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Chapter 332

Wayne Lin is stunned, this is a coincidence!

And he would never have thought of killing him. A woman like Ouyang Yanran would actually wear the underwear of cartoon characters?

This is very contrary to Ouyang Yanran’s image!

Ouyang Yanran saw Wayne Lin’s gaze, her face flushed suddenly, angry and annoyed, she quickly picked up her legs, picked up a stone on the ground and threw it on Wayne Lin’s face, cursing:” Smelly hooligan! Hurry up and close your dog eyes!!”

Wayne Lin was stunned, the master of the dignified Innate Realm hadn’t escaped the stone, but he was hit on the forehead with a bang.

He finally reacted, and quickly closed his eyes, then turned around, looking at indecent assault.

But the picture in my mind is lingering. No way, it was really shocking. I didn’t expect people like Ouyang Yanran to wear such cute clothes.

“Cough!” He coughed twice and said solemnly, “Don’t worry, I haven’t seen anything.”

When Ouyang Yanran heard his words, her face flushed suddenly, and she wished to kill Wayne Lin immediately!

Now her nose is a little sour, and her heart is particularly aggrieved and ashamed. She has grown up so much, how could she be taken advantage of by others like this? Even her boyfriend who has been with her for more than three years is just holding hands with her. Besides, I haven’t been in intimate behavior, let alone seen her there.

But now, it was so ashamed to be shown by Wayne Lin, she wanted to find a place to sew in.

Now she tried to get up, but it was too painful. Just now, in a panic, she had her ankles swollen. After a while, her feet were already swollen, and it was particularly painful whenever she moved.

Now she was trying hard to get up. Just as her injured right foot was exerting force, a piercing pain passed over, and she fell down again with a cry. Originally, hera*sfell so painfully just now, but now that she fell again, it was so painful that tears were streaming out.

She has always been a very strong woman, her personality is particularly cold and arrogant, she is cold and indifferent to everyone, and loves face, but she has never been embarrassed like she is today. She can imagine how embarrassed she is now.

Wayne Lin heard that she fell again and couldn’t help but said, “Hey, are you okay? Do you want to help you get up?”

Ouyang Yanran was very irritable when she heard his voice, especially upset, and cursed in embarrassment: “Who wants you to help? Get out of here!”

Yes, the dog bites Lu Dongbin and does not know good people.

Anyway, Wayne Lin’s responsibilities have been fulfilled, and now that Ouyang Yanran has driven him away, he has no need to stay.

When Ouyang Yanran saw that he was really going to ask, she was gnashing her teeth with anger, and she scolded Wayne Lin countless times in her heart. She had no demeanor and was not a man!

It’s her boyfriend who is super gentle to her!

Wayne Lin walked some distance, and the stray dogs that had been driven into the alley popped up again, staring at her with blue light in their eyes, which was very frightening.

Ouyang Yanran’s face paled again. She had been particularly afraid of dogs since she was a child, and now she was shivering with fear.

She quickly picked up some stones on the ground, threw them at the stray dogs, and shouted: “Go! Go!”

However, her behavior angered these stray dogs even more.

Started to pounce.

Now Ouyang Yanran screamed even more panic, her body trembling badly.

Wayne Lin, who was not far away, saw this scene, he shook his head helplessly, and sighed. What bad luck he had today, he would encounter this kind of thing. If he had known it earlier, he would not take this path anymore, and he would not be able to see.

Now Ouyang Yanran is in trouble, he can’t save him, he still has to go back and save this girl.

His figure flashed and disappeared in place. The next moment he reappeared in front of Ouyang Yanran, with a cold snort, the majesty on his body exuded, these stray dogs were suddenly scared and screamed, and they ran away as if they were fleeing.

Just kidding, how terrible his aura is now, let alone a few stray dogs, even tigers and lions will retreat when they see him, or they will die.

When Ouyang Yanran saw these stray dogs running away again, she was visibly stunned. After a while, she relaxed and gasped for breath! She was really going to be scared to death just now, as if she had walked in hell, and now she is back to the world.

Wayne Lin was really helpless when she saw her pale face, and even a few stray dogs were frightened like this.

He said angrily: “I think you should call your family and send a bodyguard to pick you up.”

Ouyang Yanran came back to her senses. She looked at Wayne Lin with a more complicated look, which was very grateful. Even if she was unreasonable, she knew that Wayne Lin had saved her twice just now.

“Can you help me up first?” Ouyang Yanran gritted her teeth and said embarrassedly.

She lowered her head, dare not look into Wayne Lin’s eyes.

No way, it’s not that she has a good impression of Wayne Lin, but that she really can’t get up and can only rely on Wayne Lin’s strength. As for calling the bodyguard, it was too late, and besides, it was still on the road. Passersby passed by from time to time. If she saw her like this, she would be more embarrassed, so she had to ask Wayne Lin to help her up.

Wayne Lin smiled when she saw her like this, and deliberately teased her, “Didn’t you just let Wen go? Why did you want me to help you up again?”

“You!!!” Ouyang Yanran was very angry when she heard this. She has always been a goddess, and all the men around her are not flattering, flattering, and flattering, for fear of making her angry. This Wayne Lin is good, long She is not handsome at all, and dare to tease her!

“Then you get out!” Ouyang Yanran scolded angrily.

“Okay, that’s what you said, I’m leaving, you can wait slowly. To remind you, there are many ants and centipedes, and they will crawl on you later.” Wayne Lin intentionally scared her, like this The princess’s unpleasant princess should treat her temper.

Sure enough, after Ouyang Yanran heard this, she immediately turned pale with fright, shivering, and hurriedly shouted: “You wait, don’t go!!”

Wayne Lin deliberately didn’t respond to her, waiting for her to turn back.

Sure enough, she also turned her head, “Don’t go…er…”

When she turned around, she saw Wayne Lin bending over, looking at her with a smile but a smile. At the moment she was gritted her teeth with anger. She didn’t even know that Wayne Lin was kidding her!

It’s too much. From childhood to adulthood, whoever is the man by her side is not rushing to coax her, no one dares to tease her!

This damn Wayne Lin!

It must not be a man! !

Chapter 333

What a character Wayne Lin, he saw Ouyang Yanran’s expression, he knew what she was thinking, and smiled and said, “What’s wrong? Miss Ouyang?”

Ouyang Yanran felt aggrieved, her nose was sour, she had fallen like this, Wayne Lin was still laughing at her! I really don’t know how Grandpa and Dad thought of letting her marry such a man!

“You!!” Ouyang Yanran didn’t collapse, her eyes were really red and she cried.

Wayne Lin was stunned. He was just joking with Ouyang Yanran, without any other meaning, and Ouyang Yanran cried? This is too fragile.

But he is also a man who can’t stand women crying, and quickly said: “Okay, OK, let me help you get up. I didn’t say what you were crying, I just made a joke with you, didn’t you feel it?”

When Ouyang Yanran heard Wayne Lin say this, she became even more aggrieved and angry. When has she been so angry! When he slapped Wayne Lin’s outstretched hand, he scolded angrily: “Get out of the way, I don’t need your help anymore, you annoying fellow, Zhu Bajie!”

Wayne Lin was speechless. Now a few passersby walked by. Hearing the movement, they looked over and pointed at him, thinking that he had bullied Ouyang Yanran. He scratched his head and said, “I’m kidding you. , Okay, the ground is dirty, and ants are really crawling over. It will be no good to crawl on you when the time comes.”

“Smelly hooligan!” Ouyang Yanran cursed.

Wayne Lin is even more daunted, why is he rogue again? Aren’t you kindly helping her? Soon, he also realized what Ouyang Yanran meant, that he had misunderstood that ants would climb on her ass. This is really a big mistake, he doesn’t mean to molest Ouyang Yanran!

But thinking about it carefully, it seems that there is nothing wrong. Now Ouyang Yanran is wearing a skirt and sitting on the ground. There are really ants coming over, and it is really a’gangster’ Ouyang Yanran.

“Ahem!” Wayne Lin hurriedly coughed and said, “You misunderstood what I meant, I didn’t mean that. Okay, get up quickly, someone is looking at you, and they all think I bullied you. .”

Ouyang Yanran let her go, staring at Wayne Lin and cursing: “What misunderstanding is that you bullied me! When I go back, I must tell Grandpa that you bullied me and played hooligans on me!”

Wayne Lin was going to be confused on the spot. Whatever the situation, when did he play hooligans on her.

“Hey, is it good for you to be reasonable? When did I play a rogue to you? I have never touched you from start to finish.” Wayne Lin said angrily.

“I don’t care, anyway, you are playing a rogue to me!”

Wayne Lin was also angry. This Ouyang Yanran was too stubborn and didn’t make sense at all. It was obviously that he saved her, but was bitten back, “Sit down, then you just sit down, I won’t serve you anymore. .”

Ouyang Yanran was a little frightened when she saw Wayne Lin was really going to leave, but she was also a very serious person, gritting her teeth and no longer willing to ask Wayne Lin.

But at this moment, she suddenly felt a few ants crawling over, itchy. She was so scared that she screamed, completely reflexively grabbing Wayne Lin’s clothes, and leaping on Wayne Lin.” Ah! There are ants!!”

Wayne Lin was about to leave. One was accidentally caught by Ouyang Yanran and almost lost his center of gravity. Fortunately, his reaction speed was so fast that he instantly stabilized his center of gravity and didn’t pounce on Ouyang Yanran, otherwise he would really jump into the Yellow River. I can’t clean it!

Ouyang Yanran grabbed Wayne Lin and wanted to stand up, but her feet were too badly pierced, and the pain was so painful after a little effort. Seeing that she was about to fall again, Wayne Lin hurriedly hugged her waist and took her And hug


In an instant the beauty came into her arms, Wayne Lin smelled the scent of the young girl from Ouyang Yanran, especially when they both wore thin, so tightly pressed together, feeling Ouyang Yanran’s wonderful figure, Wayne Lin suddenly felt swing.

Ouyang Yanran was terribly scared. She had always loved cleaning since she was a child, so she was very afraid of these snakes, insects, rats, and ants. In addition, her right foot was injured, which would hug Wayne Lin tightly without any barriers in between.

She quickly patted her buttocks and patted the ants away. It was disgusting.

However, when she moved like this, Wayne Lin suffered.

“Hey, I said, can you not hug me so tightly, my neck will be cut off by you.” Wayne Lin said irritably, now he is also very big, Ouyang Yanran is hugging him so intimately , If you are seen by others, you really can’t be washed away by jumping into the Yellow River.

After hearing Wayne Lin’s words, Ouyang Yanran finally reacted. She screamed out of control and immediately pushed Wayne Lin away.

But she had forgotten that she was disabled. This push pushed her away, hurt her foot again, and started to fall again.

Wayne Lin looked at her stupid look, she was really going to be convinced, this Ouyang Yanran was really stupid. In desperation, Wayne Lin had to hug her waist again without letting her fall.

“I said you can stop me?” Wayne Lin said with a black face, he was really speechless to Ouyang Yanran.

Ouyang Yanran also knew that it was her own problem just now. She is now being held by Wayne Lin, she is very close, and she can clearly feel the breath passing from Wayne Lin, making her blush and flustered. You must know that she and her boyfriend have been in love for several years, and they have never been so close. Moreover, Wayne Lin is also in good shape and has strong arms.

She couldn’t hold her face and said, “What are you doing so fiercely to me? I didn’t mean it.”

I have to say that Ouyang Yanran is still very beautiful, she is already slim at the age of twenty, and if she has a better personality, she is still quite feminine.

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes and was about to speak. At this moment, there was a loud shout from not far away: “Hey! What are you doing! How dare you be a gangster to my girlfriend, I will kill you!!”

I saw a handsome young man wearing fashionable clothes with very thick bangs. The image of the whole Korean version of small fresh meat. He was still holding a bunch of flowers. He happened to see Wayne Lin hugging Ouyang Yanran. His eyes were red and full of anger, he threw the flowers fiercely, and rushed over.

The momentum was menacing, and from his running posture, it could be seen that he had the foundation for martial arts training. He suddenly punched out, with fast speed and strength, and he actually had the strength of a master realm. This was not easy.

If you change to an ordinary person, you will definitely not be able to avoid this punch. Once you get hit, you will definitely get injured.

But for Wayne Lin, it was too pediatrics, and Wayne Lin took it easy and escaped.

The opponent was still unwilling to let go, and kicked again, making a particularly vicious move, kicking directly on Wayne Lin’s head. This was a terrible play.

Wayne Lin’s eyes instantly chilled.

At this time, Ouyang Yanran reacted, she shouted loudly: “Bin Bai! Stop it!!”

Laibinbai’s expression was angry, and he didn’t stop his hands. He still kicked Wayne Lin’s head. How could Wayne Lin let him kick him? He kicked his feet at will, and then hit the left leg on which Lai Binbai was standing. Bai lost his center of gravity, exclaimed, and fell to the ground hard.

Chapter 334

This time, Laibinbai smashed hard, hisa*ssquashed, and the pain made him grin.

As a result, his hatred towards Wayne Lin became even heavier. He struggled to get up, and said coldly: “It turns out that I’m still a practitioner, and dare to wipe my woman’s oil. I think you are impatient!”

He moved his muscles and bones, and the joints on his body made a clicking sound, matching the cold and angry expression on his face, it looked quite scary.

Wayne Lin frowned slightly, he was a little unhappy. Just now, he didn’t put a heavy hand on this guy for Ouyang Yanran’s sake. This guy was fine, he didn’t know how to advance or retreat, and he dared to continue to fight him.

Anyway, Wayne Lin is also a person with a face and a face, and working with a master-level ant is really detrimental to his reputation.

Ouyang Yanran quickly said: “Lai Binbai, what are you talking nonsense, stop me! He is my friend, if it wasn’t him, I would have been bitten by a group of stray dogs!”

When Laibinbai heard Ouyang Yanran’s words, he had to stop, and said concerned: “What? There are stray dogs? Are you all right now!”

Speaking of Lai Binbai, I was about to help Ouyang Yanran, but at this moment, Ouyang Yanran made a move that both Lai Binbai and Wayne Lin were surprised. Ouyang Yanran actually retracted her hand and did not accept Lai Binbai. He helped, shook his head and said, “I’m fine, all the stray dogs have been driven away.”

At the moment Lai Binbai’s face became gloomy, and the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely. Ouyang Yanran’s action was clearly slapped in the face! He is also Ouyang Yanran’s genuine boyfriend anyway. In order to pursue Ouyang Yanran, I don’t know how much effort and money it took to catch Ouyang Yanran. As a result, after a few years, Ouyang Yanran at most just held hands with him, except for that. There is no other intimate action outside, even the mouth has never been kissed!

And now, Ouyang Yanran, who is bingqingyujie, is so close to another man, half of them are stuck to him! He used to help Ouyang Yanran over and was rejected. Where can he put his face!

Ouyang Yanran also realized that her actions just now hurt Laibinbai’s heart, but she herself didn’t understand why she did such a conditioned reflex action just now?

In fact, Wayne Lin’s temperament has an invisible attraction to women, and Ouyang Yanran unknowingly relaxes her vigilance towards him, and even has a sense of security that she hasn’t noticed.

“Bin Bai, don’t get me wrong. He and I are not the kind of relationship you imagined. Just now I had my feet tied, so he came and helped me.” Ouyang Yanran explained, but she was cold by nature, and this explanation didn’t seem too great. The great sincerity, on the contrary, is not salty or indifferent.

And after she finished explaining, she still hadn’t left Wayne Lin. How could Lai Binbai believe what she said, and why wouldn’t she be angry?

But he just gritted his teeth and didn’t vent, nodded, and said with a smile: “Is that right? Actually, you don’t need to explain so much, how can I not believe you.”

Ouyang Yanran frowned slightly, Lai Binbai’s performance made her very dissatisfied, she clearly did not trust her!

Wayne Lin was very busy. He didn’t want to get caught between the two of them, so he just stabilized Ouyang Yanran, let him go, and said, “Ouyang Yanran, since your boyfriend is here, then I won’t bother you, let me first gone.”

Ouyang Yanran nodded, and wanted to say thank you to Wayne Lin, but Wayne Lin didn’t give her this opportunity, she had already turned around and left, which made her angry.


“Who is that man, why haven’t I seen it before?” Lai Binbai went over to support Ouyang Yanran, and said obviously with dissatisfaction and jealousy.

“His name is Wayne Lin, a friend of my grandfather’s.” Ouyang Yanran explained faintly, she frowned slightly, not satisfied with Lai Binbai’s attitude, obviously just because she didn’t trust her.

Laibinbai immediately expressed doubts, “Your grandfather’s friend? Impossible, I think this man is less than thirty years old, right?”

Ouyang Yanran frowned deeper, and said dissatisfied: “Lai Binbai, what are you trying to say, do you believe me? I explained to you, I am very innocent with him, not what you think. !”

Because of Ouyang Yanran’s attitude, Laibinbai also became annoyed. He snorted heavily and said, “Hehe, it’s not what I imagined? Then you want to talk about what I imagined? Ouyang Yanran , We have been together for three years, you at most let me hold hands, other than that, there is no close relationship! And you and him just now, both hug each other, your chest is pressed against him …”


Ouyang Yanran slapped Laibinbai’s face, “Lai Binbai, you disappointed me too much! I have been with you for three years, don’t you know what kind of person I am? Now just because of just now You don’t believe me anymore?”

Reibinbai received this slap in the face, his face became more gloomy, and the corners of his mouth were constantly twitching.

For so many years, Ouyang Yanran hasn’t let him touch him. He has a grievance with Ouyang Yanran. Now it is Ouyang Yanran who behaved intimately with other men and betrayed him. Instead, the wicked complained and slapped him!

Anyway, he is also the school grass in the university. There are no less than hundreds of women who pursue him. As long as he hooks his fingers casually, he doesn’t know how many women will lie down, begging him to pamper him!

Ouyang Yanran saw Lai Binbai’s expression and was a little frightened. She quickly distanced herself from Lai Binbai and said vigilantly: “Lai Binbai, what do you want to do! I warn you, don’t mess around.”

Laibinbai was very angry. If it were for another woman, he would have long since slapped it and announced his breakup. But this person is Ouyang Yanran, the daughter of the Ouyang family, rich and powerful, and looks so beautiful, he is really reluctant to score. So he was very angry now, so he had to swallow it alive, thinking in his heart that when Ouyang Yanran was taken down in the future, he must retaliate severely on the bed!

So he took a deep breath, showed an apologetic smile, slapped himself, and sincerely apologized: “Yan Ran, I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I care about you too much. I see you with other men. It’s like a needle stick, so I misunderstood you. I hope you can forgive me, can you?”

Ouyang Yanran’s heart softened immediately. She had been in love with Lai Binbai for so long, and she was still very affectionate for Lai Binbai. Her tone of voice was also relaxed a lot, and she said, “Well, I was also impulsive just now. You slapped me, I’m sorry. But Wayne Lin and I are innocent. You can rest assured about this.”

Laibinbai smiled, nodded and said, “Well, I believe you, we won’t fight anymore, okay?”

“it is good.”

Laibinbai said softly: “Your foot is injured. I will send you to the hospital for treatment.”

Ouyang Yanran nodded and agreed. She felt much warmer in her heart. Li Binbai still believed her, indicating that the love between them was very strong and could stand the test.

It’s just that she didn’t notice that when Laibinbai lowered his head, strong yin and anger flashed in his eyes…

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