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Chapter 463


Seeing Ana Lin said nothing, the bodyguard whispered.

Ana Lin waved her hand and walked towards Ida Zhuang.

The bodyguard followed her closely.


A little distance away, she called softly.

Ida Zhuang’s body stiffened, turned around and looked at Ana Lin who was standing not far away, and made a smile, “Yanyan, why are you here?”

Her complexion was not as bad as before, her face was a little bloody.

“It should be me asking you, why would you wear a medical coat in the hospital, what happened to you?”

Her voice was very low, for fear of hearing bad news.

Danna Cheng’s death hit her hard.

Just at home, with children, and Phillip Zong, she couldn’t express her sadness. If Ida Zhuang had anything to do, she was afraid that she would collapse.

Ida Zhuang came over, looked at her wearing loose, flat shoes on her feet, and said with a smile, “I heard Keller Shen say you are pregnant?”

She was unwilling to cooperate with the treatment, her attitude was negative, and she had no desire to survive. Keller Shen had no choice but to tell her that Ana Lin was pregnant. At that time, Keller Shen said, “She has suffered a lot with you. If you don’t care about her life and death, Just don’t cooperate with treatment.”

I left after speaking.

When she was ten years old, she followed herself into an unfamiliar environment. It was difficult to survive. They warmed each other and leaned on each other, both bitter and sweet.

Now that she is pregnant, she must have a good relationship with Phillip Zong. If she has a chance or see her happy, it would be good to take care of her children if she can live longer.

So after learning that Ana Lin was pregnant, she began to actively cooperate with the treatment.

After seeing her suffering, I hope to see her happy next.

She took Ana Lin’s hand, “I’m fine, don’t worry…” Ana Lin shook her hand away, “I want to hear the truth.”

Obviously, deliberately hiding from her is definitely not a minor illness.

Ida Zhuang knew that he couldn’t keep it, and he sighed deeply, “You and I will go back to the ward.”

The VIP single room she lives in is also quiet, and the park is crowded with people.

Ana Lin had no words, and acquiesced to her proposal, and followed her to the inpatient department to the ward where she lived. She walked in and opened the window. This inpatient department was separated from the building where she lived before. park.

“How long have you lived in?”

She asked.

“Some days.”

Ida Zhuang sat on the edge of the bed and waved to her, “Come here.”

Ana Lin walked over and sat by the bed, Ida Zhuang took her hand and held it in his hand, “I am very happy to know that you are pregnant.”

Ana Lin lowered his eyes lightly.

“My disease is hereditary, but don’t worry, the doctor said that as long as I cooperate with the treatment, there will be no problem in living for a few more years…” Suddenly, Ana Lin hugged her, tightly, choked, “Why is this?

Do you know that I am uncomfortable…” Ida Zhuang patted her on the back, “Say, don’t be sad, I will cooperate with the treatment and help you with the child in the future, Keller Shen said, as long as I cooperate with the treatment, he will Find someone for me and reduce my sentence. I will have a year or a half before you give birth. I can take care of your child like Xiaorui and Xiaoxi. “

Ana Lin said nothing, just feeling uncomfortable, “Mom, what do you say is the most painful thing in a person’s life?”

Ida Zhuang thought she was thinking of the past and felt sad, so he soothed, “The past is over, and you will live a happy life in the future.”

Ana Lin shook his head, “The most painful thing in a person’s life is that your relatives are standing in front of you, but you don’t know that it will be so hard when you lose it.”

Ida Zhuang’s body stiffened, “You, do you know something?”

The emotion she dared not express at home was undisguised in front of Ida Zhuang at this moment.

He didn’t pay attention to what Ida Zhuang said.

She was thinking about Danna Cheng and Phillip Zong’s mistakes in their lives.

Ida Zhuang sighed, “Yes, I have always regarded you as my own daughter, but I couldn’t help it at the beginning. He is the child my father had before marriage, and his mother’s identity is shameless. He is also an illegitimate child and has not been exposed before others. Face, no one knows that he is the Chuang family…” “Mom, what are you talking about?”

Ana Lin wiped her face. She couldn’t understand why she reached out and touched Ida Zhuang’s forehead. Could it be that her mental illness had relapsed?

Ida Zhuang took off her hand and said, “I’m good, what did you just say that your loved ones don’t know in front of your eyes, the most painful, is that you don’t know your own life experience?”

Ana Lin sat motionless on the side of the bed, his brain lost its ability to direct his actions, staring at Ida Zhuang with stunned eyes, only to find his voice for a long time, “Me, what is my life experience?”

You are my mother and Randall Lin is my dad. “

“Randall Lin is not your father.”

Although Randall Lin is dead, the hatred for that man has not disappeared, and he feels that he is not worthy of being called a dad by Ana Lin.

Speaking of this, Zhuang Ziyan did not hide her from her, she took Ana Lin’s hand, “Yanyan, your father is called Zhuang Ziyi, and my half-parent, his identity is only known to the family. ……” Ana Lin said suddenly and stood up, “Mom, what are you talking nonsense? I am your daughter. I have never heard of or seen Zhuang Ziyi.”

She couldn’t accept it for a while.


Ida Zhuang knew that it might be too sudden, she couldn’t accept it for a while, so she couldn’t help but sighed. He thought she had discovered it, so he told her by the way. Unexpectedly, she didn’t know it with Ben.

“You must be tired, take a rest, I have to go back, Xiao Xi and Ruth are still waiting for me to go back.”

Ana Lin didn’t want to listen, she walked towards the door.

Ida Zhuang didn’t force her, “When do you want to know, come to me at any time, the necklace on your neck is left to you by your biological mother.”

Ana Lin paused slightly while holding the door handle, then quickly opened the door and walked out.

She walked quickly, and the bodyguard followed her, “You slow down.”

Ana Lin didn’t seem to hear him, and just wanted to leave here quickly.

She didn’t want to hear anything from Ida Zhuang.

She said, “Get out of here quickly.”

The driver started the car, and the bodyguard looked at her worriedly, “Madam, are you okay?”

Ana Lin returned to his senses and shook his head, “It’s okay.”

It seems to be thinking of something and then added, “What happened to me today, don’t you guys talk to anyone, have you heard?”

Both the driver and the bodyguard said yes.

On the way, she was in a trance, as if she had had an unreal dream.

She went upstairs when she returned to the villa, went to the bathroom and soaked a square towel, folded it on the sofa, and covered her forehead.

She must have a fever, and she will have auditory hallucinations if she has no idea about the fever.

Zhuang Ziyi is her father?

! Ha ha-she hasn’t seen it before, how could it be possible?

Chapter 464

She desperately wanted to calm down, but her heart seemed to grow like grass, growing crazily, she couldn’t calm down at all, and she couldn’t even think normally.

Thinking of Ida Zhuang’s words, she reached out to touch the necklace she had been wearing around her neck, twirling her fingers gently.

After a long time, she finally did not overcome her curiosity, sat up, put the wet scarf on her forehead on the table, and removed the necklace from her neck.

Very simple style, not even a pendant, she faced the light, and did not see anything special.

The only certainty is that the material of this chain should be high in purity in platinum. It flashes particularly when facing the light, and the root does not look like a long time.

When she wanted to wear it on her neck again, she found that there were small letters on the bayonet because it was too small to read. She stood up and walked to the window to face the light. Only then did she see clearly what the letters were written inside. hx.08.ZA0102.

She frowned, what was this, and had never seen this brand of jewelry.

What does it mean?

She looked carefully and looked again, and there was nothing else besides these letters. She was leaning on the sofa. If it was really like Ida Zhuang said, this was left to her by her mother, it would definitely have a special meaning.

After all, there is always some sustenance for this daughter, right?

She is not sad, for such a person who has never met, she has no feelings, no emotion, just feels so-ridiculous.

If she didn’t understand, she didn’t want to bother about it. She wanted to put it up. She got up and walked to the bed, opened the bedside table, and was about to find a box to put it in, but saw a Chinese copy in the drawer. The contract document of the bank safe, originally Zong Kaifeng gave the two children Wan Yue’s shares, and a pink diamond that her daughter liked. She didn’t have a place to put it, so she opened a safe in Huaxia Bank to save those valuable things. Put them all inside, ready to wait for the children to grow up, and then take them out and give them to them.

The simplified letter of Hua Xia Bank is hx. Is it a coincidence or… She took the phone and dialed the service number of Hua Xia Bank.

Soon the phone was connected, and a gentle female voice came over there, “This is the service number of Huaxia Bank, hello, what can I do for you.”

Ana Lin looked at the letters on the chain and asked, “Do you have a ZA0102 safe there?”

“Sorry, no.”

Ana Lin frowned, could it be that she guessed wrong?

“Our safes here are all double-digit numbers. There is no such safe number.”

Double position.

Ana Lin lowered his head to look at the string of letters hx.08.ZA0102, and finally fixed his eyes on the two numbers in the middle, “Where is 08?”

“Let me check for you.”

Soon the waiter’s voice came again, “Yes.”

Ana Lin probably understood the string of numbers on it, Huaxia Bank No. 08 safe, the last string should be the password.

“What else can I do for you?”

Ana Lin’s thoughts were pulled back to her senses. She pondered for a while and asked, “Can you check for me, who is storing this safe?”

“Sorry, no, this is customer privacy. Our bank strictly stipulates that you cannot disclose your personal information. If you need it, I suggest you do it in person.”

“I see, thank you.”

Ana Lin hung up the phone, sat down by the bed, staring at the thing in his hand in a daze.

She didn’t know how long she did it, until Yu’s mother came up and called her to have lunch.

She cleaned up her emotions and went downstairs. If the big villa was quiet, it looked a little empty. Daniel and Ruth sat cross-legged on the carpet, piled up wood. Daniel’s expression was a bit impatient. Seeing that, she was brazenly accompanying. Sister play.

Because only Ruth had a smile on her face.

She walked down and looked at the two children, “washing hands and eating.”

Daniel quickly got up and ran over like an amnesty, “Finally it’s time to eat.”

Ana Lin squeezed his face, “Are you so wronged by your brother playing with your sister?”

Daniel shook his head, “If it’s fun, of course I would be happy to play with her, but such a naive game of stacking wood is really uninteresting.”

Ruth walked over slowly and glanced at her brother, “You don’t like to tell me directly, and you didn’t tie you, forcing you, so wronged?”

Daniel looked at her sister, when did this guy become witty?

“Okay, okay, wash your hands and eat.”

Ana Lin took the two of them to wash their hands. Ruth turned on the faucet and put her hands in the pool to collect water. Ana Lin was not allowed to wash herself. “Mummy, I will take care of myself in the future. Take care of the baby. That’s it.”

Ana Lin was stunned for a moment, and then laughed. The child suddenly became a different person, and he felt that he was really grown up.

She leaned against the door and looked at her daughter, washing her hands.

During the meal, Yu’s mother asked, “Would you like to find a tutor for them?”

Before, Danna Cheng taught them without a tutor, but now… Ana Lin looks at them, and she respects their opinions, “Do you want a tutor?”

The two children shook their heads almost at the same time, “No.”

They don’t want to be watched by strangers, reading and writing, and they are not stupid. They haven’t learned yet, what kind of tutor do they need?

Wanda smiled, “I don’t have much knowledge and can’t teach. You are pregnant, I just want to…” “Grandma Yu, don’t worry about our studies. We are not stupid, and we haven’t gone to elementary school yet. It’s too unfair to trap us.”

Daniel rejects tutors very much.

Ruth also echoed.

“Good to know.”

Ana Lin asked the two of them to eat quickly. After the meal, the two little guys went back to the room. There was no one to play, so they found things to kill the time.

Wanda cleaned up the restaurant.

Ana Lin was lying on the sofa, struggling whether to go to the bank or to figure out what was in the safe.

She knew that what Ida Zhuang said was true, otherwise the necklace would not leave such a message.

If she had to face it sooner or later, she was afraid that she could not escape.

Finally, she decided to find out.

This time, to avoid letting unnecessary people know, she only brought one bodyguard.

She has a deposit in Huaxia Bank. It is a VIP customer there. She was received by the manager who received her last time.

“Are you here to fetch things?”

The manager was dressed in formal attire with a post card on his right chest. He led Ana Lin to the reception hall.

Ana Lin nodded.

“Then come with me, your safe is 11 in Zone B.”

The manager said.

“I’m taking safe No. 08.”

Ana Lin said.

The manager was stunned for a moment, and quickly reacted, “Did you store two?”

Ana Lin gave a hum.

“08 is in area C, come with me.”

The manager took her to the storage in Area C. His face was facing the recognizer, and the wide metal door quickly slid open. There were no windows here. It was all illuminated by the roof light. The walls were made of metal and looked firm. Indestructible.

“I’m here, you can go in.”

The manager was standing by the door. There was a door inside, and walking in was where the safe was stored.

Ana Lin said to the bodyguard beside him, “You are waiting for me here.”


She walked in by herself and found safe No. 08 in the innermost position.

She took a deep breath before reaching out to press the code.

When the last number was pressed, only the click of unlocking was heard. No accident, the safe opened and Ana Lin opened the door.

Chapter 465

There is a paper bag in it.

She reached out and took out the entanglement of the seal, took out the contents inside, two envelopes, on which they were written, To Brother Foster] The other one was not signed. The moment she opened the safe, she was in no mood. Fluctuate until you see these two letters.

Her brows wrinkled tightly, and her hands shook unconsciously.

To my brother Foster Wen is enough to show that this woman is Wen Xian.

She suppressed her emotions and continued to take the contents inside, which was a document, the JK equity book.

She has never heard of this group, but from the perspective of shares, although this group is also a shareholding system, there are very few members, because this shareholding book accounts for 80%.

With a click, a small object fell out of the file bag.

She lowered her head and saw a small delicate pendant with hollowed out, rolling on her feet. She squatted down and picked it up. She found that it was the one that could be opened. She pressed her nails against the gap and snapped it open. Inside was a big picture of a picture. Although very small, the facial features of the person inside are very clear. The woman has long black hair and the facial features are delicate, and her eyebrows are somewhat similar to her.

But most of them are more like the man next to her.

The man is juicy and heroic. He looks weak and pathologically beautiful. He is stubborn and tough without losing the man’s fortitude. If you don’t look at those dark and bottomless eyes like a dry well, it will make people think that this is a simple long. Very beautiful man.

Ana Lin thought to herself, this is the man who makes Wen Xian have a soft spot.

Maybe I haven’t seen them with my own eyes. Although there are fluctuations in my heart, they are not profound and shallow.

At this time, she found that the pendant was made of the same material as her necklace. She took out the necklace from her pocket and, sure enough, it was a matching pendant. The pendant just fits into the chain.

She put the things in the file bag, put them in the safe first, tore the unsigned envelope, unfolded the folded letter paper, and the graceful handwriting quickly appeared before her eyes.

Hello Xin Yan.

I don’t know if you can read this letter. I don’t want you to see it subconsciously, but I want you to see it. At least I know who I am and who your father is. I don’t want you to see it. Growing up in a healthy family is nothing like ordinary people.

I really want to see you grow up like me or him, but I want you to be healthy and safe.

Those in the file bag are what we leave for you. If you encounter difficulties, you can go to a person named Gibson Shao, who will help you and protect you.

If you can read this letter, I believe you must have experienced something, otherwise Ida will not tell you.

If you hear anything bad about your father, don’t believe that he is a good person.

I am Wenxian, your mother, and your father, Zhuang Ziyi, but not many people know this name. It is enough for you to know this identity.

Thousands of words can only say sorry, giving birth to you, but can not raise you, but we love you, love you very much.

I have always believed that you are a gift branded by God. When your life comes, I can’t restrain my inner joy. You are my offspring and the imprint of us in this world.

May all happiness, all joy, all warmth, all good luck, always surround you.

———————————————————— Wen Xian] Pata, a tear fell on the letter paper, she has no heartache, no resentment, and no hatred. I don’t know why, look. Tears flowed out afterwards.

Not under your own control.

“Miss Lin, are you still inside?”

Ana Lin went in for too long, and the manager shouted at the door.

She wiped away tears quickly, and responded, “Yes, I’ll be out soon.”

She put everything into the file bag, closed the door of the safe, and walked out with the file bag. Her expression was very pale, and she said to the bodyguard, “Let’s go.”

The manager escorted her out, “Call me anytime if you need to.”

Ana Lin glanced back at him, “I don’t want anyone to know about my coming here.”

The manager laughed, “This is okay. Protecting the privacy of customers is also the purpose of our service.”

Ana Lin nodded gently, the bodyguard opened the door for her, and she bent over to enter.

She held her chin and looked out the car window, “Someone asked, what did I do today, do you know how to answer?”

The bodyguard drove the car and looked back at her. He knew what she meant, but he didn’t know how to make excuses.

“Why don’t you give me a reason.”

“Someone asked, they said I went to the clothing store.”

She looked outside. It was raining heavily yesterday, and the sun was shining today, but the sadness that hung in her heart never disappeared.

She lowered her eyes lightly, looked at the things in her hand, and after hesitating, she ordered the bodyguard to go to Wen’s house.

Regarding Danna Cheng’s affairs, she wanted to ask Foster Wen personally.

This is very important to her.

The bodyguard was a little worried, “Don’t you need to tell Zong?”

Ana Lin raised his eyebrows, pretending to be angry, “Why, my words are useless, are they?”

The bodyguard hurriedly explained, “No, I’m afraid you are in danger, I can’t explain.”

“Don’t worry, he won’t do anything to me.”

She has a faint tone, but her heart is filled with anxiety and anxiety.

The identity of Wen Xian’s daughter has already caused her a lot of trouble. If Foster Wen was the culprit who killed Danna Cheng, she didn’t know how to face Phillip Zong.

Soon the car stopped at the gate of the community, where cars generally couldn’t get in, and the guards were strict. Ana Lin called Roman Li.

Roman Li was not at home, and he was drinking with Long Pang Pang. Because of what Foster Wen did, he couldn’t face it, so he was simply not at home as before.

He was very surprised when he received Ana Lin’s call, “Sister-in-law.”

“I’m at the gate of your house, can you come out?”

Roman Li cheered up, “Why did you go to my house?

Are you with my brother? “

“No, I’m alone. Come out and the gatekeeper at the gate of the community won’t let in.”

“I’m not at home.”

Roman Li put down his wine glass and walked out. Long Pangpang chased him out, “Where are you going again? Didn’t you say that you have come back to pick up work?

Have you changed your mind again? “

The heat is almost going down.

Do you want to get hot?

! Roman Li was impatient and looked back at him, “I have something right now.”

Ana Lin went to the house alone, he was worried, Foster Wen wondered if she would make things difficult for her.

He must go back.

“I promised you, I will definitely do it. Can I solve the problem first?”

Roman Li used the last trace of patience.

Fatty Long stood where he was, not catching up. Knowing his temper, he sighed and went back to drink boring wine by himself.

Ana Lin lowered his eyelashes slightly, “I give the phone to the guard, can you talk to him?”

Roman Li got into the car and said yes.

Ana Lin gave the doorman the cell phone he was talking on, and only let him know that he was going to the Wen’s house.

When he arrived at the door of Wen’s house, Ana Lin put the document bag into the bag, pushed the door and got out of the car, “You wait for me here.”

The bodyguard was worried, “But…” Ana Lin emphasized, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

The bodyguard could only listen to her and stay, Ana Lin walked over by herself and rang the doorbell.

It took a while for the door to open, and when she saw Ana Lin, Li Jing was taken aback, then turned her back and smiled and said, “Come in quickly.”

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