on the ground.

“I’ll go in and take a look.”

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