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Chapter 158

Seeing this message, Wayne Lin’s heart immediately raised!

Is Guo Junyi in trouble? !

Damn it, wouldn’t it be such a coincidence!

Today something happened to Alma Chu, what happened to Guo Junyi again?

Is it Huang Wenhua again?

Wayne Lin thought of this in the first reaction, but immediately he rejected the idea.

Just now, he knew how heavy his kick was. Huang Wenhua would not die or be disabled, so how could it be difficult for Guo Junyi to be. Furthermore, Huang Wenhua did not have the guts to move Guo Junyi.

Who is it then?

Guo Yuanjia’s enemy?

Or, it is Guo Junyi’s prank.

In an instant, Wayne Lin thought of many possibilities.

He tried to send a message back, but didn’t get a response. He couldn’t delay any longer and had to rush to see what was going on.

He drove over and called Guo Junyi in the middle, but there was no response, which really made him a little anxious.

He and Guo Junyi have not known each other shortly, and his impression of Guo Junyi is still quite good. If Guo Junyi is really dangerous, he can’t do it if he watches him coldly.

With the fastest speed, he rushed to the hotel where Guo Junyi was staying. He directly asked the front desk if he was still in the room.

Is there any suspicious person coming in.

This belongs to the privacy of the customer. Wayne Lin was unable to ask, but from the look in the front desk, he probably could tell that Guo Junyi was still in the room and did not go out.

This way he relaxes a bit, as long as Guo Junyi is still in the room, it will be fine.

He went to Guo Junyi’s room and rang the doorbell, but no one opened the door.

Wayne Lin immediately pressed his ear to the door, listening intently to see if there was anyone inside.

His hearing was extremely keen, and he was surely heard by him. There were obviously different footsteps in the room. It sounded like a man, weighing more than 60 kilograms, and two of them reached 90 kilograms!

This shows that Guo Junyi may be in danger.

His eyes immediately fell cold!

He clenched his fists, and a wave of nameless anger suddenly came to his heart.

After experiencing what happened just now, his mood was originally bad and it was a mess. Now the group of people inside obviously hit his gun.

I hope the people inside have not had time to do anything extraordinary to Guo Junyi, otherwise, he will let this group of people know what cruelty is!

He counted down, three to two, and if the people inside didn’t open the door, he would break the door.

When he counted to two, the door was opened.

It was a sturdy man who opened the door, his brow wringed, with some alertness and threats, staring at Wayne Lin closely, and said, “What’s the matter?”

Wayne Lin looked inside, and immediately saw a few men in the room. He didn’t see Guo Junyi’s figure. He just saw Guo Junyi’s shoes. They fell on the ground. They were not placed normally. Obviously, they had struggled. Something!

His sullen face suddenly showed a smile, and then, he kicked out with great strength, and directly kicked the door through, and the strong man standing outside was directly hit by this huge force. The ground flew out, flying three meters away, and then fell heavily at the feet of a man.

This huge movement directly frightened everyone in the room, and they all rose up like enemies.

Including sitting on the sofa with an unhappy expression

Guo Junyi, she was also taken aback, what’s the situation? Did an explosion happen?

Then, she saw a man with a gloomy face coming in, who else was not Wayne Lin?

Seeing Wayne Lin, her expression became even more exciting. She did send a message to Wayne Lin just now, but it was all tentative, and she didn’t think that Wayne Lin would really come to rescue her.

After Wayne Lin came in, his eyes swept across the room and saw a total of six men in the room. Except for the brawny man who was kicked by him just now, there were five others, four of which were professionally trained bodyguards. There is also a middle-aged man with extraordinary bearing and wearing a famous brand. At first glance, he knows that he is a high-ranking man, not a kidnapper.

As for Guo Junyi, there is no trace of being bullied on her body, nor panic on her face, only surprise.

Seeing this, Wayne Lin realized something was wrong.

“Who are you? So brave enough to break in?!”

The middle-aged man came back to his senses, staring at Wayne Lin, full of anger, and shouted: “Take him down for me!”

The four bodyguards in the room immediately got the order, forming a siege, to confront Wayne Lin’s opponent.

There were no waves on Wayne Lin’s face. I have to say that these four bodyguards are all masters, not wasteful. They are also elites among the bodyguards.

However, he was not scared at all, and there was no pressure, some of which were just blood boiled!

It just so happened that he was in a irritable mood, and he could use these four sandbags to vent.

He clenched his fists, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and he sketched a faint smile, hooked his fingers at the four bodyguards and let them go together.

The four bodyguards saw that Wayne Lin was so arrogant, no matter how arrogant he could stand it, they immediately snorted and rushed towards Wayne Lin together, launching a stormy attack.

They are all well-trained professional bodyguards, and they have a set of methods to encircle a person. The lethality brought by besieging a person is not as simple as 1+1+1+1=4, but increases exponentially!

They moved together.

Wayne Lin also started to move. His movements were in full swing. Facing the siege of the four people, he didn’t panic at all. On the contrary, he appeared to be able to do well and had the upper hand.

Guo Junyi opened her eyes wide. She reacted at this moment and shouted: “Hey! What are you doing, stop me! He is me…”

However, before she said the word’friend’, Wayne Lin suddenly accelerated and knocked out the four bodyguards.

Faced with this situation, the majestic middle-aged man also opened his eyes wide, feeling incredible.

These four bodyguards were hired by him with a lot of money. Each of them has an annual salary of several hundred thousand. They are all masters who can beat more than a dozen people. Even if they are professional Sanda, they may not be able to win them. Now they are easily defeated by the one in front of them. ?

Although he has no insights into martial arts, he also knows that this young man is amazing!


Wayne Lin clapped his hands relaxedly and let out a long breath. He was happy. Although these four bodyguards were not great, they were enough to let him vent. The original irritable mood was much more comfortable.

He walked to Guo Junyi and said, “Are you okay?”

Guo Junyi also opened her eyes wide, and her heart was pounding. She had seen Wayne Lin make a shot before, but they were all useless punks, not the same as these four professional bodyguard elites. Concept!

The key is that the power that Wayne Lin exploded just now, is his wife too handsome! ?

“No, it’s okay…” She found her heart beating so badly that Wayne Lin was staring at her, and her whole body was broken.

Chapter 159

“Well, you, why are you here?” Guo Junyi asked again.

Wayne Lin was taken aback, and said silently: “You sent a message and asked me to come and rescue you.”

Guo Junyi only suddenly realized, “Oh, yes.”

Seeing her bewildered look, Wayne Lin became even more speechless. This Guo Junyi is too dumb, isn’t she conscious of being kidnapped?

At this time the middle-aged man said, “What and what is this, Junyi, this man is your friend, do you want him to come and save you?”

The middle-aged man’s words revealed shame and helplessness.

A little embarrassment flashed across Guo Junyi’s face, and then she straightened her neck, stiffened, and snorted heavily, “I asked him to come and save me. Who told you to call so many people over to bully me! Huh! Ming, you help me drive them out now.”

Hearing this, Wayne Lin realized that he seemed to have done something wrong. This middle-aged man seemed not to be a robber or an enemy, but someone Guo Junyi knew.

“Naughty!” The middle-aged man immediately yelled, full of pressure, and he was so angry that he blew his beard and stared, “I am your uncle, why am I bullying you? It’s you who have a marriage contract and are still hanging out with other men. , What kind of style!”


Wayne Lin’s scalp tightened, and he instantly realized that he was fooled by Guo Junyi, how could this save her?

Guo Junyi also scolded angrily: “Fart! Who said that I have a marriage contract, I never promised to agree to Huang Wenhua, it was his own opinion. Anyway, I put it here, it is impossible for me to marry Huang Wenhua. of!”

“Parents’ words, the matchmaker’s order, this is the rule since ancient times. Your marriage was set by your father. How can you run away? Besides, Huang Wenhua is an excellent man, right in line with you, you can marry He is your blessing!” The middle-aged man looked like a feudal person.

“You are feudal thinking, what age are you now, do you still have this set?” Guo Junyi went back without fear, and simply sat down, held his chest, and turned his head aside, “Anyway, I can’t marry Huang Wenhua’s!”

As an outsider, Wayne Lin stood here, listening to their uncles and nephews arguing, and only felt embarrassed, especially when he beat these bodyguards just now, it was even more embarrassing.

He tried to sneak away while they were not paying attention.

But when they were arguing, they quarreled with him, and saw Guo Junyi doing it, and then strode towards him, took his hand directly, leaned against him, and kissed him on the face. After taking a mouthful, he said to the middle-aged man like a demonstration: “I already have a boyfriend. It is absolutely impossible to marry Huang Wenhua!”


The middle-aged man immediately became furious, and he became even more annoyed, pointing at Guo Junyi, his body trembling with anger.

Then, he couldn’t help but set his eyes on Wayne Lin, becoming cold and threatening, “Young man, what is your name?”

Wayne Lin felt uncomfortable with his attitude like a criminal interrogator, and he frowned slightly. However, considering that the other party was Uncle Guo Junyi, he was too lazy to be familiar with the other party and said, “Wayne Lin.”

“I don’t care what your purpose is to approach my niece. Here, I would advise you to leave Junyi immediately! She is now a person with a marriage contract.

, You can’t get involved! “The middle-aged man said in a deep voice. He straightened his waist and stared at Wayne Lin coldly. With that kind of lofty posture, if Wayne Lin didn’t agree, he would let Wayne Lin disappear in minutes.

Wayne Lin laughed, and Guo Junyi’s uncle was too domineering.

He asked Guo Junyi: “Is your uncle always so domineering?”

Guo Junyi nodded and said: “Yes, but you don’t care about him, he can’t care about my affairs.”

“You, net caused me trouble.” Wayne Lin sighed helplessly.

He said these words from the heart, other than that, there was no ridicule, but listening to Guo Junyi turned into a flirtation between lovers, which made her heart beat a lot faster, and felt A hint of sweetness.

Even middle-aged people think so, and his impression of Wayne Lin has dropped to a freezing point.

“Enough!” The middle-aged man couldn’t stand it anymore, he drank it out suddenly, staring at Wayne Lin and said: “Wayne Lin, I don’t care who you are, I will warn you one last time and leave Junyi, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude to you !”

He said to take a step forward, his body exuded great majesty, if he changed ordinary people, he would have long been unable to hold it.

But for Wayne Lin, it was just a pediatrics, and it couldn’t cause any waves in his heart.

He smiled and said: “Oh? Really? I don’t know how to be unkind?”

His ignorance made the middle-aged man’s face more gloomy, and he hadn’t been so angry for a long time.

Even Guo Junyi, who had been very stubborn, was a little scared now, and subconsciously pulled Wayne Lin’s sleeve, and signaled Wayne Lin not to talk back.

“I don’t mean anything else, I’m just a little curious.” Seeing the change in the middle-aged man’s expression, Wayne Lin then added with a smile.

His offense made the middle-aged man completely angry, his anger turned back, his eyes flashed like electricity, as if he could shoot through the soul of a person, and he stared at Wayne Lin closely: “Young man, you think you have learned a bit of three-legged cat kung fu Is it the number one in the world? In this world, there are many things that awe you in awe! Seeing that you care about Junyi, I don’t have the same knowledge as you, so I apologize to me and I can forgive you. “

If he changes his usual time, Wayne Lin might still choose to be kind and not as knowledgeable as a middle-aged person. Unfortunately, he is really in a bad mood now, with a fire in his chest. In his capacity, how could he fear the people of the Guo family?

“Really?” Wayne Lin smiled dryly: “Thank you so much. However, I’m still curious, why are you being kind?”

Where did a middle-aged person have suffered this kind of anger? Right now his face was green, and he was trembling with anger, staring at Wayne Lin, and suddenly laughed, “Good! Young man, crazy enough! I haven’t seen Guo Yuanfeng so crazy for a long time. You’re a young man! Junyi, you found a good partner! Very good, very good!”

Guo Junyi quickly said: “Uncle, things are not what you think…”

The middle-aged man waved his hand and interrupted Guo Junyi directly and said, “No need to explain! You can do it yourself! I will tell your father the truth about today’s thing! I hope you, a little boyfriend, really have the strength, instead of just relying on it. Arrogant mouth!”

After saying this, he no longer gave Guo Junyi the opportunity to explain and left directly.

The bodyguards also started to get up, and staggered away…

Chapter 160

Guo Junyi tried to chase the middle-aged people, but they had disappeared in the corridor and walked into the elevator.

Guo Junyi slapped her forehead suddenly, “Oh, what did I do!”

Wayne Lin was even more speechless to her, and said, “Aren’t you quite upright just now, why did you suddenly regret it.”

“I’m worried about you!” Guo Junyi rubbed his temples and said with annoyed and worried face: “You don’t know my uncle’s character, he is so staid, he has a particularly bad temper, and he holds a lot of grudges. I am his niece, I It doesn’t matter if you can fight him. He doesn’t do anything to me. At most, he runs to my dad and sue me. But you are different. You are an outsider and you are also called my boyfriend. He, he must be very angry, with his character, he will definitely not let you off easily…”

Having said that, Guo Junyi patted her cheek, and said annoyedly: “Hey, blame me, just tell you in the message just now.”

Wayne Lin said: “It turns out you were worried about this, it’s okay, your uncle can’t help me.”

Guo Junyi shook her head and said: “No, you don’t know my uncle, he has a lot of energy. The most difficult thing is that his personality will be better and he will definitely come back to trouble you.”

She paced back and forth, looking worried, her expression struggling for a while, and then gritted her teeth and said: “Otherwise, I’ll just go home and let’s explain it clearly with my dad. It should be fine.”

“So did you, just now…” Guo Junyi originally wanted to complain about Wayne Lin, but immediately she realized that she said that was wrong. She obviously let Wayne Lin come over, so she could only blame her for not speaking clearly first.

Seeing her guilty look, Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “Don’t worry, I will be more careful. I will hide if something is wrong. After a long time, your uncle must have forgotten me too.”

“Well, that’s the only way for now.” Guo Junyi said: “Anyway, if my uncle seeks revenge from you, you have to tell me as soon as possible.”

“it is good.”

Taking advantage of Guo Junyi’s time to take a bath, Wayne Lin came out on the corridor and called Damon Wang, asking him about Guo Yuanfeng’s identity and strength.

From Damon Wang’s mouth, Wayne Lin learned that Guo Yuanfeng is Guo Yuanjia’s own younger brother, and he also has some business status, and he works with several companies. The most important thing is that Guo Yuanfeng has something to do with Chou Ye and is not easy to deal with.

Damon Wang asked Wayne Lin vaguely if he had offended Guo Yuanfeng.

Of course Wayne Lin wouldn’t tell Damon Wang the truth. He ignored him. Damon Wang was his subordinate. There was no reason for his superior to answer his subordinates. He also beat Damon Wang and warned him not to ask anything that shouldn’t be asked.

Now it’s interesting, he is still someone the clown knows.

Guo Junyi washed herself fragrantly and put on a new set of clothes, which was very beautiful. She who took off her menswear, now she is full of femininity.

In fact, due to her temperament and figure, a woman disguised as a man is not at all like a man, she can be seen at a glance.

As one of the three beauties of Hwadrid, Guo Junyi’s appearance is beyond doubt, much more beautiful than most female stars in the entertainment industry.

When Wayne Lin and her walked together, it was just a flower planted on the cow dung. I don’t know how many men’s envy and hatred aroused.

At this point, Guo Junyi was hungry, and she said she was going out for supper. It happened that Wayne Lin was boring alone, so he agreed.

After Guo Junyi took a shower, her mood improved a lot. When she walked out together, her gaze would look at Wayne Lin from time to time and peek at Wayne Lin. Once Wayne Lin looked at her, she immediately dodges again. Like a frightened little rabbit.

With her appearance, Wayne Lin felt very speechless. He touched his nose and said, “What’s wrong? Look at me all the time, is there any dirt on my body?”

“No.” Guo Junyi shook her head, but her pretty face flushed for no reason.

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes and felt that Guo Junyi tonight is too abnormal. One said that he prefers Guo Junyi, who is dressed up as a man and has a bold personality, instead of just blushing inexplicably when just a few words and always sneaks at him. Guo Junyi.

After a while, Guo Junyi didn’t respond to Wayne Lin, so he cursed a stone in his heart and said

Said: “By the way, where did you learn martial arts? It’s amazing.”

Having said that, her eyes were full of worship.

As a person who has read more about novels, she has a kind of admiration for martial arts high-powered people that most women don’t have, which is the biggest bonus in her view of mate selection.

Where did you learn martial arts? This question made Wayne Lin’s gaze trembled for a while, remembering how he was when he was still in the Lin family. At that time, he was still very happy and simple, and his relationship with Lin Zihao was not so uncommon.

“I practiced with a boxer when I was young.” Wayne Lin casually made up an excuse.

Unexpectedly, Guo Junyi’s eyes lit up, staring straight at Wayne Lin and said, “Can you teach me?”

Wayne Lin was taken aback for a moment, with a strange expression: “Do you want to learn?”

“Yeah!” Guo Junyi nodded vigorously, “I’ll tell you that since I was a kid, I had a dream of a female hero. I wanted to be a master of martial arts, rob the rich and help the poor.

As she spoke, she also made two fist gestures, a very serious and holy look.


Wayne Lin was amused by her appearance, and said, “What martial arts are you practicing as a girl? Besides, now it is a society under the rule of law, and beating people means going to jail.”

“Didn’t you hit someone just now? I didn’t see you in jail either.” Guo Junyi said that Wayne Lin was speechless, and said for a while: “My situation is different.”

Guo Junyi took Wayne Lin’s arm and swayed and said, “Okay, okay, you teach me.”

Wayne Lin was a little dizzy when she was shaken, and quickly said, “Okay, don’t shake it. It’s not that I won’t teach you, but that you have missed the best age for martial arts training, and you can’t learn it if you want to. Are you willing to train yourself to be full of muscles, like a man?”

“Huh?” Guo Junyi immediately gave a shock, and was frightened. Thinking of the scene, she shook her head hurriedly and said: “That’s fine.”

Go into a hot pot restaurant, find a seat and sit down. Guo Junyi has endless topics tonight, and immediately asks: “By the way, if you go back so late, your wife can’t talk about it, right?”

The expression on Wayne Lin’s face froze and became much sadder. He sighed slightly and said, “I’m divorced.”


Guo Junyi’s reaction was very big. She opened her eyes wide and screamed loudly, so that the surrounding diners looked over. Seeing that she was so beautiful, she was very annoyed at first, and she immediately disappeared completely.

I have to say that being beautiful is an advantage.

Wayne Lin rolled his eyes and said angrily, “What are you doing so loudly? Are you happy when I am divorced?”

“No, no, no, why should I be happy? I feel sorry for you!” Guo Junyi said, but the smile on her face couldn’t hide it.

Wayne Lin suddenly regretted it. He was so good, why should I tell Guo Junyi? This kind of thing is shameful.

Seeing Wayne Lin’s silence, bowing her head and drinking sullen wine, Guo Junyi asked cautiously: “Why are you divorcing your wife? Are there conflicts between the two of you?”

“Ah!” Suddenly, Guo Junyi thought of something, and was shocked, and said: “Couldn’t it be the last time we ate together, was it passed to your wife by Huang Wenhua?!”

Guo Junyi looked guilty.

Wayne Lin shook his head and said, “It has nothing to do with you, it is a problem between me and her.”

“Is that so?” Guo Junyi breathed a sigh of relief, while her eyes rolled up, not knowing what she was thinking.

At the same time, Guo Yuanfeng also returned to Guo’s house angrily. Without saying anything, he rushed directly to Guo Yuanjia’s study and told Guo Yuanjia what had happened just now.

“Brother, I can see that I understand. This time, Jun Yi ran away from home, so she resisted marrying Huang Wenhua because this Wayne Lin instigated it!” Guo Yuanfeng said bitterly.

“Wayne Lin?” Guo Yuanjia was slightly surprised, recalling and said: “Why does this name sound a bit familiar, like where did you hear it?”

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