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Chapter 434

Ouyang Weibing said unwillingly, “What kind of rubbish! Think you know something about three-legged cat kung fu, you are the best in the world? Don’t ask, what is the background of our Ouyang family, a small owner with a wealth of ten billion, dare Acting in front of our Ouyang’s house, I think you are living impatiently!!!”

I have to say that Ouyang Weicheng and Ouyang Weibing are quite majestic now. If they change ordinary people, they will really be bluffed.

However, Ouyang Xuehai and Ouyang Feng now have scalp numbness.

Wayne Lin looked at them both meaningfully and said, “Ouyang Feng, Ouyang Xuehai, is this your purpose for coming to me?”

Seeing this expression of Wayne Lin, Ouyang Xuehai suddenly became scared, and quickly explained: “No no, Randal Lin, you misunderstood! We absolutely didn’t mean that. Now you are in the thriving province of G, how dare we go against you! We are here to apologize to you this time, and hope that we can still become friends in the future.”

Ouyang Feng also said, “Yes, Randal Lin, I hope you have a large number of adults. Don’t be familiar with us. We came here to make peace with you this time.”

Other Ouyang family members also began to speak, explaining to Wayne Lin that they kept their posture very low.

Ouyang Yanran on the side, she bit her lip tightly and looked at Wayne Lin with an indifferent face. She couldn’t calm down when she recalled the first time she saw Wayne Lin.

Knowing this, she shouldn’t have followed Ouyang Xuehai and others at Gu Hanxing’s birthday party that day, how nice it would be to stay with Wayne Lin!

Wayne Lin sneered and said, “Ouyang Feng, you two fathers and sons don’t need to say any more, I’m just a small businessman, I can’t stand your apology! Seeing that I have eaten your two meals, these two The junior humiliated me just now, I don’t care about it, but you won’t use it anymore. From then on, you and Ouyang’s river water will not be used for the well water or used to go.”

His words made Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai’s faces paler.

Indeed, in the eyes of many people, their Ouyang family is rich and powerful, and has a deep background, while Wayne Lin is just the chairman of Ziqiong Media. Counting the other two companies, his net worth is only tens of billions, and they have nothing to do with them. Than.

However, both Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai knew that Wayne Lin’s future was limitless, and his strength would become stronger and stronger in the future. Only Wayne Lin’s weight alone could surpass Ouyang’s house. In time, Wayne Lin can completely surpass the Ouyang family. If you don’t seize this opportunity and form an alliance with Wayne Lin, then you will accidentally provoke Wayne Lin in the future, and the Ouyang family will be in danger.

This is definitely not alarmist, how much they feared Wu Meizi before, how much they feared Wayne Lin now!

No, it’s worse than fearing Wu Meizi, because Wayne Lin is young enough!

“Grandpa, second uncle, are you confused? With our Ouyang family background and status, do we need to please this surname Lin in such a humble manner? If we just move our fingers, we can make this surname Lin go bankrupt!”

“That’s right, I said a long time ago that the domestic feudal ideology is not applicable in the new era. You still don’t believe it. Now our Ouyang family is running over to cheat others. As a result, they don’t appreciate it. After going out, where do we put the face of Ouyang’s family!”

Ouyang Weicheng and Ouyang Weibing spoke with each other, and their expressions were full of contempt for Wayne Lin and disdain for Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai.

Wayne Lin’s expression became colder, and suddenly, the temperature in the office seemed to drop several degrees.


“To shut up!”

Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai fear again

Anger, they both shot Ouyang Weicheng and Ouyang Weibing a slap in the face. They were so powerful that they slapped the corners of their mouths.

Suddenly, both Ouyang Weicheng and Ouyang Xuebing opened their eyes, looking at Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai inconceivably. They had no idea that Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai would actually beat them because of the surname Lin?

After slapped in the face, Ouyang Feng was full of majesty, and said coldly: “You two bastards! Who gave you the courage to be disrespectful to Randal Lin! Now get out of me and apologize to Randal Lin!”


Ouyang Weicheng and Ouyang Xuebing received this slap in the face. They felt an unprecedented humiliation, and their eyes suddenly became red and bloodshot. They think that they are the elites of the new era, have received foreign education, and are masters, but now they are slapped in the face and are very unwilling and angry.

“Why! Grandpa, you are crazy, he is just a small person. As for our Ouyang family, do we have to kneel? I won’t kneel if I kill you!”

“Professor James is right. Our Chinese thinking is feudal and decadent! It’s too backward and can’t compare to Western countries at all! I would not come back if I knew it, it’s rubbish!”

Both of them are very hard-tempered, and their tone is full of admiration for Western ideas, disdain and contempt for China.

They didn’t realize that the eyes of other people were cold, and they were full of anger and rejection.

Ouyang Feng was trembling with anger. He hasn’t been irritated for a long time. Originally, he sent these two grandchildren out because he wanted them to study abroad, learn the essence of Western countries, and come back to take care of Ouyang’s house and bring the family new Unexpectedly, these two grandsons did not learn the good ones, but they learned all the bad ones, but he was very angry!

Even the other members of the Ouyang family were disappointed in them. Ouyang Weicheng and Ouyang Xuebing returned from studying abroad, and they lost their roots!

Wayne Lin spoke at this time, “In the first two days, I killed 26 foreigners, all of whom were from developed countries in the West. Because they were domineering and bullying my compatriots on the Chinese territory. The bodyguards wrote the words Chinese sick man, so I killed them all.”

After a pause, Wayne Lin raised his eyes, looked at Ouyang Weicheng and Ouyang Weibing, and continued: “I think we Chinese are all bloody, proud, and principled descendants of the dragon. I never thought about you. As Chinese people, they are not proud of it, but ashamed of it. People who eat and use China are talking bad things about China. I am very disappointed with you.”

When the voice fell, his eyes had become sharp.

Everyone present felt his helplessness, sadness, and anger.

When everyone reacted, they all felt that their scalp was numb, and Wayne Lin actually killed more than 20 foreigners. This was too terrifying!

The look in Ouyang Yanran’s eyes was even more complicated.

Ouyang Feng could most feel Wayne Lin’s emotions. He gritted his teeth, pointed at Ouyang Weicheng and Ouyang Weibing, and said coldly: “I announce that I will expel Ouyang Weicheng and Ouyang Weibing from Ouyang’s house. Starting today, cut off their financial support!”

When these words fell, the faces of Ouyang Weicheng and Ouyang Weibing changed drastically, full of incredible and deep fear.

They are living so comfortably now because they are the core heirs of the Ouyang family. If they are expelled from the Ouyang family and have no financial resources, then they will be finished!

Suddenly, they were no longer arrogant anymore, thumped to their knees, and said in shock: “Grandpa, grandpa, I was wrong…”

“Grandpa, I was wrong too, please don’t drive me out of Ouyang’s house!”

Chapter 435

All their pride and hard-heartedness collapsed at this moment and knelt down in front of Ouyang’s cover, begging bitterly.

This reaction not only made Damon Wang and others shameless to them, but even the other Ouyang family despised them.

People who eat inside and out, and have no backbone, are despised wherever they go.

Ouyang Feng kicked the two of them and said coldly: “It’s no use begging for mercy with me. If you ask for mercy, please beg for mercy with Randal Lin!”

Although they are not good at character, but their IQs are not bad, they immediately understood the meaning of Ouyang Feng’s words, and hurriedly knelt down to Wayne Lin, begging for mercy: “Randal Lin, we were wrong just now. Taishan, I have offended you, please also Randal Lin, don’t be familiar with us, let us go this time!”

“Randal, your lord has a large number, so just forgive us this time!”

They are now completely devoid of the pride and arrogance they were just now. They are begging for nothing. They are really afraid now. If they are expelled from the Ouyang family, they will be deprived of their rich second-generation status. Heaven has fallen to the ground. How can people who are accustomed to living a rich life accept this?

Wayne Lin was not at all moved when faced with their begging for mercy. Wayne Lin hated this kind of garbage that eats inside and out, and worships foreigners.

However, this is Ouyang Feng’s grandson, with the blood of Hua Guo on his body. Before it is his turn to intervene, he waved his hand and said, “Go away.”

They didn’t know Wayne Lin’s attitude, they begged for mercy a few more times, very pitiful, and then looked at Ouyang Feng eagerly.

Ouyang Feng sighed deeply. They are also young people under thirty. Why is Wayne Lin so good, and his two grandsons are so useless!

After only a few years of studying abroad, I have forgotten my roots. He really feels ashamed, his old face has been shamed.

But he also saw that Wayne Lin didn’t plan to be familiar with them, and stared at them and cursed: “Don’t hurry up and thank Randal Lin, and get out!”

“Yes, yes, thank you Randal Lin Kaien!”

“Thank you Randal Lin, Randal Lin is healthy and has a lot of money!”

After they quickly thanked Wayne Lin, they walked away and became a joke.

Now that this happened, everyone in the Ouyang family is even more embarrassed. Even people like Ouyang Feng who have experienced strong winds and waves can’t help but blush now.

In the end, Ouyang Xuehai broke the silence and said: “Randal, what happened last time was our Ouyang family’s fault. We shouldn’t stay away from you just because of Wu Meizi’s threats! Randal Lin, your lord has A lot, I don’t know if I can forgive us this time? We used 10 billion to buy 10 points of Aegis Security Group’s shares as a reward, okay?”

Ouyang Xuehai is putting a very low profile, 10 billion, only buying 10 points of Aegis Security Group shares, which is equivalent to giving this 10 billion to Wayne Lin!

You know, Aegis Security Group has not been long since its establishment, and its value is no more than 500 million!

In an instant, the hearts of several people including Damon Wang suddenly accelerated a lot, and they admired and admired Wayne Lin even more.

No, Wayne Lin didn’t care about this, but Gu Jing did not change it at all. Ten billion was just a number for him, and he didn’t care at all.

He waved his hand and said, “Old Mr. Ouyang,

Ouyang Xuehai, for the sake of our acquaintance once, you go back, there is no need to form an alliance, in the future, as long as your Ouyang family does not have anyone who does not have long eyes to offend me, I will not be an enemy of your Ouyang family. “

Ouyang Feng gritted his teeth and said, “Randal, Xuehai was wrong just now. Instead of spending 10 billion to buy ten shares of Aegis Security Group, we spent 20 billion to buy eight stakes of Aegis Security Group. ! And we will not send anyone over to intervene in the company’s operations, just need Randal Lin to come to our Ouyang’s house for a meal every month.”

Suddenly, everyone present was stunned when they heard this. Damon Wang and others’ eyes widened, and their breathing became quick!

Twenty billion, just buy eight points of Aegis Security Group shares? My mother, how is this different from giving it to Wayne Lin? !

Even if it is someone like Damon Wang who has seen the world, his heartbeat is not speeding up, his breathing becomes short, and his face blushes a lot.

As for the other Ouyang family members, their expressions have changed slightly, but when I think about it carefully, if they spend 20 billion, they can form an alliance with Wayne Lin, which is still a good deal.

Suddenly, everyone looked at Wayne Lin, expecting how he would react.

Many of Ouyang’s family members, including Ouyang Feng, are very confident, thinking that Wayne Lin would not refuse such a good thing if he was a little sensible.

But by the way, Wayne Lin sneered, shook his head and said, “Old Mr. Ouyang, you should go. Pharaoh, see off, I am tired.”

After speaking, he stood up and walked to the bedroom.

Ouyang Feng was stunned. He thought that Wayne Lin would let go of his money. After all, where in this world are there people who can’t make ends meet? As a result, Wayne Lin’s reaction was far beyond his expectations!

Damon Wang was also stunned. When he reacted, he hurriedly said to Wayne Lin, “Randal, don’t you think about it, this is two hundred…”

Soon, he couldn’t continue. Wayne Lin’s eyes glared, and his whole body shuddered. He quickly said, “I understand, I will see you off.”

The other Ouyang family members were stunned, including Ouyang Yanran. She was completely stunned. Now Wayne Lin’s figure is constantly magnifying in her eyes…

Twenty billion, even if she was Bai Fumi who was born with a golden key, there is no way to be indifferent to 20 billion, which is 20 billion, and how many large domestic companies have a market value of less than 20 billion!

As far as she knows, the total value of Wayne Lin’s three companies is only around tens of billions. As a result, Wayne Lin has no interest in the twenty billions that he can get?

She was unwilling to say, “Wayne Lin, why! Twenty billion, don’t you feel like it at all?!”

In her words, she also asked many people’s doubts and incomprehension, and her eyes were on Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin also stopped. He turned his head and revealed a thought-provoking smile, saying: “I went to Yuancheng a few days ago. In order to flatter me, Jiang Liqun directly surrendered to me and took all his assets. They are all given to me, worth more than 60 billion. Do you think it is necessary for me to be moved by your two tens of billions?”

When this word fell, everyone was stunned.

Especially the father and son Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai, they both knew Jiang Liqun and knew what Wayne Lin’s words meant!

But Damon Wang, and his body trembling with excitement, worshipped Wayne Lin, nothing could be added.

Chapter 436

Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Xuehai looked at each other, and both saw the shock in their eyes, because they both knew who Jiang Liqun was, and it would not be an exaggeration to call it the first brother of Yuancheng, but the assets on the bright side were 60 to 70 billion. In addition, there is no way to count the value secretly, it will not stop, I am afraid it will be hundreds of billions, and now it is directly surrendered to Wayne Lin, which is incredible!

And the most important thing is that Jiang Liqun is still an acquired pinnacle, so he surrendered to Wayne Lin, indicating that Wayne Lin’s value is far above their expectations!

So the look they look at Wayne Lin now has become even more different.

In that case, Wayne Lin really looks down on their 20 billion.

Ouyang Feng thought for a while and said, “Randal, we didn’t think about it, so we took the liberty to disturb you. I’m sorry. Since Randal Lin wants to rest, then we will leave first.”

Wayne Lin nodded without responding, and went straight into the bedroom.

Ouyang Xuehai sighed and couldn’t help feeling regretful. If they hadn’t chosen to draw a clear line with Wayne Lin at the beginning, it would be a completely different situation now, alas!

Ouyang Yanran, who had not spoken all the time, clenched her lips. Instead of following Ouyang Feng and others, she stayed and looked at Wayne Lin’s figure. Then she gritted her teeth and walked in.

Damon Wang was taken aback, and said quickly: “Hey, what are you doing, stop me!”

Everyone in the Ouyang family who was about to leave was also shocked.

Ouyang Yanran bit her lip and said firmly with her eyes: “I have something to tell Wayne Lin!”

Damon Wang said with a cold face: “Presumptuously, what identity do you dare to call Randal Lin’s name?!”

Ouyang Xuehai also came up quickly, grabbed Ouyang Yanran, and said in a low voice: “Yan Ran, what are you doing, don’t disrespect Randal!”

Ouyang Yanran said seriously: “I did not disrespect him, I just want to say a few words to him alone.”

“This…” Ouyang Xuehai didn’t know what to say for a while.

When Damon Wang was cold and ready to scold him, Wayne Lin’s voice came from the bedroom, “Let her in.”

“Yes, Randal Lin.” Damon Wang nodded immediately, not daring to say any more, stepped aside and let Ouyang Yanran in.

After a while, everyone else left the office, leaving only Ouyang Yanran in Wayne Lin’s office.

“Let’s talk.” Wayne Lin said lightly.

Ouyang Yanran looked at Wayne Lin now, only feeling strange and far away.

Looking back now, she was in a very complicated mood. She wanted to see Wayne Lin for the first time. She still couldn’t afford Wayne Lin at that time, but now, she was already looking up to Wayne Lin.

Taking a deep breath, Ouyang Yanran said, “I’m sorry for what happened last time. Our Ouyang family lost you, but I hope that you can give us Ouyang family a chance to make up, okay?”

Seeing that Wayne Lin still had no expression, Ouyang Yanran took another two steps forward, bent down, put down her posture, and said in a pleading tone: “Brother Wayne, for the sake of our former friends…”

“Is it enough?” Wayne Lin did not let her continue, but interrupted directly. Ouyang Yanran’s face suddenly stiffened, “If you have said enough, go out. I want to rest.”

Wayne Lin had a very cold attitude from beginning to end. He didn’t put Ouyang Yanran in his eyes at all. It was not that he was mean, but the way the Ouyang family did, which really chilled his heart.

Now that Ouyang’s family sees him rising, and then come to flatter him, where will he respond? His principles are not so cheap!

Ouyang Yanran felt Wayne Lin’s indifferent appearance, and completely ignored her, which made her feel extremely uncomfortable!

“Then, what if I want to be your woman?” Ouyang Yanran bit her lip tightly and asked this sentence. When she said this sentence, even herself was shocked. She has always been extremely arrogant since she was a child, and she has a cold attitude towards everyone. Now for the first time, she has succumbed in front of Wayne Lin!

Wayne Lin was also a little surprised. He finally turned his eyes on Ouyang Yanran. Seeing Ouyang Yanran’s proud and unwilling expression, he smiled again and said, “Sorry, I am not interested in you.”


Ouyang Yanran was immediately angry. She was like this, letting go of all dignity and arrogance, but Wayne Lin still ignored her. This was a great blow to her character!

Unprecedented grievance swept through her heart, and finally she couldn’t help her nose sour and tears flowed down.

Stomping his feet vigorously, he gave Wayne Lin a fierce look, and cursed: “Wayne Lin, you bastard!!”

After speaking, she turned and ran.

Wayne Lin was a little bit stunned. He didn’t expect Ouyang Yanran’s reaction to be so big, and then he shook his head and smiled without paying attention. In his opinion, Ouyang Yanran was just an immature child.

After closing the door, he rested in the bedroom for a while, waking up full of energy.

On the second day, Yuntian Pavilion also came, and in order to apologize to him, he was willing to pay compensation, hoping to make friends with Wayne Lin.

Because Yuntian Pavilion’s attitude was sincere and low enough, Wayne Lin didn’t embarrass them too much and expressed his kindness.

In the next few days, people kept coming to visit Wayne Lin. Wayne Lin never refused to come. He expressed his intentions to the outside world through his own actions. I can ignore the predecessors, but the gifts you give must be Many, and this is the last time, and similar things happen, he is not in this attitude!

As for the Ouyang family, Wayne Lin didn’t continue to embarrass them. After all, the Ouyang family was considered a big family in Province G, and it was really bad for him, and it would not do him any good.

So after a week, Wayne Lin took the initiative to clear up his suspicion with Ouyang’s family. Of course, the premise was that he had collected the 20 billion from Ouyang’s family.

Calculating now, all Wayne Lin’s assets add up to 150 billion! This still doesn’t count Jiang Liqun’s side. If you really count it, your personal net worth will exceed 200 billion, which is already a proper list of rich people in China!

Of course, Wayne Lin didn’t pay much attention to this aspect. For him, money was already a number, and it didn’t make much sense.

Not long after, Jiang Liqun also took time to come over to Huarvell, and prepared a first-grade marrow pill to attack the innate realm.

With Wayne Lin’s protector this time, his confidence has never been greater.

In fact, it was true. Wayne Lin personally protected him for ten days. Every time he couldn’t hold on, Wayne Lin would take action to help him digest the efficacy of the marrow pill. After the last ten days, Jiang Liqun finally stepped in. Innate Realm!

However, it was the same innate realm, but it was far behind Wayne Lin, and it was not of the same level.

In the past, Jiang Liqun was still the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow. He just knew that Wayne Lin was great, but he couldn’t fully feel how great Wayne Lin was. Now that he himself broke through the innate realm, he finally discovered that Wayne Lin had already reached this realm!

For a while, he was even more in awe of Wayne Lin.

Wayne Lin’s life calmed down again. For the next month, Wayne Lin spent a very leisure time, cultivating every day, and nothing major happened.

This kind of life made him feel very comfortable, but he knew that with his current status and cultivation base, he would not be calm for long.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for an incident to completely break his peaceful life.

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