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Chapter 305

There were other people in the branch who heard the report from their subordinates, and they laughed and said: “Hahaha, a movie maker comes to visit the dock? I think it’s funny!”

“I’ve heard about Michelle Media. Entertainment companies have signed a lot of celebrities. What’s the name of the martial arts celebrity who was very popular before? The Wing Chun performers have all gone to foreign countries. Bring these martial arts stars over to the pier.”

“Hahaha, don’t tell me, it’s really possible. These stars are killing all around in the movie. Maybe they have confidence in themselves in reality and want to get a share of the security.”

“Then the relationship is good, I have taught anyone from all directions, and I haven’t played a celebrity yet, but I have to see if these celebrities resist being beaten.”

“Lao Zhou, I advise you to stay a little longer, just punch these stars to death without punching them.”


In the hall, it caused a wave of wanton ridicule.

It’s not that they are arrogant, but the facts are like this. They are all masters who have practiced martial arts since they were young, with outstanding records, first-class masters, and most of them are masters. Some of them are master masters and fight a few martial arts stars. It makes no difference if an adult bullies a child.

They agreed that Wayne Lin and the others were purely teasing with the idea of ​​a cat and a mouse.

Wayne Lin and others walked in under such a mocking voice.

Since he broke through the innate realm, the sensitivity of his senses has greatly improved, and he has heard the ridicule of these people as early as outside.

These ridicules didn’t cause any waves in his heart for him, and even thought he wanted to laugh.

But the group of people who came with him heard these ridicules, and they all became angry, especially Xu Hua. An anger came from the soles of his feet, making his hair stand up!

But when they came in, they saw Yan Chuang and the others in the room, and their anger was half suppressed. They immediately realized that these were strong people, not ordinary people.

“Mr. Yan, they are from Ziqiong Media. They said that they would open a security company in Huarvell and come to visit the pier specially.” The reporting staff then said to Damon Wang, “This is Mr. Yan from the North Sky Club. You are only eligible to open a security company in Hwadrid if you can get the consent of Mr. Yan.”

Yan Chuang Jindao Dama sat there, his body is not particularly burly, he is about 1.75 meters tall, but his looks are very fierce, with a thick beard on his face, his eyes are very big, and his eyes are piercing. Sitting there, the aura exuded is very big, and you know it is a big brother at a glance.

He quickly scanned Wayne Lin’s group of people, wanting to see if there were any real masters.

But he glanced around, and he didn’t find any masters worthy of fear. The most powerful, that is, the realm of masters, there was no need for him to act.

As for Wayne Lin, it was the lowest profile inside. His gaze didn’t even stop on Wayne Lin, and he simply ignored him.

But he didn’t know that when he was looking at others, Wayne Lin was also looking at him, and he could see that Yan Chuang was a master at the pinnacle of the acquired, that is, the realm of the master, and he was very strong, and he should have swallowed the marrow pill. , It just didn’t survive.

It seems that the North Sky Club is indeed powerful, and the principal of a branch is the master master, not simple.

Damon Wang seemed to know Yan Chuang. He took a step forward and said with a smile: “Mr. Yan, we want to open a security company in Hwadrid. Please also Yan Zongcheng.”

Yan Chuang picked up his teacup and drank tea slowly

After more than ten seconds, he said: “I said, Lao Wang, you have done a good job in film and television. Why do you suddenly want to grab business with me? How deep is the security line? I know.”

Damon Wang said quickly: “Let’s expand our business. Now Ziqiong Media is developing well and has offended many people. Therefore, our chairman wants to become a security company and is responsible for our own personal safety. Mr. Yan, you grabbed business.”

Yan Chuang frowned again and said, “You don’t have to set up a security company if you want to protect your own people. It’s better if you cooperate with me. The bodyguards of the North Sky Club are well-known professionals in the industry, and they are no better than you. Starting a security company is much better.”

Damon Wang had no choice but to smile and said, “This is actually what our chairman meant.”

Yan Chuang raised his brows, his eyes narrowed, and his tone was a little uncomfortable, he said, “Oh, it seems that the chairman of Michelle Media has a big appetite. A Teng Yue advertising company just opened a while ago, and now it’s less than a month. , I’m going to intervene in security again. So, I’m very interested in your chairman of Ziqiong Media. I wonder if he’s here yet?”

Yan Chuang’s gaze crossed everyone’s faces again, and now his posture was particularly high. When he mentioned Chairman Zi Qiong, he was not polite, as if he was talking about a little brother.

But isn’t it? It’s been a while since Damon Wang and others have arrived, and no one has arranged seats for them. Everyone is still standing, and the attitude can be said to be extremely arrogant.

Damon Wang immediately pointed to Wayne Lin next to him and said, “Mr. Yan, this is Wayne Lin, the chairman of Ziqiong Media.”

At this moment, not only Yan Chuang, all the eyes of the Beitianhui were on Wayne Lin.

Yan Chuang obviously froze for a moment, expressing serious suspicion, and said, “Pharaoh, are you sure this kid is your chairman?”

Yan Chuang pointed at Wayne Lin in this way, and could no longer be described as arrogant, but contempt. He did not put Wayne Lin in his eyes at all, and even thought that Damon Wang was joking with him.

But isn’t it? Wayne Lin looks only in his twenties, and he doesn’t have the slightest aura on him. How ordinary is as ordinary as he is. How can such a person be the chairman of Ziqiong Media?

Not to mention that Wayne Lin is already very famous in the business circle of Huarvell, but there are not many people who have really seen him. People like Yan Chuang have never seen him.

Yan Chuang knows that Zi Qiong Media is a very profitable entertainment company, but the chairman of Zi Qiong does not understand it. In his perception, a person who can sit in this position is at least a very aura. A steady middle-aged person, how could he be a kid in his twenties.

Damon Wang came out with cold sweat on his forehead. With Yan Chuang’s contemptuous gesture, the chairman would definitely be angry, and he didn’t dare to provoke Yan Chuang. He was caught between the two big men. It was very uncomfortable and he had to bear his scalp. , Hurriedly explained: “President Yan, why would I be joking with you, he is really our chairman.”

After speaking, Damon Wang looked at Wayne Lin for help, hoping that Wayne Lin would come out and say something by himself.

Wayne Lin didn’t make Damon Wang embarrassed, and it was indeed in this situation that Damon Wang was beyond his control.

He stood up and said: “Hello, Mr. Yan, I am the chairman of Ziqiong Media and my surname is Lin.”

Wayne Lin took the initiative to stretch out his hand to shake hands with Yan Chuang, but Yan Chuang didn’t bother him. He just ignored him. He didn’t give any face, even tilted his head, and said in an unkind tone: “Who approves you in Hwadrid City? Have you ever asked me if you opened a security company?”

No one could tell that Yan Chuang was giving Wayne Lin his power.

Chapter 306

As Yan Chuang’s words fell, the surrounding air suddenly became stiff and the atmosphere became tense.

Damon Wang’s cold sweat came out from his forehead, and now he even started to regret it. From the very beginning, he should try his best to dissuade Wayne Lin from entering the security industry, so that there would be no offending and violent attack.

To be honest, compared to Wayne Lin, Damon Wang was even more afraid to rush! After all, Yan Chuang was a high-ranking member of the North Sky Club, and he was in charge of one branch. The most important thing is that Bei Tian will be difficult to provoke. They are all martial arts uniforms, and they may slap him in the face if they are unhappy.

Seeing Wayne Lin being insulted, Xu Hua just wanted to laugh. He was very proud and gloated. Aren’t you arrogant as the big boss of Ziqiong Media? Why are you so persuaded in front of others.

Immediately other people from the Northern Sky Club followed one step forward, surrounded Wayne Lin and others, staring at them.

In an instant, Xu Hua’s face changed, everyone felt the tremendous pressure, his muscles tightened, and his breathing became quicker.

At this moment, Wayne Lin laughed, Yan Chuang’s arrogance was in his expectation, and he would not be angry at all. He said that he came to worship the dock today, rather than he came to declare war. He actually came to declare war. How could he be angry?

It’s just that he was a little surprised. Looking at Yan Chuang’s reaction, he didn’t seem to know that he and Gu Hanxing had an enemy?

It seems that Gu Hanxing felt ashamed of this matter and didn’t tell the others in the North Sky Club?

It doesn’t matter, anyway, he will have a fight with Gu Hanxing someday.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s smile in the face of his coercion, Yan Chuang was a little surprised, and at the same time he became even more annoyed. His face turned black and coldly said, “Do you think it’s funny?”

The smile on Wayne Lin’s face remained unchanged, and said, “Mr. Yan, I am not here to worship you at the dock. This is the rule that you will make in Beitian. Why did you ask me in turn. Did you mean it? , Do you want me to ask you on the phone?”

When Damon Wang heard this, the cold sweat on his forehead became more severe, almost his legs were shaking, and he was wailing in his heart, Chairman, my father, I beg you to say a few words, Yan Chuang is a ruthless person. So offended!

Mr. Yan got up from his chair and stared at Wayne Lin badly. Then he laughed loudly and said loudly, “What a good chairman Ziqiong, young people are so courageous. An entertainment company is actually too brave. I want to intervene in security! Well, if you brought so many people here, you must also understand the rules of my Northern Sky Club. Okay, since you want to join this industry, then you can do something!”

Wayne Lin kept a smile and said, “Okay, then follow the rules of your Northern Sky Conference. If my people beat yours, even if they pass the test, how about it.”

“No problem.” Yan Chuang grinned, revealing a brilliant but cold smile, which made people creepy.

Then he sat down again, pointed at someone casually, and said, “Big bear, come on, show this mob to see how good our North Sky Club is, and tell them with his fist that the security business is not about stinky fish or shrimp. Can intervene!”

“Yes, Mr. Yan!”

A burly man with a height of over 1.9 meters walked out, his body was full of strong muscles, he belonged to that kind of heavyweight player.

He was like an iron tower, standing there, looking at Xu Hua and others with contempt, and said: “Which one of you will go first.”

Many people felt his aura and their complexions changed, knowing that it was a hard stubble, and it was not so easy to deal with. Now they understand why Wayne Lin was so generous yesterday, and it is not easy for them to visit the dock today.

“Why, don’t you dare to come? Even you mobs, dare to intervene in the security field? What a joke!” The tower man was full of disdain, and gave them a thumbs down taunt.

This action

It directly irritated many people. They were all bloody martial arts practitioners. Their tempers were relatively violent. Wherever they could bear this kind of grievance, there was a fierce-tempered practitioner who strode out and said loudly: “You are arrogant, I will meet you!”

This is a boxer about forty years old. His horse trot is very solid. There are obvious calluses on the joints of both fists. The temples are slightly folded, and the eyes are particularly energetic. Now it seems that there are two fires burning in the pupils. He is a very good person.

However, when the Iron Tower man saw him, he laughed disdainfully, shook his head and said, “You can’t do it, you are too weak.”

The middle-aged boxer became even more angry, snorted heavily, gritted his teeth and said, “Is it okay? I’ll know it after hitting it!”

Then he took a posture and took the initiative to attack the tower man.

“Huh, overwhelming.” The tower man sneered, and when the middle-aged boxer rushed over, he easily shot, just one punch. The speed was very fast and the strength was also very strong. He directly hit the middle-aged boxer’s. With a bang on his cheek, the middle-aged boxer fell to the ground and was directly hit.

This scene made everyone in Wayne Lin’s camp nervous and panicked.

Wayne Lin also shook his head, disappointed with the group of people that Damon Wang had found.

Yan Chuang was very calm, with no waves on his face, and drinking tea leisurely, foreseeing that Wayne Lin’s people would be vulnerable.

The tower man continued to scan the crowd and said, “Next, who will come.”

In view of his strength, the people who were originally high in fighting spirit bowed their heads one by one and did not dare to go out easily. They were here to make money, not to be beaten.

“Why, I’m all scared? Didn’t you say that you want to open a security company or come to visit the wharf, and you are so cowardly? I advise you to just go back and eat milk.” The iron tower man mocked his strength.

Many people are very annoyed, but they dare not come up to fight easily.

At this time, the young and energetic Xu Hua couldn’t help it. He roared, jumped out, and said majesticly: “I’m coming!”

Xu Hua put on a Bajiquan posture, and a fierce aura radiated from him, making the iron tower man’s originally despised expression a lot more solemn.

“Yeah, he’s still a master, good, good, kind of interesting.” The tower man twisted his neck, his face showed a hideous sneer, and then hooked his finger at Xu Hua to signal Xu Hua to attack first.

Xu Hua had already been angered, and couldn’t bear it. He immediately roared and started to rush towards the tower man, very fast, and the speed of his punches was also very strong.

Originally Bajiquan is based on strength and strength. As the saying goes, Tai Chi does not go out for three years and Baji beats people to death in one year.

The Iron Tower man put away his contempt and began to concentrate on facing the enemy. He didn’t feel as relaxed as he was just now. He played with Xu Hua back and forth.

Xu Hua was shorter than the opponent and didn’t have the advantage. After five minutes of fierce fighting, because his physical strength was a little bit unable to keep up, he was caught by the tower man, grabbed and fell heavily to the ground, almost fainted. Also lost combat effectiveness.

“Hey!” The tower man spit on Xu Hua, still made a thumbs down gesture, very arrogantly, stood up and said: “Garbage is garbage, all garbage.”

The rest of the people dared to be angry and did not dare to speak. They could see that this tower man was very good at fighting, and none of them were opponents. Today’s worship of the dock has already failed.

Xu Hua was vomiting blood when he was thrown, and he only felt like he was going to fall apart. The Tower Man had thrown away all his pride, and now he got up with difficulty, shivering.

Wayne Lin shook his head disappointed when he saw the performance of these people. Originally, he planned that these people could help him for a while, and he didn’t need to take action so early. Now it seems that his plan is going to fail.

Chapter 307

Yan Chuang smiled and said to Wayne Lin: “These people you brought don’t seem to be good enough. Even the weakest member of the Northern Sky Club can’t beat me. With your strength, what do you use for security? What to protect the employer, to influence with love? Haha.”

His words aroused a lot of ridicule from the Northern Sky Club.

Even Damon Wang’s face was hard to look like. He clenched his fists and blushed. Originally, he was a good-tempered person. At his age, he has experienced too many things, and his mentality has long been well relaxed and he is not easy to get angry. . But now Yan Chuang’s mockery made him involuntarily angry. If he had this strength, he would want to beat Yan Chuang severely!

But he didn’t dare to do this. At his level, he was afraid that he would be beaten to death.

Therefore, he is also increasingly unable to understand Wayne Lin, leaving good entertainment companies and advertising companies not to do it, and intervening in the security industry. This is not something that cultural people like them can do!

As for Xu Hua and the others, they were even more angry, all staring straight at them, and anger was about to burst out.

However, no matter how angry they were, they would not dare to play again, because they knew that they were beaten when they came out.

In the end, it was the bodyguard team led by Instructor Chen. In view of Damon Wang’s face, he sent a person to the court to give Wayne Lin a step down. In the end, he was punched by the tower man.

Damon Wang gritted his teeth, sighed for a long time, and said to Wayne Lin: “Chairman, I said that this road will not work. The security industry is too deep. It is impossible for us to get permission from the Beitian Association. Yes. Why not go back?”

Wayne Lin didn’t speak, frowned slightly, not knowing what he was thinking, Damon Wang couldn’t help feeling resentment when he saw him like this! I felt that Wayne Lin was too arrogant and never took his advice seriously.

Yan Chuang smiled and said: “Damon Wang, the security industry is not as simple as you think. It is not as easy to play as you have money. I advise you to go back and stop using security ideas. Fortunately, I will be in the branch today. I’m the one who’s in, if I changed to Gu Hanxing, I would have beaten you all before throwing it out.”

When Wayne Lin heard the name Gu Hanxing, his eyes flickered, and he said, “What is your relationship with Gu Hanxing?”

Yan Chuang glanced at him sideways and said, “What does it have to do with you. Now your people have lost, so hurry up and don’t try to protect yourself anymore, you know!”

Now everyone is looking at Wayne Lin, watching a joke, including Xu Hua and others.

That’s right, you Wayne Lin is chairman Ziqiong, very rich, billions of dollars in net worth, but what about it? Isn’t it the same as being a grandson or being mocked? And in front of so many people, the face lost even more!

Xu Hua Wayne Lin comments on maximum, he thought Wayne Lin was his rival, not a good thing, he was just the man to beat Tower, purely LinWayne provoke the disaster, the more beaten see Wayne Lin, the more happy for him.

However, at this moment, Wayne Lin smiled, “Who said that my people have lost?”

Yan Chuang said: “It seems that you don’t want to see Huang He’s heart still dead, OK, then I will let you give up and see who of you can beat the big bear, just stand up.”

No one dared to stand up, everyone in Wayne Lin’s camp even took a step back, saying that they had no fighting spirit.

Seeing this scene, Yan Chuang showed a joking expression and said: “Your people are already counseled, and they dare not go to war. What else do you have to say.”

Wayne Lin didn’t answer right away, but took a sip of tea without hurriedly, put it on the table, and walked out slowly, saying, “The people I said include me.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard his words, including Yan Chuang, did not expect Wayne Lin to make such a move.

Then, there was a heat wave of laughter from the audience.

“Hahahaha…I heard that right, did he mean that he wants to challenge Daxiong?”


With his small body, he was afraid that he would be hit by a big bear. “

“Look at him with thin skin and tender flesh. He is as thin as a monkey. I am afraid that he can’t even hold his fist. He dare to challenge the big bear. His brain is flooded!”

“Just like this, he is still the boss of a listed company. I think this company is nothing more than that.”

“He must think that he has watched some online martial arts movies, so he thinks he is a master of martial arts, haha, really laughed at me.”

All the members of the North Sky Club present laughed loudly, without concealing it, some of them laughed so much that tears came out.

In their opinion, Wayne Lin was an ordinary person, thin, thin-skinned and tender. At first glance, he knew that he was spoiled and had no job. Just like this kind of garbage, they could hit one with one punch.

Not just them, but even those practicing and special soldiers who came with Wayne Lin couldn’t help but laugh at this moment, thinking that Wayne Lin was making fun. This can no longer be described as having no self-knowledge, but pure Looking for death, I don’t know the sky is high and the earth is thick!

Xu Hua laughed even more loudly. He was amused. He thought that Wayne Lin was a fool, and his brain must have been flooded.

Just now, the Iron Tower man was not even an opponent. If he were replaced by Wayne Lin, he would be able to kill Wayne Lin to death with a single finger.

He couldn’t understand why there is such a stupid person in the world. When he goes back, he must tell his cousin Della Qin to change his mind. Don’t like this kind of mental retardation.

Damon Wang was also dumbfounded. He never thought that Wayne Lin would do such a move! This is not fatal!

He didn’t care about so much, so he hurried up, grabbed Wayne Lin, and said anxiously: “Chairman, what are you doing? You are crazy! They are professional bodyguards, and those who have received professional training are just like your old man. , One punch can kill you! I know that you are talented and you are not satisfied with the present, but you have to calm down and combine your abilities. Security is the domain of the Northern Sky Club, and we will not get involved anyway. Go in!”

Damon Wang had to persuade Wayne Lin that if something happened to Wayne Lin, then Ziqiong Media would definitely collapse as well. He could not allow this to happen.

The corner of Yan Chuang’s eyes beat fiercely. He slammed the tea cup down. A lot of tea spilled out of the cup. He stared at Wayne Lin badly and cursed: “The surname Lin, are you kidding me? !”

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “I never make a joke.”

Yan Chuang stood up, his tone more aggravated, and stared at Wayne Lin fiercely. The pressure was so great that Xu Hua and others were almost out of breath.

“You say it again.”

Seeing that the situation is getting worse and worse, Damon Wang hastily stepped up to be a peacemaker, “Mr. Yan, this is a misunderstanding. Our chairman is too young and ignorant. You must not have general knowledge with him. I will take he is gone.”

It could be seen that Damon Wang was really panicked, and even said such words.

Yan Chuang looked at Damon Wang for a while, and then nodded: “Okay, I will sell you Damon Wang in a few days, take you as a bullshit chairman, and let me go!”

Damon Wang’s little chicken nodded like a pecking rice, and hurriedly pulled Wayne Lin away, but no matter how he pulled, Wayne Lin couldn’t move. He couldn’t help being annoyed, and said to Wayne Lin, “You still won’t leave, really I want to kill me together!!”

Wayne Lin looked at Damon Wang with deep eyes, and said: “Pharaoh, I think you have done so much for Michelle, this time I won’t care about you. Now, you don’t have to talk, leave everything to me, I I will use my actions to tell you why I have the guts to enter the security industry.”

After speaking, he pushed Damon Wang away, walked out again, facing Yan Chuang, and said, “Yan Chuang, maybe you haven’t heard my name before, it doesn’t matter. Starting today, I will let you all come down from the North Sky Conference. You get scared when you hear my name.”

After saying this, a torrent of weather suddenly emanated from him, sweeping everyone.

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