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Chapter 482

Time passed quickly, and it was Christmas Eve in the blink of an eye.

A short promotional video shot before

It was also on this day that, with the help of Zhang’s media channels, the publicity and broadcast were carried out in a mindful manner.

In an instant, throughout Hunan Province, you can see promotional videos and photos of the ambassadors of famous companies almost everywhere.

The people in Hunan Province suddenly discovered at this time that the famous company started to publish advertisements on a large scale and on a large scale, and as soon as it came up, it created a peerless beauty as its own image spokesperson.

“Oh my God, this ambassador is too beautiful?” “Hehe, if it weren’t for intensive cultivation, I wouldn’t believe it, there is no such perfect person in this world!” “Neither do I believe it. , Unless Mingyang can publish more photos and videos of the ambassador!” “Agree upstairs!” “Hehe, you short-sighted cock, do you know who this ambassador is? That’s the Jiang family of Changsha Jiang. Miss Yan, she is the number one beauty in Hunan Province. You have never seen it. Don’t think that there is no such peerless beauty in the world.” “I testified. I saw it once from afar before, but I didn’t expect her to be famous for the company. Image ambassador.” “Yes, isn’t Mingyang company Dustin Zhou’s company? There seems to be a big grievance between the Jiang family and Dustin Zhou? Jiang Yan did this, does the Jiang family know? Does the Jiang family agree?” …… As soon as the short promotional video was released, it immediately caused an uproar on the Internet.

Whether they knew or didn’t know the famous company, after seeing Jiang Yan’s promotional photos, they all aroused interest and discussed who Jiang Yan is.

Of course, if someone appreciates it, someone will naturally pick it up.

Some people will question that Jiang Yan’s promotional photos are all refined

Yes, real people are not like this at all.

But there are many people who support Jiang Yan, and there are even many people who have met Jiang Yan.

In the end, Jiang Yan’s identity was even exposed.

This time, countless people really dropped their jaws.

The image ambassador of this famous company turned out to be Jiang Yan, the eldest lady of the Jiang family in Changsha, Hunan Province.

In an instant, the debate on the Internet became more intense.

Netizens have found out the grievances between Jiang’s family and Dustin Zhou of Mingyang Company one by one.

Destroying Jiangbei, smashing the face, making a big noise at the Jiang family dinner… Almost everything is a shame for the Jiang family.

But now, the grievances between the Jiang family and Dustin Zhou have not been completely resolved. As the eldest lady of the Jiang family, Jiang Yan has actually served as the ambassador of the famous company. If this is known by the Jiang family, what will happen?

Still, the Jiang family already knew about it, and also acquiesced to it, just to make up for the relationship with Dustin Zhou.

Jiang Yan was just a tool man introduced by the Jiang family to make up for the relationship between the Jiang family and Dustin Zhou.

Netizens have endless debates, and they have no real meaning. They have no effect on the reality.

But at this time, Changsha Jiangjia.

The atmosphere of the entire Jiang family was silent.

The people lowered their heads one by one, for fear of doing something wrong that would provoke the owners of the family and be punished.

And everyone in the Jiang family, whether they are the direct descendants of Jiang Fanliu’s line or some collateral children, are all gathered in the front hall at this moment.

But the faces of everyone are very ugly.

The second child, Jiang Xingyuan, had a gloomy face, stood beside Jiang Fanliu, lowered his head, and did not look at other people.

The boss Jiang Xingfang’s face was calm, and the ancient well was waveless.

On the other hand, the old three Jiang Xingguang was gloating, his eyes kept swaying on Jiang Xingyuan, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he looked like it was not too big of a big deal.

The others were also arguing at this moment, and soon they aimed at Jiang Xingyuan, who was silent and wanted to pretend to be an ostrich.

“Huh, it’s ridiculous, how could Jiang Yan do this, Jiang Xingyuan, how did you discipline your daughter!” “Yes, doesn’t she know that the famous company is Dustin Zhou? And Dustin Zhou and our Jiang family, but She has a lot of grievances, doesn’t she know this?” “Hmph, in my opinion, Jiang Yan’s girl lacks discipline, and the second child is too indulgent to her. If you don’t care, God knows her. What else will be done that will shame the Jiang family’s face!” “This matter, there must be a result, the second child, tell me what should be done!” … Many of the Jiang family’s children are all spearheaded. Aiming at Jiang Xingyuan, there are many senior people from the Jiang family.

There is even one,

Higher than the seniority of Patriarch Jiang Fanliu.

“This matter must be dealt with. Otherwise, how does the outside world think of my Jiang family? The kid who was Dustin Zhou looked down on him several times. Not only did he not pursue it, but instead asked Miss Jiang to act as an ambassador for his company. What’s it like?” The old man named Jiang Zhifeng, the oldest Jiang family member, couldn’t help but stand up and scolded.

Jiang Zhifeng’s generation is the highest among the Jiang family, and it is one generation higher than the family Jiang Fanliu.

And he himself is Jiang Fanliu’s seventh uncle.

Jiang’s family now has the same seniority as Jiang Zhifeng, the direct line and the side line together, there are only three left.

The other two are really too old, their physical and mental states have always been poor, they rarely go out, rarely meet people, and even more careless about Jiang’s affairs.

Only Jiang Zhifeng would wander around the Jiang family from time to time to give pointers to the juniors of the Jiang family.

Now Jiang Yan’s incident has made Jiang Zhifeng angry. He must stand up and denounce this behavior so that everyone in the Jiang family knows that the family’s interests are above all else.

But when Jiang Zhifeng spoke, the others were even more unafraid. They all spoke, aiming at Jiang Xingyuan, and scolding them, almost nothing that devalued Jiang Xingyuan.

Some people were so radical that they even wanted to drive Jiang Yan out of the Jiang family.

However, this statement has not been echoed by others.

After all, Jiang Yan did too much in this matter, but it was not enough to drive her out of the Jiang family.

What’s more, no one in the room can guarantee that people in his own line will not make mistakes in the future, just like Jiang Yan, even more outrageous mistakes than Jiang Yan this time.

If there is the beginning of driving Jiang Yan out of the Jiang family, then in the future, their relatives and descendants will make mistakes, and they will most likely encounter the same treatment.

That is not what they want to see at all.

“Enough!” Suddenly, the second child Jiang Xingyuan, who had been silent, roared in a low voice.

His face flushed, and his eyes were full of anger and looked at the people present, especially those who pointed at him just now. The look in his eyes wanted to swallow them all.

Chapter 483

And this time, he really shocked everyone.

“Huh, what do you say, are we wrong?” “That is, I have a problem, and there is no way to teach the daughter. Now there is a problem. Instead of reflecting on it, I yelled at us, what do we want to do? Do you think we are all soft persimmons?” “Huh, it seems that this Jiang family, we will not be able to speak anymore?” … Everyone was shocked by Jiang Xingyuan, and they immediately fought back, speaking more than before. ,

It seems even harsher.

“Have you said enough? What is the matter? There is no final conclusion. You are so anxious that all the responsibilities are placed on Jiang Yan. What are you trying to do?” Jiang Xingyuan glanced coldly at everyone. Circle, remember everyone who spoke against him just now.

Jiang Yan became the ambassador of Mingyang Company, but he didn’t know it before, and he didn’t realize it until Mingyang Company became overwhelmingly publicized.

At that moment, Jiang Xingyuan didn’t know what his inner world had become.

He only remembered that his brain was blank, and he didn’t know what he was thinking, what he was looking at, or what he was saying.

Even here, when many Jiang’s family criticized him, Jiang Xingyuan was always in a daze from time to time.

A huge question came to his mind.

Why would Jiang Yan become the ambassador of the famous company?

How did Jiang Yan become the ambassador of the famous company?

What method did Dustin Zhou use to get Jiang Yan to agree?

If it is money, as the eldest lady of the Jiang family, as his only daughter of Jiang Xingyuan, she doesn’t worry about money at all. As long as Jiang Yan needs it, millions, tens of millions, just speak up.

Jiang Xingyuan will definitely satisfy Jiang Yan.

Moreover, Jiang Xingyuan did not think that Dustin Zhou and Mingyang Company paid Jiang Yan tens of millions or even more for becoming an ambassador.

Although Jiang Xingyuan thought that his daughter would be worth the price if she really endorsed other companies.

But he felt that Dustin Zhou did not seem to be so generous.

So, for fame?

With the strength of Jiang’s family in Hunan Province, as well as Jiang Yan’s own qualifications, they are already well-known in Hunan Province and are almost household names.

Even in other provinces, some families knew of Jiang Yan’s existence, and even tried to contact Jiang’s family through other families in Xiang Province, which faintly revealed a kind of marriage.

Among them, there are even big families in the capital.

Therefore, Jiang Yan simply cannot be for fame.

So… Jiang Xingyuan was stunned, he didn’t know why all this was.

Moreover, at the moment when he learned the truth, Jiang Xingyuan suddenly felt a colic in his heart, faintly feeling very disappointed, as if the treasure he had kept for many years was stolen.

“Huh! Jiang Xingyuan, you don’t want to mess around here anymore. Jiang Yan has something like this. As his father, you have an unshirkable responsibility. You must be responsible!” However, in the face of Jiang Xingyuan’s roar, everyone did not give him a good face. .

Jiang Yan has become the ambassador of the famous company, and has lost the Jiang family’s face.

The dignified Jiang family, not only did not clean up Dustin Zhou’s enemy, on the contrary, Jiang

Miss Jia, she got so close to Dustin Zhou, and she also became Dustin Zhou’s ambassador for the company.

When this incident spreads out, his Jiang family will become the target of ridicule for the entire Hunan province.

The prestige that the Jiang family has built over the years will slowly collapse at this moment until it completely collapses.

“Okay, what should be done with this matter, I think you have to come up with an idea for your second child. We know that Jiang Yan is your only daughter and you care about her very much, but if something like this happens, it is inevitable that Your poor supervision, or even excessive indulgence.” Jiang Zhifeng said lightly, sounding like he was talking to Jiang Xingyuan, but his gaze did not look at him, but kept on the paternal master Jiang Fanliu.

After all, if Jiang Yan wants to make the final decision, Patriarch Jiang Fanliu must speak.

Anyone else, even Jiang Xingyuan, Jiang Zhifeng, wanting to defend Jiang Yan, or punish Jiang Yan, cannot finally count.

“Yes, Patriarch, you decide Abe as soon as possible, and we have to deal with it as soon as possible to minimize the pressure of public opinion.” “Yes, this matter is not spread so widely now, and some places must not be known. If we remedy this news in time, we might be able to recover some of the losses.” “Patriarch, make a decision quickly, the Jiang family can’t afford to wait, otherwise, wait until the Yu family, Du family, and Tang family come in, we It’s even more passive.” … Everyone looked at Patriarch Jiang Fanliu, and said in an eager tone.

Especially when talking about the Yu family, the Du family, and the Tang family, the atmosphere in the entire front hall suddenly tense.

Everyone knows that the Jiang family has an alliance with the other three families. They work together to target the Zhang family and want to disintegrate and divide the Zhang family and annex the Zhang family’s industry.

And now that Jiang Yan is out of this category, if the Jiang family can’t deal with it well, then the other three will definitely not give up easily.

At that time, they came to the door and asked the Jiang family for an explanation.

At that time, the Jiang family’s situation would be even more passive.

Even, it is possible that because of Jiang Yan’s incident, the Jiang family will be contained everywhere in the subsequent actions. In the end, it may be a disadvantage in the division of the spoils.

This is a lot of money, but no matter how it is calculated, the Jiang family must now make a decision.

Jiang Xingyuan’s face flushed, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and he wanted to say something, but when he saw everyone’s indignation, he didn’t know what to say.

In this situation, no matter what he says, Jiang Yan’s becoming the ambassador of the famous company cannot be changed.

On the contrary, if he insists on justifying Jiang Yan, he might also leave handles to these people and let them target themselves everywhere in the future.

For an instant, everyone’s eyes looked at Patriarch Jiang Fanliu.

Jiang Xingyuan’s eyes were full of aggrieved eyes, but now he can only endure it.

The boss Jiang Xingfang had a dull complexion. Even when everyone was so agitated just now, when all the spearheads were aimed at Jiang Xingyuan, he did not express any evil opinions or opinions, not even a word.

The old Sanjiang Xingfang smiled, and a glimmer of joy flashed in his eyes.

The current situation of Jiang Xingyuan is somewhat like the situation of Jiang Xingfang when Jiangbei was abandoned.

And now, the boss Jiang Xingfang has lost the qualification to compete for the Patriarch, and has been reduced to the second line in the Jiang family.

And now, will Jiang Xingyuan follow in the footsteps of the elder Jiang Xingfang?

Jiang Xingguang’s heart had already begun to become active.

He has even begun to fantasize that if everything comes true, then he Jiang Xingguang will be able to take the position.

At this time, Patriarch Jiang Fanliu looked at everyone below with a calm expression.

Whether it was his three sons or other members of the family, everyone’s expressions were seen in his eyes.

And he had already been concerned about it.

“Xingfang, I told you before that I asked your uncle to help Jiangbei look at the injury, and now I have received a reply from your uncle. At the end of today, he will come back once. At that time, take Jiangbei to find him. As for Now, let Jiangbei take a rest.” Jiang Fanliu didn’t make a statement about Jiang Yan’s affairs, but instead said something to Jiang Xingfang.

For an instant, everyone was stunned, staring at Jiang Fanliu and Jiang Xingfang blankly.

What does it mean?

What uncle?

What Jiangbei?

Everyone in the Jiang family was still thinking about who this uncle was suddenly spoken from Jiang Fan’s mouth, and Jiang Zhifeng’s expression changed slightly when he was about to turn off the waste in Jiangbei.

Chapter 484

“Patriarch, do you mean he is coming back?” Jiang Zhifeng’s face was full of joy, and his eyes were full of expectation when he looked at Jiang Fanliu.

In the entire Jiang family, probably most people have forgotten the existence of that uncle.

But Jiang Zhifeng will never forget.

Thinking of that person’s current status and status, Jiang Zhifeng was very excited.

For the entire Jiang family, that person is undoubtedly the person with the highest status.

And if that person comes back, then the Jiang family’s pattern in Xiang Province may undergo considerable changes.

In comparison, Jiang Yan’s matter may not matter.

Even if there is something between Jiang Yan and Mingyang, it will not affect the Jiang family, and Dustin Zhou will not plan anything from Jiang Yan.

As for the questions that the other three families might have about the Jiang family, they were trivial to that person.

“Uncle Qi, what are you talking about? What that person?” “That’s right, we

Why don’t you know that there is still an uncle?

“Yeah, Patriarch, what is going on?”

What does it have to do with Jiangbei?

Now we are discussing Jiang Yan’s matter, and the Patriarch must make a decision quickly!

“… However, the rest of the Jiang family are puzzled by what Jiang Fanliu and Jiang Zhifeng said. You don’t know what they are talking about. “Enough, let the Patriarch decide, you just Don’t mess up!

“Jiang Zhifeng yelled coldly. At this moment, his eyes, which looked extremely turbid, became extremely sharp. Their eyes were like blades, piercing everyone who wanted to say something. For a while, the audience was extremely quiet. Everyone was stunned by Jiang Zhifeng to speak. And the old three Jiang Xingguang on the side saw this scene, and his heart was extremely anxious. The scene he was looking forward to did not appear, and even the people he was with no longer mentioned Jiang. Yan’s matter. How can this work? If this is the case, how can he be in the position? Jiang Xing is so anxious that he can’t take care of so much, so he looked at Jiang Fanliu and said loudly. “Father, the top priority at the moment is to take Jiang Yan this Dealing with things cleanly, otherwise, being caught by others is definitely not a good thing for our Jiang family.

“Besides, people in the entire Hunan province know that Dustin Zhou had a big grievance with our Jiang family. Now Jiang Yan has become the image ambassador of Dustin Zhou’s famous company.

“It doesn’t matter what outsiders think of Jiang Yan, she doesn’t care, but what do outsiders think of our Zhang family?”

All the prestige of our Zhang family is now in jeopardy!

“Jiang Xingguang said sincerely and tearfully. He thought that the feelings he said were very full, and his expressions were also very tense. He showed his loyalty and feelings for the Jiang family to the fullest. Jiang Xingguang felt that this wave of his own performance was worthy of being called. Perfect. Everyone’s reaction doesn’t matter much, but they should also look at him with admiration. And most importantly, Patriarch Jiang Fanliu will definitely re-examine him and add some of the previously missing attention to him. Even, Let him deal with Jiang Yan’s whole matter, and then take the opportunity to take the opportunity to take the lead. One-stop service is almost enough. However, Jiang Xingguang’s performance is a bit overdone, his eyes are closed, and he has a tearful appearance, so that he has not seen the surrounding The reaction of everyone. “Huh?

Why is there no cheering?

Is it different from what you think?

What about your sighs and compliments?

Jiang Xingguang was puzzled in his heart, opened his eyes slightly, and carefully looked at the surrounding situation. In the next second, Jiang Xingguang’s whole body was as if he had been split by a bud, he was stunned in place, his eyes widened suddenly, and he looked at everyone incredible. Everyone

They all looked at themselves with surprise, whether it was someone who had a good relationship with them, got close, or some important members of the family.

Jiang Xingyuan, Jiang Xingfang, and Jiang Zhifeng all looked at themselves with some surprise.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Xing was confused.

What’s happening here?

Shouldn’t you be happy for me, cheer for me?

Shouldn’t you compliment me for thinking about the Jiang family?

Why is there no reaction at all looking at me with this look?

“Well, the third child, don’t talk anymore.” Jiang Zhifeng sighed slightly in his heart when he saw this scene, and then said in a low tone.

He had a pretty good impression of the old three Jiang Xingguang before. He didn’t fight or fight in the family, and his performance was normal.

But he didn’t expect that on such an occasion today, he would actually say such a thing.

Couldn’t he hear what the Patriarch meant?

Jiang Zhifeng is already thinking whether this old three Jiang Xingguang is Jiang Fanliu’s biological son. Why can’t he figure out what Master thinks and means?

Everyone wants the Patriarch to make a decision. If the Patriarch really wants to decide, then the decision has already been made at this time.

But Jiang Fanliu said something inexplicable to Jiang Xingfang.

At this time, you should know that Jiang Fanliu didn’t want to talk about Jiang Yan.

Even Jiang Yan’s incident was nothing in Jiang Fanliu’s eyes.

Now everyone understands it, but how come you Jiang Xingguang didn’t understand it, instead you are still pestering Jiang Yan?

“Why? Uncle Qi? Don’t you want to deal with this matter anymore? Do you want our Jiang family to be the laughing stock in the eyes of outsiders?” Jiang Xingguang still didn’t understand what had happened, but he just thought he was kind and passionate. , Even Qishu Gongjiang straight wind said so, some can’t accept it.

“Okay, stop arguing. Regarding Jiang Yan, you can deal with the second child yourself. As for the third child, what you said does make sense, but it doesn’t matter anymore.” Jiang Xingguang was actually arguing with Jiang Zhifeng. Jiang Fanliu’s expression was a little ugly, and with a cold drink, all Jiang Xingguang’s words could not be said.

Jiang Xingguang looked at his father in a daze. He still didn’t understand what happened just now.

My father just told the boss Jiang Xingfang that the uncle would be back at the end of the year, and he would help that waste Jiangbei see his injuries.

When did you have an uncle?

Jiang Xingguang looked confused, and his heart was even more anxious.

And it seems that after hearing Jiang Fanliu’s words, everyone became quiet a lot.

Especially Qi Shu Gong Jiang Zhifeng, it was more like a different person, the whole person instantly became a lot more energetic, and he took the initiative to press Jiang Yan’s affairs.

What is going on in this world?

What happened to this Jiang family?

“Recently, a lot of things have happened in Hunan Province, and many people and families are involved. But now that the new year is approaching, I don’t want any accidents in the Jiang family again.” Jiang Fanliu’s voice was low and his eyes were sharp. Look at everyone present.

These people are the core of the Jiang family. Anything they do may be considered by the outside world to mean the Jiang family.

Therefore, in Jiang Fanliu’s view, these people are all objects that need to be watched carefully.

Especially now, it’s almost the end of the year, and one of his brothers will return to Jiang’s house at the end of the year.

During this time, there must be no accidents.

This is Jiang Fanliu’s bottom line.

If someone dares to break this bottom line, then Jiang Fanliu will let the other party know who is in charge of this Jiang family!

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