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Chapter 560

The Rocket Girl posted on Weibo and posted it on hot searches, which is known to the whole Internet.

For Liushi local fans who spontaneously went to Liushi Beauty to block the door, they also quietly posted online

Spread over the network.

However, some of the public opinion that has stirred up troubles has only just emerged, and it has been quickly erased, which also makes some people feel jealous.

On the second day, the Rocket Girl posted another Weibo.

And this Weibo is an explanation of the Weibo posted the day before.

According to the Rocket Girl’s explanation, they have no so-called unpleasantness with Liushi Beauty.

It’s just that they came to Liushi for business performances, but it was because of a friend, but now, that friend left the Liushi branch for some reason, and they complained about their friends, so they posted that Weibo. .

At this point, it’s okay not to explain.

As soon as he explained, he immediately made an uproar on the Internet.

It turned out that everyone didn’t think this Liushi branch had anything to do with the store that was renamed Liushi Beauty, but after Rocket Girl said that, there is something tricky in the relationship.

In an instant, all kinds of speculations about Liushi beauty on the Internet flooded in.

Liushi Beauty, second floor office area.

“Bang!” With a muffled sound, Wang Wei hammered his fist on the table, looking at the comments and speculations on the computer and Weibo, his face was extremely gloomy.

By his side, Ding Junfeng, Shen Hai, and Zhao Cheng’s partners all gathered together, and their faces were not very beautiful.

The gate was blocked by more than one hundred people yesterday, which has made Liushi Beauty Makeup a joke in the entire pedestrian street.

And today, until now, no guest has appeared.

For the reason, they can guess some without thinking about it.

In addition to the Weibo of Rocket Girl, the guests were also worried that the group of people would come to block the gate again yesterday.

At that time, customers will also be blocked in the store.

“This Rocket Girl has such a good relationship with Dustin Zhou. They will post two Weibos in a row at this time. Dustin Zhou must be behind them!” Ding Junfeng looked savage and looked at the comments on the computer screen with hatred.

It is because of these people that they formed the so-called Rocket Army. Yesterday more than a hundred people gathered and surrounded the entrance of the store. They beat him severely. He is still blue and purple now, and he is a little careless. Just barking straight teeth that hurt.

“Yes, on the day of the opening ceremony, we did not fail to see that the three Rocket Girls, especially Su Xiaomeng, followed Dustin Zhou, just like a little lover. If there is no Dustin Zhou’s intention, they said I won’t believe anything.” Shen Hai also said in a deep voice.

Now he actually had a trace of regret in his heart.

If he had been following Ye Fang and resolutely opposed Wang Wei’s departure from the prestigious company, nothing like this would have happened at all.

Rocket Girls is a nationally civilized idol group

, And the company behind them also has a lot of strength in the country, which is simply not what they can shake.

And they did not have any countermeasures against Rocket Girl.


They are just partners in a store, and even if they count their respective businesses in the East China Sea, they can’t kill Rocket Girls together.

Moreover, they are not in the entertainment industry, and they have little influence in the entertainment industry.

“Huh, don’t worry, it’s just three yellow-haired girls. If they say so, just let them say it. In the domestic entertainment industry, it’s not their three yellow-haired girls that have the final say.” Wang Wei said coldly.

He had already figured it out, since their Rocket Girl had nothing to do, then he went to find Kong Hui.

In contrast, Kong Hui definitely knows more people in the entertainment industry, whether it is some big stars or some top executives of entertainment companies, it will definitely be a lot easier to talk to them.

What’s more, Kong Hui also has access in the capital.

Kong Hui came back from Beijing before, and he met a few very energetic people in Beijing. There is a way to come to him.

However, when I think of trouble Kong Hui, I must have to pay a price, and the price will not be low, Wang Wei’s heart is dripping blood.

With Kong Hui’s appetite, begging him to do something will definitely spit out his shares.

Fortunately, Wang Wei now has a lot of shares.

After driving Ye Fang out and taking over shares from her, Wang Wei’s current shares occupy more than half of Liushi Beauty’s shares.

And giving Kong Hui a little bit will not affect him too much.

On the contrary, maybe it can deepen the cooperation between Wang Wei and Kong Hui.

Thinking of this, the corners of Wang Wei’s mouth raised slightly, and his face was not as ugly as it was at the beginning.

However, this share is given away for the purpose of helping Liushi Beauty, so it is not just him that should be paid.

The other six partners naturally have to pay.

“I will ask Kong Shao for help, and find some important stars to advertise for us. However, it is impossible to find Kong Shao for help without filial piety.” Wang Wei said lightly, looking at several partners casually Look.

But seeing this, Ding Junfeng and others still don’t understand that it is Wang Wei who has to pay some price himself.

After all, it was him who looked for Kong Hui, and the benefit was obtained by Liushi Beauty, so the price paid would naturally not be paid by Wang Wei alone.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Wang, if we need to do anything, just say it straight. If we can do it, we will definitely do it.” “That is, let’s talk about how much money it will cost. There is no problem with us.” “Yes, a big star, a Weibo post

The number of advertisements is only a few hundred thousand, and we will sell several hundred thousand each, which is enough to invite several big stars to advertise.

“… The six partners patted their chests, and said vowedly, the inescapable aura, as if they were very righteous. “Hehe, it’s not that exaggerated. It just requires you to pay one percent of the shares. This is a requirement. , Not too much?

“Wang Wei smiled slightly and said lightly, as if he was talking about a very common thing. However, when the voice fell, the office was silent and extremely quiet. The few partners who were still vowing to make guarantees just now, this For a moment, all were silent. Several people looked at each other and looked at Wang Wei one after another, their eyes faintly confused, angry, and reluctant. “Why didn’t you speak?

Don’t you want to?

Or do you think I am coveting your shares?

“Wang Wei snorted coldly in his heart, and with no mercy on his mouth, he coldly shouted, patrolling the faces of the crowd with stern eyes, and remembering all the changes in the expressions of several partners in his heart. “President Wang , Just ask a few big stars to advertise, don’t you need shares?

Chapter 561

The situation is pressing! Shen Hai asked in a deep voice, staring at Wang Wei, wanting to see something from Wang Wei’s face. The same is true for Zhao Cheng, although he did not speak, but his eyes They were also staring at Wang Wei. As for the other partners, they were a little unwilling, but they did not speak, nor looked at Wang Wei, but were waiting. They were waiting for Wang Wei’s explanation. After all, Shen Hai Since there is a problem, if Wang Wei does not have a good explanation, then other people will not be convinced. Although you Wang Wei is the largest share, holding more than half of the shares, but after all, a few others They also have a lot of shares, and they still have a certain right to speak for Liushi Menzhuang. “Haha, just a few stars. Ask them to advertise. Of course, you don’t need shares. However, we are asking Kong Shao to join in, don’t we give it? Is Kong less paid?

Or do you think that Master Kong will help us for no reason?

“Wang Wei said indifferently, not taking Shen Hai’s question at all to his mind. As for the opinions of several others, it is of course not that important to him. I heard Wang Wei mention Kong Shao, Shen Hai, Zhao Cheng, Ding Junfeng All of them had their eyes tight, and they couldn’t tell. If Wang Wei said something else, they would still be able to argue one or two. But when Wang Wei talked about Kong Shao, they had to be cautious. They were not just now. When I came to Liushi, the tender head who didn’t know anything was green. For Kong Shao and the Kong family in Liushi, they also investigated some in this week.

At first several people thought that the Confucian family in Liushi was nothing more than a somewhat important family in Liushi. At best, they could have a little influence in Liushi. If they left Liushi, the Confucian family could do nothing.

However, the results of the investigation shocked them, and even some scalp numb.

The influence of the Confucian family is not only in Liushi, but has spread to the entire Hunan province. However, the Confucian family has always been relatively low-key, so most people in Hunan only know the five big families in Hunan, and do not know the Confucian family in Liushi. The presence.

And they were able to investigate some of the Confucian family’s situation because they were behind Dustin Zhou before, and others regarded them as Dustin Zhou’s people, thinking that Dustin Zhou was investigating the Liushi Kong family.

If these, they still don’t have any deep feelings, and don’t know how much energy the Kong family has.

Then, there is one more point, which makes them have to be jealous.

Rumor has it that the Jiang family in Changsha has a very deep relationship with the Confucian family in Liushi, and the Jiang family is very polite to the Confucian family.

They knew what kind of existence the Jiang family was.

Precisely because I knew it, I was so shocked after learning this result.

And the Kong Shao in Wang Wei’s mouth was Kong Hui who had appeared on the opening ceremony. Dustin Zhou was beaten by Dustin Zhou. They also knew about this.

Therefore, a few people feel bitter in their hearts now.

At the beginning, when Wang Wei and Dustin Zhou had a showdown, they were still uneasy and felt that they would not find Dustin Zhou’s revenge.

However, at that time, Wang Wei said that he had reached a cooperation with Kong Shao and had the shelter of Kong Shao, so there was no need to fear Dustin Zhou’s revenge.

In the past week, Liushi beauty makeup has been getting better and better, which seems to confirm this.

So for Kong Shao, they are also a little bit afraid.

Whatever can compete with Dustin Zhou is enough to attract their attention.

“Haha, Mr. Wang, why didn’t you say it earlier? You said it earlier was to pay Shao Kong. We will complain about it. It must be a matter of fact that you will directly give the shares to Mr. Wang. I am old Dingdi. A guarantee, one percentage point of shares in the dark will be regarded as a thank you to Kong Shao.” Ding Junfeng said with a laugh when he saw something wrong in the atmosphere in the office, and promised again and again.

And with Ding Junfeng’s opening and interruption, the atmosphere among the people is also much better.

Several other people also quickly promised that they would take out a percentage of the shares as a return to Kong Shao.

In the blink of an eye, only Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng remained unresolved.

For a time, all five people’s eyes fell on them.

Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng’s hearts suddenly sank, and being watched by several people was nothing.

But the remaining seven partners are clearly divided into two factions.

One faction is headed by Wang Wei, with Ding Junfeng

The third largest shareholder is now the second largest shareholder who screams for him.

They wanted to break away from Dustin Zhou, break away from the famous company, and control the Liushi branch by themselves.

The other faction is based on Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng.

The two of them were on Ye Fang’s side at first and opposed Wang Wei.

But in the middle, when Wang Wei forced Ye Fang out, the two of them remained silent and did not support Ye Fang.

Now the two are isolated and helpless, and Wang Wei will lead them by the nose in every move.

And because of their different positions at the beginning, Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng were destined to not be 100% trusted by Wang Wei.

“Shen Hai, Zhao Cheng, what did the two of you say?” Wang Wei raised his mouth slightly, looked at the only remaining Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng, and said with a chuckle.

He knew that the overall situation had been determined now. Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng had to take out the 1% of the shares if they didn’t take it, and they had to take it out. The two of them couldn’t change at all.

“I am willing to offer a percentage of the shares.” “I am willing too!” Under the pressing situation, Shen Hai and Zhao Cheng had no choice but to pinch their noses to answer Wang Wei’s request.

“Okay, I believe that when Shao Kong knows, he will be happy. When Shao Kong is happy, Dustin Zhou can’t get over the waves at all, so please look forward to it.” When the two responded, Wang Wei laughed and went downstairs immediately. Leaving Liushi Beauty.

… Changsha, Kaiyuan Hotel.

As soon as Dustin Zhou got up, Enderia Shen broke in with his mobile phone, not worrying that Dustin Zhou might not wear clothes yet.

“Dustin Zhou, look at these.” Enderia Shen’s expression was a little serious, and he handed the phone to Dustin Zhou and said in a deep voice.

Dustin Zhou was a little helpless. He just woke up and only wore half of his clothes. Now all over his body, except for a pair of long trousers, the upper body is bare, the muscles seem to emit under the light. Seductive shimmer.

At least, Dustin Zhou felt as if he heard some strange sounds, as if someone was sucking saliva.

Weirdly raised her eyes and looked at Enderia Shen, and saw that her face was serious, but her cheeks were slightly red, and there was no other abnormality.

Putting away the strange feeling in his heart, Dustin Zhou looked at the phone.

But when he finished reading the content on the phone, there was no change in expression on his face.

After returning the phone to Enderia Shen again, Dustin Zhou put on his clothes like no one else.

“That’s it? Is there any problem?” “That’s it? You have to know that these are all famous stars in the entertainment industry. Compared with your Rocket Girls, they are not bad at all, even Some of them were Uranus superstars before, and their influence and fans in the country are also an extremely large number, even Rocket Girls can’t compare.” “And they are now

All of them are advertising Liushi Beauty, what does this mean, don’t tell me, you don’t know!

Chapter 562

These were only discovered when she just got up and looked at her mobile phone. It seems that overnight, many domestic stars, big and small, all started. There are even a few celebrities who are not in China, and Enderia Shen has also checked it out. In the past six months, they are not in China, but this advertisement has eloquently said Liushi Beauty. The product is easy to use. This is not open eyes to tell nonsense, what is it? But, these, only experts know, those fans, it is impossible to know. Therefore, as soon as the advertisements of these celebrities come out, their fans will feel that they are their own What the idols and idols say are true. They will fully believe it, and they will go to vigorously buy Liushi beauty products. “I have asked someone in Liushi, today’s Liushi beauty customers There is an endless stream, and it is not affected by the previous Rocket Girls’ Weibo.

“Enderia Shen’s face is serious, as if she has encountered a problem, and now, she wants to ask Dustin Zhou how to solve the problem. “It doesn’t matter, it’s just a glimpse, do you know the company behind Rocket Girl?”

“However, Dustin Zhou seemed to be unconcerned, and instead asked Enderia Shen a question at random. This made Enderia Shen a little stunned. She is from Donghai, and she is engaged in the cosmetics industry. She has nothing to do with the entertainment industry. As for the company behind the Rocket Girl, she will not deliberately investigate, where will she know. “I don’t know.

Enderia Shen shook his head and said truthfully. “Since I asked Mengmeng and the others to post such a Weibo first, it was my own intention.

“And Mengmeng and the others sent Weibo first, which is to clearly draw a line between Liushi Beauty and Makeup. The addition of a second Weibo shows that there is a disagreement between them and Liushi Beauty and even Is contradictory.

“Under such circumstances, other celebrities are still advertising for Liushi Beauty, which means that they are hitting the faces of Rocket Girls and tearing down their stage. Mengmeng is behind them.

The company will not agree.

Dustin Zhou explained patiently. He knows many things, but he still can’t tell Enderia Shen too clearly. “If you don’t believe me, don’t take an hour. These celebrities who have posted on Weibo will definitely post Weibo. The blog is deleted as if nothing happened.

Dustin Zhou raised his eyebrows and said lightly. “Really?

Enderia Shen didn’t believe it, could it be that the company behind Rocket Girl really has so much energy. Turning on the phone, Enderia Shen found the name of the company signed by Rocket Girl. “Zhou’s Entertainment Company.

“Enderia Shen was still confused when he said the name of the company softly. But after Dustin Zhou heard it, the corners of his mouth were slightly twitched. Others may not know, but he does know. This Zhou’s Entertainment Company is actually Zhou’s family is a company in the entertainment industry. With Zhou’s backing behind it, it’s impossible for anyone in the entertainment industry to dare to do something with Zhou’s company. “Isn’t Mr. Chen said before that there are four big families in Beijing. Up?

Seeing Enderia Shen still pondering, Dustin Zhou reminded a little helplessly. “Four big families?”


I know!

This is one of the four big families, Zhou’s company!

No wonder you say that, since it is Zhou’s company, these stars naturally dare not offend, I am afraid that Zhou’s company has already started to do it.

With Dustin Zhou’s reminder, Enderia Shen suddenly realized. … At this time, in the top office of the Zhou’s Film and Television Entertainment Company Building in the capital. A middle-aged man looked solemnly at a man and a woman standing in front of him. If Dustin Zhou is here now, he will definitely recognize that this woman is the Rocket Girl’s agent Yang Jie. “It seems that those people can’t help but want to do something to us.

The middle-aged man’s mouth raised slightly, as if he was laughing at something, his tone was very flat. “Zhou, do we want to fight back?”

“Sister Yang hesitated. After all, this is a game involving the company’s senior executives. She is still just a broker. Even the gold broker in the company, but at this time, it is not enough. “Zhou, things. I have investigated it clearly, and sister Yang should also be aware of this matter.

“The other man said softly, glanced at Sister Yang, and told all the things he had investigated. Among them, there were two reasons why Rocket Girls posted two Weibo posts, and they went to Liushi for business performances. Thing. “Dustin Zhou?

Willow City Beauty?

Mr. Zhou frowned slightly and murmured in his mouth, as if he had some doubts about Dustin Zhou and Liu Shi Beauty. “Well, I know, but this week, Dustin Zhou and Liu Shi Beauty are just an excuse for them. Their goal, most

In the end it is still us, Ms Wang, you go to prepare, since they dare to hit our idea, then let them know that the consequences are not something they can bear.

Mr. Zhou’s brows eased, and he said lightly to the young man. The young man nodded and left the CEO’s office. Sister Yang stayed in the office. As for what Mr. Zhou said to Sister Yang, no one knew. However, After Ms Wang left Zhou’s company, there were several big news in the entertainment industry. A little fresh meat who had just made his debut shortly after signing a show and commercial endorsement was immediately terminated, and the other party She simply paid a penalty for breach of contract. A well-known female star was suddenly exposed to pornographic photos, and these pornographic photos all point to a movie she just participated in. In order to get a role in the movie, the female star did not hesitate In exchange for his own body. A veteran king of heaven was suddenly exposed to suppress the younger generation, and even seized some of the younger generation’s works as his own, and even through a lawsuit, the younger generation was firmly in his own company. …… Just a few minutes Within an hour, the entertainment industry can be said to have experienced an earthquake. Almost every celebrity is exposed, which will cause a lot of turmoil. And soon, someone with a discerning eye discovered that these accidental stars were all a few hours ago. They posted an advertisement on Weibo, and the target they advertised was a store called Liushi Beauty Makeup. After a caring person announced this discovery, it immediately caused an uproar on the Internet. Many people were looking for this Liushi Beauty Makeup. What kind of store is it that can cause such a big response. And those celebrities who have not been exposed, but have advertised, also deleted the previously posted Weibo in the first time. At this time, they are all in fear , There was a chill in his back. Just now, all their agents received a call. And this call was from Zhou’s Entertainment Company. Changsha, Kaiyuan Hotel. Enderia Shen was stunned holding his mobile phone. Looked at Dustin Zhou. “It’s really deleted!

“The 563rd

Chapter panicked! Enderia Shen looked at Weibo, the original Weibo of those celebrities who promoted Liushi beauty makeup, at the moment it was empty, and she was a little surprised. She didn’t expect it to be the same as Dustin Zhou said. After only an hour, a large number of celebrities have already started to delete the promotional Weibo. Is this Zhou company really belonging to the Zhou family, one of the four major families in Beijing? A little doubt in my heart.

Faintly said to the young man.

The young man nodded and left the CEO’s office.

Sister Yang stayed in the office.

As for what Mr. Zhou said to Sister Yang, no one knew.

However, after Ms Wang left Zhou’s company, there were several big news in the entertainment industry.

A little fresh meat who hadn’t made his debut for a long time, just after signing a show and commercial endorsement, he was terminated immediately, and the other party simply paid a penalty for breach of contract.

A well-known female celebrity was suddenly exposed to pornographic photos, and these pornographic photos all point to a movie she just participated in. In order to get a role in the movie, the female celebrity did not hesitate to use her body in exchange.

A veteran king was suddenly exposed to suppress the younger generation, even taking some of the younger generation’s works as his own, and even through a lawsuit, the younger generation was firmly in his own company.

…… In just a few hours, the entertainment industry has experienced an earthquake.

Almost every celebrity is broke, will cause a lot of turmoil.

And soon, someone with a discerning eye discovered that these celebrities who were involved in the accident had all posted an advertisement on Weibo a few hours ago, and the target of their advertisement was a store called Liushi Beauty.

After an interested person announced this discovery, it immediately caused an uproar on the Internet.

Many people are looking for what kind of store this Liushi Beauty is that can arouse such a big response.

Those celebrities who have not been exposed, but have advertised, also deleted their previously published Weibo immediately.

At this time, all of them were in lingering fears, and their backs were chilly.

Just now, all of their agents received a call.

And this call was made from Zhou’s Entertainment Company.

Changsha, Kaiyuan Hotel.

Enderia Shen held the phone and looked at Dustin Zhou dumbfounded.

“Really deleted!”

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