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Chapter 119



Unreasonable, there is no king in your eyes!

At this moment, there was a storm in everyone’s mind, dumbfounded, unable to return to their senses for a long time.

Because this incident was as subversive and as absurd to them as the sun rising from the west.

Wayne Lin’s rubbish has always been swallowed in the Chu family, and only promises. They are accustomed to Wayne Lin’s wretched appearance, and they have never thought that Wayne Lin would dare to beat people!

Not only them, but even Alma Chu was equally shocked, unbelievable, and even thought she had hallucinations.

So there was a strange silence in the conference room for five seconds, and everyone began to recover.

And their regained reaction is anger and irritability!

“The reverse is reversed!!!”

“Wayne Lin’s rubbish is too presumptuous, too arrogant, and dare to fight it?!”

“It’s dead, you’re dead!!”

“What are you doing in a daze? Let’s go together, take this thug down for me, break his leg on the spot, and avenge Sean Chu!”

“I am so angry, so am I…”

They were very emotional, and several young men rolled up their sleeves, full of anger, and began to walk towards Wayne Lin in strides, trying to take Wayne Lin down.

When Alma Chu saw this situation, she instantly began to panic. Even she felt that Wayne Lin was too bold and dared to attack Sean Chu. This is not adding fuel to the fire and pushing the matter to a more irreversible point. !

She immediately said anxiously: “Hey, Wayne Lin, what are you doing?! Why are you hitting Sean Chu, something has happened now!”

Wayne Lin didn’t panic at all, and said with a sneer: “It’s him who beat him, who told him to dare to beat you!”

Alma Chu covered her forehead, “Who said he hit me? Yanping was the one who hit me.”

“Huh?” Wayne Lin was dumbfounded at the moment, what situation did he call the wrong person? I go! This is a bit embarrassing.

On the opposite side of Liu Yanping, seeing Wayne Lin’s gaze, she suddenly panicked and hid behind others, for fear that Wayne Lin would come and beat her when she went crazy. After all, from the slap that Wayne Lin slapped on Sean Chu just now, it was too heavy, everyone turned around and half of her face was swollen. If she slapped Sean Chu, she wouldn’t be over. You know, she just got a plastic surgery a while ago, but she can’t stand up to such a fight.

At this moment, all the men from the Chu family came over and wanted to fight Wayne Lin.

They were very angry and fiercely coming. After they walked over, they shot at Wayne Lin and wanted to hold Wayne Lin directly.

Wayne Lin smiled contemptuously, he easily put these people down.

Everyone saw that his force was so high that he fought a few at a time, and in the blink of an eye, he knocked him down and made everyone else brow brows and furious. I really feel that Wayne Lin is the opposite. Several elders, including Chu Huayou, pointed at Wayne Lin and screamed, their fingers trembling with excitement, “Wayne Lin, you beast, so rebellious, you dare to beat people! You’re done! , You’re done, I want to call the police to catch you, don’t think of it in your life!”

Others also started yelling.

Alma Chu also cried anxiously. She never expected that Wayne Lin was so courageous that he even dared to beat people on the board of directors. This matter had a huge impact!

However, Wayne Lin was not afraid at all. Not to mention the surveillance in the conference room. His situation was a legitimate defense. Even if he did call the police, he would at most take a transcript and be detained for a few days. With his background, he could not even be detained, and going to jail was simply nonsense.

Alma Chu panicked and said anxiously: “Wayne Lin, why are you so impulsive! I really want to be killed by you! I told you not to come, you have to come… Hey! You should run quickly! Well, they will really take you to jail!”

Compared with Alma Chu’s panic, Wayne Lin can be said to be calm and calm, with a faint smile on his face, holding Alma Chu’s hand and smiling, “Fool, I will be fine.

. I said I’m here to protect you, so I can do what I say. “

“When is the time, you are still in the mood to brag! You, you really want to piss me off!” Alma Chu’s eyes were red, she was worried about Wayne Lin from the bottom of her heart. This kind of change does not even have her own. Find.

But Wayne Lin found out, so he was very happy, heartwarming, and said, “Don’t worry, they dare not call the police. Wait a minute, they will ask me to forgive them in turn.”

He didn’t deliberately lower his voice, but said it quite loudly, and it was clearly transmitted to everyone’s ears. After listening to them, they felt that Wayne Lin was crazy and had mental problems.

And Alma Chu felt the same way. She didn’t know what changes had happened to Wayne Lin, but she would have become like this!

Thompson Chu, who had been silent all the time, finally stood up and spoke at this time.

“Enough!” He yelled violently, full of anger, and immediately suffocated everyone. His face was gloomy and his eyes were fierce, staring at Wayne Lin, “Wayne Lin, I don’t care who gives you the courage. , Dare to run to my Chu family to be presumptuous! Your behavior has surpassed the bottom line that my Chu family can tolerate! I have always kept my eyes closed to you, letting you ruin the reputation of my Chu family. I didn’t cruelly drive you out.”

“But you, instead of being grateful, you have become more vigorous. Now you dare to break into my board of directors to beat people. You have no choice but to deceive people too much! You really think that my Chu family is too weak, so anyone can step on it. Up?!”

I have to say that as the pillar of the Chu family, Thompson Chu is still very majestic, and Wayne Lin also felt a little pressure.

When Alma Chu faced his anger, she was already shaking with fright and her lips turned pale.

Sean Chu hugged Thompson Chu’s thigh, snorted and cried out with tears, “Grandpa, you want to be fair for me, grandpa, Wayne Lin, this trash dare to beat me, he clearly didn’t put you in your eyes. what!”

Chu Huayou also came out to ask for orders, and Wayne Lin must be punished severely.

Wayne Lin watched this scene indifferently, and there was no trace of fear or tension on his face.

For his composure, everyone gritted their teeth even more.

Thompson Chu squinted his eyes and said, “Wayne Lin, I think you are Berry’s son-in-law, and I will give you a chance to atone for your sins. Now you kneel down, confess your sins to each of us, and give Sean Chu three I’ll give you a nine-knife bow, I can still consider letting you go. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting in the cell for the rest of your life!”

Thompson Chu’s tone is cold, and he has a scent that is difficult to follow. It is an indisputable imperial edict.

If you change to an ordinary person, it is really easy to be fooled by him.

It is a pity that Wayne Lin is not an ordinary person, he is a big figure standing at the top of Hwadrid City, so naturally he will not be scared by Thompson Chu. Instead, he laughed and said jokingly: “It’s really scary. If I don’t agree, I will be put in jail for a lifetime. If I hadn’t studied law for a while, I would have almost believed it.”

Wayne Lin’s hippy smile changed Thompson Chu’s color dramatically, and his dignity was challenged like never before!

Without waiting for him to get angry, Wayne Lin put aside his laugh, and said with a serious face: “Since that’s the end, I also give you a chance. Each of you kowtows to Alma to confess his guilt and obtain Alma’s forgiveness. I can consider taking it out. A hundred million will save the Chu family.”

No one laughed, no one scolded, and no one believed. They all looked at Wayne Lin angrily and coldly, thinking that Wayne Lin was really mad and mentally ill.

Thompson Chu snorted coldly, said a toast, not to eat or drink, and then took out his mobile phone and started making calls, “Hey, is it Cai Ju? We have someone here…”

He directly called the Public Security Bureau to arrest Wayne Lin.

However, he was only halfway through what he said. At this time, the door of the conference room was suddenly opened, and a man ran in in a panic and excited, and said loudly: “Dong, Chairman! Good news, good news! Ziqiong Media Limited is limited. The company’s President Damon Wang came to visit and said he was interested in investing in our company!!!”

This sentence was spoken loudly and clearly spread to everyone’s ears.

In an instant, everyone was stunned.

Chapter 120

What the hell is this?

Doubts arose in everyone’s hearts, why would Damon Wang of Ziqiong Film and Television Media Company come here?

Alma Chu’s body trembled fiercely, her pupils shrank suddenly, and an incredible expression appeared on her face.

The words Ziqiong are very exciting to her! Because when you mention Zi Qiong, you will think of that tall figure, that funny clown mask, and that cold and majestic chairman Zi Qiong!

In an instant, her heartbeat speeded up uncontrollably, and her pretty face was scared to lose blood. At this moment, because of her emotional fluctuations, she began to slowly rise blood and became blushing.

She bit her lip and couldn’t help squeezing her hand. Damon Wang is here. Does that mean that Chairman Zi Qiong will also be there?

The most important thing is that Damon Wang came to Centec at this time, so does it mean that Chairman Zi Qiong has actually been paying attention to her, knowing that she is in crisis now, and when she needs help the most, Chairman Zi Qiong reappeared. Like last time, let’s make a move for her!

To be honest, she didn’t believe that Zi Qiong wanted to invest in the Chu family because of Damon Wang’s opinion. This was impossible. Because she knows very well that a small company like Centec is not worth mentioning in front of Zi Qiong. The difference between the two is so far that Zi Qiong will never invest. Besides, Shengke has no investment value now!

But Damon Wang did come, and there was only one reason, which was the meaning of Chairman Zi Qiong.

Thinking of this, her heart suddenly became active, and her heart was plopping and beating non-stop, unusually happy and happy, more sweet and happy.

These days, she often misses Chairman Zi Qiong and is eager to meet again with Chairman Zi Qiong.

However, there has been no response. Chairman Zi Qiong never appeared in her world again, which made her very disappointed and sad, and at one time felt that life lost its color.

But now, Zi Qiong’s reappearance made her come alive in an instant, and she felt at ease.

In her mind, Chairman Zi Qiong is a omnipotent existence. As long as Chairman Zi Qiong takes action, there is nothing that cannot be solved.

The corners of Wayne Lin’s mouth rose slightly, and Damon Wang was finally here. After a while, he would have a good show. He was very curious how wonderful the expressions of the Chu family would be when they waited a while!

As well as Alma Chu’s reaction, she will definitely be touched, and maybe even if she is emotionally strong, we should reward him greatly, hahaha!

Thinking of that scene, Wayne Lin was very happy, the corners of his mouth became wider and wider, and he couldn’t help but smirk.

No one’s attention was still on him at this time. Everyone was shocked by the news, including Thompson Chu. He was also stunned for a long time, until Director Cai impatiently called him on the phone. He came back to his senses, and quickly rejected Director Cai, saying that he had made the wrong call, and then nervously told his subordinates: “Are you sure it is Damon Wang of Ziqiong Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. who is here? Not anyone else?”

The subordinates were informed that they nodded vigorously and said, “Yes, Chairman! It is Damon Wang, the president of Zi Qiong, who is here to invest in Centec!”

Finally, they understood, and they all shook their bodies severely, and they showed expressions of excitement and excitement. In that way, they were clearly drowning people. Before they were dying, they saw the excitement of hope.

“Where is President Wang now? Please come over!” Thompson Chu’s expression was so excited that he was flushed and flushed. In a panic, he even put the cup on the table.

All overturned. But it doesn’t matter, he thought of something, and hurriedly said: “Forget it, I’ll go there myself, don’t neglect President Wang!”

Thompson Chu’s remarks aroused everyone’s approval.

“Yes, yeah, President Wang has a distinguished status. We can’t let him wait for that long. Let’s greet President Wang quickly!”

“Why would Mr. Wang want to invest in our Centec? Ziqiong is a media company, and our Centec is a lighting company. The two are irrelevant.”

“It doesn’t matter why, anyway, if someone is willing to invest in us now, we have found the treasure!”

“Yeah! It shows that our Chu family is not exhausted. With Zi Qiong’s capital injection, our Chu family can definitely take off, hahahaha…”

“It’s such a bright future, it’s really exciting news!”

All of them swept away the haze just now, and started to get excited, as if they had already received Zi Qiong’s investment.

Thompson Chu walked to the door, thought of something, stopped again, turned around and said coldly to Wayne Lin: “Wayne Lin, you think that the Chu family is in trouble, you can offend at will? Have you heard it now, dignified Mr. Wang from Ziqiong Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. came to talk about investment! I haven’t gotten into the bankruptcy of my Chu family. When I get over this, it will be your end!”

When he said this, he was very relieved and relieved, and ordered a few people to stay and watch Wayne Lin and Alma Chu. They must not be allowed to make trouble and disturb Damon Wang’s investment!

I have to say that Thompson Chu is getting older, but his mind is still very good. After he calmed down, he immediately understood many things, including beware of Wayne Lin’s anger and anger, and he ran out to get nervous and confused. Damon Wang’s investment.

It’s a pity that he was thinking comprehensively, but didn’t want to understand that Damon Wang made the investment according to Wayne Lin’s will.

Wayne Lin smiled and sat down generously. He raised his legs and smiled and said, “Please. But don’t blame me for not reminding you that Damon Wang came to me. You won’t let me go there. Come back and invite me over.”

His kind reminder, in the eyes of everyone, it turned into a broken jar, a dying struggle. Even Alma Chu thought the same way. She stood up and wanted to go with her, but she was quickly stopped by someone and had no choice but to sit down.

“Dying is approaching, and you dare to speak hard, Wayne Lin, you are really cerebral palsy!”

Sean Chu stared at Wayne Lin like a mad dog, wishing to rush to kill Wayne Lin immediately.

Thompson Chu did not dare to waste time, did not continue to talk to Wayne Lin, and hurried to the reception room to entertain Damon Wang!

For the Chu family, this is a golden opportunity, a life-saving straw, they can’t miss it anyway.

As for what Wayne Lin said just now, no one believed it.

They all felt that Wayne Lin was just getting nervous.

Isn’t that right, what status is Damon Wang? The president of the dignified Ziqiong Company is a well-known existence in the business circle, with a net worth of several hundred million, while Wayne Lin is just a waste-to-door son-in-law of the Chu family. The difference between the two is the same as that of Shenlong and The ants are so big!

Soon, Thompson Chu and others rushed to the reception room at the fastest speed and saw Damon Wang. He also saw sharply that Damon Wang did not come alone, but brought a team with them. They also had documents in their hands. It was really possible that they came directly to talk about investment!

Chapter 121

Seeing this, Thompson Chu and others were even more excited.

“President Wang, what brought you to me?” Thompson Chu’s old face smiled into a chrysanthemum, bending over, maintaining a respectful posture, walked over to shake hands with Damon Wang.

After receiving the call from Wayne Lin, Damon Wang immediately put aside his work, called the company’s financial team, and rushed to Chu’s Centec Company.

To be honest, after he arrived, he was very disdainful when he saw such a resisting office building and such a humble office. Compared with Zi Qiong, it was really a heaven and an underground. He also didn’t understand why the chairman would spend 100 million to invest in Centec, which is no different from throwing money into the ocean!

The only explanation is that the chairman spent 100 million to pick up girls, and it was Alma Chu.

He had also seen Alma Chu, she was quite beautiful, and her figure was good. However, it is absolutely impossible for Damon Wang to spend 100 million to soak such a young woman. He can only feel that the chairman is really rich and willful, and many ordinary people like him can understand it.

When he saw Thompson Chu’s people coming, he didn’t find the chairman’s figure, and frowned slightly. On the phone, the chairman said that he was already in Centec. Why hasn’t he seen him yet?

Since the chairman is not there, he doesn’t need to assume a respectful posture. After all, he is the president of ziqiong film and television media company. He is highly powerful, rich and powerful, and he does not know how many times he is more honorable than Thompson Chu.

He shook hands with Thompson Chu, and smiled faintly: “I’m here specifically for your Centec company. A big man is a little interested in your Centec and wants to buy some shares in the past.”

Hearing these words, Thompson Chu’s heart beat immediately!

It really is true!

This is really great news for the Chu family.

Others couldn’t suppress the surprise, too, and revealed it.

“Okay, okay! Welcome!” Thompson Chu said with a big smile, “CEO Wang has a unique vision. Our company is just expanding. We plan to expand the scale and add more production lines. Just when financing is needed, President Wang will come over. Now, it seems that we are really inspiring, haha.”

Facing Thompson Chu’s favor, Damon Wang smiled indifferently, without expressing too much that the reason why he came here was just to cooperate with the chairman. But at this moment, the chairman of the board has not appeared yet, which made him a little confused, and asked: “Mr. Chu, are these people coming to talk to me for business?”

Thompson Chu didn’t quite understand what Damon Wang meant. He thought that Damon Wang saw that they were few people and felt that it was not interesting enough. He quickly said: “Yes, Mr. Wang, the core directors of Centec are all here. For Mr. Wang’s arrival, we are Highly valued! This is… This is…”

As he said, he also started to introduce the people behind. The people he introduced were all beaten up, with their heads up and their chests up, trying to express themselves.

Damon Wang’s brows grew deeper and deeper, “Are you these people?”

Seeing Damon Wang’s expression, Thompson Chu suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart, but he still squeezed out a smile and said, “Mr. Wang, I don’t quite understand what you mean. Who are you looking for?”

Damon Wang did not answer. Instead, he took out his mobile phone and took a look. The message sent by the chairman indeed told him that the chairman is here. He simply asked, “Where is Mr. Lin?”

“Mr. Lin?” Thompson Chu was stunned for an instant. This is the company of the Chu family. Where did Mr. Lin come from? In the board of directors,

It seems that there is no one with the surname Lin, but Damon Wang asked this, indicating that the other party was probably called by Mr. Lin. He quickly winked at Sean Chu and others behind him and asked them who this Mr. Lin was.

But when they look at me and I look at you, they all have dumb expressions.

Thompson Chu smiled bitterly and said to Damon Wang: “Mr. Wang, Mr. Lin you mentioned, is he from Shengke?”

“I don’t know about this. Anyway, I’m here for Mr. Lin. If Mr. Lin is not here, then I’m sorry, this investment will only fall through.” Damon Wang was doing business in an official manner, and he wanted to leave. After preparing, Thompson Chu and the others burst into cold sweat and hurriedly said: “President Wang, please stay! I don’t know what Mr. Lin you are talking about, what his full name is, what he looks like, and how old is he? “

Damon Wang stayed behind and said, “Mr. Lin is twenty-six or seventeen years old. He is tall and burly, with a height of 1.83 meters. He looks very handsome. The most important thing is that Mr. Lin is very majestic.”

After listening to Damon Wang’s description, everyone was still very confused. They couldn’t figure out how sacred Mr. Lin was. There was no such person in the company at Centec.

However, at this moment, someone with a weird expression said softly, “Could it be, Wayne Lin?”

It was exactly what Liu Yanping said, she had an inspiration, and thought of Wayne Lin, isn’t she the Mr. Lin who fits Damon Wang’s description.

When she said this, everyone heard it immediately, and someone immediately said decisively: “Impossible! Wayne Lin is just a trash, how could such a noble and important person like President Wang come for him!”

Indeed, in the impression of all of them, Wayne Lin is an unlearned, weak and incompetent wasteful son-in-law. For so many years, he has not even been able to find a job. How can he recognize a business crocodile like Damon Wang.

“That’s it, it can’t be Wayne Lin’s, you don’t have to think about it!” Sean Chu also shook his head vigorously.

But I don’t know why, he always has a bad feeling in his heart, and his heartbeat speeds up a lot.

In my mind, I couldn’t help thinking of what Wayne Lin had just said, and Wayne Lin’s absolute confidence.

When Damon Wang heard what they said, he knew it in his heart, and suddenly cursed with a calm face: “Shut up! You dare to slander Mr. Lin behind your back? You dare to call Mr. Lin’s name presumptuously!”

Facing Damon Wang’s scolding, they all felt their scalp numb and swallowed heavily. The most important thing was that it was unbelievable that the Mr. Lin mentioned by Damon Wang was really Wayne Lin?

They even wonder if they are dreaming, which is too unreal!

The expression on Thompson Chu’s face changed crazily, and then he asked carefully: “Mr. Wang, the name of Mr. Lin you mentioned is Wayne Lin?”

“Yes, it was Mr. Lin who called me over to talk about investment.” Damon Wang nodded and frowned: “Why, you are offending Mr. Lin?”


Seeing Damon Wang’s gloomy look, Thompson Chu’s scalp was numb, his hands and feet were cold, and he swallowed fiercely. There was a thought in his mind, it was all over, Damon Wang was actually called by Wayne Lin, and they, Wayne Lin was already offended to death!

Reading this, he really has the heart to die.

Similarly, the others including Chu Huayou and Sean Chu also opened their mouths wide and looked like a ghost…

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