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Chapter 944

Dustin Zhou made up his mind to help the driver, to put it bluntly, because the driver allowed him to ride in the Overlord.

Dustin Zhou didn’t plan to take the Overlord car at first, but after hearing the driver’s narrative, he suddenly had a plan to make a living.

Just take an overlord car, and the fare will not be paid.

As for the price, that is to help the driver get justice, and the right is to pay the fare.

So when the driver thanked Dustin Zhou, Dustin Zhou just patted him on the shoulder gently, “Don’t take it to heart, I am not just helping you, this is the fare I will pay you back.” Tears ate a big mouthful of abalone, and asked when his fare was so expensive.

Not to mention giving 15 million in cash, but also to help myself get justice, and also inviting myself to eat such a big table!

These things were originally impossible for him to earn by renting out for a lifetime!

The driver didn’t plan to eat food, but after Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye joined forces, they asked him for a table of food, and told him that after eating it with confidence, Dustin Zhou and the others would be able to deal with the next things more safely. Just started eating.

So there was a scene in front of him. While the driver was moved by his nose and tears, he gobbled it up.

And here, Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye are also constantly searching for information.

On that day three years ago, the driver clearly remembered the date, which was indeed a lot more convenient for Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye.

Especially for Hu Ye, what a joke, Brilliant Hotel, that is his place!

In other words, Lord Tiger has absolute control in the Brilliant Hotel!

All this tells him the specific date and event. If he can’t find out who did these things, then he will be a tiger master.

“It’s A Chong,” Hu Ye said with a green face.

It’s that A Chong!

In fact, this matter has nothing to do with their Brilliant Hotel in essence.

He was a rich kid who ate at the Brilliant Hotel. Because he saw that the driver’s little niece was beautiful, he suddenly became angry and took the little niece to the men’s bathroom.

After coming out of the men’s bathroom, the rich boy disappeared.

For the driver family, they have nowhere to find someone, they can only ask for an explanation from the Brilliant Hotel.

At this time, A Chong led the driver and his family out. It was probably that simple.

“Look, this matter has nothing to do with us, it’s not our people at all, Mr. Zhou, you care about this kind of things, are you wasting our time?” Xu Wei said dissatisfied from the side.

“You shut up!” Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye said this sentence at the same time.

Xu Wei opened his eyes in shock.

Dustin Zhou said that he could still understand. After all, Dustin Zhou is indeed dragging him now, and he is different from the poor boy who used to borrow his strength by piecing together nothing.

People themselves are the emperor of warriors!

What is that concept?

In this world again.

The Emperor of Warrior can walk sideways anywhere!

Even in the royal family, you can yell without paying attention to any etiquette.

The Emperor of Warrior is basically the most powerful unit in human cognition.

So Dustin Zhou yelled at him to shut up, he didn’t have any temper.

But how could Lord Tiger yell at him?

For a long time, Hu Ye was just a spokesperson launched by the Xu family branch!

And Xu Wei, who actually offended the power, is the great elder!

Master Tiger has always been respectful and respectful to himself. The behavior of shouting at himself just now is completely inconsistent with his personality!

But Lord Tiger was very natural, and said with a serious face, “Listen to the elder, although this incident was not done by our people, it actually happened on our territory.” We should all give people an explanation, but it’s better now, let alone an explanation, we don’t even know about this, and we were directly stopped by A Chong.” “Elder, you may not have contacted. The rules of the underground world can’t really understand what this means.” “In short, you don’t need to take care of this matter. Just leave it to me.” Tiger Lord’s face was green and he looked at himself viciously. Photo in hand.

A Chong!

If it was a few years ago, when Lord Tiger was still the Lord Tiger in the underground world, A Chong could do such a perfidious thing, and Lord Tiger would cut off A Chong’s finger and throw it away without saying anything. Feed the dog.

But now, he has converged a lot, completely separated from the environment of the underground world, so he will not deal with things impulsively.

It’s just that A Chong has to pay the same price!

Soon, A Chong was called up.

Originally, A Chong was only called up because he thought he had collided with Dustin Zhou today.

But when he just came up, he fell to the ground with a slap on his knees, and when he took out the surveillance three years ago, he realized the seriousness of the matter.

“Let’s talk about it, three years ago, why didn’t you report this to me, why did you stop it privately?” Hu Ye asked lightly.

It doesn’t seem to be angry at all.

But A Chong did not dare to lie.

As a more advanced younger brother of Lord Tiger, he knew too much about Lord Tiger’s temper.

The more calm he looks, the more proof that he is extremely angry at this time!

To put it plainly, A Chong is also a person from the underground world. He still understands the truth that he must be beaten if he makes a mistake, and he must stand up straight if he makes a mistake.

Now that it has been discovered, there is nothing to hide.

“Because Hua Shao is my friend.” A Chong said honestly.

Hua Shao is Hua Chenyu, the rich kid who brought the driver’s little niece into the toilet.

He and A Chong have been friends for many years, and it is precisely because of the relationship between A Chong and A Chong that he dares to do whatever he wants in the Brilliant Hotel.

When the driver’s family found the Brilliant Hotel, A Chong led people to stop the incident.

After listening to this, Lord Tiger smoked a cigarette in silence for a while.

A Chong was also quietly kneeling on the ground, not even daring to let out a breath.

It can be seen that he was very scared, even though he was kneeling there and not moving, there were still big beads of sweat dripping on his forehead.

“A Chong, do you know how to deal with this matter.” After a long while, Lord Tiger finished smoking a cigarette and said lightly.

A Chong swallowed, then nodded.

At this moment, he couldn’t run away without nodding his head.

It would be better to be more crisp.

“That’s good,” Tiger Lord nodded, “Now, take us to find your friend.”

Chapter 945

Originally, Hua Chenyu was a friend of Brother Chong. According to the rules of the underground world, Brother Chong could not betray Hua Chenyu anyway.

At the beginning, he chose to block the matter for Huachenyu, then he would fight to the end.

In other words, even if he betrayed Hua Chenyu, Lord Tiger couldn’t let him go, because one yard went to one yard, and the current Brother Chong couldn’t make up for his fault no matter what he did.

So in theory, since Brother Chong committed this mistake, all the responsibilities should be resisted to the end.

But now, even if he didn’t betray Hua Chenyu, Hu Ye and Dustin Zhou could easily investigate the identity of Hua Chenyu, so everything was meaningless.

He simply took Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye to the Hua family.

The Hua family is also considered a wealthy family in Donghai City.

Unlike other aristocratic families, the Hua family has no real assets, but no one can ignore the status of the Hua family in Donghai City.

No one, just because of an old ancestor of the Hua family.

What is the surname of China World?

The last name is Hua, of course, this is just a joke.

However, the status of the ancestors of the Hua family in Donghai City is very delicate. Long ago, when Donghai City had just developed, the entire East China Sea encountered a espionage crisis.

At that time, Donghai City lost a large amount of military and financial resources, but did not completely solve the espionage crisis.

In the end, the ancestors of the Hua family took the initiative to lift the crisis.

Since then, the Hua family has become famous in Donghai City, and many people call the ancestors of the Hua family the patron saint of the East China Sea.

From this title of patron saint, we can also see how special the status of the Hua family in Donghai City is.

Therefore, even if the Hua family is not very rich, its status in Donghai City as a whole is very prestigious, even comparable to a first-class family.

Under such circumstances, naturally no one dares to provoke the children of the Hua family.

Hua Chenyu, the youngest of the latest generation of young people in the Hua family, is also a well-known existence in the upper class society of Donghai City.

Today he is sleeping at home.

For a young master like him, he has never had the concept of going to work, so every day at ten o’clock in the morning is exactly the time to go to bed. Only at night does the truly wonderful life begin completely.

Although it sounds unhealthy… but this kind of life is really cool!

While he was sleeping, the bell of his villa downstairs rang.

This is a villa he bought by himself. In order to bring different girls home, he moved out alone.

“Which bastard dare to disturb Master’s sleep! I don’t know if I won’t see guests before ten o’clock!” Hua Chenyu got up from the bed violently and went to the door to pick up the videophone on the wall.

This video phone is

A device that turns on the doorbell in the villa. When the doorbell rings, the people in the villa only need to pick up the video phone to clearly see the person who is ringing the doorbell, and can also talk to the person who rings the doorbell.

Of course, he can also control the door of the villa from inside the villa, which can be said to be very convenient.

“I don’t care who you are, and within ten seconds, tell me the reason for disturbing Master’s sleep, or I will slaughter your whole family!” Hua Chenyu said violently.

What caught his eyes was a strange face.

Dustin Zhou stood blankly in front of the camera, and faintly spit out two words, “Open the door.” It was just two words, but it gave Hua Chenyu a mountain of pressure.

He was in a trance for a moment, and subconsciously wanted to obey Dustin Zhou’s order, and the anger in his heart dissipated in an instant.

But soon, A Chong appeared in front of the camera again, and said anxiously, “Brother Yu, quickly open the door, something happened.” “A Chong?” After seeing A Chong, Hua Chenyu instantly got out of the tension. The state of violent temper came up again.

“Achong, what’s the matter with your kid? I don’t know if I was sleeping before ten o’clock, how dare I bring someone to the door? Why do you really think I dare not move you?” Hua Chenyu threatened viciously.

He and A Chong said they were friends, but in fact, the status of the two people is distinguished by respect.

The reason is simple. Hua Chenyu is a respected and respected young master, while A Chong is a rude man.

The reason why two people become friends is that they each get what they need.

For example, Hua Chenyu, as a wealthy young master, always does something not very clean in order to satisfy his own selfish desires.

At this time, a thug from the underground world is needed to handle some things for him.

For example, the driver’s niece was a typical example.

Hua Chenyu forcibly obtains your driver’s little niece for his own selfish desires. Of course, in his capacity, it is not difficult to forcefully suppress this matter.

Even if the driver’s family finds him, he can easily send the driver’s family away.

But for him, the risk is very great. If his grandfather knows about it, or if the incident is stabbed out, it will have a great impact on their entire Chinese family.

And there are many things of this type that he has to do, so at this time, he needs an existence in the underground world to handle it for him.

A Chong directly stopped the incident. In this way, no one knew at all. He did it by Hua Chenyu, and he didn’t have to take any risks at all.

As for A Chong, he was mixed up in the underground world, and this kind of thing was very handy, because he was very familiar.

even though

It doesn’t matter if he is exposed, he doesn’t have a rich background anyway, he is a desperado himself.

Every time after doing this kind of thing, Hua Chenyu would give him a large reward, so they really got what they needed.

However, Hua Chenyu’s position is far higher than that of A Chong in such a deformed trading relationship.

That’s why he dared to lose his temper at A Chong unscrupulously, and every time he lost his temper, A Chong silently endured it.

But this time it was different. After he threatened A Chong, A Chong looked indifferent instead.

“Hua Chenyu, I call you Brother Yu to give you face, do you really take yourself seriously?” “Hurry up and open the door. Today, the person you hurt will come to you for revenge.” “If you don’t open the door If you do, this consequence is not something that your Hua family can afford!” A Chong said viciously.

After hearing this, Hua Chenyu was stunned.

When did this A Chong become so popular?

Even dare to scare yourself?


Who came to seek revenge?

Over the years, he has bullied quite a few people, but none of them dared to find him for revenge.

Chapter 946

And what else did A Chong say, if he doesn’t open the door, the consequences are not the Hua family can afford?

This sentence completely angered Hua Chenyu.

What is his identity?

The son of Hua Clan, the grandson of the patron saint of Donghai City!

In the entire East China Sea, who would dare to speak to him in such a tone?

It can be said that there is no, none of them. Even the Sun and Su families in the first-class family can never say that there will be any consequences that their Hua family cannot afford!

Of course, the hidden family Xu family is not counted here, because for most of the strengths, they don’t even know the hidden family.

The hidden aristocratic family is called the hidden aristocratic family because they don’t only ask about the world, so under normal circumstances, no one will think about the hidden aristocratic family.

It can be said that, excluding the hidden family, no one in Donghai City dared to say such things to Hua Chenyu.

This also led to Hua Chenyu’s anger.

“Okay, A Chong, do you dare to talk to me like this?” “The responsibilities that our Hua family can’t afford? I want to see today, what responsibilities are our Hua family can’t afford!” After Hua Chenyu finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

But he didn’t open the door, because he didn’t intend to open the door, but closed the doorbell.

At the same time, he called another underground boss and asked him to deal with A Chong, Dustin Zhou and others at his door.

To put it bluntly, he didn’t think this kind of thing was a big deal at all, and he didn’t think A Chong dared to break into his villa, so he just called another wave of thugs to deal with the matter.

After the call, he planned to go to bed again.

At this time, there was a loud noise outside the villa.

An uneasy flashed in Hua Chenyu’s heart, and he made a bad cry, ran to the window and saw that the door of the villa was forcibly opened!

Of course it was Dustin Zhou’s hand.

He is here to inquire about sins, not to intercede. Is it necessary to wait at the door?

Do I need to be polite?

Do you need your consent?

Obviously not needed!

So he kicked the door directly and walked in grandiosely.

This scene can be seen stunned the driver.

He has always felt that Dustin Zhou’s identity may be very unusual, and he can build a relationship with Brilliant Hotel.

But now it seems that Dustin Zhou’s whole person is really weird.

This is a monster, right?

Who can kick through the door of the villa?

Is this thing really something humans can do?

But shocked and shocked, he did not dare to say anything nonsense, and followed Dustin Zhou and the others.

Hua Chenyu inside was so angry, he didn’t expect this group of people to be so courageous, even the door of his villa

Dare to destroy directly.

It looks like they have to be given some color.

Thinking of this, he took out the phone again and made another call.

Dustin Zhou and the others broke in, and Hua Chenyu sat on the sofa, looking at them with incredible eyes.

“I’m so courageous, dare to rush into my villa, do you know who I am?” Hua Chenyu asked with gritted teeth.

He is still angry at Dustin Zhou and others for destroying his door.

“I don’t know.” Dustin Zhou ignored him, and consciously sat on the sofa next to him, “but it doesn’t matter. Today we are here to beg for justice.” Hu Ye and the driver also directly sat on the sofa.

This scene angered Hua Chenyu even more.

“Stand up! Who made you sit down!” He shouted sharply.

In his opinion, this group of untouchables who dare to sit on his sofa is an insult to him!

The others did not speak, but Dustin Zhou shook his head honestly, “Oh yes, no one asked me to sit down.” “Then you still don’t stand up!” Hua Chenyu was overjoyed, saying that he was still very deterrent. It’s powerful.

But Dustin Zhou said again, “No one asked me to sit down. It doesn’t mean that I can’t sit down by myself.” “It’s like, you didn’t let me in, but I’m not the same.” Dustin Zhou looked jokingly. Looking at Hua Chenyu and said.

This sentence reminded Hua Chenyu of his destroyed door, and the roots of his teeth were itchy.

“Okay, okay, you are the leader among these people, right? It doesn’t seem to teach you a lesson. You really don’t know that the sky is thicker!” Hua Chenyu said, a cruel flash on his face, from the coffee table A dagger was found below.

Before the thugs he called come, he would personally leave a wound on Dustin Zhou!

As for the fact that Dustin Zhou, Hu Ye and the driver are three people, but he has only one person himself, he has never considered it.

The reason is simple. This is his site. He is the eldest son of the Hua family. Could this group of people dare not do anything against him?

The reason why he called the thugs over was just because of his arrogance as a superior person, thinking that he would dirty his hands if he touched Dustin Zhou personally. If there is any trouble in the future, he will also get dirty.

That’s why he called the thugs over, mainly to get rid of all the relationship with him, which is also the consistent style of people in the upper class.

But this time was different. Dustin Zhou was too arrogant and completely angered him, so he wanted to show Dustin Zhou a little bit of color himself!

So he took the dagger and approached Dustin Zhou.

But the result was different from what he had imagined.

Dustin Zhou not only dared to resist, but also easily subdued him.

Dustin Zhou snatched his dagger directly, and then pressed him onto the coffee table with his arm.

“It hurts


“Hua Chenyu shouted hurriedly, “Let go!”

“I won’t let go.”

“Dustin Zhou said honestly. “I will let you go!”

“Hua Chen Yuli shouted, already a little angry. “I know, but I won’t listen to you.”

“Dustin Zhou still looks very honest. “And, not only will I not let go, I will beat you!”

After the words fell, Dustin Zhou slapped Hua Chenyu’s face with two slaps. “You, you dare to hit me!”

“Hua Chenyu was angry. This guy not only rebelled against him, but even dared to attack him! This was something he hadn’t thought of before. He always felt that Dustin Zhou would just dodge twice at most, even if he was bold. “Yes, I dare Beat you.

“Dustin Zhou said sincerely, “Moreover, I dare to make heavy moves.

“Speaking, Dustin Zhou turned Hua Chenyu’s head, and after taking two slaps, Hua Chenyu’s face quickly swelled up. These two slaps were indeed a bit cruel, and Hua Chenyu felt his own. The face seemed to disappear, completely lost consciousness. “You can’t hit me anymore!

“Hua Chenyu was finally frightened, covering his face, hiding behind the sofa cautiously, staring at Dustin Zhou and said. Dustin Zhou’s mouth flicked a faint smile, “But I don’t listen to you.”

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