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Chapter 698

Lei Zhen sat cross-legged on a huge rock, closed his eyes and rested, motionless, as if he had merged with Junlin Mountain, he was a human-shaped stone, and against him, he was against the entire Junlin Mountain.

In fact, Lei Zhen had already come to Junlin Mountain yesterday, and he has been sitting on this huge rock so that his spirit can be integrated with the entire Junlin Mountain. In this way, his strength will increase.

In his realm, in fact, the spiritual realm is more important, and the fist and fist has become an auxiliary.

Now that he merged with Junlinshan smoothly, then Wayne Lin was even more not his opponent.

He felt Wayne Lin’s arrival and opened his eyes. In that instant, in his eyes, a golden light flashed, as if the true god between heaven and earth opened his eyes, and everything in the world would surrender.

This is Lei Zhen’s core and his style. He has always felt that he is the only protagonist in this world. The whole world is waiting for him to rule. Even if the saint king wants to lower his head, Wayne Lin is a mere mere Wayne Lin. Keep it in the eye.

“Wayne Lin, I didn’t expect you to come and die. It seems that your IQ is not much higher.” Lei Zhen said, obviously he said very quietly, but his voice clearly reached the ears of the people on the court. That feeling, as if talking in their ears, was very magical.

“What’s the situation? Why are we so far away from Lei Zhen that we can hear him talking? Did Lei Zhen install a speaker on Junlin Mountain?”

“What kind of audio, you have never seen the world! Lei Zhen has a deep inner strength, so his words can be clearly transmitted to our ears. This is not something that anyone can do. This time Wayne Lin is suspended, he It’s definitely not Lei Zhen’s opponent!”

“Hey, this Lei Zhen is too powerful. If it were in ancient times, it would be a proper god.”

“That is, the Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, do you think it is that simple? In the five thousand years of Yanhuang history, how many Dzogchens in the Innate Realm have occurred in total. I think this time Wayne Lin is more fortunate than fortune, Wayne Lin It’s going to be a ghost under Lei Zhen’s palm.”

“Yeah, Wayne Lin is too arrogant. Once he dies, the property he holds will fall apart, and then we will still have a share!”

At the foot of Junlin Mountain, a group of people were discussing enthusiastically. Most of them were not optimistic about Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin had been arrogant for so long, but this time he finally hit the iron plate.

Wayne Lin said: “You came a day in advance, in order to merge with King Linshan, it seems that you have no confidence in yourself. Before the battle, you have already fallen behind.”

Lei Zhen seemed to have heard a big joke. He laughed loudly. A powerful sound spread from his mouth and spread out to the surroundings, so that everyone could hear clearly and at the same time feel it. Lei Zhen’s pride and disdain made his mind surging.

“Joke!” Lei Zhen slapped the rock with his right hand. Using the powerful recoil, he soared up into the sky, but the rock that was originally under his seat could not bear the power of his palm and fell apart.

Then Lei Zhen fell from the air and stood in front of Wayne Lin, his posture, like a god descending to the earth, was too shocking and left an indelible impression on everyone present!

“I’ll be timid to deal with you as a junior? I’m just coming over in advance to wait for you! Wayne Lin, you claim to be the number one expert in Province G.

It is sitting in a well and watching the sky, knowing how to live or die. Today I will show you how transcendent the true Dzogchen in the innate realm is! “

Lei Zhen spoke like a god, and initiated a trial of Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin was already in danger.

I have to say that Lei Zhen is still very powerful, his height is equal to Wayne Lin, but his domineering aura is like a king, centered on him, the world is full of untouchables, even if Wayne Lin is the same innate The realm of great perfection is nothing but you.

This kind of hegemony can be felt by everyone present, and some people with relatively poor psychological quality may even have the idea of ​​surrender and bow down to Lei Zhen.

There was no change in the expression on Wayne Lin’s face, still with a faint smile, it seemed to him that Lei Zhen was just a human-shaped creature without any pressure.

Indeed, although Lei Zhen is stronger than Fan Zhengping, but for Wayne Lin, he can no longer cause any pressure.

Cary Dao was right. What Lei Zhen did the most wrong was to give Wayne Lin ten days to digest the last life source and become the energy in his body.

“Lei Zhen, you want to use me to slap your face and increase your prestige in the BRAGRUN organization, so as to seize the qualifications of the heir to the holy king.” Wayne Lin said lightly, with some jokes in his eyes, “The idea is to play well. , But you overestimate yourself too much. People who hunt will also be eaten by their prey.”

Lei Zhen couldn’t help being surprised when he heard Wayne Lin’s words, his expression couldn’t help but change.

You know, his plan, but no one said it. On the surface, his idea was because of the neon clothes that made him attack Wayne Lin. But now, Wayne Lin actually said all his inner thoughts? How could this surprise him? He even wondered if someone had leaked the news!

But he thought about it carefully, he didn’t say anything, who could pass it to Wayne Lin!

Fortunately, his reaction speed was very fast, and he immediately recovered. He hummed heavily and said in a cold voice: “Nonsense! Wayne Lin, do you think such naive methods can disrupt my murderous intentions!”

Wayne Lin smiled even more jokingly, “Haha, Lei Zhen, you are too good at routines. Originally, I was just guessing, but I didn’t expect to try randomly, so I tried it out. It turns out that you have been staring at the position of the Holy King, no How would he think of you if it reaches your holy king’s ears?”

“You!” Lei Zhen saw Wayne Lin’s beastly look, and couldn’t figure out why he was fooled. He was given a routine by a little beast like Wayne Lin. For a while, he became even more annoyed and treated Wayne Lin. Ming’s murderous intent is also more intense.

“Little beast, you are looking for death!” Lei Zhen’s eyes were violent, and he stared at Wayne Lin firmly. Even the people at the foot of the mountain felt a terrifying chill, especially uncomfortable.

Wayne Lin shook his head with a disappointed look, and said, “Lei Zhen, although your cultivation base is high, but your IQ is not high, you have been so easy to get my routine. However, your idea is going to fail, because you simply , Not mine, opponent!”

When Wayne Lin’s last two words fell, he shot, his body disappeared in place, and when he reappeared, he was already in front of Lei Zhen.

Fast as lightning!

The war officially began.

Chapter 699

What is called no action is nothing, and once a shot is a thunderbolt, Wayne Lin is now.

His proactive action unexpectedly caught Lei Zhen a little bit by surprise. Nothing else. Wayne Lin’s speed was too fast, and his momentum was stormy, swallowing mountains and rivers, as if Wayne Lin had turned into a natural disaster at this moment, destroying everything, and Lei Zhen only It is just a trace of ants in the catastrophe, which will be annihilated by the disaster at any time.

If it was changed to the Dzogchen who had just been promoted to the Innate Realm, facing Wayne Lin’s blow, he would not be able to dodge. With one move, he would be injured by Wayne Lin and lose the ability to fight.

In terms of fighting, it is called KO, but Lei Zhen is different. He is a first-class powerhouse in the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm. Facing Wayne Lin’s attack, he will naturally not be so easily KO, he reacted almost instantly and made the most correct response, fighting with Wayne Lin.

“Huh, do you still want to attack me? I’m not a fool, and I dare to show my ugliness!” Lei Zhen snorted coldly, and started to counterattack. His moves are very subtle, as if they can only be calculated by humans. It was almost perfect.

Moreover, his momentum is rising steadily. His figure is obviously not particularly tall, but in the eyes of everyone, he has become a giant with a height of hundreds of feet, covering the entire Junlin Mountain, as if Junlin Mountain is his weapon, and the forest In his hand, Ming is just an insect, not at the same level at all, and it will be wiped out when it is easily stepped on.

This battle between Wayne Lin and Lei Zhen can be said to affect the hearts of countless people. They all want to see who can win. This will affect the next pattern of Province G!

“The strength of this Thunder Zhen is really terrifying. He actually merged with Junlin Mountain in aura. Now he is fighting on Junlin Mountain, and he is just like a tiger, while Wayne Lin is repelled everywhere. It would be good to be able to show 80% of his power.”

Among the crowd, Luo Hongyang took a deep breath and said with incomparable feeling.

Fang Xingping next to him also nodded and said: “The Great Perfection of the Innate Realm is really terrifying. It is a long way from the fourth stage of the Innate Realm. Together, the four of us are not Ren Lei Zhen’s opponents. .”

“I can’t catch even one trick, alas…”

They were all suddenly lost. They themselves were considered first-class geniuses. They stood on the human pyramid and surpassed 99.99% of the people in the world. However, they were at the top level like Lei Zhen. In front of him, he couldn’t even take a single move, no different from the ant.

What made them most uncomfortable was that Wayne Lin was originally their descendant, and his strength was below them. A year ago, they choked Wayne Lin to death is no different from choking an ant.

But now only a year has passed and Wayne Lin has left them far behind. This kind of strong contrast really makes them feel disappointed and sad, but there is no way, since even Fan Zhengping has lost to Wayne Lin. After that, they didn’t have the courage to fight Wayne Lin, they could only curse Wayne Lin secretly from the bottom of their hearts.

Especially for Zhong Tao, it is even more uncomfortable!

The harder Wayne Lin is, the more uncomfortable and unwilling he is.

“Hmph, this time Wayne Lin is dead. Lei Zhen is among the best in the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm. Five years ago, even Chief Fan was defeated by him. Now five years ago.

In the past, Lei Zhen didn’t know how far he had grown, but Wayne Lin was just a brat, how could he be Lei Zhen’s opponent! “Zhong Tao gritted his teeth and said: “In this battle, Wayne Lin will undoubtedly lose! “

Yes, they are not optimistic about Wayne Lin, thinking that Wayne Lin will pay for his expansion, and the price is death.

On the other side, there was a red figure, her gaze was staring tightly, full of worry and despair, especially when she saw Lei Zhen’s move and forced Wayne Lin back step by step. Without the strength to fight back, she even more Sad.

“You arrogant fellow! Why did you agree to Lei Zhen’s challenge? He came to kill you on purpose. You don’t know how strong Lei Zhen is. He already has the qualifications to challenge Shuang Rushuang. What are you going to do with him? Than?!” Neishang said with hatred of iron and steel. She was no longer the pale fairy before, but became a woman with seven emotions and six desires. This change was changed step by step after she met Wayne Lin.

To be honest, she can’t tell Wayne Lin what she feels now, and she even wonders if she has already developed affection for Wayne Lin.

One thing she can be sure of is that she doesn’t want to see Wayne Lin fall. If Wayne Lin is really dead, then she will be sad.

However, no matter how worried she is, it is useless now. This battle has been completely out of her control and is no longer her control.

She still remembered that when Wayne Lin first came into contact with Wayne Lin, Wayne Lin had just stepped into the innate realm. At that time, Wayne Lin was so weak that she could crush it with one hand, but now, it didn’t take long for Wayne Lin. Ming had grown to this point, and he didn’t know whether he should be happy for Wayne Lin or be disappointed.

It’s too late and it’s fast, and Wayne Lin and Lei Zhen have already passed a thousand moves in this moment!

Their speed is fast to the extreme, and their strength is enormous, they are completely two human-shaped tyrannosaurus, and their bodies contain endless power.

Fortunately, their place is Junlin Mountain, otherwise, in the metropolis, it is estimated that the tall buildings will be demolished by them!

“Wayne Lin, is this your strength? It’s too weak, hahaha…” Lei Zhen is clearly at ease. While launching a surging attack on Wayne Lin, he can speak leisurely, indicating that he has not exerted all his strength. , And this had already defeated Wayne Lin, and it seemed that there was no way to fight back. It was already obvious which was better.

Wayne Lin didn’t finish. He frowned slightly, as if he seemed to be struggling, and it was only a matter of time before he failed.

“Brother Cary, the situation is not good, Wayne Lin is downwind, it seems that he is not Lei Zhen’s opponent!” Shangguan Wei’an frowned on the other mountain.

But Cary Road was drinking tea leisurely, not worried at all, and smiled faintly: “Brother Shangguan, you are wrong. Wayne Lin is not disadvantaged. He is just learning Lei Zhen’s martial arts. This time, Wayne Lin surprised me again. With such a high martial arts talent, it is really possible that it is not bad to step into King Kong.”

Shangguan Wei’an was shocked when he heard this. He had known Cary Dao for many years, and he had never seen Cary Dao praise anyone like this. From this point of view, Wayne Lin is really very strong…

“Wait, the battle will soon change.” Cary added another meaningful sentence.

Chapter 700

“What is this sound? Why does it sound like a bomb?”

“Listen, it seems to be coming from Junlin Mountain. Has anyone exploded the mountain in Junlin Mountain?”

“No, there is no mining value in Junlin Mountain. Why would anyone go to bomb Junlin Mountain, and I haven’t heard any relevant news.”

Near Junlin Mountain, a group of people looked over curiously after hearing the sound.

This is a group of well-dressed young people, there are more than a dozen, all handsome men and beautiful women. They had come here for vacation, but they heard all kinds of explosion-like sounds, which immediately attracted their curiosity.

A rich man with long bangs and noodles suggested: “Why don’t we go and see, Junlinshan. I heard from the older generation that there are so many secrets on it.”

Hearing his suggestion, everyone else started to feel excited and walked towards Junlin Mountain together.

The closer you are to Junlin Mountain, the more you can hear the explosion on Junlin Mountain. But when I got closer, I heard it again, not like an explosion, but as if some large creatures were destroying it, banging, and the movement was so loud, even at the foot of the mountain, they could feel the mountain passing Coming here, the shaking resembled an earthquake.

This aroused their curiosity even more, and could not help speeding up their pace.


The person running in the front yelled, and then his eyes widened, as if he had seen something incredible.

In front of him, what I saw was that many luxury cars were parked, all kinds, the cheapest, costing more than one million! The more expensive ones, even tens of millions!

What’s the situation? Could there be a big group that is driving here?

But even at the car show, there are not so many luxury cars. Besides, under the mountain, King’s Landing is just a mountainous area where the birds do not shit, so how can anyone come to hold the car show.

However, if it were not for the auto show, it would be even more unexplainable. Why are there so many luxury cars parked here?

Could it be that he had hallucinations?

“Hey, Juntao, why are you stunned? What do you see…I rely on!” The second person also saw this scene. He also opened his eyes instantly and shouted out, extremely exaggerated.

Then, the people behind also rushed over, and they finally saw the large row of luxury cars in front of them. They only felt weird and couldn’t believe why there are so many luxury cars here.

“What’s going on?”

The people behind also said in astonishment.

At this moment, a loud bang came from Junlin Mountain, which shocked them all. All of them looked up, and suddenly they saw a scene that they would never forget.

I saw that on the top of Junlin Mountain, there were two people, one of them was holding a huge tree in his hand, which was used as a weapon. They swung fiercely at the other party, at a rapid speed, as if they had cut the air and made a woof. The whining voice reached them.

Then, the two big trees violently collided with each other and broke.

But this did not stop. Then, the two people on the top of the mountain trembled together again. They didn’t seem to be humans, but giants, monsters, and gods. They had inexhaustible power on their bodies, so they could pull them out. He picked up the big tree next to him and threw it at the opponent.

And, the big rocks on the mountain became their weapons. They were thrown by them in various ways. Some big rocks even flew in their direction, flew over their heads, smashed behind them, and threw a few big trees. It’s all broken.

“This, this is…”

It took a full ten seconds before someone of them reacted, swallowing heavily, and said in disbelief and amazement!


br />

“I don’t know, is this someone making a movie?”

“Make a ghost movie! This is a fight between gods! My god, I said, I saw a post on a forum before, saying that there are supermen in this world, and these supermen are one by one. It can fly to the sky and escape, with great power! I didn’t believe it before, and thought it was a joke. Now it seems to be true. There is indeed a superman in this world!”

A man said excitedly.

The other man next to him got excited too, hurriedly pushed him, and asked, “What forum is it? Send me the link to the post.”

“It was deleted a long time ago. That post was deleted after only a few minutes of existence. I thought it was a post at that time. Now it seems to be true, true!”

When the other people heard it, they were excited and yearning. Their gazes looked closely at the two figures on Junlin Mountain.

It’s a pity that the distance is too far, and there are many tall trees in the middle of it. As a result, they often can’t see the two figures and can only hear the shocking sound, which makes them feel like a cat scratched in their hearts.

To them, it was like discovering the gods, they couldn’t wait to get in touch with each other, and they ignored the danger.

“They seem to be on the other side of the mountain. Let’s go and chase them!”

“I think this must be a superman, otherwise it is a fairy! If this is appreciated by them and accept us as disciples, then we will make a lot of money!”

“That’s right, with my qualifications, the gods will definitely follow me!”

All of them were very excited, as if they were a few steps that could climb the sky in one step. Just imagine, if they were so powerful, they would not walk sideways in society. Who would dare to offend them then? Those who were not pleasing to the eye before can now take revenge. It’s cool to think of that picture!

So they couldn’t wait to rush over.

However, they didn’t get too close, and they were blocked by a group of people in black.

“Nowhere, leave quickly!”

Immediately there was a strong man looking at them with threatening eyes.

These people in black knew that they weren’t simple characters at first glance, and they felt the aura and persuaded them. The more so, the more it became clear that the two people fighting on the top of the mountain must be gods! Even if it is not a god, it is a superhuman existence.

“Junlin Mountain is not a military powerhouse. Why don’t you let us in!”

“Yeah, what’s the matter with us going in, this is our right.”

“Don’t think you are fierce, you can deprive us of power.”

Obviously, this is a group of college students who are quite educated, and all they say are cultural.

However, when they get here, even if they are educated, they are not good enough.

The sturdy man, his face sank, he snorted heavily and said, “Get out! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

When he said that, he geared up, as if they didn’t leave, they started beating people.

The group of college students, they were all frightened, and couldn’t help taking a few steps back.

Just when they were at a loss, at this moment, suddenly from the top of the mountain, an arrogant voice came, “Hahaha, Wayne Lin, you have no physical strength, this time you are not dead!”

When this group of college students heard this voice, their heartbeat accelerated a lot, and there was an indescribable fear and awe.

Then, there was another lazy voice, “Lei Zhen, I have already touched your skills. In this case, you are no longer worthwhile. Lie down for me.”

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