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Chapter 542

At eight o’clock, the door of the banquet hall opened again, Wang Wei, Ye Fang and other partners joined forces

And to.

Because Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen and others did not attend the celebration banquet, as soon as Wang Wei and others appeared, they immediately attracted everyone’s attention and attention.

Even Ye Fang beside him could not conceal the charm that was exuding from Wang Wei at this time.

After all, let’s not talk about the others, just for today’s celebration banquet, and the entire floor is covered, it can be said that Wang Wei’s proposition alone.

Of course, he paid for the expenses alone.

After all, compared to the preparation of the Liushi branch, the cost of this celebration banquet is minimal.

And Wang Wei looked at the eyes of everyone in the banquet hall with great pride.

In these eyes, apart from respect, there is also a trace of respect.

Such a look, in the past, Wang Wei could not even think of it.

Wang Wei had shown this gaze before, and the object he looked at that time was Dustin Zhou.

When I thought that I could be like Dustin Zhou today, receiving so many eyes, Wang Wei couldn’t help but raise a slight smile on his face.

Wang Wei and his party quickly walked through the banquet hall and came to table No. 1 near the inside.

Table No. 1 was prepared for their partners. There were eight people in total, and it happened to be full.

Originally, if Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen were to attend this celebration banquet, then this number table must have their place.

So correspondingly, some of their partners will have to sit down at the back table.

In that way, some people feel uncomfortable.

Everyone is a partner, so why should we sit behind?

But now, Dustin Zhou and the others did not attend the celebration banquet, so all of their eight partners just happened to sit at the No. 1 table, and they attracted the attention of everyone in the entire banquet hall.

“Everyone, this is a celebration banquet tonight. All the staff have participated. Don’t have any worries. You should eat and drink. There will be opportunities like this in the future. Haha, don’t you guys. Look at me, eat your own.” Wang Wei sat at table one, stood up first with his wine glass, and laughed loudly at everyone.

In this laughter, he was full of joy and pride.

Tonight, there is no Dustin Zhou, no Enderia Shen, no person famous for the company’s headquarters, then he is the one who has the final say.

All his previous thoughts can be said tonight without hesitation, and then see who agrees and who opposes.

Those who agree, it is natural to say that everyone will make a fortune together and make the Liushi branch bigger and stronger together.

Those who oppose, then, are only embarrassed and ask him to appear.

Thinking of this, Wang Wei glanced unconsciously among the eight partners.

His main goal tonight is these partners, and among them, Ye Fang is the first

The two largest shareholders are the most important target.

If Wang Wei can pull Ye Fang and get Ye Fang’s support, then he can hardly do anything else, and he can decide in one word at the Liushi branch and control absolute power.

At that time, even if the headquarters of the famous company sent people to investigate anything, they had to return without success.

But if Wang Wei fails to pull Ye Fang’s support, or even Ye Fang takes the initiative to refute him, then Wang Wei’s first goal will be Ye Fang, to be the first to deprive Ye Fang of Ye Fang’s power in the Liushi branch. come.

Wang Wei opened his head, and the people no longer cared about it, and started eating and drinking, very excited.

The entire banquet hall is very lively.

As time passed, everyone had almost eaten. There was basically only some leftover soup on the table in the entire banquet hall.

And everyone who attended the celebration banquet was all greasy, with eyes shining, and their eyes gathered on the few people at the first table.

Especially Wang Wei.

Everyone knows that Wang Wei is actually the largest shareholder of the Liushi branch, and his right to speak is the most important.

And today’s celebration

, Is it just a celebration party?

Everyone thought about it and felt that Wang Wei still had some expressions at least.

After all, the Liushi branch is the second branch of Mingyang Company in Hunan Province. Excluding the flagship store in Changsha, the Liushi branch is the first branch in Hunan Province. It has an extraordinary status and an extraordinary influence. .

Wang Wei nodded slightly, very satisfied with everyone’s reaction.

“Hehe, it seems that everyone is eating and drinking. If that’s the case, then it’s time to unveil the second project tonight.” Wang Wei said with a smile, nodded slightly to one of his assistants, and the assistant then Picked up the phone and made a call.

Everyone looks at me, I look at him, I don’t know why, I don’t understand the purpose of Wang Wei’s operation.

Did Wang Wei prepare some other programs?

“Kang Dang!” Suddenly, the door of the banquet hall was suddenly knocked open from the outside. Then, three people pushed in three small dining carts.

All three small dining carts are covered with a layer of white cloth.

The three men pushed the small dining car all the way to Wang Wei.

“What is this?” “Yeah, does Wang always want to add a meal?” “I don’t know, but it shouldn’t be that simple in this way.” “Look first, maybe there is a surprise.” “I don’t know. What kind of abacus is in Mr. Wang’s heart.” … Seeing the three small dining carts passing by, everyone was muttering and talking, all their eyes moved continuously with the movement of the three small dining carts.

In the end, everyone’s eyes fell on Wang Wei again.

“Open it.” Wang Wei nodded slightly, very satisfied with everyone’s response, and said lightly.

The assistant directly lifted the white cloth covering the three small dining cars.

Only when I opened the first one, the things placed on the dining car were revealed.

For a moment, everyone in the banquet hall was silent.

Not only those employees, but even several partners, including Ye Fang, were silent.

The eyes of the crowd instantly converged on the things on the small dining car, their eyes gleaming, their complexions flushed, and there was no need to express their excitement.

But Ye Fang and other partners all looked at Wang Wei.

At this moment, even they slightly guessed some reasons in their hearts, and their gazes at Wang Wei suddenly became a little strange.

“Hiss!” After nearly half a minute, someone took a deep breath, looked at the things on the small dining car, and murmured.

“Unexpectedly, President Wang should be so grand.” “Yeah, no one would have thought that President Wang should put so much money on the dining car.” “How much does this have to be?” “I don’t know, but it looks like, what? There is one million too.” “One million? You are too underestimated by Mr. Wang. One million banknotes are no more than 25 catties.

, This small dining car can bear nearly one hundred catties of heavy objects, and the money, no matter how you look at it, has to be four million.

“This small dining car has four million on it, so are there four million on the other two small dining carts?”

“So, isn’t this twelve million?”

Even if we give each of us a point, that one person can get tens of thousands.

“A great deal, President Wang is generous!”

Chapter 543

Everyone beamed their eyes, looking at the money on the small dining car, even breathing was a little unsmooth. No one thought that Wang Wei was in the same car. There is so much money on the small dining cart. The red bills, like flawless and beautiful jade, are placed on the small dining cart, which is so eye-catching. At the same time, the other two small dining carts are even more attractive. People are paying attention. The first small dining car is filled with money, so what about the two small dining carts behind? The assistant did not hesitate, and directly opened the second and third small dining carts.

“For an instant, everyone took a deep breath. Money! It’s all money! The red banknotes, placed on the three small dining carts, became the most dazzling presence in the entire banquet hall. “Hehe, this is nine hundred and nine.” One hundred ninety thousand is my bonus to you all.

“Wang Wei was very satisfied with everyone’s performance, and said with a chuckle. It seems that these several million nine hundred and ninety-nine million are nothing in his eyes. At the beginning, everyone just guessed that there is something on the three small dining cars. No one knows how much it is, and there is no basis in his heart. But now, Wang Wei suddenly explained directly that there are nine hundred and ninety-nine to play here, and every small dining car is worth 3.33 million. Such intuitive numbers made everyone breathe a little heavy again. Looking at these banknotes, their eyes lit up, and they wished to rush up now and put all the money in their pockets. But at the same time, Ye Fang and the others were The complexions were different. Some looked at Wang Wei with a thoughtful look. Some looked at Wang Wei, and then at everyone in the banquet hall, and their faces were stunned. But Ye Fang’s face became heavy. She was before. It’s the fact that Wang Wei has been offering rooms, and he also knows that Wang Wei has ambitions, and even wants to get rid of the control of the famous company’s headquarters and be able to control absolute rights in the Liushi branch. However, just now, these nine hundred and ninety-nine If you take it out, Ye Fang knows that all his previous conjectures about Wang Wei are wrong. Perhaps one thing is right, that is, Wang Wei is indeed ambitious and wants to control absolute rights in the Liushi branch. But Ye Fang didn’t expect that Wang Wei’s ambitions would be so big. This is 9.99 million, not ninety-nine.

Thousands, not ninety ninety thousand.

You know, the Liushi branch, from the initial preparation to the successful opening, all costs less than 8 million.

All of the 9.99 million was taken out, enough to open another branch.

However, when Wang Wei took out the money, he wanted to distribute it to all the employees present.

What is this picture?

It’s not just the absolute control of a Liushi branch.

Instead, he wanted to separate the Liushi branch as his own company.

Wang Wei wants to go it alone, and wants to break away from the confinement of the famous company headquarters.

In other words, there are other people behind Wang Wei, who instructed Wang Wei to do this?

Ye Fang didn’t know, but she knew that the current situation was extremely unfavorable to her.

Yesterday he deliberately went to Dustin Zhou’s room and told Dustin Zhouchen about Wang Wei’s ambitions, and asked Dustin Zhou to guard against Wang Wei.

At that time, Dustin Zhou nodded in agreement, saying that he knew it and would guard Wang Wei.

But until now, Dustin Zhou has not made any moves.

Even tonight’s celebration banquet, such an occasion, such a banquet that would make Wang Wei troublesome, Dustin Zhou did not attend, but left it to Wang Wei to hold it alone.

In trouble.

Ye Fang’s heart suddenly became gloomy. She didn’t expect that after she had told Dustin Zhou so much, he would be indifferent.

However, looking at the current situation, it is still difficult for Wang Wei to get the support of all his partners.

Take one step at a time, Ye Fang has no good idea, so he can only do so.

“Hehe, there are three hundred people on the scene, the 9.99 million, I will give out in the form of a lottery, and I will issue you number plates later.” Wang Wei said with a smile, Yu Guang naturally saw several partnerships The expression of the person suddenly felt refreshed.

These partners seem to be very acquainted, and they have guessed what they think.

And if they are not in trouble now, it means that they are also waiting.

This is the best way. Later, I will have more confidence to express my requirements.

Soon, Wang Wei’s assistant distributed the number plates.

In fact, the number plate is also very simple. Every table has a number. For example, Wang Wei and the others are sitting at table 1. Then the people at this table start with “one”.

And on a table, there are a total of eight people, then one to eight people behind.

For example, Wang Wei’s number plate is one by one.

However, since they are partners and do not participate in the lottery, it has no effect on others.

“Haha, mine is six or eight, which means I just want to post it!” “Hmph, mine is still five or eight, more than that.” “It’s over, mine is four or four, am I out of play?” … Everyone looked at the number plate they got, and they started talking

, But in the final analysis, everyone’s eyes are still on the banknotes on the three small dining carts, without moving away.

This is 9.99 million. If they are evenly divided, each of them can get more than 30,000, which is not a small amount of money.

For the part-timers, this is half a year’s salary, enough for them to enjoy it for a while.

“Let’s start.” Wang Wei gave an order, and the fully automatic lottery officially began.

Soon, all the prizes were drawn.

This time, out of 9.99 million, there are ten people for the first prize alone, and each one has one hundred thousand yuan.

There are twenty second prizes, each of which is 80,000 yuan.

The third prize, a total of fifty, 50,000 yuan each.

The rest of the money will be divided equally among the remaining people, and each person can also get a little more than 15,000 on average.

“Haha, I won the first prize, one hundred thousand yuan, haha, I thought that the 4th and 4th was over, but I didn’t expect this to be the big luck!” “Alas, my May and 8th is the third prize, it’s a pity “Damn, I’m eighty-eight, there’s nothing, it’s a hell!” … All the prizes were drawn, 9.99 million, and all were distributed.

All the employees are very happy. Even if many people did not win the prize, the amount of money allocated was much less, but after all, this is a piece of free money. If you have it, it is good. Moreover, even if you don’t win the prize, you can get more than 10,000. , Which is worth their three-month salary, and it’s still satisfied.

Satiated with food and drink, the bonus is also soft.

The time soon came to nine o’clock.

And everyone began to leave the scene slowly.

However, everyone has a smile on their faces.

When everyone was gone, there were only eight people on Table One in the banquet hall.

Wang Wei looked at the other seven partners, feeling quite proud.

The series of activities just now, even the 9.99 million, was taken out by him to frighten these partners.

After all, if he wants to complete his plan in the Liushi branch, he must control absolute power, and if possible, he must take back all of his shares.

Chapter 544

In the beginning, Wang Wei did not have that much capital.

At the beginning, the Liushi branch was funded by the eight of them.

But now it’s different. Wang Wei is supported by someone and has a steady supply of funds, so he can strengthen his momentum.

Especially after having ambition, the belief in controlling the overall situation is even stronger.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect President Wang to be so courageous, nearly ten million, and he said to send it out, so he sent it out.” “Hehe, we didn’t see Mr. Wang being so generous when he co-funded at the Liushi branch before. Could it be that where did Mr. Wang get rich? Don’t forget

Brothers, haha.

“I don’t know if Mr. Wang left us, what’s the matter, the celebration banquet is over, we should go back, starting from tomorrow, the Liushi branch is on the right track, we should make a good business plan, but we can’t do it casually.”

“… Ye Fang and the others said with a smile, looking at Wang Wei constantly, wanting to see what exactly Wang Wei has made today. After all, even if they were to take out the ten million, they would be hurt. Not to mention, Wang Wei directly gave away the ten million yuan. If this is replaced by them, no one can do it. Even Ye Fang can’t do it. After all, this is ten million yuan, which can be done. She can’t just take out the money for re-establishing a branch and distribute it to the staff. Moreover, not all of these staff work in Mingyang’s branches, and many of them are temporarily hired these days. Wang Wei is so generous, and Ye Fang thinks she can’t do it. So she is very interested and worried about Wang Wei’s thoughts and plans. After all, she must be able to give out 10 million people to others. “Hehe, it’s nothing, but ten million is nothing but ten million. It’s not a big deal. It’s just that I do have some things today. I want to tell everyone and ask for opinions from everyone.

Wang Wei said with a smile, looking back and forth on the faces of the seven people, with a meaningful look. “Oh?

I don’t know what Mr. Wang has, so let’s just say it directly. We are all partners. If there is anything, we still can’t say anything?

A partner named Ding Junfeng said with a smile. He touched his chubby belly and smiled naturally and harmoniously. It seemed that everything was worth pressing out. Everyone discussed it together. Ye Fang looked at Ding Junfeng. This person is the third largest. The shareholder, the share in his hand is just a little less than his own. If he cooperates with Wang Wei, even if he cooperates with other partners, he will not have any influence on Wang Wei. “Okay, then I’ll be straightforward, Liu Shi The branch is a franchise store of the famous company. In fact, it can be regarded as a company. However, I want to ask you, do you really want your own company and have been well-known for its headquarters

Contain it?

As soon as Wang Wei said this, his face suddenly became serious, and his eyes, like sharp blades, were constantly patrolling the faces of everyone. Everyone was shocked, and suddenly felt like a light on their backs. Wang Wei said this, the meaning of it. It goes without saying. And all of Wang Wei’s previous actions suddenly became clear at this moment. Even if the 10 million that was sent out just now, everyone immediately understood. Wang Wei has other ideas. He wanted the Liushi branch to be independent and free from the influence of the famous company. Everyone was silent. “My idea is very simple. During this period of time, we all work together to promote the famous company headquarters and Dustin Zhou , All the influence of Enderia Shen’s Liushi branch is clear and clean. In that way, the Liushi branch will be our own, and we will no longer hold the headquarters with our hands.

“And we are naturally more confident.

“I have already said what I mean. Everyone must know what I mean. Who agrees and who opposes?”

After Wang Wei finished speaking, he leaned on the chair with a smile, his hands squared on the table, and looked at everyone with a smile. He knew that suddenly saying such a thing by himself was really unacceptable for a while. However, it is also unacceptable. It must be accepted, this is something he pursued from the beginning. After all, a few of them were busy preparing for the establishment of the Liushi branch, and it has officially opened, so it would be a bit unpleasant to be restrained by others. In particular, Dustin Zhou and the others have a profound control and influence on the various branches. It is very possible that even if Dustin Zhou and the others are not in the Hunan Province, the Liushi branch, they still have the final say. And his partner is only one of Dustin Zhou’s hands. Root puppets. This is not what Wang Wei is pursuing. Who opposes and who agrees? This is a problem that Wang Wei gave to the other partners. Under such circumstances, whether it is against or for, the consequences can be imagined. And know. “Hehe, why doesn’t everyone have anything to say?

If this is the case, then I’ll talk about it first. What President Wang said, I think, everyone has already thought about it in their hearts, but because of Dustin Zhou and their coercion, they have not said it.

“At this moment, Ding Junfeng said with a chuckle. His eyes flickered, and after taking a glance at everyone’s faces, there was an unrecognizable eye contact with Wang Wei. “And now, Wang Wei is willing to act as such. The leader, lead us to Dustin Zhou’s control, why not do it?

So I agree. As for you, it depends on what you think.

As soon as Ding Junfeng finished speaking, the expressions of the other six partners changed drastically. Ye Fang’s expression became extremely gloomy. She didn’t expect that Ding Junfeng was actually on Wang Wei’s side. Ding Junfeng did.

The third largest shareholder, if he joins hands with Wang Wei, the other six partners simply cannot compete.

Because the shares held by Wang Wei and Ding Junfeng alone accounted for more than half of the shares in the Liushi branch, they have absolute control over the right to speak.


When did Wang Wei join forces with Ding Junfeng and why there was no warning in advance.

“Hehe, since Lao Ding agreed, then I naturally agreed. After all, this is our own store, not his Dustin Zhou.” “Yes, I agree too.” “I agree too.” Soon, Three more partners agreed with Wang Wei’s statement.

In the blink of an eye, four partners were already standing with Wang Wei, and with Wang Wei, they already had five partners.

Regardless of whether it is the proportion of shares or the number of partners, Wang Wei has already occupied an absolute advantage.

Right now, only Ye Fang, the second largest shareholder, Shen Hai, the fourth largest shareholder, and Zhao Cheng, the fifth largest shareholder are left.

These three people remained silent, but the ugly expressions on their faces explained everything, and they were unlikely to agree.

“How about? Miss Ye, I don’t know what you think?”

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