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Chapter 575

“What kind of existence the Martial Master is, there are not many in the country, and it is not young for many years, I look at the other side, not like the Martial Master, but it is very close.” Jiang Feng said.

“And I’m not head-on head-on with him. Since Dustin Zhou is so mad and prevented me from bringing Jiang Yan back, it’s nothing if I use some other means.” “Besides, a big family like the Zhang family is cooperating with Dustin Zhou. What is it for? Is it the rumors of the outside world, the so-called classmate friendship? Or is it just some superficial interests of the famous company?” Jiang Feng sneered, his eyes, as if everything is known, even Kong Hui dare not dare Look straight.

However, with Jiang Feng’s words, Kong Hui felt much better.

As long as it is not a martial master, then don’t worry.

The energy of a martial artist was too great, Kong Hui knew it.

As long as the opponent is not a martial master, even if it is infinitely close, there is a huge gap between the master and the master, so he does not have to worry about being afraid and caring.


“But what I’m curious about right now is, Jiang Shao, you said that you can handle the Zhang family, but that Dustin Zhou and Zhang’s family have a little relationship. I heard that Dustin Zhou and Zhang Ying’s Zhang Ying are college classmates and have a close relationship. The Jiang family, the Zhang family and the Jiang family have nothing to do with each other. What can you do?” After he had no worries in his heart, Kong Hui became interested in what Jiang Feng said to Wang Wei just now.

It is true that Kong Hui would not doubt Jiang Feng’s words inexplicably.

However, according to his understanding, the relationship between Zhang Family and Dustin Zhou is definitely closer than the relationship between Zhang Family and Jiang Feng.

Apart from other things, during this period of time, the Jiang family contacted several other big families and put pressure on the Zhang family together to divide up the Zhang family’s industry in Xiang Province.

This point, the entire Hunan Province, almost all those who have a little energy and vision have insight.

Therefore, during this period of time, the entire Hunan Province was also treacherous and unpredictable, and no one stood by right away.

Jiang Feng, as the adopted son of Jiang Xingyuan, the second master of the Jiang family, naturally represents the Jiang family in every word and deed.

Now Jiang Feng said that it is hard not to let people doubt if Zhang Family is to be dealt with.

Even Kong Hui kept muttering in his heart, very puzzled by Jiang Feng’s confidence.

If Jiang Feng really had a way to get the Zhang family down, then how could the Jiang family stay strong under the siege of the four big families.

To put it another way, if Jiang Feng had any connection with the Zhang family, it would be impossible for the Jiang family to unite with several other big families to deal with the Zhang family.

“This is not a problem. As for the specifics, I can’t tell you right now. Anyway, within three days, you will wait for a good result.” Jiang Feng smiled slightly, without explaining directly.

Soon, night fell, and Jiang Feng also left Liushi with eight people for Xiangxi.

…… Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

During these three days, Wang Wei had the most tormented.

On the one hand, the bleakness of Liushi Beauty Makeup kept him in a bad mood, and the appearance of several other partners every day would bring him endless pressure.

The most important thing is that the general manager of Baolishi called him again yesterday and set the deadline again and again.

If, in the next three days, Liushi Beauty does not improve, then Polyx will withdraw the qualification of Liushi Beauty to sell products.

“Damn it, why hasn’t there been any news so far.” In the office on the second floor of Liushi Beauty Makeup, Wang Wei kept staring at his mobile phone and sighed constantly.

Since getting the guarantee from Jiang Feng and Kong Hui three days ago, Wang Wei has been looking forward to it. After returning, he has been staring at his cell phone almost all the time. When Jiang Feng or Kong Hui calls himself, he must ensure that he is the first time Received.

For this reason, he these three days

I didn’t sleep well, and my mental state was a little sluggish.

But now three days have passed, and there are only three days left before the one week given by the general manager of Polyx. If there is no result on Kong Hui’s side, he will really be over.

Wang Wei looked forward, through the window, and saw a store opposite Liushi Beauty.

He remembered that the store was also in the cosmetics business before. It was originally in Liushi and the business was pretty good.

However, since the opening of Liushi Beauty, the business on the opposite side has plummeted, and the boss on the opposite side chose to close the door two days ago.

At this time, at the door of that store, a figure caught Wang Wei’s attention.

“Why is it her?” Wang Wei frowned. He didn’t expect that Ye Fang was still in Liushi and appeared at the door of the store opposite Liushi Beauty.

What is this going to do?

Wang Wei always thought that after she opted out of the night visit, she would directly choose to return to the East China Sea.

After all, Donghai is her base camp. All her business, including her husband’s business, are all in Donghai.

When she returns to the East China Sea, she may still have a chance to develop her grand plans.

But Wang Wei did not expect that not only did Ye Fang not return to the East China Sea, but instead appeared in front of him again.

“Something is wrong, why is the right eyelid beating all the time?” Wang Wei stretched out his hand and pressed the beating right eyelid, panicking for no reason.

However, he didn’t care about Ye Fang, he just thought he was overly anxious these days.

And as long as there is definite news from Kong Hui, he will be as good as ever.

…… At this time, at the entrance of a store opposite Liushi Beauty.

Ye Fang looked at the situation around the store.

Except for the Liushi Beauty Makeup on the opposite side, there is no cosmetics store nearby, and there are almost no cosmetics-related stores. Most of them sell clothes.

And the area of ​​this store is about the size of Liushi Beauty.

After all, before the opening of Liushi Beauty, this was the largest cosmetics store in Liushi Pedestrian Street, and the daily business was also excellent.

“Mr. Ye, take a look. This store is large enough for you to display. Moreover, some facilities are sound. As long as you are willing to sign a contract, I will give you these facilities free of charge.” Next to him, there was a fat middle-aged man who was smiling and saying.

The middle-aged man is named Li Mingfu, and he is also a man with a face and a face in Liushi.

Because I am in the sea, I have been exposed to a lot of cosmetics-related knowledge, and opened such a cosmetics store in my hometown of Liushi. After more than ten years of development, it can be considered to have a good scale and bring him good profits every year.

However, since the opening of the Liushi Beauty Makeup opposite, the store business here has plummeted.

One day or sometimes even the cost cannot be recovered.

Li Mingfu had no choice but to choose a strong man to break his wrist.

The most important thing is to dispose of this store and operate stores in other cities with peace of mind.

Chapter 576

However, his store has always been selling cosmetics products before, and the structure inside is also in line with the design and structure of the cosmetics store. At first glance, most people would not be willing to take it down for renovation.

For this reason, he has found several friends in the past few days and wants to dispose of this store.

But without exception, no one is willing to take over.

After all, the beauty business in Liushi on the opposite side is in full swing, and his store, if it is not for cosmetics products, would need to spend a lot of money to renovate the store.

The cost is too great.

However, if you are dealing in cosmetic products, you will definitely not be able to compete with the Yanagi Beauty Makeup on the opposite side.

So these days, nobody cares about it.

However, just yesterday, a phone call gave Li Mingfu endless hope.

Looking at the bright woman in front of him, Li Mingfu’s throat rolled slightly, and after taking a secretive swallow, he laughed again.

“Mr. Ye, you said yesterday that you want to open a cosmetics shop here. I want to remind you of this. The Liushi Beauty Makeup business opposite is very good, and the limelight is also temporary. I will tell you You said, don’t blame my old Li for not being righteous.” Li Mingfu pointed to the Liushi Beauty makeup opposite.

To be honest, he didn’t want to make this point so clear.

After all, at this point, anyone who understands will not choose to take over his store.

And as long as he gets a little confused, maybe the other party will really take over.

However, when he saw Ye Fang, Li Mingfu pressed this idea deeply in his heart.

Li Mingfu has been in the business world for decades, and there have been more than ten years.

There is not a pair of fiery eyes, but neither is a pair of eyes blind.

A woman like Ye Fang, behind

Power is definitely not simple.

Moreover, under such obvious circumstances, the other party insisted on contacting herself and wanted to take down the store, which showed that she did not care about the existence of Liushi Beauty.

Li Mingfu thinks he can’t provoke such a person.

More importantly, Li Mingfu heard Ye Fang’s accent.

The accent of the East China Sea.

Many things, I’m afraid to think about it.

Donghai accent, women from Donghai, Liushi Beauty, Liushi branch, Mingyang Company, Dustin Zhou… etc. Recently, there was a sensational event in Hunan Province, Li Mingfu just casually stroked it in his heart. I faintly felt flustered and didn’t dare to think more.

“I don’t care about this, don’t worry.” Ye Fang nodded slightly, there was no change in expression on his face.

Just yesterday, she had just discussed the details of the cooperation between the two parties with the staff from the headquarters of Mingyang.

However, Ye Fang felt helpless when he thought of the final contract.

Originally, she thought that, no matter what, she had first proposed cooperation with Dustin Zhou by relying on the famous company, and Dustin Zhou would at least be half of her.

However, in the final contract, Mingyang took up 51 shares of the new branch, and she only had 49 shares.

However, nearly 70% of the funds for the establishment of the branch were paid by Ye Fang.

As for Mingyang Company, only the remaining 30% of the funds, the famous company’s signboard, and Dustin Zhou’s help to get some relations as the remaining capital to take stock.

However, despite the anger in her heart, the contract has been signed, and she has no choice but to build a new branch in the fastest time.

Thinking of this, Ye Fang turned around and took a deep look at the Liushi Beauty Makeup opposite.

At this time, the huge space in Liushi Beauty is only a few scattered customers. Compared with the store size and reputation of Liushi Beauty, it is completely incompatible.

“Okay, that’s it, President Li, I think we can sign the contract.” Ye Fang didn’t hesitate anymore and said directly, she didn’t want to waste any more time, just wanted to build this new branch as soon as possible. Rub Wang Wei’s vigor well.

“What? Okay, okay, President Ye is really refreshing, haha.” Li Mingfu didn’t hear clearly at first, but after seeing Ye Fang nodding, he immediately became ecstatic.

If this branch is in his hands, every day will be a loss.

And to deal with it, no matter what, it can still make a lot of money.

Li Mingfu wasn’t a procrastinator either. He arranged the contract immediately and signed it quickly.

At this moment, this branch belongs to Ye Fanghe Mingyang Company, and Li Mingfu can also

To get out completely.

“Mr. Ye, I wish you a prosperous business, haha, it’s almost noon, I’ll invite you to have a meal.” After the store was processed, Li Mingfu was obviously relieved, and the whole person also seemed to be in a lot of spirits. Thank Ye Fang for dinner.

After all, nothing else, just Ye Fang’s appearance, would not suffer from a meal with her.

“You don’t need to eat. I will hurry up and decorate the store. Mr. Li, please do it yourself.” Ye Fang shook his head and refused. After all, eating with a stranger, and there are still very important things right now. She can’t delay.

That’s right, even if Ye Fang talked with Li Mingfu for nearly half a day, Li Mingfu was still a stranger to her, and after today, there will be no intersection.

“Hehe, that’s okay, then I’ll leave first.” Li Mingfu’s face became stiff, but he adjusted quickly. He thought that his little thought was noticed by Ye Fang, so he greeted him immediately. Leaving directly, he didn’t want to be seen blushing.

The renovation work for this new store was carried out soon.

Because the original rough frame and decoration exist, this time, the decoration is relatively labor-saving.

On the afternoon of signing the contract with Li Mingfu, the decoration construction team moved into the store.

At this time, far away in the Kaiyuan Hotel in Changsha.

After Dustin Zhou hung up the phone, his face was a little weird and a little solemn.

“What’s wrong? Dustin Zhou?” At this moment, Enderia Shen and Ye Fang also walked in together.

Ye Fang just signed the contract and contacted the renovation team of Liushi Beauty, who has already begun to decorate the new store.

And she came here today to cooperate with Dustin Zhou in his next move.

However, as soon as the two of them came in, they saw Dustin Zhou’s face a little ugly, it seemed a little dignified, as if embarrassed by something.

This surprised Enderia Shen and Ye Fang.

They know that whether in the East China Sea or in Hunan Province, Dustin Zhou has almost always looked confident and cheerful for so long, his face has never been so solemn, and even the number of frowns is very limited.

But now, Dustin Zhou’s brows are not only frowned, but his face is also very ugly.

Chapter 577

You know, they have just signed the contract for the new store, and the renovation has already begun. I believe it will not take three or five days for the new store to open.

Such good news is undoubtedly a good thing for Ye Fang, for Enderia Shen, and for the famous company.

In this case, what does Dustin Zhou have to worry about?

In other words, what else can hold Dustin Zhou?


“The Zhang family just called and said that there is no way to continue to block the promotion of Liushi Beauty in Hunan Province.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, although his face was a bit solemn, but there was nothing embarrassing in his tone, but it seemed very natural. Casually, it seems, this thing is nothing.

However, Enderia Shen and Ye Fang changed their expressions together.

The Zhang family blocked all publicity channels of Liushi Beauty in Xiang Province. They knew about it, and they also knew that it was determined by the old man Zhang Taiyan contacted by Dustin Zhou.

It stands to reason that since Mr. Zhang agreed, and given that Dustin Zhou’s relationship with Zhang’s family is in the honeymoon period, it is impossible to say that the blockade should be lifted so suddenly.

So, there must be something unknown that happened.

The Zhang family, as one of the parties, naturally cannot make public what happened.

“Did the Zhang family say why? It stands to reason that the Zhang family couldn’t do this. After all, Elder Zhang personally agreed to it.” Enderia Shen’s face was solemn, his brows frowned, and he asked in a deep voice.

“Yes, Mr. Zhou, if the Zhang family cannot block the promotion of Liushi Beauty in Hunan Province, then Wang Wei will definitely be even more arrogant…” Ye Fang also said coldly.

Almost everything is ready now, but such a thing suddenly happened, I am afraid it is temporarily unacceptable for who it is.

“The call was made by Zhang Ying. He said it was what the old man meant, ha ha.” Dustin Zhou chuckled twice without saying too much, but these two chuckles had already expressed his attitude.

In doing this, Zhang Family obviously didn’t regard him Dustin Zhou in his eyes.

Not to mention that Sun Yue and a group of media people from Donghai are cooperating with Zhang’s family recently. It is already a very absurd thing to just export by Zhang Taiyan.

For a big family like the Zhang family, commitment is always the biggest face of the family.

What’s more, this is still a promise made by Mr. Zhang Taiyan himself. It has only been a few days now and he has openly repented. This is no longer a matter of ignoring Dustin Zhou’s face.

And Dustin Zhou is still wondering what happened, let the old man Zhang Taiyan, let the Zhang family make such a choice.

Dustin Zhou didn’t think that Wang Wei had the ability to change the Zhang Family’s promise, or even let the Zhang Family tear up the promise to himself.

Is it Kong Hui?

Dustin Zhou’s eyes condensed, and then he thought of Kong Hui.

Kong Hui, Kong family.

Dustin Zhou has not been idle these days, but has also checked a lot about Liushi Kong’s family and Kong Hui, and the result of the investigation really surprised him.

He always thought that Kong Hui was just a young master of the Kong family, even if he had an extraordinary status in the Kong family, but when he took it out, looking at the Hunan province, it didn’t count.


As for the Kong family, the family that has been shrinking in Liushi, and the family that is not even well-known in Hunan Province, can go so far.

However, the final investigation result surprised Dustin Zhou.

The Kong family, in Hunan Province, is not weaker than the existence of the five big families.

Even, in many cases, the five big families did not dare to offend the Kong family too much.

As for the news from Zhou Shaohua, there is a martial master in the Kong family!

This is what surprised and shocked Dustin Zhou the most.

Martial Master!

After many days, Dustin Zhou heard such words again.

He had discussed with Niu Chuan before about the power of the martial master, but Dustin Zhou asked Niu Chuan if he was a martial master, and the promise he got was affirmative.

But Niu Chuan said that he was just a newcomer to the realm of a martial master, and for ordinary people, it was naturally unmatched, but for other masters, it seemed a little weaker.

After all, Niu Chuan hasn’t stabilized his realm of strength yet, it is naturally easy to deal with people below the martial master, but if you face the same martial master, it will be hard to work, and even if you are careless, you will lose.

After learning that the Confucian family had a martial arts master, Dustin Zhou calmed down and thought a lot.

With the Confucian family, where the martial master is in charge, his status must be extraordinary, and Kong Hui, as the three-generation eldest master of the Confucian family, is naturally extraordinary.

And if Kong Hui uses the name of the Kong family to help Wang Wei, it is very possible to persuade the Zhang family to live in, or even let the Zhang family tear up the promise.

After thinking about this, Dustin Zhou felt a little better.

At least the Zhang family may not really ignore his face, or even put himself in his eyes.

However, this is the case, Dustin Zhou was also very upset at Zhang Family’s act of tearing up promises.

Dustin Zhou considers himself very simple.

Whoever makes himself unhappy, he will make others unhappy.

Although Zhang Family said that there might be something unspeakable, but since he was upset, Dustin Zhou decided to make Zhang Family upset.

“Well, since the Zhang family is unwilling to continue to block the promotion of Liushi Beauty, let him go first. Miss Ye should focus on the new store first. I hope that within a week, the new store will be able to Successfully opened.” Dustin Zhou smiled lightly.

Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Enderia Shen still wanted to say something, but he just opened his mouth and didn’t continue.

Although there are many questions in his mind, Enderia Shen also knows that Dustin Zhou is a person with ideas. Since he has said so, he will not care about Zhang family for the time being.

And Ye Fang had no choice but to respond.

…… Liushi Beauty, second floor office.

Wang Wei, Ding Junfeng, Shen Hai and other six partners all gathered together, everyone

The faces are very beautiful and beaming, as if they have met some happy event.

“Haha, how about it, even if the Zhang Family wants to block us, they still have to stop!” Wang Wei laughed, and a stone in his heart finally fell.

Just now, he received a call from Kong Hui, saying that the Zhang family would no longer block the promotion of Liushi Beauty.

At first, Wang Wei was still skeptical, but when he turned on the computer and inquired about it, he was immediately surprised.

It really was all restored. The propaganda they originally put on some propaganda channels in Hunan Province has all resumed.

With great joy, Wang Wei also quickly notified Ding Junfeng and other partners.

Naturally, he cannot know about such a big thing alone. At the very least, he has to let several other partners know about it, and let them know that following oneself is not a mistake, on the contrary, it is an opportunity.

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