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Chapter 257

For a while, the room became very quiet, leaving only the sound of Lu Dongbin moaning and the sound of Wayne Lin dragging him over.

Jeff Han and the others are dumbfounded.

They have all seen just how strong Lu Dongbin’s explosive power is. There is no weakness that the injured person should have. It is more powerful than anyone here, completely separated from their knowledge of humans, and they are about to jump out of the window. But just when Lu Dongbin was about to succeed, Wayne Lin got out of the way and was completely free from blows, so he caught Lu Dongbin.

It gave them the feeling that Lu Dongbin was the grandson monkey who made trouble in the heavenly palace, and Wayne Lin was the Tathagata Buddha, who easily pressed the grandson monkey under the Wuzhi Mountain.

Wayne Lin carried Lu Dongbin. After returning to his original position, he put Lu Dongbin down and said to Jeff Han: “Okay, you can go out. I’ll chat with him alone.”

Jeff Han withdrew his gaze from Wayne Lin, but the horror in his eyes couldn’t be hidden. He nodded vigorously, unknowingly, his attitude towards Wayne Lin became more respectful and admired!

Isn’t it right? Wayne Lin himself is the chairman of Ziqiong Media, so rich, he is still the master behind such big people like Ugly, now the force is so strong, the key is still so young! Jeff Han has been wandering the rivers and lakes for so long and has seen so many people, but it was the first time he saw someone like Wayne Lin who was against the sky. In his mind, he was no different from a god.

It was also at this moment that Jeff Han completely surrendered to Wayne Lin, without any thoughts of resistance.

So after he heard Wayne Lin’s order, he left in a hurry.

After coming out of the room, I closed the door and it was quiet for a long time before someone heard the sound of swallowing hard.

“Boss, this chairman, who the hell is this, why, so powerful?” A thug who had expressed dissatisfaction with Wayne Lin just now asked cautiously. After the question, he looked at the room with a guilty conscience, for fear that he might be covered by Wayne Lin. Ming heard it.

This sentence also asked the doubts in the hearts of the other thugs, all of them looked at Jeff Han with curiosity and anxiety.

Jeff Han scowled and coughed twice and said, “What do you ask so much for! People are big people among big people, gods in the world, can you mortals ask?”

They were all aggrieved by Jeff Han’s training.

After a pause, Jeff Han said again: “Of course, since you want to know so much, I can tell you too, but you, don’t tell me, you know!”

“Know that!”

“Boss rest assured, we will never say anything!”

“I won’t say anything…”

Everyone nodded unanimously, like a chicken pecking at rice.

Jeff Han stunned his appetite before he began to say: “He is the chairman of Ziqiong Media, and the master behind the underground emperor Ugly of Huarvell. He is also a master of martial arts! Such a person can be called a god. In the future, you must not talk about him behind your back, once you are heard, it is that the gods cannot save you!”

Hearing these words of Jeff Han, all of them gasped, their scalp numb.

They are all social bastards, and they still have a big idea of ​​the identity of the chairman of Ziqiong Media, but the Ugly Master is different!

Ugly Lord is the underground emperor of Hwadrid

The emperor is the supreme being in their circle, and it is not an exaggeration to be made a god. But even people like Chou Ye are Wayne Lin’s servants? Good deed, they didn’t dare to imagine how big Wayne Lin’s background was.

When their group was full of Wayne Lin, now Wayne Lin has begun to interrogate Lu Dongbin.

“Now let me explain, tell me everything you know. If I feel better, I can let you go.” Wayne Lin said.

Lu Dongbin was lying on the wall, his spine had been broken by Wayne Lin, and now he had no ability to move. He couldn’t move even if he wanted to. In addition, Wayne Lin’s kick made him really not light. The injury was really serious, and there was no more chance to escape. In addition, now the guard is Wayne Lin again, it is even more difficult to fly.

“Why, you still don’t want to explain? See if you are really not afraid of death? That’s OK, I can give you some punishment and loosen your bones.” With that, Wayne Lin was about to do it.

Lu Dongbin felt Wayne Lin’s murderous aura, and knew whether Wayne Lin came for real, or was frightened, and quickly said: “I’m actually just a small person in the organization. I don’t know much. It’s useless if you ask me.”

“Then tell me everything you know, you know what I want to know, I am impatient.” Wayne Lin said while sitting in front of him.

Lu Dongbin’s eyes changed and he was weighing whether to say.

Wayne Lin became impatient and immediately began to be tortured, stepping on one of his fingers. The ten fingers connected to the heart, the severe pain made him unable to breathe, and his will was instantly disintegrated.

“I said, I said, I said! Please stop stepping on it!” He quickly begged for mercy.

Wayne Lin let him go, “say, the last chance.”

Lu Dongbin looked at Wayne Lin for several seconds, and then said: “Wayne Lin, you are not like the saint at all. The saint is so kind, so why did you give birth… ahhhh! It hurts, it’s wrong, I’m wrong. Up!”

“Just another nonsense, I will kill you directly.” Wayne Lin said coldly, already impatient.

Lu Dongbin sweated violently and gasped and said, “Your mother, Qin Huayue, is a saint in our organization. She will marry the saint king in the future. But once she went out to perform a mission and fell in love with someone outside. An ordinary person is your father, Lin Sheji, who has disappeared. He left the organization and gave birth to you. This made the organization furious and mobilized a lot of power to find the saint. After searching for many years, he finally I found her four years ago.”

“Fortunately, I discovered that Lin Sheji has passed away, but the saint girl’s child came out. It is a slander for the organization. The organization cannot accept this kind of thing and intends to kill you. The saint protects you from life and death. Coming down.”

“It didn’t take long for the saint to return to the organization, but she was imprisoned and could not leave the organization or the place for the rest of her life.”

Wayne Lin fell silent after listening. What Lu Dongbin said to him and what he said to the clown was almost right. It is a high probability that this is the truth of the matter.

“What does your organization do and where is it?” Wayne Lin asked.

Lu Dongbin was stunned for a moment, and then realized something. He shook his head quickly and said, “Do you want to organize and find the saint?”

Wayne Lin defaults.

“I advise you to dispel this idea as soon as possible. You don’t know how powerful the organization is. It is not something you can provoke.” Lu Dongbin said, with some disdain on his face.

Chapter 258

His disdain was natural and strong. It was a disdain in his bones. He thought that Wayne Lin’s fight against the organization was to hit a rock with a pebble.

He had seen this expression in the clown, and felt that Wayne Lin was very self-reliant, and he was looking for death against the organization, and suggested that Wayne Lin should cut this thought.

Wayne Lin is a very reluctant person. The more he is like this, the more he wants to challenge!

“According to you, your organization is very powerful. If I get caught up, there is only one dead end?” Wayne Lin asked.

Lu Dongbin said: “Let’s put it this way, you have never been in contact with organizations, so you don’t know how powerful the organization is. That’s normal. After all, the power of the organization is beyond the imagination of ordinary people. You think you are now purple. The chairman of Qiong Media, with a net worth of several billions and such a powerful martial arts, he is almost invincible in the world, ha ha. However, since you are the only seedling of the saint, I still advise you to give up and organize against the organization. Thought, otherwise, you will die without a burial place.”

When he said these words, he resumed the look of aloft when he first met, looking at Wayne Lin’s expression, full of contempt.

Wayne Lin didn’t speak, but just stepped on it, and Lu Dongbin’s expression suddenly became painful, and he began to beg for mercy again.

“Stop talking nonsense, tell me where your organization is, tell me what your organization does, and where my mother is locked up, I will let you go.” Wayne Lin said.

When Lu Dongbin heard the last sentence of the group, his pupils shrank a bit, showing some heartbeats, and tentatively asked: “As long as I tell you, are you really willing to let me go?”

Before Wayne Lin could speak, Lu Dongbin shook his head again, looking scared, and muttered: “No way, no way, if the organization knows about it, I will be dead!”

And there was a shudder, showing that his fear of the organization came from the soul.

“Say!” Wayne Lin stepped on again, threatening him.

After Lu Dongbin hesitated for a while, he gritted his teeth tightly and made a difficult decision, saying: “In fact, I don’t know where the organization’s headquarters is. I’m just a small person in the organization. I have many core things. They are all inaccessible.”

Seeing Wayne Lin’s gloomy expression, Lu Dongbin’s heart jumped fiercely, fearing, and I quickly explained: “I’m serious, I absolutely didn’t deceive you! I’m really just a small person in the organization, I don’t know where the headquarters is. Ah. But I can tell you what the organization does.”

“Go on.” Wayne Lin said calmly.

Lu Dongbin sorted out his words and said: “The organization covers a wide range of fields, and there are organized people in all walks of life. They are powerful and large than you can imagine, and the organization’s power is not only in China, but also penetrates a lot of Asia. Country…Wayne Lin, I know that your martial arts are very strong, but I still advise you to dispel the idea of ​​going against the organization as soon as possible, otherwise, you will end badly.”

“Furthermore, I can tell you this way. You can survive in this world because of the plea of ​​your mother and the saint to open up the organization. But it does not mean that you will be safe in the future. The stronger you are, the more The higher profile the easier it is to get the organization’s attention, and once it exceeds the level that the organization can tolerate, you will be wiped out. Therefore, I advise you to stay low profile and be you peacefully. The chairman of the board of directors, don’t think about looking for the saint. Moreover, I have a positioning system installed on my body. In my body, someone in the organization already knows that I am looking for you. If you really kill me, Then the organization will avenge me and kill you directly

Dropped. “

Lu Dongbin looked at Wayne Lin, sincerely, he was really thinking about Wayne Lin.

If he is an ordinary person, he must have been fooled, but Wayne Lin has experienced so many things. He is a very smart person himself. How could he be fooled so easily? He said, “Lu Dongbin, it’s all at this juncture. , You are still lying to me and you want to threaten me”

Lu Dongbin’s eyes flickered, and he shook his head and said, “Wayne Lin, you are too suspicious. I have said everything for this reason, and you still don’t believe me.”

Wayne Lin said: “You really don’t cry without seeing the coffin. Do you think you can fool me by this time? You came by yourself. There is no positioning system on your body, and it is impossible for people from other organizations to know about it. In the beginning, you didn’t take me to heart. You just wanted to play with me like a cat and a mouse. So if I kill you now, your organization will never know.”

Hearing these words, Lu Dongbin’s body trembled fiercely, and for the first time an expression of horror appeared on his face, which was clearly said by Wayne Lin!

“Why, nothing to say?” Wayne Lin seemed to smile.

Lu Dongbin’s mentality collapsed, and he began to beg for mercy: “Son of the saint, please let me go, just because I told you so many secrets of the organization!”

“You haven’t told me many secrets? You haven’t told me where the saint is imprisoned.” Wayne Lin said.

Lu Dongbin said bitterly, “I really don’t know. The saint’s status in the organization is noble. Where is the little person like me qualified to know. But I really didn’t lie to you, you can’t be too high-profile, otherwise The organization will really trouble you. Once the organization takes action, you will definitely be unable to resist it.”

Wayne Lin believed this. After all, his existence was a black spot and a shame for BRAGRUN Organization. If he grows up, BRAGRUN Organization will definitely make trouble for him.

But, what if that is the case? When has Wayne Lin been afraid of him?

Don’t say that you are afraid that the organization will trouble him, even if the organization does not trouble him, he will also trouble BRAGRUN organization in the future! After all, my grandfather died because of the BRAGRUN organization, and his mother was imprisoned because of the BRAGRUN organization. It is very likely that the death of his father, Lin Sheji some years earlier, was also related to this BRAGRUN organization!

Next, Wayne Lin asked Lu Dongbin a lot of questions about the BRAGRUN organization. He had a deeper understanding of the organization and his mother Qin Yuehua.

Mother Qin Yuehua is a saint of the BRAGRUN organization. She has been organized and cultivated since she was a child. She was like a jade. When she grew up, she only had to marry the saint king of the BRAGRUN organization and become a Virgin. Unexpectedly, her mother fell in love with the ordinary person Lin Sheji, and He also disappeared and changed his face for so many years, making BRAGRUN organization very angry, and finally found out, almost the entire Lin family was exhausted!

In particular, his existence was even more impossible to exist in the world. It was his mother Qin Huayue who finally used her freedom in exchange for his slaughter.

“Mom, don’t worry, I will save you! Waiting for me!”

Wayne Lin clenched his fists, his eyes burst out with a terrifying light, and he swore in his heart.

After squeezing out Lu Dongbin’s value, Wayne Lin planned to abolish Lu Dongbin and let him go. At this moment, the locked door was suddenly kicked open violently. A figure walked in quickly and saw the room. In the situation inside, a bit of cold flashed in his eyes. When he came to Lu Dongbin, he slapped Lu Dongbin with a palm, and slapped Lu Dongbin to death.

Chapter 259

From breaking the door to slap Lu Dongbin to death, it only took a total of two seconds. It can be said to be a flash of light, and it would be difficult for ordinary people to react.

Even if it was Wayne Lin, he did not react in an instant. It was not that his reaction speed was not too fast, but that he saw that the person who broke the door was the ugly man. He was stunned again. When he reacted again, the ugly man was already Shoot Lu Dongbin to death.

“Clown!” Wayne Lin’s eyes widened suddenly, grabbing the ugly master by the collar, “What are you doing!”

The Ugly Master let him be caught by Wayne Lin and said, “If you don’t kill him, you will have to die.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin’s reaction was much smaller.

Chou Ye continued: “This person is called Lu Dongbin. He is one of the outer members of the BRAGRUN organization. His martial arts is strong and can be planted in your hands. It means that young master, your martial arts has already entered the room. I’m gratified. However, with your current strength, Young Master, there is still a long way to go if you want to contend with BRAGRUN’s organization and rescue the young lady.”

Without going on with the ugly master, Wayne Lin already knew what the ugly master meant, but he wanted to kill someone, so as not to confide in the news after he released Lu Dongbin.

“After all, it was a human life.” Wayne Lin let go of the ugly master, sighed, and looked at Lu Dongbin, who was silent on the ground, with some regret and intolerance flashing in his eyes.

Chou Ye also looked at Lu Dongbin on the ground, and said: “Every effort will be accomplished. To be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to yourself. Once Lu Dongbin is released, he will definitely report it to the BRAGRUN organization, and the consequences will be disastrous.”

Wayne Lin naturally knew this truth, and knew that the ugly master was doing this for his own good, and he didn’t blame the ugly master any more, but his life was gone before his eyes, and he still couldn’t bear it.

“Young Master, your heart is too kind, this is really similar to the young lady.” The Ugly Master said, looking at Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin smiled dumbly and said, “Haha, you and Lu Dongbin’s evaluation of me is exactly the opposite. He said that I am not like the saint at all, I am cruel, and the saint is very kind.”

Ugly Master smiled, shook his head and said, “That’s because Lu Dongbin doesn’t understand you.”

While Wayne Lin and Chou Ye were chatting inside, Jeff Han and others were shivering outside.

The ugly master suddenly appeared with a large group of people just now, looking menacing. The ugly master still walked in without saying a word, and he still scared them to death!

As the so-called shadow of the famous tree of people, the Ugly Lord is too famous in Huarvell. He is a veritable underground emperor. Even the big brother Jeff Han is not enough to see in front of the Ugly Lord, let alone them.

After the Ugly Master rushed in, they were all controlled by Ugly’s dozens of people, surrounded like chickens, very helpless, even Jeff Han was not spared.


Someone swallowed heavily and asked cautiously: “Master Han, what is the ugly man doing when he suddenly came to us? We seem to have not offended the ugly man?”

Others also looked at Jeff Han in panic.

Jeff Han knew about the relationship between Ugly Master and Wayne Lin, so he was not worried, and said angrily: “Do you think you really offended Ugly Master, would Ugly Master still be so polite to you? Using Ugly Master’s method, I have thrown you into the sea a long time ago. Don’t worry, Chou Ye is the chairman of the board. This time he is here to find the chairman.”

“Chou Ye is really under the chairman, so the chairman is too awesome! And the chairman looks so young, he has such a big energy, it is too strong.”

“You’re not talking nonsense. Didn’t you see how awesome the chairman was just now? It’s a god

Ordinary characters, otherwise our Lord Han would follow the chairman. “

“Since the chairman is so powerful, we have the chairman to support us, so we will walk sideways in Hwadrid!”

“That must be, from today, the chairman is my dad. No, it is more important than my dad!”

They all discussed excitedly, looking forward to the future.

The smile at the corner of Jeff Han’s mouth can’t be concealed, and he deliberately sullen his face, pretending to be serious, and said: “The chairman is aloof, people who want to follow him are like the crucian carp in the river, there are countless, and you are the little shrimp in the turn ?”

As soon as these words came out, their high emotions suddenly lost a lot, and they fell from the clouds to the bottom.

Jeff Han coughed again and said, “Of course, as long as you follow me, I will not treat you badly in the future. Whoever performs well, I will recommend it to the chairman. As long as you can get into the eyes of the chairman, then You don’t have to worry in your whole life.”

Jeff Han’s words made their feelings of loss suddenly rise.

At this moment, when they saw Chou Ye and Wayne Lin coming out of the room, they immediately stopped talking and quickly made a respectful gesture to welcome Chou Ye and Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin originally wanted to say hello to Jeff Han, but as soon as he walked over, the phone rang. When he took it out, Alma Chu was calling, so he had to answer the phone, “Hey, Alma, what’s the matter? Something?”

When everyone saw him on the phone, they closed their mouths wittily, and did not dare to make a sound for fear that they would disturb him.

Alma Chu’s voice came from the phone, “Wayne, where are you? Is it convenient to come and pick me up?”

“Okay, where are you? I will pick you up now.” Wayne Lin asked.

Alma Chu said an address, not far from Wayne Lin. In the past, it only took about ten minutes.

But on the phone, I heard Alma Chu’s environment is rather noisy, it seems that there are quite a lot of people, especially the voice of a man speaking from the side, which is relatively clear.

Mainly, Alma Chu’s tone was a little strange, she seemed to be entangled, and it was difficult to get out.

Wayne Lin said again: “Alma, what happened to you, okay?”

Alma Chu said: “There is nothing too big, you just have to come over.”

“Okay, I’ll go over.”

Just as Wayne Lin was about to hang up, he heard Alma Chu’s voice again, “Well, if it is convenient for you, can you drive a car over?”

“Oh, okay, I’ll rush over.” Wayne Lin nodded, agreed, and then asked the ugly master, “Joker, I’m going to pick someone up, I’ll leave it to you first.”

Ugly Master nodded and said, “Okay.”

“Lend your car to me to drive.” Wayne Lin said.

Chou Ye gave his subordinate a look. The subordinate immediately bent over and handed Wayne Lin a bunch of Bentley keys. He respectfully said: “Chairman, this is the latest Bentley. Do I need to drive you? “

Wayne Lin took the key and said lightly: “No need.”

Jeff Han and others have been stretching their necks, waiting for Wayne Lin to say hello to them. As a result, Wayne Lin didn’t even look at them. They were extremely disappointed, but they didn’t dare to complain, so he regretted that I didn’t perform well late, and missed the opportunity to curry favor with Wayne Lin!

On the way Wayne Lin drove Bentley to the place Alma Chu said, Alma Chu is now facing some troubles…

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