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Chapter 1088

Dustin Zhou simply said a few words.

The first sentence, bring more people over.

The second sentence is the address of Mira Xie’s home.

To be reasonable, Mira Xie’s house is in a very ordinary

In the community, let Tiger Lord bring more people over, the trouble is actually a bit big.

But it doesn’t matter if it is bigger. Anyway, Dustin Zhou didn’t do anything against his will.

If you make a lot of noise, you can better shut up some people who should.

Soon, Lord Tiger brought someone here.

More than a hundred people.

Among them, there are more than 30 martial masters!

Master Tiger didn’t understand what had happened, so he left more than a dozen martial masters in the Xu family. The others, including those disciples of the Xu family who approached the martial master infinitely, were all brought by him.

This lineup quickly alarmed all the high-level forces in Donghai City.

Soon, all the big and small families rushed over.

Two people on the fringe of the family, Feng Kaishan, father of Feng Gongzi, and Li Dahai, the former richest man in the East China Sea, also rushed over.

In the end what happened?

Can the Xu family launch such a big battle in one go?

And, so blatant?

“Give me three minutes.” Dustin Zhou hung up the phone coldly, and then walked to the window.

“Boy, what do you want to express?” Even at this time, Young Master Feng was still a little stiff.

“Okay, even if you can fight, you can beat the few people I called.” “But you know, I called these people, I didn’t want to fight you at all! I just wanted to show you your identity Significance!” “Look at my identity, you can call so many people with just one call.” “If I’m serious, I can actually call more, I can call hundreds of thousands, you Even if you can fight again, can you beat so many people?” Feng Gongzi said endlessly from behind.

Dustin Zhou turned around and made a silent gesture at him, “Shhh, keep quiet.” “I said, wait for three minutes.” “Hmph, you don’t understand what I mean!” “What can I do if I give you three minutes?” Young Master Feng got up from the human wall, walked slowly behind Dustin Zhou, and followed him standing in front of the window and looking out.

Gradually, the other people in the living room also slowly stood up, all standing behind Dustin Zhou, and then looking out.

It was as if it had magical powers. Dustin Zhou beat them so violently just now, and now suddenly became quiet, looking out the window as if something would happen at any time.

This aroused their curiosity, so these people all stared out the window, trying to see what would happen.

In this way, three minutes gradually passed.

A team of luxury cars suddenly drove in in the unremarkable neighborhood just now.

Very long fleet.

There are a full thirty or forty cars, and all of them are luxury cars, with the lowest Audi level.

“This, what’s the situation?” Finally

Yu, a Xie family couldn’t help but speak out.

Are those luxury cars related to Dustin Zhou?

This is impossible. How could Dustin Zhou mobilize so many people on one call?

But these luxury cars did drive towards them.

There were already few parking spaces in the community. Dustin Zhou sat on the window sill and silently lit a cigarette, watching those cars look for parking spaces like headless flies, and finally parked them all.

Immediately after that, people in black got off from the cars, and they rushed in towards their building with training.

“Could it be that Dustin Zhou really called it?” Someone muttered to himself.

Footsteps soon sounded from the stairs. Headed by Lord Tiger, the people in black stood in two rows and came to this crowded living room.

“Mr. Zhou, what happened?” Master Tiger glanced around in the living room and walked up to Dustin Zhou and asked respectfully.

Dustin Zhou turned his head and glanced at him, then smiled slightly and said, “It’s okay, let me delay you a little bit, stay here with me for a while.” Lord Tiger was a little confused, and after looking at the people around, he didn’t say anything.

But these Xie family members were all shocked.

These people were all called by Dustin Zhou!

Dustin Zhou, how could there be such a great ability?

Master Feng was also a little surprised. It seemed that Dustin Zhou was really not a fool.

But he was not too surprised.

Although this team is luxurious, if he does his best, he can bring out such a team to help himself.

It’s just that he always looked at Lord Tiger a little familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen him.

“Is this the person you called?” Feng Gongzi swallowed and said.

At this time, he had begun to face Dustin Zhou squarely, thinking that Dustin Zhou had the capital to make peace with him.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t just smile, and didn’t directly answer his question, “This is indeed part of it, and there should be more later.” Although Dustin Zhou only made one call, the call was too high-profile, so he completely You can predict what will happen next.

After receiving such a high-profile call from Dustin Zhou, Master Tiger would naturally mobilize all the strength of the Xu family.

This move is bound to set off a stormy sea.

So, interesting things are yet to come.

Sure enough, as soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, a luxury motorcade squeezed into the community.

Obviously, this luxury motorcade is the one that can’t find a parking space, but he can’t get out because there is a motorcade behind this motorcade.

After the convoy stood in a deadlock for half a minute, those people opened the doors one after another, simply threw the car in the middle of the community, and ran towards Dustin Zhou’s building.


There was a steady stream of people squeezing forward.

This time, Master Feng couldn’t sit still completely.

In this first batch, thirty or forty vehicles and more than one hundred people came.

But what the hell is the situation behind this?

Why are there so many people?

As far as they could see, they were already full of luxury cars, but judging from the continuous crowd from behind, the caravan actually didn’t know how many kilometers it had lined up!

“Well, these people are all you called?” Feng Gongzi was a little scared.

What kind of monster did he encounter this time!

Dustin Zhou smiled again and shook his head slightly and said, “I said these people were indeed all called by me, do you believe it?” Young Master Feng nodded and shook his head again.

He nodded because of his intuitive judgment. No matter how you look at it, these people seemed to be rushing towards Dustin Zhou.

Shaking his head because he thought this kind of thing was too fake.

He was so fake that he couldn’t believe it.

Dustin Zhou also shook his head, “Indeed, not all of these people were called by me.” “But it’s funny. They should be here for me. Oh, yes, your dad should be here too, do you believe it? “

Chapter 1089

“Me, my dad?” Feng Gongzi’s Adam’s apple was surging up and down, and he stammered. Usually, when he mentioned his dad, he was very confident and proud.

But this time, he felt scared for the first time.

It seems that his omnipotent dad not only can’t bring him any sense of security, but his dad will also be planted here.

He finally realized that Dustin Zhou in front of him was definitely not what he expected.

Dustin Zhou’s level is probably far beyond his imagination.

Soon, there were footsteps on the stairs again, and another group of people broke in.

At this time, almost can’t stand in the living room.

Some people in black who were guarding the gate had to be driven out.

Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun walked over side by side.

They saw Lord Tiger first.

“Master Tiger, what is going on, such a big battle?” Master Tiger did not speak, but pointed at Dustin Zhou with his chin.

Seeing Dustin Zhou sitting on the windowsill smoking a cigarette, the expressions of Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun quickly became serious.

They stepped forward, bending over with respectful expressions, “Mr. Zhou!” “Did something happen this time?” Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, “Actually, there is nothing wrong, mainly because I want you to be a witness.” , You have to take a look, are there two middle-aged people waiting outside the door… Well, how should you describe them?” “It should be the richest and second richest in Donghai City.” Hearing this, Feng The son “cocked” in his heart.

The second richest in Donghai City, isn’t that his father!

Can’t it be him

Dad is really here?

But he did not dare to speak.

Su Shiming agreed and passed the order on.

At this time, the people who can stand in this bedroom are basically the patriarchs of top families.

The slightly weaker clan patriarch is also a big figure who can call the wind and rain in Donghai City, so he can’t squeeze into this bedroom at this time.

Ordinary people like Li Dahai and Feng Kaishan, of course, can only squat in the corner and silently inquire what happened.

“Old Li, you have a lot of spooky ideas, can you tell me what is going on?” “We have lived so much, and we have never seen such a big battle in Donghai City!” Feng Kaishan said to Li Dahai .

Li Dahai frowned and said, “I really can’t see this.” “But obviously, there must be a big figure with hands and eyes in Donghai City.” “The structure of Donghai City is going to change. When he said these words, Li Dahai’s mind automatically filled Dustin Zhou’s careless image.

The hidden person, who seems to have never shown any young people in front of the public, can do this kind of thing?

At this moment, they suddenly received a notice from inside, calling them two to enter the room.

This makes them a little flattered.

Oh, the room inside can’t even be entered by the top patriarch of the second-rate family now!

Are they two ordinary people really OK?

But since someone called, it’s really OK.

The two people almost greeted all the way since they set foot on the corridor.

Because starting from this staircase, it seems to be the route divided by the power pyramid of Donghae City.

Every time you go up a flight of stairs, the identity of the person you encounter will increase.

Of course, the weakest are stronger than them.

The more they went up, the more they were frightened.

This is only the third floor, and the head of the second-rate family has already appeared.

What kind of existence are the characters in that room?

The two finally came to the room.

At the first glance they entered the room, they almost fell directly to their knees.

Donghai City’s first-class family ranked top first family, Su Shiming, the head of the Su family!

The former first-class family in Donghai City ranked the top first family, now the second-ranked family, Sun Qiankun!

In the room, these two big shots turned out to be!

What is even more exaggerated is that these two big men are still behind them!

The two of them stood slightly behind Tiger Lord, who was actually slightly protruding, showing his unique identity.

Could it be that… the legendary family head Xu of the hidden family?

Li Dahai and Feng Kaishan are two people. They know Su Shiming and Sun Qiankun, but they don’t know Lord Tiger, they just faintly.

The legend of Tiger Lord stopped by appointment.

Hu Ye appeared!

But Lord Tiger is still not the most extreme position in this room.

At the very end is a young man sitting on the window sill and smoking!

Dustin Zhou!

The moment he saw Dustin Zhou, Li Dahai’s heart was shocked, it was him!

Feng Kaishan didn’t know Dustin Zhou.

But he saw his son Feng Jinjing!

This is a big joke!

Why does his son appear in this room?

After the two came in, they didn’t even dare to breathe.

Dustin Zhou slowly exhaled a puff of smoke, then turned his head.

He first greeted Li Dahai, “Boss Li, meet again.” Li Dahai nodded consensually, “Zhou, Mr. Zhou.” Dustin Zhou turned his gaze to Feng Kaishan.

“Boss Feng?” Dustin Zhou asked.

Feng Kaishan also nodded in a solemn way, and replied like Li Dahai, “Mr. Zhou.” “Don’t be nervous,” Dustin Zhou jumped off the window sill and walked to him to tidy up his clothes. You are also the second richest in Donghai City, right? You still have to have some cards.” “No, dare not.” Feng Kaishan was about to cry.

Ask Dustin Zhou to arrange his clothes?

What a joke, he knelt down to polish Dustin Zhou’s shoes, isn’t it enough?

But now he hides and doesn’t dare to hide, so he can only bear it through gritted teeth, feeling that every second will lose his life for a year.

Dustin Zhou simply tidied up his clothes, then waved to Master Feng to let him come.

At this moment, how dare Master Feng refuse?

Can only come over honestly.

“This is your son?” Dustin Zhou asked softly.

Feng Kaishan looked at his son with a surprised look, then looked at Dustin Zhou, and suddenly admitted that it was not, nor did he admit it.

“What’s wrong, Boss Feng? You won’t even recognize your son, do you?” Dustin Zhou asked again.

Feng Kaishan cried directly. He would kneel down while crying, “Zhou, Mr. Zhou, I really don’t know what happened!” “If my son did something wrong, please let him go. Ah!” This scene seemed a bit familiar… Li Dahai thought of it with emotion.

Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, “Actually, your son didn’t do anything wrong.” “It’s just that he wants to teach me what status and identity are, so I’ll just learn from him.”

Chapter 1090

Dustin Zhou’s words can be said to have stirred up waves with one stone.

The people in the living room suddenly took a breath.

This Young Master Feng, isn’t it a bit too floating?

Teach Dustin Zhou what is status?

What is status?

This is Dustin Zhou’s status.

Which one of those present has a head

The big face, isn’t it about nodding and bowing in front of Dustin Zhou?

Feng Kaishan really broke down at this time.

“This, Mr. Zhou, this is really a misunderstanding. He is a child, you must not care about him!” Feng Kaishan cried and said.

At this time, Dustin Zhou hadn’t spoken yet, but Li Dahai next to him patted him on the shoulder.

“Old Feng.” Li Dahai shook his head and said, “Don’t say these are useless.” “If you are not a child, you are wrong. If you are wrong, you will have to pay the price.” Three days ago, my company.” Li Dahai didn’t finish his sentence, but Feng Kaishan already realized what it meant.

“Your company is not because of this?” Feng Kaishan and Li Dahai, as the richest and second richest among ordinary people, are of course good friends for many years.

Therefore, after Li Dahai’s company went bankrupt, he immediately found Feng Kaishan and discussed the way to make a comeback.

In fact, until just now, Feng Kaishan didn’t believe that Li Dahai’s company really went bankrupt.

It’s simply too illusory. What kind of big person can wipe out Li Dahai’s decades of struggle with his fingers.

But now he believes, and this kind of thing seems to be coming to him.

“Our situation is exactly the same.” Li Dahai sighed and said.

After speaking, Li Dahai looked at Dustin Zhou again, “Mr. Zhou, I want to understand what you have raised.” “I will work for you for ten years. Please restore my Dahai Clothing Group. At the same time, I Here, I want to plead with Lao Feng.” Dustin Zhou smiled slightly, glanced at these two people, and then said, “I have received your reply.” “But as for pleading, there is no need, because I didn’t plan to Do your hands on them.” Dustin Zhou grabbed Feng Gongzi and asked him, “Come on, now repeat your thoughts.” “Aren’t you going to tell me what status is?” “Now continue talking. Well, if you understand your status, what else do you have to say?” Young Master Feng was sweating coldly. He has never been so nervous when he grows up.

Are you kidding me, he taught Dustin Zhou the status?

What does he teach!

So he honestly said, “Mr. Zhou, it’s because I look down on people. I’m sorry, you just let me as a fart.” “That’s it.” Dustin Zhou was not surprised by Feng Gongzi’s answer. , Because of such a person, he has seen too much.

Anyway, his ultimate goal is not to bully this boring kid.

He is tired of facing such things. The reason for such a high-profile action today is to announce to the entire Donghai City that he Dustin Zhou is not a person who can

People bullied by the cartilage head.

Only by showing his fangs, can such a small person be completely eliminated.

So Dustin Zhou said again, “Since I don’t plan to teach me the meaning of status, let me talk about other things.” “What did you appear here for today?” “Do you give a gift to Mira? Two million,” It’s really generous, but has Mira agreed to accept your dowry?” Dustin Zhou said coldly.

As soon as this remark came out, it set off a stormy sea.

This Young Master Feng is really bold!

I want to give Dustin Zhou’s wife a gift!

Isn’t this playing a lantern in the toilet and looking for sh*t?

Of course, Feng Gongzi’s reaction is also predictable, and of course it is an apology, a mindless apology.

Except for an apology, he doesn’t even know what to do now.

“Okay, I’m tired of listening to your boring reason,” Dustin Zhou waved his hand coldly, “Since you know you are wrong, then disappear from here, remember, don’t show up in front of my eyes in the future.” After leaving Master Feng, Dustin Zhou looked at the relatives of the Xie family.

Next, this is the highlight.

“Now, do you have anything else you want to say?” “I want to take Mira away, do you have any comments?” Dustin Zhou asked.

The Xie family swallowed unanimously.

What else can they say?

Now, no one will doubt Dustin Zhou’s identity anymore.

Don’t look at who these people are!

Although most of them don’t know each other, Feng Kaishan and Li Dahai have heard of them!

And these two people who are unattainable and unattainable in their eyes, they have no place to speak in front of Dustin Zhou’s younger brother!

Doesn’t this show anything?

Dustin Zhou’s identity is absolutely far beyond their imagination!

“Hehe, that, Dustin Zhou, how can you say that.” “You are Mira’s husband. You are all certified. We are all a family. How could we stop you?” Immediately, just Someone licked his cheek and said.

To talk about these Xie family members, their hearts are really big enough.

After learning Dustin Zhou’s identity, their first reaction was not fear, but surprise.

This is great!

Dustin Zhou is so rich and is still Mira Xie’s husband. This does not mean that their Xie family will rise too!

Their only worry now is how they can establish a good relationship with Dustin Zhou.

“That’s it, our family, what do you say about those two families.” “Hehe, Dustin Zhou, don’t take what happened just now. The reason why we did that just now is actually for your own good!” In fact, none of us intends to separate you from Mira, we have already seen that you are

A talent, so we just want to inspire you and make you better!

“Now that you have been so successful, then we don’t have to waste this strength anymore. You, take good care of Mira!”

A group of Xie family members said one after another, and even laughed while talking, as if the atmosphere was really harmonious. Dustin Zhou was silent for a while, waiting for the group of Xie family members to calm down. And the group of Xie family members, it was indeed true. I found that Dustin Zhou’s state was a bit wrong. Why didn’t you speak for a long time? They closed their mouths. At this time, Dustin Zhou raised his head and slowly said, “Just now, who called my name?

“”My name, can you call it casually?”

“Which one of the people present is not a big man, no more standing than you, they all call me Mr. Zhou, what qualifications do you have to call me directly?”

“Dustin Zhou said coldly, and did not leave them the slightest affection.

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