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Chapter 785

Wayne Lin looked at the dark place. There was clearly no one in that place, and it looked very strange, causing some passers-by to show weird expressions, thinking whether he saw something dirty.

A cowardly lady also showed a look of fear, and quickly kept a distance from him, thinking that Wayne Lin was either a grandstanding or a lunatic.

But after Wayne Lin’s words fell, there was still no movement in that dark place.

To those around him, it seemed that Wayne Lin was really talking to himself.

“This man is talking to himself, isn’t he a lunatic?”

“In my opinion, he is sensationalizing, deliberately frightening people. Now many such boring people.”

“I can’t see it, maybe he saw something unclean. It’s a ghost festival soon…”

Wayne Lin didn’t pay attention to the strange gazes of these passers-by. Naturally, he couldn’t make a mistake. He looked at that place with deep gaze. In fact, he had discovered someone following him a long time ago, and he was still a powerful expert, but He hadn’t said anything just now, but wanted to see who was following him.

After distracting Ding Fengmao, he began to speak.

But after he finished speaking, the other party still didn’t show up. In the eyes of others, he was really talking to himself again, which was quite embarrassing.

He didn’t feel embarrassed either, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a meaningful smile, “In this case, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

After the voice fell, I saw two coins appeared in his hand, and then he seemed to be very relaxed, the coin bounced directly out of his hand, extremely fast, in the dimly lit night, it was just watching Without the track, I just heard a buzzing sound, and the coin flew out.

With two puffs, they hit the dark place, as if they were stuck on something hard.

Immediately afterwards, a tall figure came out from that dark place. In his hand, there were two more deformed coins, and he also showed an intriguing smile, “Hua country actually has you like you. Master, it’s really rare.”

He didn’t speak Chinese, but English. As soon as the voice fell, the two coins disappeared from his hand, and they flicked directly on Wayne Lin’s head and shoulders.

Moreover, after he finished playing these two coins, he did not give up, but immediately popped out two round steel balls. The speed was even faster than before. It was only in the blink of an eye that he was in front of Wayne Lin. , And extremely vicious, it flew towards Wayne Lin’s eyes!

The power it brings even exceeds bullets.

If Wayne Lin couldn’t dodge and was shot, even at his level, he would be seriously injured. If he was blind, his life would be in danger.

If you change other people, experts like Peng Zhuo and Zhao Xia will definitely not be able to escape and will be directly killed.

For Wayne Lin, he didn’t make much movement either. Two more coins appeared in his hand, just hitting the two rapidly flying steel balls. There were two bangs, violent collisions, sparks appeared, Shot down.

His counterattack was very elegant and calm, making this tall figure that walked out of the dark flashes of surprise and fear in his eyes.

At the same time, Wayne Lin also saw clearly who came.

This is a white man who is not particularly tall, even a few centimeters shorter than him, but his aura is extremely strong, especially the breath that radiates from his body, extremely domineering, and extremely vigorous.

In an instant, Wayne Lin could see that this is an innate realm of great perfection

Extremely strong, his strength even reached the level of Lei Zhen!

And it seems that he is not very old, about forty years old.

It’s not simple, this foreigner who came out casually has such strength.

Wayne Lin squinted his eyes, and he immediately thought that this foreigner master must have been the superiors of Jack and Tom who had been subdued by him a while ago.

Now that he dares to trouble him, it seems that he has great confidence in himself.

“You are the superior of Jack and Tom,” Wayne Lin said directly.

Some surprise flashed in the other person’s eyes. Obviously, he didn’t expect Wayne Lin to be so accurate and guessed his identity all at once.

“What’s your name?”

He is the leader of Jack and Tom, this time specifically for Wayne Lin.

Ever since he learned that Jack and Tom were defeated by a master from China that day, he became interested in Wayne Lin.

Although he is on the territory of China, he is not afraid of Wayne Lin at all. This is due to his strength and national confidence.

He is a 5S-level superpower, and his country is the most powerful country in the world today. This is his innate pride and self-confidence, so there is no need to put a mere Chinese expert on In the eyes.

Even this time the Kung Fu Cup, the champion is in his pocket. He wants to take the championship trophy back openly and declare to the world that in terms of martial arts, their beautiful country is also the world’s largest country!

In just an instant, Wayne Lin felt the confidence in him and squinted his eyes slightly.

This is a bit interesting. He hasn’t troubled these foreigners yet, but the other party has found him first. It’s really arrogant.

It can be seen from this that in the past few years, China has really been in a state of non-compliance. That’s why these foreign forces dare to be so presumptuous with such arrogance.

Those passers-by who were originally passing by saw a foreigner coming out, and they all showed a surprised expression. Unexpectedly, there was a person hiding in the dark, and they did not see it. And still a foreigner.

Especially the temperament of this foreigner is so terrifying that they can’t help but become scared.

Over the years, the strength of foreigners has deepened the impression of many Chinese people. Now when you see foreigners, you can’t help being afraid.

And looking at this situation, it seems that this foreigner is still in conflict with Wayne Lin, so it seems that Wayne Lin is going to threaten and offend the foreigner…

In this case, they didn’t dare to stay, for fear that they might be harmed by Chiyu, they quickly walked away.

Seeing this situation, Wayne Lin shook his head slightly, feeling helpless.

A great master said that what Hua Guo lacks is not the economy, but the national confidence.

There is still a long way to go to achieve national self-confidence!

However, Wayne Lin believes that no matter how difficult the road ahead, Chinese people can still get out of low self-esteem and become confident again! He has always believed that Chinese people are no worse than any race in the world!

“Wayne Lin, the chief instructor of the third place of Hua Guo Xuanyuan.” Wayne Lin did not hide his identity, there is no need for this.

When the leader heard his name, he nodded lightly and said, “You injured two of my men a while ago, and you also made my two men lose a lot of money. Is there such a thing?”

He said these words entirely in a questioning tone, with a high attitude.

Chapter 786

Wayne Lin was naturally very upset with his posture. He was obviously a foreigner, and he dared to be so arrogant when he arrived in a foreign country. This arrogance was no longer just directed at him, but directed at the entire country of China.

“So you are here today to come to me for revenge?” Wayne Lin said with a smile, thoughtfully.

His gaze is like a torch, and he has already seen the other person through. Although this foreigner is very strong, his energy and spirit are gathered together, and his energy and blood are extremely strong. Under normal conditions, he can easily live 150 years old, but he will That’s nothing more than that.

If this foreigner wants to make a move, he can teach him a lesson, and he can’t take a few tricks.

The leader also smiled, showing his white teeth. He took off his hat, revealing his handsome and fierce face, especially his eyes, which are piercing, like two little suns. Even in the dark night, I could feel his brightness, Wayne Lin looked at him, and there was a feeling of being burned.

Wayne Lin was very surprised. He could tell at a glance that this foreigner was still practicing Kungfu in China. At least this look was enough. When Wayne Lin was young, he had seen similar training methods, some ancient schools in China. In order to exercise his eyes and appear lethal, deliberately look directly at the sun every day at noon.

Ordinary people can’t look directly at the sun at noon because it’s too bright, but those who have applied the secret medicine juice can look at the sun face up with the exercises. After a long time, the eyes will be very bright, and the little sun Similar.

Ordinary masters, staring at them, will soon become unbearable, resulting in flaws and being easily defeated

“It’s interesting, in your words, you are extremely disdainful of China, but your practice is the way of China.” Wayne Lin said mockingly.

The leader snorted heavily and did not agree with Wayne Lin’s statement. He coldly said: “You Chinese people just like to brag, thinking that all the skills under the world come from your country! My method of forging eyes. , But it comes from the Sun Nation, and your Chinese martial arts can’t even match the Sun Nation.”

When Wayne Lin heard this, he immediately knew that this foreigner did learn the method of eye-refining from the Sun Nation, but the method of eye-refining was passed from China to the Sun Nation.

This is a kind of sadness.

Because more than a hundred years ago, the country of China was indeed very weak. At that time, many of the essence of the country of China were passed on to the country of the sun, including a lot of martial arts knowledge.

At this moment, Wayne Lin felt the weakness and weakness of that era. If he was born in that era, how painful would he be?

He closed his eyes, and his thoughts at such a moment seemed to have traveled through time, returning to the era of many years ago, when the beacon was full of flames and the country was ruined.

And at this time, his temperament changed.

Suddenly, the foreigner leader opposite him felt it, frowned instantly, his eyes exuded surprise and viciousness: “This Chinese, unexpectedly realized this time?!”

Yes, Wayne Lin’s state is an epiphany.

This kind of epiphany is not about the physical cultivation, but about the spirit. If he touches something in the dark, his spiritual power will gradually increase a lot.

“Damn, this Chinese, how could he have an epiphany at this time!” The foreign leader yelled in embarrassment. At the same time, he was extremely jealous in his heart. Only at their level did he realize that he wanted to have an epiphany. It’s a rare place. It is normal for some people, if they are unlucky, not to have an epiphany once in a few years!

And the Chinese man in front of him, actually chatting with him, entered a state of epiphany, really annoying.

Even if

He is such a talented genius who has not had an epiphany for three years.

Of course, he wouldn’t let Wayne Lin’s enlightenment go so far. If Wayne Lin really gets better, it will be their beautiful country that will be damaged by that time!

As soon as the thought came up, the foreigner leader began to take action. There was no warning at all, and there was no movement. He brazenly shot. Almost in an instant, he had reached Wayne Lin with a hideous and sneer on his face. Fist hit a certain point on Wayne Lin’s neck.

With this punch, he directly used 90% of his strength. Once he was hit, even if Wayne Lin was a 5S-level superpower, he would have to drink his hatred!

If you don’t make a move, you’ll be fine.

For such a Chinese master with unlimited potential, he naturally wants to kill with all his strength.

Wayne Lin indeed entered a state of enlightenment in that instant, and his mental power grew rapidly. It was a mysterious and mysterious realm that was extremely wonderful.

This was his first epiphany after he stepped into the innate realm and Dzogchen. At that moment, he really felt that he had returned to more than a hundred years ago. At that time, he was exposed to the breath of that era and the nation. Struggle and struggle.

This is something he has never experienced.

Even his nose was a little sore, sad and angry for the arrival of that era.

It’s a pity that the foreign leader’s reaction was extremely fast, and he was not given enough time to immediately attack him.

Generally speaking, people who enter the epiphany are indeed very engaged, and it is difficult to dodge in the face of a sneak attack by a master of the same level.

But for Wayne Lin, it was okay. He caught it mentally almost when the foreign leader started killing him. He immediately opened his eyes and awakened from a state of epiphany.

Looking at the foreign leader.

And at this moment, the foreign leader’s original smooth and fast movements stopped abruptly, and in an instant, he actually had an indescribable heart palpitation.

This is an incredible thing for him. You must know that when he reaches his realm, his mentality is extremely tenacious. Unless it is the coercion of the legendary master of the gods, it will cause cracks in their minds.

But at that moment, a look in Wayne Lin’s eyes actually caused him palpitations.

Fortunately, he has always been a 5S-level decision-making power. He has grown up in battle all his life. In a very short period of time, he returned to normal before one tenth of a second, so it seems that there is no lag.

However, this one-tenth second was enough for Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin reacted to this punch from the foreign leader in an instant. He stepped back half a step, leaning back, and at a tricky angle, he just escaped the foreign leader’s. This punch.

At the same time, he also fought back against foreign leaders.

The foreign leader was inevitable for this sneak attack, but he didn’t expect that Wayne Lin would hide him and fight back against him. This fighting technique was too subtle, and he had to deal with it.

With this response, his sneak attack has already failed.

Boom boom boom boom…

In just one second, they had already fought ten punches, the speed can be described as fast to the extreme, and from their center, a powerful wave of air broke out and swept around.

“Foreigner, you have violated the rules. As a law enforcement officer of China, I am obligated to capture you.” Wayne Lin said lightly, and the movements on his hands became more rapid.

Chapter 787

In an instant, the foreigner leader felt unprecedented pressure, and it suddenly became dark before his eyes.

That kind of feeling, it seems that the world is suddenly dark, and all the sky is falling down, it is extremely terrifying.

He felt Wayne Lin’s sudden change, his heart beat fiercely a few times, his face changed instantly, it turned out that Wayne Lin didn’t use his full strength just now.

However, his reaction was also extremely fast, it was just that in an instant, he responded and avoided Wayne Lin’s strenuous punch.

However, even if he escaped Wayne Lin’s first punch, he could not escape Wayne Lin’s second punch, not to mention Wayne Lin’s subsequent offensive like a stormy sea.

“Hi!” The foreign leader felt the great pressure, but he did not panic. As an experienced strong man, he naturally wouldn’t panic so easily. He didn’t even think about whether he would be this Hua The opponent of the Chinese.

He has absolute confidence in himself. In addition to his absolute martial arts talent, he also believes in the technology of the beautiful country. After transforming him, he is definitely not defeated by a mere Chinese.

This is his absolute worship of science.

However, he still thinks a little bit more, because he doesn’t even know who he is facing.

Wayne Lin raised his eyebrows in surprise when he saw that the foreigner leader faced his active attack, and he was able to react and counterattack. “It’s interesting.”

He originally thought that the foreigner leader was at Lei Zhen’s level at most, but now it seems that he is still a bit underestimated.

The most important thing is that he can feel that this foreigner leader has the aura of a Chinese powerhouse, and the other party’s moves are also simple and direct.

Although this kind of move is very straightforward, it can concentrate all the strength of the whole body to one point and play the greatest power, but the degree of subtlety of the move is still not as good as the martial arts of China, and even worse.

Wayne Lin also didn’t rush to defeat the opponent immediately, but deliberately suppressed the realm, revealing that he was equal to the opponent, and observed the opponent’s moves and style of play.

The foreign leader became more excited and more relaxed, and at the same time he became more and more confident, because he believed that he had grasped the strength of this Chinese and was not his opponent.

Moreover, this is such a young Chinese. If he can beat this Chinese to death on the ground in China, it will definitely be a very happy thing!

Thinking of the scene, his whole body became excited, and the blood on his body also boiled suddenly.

Suddenly, his attack became more violent, and he made a disdainful voice, “A little Chinese, dare to speak out and capture me?”

Wayne Lin didn’t speak, it seemed that he really couldn’t take the foreign leader for a while.

The foreign leader continued: “A strong young man like you should not appear in China. What should not exist should disappear.”

After saying this, his whole aura also ushered in a huge change, his fists continuously rushed towards Wayne Lin’s direction, as if ten thousand arrows were fired, immediately enveloped Wayne Lin’s body, as long as Wayne Lin Slightly

If you are not careful, you will suffer severely.

Wayne Lin had to sigh, this foreigner’s kung fu is indeed very handsome, if Lei Zhen is replaced, it is not necessarily his opponent.

It’s a pity that such a strong man met him.

After continuing to observe the foreigner leader for a while, Wayne Lin has already studied the opponent’s moves and styles of play. A playful smile appeared on his mouth and said, “That’s it, let me lie down. !”

After finishing this sentence, Wayne Lin’s movements changed again, he turned out to have the same moves and style of play as the foreign leader, even the momentum in it.

Feeling the change of Wayne Lin, the pupils of the foreign leader suddenly shrank and blurted out: “This is impossible!”

It is impossible to describe the shock in his heart at this moment in words. The Chinese man in front of him actually copied his style of play, and it was still so exquisite. In that moment, he seemed to see another himself. How could this be possible!

But Wayne Lin didn’t give him this chance to react. His speed suddenly increased, and he instantly came to the foreigner leader. He blasted a punch and hit a sonic boom. The foreigner leader hurriedly took the punch, but immediately, Wayne Lin’s The second punch, the third punch, the fourth punch…have enveloped him, and the strength is so huge, it seems that every punch has produced ten tons of strength, and his whole body is trembling. !

Finally, when he received the twelfth punch, he couldn’t catch it, because he already felt the blood tumbling, and even his internal organs were shaken. Then, even if Wayne Lin’s fist didn’t hit him. , Also have to shake him out of internal injuries!

At the close of his hair, he made a self-confidently correct response, that is, he took out two daggers from his pocket, and slashed across Wayne Lin’s neck.

This is his secret weapon. He has forgotten how long he has not taken out these two daggers.

Because all the opponents he has encountered over the years are ants, he can crush with only a pair of iron fists.

Wayne Lin is now the first opponent he has lost in so many years. He has to draw out his own assassin.

Wayne Lin didn’t feel the slightest surprise when he saw this action. Instead, he smiled and said, “So this is your assassin? I’m sorry, you are dead.”

I couldn’t see how Wayne Lin moved. Before the foreigner leader’s dagger hit his neck, his kick hit the foreigner leader’s abdomen. His strength was as great as over a hundred yards. The speeding car slammed into the foreigner leader, knocking him out.

It flew out more than 20 meters, and then fell to the ground.

Wayne Lin’s kick directly defeated the foreign leader’s ability to act.

The foreign leader spouted a mouthful of blood, his face was like gold paper, and his eyes showed incredible and fear. He never expected that Wayne Lin’s strength was so powerful that he would retreat and repay his assassin. He was seriously injured.

“This is impossible, this is impossible!!”

The head of the foreigner was furious. Soon, he saw Wayne Lin’s playful gaze, and he realized that from the beginning, Wayne Lin hadn’t put him in his eyes. He had been fighting with him for so long just now. I’m just stealing it! !

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