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Chapter 497

In fact, to be honest, after listening to Dustin Zhou’s words just now, Enderia Shen was a little angry about Jiang Yan’s experience.

Because she had felt this way before, she could feel Jiang Yan’s mood at the moment.

However, since Dustin Zhou gave Jiang Yan to himself, Enderia Shen felt that there was no problem.

After all, if you think about it carefully, you may only be the most suitable person to enlighten Jiang Yan.

“However, looking at her like this, tomorrow’s opening ceremony may not show up. You need to prepare early. Tomorrow’s opening ceremony still needs some changes, so I will take Ms. Jiang Yan back to the hotel first.” Enderia Shen Walking up to Jiang Yan, supporting Jiang Yan with Sister Ling, winked at Mira Xie and Chen Xin.

Later, Mira Xie and Chen Xin also followed and walked towards the hotel.

Seeing a few people leave, Dustin Zhou was also a little speechless.

He didn’t know what Enderia Shen meant to call Mira Xie and Chen Xin together.

Could it be that if Mira Xie and Chen Xin stay here, what accidents will happen?

What’s more, Mira Xie is his own wife, OK?

However, since Enderia Shen said so, Dustin Zhou was more at ease.

As for the opening ceremony of the branch tomorrow, Dustin Zhou was not too worried.

After all, on Christmas Eve tonight, the activities prepared by Wang Wei will be staged first.

With the popularity of Kong Hui in Liushi, Dustin Zhou believed that the effect would be very good.

Well, tomorrow’s opening ceremony, it is impossible to let that Kong Hui continue to participate in the performance.

Big deal, he will be charged a little more for the performance.

Anyway, Dustin Zhou didn’t want Jiang Yan in this state to come forward, and he couldn’t bear Jiang Yan to come forward at this time.

The Jiang family was able to do this to Jiang Yan because of her becoming the ambassador of the famous company. Even, as a father, Jiang Xingyuan not only slapped Jiang Yan, but also wanted to keep her from the Jiang family.

If Jiang Yan comes forward at the opening ceremony tomorrow, Dustin Zhou can’t guarantee that Jiang’s family will not do anything extreme.

At that time, whether Dustin Zhou and Wang Wei can stop them in time, they will have an irreparable impact on the opening ceremony.

That is what Dustin Zhou didn’t want to see.

And if Jiang Yan did not come forward, the Jiang family might not be so directly involved in the opening ceremony.

After all, since the Jiang family hasn’t targeted Dustin Zhou for such a long time, it is natural that they want to maintain the current balance instead of completely tearing the skin and turning both sides into enemies.

Since the Jiang family had such a mentality, Dustin Zhou would naturally not worry.

Soon, Dustin Zhou approached Wang Wei to tell that Jiang Yan could not come to the opening ceremony of tomorrow, and he could let Kong Hui come to the performance of the opening ceremony.

As for what happened to Jiang Yan, Dustin Zhou didn’t tell Wang Wei, because Dustin Zhou felt that Wang Wei didn’t need to know, and knowing it would not change the actual situation.

“Zhou, what happened to this?” But for Wang Wei, this is undoubtedly a shocking thunderbolt. He has even thought about it. Tonight’s Christmas Eve activities, we will invite Kong Hui to perform tomorrow.

At the opening ceremony, the presence of Jiang Yan as an ambassador on the platform will surely cause a sensation in Liushi and achieve a very large advertising and sensational effect.

But now, Dustin Zhou told him that Jiang Yan could not come tomorrow, and there was no reason, which made Wang Wei somewhat difficult to accept.

However, Wang Wei also knew that Jiang Yan was found by Dustin Zhou, and whether she would come was completely up to Dustin Zhou, and he was not qualified to ask.

But Jiang Yan couldn’t come. Even if he couldn’t say all of the reasons, he could at least explain one thing, let him have a general idea.

“The matter is a bit complicated and it has nothing to do with you. This is my business. However, if you let Kong Hui come tomorrow, you can give him a little more performance fee. I can reimburse him for this. You can go back and prepare.” Dustin Zhoubai Waved, did not elaborate, and did not intend to elaborate.

After the notice, Dustin Zhou was still a little worried, and walked towards the hotel.

Suddenly, only Wang Wei was left in the lounge.

Wang Wei’s face was a little ugly, and he was a little dissatisfied with Dustin Zhou in his heart.

Obviously, he said something good before, and even a few hours ago, he asked Dustin Zhou specifically if Jiang Yan could appear tomorrow.

At that time, Dustin Zhou told him confidently that Jiang Yan would definitely appear.

But now, Dustin Zhou said that Jiang Yan could not come tomorrow, and when he asked Kong Hui to perform, he overturned what he had said before, and he didn’t even say the reason why Jiang Yan could not appear.

This is obviously because Wang Wei is not in his eyes. Even, in Dustin Zhou’s mind, his Wang Wei may not count at all. He is just a beggar who follows him to eat some leftovers?

“Wang Wei, what’s the matter, what about Mr. Zhou?” “Yeah, let me say that Mr. Zhou went out just now, and he is back now. Where is he? We still have some things to confirm with him.” … right here At that time, several people who had partnered with Wang Wei walked in. Everyone had an expression of joy on their faces, and there was excitement in their eyes.

The Liushi branch will open tomorrow. As partners, they are naturally the owners of the Liushi branch.

When I think of Mingyang’s hot sales in the East China Sea and the Changsha flagship store, everyone is already fantasizing that the Liushi branch, as the first branch of Mingyang in Hunan Province, will be hot in the future.

Lots of banknotes, as if they were no longer needed, rushed towards their pockets.

“What’s the situation? Wang Wei, what’s the matter with you?” Seeing that Wang Wei didn’t say anything, everyone realized that Wang Wei’s face was very ugly, with a hint of anger.

At this moment, everyone was surprised.

The branch will open tomorrow. As the largest partner, Wang Wei has the most

Shares, it should be the most open line, why is it an angry, even decadent look.

Who provoke Wang Wei?

“Jiang Yan can’t come tomorrow.” Wang Wei’s face is still not very good, and there is some dissatisfaction in his tone.

But what he said fell in the ears of everyone, but it was like a bolt from the blue sky, making everyone speechless in shock.

After a long time, someone exclaimed.

“What’s the situation?” “Isn’t it true?” “Wang Wei, where did you know that, did Jiang Yan tell you?” “Isn’t it impossible? Zhou Zong said before, Jiang Yan must Will it come?” “Is there any misunderstanding, Wang Wei, or else, let’s check with Mr. Zhou.” “Yes, Jiang Yan is the ambassador of the famous company, and she signed with Mr. Zhou before. In the contract, it seems that there is also an obligation to publicize our Liushi branch. If she does not come, will she breach the contract?” …

Chapter 498

Everyone talked in a rush, and everyone’s face was puzzled.

After all, Jiang Yan, as the ambassador of Mingyang Company, was proactively found by Dustin Zhou and signed a contract.

Furthermore, a few hours ago, Dustin Zhou assured them that Jiang Yan would definitely appear at the opening ceremony tomorrow.

What’s more, why didn’t they get any news that Jiang Yan would not appear, but Wang Wei was able to know, or even confirmed it?

“Let’s go, Wang Wei, let’s ask Mr. Zhou together, this should be a misunderstanding.” Someone stood up, pulled Wang Wei, shouted at everyone, and was going to ask Dustin Zhou for confirmation.

“Enough, this is what Mr. Zhou told me!” Wang Wei was so upset by everyone’s words that he slammed away from others, with a sullen expression and a dissatisfied voice.

In this tone, he seemed to be expressing his dissatisfaction with Dustin Zhou.

Moreover, there is also a meaning of complaining in front of everyone.

Don’t talk about it anymore, Dustin Zhou just told me about Jiang Yan not coming!

There is a feeling of venting dissatisfaction in the heart.

“What?” “It’s impossible!” “Wang Wei, did you have your head caught in the door?” “Zhou Zhou is sure that Jiang Yan will appear, how could he say Jiang Yan will not come again?” … Wang Wei’s words made everyone stunned, looking at him stiffly, his face full of disbelief.

They couldn’t believe that Dustin Zhou told Wang Wei that Jiang Yan didn’t come.

This is completely different from what Dustin Zhou said before!

“This is what Mr. Zhou told me. He also asked us to find the performance guests again. He will pay for the extra expenses.” Wang Wei said coldly.

, A trace of dissatisfaction flashed under his eyes, and there was a trace of scrutiny in the eyes of everyone.

These people, although they are all partners with him, are now a camp, a partner in the trenches.

However, in what he said just now, he complained about Dustin Zhou, and even meant to be dissatisfied with Dustin Zhou.

Wang Wei didn’t think that among these people, none of them couldn’t hear it.

And maybe someone would secretly approach Dustin Zhou and Gaomi to seek more benefits for themselves.

This kind of possibility is possible in Wang Wei’s mind.

So now he wants to see who is most likely to become such a high-density person.

However, everyone was shocked now, and it was obvious that they had not recovered from what Wang Wei said just now.

Nodding satisfied, Wang Wei continued.

“I’m not dissatisfied with Mr. Zhou, but Mr. Zhou said it was too late, and just said that Jiang Yan would appear at the opening ceremony tomorrow, and now he said that Jiang Yan could not come. In his eyes, our Liushi branch Tomorrow’s opening ceremony is nothing at all.” Wang Wei looked around, seeing everyone’s expressions in his eyes, seeing everyone’s face look solemn and contemplative, nodded in satisfaction. .

“As for Mr. Zhou, I naturally listened to it. After all, our branch can safely go to today and usher in the opening ceremony tomorrow. But I think our branch is actually not that big in the eyes of Mr. Zhou. So in the future, if we have any problems in our branch, we should solve it ourselves, so don’t let Mr. Zhou be embarrassed.” Wang Wei said lightly.

Speaking of this, even if everyone was still immersed in what Wang Wei said just now, now they are gradually reacting.

Wang Wei wanted to take all the power of the Liushi branch in his own hands.

Although, it seems to be a matter of the Liushi branch, everyone will solve it together, so there is no need to report to Dustin Zhou.

But as the largest shareholder of the Liushi branch, Wang Wei has the greatest right to speak.

If there was no interference from Dustin Zhou and Mingyang’s headquarters and flagship store, then Wang Wei alone had the final say in the Liushi branch.

For an instant, everyone was silent.

Although everyone is a partner, the financial resources and energy invested in the construction of the Liushi branch are different.

More and less.

However, everyone is a shareholder of the Liushi branch, and they have a certain right to speak and have their own views and opinions on what happens in the Liushi branch.

What Wang Wei meant just now was clearly that he wanted to pick this big beam alone and wanted to make a statement.

Even the tone of his words was faintly dissatisfied and angry with Dustin Zhou.

Everyone thought in their hearts and thought about their own interests. Will the interests of other people conflict with their own interests… “Everyone, Zhou always

How many things need to be dealt with?

He might not be able to be completely busy with the things at the flagship store alone, let alone, he couldn’t stay in Hunan forever?

Sooner or later, he will return to the East China Sea. When that time comes, do you think Zhou always cares about the Liushi branch?

“In other words, in other parts of Hunan Province, branches in other cities are also opening one after another. Do you think Mr. Zhou will still focus on our Liushi branch?

“Wang Wei saw the looks of the people, and probably could understand the people’s thoughts, and continued to entice them with one sentence. For the Liushi branch, Wang Wei’s ambitions were very large at the beginning. However, Dustin Zhou had a lot of energy before. At the Liushi branch, Wang Wei is also very careful. Dustin Zhou is the head everywhere, and his meaning is the main thing. However, in fact, the Liushi branch has nothing to do with Dustin Zhou. In terms of image point, the Liushi branch is more important. It’s like a franchise store of Mingyang. And he Wang Wei is the big boss of this franchise store, and Dustin Zhou is just a brand owner, and he has no right to interfere in the affairs of the franchise store. Now, Dustin Zhou does not treat him In his eyes, Wang Wei overturned the promise he had made before in a few hours. This made Wang Wei firmer in his idea of ​​seizing power by himself. Now that everyone is there, he wants to say something. Be nice and put all the responsibilities on Dustin Zhou. After all, Jiang Yan, as an image ambassador, attending tomorrow’s opening ceremony is something everyone has prepared long ago, and has been repeatedly assured by Dustin Zhou. Now Dustin Zhou suddenly said, Jiang Yan can’t come tomorrow. Is this taking all the previous efforts of everyone as a matter? Or, that Jiang Yan became the ambassador of Mingyang Company, just a name you Dustin Zhou used to please her. “My. The meaning is here. Mr. Zhou is no longer concerned about the opening ceremony tomorrow. I also decided that the Christmas Eve activities tonight will continue. I will tell my classmates that he will also come to the performance of the opening ceremony tomorrow. of.

“As for the cost, I will cover it all in one hand, and it won’t cause trouble and burden to President Zhou.

“As for everyone, everyone is on the same boat now. How will the opening ceremony of the Liushi branch tomorrow be done? To a certain extent, it determines the starting point of the Liushi branch and its position in all other branches that will open soon. Therefore, everyone must Work together to do a good job tomorrow’s opening ceremony!

“Now, if you have any tasks, you will arrange them individually. All the tasks will be done in accordance with the previous arrangements. I will let my classmates come for the performance tomorrow.”


Chapter 499

What is the truth! After speaking, Wang Wei looked at everyone again, took a deep breath, and then slowly left the lounge.


Now that he has said this, then tomorrow’s opening ceremony must be done well to cause a sensation.

Therefore, there are still many things that Wang Wei needs to do, arrange, and coordinate.

After Wang Wei left, the lounge was quiet.

Everyone looked at each other.

They don’t know why Wang Wei suddenly said such words. What does it mean?

Do you want to be in control?

Or do you want to make a statement?

In the eyes of everyone, Wang Wei’s move clearly meant to make a statement.

Without Dustin Zhou’s attention, without the headquarters

Concerned, Wang Wei, as the largest shareholder, has the greatest right to speak, so he can naturally say what he says in the Liushi branch.

“You said, Wang Wei did this, what did he think? Is it really because Jiang Yan can’t come tomorrow?” “It’s not easy to say, but I think what Wang Wei said just now is right. After all, Mr. Zhou and the others It’s impossible to stay in Hunan Province all the time. It’s always going to return to the East China Sea. That Roar, the Liushi branch, including other branches in Xiang Province, must be managed by their respective planners.” “But what this kid meant by Wang Wei, Obviously, it was because he invested the most in the beginning, and wanted to make a statement. Will we all have to listen to him when there is a disagreement?” … For a while, the lounge fell into silence again, and everyone frowned. I keep analyzing the current situation and the possible future situations in my mind.

No one can think that Wang Wei can lead the Liushi branch on the right path.

Moreover, it now appears that Wang Wei has a lot of grievances against Dustin Zhou. In this way, once everyone has a disagreement in the future, Wang Wei is likely to make many bad choices because of the most Dustin Zhou’s grievance.

Especially, whether Dustin Zhou was in Donghai or Changsha, several projects had many successful experiences for reference.

Regarding these successful experiences, Wang Wei is likely to ignore Dustin Zhou’s reasons and insist on going his own way, causing irreparable losses to the Liushi branch.

“What should I do?” “Yes, do we want to support Wang Wei?” “Or, let’s go to Mr. Zhou to report this situation?” … Some people hesitate and some are silent.

The state Wang Wei is showing now makes everyone feel embarrassed.

On the one hand, they and Wang Wei are partners, and they can be regarded as people standing on a boat in the Liushi branch.

On the other hand, Dustin Zhou and Mingyang’s headquarters will bring them great help, and not only before, but also in the present, or in the future, they are both a powerful backing.

After all, they have almost no foundation or backing in Hunan Province.

It is said that there is a cooperation with the Zhang family, but once they really encounter something, will the Zhang family help?

Or the Zhang family itself will create some difficulties for them.

It was the same as when they encountered a group of gangsters asking for five million protection fees during the renovation of their branch.

These are all possible.

At that time, if they can get the support of Dustin Zhou and Mingyang’s headquarters, then their confidence will be more sufficient.

“Leave it alone. Let Wang Wei do what he wants to do. Let’s do our own business first. The branch has not officially opened yet.

It’s not clear yet. It’s useless to think so much now. When the follow-up situation becomes clear, let’s talk about it!

“At this time, Ye Fang, who has the second largest share, said in a deep voice. As the eldest sister in everyone’s minds, Ye Fang’s status in everyone’s hearts is quite high. If it weren’t for Ye Fang’s foundation in the East China Sea, it would be difficult to divide. With some financial resources to support her in doing things in Hunan Province, the largest shareholder of the Liushi branch will not be Wang Wei, but Ye Fang. “Since Sister Fang said so, let’s do it.

“No problem, after all, no matter what, Mr. Zhou is still very caring for us. As for Jiang Yan’s matter, I think something must have happened, otherwise Mr. Zhou could not have said that.

“Okay, then we will go back now, Sister Fang, if you have any ideas, you must tell us.

“… With Sister Fang’s words, everyone did not hesitate too much, and left one by one, making the final preparations for the next Christmas Eve activities and tomorrow’s opening ceremony. And Ye Fang looked at everyone one by one. After leaving, there was also a faint smile on her face, but there was a hint of sarcasm flashing through her eyes. But she did not let others see. When everyone left, Ye Fang cleaned up the lounge, and then slowly Came to the underground garage, drove an inconspicuous car, and drove to the hotel where Dustin Zhou was staying….In the hotel. Enderia Shen took Jiang Yan to his room, while sister Ling, Mira Xie, and Chen Xin also followed Enter the room. The eyes of several people are on Jiang Yan. They can indeed feel that something is wrong with Jiang Yan. On the way from the branch to the hotel, Jiang Yan has not spoken, and there is no mood swing. There is no change in expression on her face. Just like the expression when she first appeared, Jiang Yan seems to be in a static state from beginning to end, and nothing outside has any effect on her. “Just Dustin Zhou said. , I think it should not be specific enough, right?

I wonder if Sister Ling has anything to hide?

“Enderia Shen looked at Jiang Yan seriously, looked at Sister Ling suddenly, and said with a chuckle. Intuition told her that there was nothing wrong with what Dustin Zhou said, and there was nothing wrong with his mood and state at the time. So, what Dustin Zhou said was indeed Ling. The sister told him. But Enderia Shen could hear that there were several loopholes in Dustin Zhou’s words, or they were logically unreasonable. But Dustin Zhou might not have noticed either, so when he said it, he just said it. But , Enderia Shen knows that as the witness of the whole thing, Ling Jie must know more concretely. Moreover, if Ling Jie is really good for Jiang Yan, then she will definitely tell herself


Sure enough, after Enderia Shen looked at Sister Ling and finished speaking, Sister Ling’s expression was abnormal for a moment.

Sister Ling’s eyes dodge slightly.

, There was no time to look at Enderia Shen at the first time.

“Sister Ling, I know you must be very concerned about Jiang Yan, and now Jiang Yan has gotten into the tip of the horns. If this continues, if she is too late to get out, it will hurt her very much. What Dustin Zhou said just now is really not true. It’s too big a problem, even he himself didn’t find any problems.” “But one thing, as someone who has a similar experience with Jiang Yan, I found that there are several loopholes in what Dustin Zhou said just now, and this should be Ling. Sister, did you hide something deliberately?” Enderia Shen looked at Sister Ling with piercing eyes, and said in a deep voice.

Mira Xie and Chen Xin also looked at sister Ling.

They had no such experience, nor did they hear any loopholes in what Dustin Zhou said just now.

But since Enderia Shen said so, she must have her reasons.

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