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Chapter 800

(1) Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi’s faces are very ugly, their faces are gloomy, staring

With Dustin Zhou, I can’t wait to eat Dustin Zhou raw.

They never expected that Dustin Zhou would have four martial masters beside him.

In this way, when Dustin Zhou and Su Family are added together, there are five martial masters, and the two of them together, there are only four martial masters.

Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi had ugly faces, but Su Shiming had very beautiful faces.

He didn’t expect Dustin Zhou to be so powerful that he brought four martial masters at once.

When he was in the Su family before, Su Shiming knew that there were two martial masters around Dustin Zhou. This time, there were two more people around Dustin Zhou. Su Shiming thought in his heart, besides Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng, the other two people were Not also a martial master.

Now it seems that those two people are indeed martial masters.

Su Shiming’s heart finally calmed down, and the hanging stone also relaxed.

If Dustin Zhou did not have this strength today, Su Shiming might not have expressed his position, and they would not be able to deter the Sun and Ding families.

“Su Shiming, Dustin Zhou, what do you mean?” Sun Qiankun said coldly, staring at Dustin Zhou unkindly, his face was full of resentment, as if Dustin Zhou and Su Shiming had done something angry with him.

Sun Qiankun couldn’t help but be angry. He was about to force Su Shiming to submit when he saw them, and he and Ding Zhengyi formed an alliance against the Su family, which was perfect.

Almost succeeded.

Once successful, the benefits that their Sun family can obtain will be unimaginable.

Among other things, as long as the Sun family and Ding family join forces to divide up the Su family’s Donghai industry, there is no big problem.

How many industries does the Su family have?

No one knows, not even the ordinary Su family.

But there is one thing Sun Qiankun can be sure of, that is, the Su family’s industry, with a scale of at least 30 billion.

For the Sun family, this is undoubtedly a huge cake full of temptation. Sun Qiankun felt sorry for himself if he didn’t rush to take a bite.

However, all the beauty was destroyed by Dustin Zhou.

Who could have thought that Dustin Zhou would follow the four martial masters with him.

That’s the martial master!

In this world, when is the master of martial arts so worthless?

Their Sun Family is considered to be the most powerful among the first-class families in the East China Sea, but despite this, their Sun Family has only six martial masters enshrined among them, shocking other people and family forces.

However, this is the case. It is impossible for Sun Qiankun to travel with four martial masters. Today, I brought two martial masters to shock the Ding family and the Sun family. Don’t talk about bringing two martial masters, even if you only bring them. One is also impossible.

And now, Dustin Zhou has four

The martial master, as if he didn’t need money, listened to Dustin Zhou’s shouting and drinking, he did not have the dignity of the martial master at all.

Not to mention, there is also a martial artist on the Su family’s side, who is eager to take action at any time.

Four against five, Sun Qiankun knew in his heart that he would not have any chance of winning.

However, the result of this kind of good deed being destroyed by others made him very dissatisfied, and the voices of the people also made him feel that he was underestimated, and he immediately became angry and wanted to vent this anger on Dustin Zhou.

“Huh, what do you mean? Sun Qiankun, are you embarrassed to ask? I want to ask you, what do you mean? You and Ding Zhengyi, what do you two mean, do you want to do it?” Su Shiming Su Family Patriarch, naturally not a good-for-nothing person, glared at Sun Qiankun and refused to give up.

Anyway, there are four martial masters from Dustin Zhou’s side. Su Shiming is confident at the moment, even facing Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi, there is no trace of fear.

Su Shiming was so tough, it also caused everyone to be surprised and whispered.

“In my opinion, this time I am afraid it will not end so well.” “Yeah, who would have thought that Dustin Zhou had four martial masters by his side, it is really too extravagant!” “Yes, otherwise Su Family Patriarch You may not have the confidence to turn your face with Sun Erye and Ding Zhengyi.” “You said, this time, who will have the upper hand, are Sun Erye and Ding Zhengyi just swallowing this bad breath?” “It’s hard to say, the main thing is still Look at Dustin Zhou’s attitude. Now that the Quartet talks about strength, Dustin Zhou is the strongest here.” … Everyone was talking, and their eyes looked back and forth between the Quartet from time to time, wanting to see how their Quartet would react.

However, let everyone down.

Sun Qiankun broke out for a while, and after being forced back by Su Shiming, he didn’t seem to be ready to speak anymore. He just sat back and closed his eyes to rest his mind.

And without Sun Qiankun taking the lead, Ding Zhengyi didn’t want to ask for trouble. The scholar Sun Qiankun sat without paying attention to Su Shiming’s cold eyes.

Suddenly, the atmosphere of tension between the four parties instantly dissipated, becoming extremely weird.

The Sun family and the Ding family seemed to have nothing happened, but Su Shiming and Dustin Zhou looked at each other, the corners of their mouths were slightly raised, and there was obviously some pride in their hearts.

This time it was clear that they had the upper hand.

“Hmph, it seems that you have a little self-knowledge.” Su Shiming smiled lightly, then looked around and said lightly.

“Our Su family’s choice is to cooperate with Mr. Dustin Zhou. As for what your Sun family and Ding family want to do, it has nothing to do with my Su family.” “I don’t care whether you resist the Xu family hard.

It’s just watching from the sidelines and doing nothing. It has nothing to do with our Su family. Don’t think that our Su family will become your cannon fodder.

“Su Shiming categorically cut the railway, looked solemn and very serious. Su Shiming’s remarks, it can be said, directly express his own attitude, and also the attitude of the Su family. Among the four parties, this time, with Su Shiming’s statement, it means Both the Su family and Dustin Zhou have made a decision. Now, the Sun family and the Ding family have not made a final decision. Although everyone was discussing before, it seems that the Sun family advocates resisting the Xu family, while the Ding family advocates Go with the flow. However, before their respective principals have not spoken and expressed their attitudes, no one can take the words that have been circulated in the outside world seriously. “We have finished speaking, and now it is your turn, Sun Qiankun, Ding Zhengyi!

Su Shiming yelled coldly, then sat back and nodded secretly at Dustin Zhou, his eyes full of exclamation. How long has it been since Dustin Zhou has grown to this point. Su Shiming vaguely remembered that he saw Dustin Zhou for the first time. At the time, Dustin Zhou was so young, not so mature, and his style of dealing with people seemed a little immature.

Chapter 801

But, how long has it been before Dustin Zhou has become so calm and handsome. The style of dealing with things has also become more calm and composed. Moreover, as time goes by, Dustin Zhou’s strength has become so strong. Even, Dustin Zhou’s current strength is definitely able to compete with their Su family. Down. Among all the offerings of the Su family, there are only four martial masters, and every one of them is over 60 years old. However, Dustin Zhouguang demonstrated today that there are four martial masters, and none of them are very old. Three are in their fifties, and one is even in their twenties. Su Shiming doesn’t know whether Dustin Zhou still has strength behind it that has not been revealed. After all, in today’s scene, Dustin Zhou brought four martial masters, It was completely enough. Su Shiming suddenly thought that when he was in the Su family before, Dustin Zhou had said that there was a conflict between him and the Xu family, and the Xu family had even sent someone to trouble him. The Xu family is a hidden family, and the Xu family has followed Whoever has conflicts, sending someone to trouble someone, will definitely act vigorously and decisively. It stands to reason that, like the Sun family, the Ding family, or the Su family, none of the Xu family’s opponents. However, Dustin Zhou is still fine. This had to make Su Shiming more and more looking forward to it. Maybe Dustin Zhou had more ways to target the Xu family, otherwise he wouldn’t have a conflict with the Xu family, even when the Xu family had sent someone to trouble him. It can be so calm. And under Su Shiming’s strong situation, it seems that Sun Jiahe

The momentum of the Ding family was overwhelmed.

The atmosphere in Shenglong Pavilion became weird again.

At this time, everyone’s eyes gathered on Sun Qiankun and Ding Zhengyi.

Su Shiming has already expressed his opinion, and now it is their turn to express their opinions.

Sun Qiankun sat in the chair, very angry.

He never thought that today’s situation would become like this.

However, when he thought that he would face so much pressure, it was all because of Dustin Zhou, and Sun Qiankun’s hatred for Dustin Zhou grew stronger.

He has even made plans. Once he joins many families to form a confrontation with the Xu family, he will definitely not let Dustin Zhou get better.

“Huh, my Sun family still has the same attitude as before. If the Xu family wants to be born, they must be honest. If they dare to mess up, my Sun family will be the first to let them go. Fight with the Xu family to the end!” Sun Qiankun snorted coldly, his face was full of chill, but he was very firm.

In the East China Sea, Sun Qiankun could be called Sun Erye, not only because of his second child in the Sun family, but more importantly, Sun Qiankun’s strength and temperament have always been top-notch.

The Sun family was not without problems in the past, but under Sun Qiankun’s rectification, those difficulties quickly passed, and now the Sun family is getting stronger.

All this is inseparable from Sun Qiankun.

“Hmph, the Xu family is a hidden family after all. Is it so simple as you said? Anyway, the attitude of my Ding family is here, don’t ask, as long as his Xu family doesn’t affect the interests of my Ding family. What he does has nothing to do with my Ding family.” Ding Zhengyi said in a voice, curling his lips, obviously very unhappy with Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun.

In his opinion, whether his Xu family is really going to be born.

What does this have to do with these families who have been in the East China Sea for decades?

Could it be said that the Xu family was born, and we all must move out of the East China Sea together and cede this huge East China Sea to the Xu family?

Or should we simply surrender to the Xu family?

Definitely neither!

However, Ding Zhengyi is not a fool, nor would he think about fighting the Xu family!

Because he knew that the strength of his Ding family was not only inferior to the Sun family, but even inferior to the Su family. The Ding family simply did not have the confidence to compete with the Xu family like the Sun family.

Moreover, the Ding family could not withstand that loss.

Once you really fight the Xu family, the loss is hard to estimate.

The Ding family could not accept this loss.

Seeing that several parties have already expressed their opinions, everyone has also become active in their minds, looking at the four parties one by one, thinking about their respective attitudes, and considering their own family situation, considering how to choose.

“What should we do, how should we choose?”

“I think we might as well choose the Ding family. The Sun family has a big business and can fight hard against the Xu family, but our family is a small family. Without this confidence, it can’t stand this kind of impact.” “I’m not convinced, his Xu family is hidden. The family, now we are born, have to sacrifice so many benefits for our families, why? I choose the Sun family, no matter what, I have to fight with the Xu family to see if his Xu family is worthy of the name!”… … The attitudes of everyone are different, and in a blink of an eye, everyone has made their own choices.

Nearly half of the families chose the Ding family. Regardless of the birth of the Xu family, they would ignore it as long as they did not involve themselves.

These families saw that there were so many families in their camp, and in addition to a first-rate family like the Ding family, there were even several second-rate families whose power was in the East China Sea, and it was definitely an unshakable force.

Everyone feels at ease.

And nearly one-third of those who choose to go with the Sun family. Although they are not as good as those who choose the Ding family in number, they are not much different. Moreover, there are several powerful second-rate families who have always moved forward with the interests of the Sun family. Backward.

Sun Qiankun’s face was not very good.

His eyes crossed the crowd and looked at the few people who chose Ding’s house.

Those people used to live and develop under the Sun family.

Logically speaking, they should choose to stand on the side of Sun’s house, but at this time, they are on the side of Ding’s house.

As a result, Sun Qiankun’s chance of winning with the Xu family was a bit less.

And the rest of the people chose the Su family.

Their heads are messed up right now, and they don’t even know what to do.

They neither want to put their family in a dangerous state like the Sun family, nor do they want their family to do nothing like the Ding family.

After all, Ding’s thoughts were just taken for granted.

If the Xu family does not disturb their interests, they will ignore the birth of the Xu family.

However, the Xu family is a hidden family. When the Xu family is born, will they consider the interests of the Ding family and other small families?

As long as it is in the interests of the Xu family, with the strength of the Xu family, nothing can be obtained.

At that time, what should the Ding family do?

With the Xu family?

Isn’t that the same as the Sun’s current choice?

So, thinking about it, these talents chose the Su family.

After all, on the bright side, the Su family cooperated with Dustin Zhou, and on the bright side, there are five martial masters, which is a piece of confidence!

Chapter 802

The Sun family, the Su family, and the Ding family have expressed their views one after another, and many small families have also made their own choices.

From the current point of view, the most chosen family is the same as the Ding family, and the most chosen family is the same as the Sun family.


But still did not indicate the final attitude, how to get along with the Xu family, Su family and Dustin Zhou, actually supported more families than the Sun family.

Sun Qiankun’s face was very ugly.

Not only was the family that chose to support him the least, but also because several families that had survived under the name of the Sun family had now gone to the Ding family.

Sun Qiankun looked at those people and wanted to swallow them alive.

All betrayers!

This time, Sun Qiankun had made a decision in his heart.

Are you not afraid of the Xu family?

Don’t you want to be like the Ding family, regardless of the Xu family’s birth, and stand on the sidelines?

Well, after I went back, I announced that such a family would be blocked.

It is true that although these families are attached to the Sun family, they are usually managed by the Sun family.

However, after all, they are all separate individuals, separate existence.

They also have the power to decide to deal with matters of their own family.

And it is impossible for the Sun family to block all of those families just by relying on its own family.

But as long as he releases news from this side, in addition to the interruption of cooperation between the Sun family’s industry and these families, some other people who want to cooperate with the Sun family will also interrupt their cooperation for profit considerations.

Sun Qiankun sneered in his heart, but when he turned his eyes, seeing Su Shiming and Dustin Zhou in charge of Qiankun, his heart was even more angry.

After all, this time we met today, it was Sun Qiankun who wanted to force everyone to stand in line, and then he could gather everyone’s strength and fight the Xu family together.

Originally, a Ding family was not considered by Sun Qiankun.

In terms of strength alone, the hard power of the Sun family is stronger than that of the Ding family.

Even if there was a Su family who didn’t make a statement, Sun Qiankun didn’t care.

However, Dustin Zhou suddenly appeared at this time, and he performed such a play with the Su family, and almost disrupted all of Sun Qiankun’s arrangements.

As a result, he brought the two martial masters of the family to worship, and there was a sense of powerlessness.

How long has Sun Qiankun not felt this feeling.

If it weren’t for the four martial masters who suddenly appeared on Dustin Zhou’s side, Sun Qiankun would still have the confidence to control the situation today and win the support of most of the families.

Compared with Sun Qiankun’s gloomy expression, Ding Zhengyi is full of spring breeze at the moment.

He had thought before that there would be more people supporting him.

After all, the Xu family is a hermit family, it is an existence above their first-class families, ordinary people, even their first-class families, dare not say that they can win the battle with the Xu family.

Under such circumstances, choosing to watch the changes is naturally the most in line with the actual situation and the most acceptable to everyone.

Although the Sun family kept saying,

The Xu family is a hidden family. Once the Xu family is born, how many people will have their jobs.

But, didn’t this still happen.

Everyone also thought that it was just an exaggeration by the Sun family, trying to cause everyone to panic, and then seek their own interests in it.

“Hehe, Erye Sun, take a look. It seems that there are still more people who support my Ding family. Since the Xu family is a hidden family and he wants to be born, we naturally can’t stop it, but we don’t target the Xu family. It’s impossible for the Xu family to specifically trouble us, right? This person, it’s better to do your own thing honestly, don’t think about fighting this person, fighting that person, fighting back and forth, you What can I get?” Ding Zhengyi pointed to Sun Qiankun with a look of someone coming over, as if he was a wise man, seeing the whole situation.

“How about, Brother Su, what do you say? Although there are many people who support you, I think everyone is not going to fight against Xu Jia?” After Sun Qiankun, Ding Zhengyi looked at Su. Shiming and Dustin Zhou, especially Dustin Zhou, and the family members who supported them.

So far, both the Sun family and his Ding family have made a clear statement.

The Sun family chose to be tough with the Xu family.

The Ding family chose to leave it alone and watch the changes.

Only the Su family and Dustin Zhou were united, but they still did not clearly state whether they were the same as the Sun family or the Ding family, or whether they had other ideas of their own, and never said.

And Ding Zhengyi’s remarks immediately aroused everyone’s attention.

Many people suddenly discovered at this time that although the Su family and Dustin Zhou had cooperated, and there were four martial masters around Dustin Zhou, the atmosphere was magnificent, but they seemed to have not stated their clear attitude.

As for those who chose to support the Su Family and Dustin Zhou, the expressions of those who had chosen to support the Su Family and Dustin Zhou were a little bit wrong at the moment.

They looked at Su Shiming and Dustin Zhou one by one, their faces full of doubt and solemnity.

Even two people quietly left here and walked directly to the camp of Ding’s family.

Seeing this scene, Ding Zhengyi was naturally refreshed, and he did not hide it and laughed.

You Dustin Zhou is awesome, and there are four martial masters with you, so what?

Not to mention the four martial masters, even if you have eight martial masters, can you still fight the Xu family desperately?

And everyone has been working hard in the East China Sea for so many years, and they have been based for a long time. At this time, how could they risk fighting with the Xu family?

And the two people who switched to the Ding family just now are the best proof.

Seeing the two people transferred to Ding’s family, the rest of them naturally hesitated.

On the one hand, many of their families depend on the Su family for survival.

Leaving the Su family dealt a heavy blow to them.

And if they switch, will the Ding family help them?

No one knows, no one is sure.

However, the hesitation on everyone’s faces is still very obvious, and everyone can see it.

Sun Qiankun, who was always upset and suppressed his anger, also chuckled at this time.

Although he was very dissatisfied with the Ding family taking such a big advantage in the end, he was even more dissatisfied with Su Shiming and Dustin Zhou who came out to disrupt the situation.

Now that Su Shiming and Dustin Zhou are deflated, Sun Qiankun is naturally very happy.

“Haha, Brother Su, if you don’t express your opinion, is it possible that you have any other ideas? It’s better to say it, let everyone listen, analyze and analyze whether it is possible.” Sun Qiankun leaned on the chair, with a hint of sneer, watching Xiang Su Shiming and Dustin Zhou.

Su Shiming’s face is very ugly.

The two people who switched to the Ding family, Su Shiming recognized that they were just small families attached to the Su family, with low status and weak strength.

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