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Chapter 51

“Hey, wait a minute!” But before Dustin Zhou could take a few steps, the girl caught up.

Holding Dustin Zhou’s arm again.

“What the hell do you have?” Dustin Zhou had no choice but to stop, frowning and asking.

Dustin Zhou has no interest in the girl in front of him.

Not to mention that the girl was not fully opened at all, she still looked like a baby face, and the heavy makeup on her face made Dustin Zhou unable to stand it.

“Hehe, handsome guy, I see you alone, how about being your female companion? Don’t worry, I have absolutely no malice!” The girl stretched out three fingers, vowing to promise.

After speaking, she even blinked at Dustin Zhou a few times, with a pitiful appearance.

“This little girl, I still have something to do. If you really just want to find a male partner, there are many people here. They dress better than me and drive better cars. You can find them. !” Dustin Zhou persuaded, pulling his arm out again.

This time, Dustin Zhou didn’t wait for the girl to catch up, and immediately walked into the clubhouse.

Mira Xie had already booked a private room, and Dustin Zhou went directly to it according to the location she posted.

“I’m here.” Dustin Zhou opened the door and found Mira Xie had been waiting.

However, after he took his seat, the two fell silent.

“Did you think about it?” Dustin Zhou asked after a while.

The only problem he had with Mira Xie most recently was his relationship with Enderia Shen.

Mira Xie also said before that it would take three days to think about it.

Calculate carefully, three days have passed.

And now Mira Xie talks to him, it must be related to this matter.

However, Mira Xie did not answer, just raised his head and looked at Dustin Zhou with a complicated expression.

“Dustin Zhou, what else are you hiding from me?” Mira Xie asked softly, his voice full of fatigue.

In the past few days, after returning home, she carefully recalled all the time she spent with Dustin Zhou.

Finally found that she and Dustin Zhou had no memories.

Since Dustin Zhou entered the Zuixie family, not only Xie’s mother, but also Xie family members, and even herself, have not been very good towards Dustin Zhou.

Especially during the recent period, Yueji Beauty has encountered problems, and she is even more upset.

Looking back now, Mira Xie discovered that he didn’t know Dustin Zhou at all.

I am afraid that the only thing I know is that Dustin Zhou has a sick mother.

But during this time, Dustin Zhou’s changes were too great.

It was too big for Mira Xie to understand.

From an unknown person, he became the shareholder of the famous company and the person in charge of the whitening factor project.

And I have to receive his favor.

In the past, it was not at all

Possible thing.

“Mira, what can I hide from you, for so many years, don’t you know who I am?” Dustin Zhou was dark in his heart, knowing that Mira Xie hadn’t fully understood and trusted himself.

“I…” Mira Xie was about to speak, but the private room was suddenly opened.

“Finally found you, why did you run so fast that I almost lost it.” The girl pushed in and saw Dustin Zhou, her eyes lit up, she immediately ran to Dustin Zhou with a smile and took his arm. .

At this time, the entire private room was quiet.

Mira Xie looked at Dustin Zhou in disbelief, then looked at the girl again, his eyes filled with disappointment.

Dustin Zhou also had a headache, and quickly wanted to break free of the girl’s hand.

“You are enough, I don’t know you at all, why do you have to pester me?” “I want to be your female companion, didn’t you come to the birthday dinner?” The girl clung to Dustin Zhou’s heart. Arm, no matter how much he breaks free, he can’t break free.

What the girl said made Dustin Zhou even more puzzled.

“What birthday dinner, I don’t even know. Didn’t you see that I was here to meet someone?” Dustin Zhou was annoyed and stood up. Then he got rid of the girl’s hand and stared at her angrily.

It was also at this time that the girl saw Mira Xie sitting opposite Dustin Zhou, and her big eyes immediately became watery.

“Wow, this sister is so beautiful, are you all here for Xiaoxin’s birthday dinner?” The girl saw Mira Xie, exclaimed, immediately let go of Dustin Zhou, walked a few steps to Mira Xie’s side, and intimately attached her His arms look like a pair of sisters.

But in fact, this was the first time they met.

Mira Xie didn’t even know this girl, and he was even more inexplicable.

Seeing the displeasure on Mira Xie’s face, Dustin Zhou knew that she was a little disgusted with this girl.

Yes, the two were having a good conversation, but the girl suddenly broke in and, apart from anything else, she was close to others.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you can’t be happy.

“Miss, I really don’t know what you want to do? I don’t know the Xiaoxin you said, and I’m not here for a birthday dinner. Please leave as soon as possible.” Dustin Zhou rebuked.

He didn’t criticize the girl too much, but regarded her as a playful little girl, just thinking about letting the girl leave.

“I’m not going, I’m not going, you are here for Xiaoxin’s birthday dinner.” But what Dustin Zhou did not expect was that the girl not only did not leave obediently, but instead stayed here.

“Miss Su.” At this moment, the private room door was opened again.

Two men in black rushed in and saluted the girl respectfully.

At the same time, the two of them looked at Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie with guard.

This time, Dustin Zhou’s turn was surprised.

He originally thought this girl was just an ordinary playful girl, but now it seems that it is not that simple.

How could it be a simple generation to be able to carry two people like bodyguards in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

“Do you know this person? That’s great, take him away quickly.” Dustin Zhou didn’t want to cause trouble now, just wanted to send this girl away quickly.

The two bodyguards glanced at each other and did not speak, but they quickly passed Dustin Zhou and took the girl away.

“Let go of me, let me go…” Dustin Zhou breathed a sigh of relief as the girl’s voice drifted away.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t you think it is weird?” At this moment, Mira Xie had a sudden question, looking at the direction of the door thoughtfully.

“What’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou didn’t know what Mira Xie was talking about, and couldn’t figure it out.

He only knew that the girl who was annoying was taken away, he was relieved a lot, and he could have a frank and honest conversation with Mira Xie.

“Dustin Zhou, those two people seem to be the girl’s bodyguards, but when have you ever seen a bodyguard treat the employer so rudely?” Mira Xie raised his eyebrows and said suddenly.

Dustin Zhou was startled, and then remembered that the two bodyguards had just taken the girl out.

This is totally unreasonable.

“No! That’s not a bodyguard!” Dustin Zhou was startled, and a bad cloud gradually enveloped his heart.

“Mira, stay here and don’t move, I’ll find her.” After leaving a word, Dustin Zhou hurried to catch up.

Chapter 52

Mountain Mist Clubhouse is extremely luxurious.

This was the second time Dustin Zhou came to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse. He couldn’t recognize the whole way at all. He stumbled and lost the two men.

“Don’t have an accident.” Dustin Zhou sighed in his heart and thought about it.

If the other party’s purpose is not pure, then it must be done to that girl.

And such a thing cannot be in a brightly lit place, nor in a place with a lot of people.

Think about it this way, the other party will definitely choose to be in a dark corner.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou walked towards the shade of the light and checked step by step.

“Woo…” Turning around the corner, the light here is only a pitiful little yellow light on, and all the other lights are dimmed.

But Dustin Zhou keenly heard a sob of choking sound from his right front.

“Haha, Su Xiaomeng, aren’t you very noble? Are you ignorant of me? How are you now? You won’t be obediently in front of me?” Dustin Zhou just came to the door of a private room and heard An extremely arrogant voice came from inside.

“Dai Wei, you let me go quickly, if my uncle knows that you are doing this to me, he will definitely not let you go!” The girl’s voice suddenly sounded, arrogance mixed with panic.

Even if a woman is brought to this place by several men, she will panic.

What’s more, this Su Xiaomeng may not have a simple identity, and he has never experienced such a thing.

Dustin Zhou thought to himself that from their words, he probably guessed a general idea.

But then, a huge doubt lay in Dustin Zhou’s heart.

Should he care?

After all, these two people should know each other, and the girl’s uncle should be a powerful person.

Such a person, who named Dai Wei really dares to move?

“Haha, Su Xiaomeng, you don’t use your uncle to scare me, I’m afraid you have forgotten. Your uncle is now at Chen Xin’s birthday dinner and has no time to pay attention to you.” “And I just need to make a video for you, and then you If you dare to file a complaint, I will publish the video and let others see what kind of person you Su Xiaomeng is, haha.” Dai Wei grinned slowly and walked towards Su Xiaomeng, reaching out to untie Su. Xiaomeng’s buttons.

“Ah!” With a scream, Dustin Zhou who was outside the door could no longer hesitate, banged open the door and rushed in.

“Stop!” Dustin Zhou’s eyes widened, staring fiercely at the young man in front of him.

At this time, Dai Wei was kneeling halfway in front of Su Xiaomeng, and his extended hand had already touched Su Xiaomeng’s collar.

He can unbuckle Su Xiaomeng’s clothes with a gentle force, and Su Xiaomeng will reveal a large amount of white greasiness in an instant.

“Woo, brother Yang, save me.”

The appearance of Dustin Zhou made Dai Wei and Su Xiaomeng all stunned for a moment.

But soon, Su Xiaomeng recognized Dustin Zhou and suddenly cried.

“Who are you?” And Dai Wei also stood up again with a grim look, looking at Dustin Zhou with a gloomy look.

“That’s what I want to ask you, who are you? What do you want to do? Let go of her!” Dustin Zhou calmed his mind and scolded angrily.

Although he didn’t know this girl named Su Xiaomeng at all, he couldn’t ignore the bottom line in his heart.

“Haha, it’s really funny, there are people asking who am I?” Dai Wei laughed loudly, took out the walkie-talkie pinned to his waist, and gave commands to it.

“Where are the people? Come here for me!” Before Dustin Zhou could respond, a dozen people immediately surrounded the private room.

“Huh! Boy, now, I can tell you who I am.” Dai Weixie smiled and nodded to the bodyguards.

“Huh! Boy, this is Shao Dai, the young master of the Mountain Mist Club. If you offend Shao Dai, don’t even want to get out of the Mountain Mist Club.” A bodyguard stood up and said triumphantly.

And Dustin Zhou recognized this person as one of the two people who took Su Xiaomeng away.

However, what shocked Dustin Zhou even more was not this, but Dai Wei’s identity.

He turned out to be the young master of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

But what about it, even the owner of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse is just a subordinate of the Zhou family!

“Haha, kid, be scared, as long as you kneel now and kowtow to me three times, shouting grandpa, master, I will let you go!” Dai Wei snorted coldly, smugly.

It seems that he is settled, as long as he reports his identity, Dustin Zhou will definitely bend for mercy.

And Dustin Zhou’s momentary stupefaction made him extremely proud.

“Brother Yang, go to my uncle, my uncle can save me.” Su Xiaomeng suddenly struggled and shouted, with a worried expression on his face, and his eyes full of gratitude.

The appearance of Dustin Zhou surprised Su Xiaomeng very much.

But beyond the accident, there was only endless touch.

A person who didn’t know each other at all, and even hated him, would take such a big risk to save himself.

Su Xiaomeng only felt that at this moment, something seemed to loosen in his heart.

“Huh! It seems that you don’t want to kneel down anymore. If that’s the case, then don’t want to leave here, go up!” Dai Wei’s face was full and he ordered directly.

And the dozen or so bodyguards rushed over immediately, fisted in the wind, and had no intention of being merciful at all.

Dustin Zhou’s own skill is a little bit, it’s no problem to deal with ordinary punks.

But what he is facing now is a professional bodyguard, and he is facing more than a dozen at once, he has no

There are ways to resist.

Soon, Dustin Zhou’s body was covered with scars.

But fortunately, he protected himself very well. There were no injuries on his face or head, only a few blood stains appeared on his arms.

“Don’t you think about the consequences when you do this?” Dustin Zhou roared while resisting.

This was done entirely to distract Dai Wei’s attention.

There are few people in this place, and no one will pass by easily.

And if no one has ever passed by, then not only him but also Su Xiaomeng will be persecuted by Dai Wei.

So Dustin Zhou wanted to shout loudly to get the attention of others.

“Haha, don’t waste your energy, don’t say that there is no one here, even if there are people here, you have to get out of here! Keep fighting!” Dai Wei grinned, rushed to Dustin Zhou, and tried to hit him with a fist.

“Stop!” But at this moment, a deep and majestic voice suddenly sounded.

And Dustin Zhou could clearly feel that Dai Wei’s expression was flustered for a moment, and he quickly took the opportunity to avoid his fist, and the direct backhand was an elbow hit directly on Dai Wei’s chest.

“Kacha.” Suddenly.

A clear click sounded, and Dai Wei’s face instantly turned pale, painfully retreated, and fell directly to the ground.

At this time, Dustin Zhou also saw people coming.

“It turned out to be you!”

Chapter 53

“It’s you! Manager Zheng!” Seeing the person clearly, Dustin Zhou suddenly remembered who he was.

It turned out to be Manager Zheng of the Mountain Mist Club, Zheng Li.

Last time, when Mira Xie and Charlie Chen met with investors here, Dustin Zhou punched Charlie Chen.

However, Charlie Chen wanted to fight back, but was stopped by Manager Zheng, and canceled the membership of Charlie Chen and the investors in the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou didn’t expect that it was Manager Zheng who helped him solve the problem for the first time.

This was the second time, and it was still Manager Zheng who came in time.

“Shao Zhou, please wait a moment.” Manager Zheng was about to come down in cold sweat. Of course he knew what Dustin Zhou was. This Dai Wei actually offended him!

But soon, he reacted, and after a good greeting, he walked straight to Dai Wei.

“Dai Wei, you are so bold!” With a loud shout, Manager Zheng’s momentum instantly changed.

If Manager Zheng was an elegant and easy-going manager at the beginning, then at this moment, he is a man exuding majesty.

Dustin Zhou’s mind was shocked, and there was a momentary trance.

And Dai Wei and the dozen or so bodyguards were extremely frightened in their hearts, both trembled, and their bodies were not stable.

“Uncle, I…I don’t…” But Dai Wei’s next sentence shocked Dustin Zhou even more.

This Dai Wei even called Uncle Zheng Manager.

In other words, he turned out to be Manager Zheng’s nephew!

No wonder he is so arrogant, those bodyguards also said that he is the young master of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

“Slap!” But what was surprising was that Dai Wei’s uncle didn’t get anything in exchange, but instead a loud slap.

“Uncle, you…” Dai Wei looked at Manager Zheng with a dull expression, his face was full of disbelief.

Don’t talk about him, even Dustin Zhou was a little surprised.

“Animal, you still have the face to call my uncle? What are you doing? Huh? That’s how I taught you?” Manager Zheng was rude, snorted, and directly angered.

“I’m telling you, Dai Wei, if it wasn’t for your mother’s face, you thought I would take care of you? If you didn’t study well all day, you knew you were wrong! Do you know what you did today?” “I didn’t do anything. , This is just a misunderstanding…” Dai Wei wanted to refute, but he couldn’t continue speaking halfway through.

Because Manager Zheng was staring at him viciously.

“Uncle Zheng, woo…” Su Xiaomeng ran up to Manager Zheng with a frightened look, crying constantly.

“Xiaomeng, are you okay, you go to the side first, let me clean up this beast first!” Manager Zheng comforted Su Xiaomeng and asked someone to take her aside, and then looked at Dai Wei again, eyes full Is determined.

Maybe something

Suddenly, Dai Wei became terrified.

“Uncle, I haven’t done anything, I haven’t done it yet, you see, Su Xiaomeng is fine…” Dai Wei directly knelt on the ground and begged for mercy.

“Pop!” But in exchange, it was still a loud slap.

“Beast, you know that. Don’t you know who Xiaomeng is? Also, who told you to do something with Mr. Zhou?” Manager Zheng scolded angrily.

Dai Wei looked dumbfounded and questioned: “What Mr. Zhou, I don’t know.” “It’s me!” Dustin Zhou slowly walked a few steps forward, came to Dai Wei, and looked at him condescendingly.

Although he was not injured, it was absolutely uncomfortable to be fisted.

“You! You are lying, uncle, he is a kid who is nothing.” When Dai Wei saw Dustin Zhou come out, his face was suspicious.

In fact, Dai Wei didn’t even know Mr. Zhou mentioned by Manager Zheng.

“A**hole, dare to talk nonsense in front of Mr. Zhou!” Manager Zheng slapped Dai Wei again with a loud slap.

“Mr. Zhou, it’s because of my lax discipline that made you hurt. Don’t worry, I will definitely give you an explanation!” After staring at Dai Wei, Manager Zheng looked at Dustin Zhou with a solemn guarantee. Tao.

Dustin Zhou nodded, saying nothing more.

“Come on, take this beast out. Without my permission, you must never take a step away, otherwise, you know the consequences!” After an order, several people brought by Manager Zheng went into battle and put Dai Wei up. Take it outside.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know where Dai Wei would be taken and what punishment he would receive.

But he doesn’t care about that now, after all, there is not much hatred between himself and Dai Wei, it’s purely just brave.

What Dustin Zhou is curious about now is how Manager Zheng discovered this place, and it seems to have come prepared.

“By the way, Manager Zheng, how do you know that something like this happened here?” Dustin Zhou asked softly, without any cover.

“Dustin Zhou, are you okay.” Just before Manager Zheng answered, an anxious voice suddenly sounded.

Dustin Zhou heard this voice, he paused slightly, and immediately turned his head, and saw Mira Xie walking in with an anxious expression on his head full of sweat.

When he walked up to Dustin Zhou, Mira Xie kept checking Dustin Zhou, and when he saw the scars, tears couldn’t stop dripping.

“Why are you here, I’m fine.” Dustin Zhou grinned, and there was a burst of excitement in his heart.

Now, without Manager Zheng, Dustin Zhou can also guess the process.

It must be Mira Xie who saw that he was chasing by himself and felt uneasy, so he found a staff member.

The last time Manager Zheng helped Dustin Zhou, Mira Xie was there, so he recognized

After questioning, she also learned that Dustin Zhou might be in danger.

In fact, it is true.

Mira Xie whispered everything just now, watching Dustin Zhou still have a trace of pity in her eyes, wishing that the scars were on her own body.

Dustin Zhou shook his head and raised his mind vigorously, only to realize that the expression on Mira Xie’s face was nothing but distressed.

It turned out to be an illusion just now.

Dustin Zhou realized that the look of Mira Xie’s eyes full of pain just now was just an illusion.

“Brother Yang, thank you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have the face to meet people.” At this moment, Su Xiaomeng also cleaned up, returned here again, saw Dustin Zhou still there, and immediately rushed forward with a smile. He didn’t care about Mira Xie at all, and threw directly into Dustin Zhou’s arms.

“Uh, it’s okay, just let it go, haha.” Dustin Zhou was stunned, a little at a loss, even if he didn’t regard Su Xiaomeng as a woman, she was also a young girl. There should be differences between men and women. The distance still needs to be maintained.

What’s more, Mira Xie was in front of him, Dustin Zhou spread his hands out, and he did not dare to have any contact with Su Xiaomeng.

“Brother Yang, you accompany me to Xiaoxin’s birthday dinner, OK?”

Chapter 54

“This… it’s not good for us to go.” Dustin Zhou hesitated and looked at Mira Xie unconsciously.

For him, attending a birthday party is not a big deal.

But it depends on whose birthday party you are attending.

Like this, Dustin Zhou didn’t even know the opponent, so there was no need to participate.

“Mr. Zhou, Miss Xie, since Miss Su invited you, you might as well go and see, maybe something good will happen again.” Manager Zheng also smiled and persuaded Dustin Zhou to hesitate.

“Well, Mira, you can come with me.” Dustin Zhou no longer hesitated, he agreed directly and called Mira Xie together.

After all, Su Xiaomeng’s behavior is a bit weird now, Dustin Zhou always feels that she is not getting along well with her alone.

And there is Mira Xie on the side.

Dustin Zhou will be much more relaxed.

Most importantly, Dustin Zhou also hopes that Mira Xie will meet the good things that Manager Zheng said.

After all, what can make Manager Zheng say is a good thing, for him and for Mira Xie, it must be a good thing.

“Great, now I have a male partner!” Seeing Dustin Zhou’s consent, Su Xiaomeng jumped up excitedly, cheered, and looked at Dustin Zhou with excitement.

Soon, Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie came to the ninth floor of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse under the leadership of Manager Zheng and Su Xiaomeng.

Dustin Zhou knew that the ninth floor of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse needed a Diamond Member to go up.

Dustin Zhou didn’t expect that the Xiaoxin that Su Xiaomeng said was so capable that he could hold a birthday dinner on the ninth floor.

Under the leadership of Manager Zheng, several people came to the ninth floor unobstructed.

As soon as he reached the ninth floor, Dustin Zhou felt a lot quieter around him.

The dim and soft lights illuminate the ninth floor beautifully.

The various famous paintings hanging on the walls highlight the grades and specifications.

“Mr. Zhou, please here.” Manager Zheng guided the way.

“I’ll take him, Brother Yang, you come with me, and I’ll take you to see Xiaoxin.” But Su Xiaomeng wanted to take Dustin Zhou to another direction.

“Wait, Miss Su, isn’t this bad? We went to see the birthday star so rashly and didn’t prepare a birthday present. Isn’t it a bad idea?” Dustin Zhou stopped and said in a deep voice.

He knew that the Su Xiaomeng in front of him might have a good relationship with the birthday star, but he and Mira Xie were not.

They are just passers-by, strangers, even if the other person sees Su Xiaomeng’s face and greets them with a smile, he will definitely not treat them too much.

Instead of that, it’s better not to see it, just have a look at the dinner, just be with Su Xiaomeng.

“All right, but Brother Yang, don’t worry, Xiaoxin is very good, she will definitely like you.” Su Xiaomeng said helplessly.

The birthday dinner was held in the main hall on the ninth floor.

There are three main masters on the ninth floor of the Mountain Mist Clubhouse


Penglai, abbot, Yingzhou.

This is the name of the three fairy islands modeled on ancient legends.

And these three main halls are all specifications first, like a fairyland on earth.

This time the birthday dinner was held in Penglai Hall.

Several people came to Penglai Hall, before they even entered, they heard the lively laughter inside.

However, many people don’t know Dustin Zhou, so they just want to find a quiet corner and wait for the end of the dinner.

“Xiaomeng, why did you run here?” Dustin Zhou hadn’t even sat down, but a surprised voice came from behind him.

He immediately looked back and saw a young girl in a dress and several young men walking towards this side together.

“Huanhuan, you guys are here too.” Su Xiaomeng saw the people coming with a smile on his face.

“Xiaomeng, who is this? I seemed to see you holding his arm just now?” Huanhuan took Su Xiaomeng’s hand and asked with a smile.

She didn’t lower her voice, so everyone around could hear it.

Dustin Zhou didn’t feel anything, he just treated Su Xiaomeng as a little sister.

But those young people who followed Huanhuan were not happy anymore.

“Hey, who are you? Why are you so close to Xiaomeng?” I saw one of the tall and thin men with an explosive head staring at Dustin Zhou with an unhappy expression.

The others also looked at Dustin Zhou with a playful look.

“Hehe, this kid is dead, so he dared to approach Su Xiaomeng.” “Yes, doesn’t he know that Su Xiaomeng is the daughter-in-law of our Sir Alex?” “Guess, how would Sir Sir Alex deal with that later? Boy?” Several people lowered their heads and talked in a low voice, gloating.

“Hey, Zhang Jue, don’t go too far! If I get close to someone, is it up to you to take care of it?” Seeing Zhang Jue being unkind to Dustin Zhou, Su Xiaomeng became unhappy and immediately stood in front of Dustin Zhou. He raised his face and glared at Zhang Jue.

“Xiaomeng, I am doing this for your own good. If this kid is unpredictable and thinks about you, what can I do?” Zhang Jue looked at Su Xiaomeng with a surprised look, a little annoyed.

For Su Xiaomeng, he had already let go of words, and was his appointed wife.

Almost everyone in his circle knows it, and it gives face.

But now, he actually saw someone who was not afraid of death, and even dared to get so close to Su Xiaomeng, and Su Xiaomeng was still holding his arm.

Zhang Jue only felt that he was green at this moment, and the anger in his heart could not be suppressed at all.

“Huh! Brother Yang is very good to me, don’t care about my business, you let it go!” But Su Xiaomeng was not convinced at all and ignored Zhang Jue at all.

Dustin Zhou looked at several people and couldn’t help but chuckle.

At this moment, he just felt like

I saw myself in the past.

When he was still in college, didn’t he look like this to Mira Xie, but Mira Xie had boyfriend Charlie Chen at that time, and he didn’t like him at all.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help turning his head and looking at Mira Xie beside him, and found that the other party was also looking at him, and he smiled instantly.

Although I don’t know what he and Mira Xie will become in the end, Dustin Zhou always believes that as long as he is sincere, he will be rewarded.

“What’s the matter?” The movement here is not too big, but in the festive atmosphere like a birthday party, the debate still seems a little noticeable.

Soon, a deep voice rang.

“Uncle Zhang, Zhang Jue is going crazy again, do you care about it?” Su Xiaomeng pouted as he complained when he saw the incoming person.

“Dad, I didn’t, it’s this kid. He deliberately approached Xiaomeng, I just wanted to give him a warning!” But Zhang Jue was not convinced at all, pointing to Dustin Zhou and said in anger.

“Mr. Zhou, I didn’t expect to see you here, as well as Miss Xie.” It was only surprising that this person was obviously surprised when he saw Dustin Zhou.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect to meet Mr. Zhang here. It’s a fate.” Dustin Zhou also smiled. He didn’t expect to meet Zhang Hui, a partner of the famous company, the beautiful makeup artist.

He didn’t even expect that Zhang Jue, who seemed a little uncomfortable, would be Zhang Hui’s son.

Chapter 55

“Mr. Zhou and Ms. Xie laughed, dog Zhang Jue, I don’t know if I did something that shouldn’t be done?” Zhang Hui smiled and asked, but his eyes were smashed at Zhang Jue.

“That’s not the case, but maybe there is something with this Miss Su.” Dustin Zhou smiled helplessly.

There really is no conflict between Zhang Jue and himself, and there is no conflict.

What’s more, Zhang Hui can be regarded as Dustin Zhou’s old acquaintance, and he will naturally not tell lies, so that Zhang Jue will be punished.

Such a thing is not something he would do at his age.

“That’s good.” Zhang Hui took a long breath, and the stone in his heart was also put down.

He was afraid that Zhang Jue would collide with Dustin Zhou and make Dustin Zhou angry at him.

In that case, it will definitely have a very unfavorable effect on the beauty of beauty, and even affect the benefits of beauty of beauty in the whitening factor project.

But when Zhang Hui saw that Zhang Jue was still unconvinced, he was suddenly angry.

“Why don’t you look at it, don’t hurry up! It’s all embarrassing here, and I will take care of you when I go back!” To be honest, Dustin Zhou was a little envious when he saw others teaching his son.

If in the normal order, he and Mira Xie have been married for three years.

A child.

But just because he came to Xie’s house as an entrant, this matter has been delayed.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but sigh.

… Soon, the birthday dinner officially began.

After the supporter introduced the birthday star, the entire Penglai Hall immediately turned off the lights.

Then, a small yellow light was lit from the entrance of the inner stairs.

Immediately more small yellow lights turned on around the escalator.

And in it, a girl in goose yellow slowly walked down the stairs.

With the faint light, Dustin Zhou could only vaguely see what the girl looked like.

Although I don’t know what he looks like, he has a good figure, slender and straight, which is very attractive.

“Hey, Xiaoxin is pretty, don’t you have any weird thoughts about her!” Dustin Zhou was looking ahead, but Su Xiaomeng’s voice suddenly rang.

Immediately afterwards, Dustin Zhou felt a softness in his arms.

Looking down, Dustin Zhou found that Su Xiaomeng didn’t know when he pulled up his hand again.

“I’m not interested in such a small girl.” Dustin Zhou pulled out his arm and chuckled lightly.

In fact, without Su Xiaomeng’s words, Dustin Zhou would not have any strange thoughts.

After all, the other party is only a teenager, and I don’t know if he is an adult.

“Thank you, thank you everyone for coming to my birthday party.” Xiaoxin gently saluted everyone in the audience, her posture is very elegant, and her voice is softer.

Next, nothing more than some common things at birthday parties.

What thanks, what wishes… For these, Dustin Zhou is not interested at all.

In this gap, Zhang Hui approached Dustin Zhou and discussed the follow-up matters of the whitening factor project. After learning about the follow-up preparations of Mingyang Company, he felt a little relaxed.

“Hey, the gift is coming soon, what kind of birthday gift did you prepare for Xiaoxin?” “Hey, I have prepared it, this time, I specially selected a pair of jade earrings, which I bought from Jade Pavilion Xiaoxin will definitely like it.” “Vulgar! Vulgar! How can an ordinary thing like jade be worthy of Xiaoxin? This time I found a piece of red coral for a big price, Xiaoxin will definitely like it.” …… Several people gathered together to talk in a low voice, with confident expressions on their faces.

“Xiaomeng, what gift have you prepared?” At this time, Huanhuan also looked at Su Xiaomeng and asked curiously.

“Hehe, I sew a sachet by myself. Xiaoxin said that no matter what I give, she will like it.” Su Xiaomeng said triumphantly, taking out a sachet from his pocket, in front of everyone Show it off.

However, when Su Xiaomeng took out the sachet, he suddenly drew a burst of laughter.

Not only Huanhuan, but everyone else also laughed.

“This is the gift Xiaomeng you prepared. Isn’t it too shameful?” “Yes, I sewed it by myself. This is too ugly. Even if it is for beggars, I am afraid that people don’t want it.” “Xiaomeng. , You’d better prepare a gift again. If you let Xiaoxin know that you gave her such an ugly thing, she will definitely be angry.” Several people looked disdainful, and each put the gift they prepared in a prominent position. Compared with Su Xiaomeng’s, the judgment is high and low.

“By the way, Sir Sir, what gift have you prepared?” Everyone’s attention turned to Zhang Jue again.

As Zhang Jue, who is of great status among the crowd, his gift is absolutely extraordinary.

“Huh! You have to watch, this is the gift I prepared!” Zhang Jue sneered, and carefully took out a wooden box from his arms, but the wooden box looked a little old.

“What is this, isn’t it just a piece of rotten wood?” Everyone was puzzled when they saw this wooden box, and even Huanhuan stared at the wooden box curiously.

“Huh! Unseen guy. Be optimistic, what the hell is this!” Zhang Jue said with disdain, and then straightly opened the wooden box to reveal the contents.

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes were deeply attracted, one by one looking at the things in Zhang Jue’s hand.

And Dustin Zhou was also curious, and after looking at it, he was suddenly attracted.

It was a jewel that was blooming in dark blue, and in this old wooden box, it was faintly glowing.

“Huh! This is the blue ocean! It was my dad’s effort to find it.” Zhang Jue said very proudly, enjoying the shock of everyone now.

“This is a Victorian treasure. The last time I heard Xiaoxin said that I liked it very much, I specifically asked my dad. No, I only got it last week. It was sent by the owner of Jade Pavilion.” Everyone was even more amazed at the introduction of “The Blue Ocean”.

Dustin Zhou also suddenly realized that when he went to buy gifts for Mira Xie and Xie’s mother, he ran into Zhang Hui and the manager of Jade Xuan.

“It seems that they were talking about this’blue ocean’ at that time.” However, before Dustin Zhou came out of his memories, Zhang Jue pointed the finger at him.

“Hey, you are here with Xiaomeng. Have you prepared any gifts.” Everyone looked at Dustin Zhou with curiosity, and looked forward to seeing what kind of gifts he could bring out.

Dustin Zhou heard the words, but he was a little embarrassed.

Before he came, he was worried about this. He was undoubtedly very rude if he didn’t prepare gifts for someone else’s birthday party.

“Hehe, don’t you not prepare gifts? Or, you just came to eat and drink for nothing?”

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