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Chapter 599

Wayne Lin was startled when he heard this. Tomorrow night is Jiang Liqun’s 50th birthday? This is kind of interesting.

Gao Chi saw that Wayne Lin stopped talking and thought Wayne Lin was afraid. He immediately ridiculed: “Why, I’m afraid? You were still very arrogant just now. There is a kind of you to join me to join Mr. Jiang tomorrow night. 50th birthday!”

Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention to a clown like Gao Chi at all. He is still recovering, and he doesn’t plan to go back to Hwadrid if he doesn’t break through to the congenital realm. People bring danger.

And if it was in Origin City, then he had no such worries. He is now penniless, food, clothing, housing and transportation are all a problem, and it would not be appropriate to stay in Yinhong forever.

The best way is to go to Jiang Liqun, so that he doesn’t have to bother Yin Hong, but also allows Jiang Liqun to provide enough resources to help him break through to the congenital realm of great perfection as soon as possible.

After thinking it through, Wayne Lin said directly, “Time, place.”

“What?” Gao Chi was stunned.

Wayne Lin looked at the foolish eyes, “Jiang Liqun’s fiftieth birthday, tell me the time and place, and I will participate.”

Now Gao Chi heard clearly, shook his head and said, “I see too many people pretending to be like you. I will see you for the first time. I will come to you tomorrow and take you to join Mr. Jiang. Your fiftieth birthday, don’t run away at that time!”

It would be better if there is a special car to pick you up. Wayne Lin will naturally not refuse. He nodded and said, “Naturally, I will not run away. It just so happens that I haven’t seen Jiang Liqun for a while.”

Gao Chi couldn’t listen. He pretended to be forced. He gritted his teeth. He had known that Jiang Liqun was his idol. He wanted to be a big man in his dreams, and Wayne Lin actually called out one by one. What happened to him? ?

Suddenly, his eyes gurgled, thinking of something, and he gave a treacherous smile.

Yes, why didn’t he think that Wayne Lin was disrespectful to President Jiang, when he sent Wayne Lin to President Jiang and gave him a severe lesson. Isn’t it his stepping stone to courting Jiang Liqun?

Outside, he kept saying that he was Jiang Liqun’s capable man. In fact, Jiang Liqun didn’t know him at all, and only Jiang Liqun’s subordinates he was fond of.

If he can get to know Jiang Liqun through Wayne Lin this time, then he will be rich!

Soaring to the sky.

Fearing that Wayne Lin would repent, Gao Chi deliberately said a few more stimulating words, and he applied all the excitement. He left after finishing speaking, not giving Wayne Lin a chance to repent.

After Gao Chi left, everyone in the Yin family looked worried, thinking that Wayne Lin was indeed pretending this time. I knew that Jiang Liqun was no better than Lu Fan. He was a real big shot, far from being comparable to Lu Fan’s ignorant second generation ancestor!

To put it in a bad way, even if the lord of the city would give Jiang Liqun face.

As for Wayne Lin, no matter how great he was, he was still so young. In short, they don’t think Wayne Lin can be as good as Jiang Liqun, let alone disrespect Jiang Liqun on Jiang Liqun’s 50th birthday!

Yin Hong bit her lip and walked over and said, “Mr. Lin, why are you being tricked by that guy Gao Chi? Jiang Liqun is the richest man in the source city. He is powerful. You are not offending him.

Started! “

Yin Fengmao also said quickly, “Yes, Mr. Lin, this is not a joke! Jiang Liqun’s abilities are terrifying, even the Lord of the City should be jealous of him! I see, tomorrow you must not follow Gao Chi. In the past, he was so small-minded, he must compare the baht, if you really go with him, the end will be very miserable!”

Several other Yin family members joined in and discouraged Wayne Lin. They were all kind-hearted people. Today Wayne Lin rescued them once, and they couldn’t bear to watch Wayne Lin go to death.

Yes, in their opinion, if Wayne Lin really went with Gao Chi, it would be death.

Wayne Lin felt their care, and his heart was quite warm, and he solemnly assured them that nothing would happen.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s resolute attitude, they couldn’t say anything, but they still had concerns about Wayne Lin.

Originally, Wayne Lin planned to ask Yin Hong to borrow some money, and temporarily live in Yuancheng for a while. When he successfully breaks through to the innate realm, he will go back to Huarvell and give Yin Hong a generous reward. No longer, so he had to stay at Yin Hong’s house for one night first.

To be honest, Wayne Lin has a good impression of Yin Hong. In today’s society, there are very few women like Yin Hong.

But what embarrassed him was that the bastard had no clothes anymore, and it was Yin Hong who went to buy him clothes. He even gave him underwear, which made him feel very embarrassed.

After taking a shower and changing to a new set of clothes, Wayne Lin felt much more comfortable and refreshed by the way.

Tonight, he is temporarily staying in the guest room next to Yinhong. Because the wall in the middle is very thin and Wayne Lin’s hearing is very keen, he can clearly hear almost all the movement of Yinhong next to him, including the sound of the water flowing in Yinhong’s bath. Very embarrassing.

The worst thing is that his mental power is very strong now, and his consciousness can spread far away. As long as his thought passes, this wall will hardly exist…

This is almost the same as the perspective. Just now Wayne Lin completely followed his subconscious mind and radiated his consciousness, and immediately his heartbeat accelerated a lot.

Fortunately, his reaction was quick enough, and he immediately reined in the cliff and took his consciousness back.

If a kind and polite woman like Yin Hong blasphemes her, it will be no good.

However, he hasn’t used meat for a long time, and after he swallowed the second spiritual fruit of heaven and earth, while he increased his life source crazily, his male hormones also increased a lot, which for him , But not a good thing.

Feeling his own situation, Wayne Lin was helpless, couldn’t help laughing a few bitterly, forcing himself to calm down and enter a state of meditation.

Under the nourishment of the heaven and earth spirit fruit, he recovered extremely quickly, and by tomorrow, he would be able to return to the peak state before the injury.

And it is not a long time to reach Dzogchen in the innate realm!

There was no word for a night. On the second day, Gao Chi came over early to pick up Wayne Lin to participate in Jiang Liqun’s 50th birthday, taunting Wayne Lin, and he wanted to use Wayne Lin’s stepping stone to get to know Jiang Liqun, and from then on. Leap the dragon gate, reach the sky in one step!

Gao Chi wore a special dress today, a brand-name suit, and a dog-like appearance. When he saw that Wayne Lin was only wearing Nike casual clothes, he couldn’t help but laugh.

Chapter 600

“Haha, you are not very good, don’t you see Mr. Jiang in your eyes, why are you wearing this Nike? You are so awesome, you can’t even afford a famous brand suit?” Gao Chi said mockingly. “Do you want to wear this suit to participate in President Jiang’s 50th birthday, right?”

Originally, he was still a little worried about whether Wayne Lin would pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, but now, he has completely dispelled this worry, this guy is a liar, just fooling the Yin family.

“Why, in your eyes, big people must be in suits and shoes, a famous brand?” Wayne Lin asked rhetorically.

Gao Chi laughed and said: “Suit and leather shoes, a famous brand is not necessarily a big man, but a big man is absolutely impossible to be like you, undressed, and can’t even afford a decent set of clothes.”

Yin Hong immediately retorted: “Who says he can’t afford it, he just didn’t buy it. I bought him for him.”

“You bought it?”

“Not bad.”

Gao Chi smiled even more happily. In his opinion, Wayne Lin is not only a liar, but also a little white who eats soft food. Even the clothes must be bought by Yinhong.

However, Yin Hong also realized that it was indeed inappropriate for Wayne Lin to participate in Jiang Liqun’s 50th birthday in a single suit. She asked Wayne Lin in a low voice, “Mr. Lin, would you like to change into a suit?”

Gao Chi immediately said: “Which suit to change? The surname Lin was not very arrogant yesterday, saying that Mr. Jiang is his little brother? If this is the case, he doesn’t need to wear a suit at all. Just go over with Nike and promise to become The focus of the audience!”

Wayne Lin couldn’t hear Gao Chi’s yin and yang strangeness, and said flatly, “No, I can wear this suit and go over.”

Yin Hong was a little anxious at once, and wanted to say something, Wayne Lin said to her: “Don’t worry, I have a sense of measure.”

Wayne Lin’s tone suddenly became gentle, making Yin Hong blush all of a sudden, her heartbeat involuntarily accelerated a lot, her voice suddenly became much quieter, “Then you must pay attention to safety.”

“Yeah.” Wayne Lin nodded, and then got into the car with Gao Chi. Speaking of which, he was still looking forward to seeing Jiang Liqun. I don’t know how this kid is practicing now.

After Wayne Lin left, Yin Hong reacted suddenly, why didn’t he stop Wayne Lin just now!

Gritting her teeth, she was still very worried about Wayne Lin, and decided to follow by herself.

Gao Chi’s mood was particularly agitated, as if he had seen Jiang Liqun furious and then appreciated him very much.

As the richest man in Yuancheng, Jiang Liqun’s 50th birthday this time was very grand. He hosted a banquet and invited many people over. The scene was huge.

The banquet was held in Jiang Liqun’s luxurious manor. By the time Wayne Lin and Gao Chi passed by, many guests had already arrived. There were all kinds of luxury cars parked, just like an auto show. Dizzy.

Jiang Liqun’s manor is very good in feng shui. At first glance, it is known that it was specially designed by the master. From a distance, it looks like a dragon head lying on the mountainside, and the trees behind it are dragons.

This is to occupy the dragon veins of the entire hill. People who live in the manor will maintain a good mental state every day, have a clear mind, and can often make judgments in their most sober state. Over time, they will be infected. With the’Dragon Qi’, it rises step by step.

The so-called Feng Shui, in Wayne Lin’s view, is the heaven and earth magnetic field. Different places have different magnetic fields. A good magnetic field has a positive effect on the human body. On the contrary, a bad magnetic field has a positive effect on the human body. opposite.

If a person is healthy, clear-headed, and happy, he can often make better judgments, and others will have a better impression of him, have a higher degree of trust, and are more willing to cooperate with him. In this way, it will naturally be smooth sailing. ,step up.

However, Wayne Lin found something wrong. Next to Jiang Liqun’s manor, two small trees grew in a particularly tricky position. If the manor is regarded as a dragon, then these two small trees are just two nails. At the leading


Although the two nails are very small compared with the area of ​​the entire manor, they will grow bigger and bigger over time, and they will continuously absorb the vitality of the dragon head until the dragon veins are sucked dry. It’s time for bad luck!

In addition, Wayne Lin discovered that in the manor, several ornamental trees appeared with dead leaves, and some of the surrounding vegetation did not have the vitality that this season should have, but looked a little sluggish.

In an instant, Wayne Lin realized that Jiang Liqun’s bad luck had come, and it was very likely that his 50th birthday tonight would not be stable!

Feng Shui is a metaphysical and vague thing to most people, but to Wayne Lin, it is completely a science and is completely reasonable.

This is a bit interesting.

Wayne Lin showed a thought-provoking smile. With Jiang Liqun’s current strength and status, there are not many people who dare to confront him and can cause harm to him… Wayne Lin is a little interested.

“Get off the car, you have arrived at President Jiang’s manor. I hope you won’t be scared to pee your pants after a while.” Gao Chi said with a smile.

Wayne Lin looked at him and said disdainfully, “Mentally retarded.”

“You!” Gao Chi suddenly furious. What is his identity? Wayne Lin, this guy, dare to say that he is mentally retarded and he is looking for death!

In an instant, Gao Chi had a strong idea and gave Wayne Lin a severe lesson, but he still resisted it. If he couldn’t bear it, he would make a big plan. Wait for some Wayne Lin to be unlucky!

“You have a kind, I’ll wait to see if you are still arrogant, hum!” Gao Chi glared at Wayne Lin.

Because Wayne Lin looked very ordinary in casual clothes, he looked like an ordinary office worker, so when he appeared in the manor, he attracted the attention of many people, and even security guards came to let him out. Qualified to come in.

Gao Chi saw this scene, he was madly happy, and pretended to come out and say, “Hey, hey, what are you doing? Can you have a bit of vision? This is a good friend of Mr. Jiang, even Mr. Jiang must be polite. Angry big people, do you dare to drive them out? Are you looking for death!”

Anbao was shocked when he heard this, even President Jiang was a polite big man, this was incredible. But they immediately saw the playful smile on Gao Chi’s face, and they all realized that Gao Chi was acting strangely.

They didn’t understand why, and they were about to throw Wayne Lin out again. At this moment, a man walked over and frowned and said, “What happened?”

Gao Chi saw this man, his eyes lit up, his originally straight body also bends a lot, and he walked up to him flatly and said flatly: “Mr. Li, I haven’t seen him for a few days. Missing you, I haven’t heard your teaching these few days, my subordinates can be said to have nothing to think about! Mr. Li, you are the beacon of subordinates’ lives, illuminating my gloomy life and guiding me forward!”

His flattering shot made Wayne Lin disgusted. He sees too many flattering people, but like Gao Chi, who shoots unscrupulously, he sees him for the first time.

I have to say that this kind of person is really the best. In front of blood relatives, he is arrogant and domineering, and even cheats his own relatives. In front of his boss, he has no dignity and turns into a licking dog.

Mr. Li didn’t feel sick. He nodded with satisfaction, and encouraged Gao Chi with his eyes. Gao Chi understood and licked more vigorously. Those flattering words would be more disgusting and disgusting.

In the end, President Li was comfortable and waved his hand in a casual manner, “It’s OK, I’ve stayed with President Jiang for a long time, and I have been tainted with President Jiang’s extremely extravagant aristocracy. Only then can I achieve today’s results.”

Wayne Lin looked at the two of them as if they were taken. This is really a pair of top quality.

Manager Li looked at Wayne Lin and saw that Wayne Lin was wearing cheap casual clothes, which was incompatible with the atmosphere of tonight. He frowned and asked, “What’s the matter with this person? Who put it in? I don’t know tonight. It’s Mr. Jiang’s 50th birthday, big day! Get this guy out of me!”

Chapter 601

Li Jinbo was very angry, very angry!

Today is the big day of his immediate boss Jiang Liqun. It is extremely grand and solemn, and he is the person in charge of the banquet tonight, and he cannot tolerate any difference.

He didn’t know how long he had prepared for tonight’s banquet, and how much effort he had spent, just to make the banquet tonight smoothly and satisfactorily, so that Jiang Liqun could further promote him.

But now, an ordinary person actually got in. If Jiang Liqun knew about this, it would even disturb Jiang Liqun’s interest, this is a very serious matter!

Several security orders came over immediately to throw Wayne Lin out.

Gao Chi immediately stood up and stopped: “Wait! You can’t drive him out!”

Li Jinbo frowned and stared at him displeasedly, “Gao Chi, what do you mean, do you want to fight me right?!”

Gao Chi shook his head quickly and said, “No, no, no, President Li, I didn’t mean that, you misunderstood, it’s like this…”

Gao Chi leaned into Li Jinbo’s ear and said a few words in a low voice. After Li Jinbo heard it, he began to ponder, looking at Wayne Lin, then at Gao Chi, and said angrily: “Presumptuous, Jiang is always such a character. How do you know this kind of ants! Gao Chi, you are so brave enough to bring this kind of ants in. If you get upset with Mr. Jiang, can you bear the responsibility! Ah?!”

Gao Chi was scolded by Li Jinbo, and suddenly a bucket of cold water poured down from his head, making him cold from the head to the soles of his feet, and the whole person was panicked. Yes, he didn’t think of this!

Today is President Jiang’s big day. When Wayne Lin goes crazy in front of President Jiang, President Jiang will definitely be angry, and he brought the people in, and he will definitely be affected by that time!

He still didn’t think about it, but he saw one side of the matter, but didn’t think of the other. After thinking about it now, he broke out in a cold sweat. After a while, he was afraid, and quickly apologized to Li Jinbo, “Mr. Li, I was wrong. I didn’t consider it well, so I will kick this guy out!”

However, he turned around and looked around, but he didn’t see Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin was gone.

He was stunned for a moment, and then a cold breath rose from the soles of his feet, making his scalp numb!

Li Jinbo also discovered this, he said angrily: “Where is the person? Where did he go.”

“This…” Gao Chi faced Li Jinbo’s question, he became even more flustered, and said hesitantly: “I, I don’t know…”

Li Jinbo is a wise man. I can’t see the situation. He suddenly sank his entire face and poked Gao Chi’s forehead unceremoniously. He gritted his teeth and cursed: “Gao Chi, if it was the ant just now , Something happened, and Mr. Jiang’s mood was ruined, so just wait for death!”

When Gao Chi heard this, his entire face turned white in an instant, his legs were swaying in fear, he was particularly scared, shivering, and he was about to cry, begging for mercy: “Mr. Li, this, it’s none of my business. It’s something…I am also very kind. I want to bring some fun to President Jiang. My starting point is good…”

Before he could finish his words, Li Jinbo slapped him severely and cursed, “I’m kind! You are paralyzed! Son of a turtle, if you really irritate Mr. Jiang, then you can wait to die! Clay horse! “

There was a five-fingerprint on Gao Chi’s face, and his mouth was bleeding. He was particularly embarrassed, causing many guests around to laugh, but he did not dare to say a word, and he did not dare to show his angry expression. Quickly nodded and admitted his mistake, “I beg President Li to calm down his anger, and I beg President Li to calm down his anger. I will definitely find this guy out and throw it out. I promise that it won’t affect Jiang’s interest!”

Li Jinbo gritted his teeth and said, “You must do what you say, otherwise you will just die.”

After saying this, Li Jinbo turned around and left. In the banquet, it was not a trivial matter to mix in an ordinary person and an ordinary person with mental problems. If the other party really went to Mr. Jiang to go crazy, then his person in charge would be finished.


b So he has to find this guy as soon as possible, and then throw it out to ensure that the party tonight will go on normally.

Wayne Lin had indeed left, so he didn’t bother to pay attention to the two ants. Now he has come to Jiang Liqun’s site, so he can go directly to Jiang Liqun.

His consciousness spread out and enveloped the entire manor, and everyone’s breath could not escape his consciousness.

Soon he discovered the location of Jiang Liqun. At the scene, there was only one Innate Realm master, Jiang Liqun. Other than that, most of them were ordinary people.

“Jiang Liqun, this guy, half a year has passed, his cultivation level has not grown much, he is still the first stage of the innate realm.” Wayne Lin sensed Jiang Liqun’s current cultivation level, and said with some dissatisfaction, thinking that at the beginning, he quickly broke through. The second stage of Innate Realm.

In fact, he is too harsh on Jiang Liqun. It takes at least five years for most people from the first stage to the second stage of the Innate Realm. Like him, he can break through in just a few months. It is rare and rare.

By the way, Wayne Lin helped Jiang Liqun check all the guests, and found neither hostility nor threat. It seems that the person who can cause trouble for Jiang Liqun has not yet arrived.

However, just when he was about to go directly to Jiang Liqun, he suddenly found a familiar breath and walked in from outside the door.

“Why is she here too?”

Wayne Lin looked over and saw it right away. A graceful, intellectually elegant woman walked in, wearing a black evening gown, which looked particularly beautiful.

This woman, who else is Yin Hong?

After Wayne Lin left with Gao Chi, Yin Hong was always worried and decided to follow him in person. She knew that tonight was Jiang Liqun’s big day. She couldn’t come here in casual clothes like Wayne Lin, so she went for a change. Wear an evening dress and put on makeup.

When she came over, she saw the luxury cars all over the floor, such a magnificent manor, she immediately felt guilty, especially nervous, for fear of being driven out! Because she didn’t have invitations, and didn’t even know Jiang Liqun.

When she walked in and found that the guards hadn’t stopped her, she was relieved and relieved.

What I have to say is that she is really beautiful. After she came in, she immediately attracted the attention of many people and looked over.

Especially for some diamond kings, the eyes shine even more.

Yin Hong was still very nervous when attending such a high-end banquet for the first time, and her heart beat very fast. She was looking around now, just wanting to find Wayne Lin as soon as possible, and then leave. If someone finds out, she sneaks in, the trouble will be serious.

As an ordinary person who grew up in an ordinary family, Yin Hong was in awe of big figures like Jiang Liqun.

But she looked around and didn’t see Wayne Lin’s figure, a little anxious.

“Mr. Lin, where are you? Hurry up, please, please…”

However, as soon as her voice fell, a voice came from behind her, “Miss Yin, are you looking for me?”


This voice appeared too suddenly, just when she was in a state of concentration again, she was suddenly startled and screamed out of control.

With her cry, the eyes of the surrounding people looked over and looked at her strangely.

Wayne Lin was also slightly startled by her, but she didn’t expect her reaction to be so big.

Yin Hong turned her head and saw Wayne Lin, and she was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect Wayne Lin to appear behind her.

Wayne Lin cried and laughed a little when he saw her like this. He touched his nose and said, “Miss Yin, don’t you know me?”

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