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Chapter 46

Several bodyguards in black just met Niu Chuan one by one, and they were instantly defeated.

He was lying on the ground at this time, wailing.

At this moment, not only Edward Shen’s complexion changed drastically, but also Shen Weiyan’s heart sank.

These bodyguards were all invited by him with a lot of money, so they are naturally clear about their strength.

In previous business confrontations, these bodyguards even saved Shen Weiyan’s life.

But now, these bodyguards have been put down to the ground, and there is no room to fight back.

“Huh, a few stinky fish and shrimps want to do something to Brother Yang?” Niu Chuan snorted coldly, clapped his hands, and shook his muscles.

Zhao Bing, Chen Sheng, and Chen Li both looked at Shen Weiyan and others with disdain.

They didn’t know Enderia Shen, so naturally they couldn’t see Enderia Shen right in front of them, and they didn’t know that the leader standing in front of them was Shen Weiyan.

However, even if they knew each other, they would definitely make the same decision.

Since he decided to work with Dustin Zhou, no matter what, the interests of Dustin Zhou must be the first.

“Good! Good! Good!” Shen Weiyan smirked, staring at Dustin Zhou and shouting three times “OK”.

“Uncle Shen, what do you mean?” Dustin Zhou’s face was also ugly, and he asked coldly.

This is the first time he and Shen Weiyan have met. Before the two sides, one was in the sky and the other was on the ground. There would be no intersection at all.

Dustin Zhou thought that there was nothing to offend Shen Weiyan, and he couldn’t figure out why he came up, without saying anything, just let the bodyguard do it on himself.

“Your name is Dustin Zhou, I ask you, what’s going on here?” Shen Weiyan’s chest was fluctuating, and he took the gossip magazine from Edward Shen and fell directly to the ground.

As soon as he saw these gossip magazines, Dustin Zhou immediately reacted.

No wonder Shen Weiyan did this. Not only did Enderia Shen didn’t mean to block, but instead stood behind watching the show with interest.

In the end, it is the scandal between him and Enderia Shen.

“Uncle Shen, these are all imaginary things. I and Mr. Shen are innocent and have no intimate relationship…” Now that he knows Father Shen’s misunderstanding of himself, Dustin Zhou of course has to explain clearly.

“Huh! Innocent? There has never been anything unfounded in this world. If it wasn’t for you to be shameless, would you be reported by others?” But Shen Weiyan obviously didn’t want to listen to Dustin Zhou’s explanation, and he didn’t wait for Dustin Zhou to finish. It was a rude interruption, looking at him with disgust.

In his opinion, Dustin Zhou looks good, but there is nothing to shine at all.

And the reason why he got involved with Enderia Shen was for money.

Shen Weiyan ignored the people on both sides, as well as the people who watched the movement, face to face

Defamating him and Enderia Shen shocked Dustin Zhou’s heart.

In Dustin Zhou’s mind, how could a father slander his daughter in such a large public.

But soon, the shock in Dustin Zhou’s heart turned into anger.

Because he saw that the face of Enderia Shen standing in the crowd was full of indifferent, but the lips that were clenched tightly were pale.

Even Dustin Zhou could see Enderia Shen’s body trembling slightly!

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou remembered some rumors he had heard before.

The relationship between Enderia Shen and the Shen family is very bad, and she came out to establish a famous company to independent the Shen family.

It seems that Dustin Zhou understands now.

“I will call you Uncle Shen one last time, please take back what you just said!” Dustin Zhou said very seriously.

“Take it back? Who do you think you are? You dare to talk to me like this?” Shen Weiyan sneered and looked at Dustin Zhou with disdain, as if he was watching a bug.

“I don’t know what you want?” Dustin Zhou took a deep breath, his eyes became extremely cold, and his voice was extremely cold.

“Dustin Zhou, if you are acquainted, you should hand over all the shares of Mingyang that you deceived from my sister, and you have to hand over the whitening factor project. Otherwise, you should not think about going out today!” “Tell you, it’s true. There is a way to heaven, you don’t go, and there is no way to hell. The general manager of this brilliant hotel is a friend of my dad. As long as he has a word, you have to stay here!” Edward Shen interjected, his tone extremely arrogant.

But his eyes were full of greed, as if there were endless treasures in Dustin Zhou.

After Edward Shen finished speaking, both sides fell into silence.

Shen Weiyan smiled slightly, thinking that Dustin Zhou would definitely agree, otherwise he would have trouble with himself.

The people on Dustin Zhou’s side looked at Edward Shen like a fool.

“I don’t agree!” Dustin Zhou understood the other party’s true purpose at this time.

They came here, not for Enderia Shen to get back an argument, but to grab shares and projects from Dustin Zhou.

Although he didn’t know what happened to Enderia Shen and them, Dustin Zhou knew that the shares of Mingyang Company belonged to Enderia Shen.

And some of the shares in Dustin Zhou’s hands were obtained by him using patents.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t be too presumptuous!” Hearing Dustin Zhou’s stern refusal, Edward Shen was taken aback and then shouted angrily.

“Oh, Boss Shen, come here, why didn’t you tell me in advance, I’ll pick you up, who are you?” At this moment, a greasy voice suddenly sounded.

A middle-aged man of medium stature, with his bald head, walked over quickly and smiled at Shen Weiyan.

“Uncle Zhang, your hotel now really welcomes everyone, and you are not afraid of falling

It’s not as good as Avaria.

When Edward Shen saw the incoming person, a flash of disdain flashed across his face, but he quickly shouted with a smile. “What’s the matter?”

Aze, tell me, uncle, I will give you an explanation!

Zhang Wei said with a stern face and said in a deep voice, while keeping his eyes on Dustin Zhou. He was able to become the general manager of the Brilliant Hotel, of course, not by relying on slacking his beard, but by having his own ability. The boss was confused. Now, when Shen Weiyan encounters a dispute in the hotel, Zhang Wei naturally wants to resolve it properly, but he will not be partial to Shen Weiyan.

So he looked at Dustin Zhou the first time, his eyes were constantly on his face His serious expression gradually dissipated and turned into indifference. Because he did not see any high-grade clothes from Dustin Zhou. The so-called people rely on clothes. If a person is noble, rich, and powerful, he will definitely be dressed. The above shows one or two. Dustin Zhou has been looking at Zhang Wei, naturally seeing the changes on his face clearly, and can’t help but sneer. “Uncle Zhang, this kid is shameless and cheated on the company’s shares from my sister. And a project, now we are only here to recover.

Edward Shen didn’t hesitate, and he exaggerated the matter again, adding fuel and jealousy. “It’s nonsense!”

Chapter 47

After hearing Edward Shen’s explanation, Zhang Wei shouted at Dustin Zhou with a serious expression on his face.

“Boy, I warn you, don’t cause trouble in our Brilliant Hotel, otherwise, the consequences are not what you can think of.” Zhang Wei slowly walked towards Dustin Zhou step by step, with an indifferent expression on his face.

“Haha, it’s really funny, why did I make trouble?” Dustin Zhou sneered. Although he didn’t want to make trouble, he was not afraid to make trouble.

Regardless of whether Zhang Wei helped Shen Weiyan and his son, the attitude he treated the guests was extremely unqualified.

I really don’t know how such a person became the general manager of the Brilliant Hotel.

“Boss Shen is a distinguished guest. You dare to lie to him. I think you are a habitual offender. Don’t leave, wait for the police to come.” Zhang Wei sneered and made a look. The hotel security guard immediately surrounded him. Come here.

Just now, Niu Chuan and the others dealt with black-clothed bodyguards. These security guards saw it in their eyes, and naturally they knew how powerful the other party was.

Therefore, the eight security guards were surrounded by groups, but did not dare to act excessively.

“Boss Shen, don’t worry, these people will never get out of here today.” Seeing Dustin Zhou surrounded by security, Zhang Wei nodded in satisfaction and turned his head to tell Shen Weiyan.

“Thank you Mr. Zhang, don’t worry, I will do it before dark.” Shen Weiyan said in a low voice, with a hint of coldness in his eyes.

Give his secretary a hint, and the secretary immediately left the crowd and started the phone call.

“Zhang Wei.” At this moment, a majestic voice rang.

“Who is calling me? You can call my name?” Zhang Wei immediately became angry when he heard someone calling him with a bad tone. He turned to look at the sound coming from.

“Good boy, it’s you again! I think you are impatient and itchy, right? I don’t mind giving you loose skin!” Seeing that the voice came from Dustin Zhou’s group, Zhang Wei immediately sneered and gave the security guard a look and let them do it.

But what surprised him was that these security guards didn’t seem to see his hint, standing indifferently, and even faintly spreading out.

“You didn’t hear what I said? Do you still want to do it?” Zhang Wei suddenly became angry and reprimanded loudly.

“Zhang Wei, haven’t seen you for a month, your temper has grown a lot!” At this moment, the Tiger Lord, who had been standing behind Dustin Zhou, was covered by Brother Pao and walked out with a sneer. Looking at Zhang Wei, he is not angry.

“Tiger…Master Tiger…” Seeing that the person here was Master Tiger, Zhang Wei couldn’t even speak clearly, and he was stunned.

“Master Tiger, why are you here?” But soon, Zhang Wei reacted

, Hurriedly trot to the front of Master Tiger, bending over and saying hello.

Dustin Zhou frowned slightly, wondering why Zhang Wei was so afraid of Lord Tiger, but suddenly he saw the sweat dripping down Zhang Wei’s forehead.

But Zhang Wei didn’t dare to reach out and wipe it.

“Zhang Wei, I didn’t expect that this is how you manage the hotel. It really opened my eyes.” It’s just that the tiger master was indifferent to Zhang Wei’s greetings, just a cold snort.

With this cold snort, Zhang Wei’s legs trembled directly.

“Mr. Zhou, I’m really sorry, I haven’t told you that, in fact, this brilliant hotel belongs to me, and Zhang Wei is just one of my subordinates.” Ignoring Zhang Wei, Lord Tiger looked at Dustin Zhou apologetically and took the initiative to explain stand up.

At this time, Dustin Zhou suddenly realized.

No wonder he met Tiger Lord several times before, all at the Brilliant Hotel.

And it seems that Tiger Lord is very familiar with this place, as if he is in his own home.

“It turned out to be like this, I really didn’t expect it.” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly, and did not speak much, but instead looked at Lord Tiger with determination.

He knew that at this time, he didn’t need to say anything, he just had to look at what Tiger Master did.

If Lord Tiger really wants to cooperate with him, then he will never let his younger brother be unreasonable to his partner.

“Master Tiger, this is…” Even if Zhang Wei was stupid, he realized that Dustin Zhou was not easy at this time.

How could the person who can make Lord Tiger explain himself to be a simple person.

“A**hole boy, can you ask Mr. Zhou too?” At this moment, Brother Pao blasted Zhang Wei back several steps, staring at him gloomily.

As Tiger’s loyal horse, Brother Pao has always known what Tiger Tiger means.

It’s impossible for Master Tiger to do this kind of small matter of slightly disciplinary action, but Brother Pao has always done it.

Brother Pao’s punch was very heavy. Although he didn’t exhaust all his strength, he was also powerful.

Everyone clearly heard several “clicks” from Zhang Wei’s body.

And Zhang Wei, who fell on the ground, was holding his chest with a painful face, and the sweat beads dripped from his forehead, quickly forming a water stain on the ground.

And this scene happened so quickly that almost no one could react.

All the people on the first floor of the hotel were shocked. They looked at Brother Pao in horror and backed away, while those who watched the excitement also avoided at this time.

And the most surprising people are Shen Weiyan and Edward Shen.

They watched Zhang Wei be blown away and fell to the ground in pain.

“How do you do it? Are all of you security guards blind? You didn’t see Mr. Zhang being beaten immediately? Don’t hurry up!” Edward Shen felt a chill in his heart, and shouted at the security guards.

It’s just that his roar didn’t

In a sense, several security guards not only did not do anything, but consciously retreated.

Master Tiger slowly walked to Dustin Zhou’s side, and the two stood together, quietly watching Shen Weiyan.

“Who are you?” At this time, Shen Weiyan calmed down instead, looking at Lord Tiger seriously with a solemn expression.

Although the scene just now was very fast, Shen Weiyan saw it clearly.

Zhang Wei had a humble attitude in front of this person, even being seriously injured by the person behind him, and he did not dare to complain.

People with such energy are definitely not unknown people.

“Boss Shen, I heard that you are in trouble? How is it? Do you need my help?” At this moment, a soft voice came from outside the hotel.

When Shen Weiyan heard this voice, he was overjoyed and quickly greeted him.

“Master Shun, you are here just right. I have a little trouble here, so please help me.” “It’s easy to say, it’s easy to say, let me see who is not long-sighted, and dare to offend Boss Shen. With a toothpick in his mouth, Master Shun walked in slowly. When Dustin Zhou and Master Hu were in front of the crowd, they froze right away.

“Master Shun, that’s them, but that person is not so simple.” Shen Weiyan pointed to Master Tiger and Dustin Zhou, especially focusing on Master Tiger.

“Master Shun, it’s been a long time since I saw you.” What shocked Shen Weiyan was that Dustin Zhou saw that Master Shun was not only not afraid, but laughed playfully.

Chapter 48

Dustin Zhou raised his eyebrows and smiled as he looked at Master Shun who walked in, and he was slightly surprised.

As far as he knows, Lord Shun and Lord Tiger each have their own territory, and the two parties have agreed not to violate each other.

That’s what Shun said last time when Dustin Zhou found Brother Pao in front of the clubhouse in the west of the city.

It’s just now, why did Lord Shun come here, and it looks like he was a helper invited by Shen Weiyan.

“Haha, isn’t this Mr. Zhou? There is also Master Tiger, and you are there. It’s a coincidence.” Seeing that both Dustin Zhou and Master Tiger were there, Master Shun immediately laughed, and at the same time stayed away from Shen Weiyan quietly.

He happened to be eating nearby, and when he was about to finish his meal, he came over to talk to Lord Tiger.

But I didn’t expect to receive a call from Secretary Shen Weiyan.

Facing Shen Weiyan’s help, and the expensive remuneration, Lord Shun took advantage of the trend.

It’s just that he never thought that it was Dustin Zhou and Hu Ye that Shen Weiyan asked him to settle.

At this moment, Lord Shun had already scolded Shen Weiyan’s ancestors in his heart.

This is clearly harming him!

“Shun Ye came from afar, is there something to do? It’s been a long time since I missed me?” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly, looking funny.

“Hehe, Mr. Zhou is joking. I was here to talk to Lord Tiger. Isn’t it a coincidence, haha.” Although Lord Shun is of the same generation as Tiger Lord, he is not as good as Lord Tiger in all aspects. Keep a low profile.

“What? Isn’t Lord Shun here to help people?” Dustin Zhou asked knowingly.

“Knowing Lord Shun, don’t hurry up and close your mouth!” At this time, Edward Shen hummed disdainfully.

He didn’t see the unnatural expression of Lord Shun, but thought that Dustin Zhou had met Lord Shun by chance, and Lord Shun was invited by Shen Weiyan, so he naturally wanted to support them.

“Shut up for me!” But the next second, Master Shun suddenly turned around and slapped Edward Shen on the face.

“Pop!” Suddenly, Edward Shen was backed down by the force of this slap, and his face quickly swelled.

“Master Shun, what are you?” Shen Weiyan quickly held onto Edward Shen, looking at Master Shun with a gloomy expression.

“Boss Shen, your son is too insightful to see. Didn’t you see me talking to you Mr. Zhou? Is there a place for him to interrupt?” Master Shun gave a cold snort and didn’t even go to see Edward Shen.

“Dad, I’m going to kill him, I’m going to kill them!” Edward Shen was stunned by the beating, but soon recovered his sobriety and immediately shouted angrily.

At this moment, he couldn’t care about the identities of Lord Shun and Lord Tiger, nor did he care about the many people here. Every word and deed of his would be seen.

He only knew that he was slapped.

He just wanted to vent his breath.

“Want our life


Then we have to see if your kid has the life to get out of here!

Brother Pao let out a cold snort, and immediately surrounded the whole Shen family with a few of his men. In an instant, the situation changed. The Shen family was surrounded, and Mother Shen looked at Shen Weiyan with a pale expression. , I only hope that he can think of a solution. In the entire Shen family, only Enderia Shen is expressionless, with his hands on his chest, looking at Dustin Zhou with a pair of eyes, full of curiosity. Enderia Shen is clear about Dustin Zhou’s past, but Today, Dustin Zhou completely surprised her. She never thought that Dustin Zhou would know people like Hu Ye and Shun Ye. You know, these people, even she, only heard some reputation from some elders. In contrast, Enderia Shen himself is nothing but a little girl in their eyes. “Misunderstanding, this is a misunderstanding, Shun, the child is not sensible, I apologize to you, and you can help me explain.

“At this time, Shen Weiyan was also difficult to ride a tiger. He originally thought that cleaning up Dustin Zhou was a matter of success, so he only brought a few bodyguards. But these bodyguards, under the fist of Niu Chuan, did not last a few rounds at all. There is no fighting power at all and cannot protect them. If Dustin Zhou really wants to do anything, Shen Weiyan really has no way to stop it. “Misunderstanding?

I don’t think so!

“Just before Shen Weiyan could get a reply, Dustin Zhou said coldly. “I respected you a lot at first, because you are President Shen’s father, but you don’t distinguish between black and white. I listen to the rumors of gossip magazines and want to deal with it. I.

“Also, Edward Shen, did I embarrass you the last time at the banquet, so you tried every means to calculate me?”

“At first, Zhou Dekuan was instigated to steal samples of the whitening factor mask, but now I am asking me to give up the shares of the famous company and the whitening factor project. Is this too much?

Dustin Zhou said very heavily every word, and everyone heard it clearly. Those who had been watching from a distance also heard clearly. “So it is so, these people really deserve it!”

“That’s it, when I realize I’m not an opponent, I just want to beg for mercy. How could there be such a shameless person?”

“The crowd’s comments came over, and Shen Weiyan and Edward Shen’s father and son’s expressions were instantly pale. “Bijun, come here, and see if this is the person you are looking for?”

“In desperation, Shen Weiyan’s eyes lit up, and he immediately called Enderia Shen to the front, pointing to Dustin Zhou and shouting. The reason why he was like this was because Enderia Shen had corrupted his family style. Since the other party didn’t want to be kind, Shen Weiyan wouldn’t let him go. “President Shen, what the hell is going on?

I don’t seem to have a deep hatred with your father, right?

Dustin Zhou saw

Enderia Shen, feeling relaxed inexplicably, asked with a wry smile.

If this matter was spread out today, Mira Xie knew that she would have misunderstood it.

The woman’s parents have come forward, can the scandals in gossip magazines still be fake?

Dustin Zhou felt a headache when he thought of facing Mira Xie and couldn’t explain clearly.

“What else can you see?” Enderia Shen looked at the basic gossip magazine on the ground, and shook his head with a wry smile.

What happened today was beyond her expectation.

Originally, in her expectation, if Shen Weiyan was really against Dustin Zhou, then she would come forward to protect it, even if she had a complete break with Shen Weiyan and the Shen family for this reason.

But it seems that Dustin Zhou is more than capable of handling this matter, not only has his own powerful helper, but also two big bosses to help.

“What’s wrong with your face?” “Someone hit you? Who!” Dustin Zhou quietly looked at Enderia Shen, and suddenly saw something wrong.

On Enderia Shen’s right cheek, there are several obvious red marks. Although they have disappeared a lot, they are still very clear when you look closely.

That is clearly a slap print!

This time, Dustin Zhou was really angry.

“It’s rare that you care about me so much, it’s okay…” Enderia Shen was taken aback for a moment, and seeing Dustin Zhou really angry, there was an inexplicable warmth flowing in his heart.

But soon, she smiled bitterly.

What if Dustin Zhou cares about himself?

After all, he is a man with a wife.

“Enderia Shen, I want you to know that you are not alone, maybe you were before, but since I became a famous shareholder, I have been your support! To beat you, you have to ask me!”

Chapter 49

Suddenly, the whole hall became quiet.

Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou in a daze, and they didn’t expect him to say such a confession.

So in an instant, the crowd burst open.

“Oh my God, is this a confession?” “This must be true. It’s so touching. I didn’t expect this young man to be so courageous!” “Well, why can’t I meet such a man? It’s so touching.” “… Everyone was amazed, followed by envy.

Dustin Zhou was also shocked, and immediately reacted with a bitter smile in his heart.

He was so impulsive just now that he said something like that without thinking carefully.

Not to say that would make Enderia Shen misunderstanding, once those words came to Mira Xie’s ears, and she knew it, Dustin Zhou couldn’t imagine the situation.

After all, the day before, he swore to Mira Xie to make a promise, so today, it would be unacceptable for anyone.

“Mr. Shen, I…” Dustin Zhou knew that everything was his own fault, and looked at Enderia Shen with a wry smile, and stopped halfway through the conversation.

Who is Enderia Shen, she knew the clues long ago.

All of this was only said by Dustin Zhou on impulse, and he couldn’t take it seriously.

“Dustin Zhou, I know you are for my good, but there are some things you don’t know, so just leave it alone.” Enderia Shen gave Dustin Zhou a deep look and whispered with a grin.

However, her smile is far-fetched.

The corners of the grinning mouth are extremely inconsistent with the expression on the entire face.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t notice. Hearing Enderia Shen’s words like this, he was quietly relieved.

“It’s just that you and…” Dustin Zhou stopped talking, but Enderia Shen knew what he meant.

“Don’t worry, my dad just cares about me too much. Seeing those scandals, I feel a little angry, just explain it clearly.” Enderia Shen smiled lightly, squatted down slowly, and picked up all the gossip magazines from the ground.

“Ah, yes, yes, all this is a misunderstanding, Bijun is my daughter, how can I treat her badly.” Hearing this, Shen Weiyan understood this, and immediately laughed along the pole.

“Fart! Dad, how can you be like this? It’s all this b*tch woman. Didn’t you tell her to spit out all the shares of the famous company? There are also whitening and anti-aging factors. I want them all.” Shen Weiyan Retreat, but Edward Shen is different.

Upon hearing Shen Weiyan’s words like this, he immediately exploded and roared.

“Presumptuous! Shut up!” “Pop!” But then, before no one thought, Shen Weiyan turned and slapped Edward Shen on the face.

Suddenly, Edward Shen’s right cheek swelled

When it grows up, the five fingerprints on it are clearly visible.

“Old Shen, you are crazy, he is our son, how can you beat him? It’s all for that b*tch?” Edward Shen was slapped by Master Shun, and Mother Shen didn’t dare to speak.

But now seeing Shen Weiyan hit Edward Shen, she immediately lit the explosive barrel in her heart, and hurried up to support Edward Shen. Before he could check the injury, he sweared at Shen Weiyan.

This scene stunned everyone.

Even Dustin Zhou opened his mouth slightly, looking at the scene in front of him in disbelief.

Although the Shen family is not a particularly top-notch family, it still has a certain reputation in the city, a height that many people cannot look up to.

But at this moment, the head of the Shen family, Shen Weiyan and his family were crying and slandering at the Brilliant Hotel.

If this spreads out, I don’t know how many people will laugh out loud.

But in the next second, Dustin Zhou’s heart sank.

He was not excited because Shen Weiyan bowed his head, nor was he happy because Shen Weiyan hit Edward Shen.

He just felt sad.

It turns out that Enderia Shen has lived in such a family since he was a child.

Even compared to Dustin Zhou himself, Enderia Shen’s life was more miserable.

It seems that she has nothing but money.

And Dustin Zhou somehow has a mother who loves him.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but look at Enderia Shen who was aside, but was suddenly stunned.

At this moment, Enderia Shen lowered his head, his shoulders kept trembling slightly, and a slight sob sound was faintly heard.

she cried.

This was Dustin Zhou’s first thought. He wanted to comfort Enderia Shen, but he didn’t know how to comfort him.

Just before he could make any extra moves, Enderia Shen suddenly took a step forward and directly leaned in Dustin Zhou’s arms.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou felt that the whole world was still.

In front of him, there was no Shen Weiyan, no Edward Shen, no Hu, Shun, only Enderia Shen.

At this time, Enderia Shen was leaning helplessly in his arms and kept crying.

Dustin Zhou was stunned, but no one else.

Hu Ye chuckled and nodded to Brother Pao, Brother Pao immediately cleared the scene with security.

After all, the Brilliant Hotel is actually the property of Hu Ye, so naturally he can do whatever he wants.

And Shen Weiyan and his wife and Edward Shen were also directly blasted away by Brother Pao.

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou felt that the surroundings became quiet.

He looked up around in a daze, only to find that no one was gone, but Master Tiger and Master Shun were looking at him quietly not far away.

Dustin Zhou felt a person on his chest, his old face blushed, and he lowered his head to see Enderia Shen lying quietly on his chest, letting out a gentle breath.

She actually fell asleep.

Dustin Zhou was a little dumbfounded, I don’t know if

It’s not that Enderia Shen is too nervous, or that he is not threatening and can make her fall asleep with such peace of mind.

“Master Tiger, let me open a room.” Ten minutes later, Dustin Zhou exited the room in embarrassment, looked at the tears on his chest, and shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“Perhaps it would be better to wait for you to sleep.” After muttering to himself, Dustin Zhou left directly to find Lord Tiger.

Two hours later, Chaofeng Hall.

Dustin Zhou, Hu Ye and Shun Ye sat quietly on the table.

In the past two hours, Dustin Zhou asked Lord Tiger and Lord Shun about some of the Shen family, especially Shen Weiyan’s situation.

Now, Dustin Zhou knows some of the Shen family’s situation, although he can choose to leave it alone, after all, this is a family affair.

But when he thought of Enderia Shen’s appearance, Dustin Zhou’s heart immediately softened.

I used to think that Enderia Shen was a strong person, but I didn’t know how many grievances and tears were hidden under this strength.

“Mr. Zhou, it’s better to let President Shen join our plan.” Suddenly, Master Tiger said, looking at Dustin Zhou with a smile on his face.

And Shun Ye Zeshui lowered his head to drink tea, and did not make a sound.

Dustin Zhou thought about it carefully, but was not sure.

“It’s just that I don’t know whether Mr. Shen will agree to it. You also know that once you join in, it may have a very big impact.” Dustin Zhou hesitated.

“I’ll join!” At this moment, the door of Chaofeng Hall was pushed open, and a slightly hoarse female voice suddenly sounded.

Chapter 50

“President Shen, why are you here?” Dustin Zhou looked surprised when he saw the person coming, and hurriedly greeted him.

At this moment, Enderia Shen is no longer as helpless as before, but has changed his clothes again, and the whole person is also full of energy.

“I know what you are talking about, my answer is only one, and I want to join.” Enderia Shen walked in and sat directly on the chair next to Dustin Zhou, looking at Master Tiger and Master Shun faintly.

For a while, both Hu Ye and Shun Ye turned their eyes to Dustin Zhou.

Feeling that they are still talking about how to persuade Enderia Shen to join, but now she has found it by herself.

It seems that Dustin Zhou, this kid really has a way to deal with women.

Seeing the ambiguous expressions in the eyes of the two, Dustin Zhou spread his hands and looked helpless, not knowing how to explain it.

“Mr. Shen, have you considered it?” But Dustin Zhou still has to seriously ask Enderia Shen’s inner thoughts.

“Why? I can’t join. Or, you don’t welcome me to join?” Enderia Shen looked at Dustin Zhou with bright eyes, his eyes were full of smiles, but the smile was a little hot.

Dustin Zhou was seen a little unnaturally, and he turned his face straight away, avoiding Enderia Shen’s gaze.

“Since Mr. Shen is willing to join, we are naturally very welcome.” Master Tiger said with a smile, took the file from Brother Pao and placed it directly in front of Enderia Shen.

“These are the first steps of our plan, and I ask Mr. Shen to go over it.” Without hesitation, Enderia Shen picked up the file and looked at it seriously.

At this moment, as soon as he came into contact with work-related matters, Enderia Shen immediately turned into a workaholic with a meticulous attitude.

Time passed by one minute and one second. After half an hour, Enderia Shen put down the file and raised his head again.

“I don’t have any problems, let’s just sign the contract.” Enderia Shen said lightly, took the pen directly, and signed his name at the end of the document.

Dustin Zhou, Hu Ye and Shun Ye looked at each other, and they all smiled bitterly.

They didn’t expect Enderia Shen to be so resolute.

“Okay!” Not much to say, since Enderia Shen agreed and signed it, Dustin Zhou and the three naturally had no reason to object.

Soon, several people signed the document.

“Next, we will go to Desheng Manufacturing and Fuhai Manufacturing to inspect it.” Hu Ye said with a smile.

“There is no need to investigate, just buy it directly. The two factories are small in scale and don’t cost much, and the maximum is 20 million.” But Enderia Shen directly refused.

“Certainly, just buy it directly. The whitening factor project will not be delayed for long. Next month, I must have the whitening factor mask on the market!” Enderia Shen said decisively, and his tone is beyond doubt.

Suddenly, the Chaofeng Hall calmed down.

Dustin Zhou too

There was a wry smile, and there was no way for Enderia Shen’s style.

“After all, Edward Shen took out part of the whitening factor mask. Even if he took it back, we don’t know if he leaked it out, so we have to eliminate all threatening factors!” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, showing his attitude, standing by Enderia Shen This side.

“Well, if that’s the case, then we will immediately start the acquisition process.” The tiger master nodded in thought for a moment, and agreed.

At this time, it is only a week away from the end of the month. No matter how fast and simple the procedure is to acquire two factories, time is very tight.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou, Hu Ye and others did not neglect. A few people stared step by step, and the entire acquisition process was smooth.

…… Mingyang company.

“Mr. Shen, Mr. Zhou, this is the purchase contract for the two factories of Desheng Manufacturing and Fuhai Manufacturing.” Sara Ye Shi Shiran walked into Enderia Shen’s office, saw Dustin Zhou also, smiled slightly, and handed the contract to Enderia Shen.

“Okay, I see.” Enderia Shen responded and handed the contract to Dustin Zhou.

“What do you think?” Enderia Shen asked softly.

“I don’t have any opinion. You also know the situation of Lord Tiger and Lord Shun. The current social situation is very unfavorable to them, so they can’t keep walking on that road until dark.” Dustin Zhou paused, thinking about talking with Lord Tiger. When we first met, Lord Tiger told herself.

“So, they must find a breakthrough, and cooperating with us is their only choice and the best choice at the moment.” Dustin Zhou is extremely confident. He is not worried about the tricks of Master Tiger and Master Shun.

“Well, you can arrange it as soon as possible. I need the whitening factor mask to be on the market next month. At the very least, we must ensure the city’s supply.” Enderia Shen said softly, without a trace of expression on his face.

But Dustin Zhou heard a sense of tension and urgency from her words.

Mingyang Company is the existence of Enderia Shen’s proof of his own value to the Shen family, and the whitening factor project is to prove the existence of Mingyang’s value.

Whatever it is, it is very important to Enderia Shen.

“By the way, these days, your father didn’t feel sorry for you, right?” Dustin Zhou hesitated after explaining the work, but still asked softly, looking at Enderia Shen earnestly.

“What? Are you caring about me?” When Enderia Shen heard this, the pen in his hand stopped immediately, raised his pretty face, and looked at Dustin Zhou with a smile.

“As a colleague, it’s not normal to care about it.” Enderia Shen felt a little guilty, and Dustin Zhou’s voice became much quieter.

“Rather than asking me, it’s better to ask your wife.” However, Enderia Shen’s next sentence made Dustin Zhou stunned.

“Mira?” Dustin Zhou felt complicated.

Since the last time I met Mira Xie, she said she had to think about it, but she hasn’t appeared for so many days, and she hasn’t even come to Yueji Beauty.

It’s not that Dustin Zhou had never visited Xie’s house, but every time he was stopped by Xie’s mother.

“Tingling bell.” At this moment, Dustin Zhou’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Dustin Zhou picked up his mobile phone and was stunned when he saw the caller ID.

Taking a deep breath, Dustin Zhou answered the phone.

“Hey.” “Dustin Zhou, I want to see you, do you have time?” Mira Xie’s voice suddenly came from the phone.

After hearing Mira Xie’s voice, Enderia Shen also raised his ears unconsciously, but his lowered face showed a trace of sadness.

… Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

Mira Xie’s appointment with Dustin Zhou is here.

Although I don’t know why Mira Xie chose here, Dustin Zhou came over without any hesitation.

At this time it was getting late, and the Mountain Mist Clubhouse was surrounded by gorgeously dressed women, all with enchanting appearances, casting eyebrows at every man entering and leaving the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

“Handsome guy, alone? Do you want me to accompany you? Hee hee.” Dustin Zhou came to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse. Before entering, he was stopped by a very young and beautiful girl under the steps outside the door.

The girl put Dustin Zhou’s arms in her hands, and cast her eyebrows unnaturally.

Dustin Zhou frowned slightly, this kind of action made him feel very uncomfortable.

“Sorry, I already have a female companion.” Dustin Zhou pulled out his arm and walked away from the girl a few steps.

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