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Chapter 491

As soon as Ning Yuning spoke, the whole audience immediately calmed down. Everyone stopped their movements and enjoyed Ning Yuning’s singing wholeheartedly.

I have to admit that Ning Yuning’s voice is so good, she is a natural singer, and the melody of this song is very good, and the lyrics are very beautiful, especially the expression on Ning Yuning’s face now, affectionate, longing, Sweetness, sadness, and emotions are all perfectly interpreted on her face.

She didn’t pretend it deliberately, but completely from her heart. A man’s voice appeared in her mind, flashing scenes and scenes that men have experienced.

She expressed all her emotions, everything she wanted to say to that man in this song.

Everyone present was deeply immersed in her music world, feeling her emotions at the moment, and the love and admiration for that man, and even a hint of heartbreaking humbleness!

This made everyone present involuntarily jealous of the man. What kind of man is it to get Ning Yuning’s infatuation?

When singing to the climax part, Ning Yuning’s emotions reached an explosive point. She remembered those profound images, the huge identity gap between her and men, and the indifference of men towards her. She was extremely lost and lost. Humble, tears fell completely uncontrollably and silently…

As for her tears, she immediately provokes the heartstrings of the audience, was deeply moved, and became sad and humble together.

Finally, after singing a song, Ning Yuning’s face was already covered with tears, she said with shame and shame: “Sorry, I made everyone laugh.”

No one spoke, they stared at her blankly. After a few seconds, someone began to applaud. Then, thunderous applause rang out on the scene, and they did not hesitate to give praise to Ning Yuning. Just now Ning Yu Ning’s interpretation is perfect! The singing is better than the cd version. Today they came to the Alice Western Restaurant. It was great value.

However, many sensitive people realize that Ning Yuning must have a sweetheart. The new song just now was written for her sweetheart. Moreover, Ning Yuning was still in a secret love state, and her sweetheart didn’t seem to accept her.

This can’t help but make them think about it…

Alma Chu saw it too, and she said in surprise: “That song just now…Ning Yuning has a sweetheart!”

Lu Guyun also nodded, agreeing, “I can see it too. Just now Ning Yuning performed a new song, which obviously moved her true feelings!”

Chang Yuqin said: “This is big news. Since her debut, Ning Yuning has always been the image of a jade girl. She has never had any scandals, nor has she filmed sex scenes or kiss scenes. How many people are the perfect goddess, and now she has a sweetheart. Now, if this spreads out, I don’t know how many fans will be heartbroken for it!”

Zhu Xinghai frowned and said, “I shouldn’t? Ning Yuning has been so clean and jealous, how could she have a sweetheart? And she said that her new song was written for a friend, but she didn’t say it was for her sweetheart. .”

He said this sentence quite sour, obviously a little unhappy, he is also a loyal fan of Ning Yuning, and once fantasized about Ning Yuning many times, but at his level, he couldn’t catch up with Ning Yuning at all.

Another male friend also refuted, not willing to accept the fact that the goddess in his heart has a sweetheart.

Lu Guyun said immediately: “So you guys are so rough and don’t understand women’s minds at all. Just Ning Yuning’s performance of singing that new song just now must be a sweetheart. The kind of affection in her eyes can’t deceive people. “

Chang Yuqin also agreed, nodding her head vigorously, and then she curiously said, “I don’t know who is Ning Yuning’s sweetheart?”

Lu Guyun said, “That’s enough to make big stars like Ning Yuning have a crush

, Also reveals some humble people, they must be super big people! “

“This is also…”

At this moment, Zhu Xinghai’s eyes rolled, he noticed that Wayne Lin hadn’t spoken all the time, and he looked left and right, with a vacant look, he smiled slyly, and brought the topic to Wayne Lin, smiling and said: “Mr. Lin, you are not Say you are the chairman of Ziqiong Media, and you can be considered a person in the entertainment circle. You must know who Ning Yuning’s sweetheart is?”

Wayne Lin suddenly felt a throb in his heart, his expression froze, a little vacant, and the eyes of other people were all on his face.

Seeing his guilty conscience, everyone began to sneer, watching his jokes.

As everyone knows, they all misunderstood Wayne Lin’s guilty conscience. It was not because of the status of the chairman of Ziqiong Media, but Ning Yuning’s performance just now. He also saw that, in all likelihood, this sweetheart is him!

Now he regrets a little bit. He had known this way, he shouldn’t have come. If this was discovered by Alma Chu, it would be a bad thing…

Alma Chu also looked over, and she also saw Wayne Lin’s guilty conscience, but she didn’t think deeply.

Fortunately, Wayne Lin’s psychological quality is not the same, and he quickly returned to nature. “Ning Yuning is not an artist of Ziqiong Media. How do I understand these gossips.”

There is nothing wrong with the logic of what he said, but Zhu Xinghai sneered, “Really? Since you are the chairman of Ziqiong Media, then Ning Yuning should know you? I wonder if you can call her over. Shall we sign?”

“This…” Wayne Lin hesitated. It’s not that he can’t, but he doesn’t dare. If Ning Yuning arrives and shows a little horse’s feet and is discovered by Alma Chu, then he will be finished.

Zhu Xinghai kept staring at him, seeing his expression, immediately became happy, and asked even more vigorously, “Why, President Lin, you don’t even have the face to call her over? Haha.”

The three of Lu Guyun snickered when they heard it. They didn’t think Wayne Lin was the big boss from the beginning to the end, but just an ordinary person who likes to brag. They didn’t have the ability, how could they have such a big face, and invited Ning Yuning Come here?

Wayne Lin was rather helpless now, so he had to say, “I don’t know Ning Yuning well.”

“Hahaha, are you not familiar with it, or don’t you know it at all?” Zhu Xinghai couldn’t help but laughed aloud, the others also looked at him jokingly.

Alma Chu couldn’t stand it anymore, she frowned and said, “What’s so funny? Zhu Xinghai, as if you could call Ning Yuning over.”

Zhu Xinghai said triumphantly: “Sorry, let you be right, I can really call Ning Yuning over.”

Lu Guyun and Chang Yuqin immediately brightened their eyes, gave Zhu Xinghai a thumbs up, and said admiringly, “Mr. Zhu is awesome!”

Alma Chu was very upset. She hadn’t been so aggrieved for a long time since she became the president of Centec Lighting. At the same time, she didn’t understand Wayne Lin, why did she suddenly become so swallowed? This is not Wayne Lin’s character.

Zhu Xinghai snapped his fingers at the manager, and the manager walked over. He said proudly: “Manager Tan, can you help me pass a message to Miss Ning Yuning, saying that Zhu Xinghai from Star Crown Group invited her to come and eat together. A meal.”

Manager Tan showed some embarrassment on his face and said: “Mr. Zhu, Miss Ning Yuning is very popular now. Many big bosses are lining up to invite her. If I go to spread the word, it may not be enough.”

What Manager Tan said was very obvious. Zhu Xinghai couldn’t understand it. He thought for a while and said, “Well, I will personally go over and invite Miss Ning Yuning.”

After speaking, he stood up and walked in Ning Yuning’s direction with Manager Tan.

Chapter 492

Wayne Lin saw that Zhu Xinghai really invited Ning Yuning, his wry smile worsened, and he secretly looked at Alma Chu and found that Alma Chu’s eyes were full of expectation. He had to hold back the words in his heart and prayed that Zhu Xinghai did not have this. The ability to invite Ning Yuning over, or after Ning Yuning over, won’t show her feet.

Speaking of Zhu Xinghai, he held his head high and walked towards Ning Yuning ambitiously. He walked with wind and was particularly proud. He had met with Ning Yuning before. With his identity, he was confident that Successfully invited Ning Yuning over.

At this moment, several people were already around Ning Yuning, inviting Ning Yuning over to eat, but Ning Yuning did not agree and declined with a smile.

After Zhu Xinghai approached, the amazing color in his eyes couldn’t be concealed, his heartbeat accelerated a lot, and his breathing began to rush. He wanted to look natural and natural, but he found it difficult to do it. In fact, Ning Yuning is too beautiful, and the aura is very big, more charming than when he saw Ning Yuning last time.

“Well, Miss Ning, how are you.” Zhu Xinghai walked up to Ning Yuning and greeted with a smile, looking a little nervous.

Ning Yuning nodded to him politely and replied hello with a smile.

Then Ning Yuning looked at other places and ignored him.

Zhu Xinghai was a little embarrassed, but he did not give up. Instead, he cleared his throat and continued: “Miss Ning, I am Zhu Xinghai, the general manager of Star Crown Group. I want to invite you to my place and have a meal with my friends. Sign a name, I don’t know, can Miss Ning show her face?”

Ning Yuning shook her head and said apologetically: “Mr. Zhu, I’m sorry, I still have something to do. Forgive me for not being able to eat with you. As for signing, you can ask your friend to come over and I will sign on the spot.”

After hearing this, Zhu Xinghai frowned slightly. He was full of what he said just now. He must be able to invite Ning Yuning over, but now that Ning Yuning refuses him, it makes his face a little uncontrollable.

If the other party was a small star, he would have been rude long ago, but this is Ning Yuning, a super star, and he can’t afford to offend him, so he lowered his posture and said, “Miss Ning, it won’t take you much time. , My seat is over there, just a few steps away. Besides, my friends are all your ardent fans, and I promised them to invite you over, hoping that Miss Ning can give me a face. Zhu is grateful!”

But Ning Yuning’s expression remained unmoved, she showed an apologetic smile, “Mr. Zhu, it is true that there are too many people who have invited me, and I am not too favoritism. I hope Mr. Zhu understands that you can make your friends. Come here.”

Zhu Xinghai frowned. He looked back and saw that Lu Guyun and Chang Yuqin were all looking at him, especially Alma Chu’s gaze, which made him unable to erase his face. He gritted his teeth and continued: “Miss Ning To be honest, I have made a promise to a few friends that I will definitely invite you over. If you don’t want to, I really don’t have a place to save my face, so I also ask Miss Ning to help.”

Ning Yuning still shook her head, “That’s really embarrassing, I really can’t walk away. Mr. Zhu, why don’t I sign some names, and you show them to your friends?”

“This one……”

Zhu Xinghai became a little irritable. He forced them to pretend to be out. If Ning Yuning could not be invited, he would definitely be laughed at by Wayne Lin!

Nearby, there are several bosses who also came to invite Ning Yuning, but Ning Yuning rejected them. They all looked at Zhu Xinghai mockingly now, thinking that Zhu Xinghai was overbearing.


Zhu Xinghai felt even more uncomfortable when he saw the eyes of these people. He gritted his teeth and said: “Miss Ning, alas, that’s it. I have a friend who has a terminal illness. This time he came to the Alice restaurant just to see you. On the one hand, it’s not convenient for her to come over now, so I asked Miss Ning to look at the face of my friend and move her jade feet!”

After Ning Yuning listened, she hesitated again and asked, “Where is your seat?”

When Zhu Xinghai saw Ning Yuning’s intention of letting go, he was immediately overjoyed, and hurriedly pointed towards the seat, “It’s right there, not far away, just two steps away.”

Ning Yuning followed Zhu Xinghai’s fingers and looked over, saw a familiar figure, her eyes straightened suddenly! The body trembled, and the breathing stopped!

At this moment, the voice of the audience suddenly disappeared. In her world, all the voices, all others, disappeared at this moment, only the man in her eyes! !

Wayne Lin, Randal Lin!

It’s him!

Ning Yuning’s eyes widened suddenly, her expression was completely incredible, and her whole body was taken aback.

Zhu Xinghai was stunned when he saw her expression. He didn’t understand why Ning Yuning showed such an expression.

Could it be that something went wrong?

When he was about to question his gains and losses, when Ning Yuning was about to ask questions, Ning Yuning regained her consciousness. She took her gaze back from Wayne Lin, and a bright smile suddenly appeared on her face. She lost her color, all women were lost in her smile.

Quite a little bit of looking back and smiling Bai Meisheng, the meaning of the sixth palace pink and black colorless.

Zhu Xinghai was stunned at the moment, looking at Ning Yuning completely demented. Not only him, but everyone around him was deeply shocked by Ning Yuning’s blooming smile, and his heart seemed to stop beating.

“Okay, I’ll go with you and meet your friends.” Ning Yuning said with a smile. Her joy of the moon could hardly be concealed. She couldn’t see her teeth, as if she was alive in an instant. Come here, to match her dress tonight, she is the goddess among the goddesses.

Zhu Xinghai finally came back to his senses. He was very excited, and nodded quickly: “Good, good! It would be great if Miss Ning can go over and sign for us, my friend will know it, I will definitely be very happy!!”

The bosses around, they are dumbfounded now, they don’t understand why Ning Yuning is willing to accept Zhu Xinghai’s invitation, they are envious now! At the same time, I regretted that they had said that a friend who had a terminal illness was cured. They didn’t expect this trick to work. It seems that the rumors on the Internet are good. Ning Yuning is a kind-hearted person who especially sympathizes with the weak.

Zhu Xinghai also thought that Ning Yuning was because of this. He was particularly excited and happy now. He glanced at the bosses in contempt, puffed up his chest, and took a victorious rooster alive and led Ning Yuning away. past.

As he walked, he still chatted with Ning Yuning, but unfortunately found that Ning Yuning was not very enthusiastic in speaking, and he was also indifferent to him. He was a little embarrassed and did not speak any more. But he immediately thought that he would be very excited by inviting Ning Yuning over.

On Wayne Lin’s side, his gaze had always been on Ning Yuning, and seeing that Ning Yuning had actually come over, the bitterness in his heart became even heavier.

Chapter 493

Contrary to Wayne Lin’s bitterness and anxiety, the other four people’s emotions were extremely high, and their faces couldn’t hide their excitement. Even Alma Chu was no exception. They became more excited and excited as they watched Ning Yuning get closer and closer. Happy.

Finally, a jeweled and radiant Ning Yuning followed Zhu Xinghai. Zhu Xinghai cleared his throat and proudly introduced: “Miss Ning, these are my friends. They are all your loyal fans. Tonight It is also because of Miss Ning that came to Alice Western Restaurant specially!”

Lu Guyun stood up quickly and said in a hurry, “Miss Ning, hello, hello, I am Lu Guyun, your loyal fan girl! It’s your little raindrop!”

Fans of Ning Yuning have a special name, called Xiao Yudi. After Ning Yuning heard it, she smiled slightly. Her gaze was taken back from Wayne Lin, and she smiled at Lu Guyun and said, “Miss Lu, hello, very Thank you for always liking me.”

Lu Guyun flushed with excitement, and became even more frantic, “No, Miss Ning, you are so beautiful, even more beautiful than on TV! It is an honor to be able to see you in person once!”

Ning Yuning has been used to this kind of scene, she did not feel embarrassed, but said generously: “Miss Lu, you are also very beautiful. Mr. Zhu just said you want my signature?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Lu Guyun immediately took out a notebook from her bag and handed it to Ning Yuning with both hands. The excitement on her face became more intense, and she was so excited that there was abnormal flushing on her face.

Ning Yuning smiled and signed her name on the notebook. It was very beautiful and the words were just like her own. Under the signature, she also wrote a paragraph: I wish Miss Lu a speedy recovery.

Miss Lu saw this sentence and was stunned, and asked: “Miss Ning? What do you mean by this sentence?”

Ning Yuning said: “Just now, Mr. Zhu told me that a fan has a terminal illness and would like to see me once, Miss Lu, isn’t it you?”

“Huh?” Miss Lu gave a dazed expression on her face and shook her head. “I don’t have one. I’m fine, there is no terminal illness.”

Ning Yuning flushed immediately and apologized embarrassedly: “I’m sorry, I made a mistake, Miss Lu, I apologize to you.”

“It’s all right.” Lu Guyun also shook her head quickly, saying that Zhu Xinghai was not to blame.

Then Ning Yuning said to Zhu Xinghai: “Mr. Zhu, I don’t know which friend has a terminal illness?”

Others also looked at Zhu Xinghai. Now it was Zhu Xinghai’s turn to be embarrassed. He coughed twice, pointed at Wayne Lin, and said, “It’s him, it’s him who has a terminal illness! Yes, it is him!”

Wayne Lin: “…”

Ning Yuning: “…”

Alma Chu: “…”

The other three people were also dumbfounded. Wayne Lin took it seriously. Why did he get terminally ill?

Zhu Xinghai is proud of his wit, he thinks his reaction speed is very fast, not only to relieve himself, but also to curse Wayne Lin.

Alma Chu immediately frowned, and said dissatisfied: “Zhu Xinghai, what are you talking nonsense, Wayne is good, how can there be any terminal illness?!”

Zhu Xinghai had already said the words anyway, and he said directly: “Really? Wayne Lin himself told me just now. He said he was terminally ill and was about to die. Before he died, he wanted to see Miss Ning once.”

Wayne Lin really convinced Zhu Xinghai, and he could say this.

Everyone realized that Zhu Xinghai must have made up this, and Wayne Lin was deliberately disgusting. To be honest, Zhu Xinghai’s approach was a bit too much.

But Zhu Xinghai hadn’t realized this yet. He smiled and said, “By the way, Miss Ning, you are a big star.

Believe that you also know the chairman of Ziqiong Media? “

As he said this, immediately the expressions of the other three people began to become weird, knowing that Zhu Xinghai was about to slap her face!

Alma Chu frowned. She didn’t know that Ning Yuning and Wayne Lin knew each other.

Wayne Lin coughed twice, but he was actually quite helpless.

Ning Yuning is a smart person. Seeing this situation, she quickly wanted to understand the reason, with a sly smile on her face, and said, “I know, what’s the matter?”

Zhu Xinghai didn’t know what Ning Yuning’s smile meant. He smiled and said, “Haha, it’s great that you know Miss Ning. It just so happens that I have someone here who says he is the chairman of Ziqiong Media!”

“Oh? Who is it?”

“Far away in the horizon, is the terminally ill Mr. Wayne Lin. I wonder if Miss Ning knows him?” Zhu Xinghai said with a smile, full of ridicule and playfulness, just waiting to see Wayne Lin. Smile, waiting for a face!

Wayne Lin couldn’t pretend, he coughed twice again, and said to Ning Yuning, “Miss Ning, long time no see.”

When he said this, Alma Chu immediately looked at him, her eyes flashed with some splendor, feelings, Wayne Lin knew Ning Yuning!

When Wayne Lin observed this expression on Alma Chu, he felt bitter and helpless.

And Zhu Xinghai laughed out loud, thinking that Wayne Lin was still pretending, “Hahaha, I’m so ridiculous, Wayne Lin, you guy, you say you are fat, are you really breathing? You know the director of Ziqiong Media Is there someone like you, dare to pretend to be rubbish like you?”

However, as soon as his voice fell, Ning Yuning spoke. She looked at Wayne Lin closely and said in a complicated tone: “Randal Lin, long time no see.”

Suddenly, the expression on Zhu Xinghai’s face stiffened, and what he said in his throat was also directly stuck, as if he was a duck whose neck had been pinched, and his voice stopped abruptly, which was quite funny.

Not only him, but the other three people also opened their eyes wide now with incredible expressions. They had no idea that Wayne Lin actually knew Ning Yuning!

After Ning Yuning finished speaking, her gaze did not look away from Wayne Lin, but continued: “Randal, do you like the new song I sang just now?”

Wayne Lin’s scal

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