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Chapter 185


In a luxurious and atmospheric villa, the indoor swimming pool is obviously snowing and freezing cold outside, but in the villa it is harsh as summer. The villa covers an area of ​​more than two thousand square meters, all wrapped in a huge barrier. There are high-power heaters in each direction to continuously provide heat.

It is a sign that the interior is as harsh as summer.

In the swimming pool, there are dozens of young girls swimming, especially temptation, it is a paradise for men.

And beside the swimming pool, there is a man sitting on a beach chair. His skin is white, full of luster, elasticity, and beautiful muscles, which is much more graceful than those who are strong and fit. The key is that these muscles are full of explosive power. This man is enjoying the service of four beautiful and flowery beauties. Two beauties are massaging him, and two beauties are applying sunscreen for him.

He is Wayne Lin’s half-brother, Lin Zihao.

Now he is holding a tablet in his hand with a video playing on it. It is the story of the engagement banquet between the Guo family and the Huang family a while ago. Now in the picture, it was Wayne Lin who appeared on the scene, and Zi Qiong’s identity as chairman burst out , A deterrent scenario.

This video is not very clear, and the picture quality is a bit poor. Fortunately, it is not too vague. You can still see Wayne Lin’s appearance and what he said is clear.

Lin Zihao watched with gusto, with a meaningful smile on his face. When he saw the ugly master appearing and calling Wayne Lin to be Mr. Lin, his pupils shrank severely, and his mouth murmured Language: “Joker, is this your choice?”

“Do you think Wayne Lin is the real son?”

“Hmph, I will let you know how wrong your choice is!”

“Since you have chosen him, go to hell with him!”

Before Lin Zihao watched the video, he knead the tablet lightly. It turned out to be like paper, crumpled into a ball by him. The battery was deformed and burnt in his hands, and he didn’t care. It was this scene that shocked the four beauties who served him.

“Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin, you are awe-inspiring. Take the legacy left to you by the dead old man and squander it and pretend to be forced. It’s a pity that such a good day will not last long. You are destined to be me. He’s dead soul. I will let the action tell the dead old man that choosing you is the biggest mistake he has made in his life!”

After saying this, he stood up, jumped two or three times, and was transferred to the diving platform at a distance of five meters. Then he leaped and fell in an extremely beautiful posture, and fell into the water. No spills.




Bang bang bang! !

In another villa, it was not surrounded by expensive barriers like Lin Zihao did to create a summer environment. Here, it is the same temperature and cold as the sky and the earth, and snowflakes roll down one by one.

There was a naked upper body, exuding a hot breath, and snowflakes falling on his body would quickly evaporate.

This person is naturally Wayne Lin, he has been training here for a week.

His special training is more cruel than the training of the most powerful special forces in the world. It is not that he has a strong physique and cannot be sustained at all!

Moreover, special training like him cannot be carried out without sufficient financial support. Because the medicinal materials he consumes every day are an astronomical number, and only this way can he make up for the four-year-old cultivation base in just one week!

Every special training is a great exercise of will for him. Ordinary people can’t hold it for ten minutes, let alone hold it for a week.

Fortunately, Emperor Tian paid his attention. After this week of devil training, Wayne Lin received excellent results. He can clearly feel his own strength, not only the explosive growth of his physical strength, but also his eyesight, ears, and smell. The senses have improved a lot.

He clenched his fist now, and was able to easily blow up a tree with a diameter of 30 cm.

Now there was heavy goose feather snow in the sky, especially fierce, leaving only one color between the sky and the earth, snow white.

And in this white layer of snow, there are two figures jumping vertically and horizontally, fighting fiercely.

Within one kilometer, they were all their footprints. They stepped on a footprint in the snow, then they were covered by the heavy snow, and the footprints were guessed again.

Their movements are extremely fast, completely exceeding the limit that ordinary people can reach. Fortunately, the place is remote and there are no strangers. Otherwise, they will be frightened when they see this scene, thinking that they have encountered a ghost.

“I lost.”

Finally, after more than ten minutes, the two figures stopped. Wayne Lin’s five fingers were placed on the ugly man’s neck. The nails had cut through a layer of skin and a little blood was leaking out. With a little harder, you can cut the ugly master’s neck.

Wayne Lin showed a smile, he retracted his right palm, “Joker, I’m back.”

Ugly Master also showed a heartfelt smile, happy for Wayne Lin, “Yes, the second young master, you are back. I believe you will find Lin Zihao again, he is no longer your opponent.”

“Thank you.” Wayne Lin looked at the clown deeply and said seriously.

There was some movement on Ugly Master’s face, and then he shook his head, still responding to Wayne Lin with his classic and humble smile, “Second Master, this is what I should do.”

Wayne Lin didn’t have any more hypocrisy, his goal this time had been achieved, and it was time for him to leave.

“Before we leave, let’s have a good drink.” Wayne Lin suggested.

The ugly master nodded vigorously and smiled: “Okay.”

After having a meal with Chou Ye, Wayne Lin left.

Now he has improved a lot. Even when facing Lin Zihao again, he is confident that he can defeat Lin Zihao.

So now it’s time for him to go back to Lin’s house to get something back.

On the next day, he received an invitation from Hanson Lin, asking him to go back to participate in the Lin Family Association.

Wayne Lin readily agreed.

Of course, Wayne Lin didn’t set off in a hurry. He first went back to Zi Qiong’s company and assigned all the recent instructions. He made sure that Zi Qiong would be able to operate normally without him in the next month, so he left with confidence.

As for the newly opened advertising company, it is even simpler. He has already found a new team, and his method of finding a team is also very simple and rude. That is to directly use a lot of money to smash and dig a large number of elites from the company. Coming over, the vitality of Ascendas was greatly injured, and there was no capital to compete with Wayne Lin, an advertising company.

Therefore, the boss of Ascendas knew that Chairman Zi Qiong did this because when his son had offended others, he wanted to choke Situ Nan himself!

After everything was settled, the next day, he left with confidence and headed to Lin’s house.

This time he went alone, without the ugly master.

The Lin family said they belonged to the Hwadrid family. In fact, the headquarters is more biased towards Fengcheng. It takes two hours to drive from Wayne Lin to this place.

Wayne Lin drove there, and as soon as he arrived at his destination, he saw an acquaintance standing on the side of the road blocking the car.

Chapter 186

Seeing this acquaintance, Wayne Lin’s heart was suddenly tightened! Breathing was also rapid, and there was a momentary blank in his mind!

He was still driving the car at a speed of sixty per hour. Because of the gap in this moment, he almost ran into the car in front of him. He was so scared that he rushed to the emergency brake and ran into it within half a meter.

Because of his sudden braking, everyone around him was shocked, including the’acquaintance’.

He happened to stop next to this’acquaintance’, and the other person looked over. Fortunately, there was a film on his car window, so people couldn’t get in from the outside, so although the other person looked over, they didn’t see it. He just frowned and was a little displeased. He felt that the driver was too reckless and drove so hastily that he even spilled the sewage on her pants.

Being stared at by this’acquaintance’, Wayne Lin only felt inexplicably panic.

Soon he realized that he was in the car and the other party could not see him, so he began to relax a little.

That’s right, this’acquaintance’ standing on the side of the road is not someone, but it is Alma Chu who has been facing him day and night for four years!

Wayne Lin blinked vigorously, wondering if he had read it wrong, but the facts were before him, it was not that he had read it wrong, but it was Alma Chu! Is this a coincidence? He came here with great difficulty, and unexpectedly ran into Alma Chu? Wayne Lin couldn’t believe it if it wasn’t for the facts.

Encountering this incident is actually not a weird thing to say. With Wayne Lin’s current concentration, no matter how accidentally he would not have such a big reaction.

The key person is Alma Chu, then everything is different.

But why did Alma Chu come here alone? Logically speaking, Alma Chu is now the chairman of Centec. If she travels, how can she have a private car to accompany her, right?

At this moment, from another direction, a Maserati president drove over and stopped behind Wayne Lin. Then, a man in casual clothes walked out of the car, handsome and extraordinary, especially fan, just like him. It is said that male models are believed to be.

In addition, he drove the president of Maserati, so when he appeared, he immediately attracted the attention of many people around him, especially for those women, it was absolutely fatal temptation.

After all, this is super handsome, rich and handsome, and it is difficult to meet one in a thousand people.

This super rich and handsome walked to Alma Chu, with a sunny and confident smile on his face, full of lethality. Alma Chu saw the same smile on his face and took the initiative to meet him and shook hands with the other party.

“Chu, I’m sorry, I kept you waiting for a long time.” Gao Fushuai said with a polite smile when he walked in front of Alma Chu.

Alma Chu said: “Mr Xiao is polite, I just arrived.”

A strong fragrance of men’s perfume exuded from Mr. Xiao, causing Alma Chu to frown slightly. She didn’t reject men who sprayed perfume, but she couldn’t stand it with such a strong spray, and it was a bit pungent. , Which invisibly reduced her impression of Mr. Xiao. But this time she came here to talk about cooperation, and she couldn’t show off her disgust.

Mr. Xiao looked at Alma Chu’s body quickly, his eyes could not help showing surprise and coveting. He is also an experienced playboy. There are no fewer than a hundred beautiful women who have had a spring night with him, but he has never seen him. A woman like Alma Chu who wants to have a figure, a beautiful appearance, and a temperament, she is also the chairman of a large company.

So when he saw Alma Chu at first sight, he immediately moved his heart, and made up his mind that he must soak Alma Chu!

And he also has this confidence.

“Mr. Chu, are you here alone?”

When Mr. Xiao saw Alma Chu here alone, he asked intriguingly.

He has learned about Shengke Lighting. Since the investment of 100 million yuan, he has now come back to life, and the scale is getting bigger and bigger. As the chairman of Shengke Lighting, how can she not come here alone? .

Alma Chu smiled and shook her head, and said, “I came here with the secretary. Here, she’s already here.”

Mr. Xiao looked in the direction of Alma Chu and saw a woman wearing glasses walking over with a briefcase in her hand. After walking, she said to Alma Chu: “Chairman, I will buy your medicine… …”

“Cough cough!” Alma Chu coughed immediately, interrupted the secretary’s words, and gave her a wink, and said, “Mr. Xiao, since I’ve come here, then find a place to sit down and talk about cooperation, you What do you think?”

Mr. Xiao naturally heard what he said just now, and he kept his eyes in his heart. On the surface, he naturally pretended not to hear him. He smiled and said, “Mr. Chu is full of sincerity and came here to discuss business with me. I definitely want to entertain him. President Chu. I know that there is a clubhouse with a particularly good environment and stylish decoration. It is very suitable for us to discuss business. Why don’t we go there to discuss business? What do you think of President Chu?”

Alma Chu smiled and said, “Ms. Xiao is good at making an idea. I can do whatever you want.”

Then, Alma Chu and the secretary got into Mr. Xiao’s car.

Wayne Lin just stopped by the side, he specially opened a line of windows and listened to what they were saying.

Alma Chu actually came here to discuss business and brought the secretary over. It seemed that she came here by car. This is in line with Alma Chu’s character. She was originally a very economical person. Although she is now the chairman of the board, she can really do this kind of thing.

After thinking about it, Wayne Lin decided not to return to Lin’s house for now, and followed up to see what was going on.

Just now he saw bad intentions in the eyes of the surname Xiao, it was obviously Alma Chu’s idea!

Even if he has divorced Alma Chu now, he can’t do it if he can’t save Alma Chu.

So he didn’t think about it too much, so he turned his head and followed.

President Xiao’s Maserati drove for twenty minutes in front, and arrived at a very high-end clubhouse with a unique name, called Tingfeng Pavilion.

Almost all the cars parked in front of this club are luxury cars. The lowest grade is also the BMW 5 Series, and the highest price is directly to the Bugatti Veyron.

After Wayne Lin drove up to follow him, his expression was a bit weird. Looking at the three characters Tingfengting on the signboard, he felt like a world away.

Because before he was expelled from the family by the Lin family, he often came to Tingfeng Pavilion to drink tea, because this is one of the Lin family’s industries. It was established by his grandfather at the time and was dedicated to serving the rich and powerful in the circle. Confined to Hwadrid and Fengcheng, many big figures in the surrounding cities like to come here to discuss business.

Because Tingfeng Pavilion is notoriously quiet, and no camera is set up here, bank churn can also be hidden, and absolute privacy can be enjoyed here.

However, Tingfeng Pavilion has a feature that it is only accepted by members, and the member’s request is to recharge five million in. After recharge of five million, the balance in the membership card is only two million, which is equal to three hundred. Ten thousand are membership fees, and they still have to pay these three million every year. In this regard, many people have been dissuaded.

Unless he is a rich boss, he will give up the money.

Mr. Xiao was also a while ago. In order to step into this circle, he gritted his teeth and recharged five million to enter, so he immediately invites Alma Chu to come here to talk about business and pretend to be forced.

Chapter 187

“Oh my God, Mr. Xiao, you originally wanted to take us to listen to Fengting!”

When Mr. Xiao drove Maserati and stopped to the front of Tingfeng Pavilion, Alma Chu’s secretary immediately opened his eyes and said in shock, looking at Mr. Xiao, his eyes were full of admiration.

Mr. Xiao saw the secretary’s exaggerated look, his smile on his face became even brighter, he couldn’t hide his pride and prestige, he deliberately pretended to be very low-key on the surface, smiled and said, “Yes, in our The best club in Hwadrid City is Tingfeng Pavilion. The big bosses and dignitaries in the surrounding cities all come to Tingfeng Pavilion to discuss business. It is rare that Mr. Chu came to talk to me for business today. I naturally want to be the highest Level to entertain President Chu.”

When he said this, he deliberately straightened his waist and took out his exclusive VIP membership card from Tingfeng Pavilion. It was actually bordered with gold, which was very valuable at first glance.

Alma Chu seemed to have never heard of the reputation of Tingfeng Pavilion. She asked curiously: “Is this Tingfeng Pavilion special?”

When Mr. Xiao heard this, his expression was a little weird. He looked at Alma Chu and asked, “Mr. Chu, as a native of Hwadrid, haven’t you heard of Fengting?”

Alma Chu shook her head and said honestly: “I haven’t heard of it. It seems that I am ignorant.”

The secretary couldn’t help but said excitedly: “Mr. Xiao, I heard that the threshold for becoming a member of Tingfengting is very high! Not everyone can come in. First, you must top up 3 million to qualify for membership? Like this?”

Mr. Xiao shook his head, with some disdain and arrogance in his expression, he said, “If three million want to become members of Tingfeng Pavilion, then Tingfeng Pavilion’s reputation will not be so great. In Huarvell, There are more than three million people.”

Then, he paused, and said with a more arrogant expression: “If you want to become a member of Tingfengting, you must recharge at least five million! And these five million are used as membership fees. After you become a member, you can spend it again. There will be another charge.”

“Oh my God! Five million! This Tingfeng Pavilion’s compulsion is too high!” The secretary immediately screamed, her eyes widened, and her eyes were full of red hearts when she looked at Mr. Xiao , I can’t wait to rush into Mr. Xiao’s arms immediately.

Even Alma Chu was a little moved when she heard that, five million is just the cost of becoming a member? What kind of club is this, too exaggerated! You know, many companies have less than five million revenues a year.

Although she is now the chairman of Shengke Lighting, she herself does not have much money, and she can’t agree to spend five million to buy a membership of Tingfengting.

She can also see now that this young man named Xiao Cheng is very rich. This is a good thing and shows that their cooperation is more valuable.

Xiao Cheng kept staring at Alma Chu secretly and observing Alma Chu’s reaction. He deliberately brought Alma Chu here, not just to pretend to be in front of Alma Chu and win Alma Chu’s favor.

But he was disappointed. Alma Chu didn’t have much admiration on her face, she was just a little surprised, and then she returned to nature, as if she was indifferent. To be honest, this made his heart more or less uncomfortable. Of course, he didn’t think it was Alma Chu who was not surprised, but that Alma Chu was just pretending not to care.

He has investigated, and now Centec Lighting has raised another 100 million investment, the company has come alive, but there is still some way to go before it is truly profitable and becomes a company with a market value of over 100 million.

Especially, Alma Chu took the position of chairman of Shengke Lighting not long ago. Alma Chu herself is just a grassroots. She has not seen much money, which means that Alma Chu has not seen it until now. Too much money.

Xiao Cheng has absolute confidence in the thorough psychological analysis of women. He believes that few people in the world can match him.

“Mr. Chu, you can rest assured that in Tingfengting, customers have absolute privacy. We will not disclose any confidential business when we talk about it.” Xiao Cheng said confidently, saying the three words Tingfengting, he All are very proud.

In fact, Alma Chu’s heart was not as calm as it was on the surface. When she heard that a member was worth five million, she was still very shocked. Because Xiao Cheng had a good guess. Although she has become the chairman of Shengke Lighting, she hasn’t made much money yet. In terms of mentality, she is still the concept of the ordinary class.

“It made Mr. Xiao spend money.” Alma Chu tried her best to maintain a plain attitude. Anyway, she is now the chairman of the board, and she came over to talk about business in person. In case she acts like a country boy and doesn’t look good on her, wait. Talking about chips is not good either.

“No expense, no expense.” Xiao Cheng suddenly looked at Alma Chu directly, and said with a smile: “Chu, we are all people of the same age. We always yell at all times. It’s a bit strange. I listened. It’s also awkward. If you don’t mind, just call my name Xiao Cheng. I also call you Alma Chu. What do you think?”

What he said was very warm and friendly, which made people feel comfortable to hear.

Alma Chu was stunned, then she nodded and said, “Okay.”

She didn’t care much about these illusions, the key was how to negotiate a good business and how to distribute profits was serious.

The Tingfeng Pavilion covers a large area, and it takes two minutes to walk from the parking lot to the gate.

Xiao Cheng walked in the forefront, with his head held high, he took out the membership card from his arms and handed it to the guard at the door, saying, “I am a black gold membership card. Bring two friends for tea.”

“It turned out to be Mr. Xiao, Tingfeng Pavilion welcomes Mr. Xiao to come again!”

More than a dozen guards bowed to Xiao Cheng together. The scene was huge, which made Xiao Cheng special.

When Alma Chu’s secretary saw this scene, the light in her eyes became more intense, and her face turned red with excitement.

Even Alma Chu felt a little shocked. It was the first time she heard that there was a place called Tingfeng Pavilion, which covers such a large area, is decorated so luxuriously and upscalely, and is so stylish, which she had never thought of before. Scene.

Suddenly, she couldn’t help but think of someone. If Chairman Zi Qiong came here, he would be treated like this, right?

“Alma Chu, let’s go in. I have ordered people to make the tea ahead of time. The tea here is very famous. There are many items in the Tingfeng Pavilion. In addition to drinking tea, you can also swim and bath in hot springs. Horse racing and so on, when we finalize the cooperation, we can stay and play for two days.” Xiao Cheng said with a smile, he now looks like a host.

The reason why Tingfeng Pavilion is famous is not only because of its quiet environment and protecting the privacy of guests. It is very important that there are many projects in Tingfeng Pavilion. You can play it here as long as you want to play!

Moreover, here, you can meet many unexpected dignitaries, celebrities, bosses, etc…

Five million, more is a qualification to buy, a circle.

However, when Xiao Cheng was taking Alma Chu and the secretary to go in, suddenly, two men in suits rushed over, with heavy faces. When they arrived in front of Xiao Cheng, they said apologetically, “Honorable Mr. Xiao , I’m not too embarrassed. We have temporarily upgraded the Tingfeng Pavilion. Your current Black Gold card level cannot enter Tingfeng Pavilion temporarily. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.”

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