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Chapter 722

Obviously, Dustin Zhou’s words surprised Ren Feng.

After all, it is not impossible to investigate Dustin Zhou and Mingyang’s information with Ren Feng’s ability.

Even Ren Feng has already investigated Dustin Zhou’s incidents when he was in elementary school, and he also knows that Dustin Zhou’s biggest reliance now is the famous company and

The Su family, Asher Chen from the Mountain Mist Club.

However, Ren Feng knew in his heart that to deal with people like Xu You, relying on these forces alone would not help at all.

If nothing else, the information between the two parties alone is not symmetrical enough.

The Su family, the famous company, and the Mountain Mist Club can easily find the information, so there is nothing to hide from the details.

However, for the group of Xu You, apart from knowing that the other party is from the Xu family of the Donghai Hidden Family, they don’t know any other information.

Even the Xu family of the Hidden Family in the East China Sea is very vague.

Therefore, Ren Feng was really surprised when Dustin Zhou said he had a way to deal with those people like Xu You.

In fact, a few days ago, the people like Xu You had already come to the door and directly requested that the sales store of the famous company be taken down.

The exchange price given by Xu You and the others is also not bad, enough to make money back, and still have a lot of profits.

But Ren Feng refused.

Xu You didn’t insist too much, but before leaving, he gave Ren Feng a time limit.

Seven days.

Seven days later, on the fourth day of the first month, the day the market opens, he will come again.

At that time, Xu You didn’t want to hear any rejection.

Even if the voice of rejection came from his Ren Feng.

Ren Feng silently, he naturally knew that in Xu You’s opinion, he had the confidence to speak like this.

Even if Ren Feng’s position in the East China Sea is very important, even if he is the patriarch of the first-class family, many of them are back in front of Ren’s cover, but in Xu You’s eyes, Ren Feng is just a person with a bit of strength, he thought If you want to move, you can still move.

Not only Ren Feng looked at Dustin Zhou, he was full of doubts, gathered Niu Chuan, Pao Ge and others also looked at Dustin Zhou in surprise.

Because, in this case, Dustin Zhou hadn’t told them before, nor had he talked to them.

Now suddenly speaking, if he can’t come up with any good way to persuade Ren Feng, the consequences may be unpredictable.

Feeling the confused eyes of the audience, Dustin Zhou also smiled bitterly in his heart.

Originally, a person like Xu You from the Xu family of the hidden family, Dustin Zhou didn’t want to rush into conflict with the other party before he could not figure out the true details of the other party.

But now it seems that he does not want to conflict with others, but others do not think so.

Within a few days, he won eight stores in Putuo District one after another, and the methods were tough and cruel, and it didn’t seem like he could speak well.

So Dustin Zhou had to consider things as bad as possible.

Indeed, Xu You came from the Xu family of the Hidden Family in the East China Sea, and any power in the East China Sea, even the first-class family, such as Mountain Mist Clubhouse, and Hengfeng Building, could not deal with each other at all.

However, Dustin Zhou is

There is a hole card.

However, this hole card has not yet reached the point where it is finally revealed.

Dustin Zhou’s face was full of hesitation, he looked at Ren Feng, and the others, undecided.

Of course, he may make everyone feel at ease by showing his hole cards, but there is also a risk of leakage.

You know, Dustin Zhou doesn’t even know Xu You and the others, and he doesn’t know if anyone here will disclose what happened today.

If that were the case, let Xu You and the others be prepared, then for Dustin Zhou, it would not be worth the gain.

“It seems that little friend Dustin Zhou really has a way. Since it’s not convenient to say now, it doesn’t need to be said.” “You guys come here today, it seems that you have a basic plan? Come and listen.” Ren Feng suddenly said. Nodding slightly, Dustin Zhou’s eyes seemed to brighten.

With Ren Feng, although others are still very curious in their hearts, it is not easy to follow up.

Dustin Zhou breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid that Ren Feng would be chasing him. He had to tell him the way. In that case, Dustin Zhou would be a little unwilling, but for the sake of the overall situation, he would still show his cards.

Fortunately, Ren Feng is not such an aggressive person.

Immediately, Dustin Zhou said some of his plans.

These plans were all discussed by Dustin Zhou in the meeting room of Mingyang.

Because this plan requires everyone, not only Dustin Zhou’s side, but also Ren Feng’s side to cooperate, so it doesn’t hurt to say it.

As Dustin Zhou’s plan came out step by step, a more feasible method was presented to everyone.

As Ren Feng listened, he kept nodding his head with a smile in his eyes, and he looked at Dustin Zhou with more satisfaction.

“…Basically, this is what we need to do now. Before the people like Xu You can tear their skin, we don’t need to fight with them. Anyway, their goal is the last store in Putuo District, as long as they The goal remains unchanged. Sooner or later, one day, he will do it.” Dustin Zhou sighed. This plan is not complicated, but many people are involved.

Especially the requirements for Ren Feng are not low.

Therefore, when Dustin Zhou was speaking, he should be as tactful as possible, so that Ren Feng did not have too much resistance.

After listening to Dustin Zhou’s plan, Ren Feng was thoughtful, while Luo Hai nodded slightly.

Indeed, Luo Hai also had a deep impression of Xu You.

That is, when facing Xu You, Luo Hai saw a trace of solemnity on Ren Feng’s face for the first time.

Although Dustin Zhou’s plan may not be able to deal with Xu You and the others, the initial contact between the two parties is feasible, especially, it is very likely.

Involving Ren Feng’s security issues.

“Ren Dong, I think Mr. Zhou’s plan is feasible. At present, we still don’t know the details of Xu You and those people. If you rashly fight, the consequences are unpredictable. The best way is to wait and see the changes and wait for the other person to come. Luo Hai immediately whispered.

As a nephew and secretary, Luo Hai is also Ren Feng’s adviser on many matters and can provide him with a lot of advice.


After Luo Hai finished speaking, the private room was extremely quiet, and needles dropped.

Everyone looked at Ren Feng, and Dustin Zhou had already done everything he should do now. The rest depends on Ren Feng’s decision.

If Ren Feng agrees, then everything is happy, acting according to the plan that Dustin Zhou had deployed before.

However, if Ren Feng disagrees, then… “Okay, just do it, but on my side, you don’t have to worry about it. They still dare not do anything to me if they want to come to Xu You.” Ren Feng nodded and said in a deep voice, his eyes Suddenly there was a hint of sharpness, and his tone was extremely confident, revealing a domineering gesture.

Chapter 723

Ren Feng said that because of his confidence.

Because Dustin Zhou knew it, he just nodded slightly without asking too much.

Regarding Hu Ye, Ren Feng, and others at the Daoist level, no one knows their hole cards.

Hearing that Ren Feng agreed to Dustin Zhou’s plan, everyone felt relieved, and the atmosphere in the entire private room had also eased a lot and became more relaxed.

After all, none of the people who can be in this private room are ordinary people. They all know that Xu You’s group comes from the Xu family who knows the love and the hidden world, and has great energy.

And if Ren Feng disagrees with Dustin Zhou’s plan, it will undoubtedly be a problem for Dustin Zhou and others.

Among other things, assuming the last sales store in Ren Feng’s hands will become a headache for Dustin Zhou and the others.

Fortunately, Ren Feng finally agreed to it, which can be regarded as a solution to Dustin Zhou and others’ troubles.

The two parties reached an intent to cooperate, but in the end they were in close contact with Dustin Zhou and it was not Ren Feng who deployed the action, but his nephew and secretary, Luo Hai.

After all, Ren Feng is not young now, and he is not as energetic as he used to be. Although he looks very energetic, he is already a little tired after only talking in the private room for half an hour.

Moreover, before they know what kind of measures Xu You and the others will ultimately adopt, they still try not to let Ren Feng appear in front of the public to avoid danger.

After reaching a cooperative intention, the next conversation between the two parties seemed a lot easier.

As the person with the highest seniority on the field, Ren Feng would ask Brother Pao about the current situation of Tiger, as well as the current situation and problems of some famous companies.

Regarding these issues, Brother Pao and Dustin Zhou have basically said everything they can say.

After all, this

These are not classified as secrets, with the energy of any seal, as long as you send someone to inquire about it, you can know everything.

“Okay, let’s go, let’s have dinner.” It was noon, Ren Feng got up with a smile, and wanted to take everyone to dinner.

And to have a meal with Ren Feng in Hengfeng Building, no matter who it is, I am afraid that he will not refuse.

So Dustin Zhou and Brother Pao responded happily.

Lunch is on the 14th floor of Hengfeng Building, a banquet hall with an area of ​​about 200 square meters.

Along the way, even Dustin Zhou had to be amazed.

So far, this Hengfeng Building is the most luxurious place he has ever seen.

Even if it is the famous company building, the Mountain Mist Club, or the place he has been to in Hunan Province, none of them are as impressive as the Hengfeng Building.

This luxury is not only reflected in the majestic decoration, but also in the meticulous service.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know the situation of the other floors of Hengfeng Building, but he was convinced by the fourteenth floor alone.

As for the lunch that Ren Feng requested, although it was not extremely luxurious, it was also very extraordinary.

At least, in Dustin Zhou’s impression, what can be compared with today’s meal is probably the banquet held at Donghai Cuizhuju when the whitening factor project was held before.

… The guests of honor for a meal enjoyed themselves, and it took nearly two hours to end.

However, Ren Feng had a morning meeting and had just discussed with Dustin Zhou and the others, so he was a little lacking in energy. After eating, he said goodbye to Dustin Zhou and left Hengfeng Building and returned to his residence.

“Well, since Mr. Ren has given us such an important matter, then we must not take it lightly.” The crowd gathered together in the private room just now.

However, compared to the previous discussions with Ren Feng, only Dustin Zhou, Niu Chuan, Brother Pao and Xiaodao were present. This time, all the people who came with Dustin Zhou were gathered together.

And Luo Hai also brought several security captains from Hengfeng Building to stand in battle. Among them was Luo Rui who had stopped Dustin Zhou and his party in the lobby on the first floor.

Everyone listened to Dustin Zhou quietly.

This time, the enemy Dustin Zhou faced was unprecedentedly powerful, and even a Martial Master-level opponent might appear directly.

So this time, no one dare to take it lightly.

And Dustin Zhou, as the commander this time, felt that he had a great responsibility on his shoulders.

After repeating the plan that had been determined before, Dustin Zhou began to arrange people to perform their duties.

… All deployments went smoothly, and according to Dustin Zhou’s deployment, if everything goes well for the next five days, then it means they did it.

Those people Yau also have a deterrent effect.

On the contrary, it means that their current preparations are nothing to Xu You and others.

… “Mr. Zhou, I will trouble you more this time.” After everything was arranged and everyone was separated, Luo Hai walked up to Dustin Zhou, grasped Dustin Zhou’s hand, and said solemnly, his face covered. Is grateful.

After all, as Ren Feng’s nephew plus secretary, the interests and fate of him, Ren Feng, and Hengfeng Building are almost tightly bound together.

As long as Ren Feng is safe, then he will always be safe and stable.

And once something happens to Ren Feng, or something goes wrong with the Hengfeng Building, then it is very likely that all the ghosts hidden in the dark will rush out in an instant, ready to bite down on Ren Feng and the Hengfeng Building. a piece of meat.

At that time, relying on Luo Hai alone would not work at all.

“Well, rest assured, nothing will happen.” Dustin Zhou smiled slightly.

At this moment, even he has no absolute chance of winning.

However, with Luo Hai, you definitely can’t say that, otherwise it will take the lead in attacking the momentum of the friendly side.

Besides, there is no absolute chance of winning now, which does not mean that there has been no chance of winning.

As long as his next deployment arrives, even if those people like Xu You come from the Xu family of the hermit family, they will still be crushed.

“Well, let’s go back first. Next, we will see what Xu You and the others will do.” Dustin Zhou said to Brother Pao with a smile.

He was left here by Niu Chuan, and Brother Pao also left the knife here.

As for the two of them, let’s not say that Brother Pao is the martial master, unless the other party dispatches more than two martial masters, otherwise it is impossible to do any harm to Pao.

On the way, as the two walked together, Dustin Zhou would naturally not be hurt.

As for returning to Green Bay City, he will not come out until there is news from Hengfeng Building, so there is no need to worry.

In any case, as long as those like Xu You still want to exist in this country, they cannot do anything blatantly illegal.

Lvjingwan City.

Even if this is a villa area in the East China Sea, most of them are rich and famous, but at this moment, it is also a joy.

Dustin Zhou had just arrived at the gate of the community, and he saw red lanterns hung outside the nearby villas.

Dustin Zhou has nothing to reject such traditional customs. On the contrary, he still thinks it is very good.

Chapter 724

Walking all the way, Dustin Zhou soon came to the door of his villa.

However, before he opened the door, he heard a burst of laughter from the villa.

“Huh? How do you feel that there are many people?” Dustin Zhou’s ear moved slightly, and he could feel that in the villa

Here, besides his mother, there are at least two women.

But, except for Liu Xue, even Mira Xie and Enderia Shen don’t know here, so who else would it be?

With doubts in his heart, Dustin Zhou opened the door directly and his eyes fell directly on the few people in the living room.

For an instant, Dustin Zhou was stunned.

Where are these two women? They are clearly… Liu Xue, Mira Xie, Enderia Shen, Chen Xin, and even Su Xiaomeng are in it.

In addition to Zhou Mu, there are clearly five women.

What’s happening here?

Dustin Zhou didn’t even know what was going on for a while, why are so many women in their villas, how did they know this place?

Although Dustin Zhou opened the door quietly, it still attracted the attention of everyone in the living room.

At this moment when Dustin Zhou was stunned, the women looked over.

“Brother Yang.” Su Xiaomeng is the most unreserved one. He is the youngest and looks like a child. Naturally, he doesn’t restrain himself like other people. Seeing Dustin Zhou come back, he immediately jumped up from the sofa. After a trot, he leaped into Dustin Zhou’s arms happily, a small face was constantly rubbing in Dustin Zhou’s arms, restless for a moment.

“Dustin Zhou, why did you come back?” Seeing Dustin Zhou’s return, Zhou Mu suddenly stopped with a smile on her face, pretending to be angry, and quickly stepped forward, took down what Dustin Zhou was holding, and pushed him. To the living room.

“You have so many friends here, and you don’t tell your mother, mother hasn’t prepared anything yet.” However, although Zhou Mu’s words sounded like blaming, whether it was her tone or the suppressed smile on her face, It all means that her mood at the moment is absolutely different from what she said.

Dustin Zhou was like a puppet, pushed by Zhou’s mother into the living room, and seeing the eyes of everyone looking at him, he was speechless and didn’t know what to say.

Especially, Mira Xie’s gaze towards Dustin Zhou was very calm, but there seemed to be a storm under the calm.

Enderia Shen looked at Dustin Zhou’s gaze somewhat playfully, but also a hint of teasing.

Chen Xin looked at Dustin Zhou with a hint of joy and a hint of throbbing.

Liu Xue’s gaze was somewhat expectant, but also a little bit disappointed.

The eyes of several women were extremely complicated, and Dustin Zhou had a very strong psychological endurance, and at the moment he was also a little unstoppable.

Obviously, between him and these women, apart from the nominal relationship with Mira Xie, he has nothing to do with other women.

However, Dustin Zhou felt like he was trapped in the Xiuluo field. No matter what he did, he would suffer a lot of torture.

“Ahem, why are you all here?” Dustin Zhou coughed dryly and moved his eyes involuntarily, trying not to go.

Look at any woman, so as not to let people see his embarrassment at the moment.

“It’s not tomorrow or New Year’s Eve. I’m homeless. When I think of someone’s promise to me, I always feel a little unreliable, so I found it by myself.” Enderia Shen was the first to speak, seeing Dustin Zhou not at all. Dare to look at myself, and suddenly chuckle.

“My father asked me to come.” Chen Xin herself is a relatively quiet girl. At this moment, she just said such a sentence softly, looking at Dustin Zhou with a faint smile and joy, as if she could see Dustin Zhou. I feel very satisfied.

“We are a husband and wife, so naturally we will be together on New Year’s Eve.” Mira Xie’s words were very straightforward, and these words were full of domineering.

We are husband and wife, and we are directly in front of everyone to characterize the relationship between her and Dustin Zhou.

At this moment, not only the other women were surprised, even Dustin Zhou was also very surprised, and couldn’t help but look at Mira Xie.

He didn’t expect that Mira Xie would say something like this at this time, which is different from her previous personal settings.

Dustin Zhou has almost never seen Mira Xie take such initiative.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou keenly discovered that after Mira Xie finished this sentence, his face instantly turned red, and even the back of his ears, a faint blush appeared on his neck, which seemed to make people move their index fingers.

“Grumbling.” Dustin Zhou swallowed a little bit desperately. He felt that his previous understanding of Mira Xie didn’t seem to be very detailed.

Dustin Zhou had always thought that Mira Xie was not very optimistic about this marriage with her, but according to her performance today, she still cares.

This sentence, I am afraid, is not only to explain my intentions, but also to shock other women present, to express their own position, so that other people do not have bad intentions.

Sure enough, after Mira Xie finished speaking, Enderia Shen’s expression suddenly changed. Although he recovered quickly, Dustin Zhou noticed the solemnity.

There was no change in Chen Xin’s face, just a pair of delicate eyebrows, which seemed to have encountered a problem.

And Liu Xue, who hadn’t spoken to the side, dimmed suddenly, and a pair of eyes that had just been expectant, dimmed in an instant, almost devoid of brilliance.

This shows how powerful Mira Xie said just now.

Of course, here, there is also a heartless Su Xiaomeng. For Mira Xie almost declared sovereignty, it seems that he hasn’t listened to it. He is still tightly leaning on Dustin Zhou’s shoulders, hands, and even that. Surround Dustin Zhou directly.

“Let me see if Auntie needs help.” Liu Xue’s voice was very low and her tone was very lonely.

Before that, Liu Xue

The impression of Dustin Zhou is very mysterious. The identity of the person who can be treated with care by his boss and the boss of Green Bay City has been haunting Liu Xue’s heart.

Until a few days ago, Liu Xue saw Dustin Zhou again in Lujingwan City, and the curiosity that had fallen silent after six months resurfaced.

Then, after passing through the events of the Mountain Mist Club, Liu Xue’s impression of Dustin Zhou became very deep.

Especially when Liu Xue was taken to the second floor of the Mountain Mist Club by Li Mingfeng, Dustin Zhou who stopped Li Mingfeng suddenly appeared. At that moment, he was simply the hero in Liu Xue’s mind, who stepped on colorful clouds to save her. The supreme treasure.

At that time, Liu Xue had a thought in her heart for no reason, a trace of expectation for Dustin Zhou, and it became more and more out of control.

Even when Zhou’s mother was very intimate with Liu Xue, Liu Xue felt that she might really have a chance to be with Dustin Zhou.

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