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Chapter 1136

The fact that Lin Zhigang’s company was merged into Mingyang Company was actually just a method Dustin Zhou used to piss off his stepmother. Just Lin Zhigang’s broken company, even if it was given to Dustin Zhou. I don’t want to. Because I’m too lazy to take care of it, it’s not worth his energy to waste a company. It’s just that a company that Dustin Zhou looks down on is the lifeblood of his stepmother! So, Lin Zhigang hasn’t spoken yet. , The stepmother over there jumped up directly, “What are you talking about?

This can’t work!

This will never work!

” “Oh?

Why not?

What are you talking about?

“Dustin Zhou smiled slightly and asked. “Our Mingyang company is now expanding its business, and it happens that we are also involved in the jewelry field. It is obviously a wise move to merge the uncle’s company into our branch.”

“What’s more, everyone is a family. It is supposed to help each other. Don’t you keep saying that you want Ziyu to help your son?”

“Why do you start to say no when it comes to uncle’s company?”

Dustin Zhou looked at his stepmother with a smile on his face. Yes, this was his plan. Not only was he trying to make the stepmother return without success, he had to fight back. Not only did he not give the stepmother money, he also asked Lin Zhigang for money! Dustin Zhou understands that the best way to deal with such a wicked person is to do so, so that they can also experience the feeling of facing a bad person. The stepmother was speechless by Dustin Zhou’s words, after all, Dustin Zhou’s words are true. She is true. There is no right to stop this merger. When the stepmother did not speak, Dustin Zhou continued to speak, “Uncle, do you have any comments?

“Ziyu is the chairman of Mingyang Company. You should trust your daughter. Merging your company into Mingyang Company will only benefit you without harm, right?

” “it is good!

I agreed!

“Lin Zhigang agreed without even thinking about it, and he was very happy. Why are you not happy? As Dustin Zhou said, he believed in his daughter and gave up his company. It was profitable and harmless. ! “No, no!

This is absolutely impossible!

“The stepmother jumped out again, “Your famous company is already so big, so what are you doing with our small company?

Are you still human?

“The stepmother is like a shrew

Said cursingly.

But now she, the general trend is gone, and what she said has become some ridiculous remarks without the slightest weight.

“By the way, Auntie, do you have a say in this matter? Is the company yours? Uncle is willing to cooperate with us, what are you?” “To put it bluntly, you have never created any value in your entire life. God wants to ask for it from others, and you have to pretend to be very righteous and awe-inspiring.” “If you are really righteous and awe-inspiring, you will shut up honestly for me today about this matter!” “Uncle’s company, us. It’s accepted. As for the benefits of uncle, we won’t lose a penny, but I suggest giving it all to Ziyu, and Ziyu will distribute it to uncle in batches.” “Or, if there is any place where uncle needs money. , You can also take the initiative to apply with Ziyu.” Dustin Zhou proposed a once and for all outbreak.

As long as this method is appropriate, the stepmother will never make trouble again.

After all, all the money is in Lin Ziyu’s place. No matter what money the stepmother’s family needs, they must come to Lin Ziyu to apply.

What do they dare to fool around?

Lin Ziyu directly cut off their source of income for nonsense, you see that they are not honest!

Lin Zhigang promised this condition again, and the stepmother could only collapse on the sofa in despair.

Because she knew that no matter what she said was too late at this time.

She has lost everything.

“I seem to have said that you can only stand, who let you sit on the sofa?” At this time, Lin Ziyu drove her off the sofa again.

The stepmother was stunned for a moment, the loss on her face became more intense, and she stood up like a soulless walking dead, without speaking.

To be reasonable, the stepmother’s state looks a bit pitiful.

But none of these people at the scene was in the mood to pity her.

It is unceremonious to say that she will end up like this, and she did it all by herself, no one is to blame.

“Rethink about what you have done before? Sometimes, the retribution is not that the time has come, but that the time has not arrived.” Dustin Zhou opened the door of the office and made a gesture of seeing off the guests.

As for whether the stepmother will reflect on herself, this is not something Dustin Zhou should consider.

In short, he solved Lin Ziyu’s biggest worry, this is his most important goal.

After sending away his stepmother and Lin Zhigang, Lin Ziyu looked very happy, smiled at Dustin Zhou and beckoned, “Yes, young man, there are two things.” “Come and sit down, let this chairman praise you well. Seeing Lin Ziyu’s skillful movements, Dustin Zhou lost consciousness for a moment.

It’s so alike, exactly like Enderia Shen


Dustin Zhou smiled and shook his head, then sat on the chair opposite Lin Ziyu, tidied up his suit and said, “Mr. Shen, this is what I should do. It is my honor to help you.” Lin Ziyu smiled suddenly. However, she frowned her good-looking brows, and looked at Dustin Zhou with some discomfort, “What’s the matter with you? Are you sick again? Why are you calling Mr. Shen again?” When Dustin Zhou went crazy last time, she announced Lin Ziyu to the whole company. Lin Ziyu was angry when he was a fake chairman, and the real chairman should be a woman named Enderia Shen.

She even felt that Dustin Zhou was deliberate, but later discovered that Dustin Zhou’s spirit seemed to have really gone wrong, and when he returned two months later, he seemed to start to recognize himself.

But what is going on now?

Why did you call yourself Mr. Shen again?

Lin Ziyu was unhappy, very unhappy, after all, her feelings for Dustin Zhou were actually very close to Enderia Shen’s feelings for Dustin Zhou.

Just imagine, if Enderia Shen saw that Dustin Zhou suddenly didn’t recognize him, and kept saying that he should not exist, but should be replaced by another woman, what would it be like?

Lin Ziyu feels this way at this time, “Dustin Zhou, are you going to end there!” “If you are really sick, go see a doctor, OK, don’t pretend to be crazy and be stupid with me!” Dustin Zhou lowered his head and laughed bitterly. , He looked at his cuff and shook his head, then raised his head again and said, “Well, Mr. Lin, I made a verbal mistake just now, so don’t care about me.” “But I still want to say something Say.” “Have you ever thought, what if all of what I said becomes a reality?”

Chapter 1137

That’s right, this is the purpose of Dustin Zhou rushing over today.

Helping Lin Ziyu solve the troubles of her stepmother was actually just a handy of Dustin Zhou.

The real purpose of his coming to Lin Ziyu was to test Lin Ziyu’s mental state and give her a vaccination.

Because Dustin Zhou thought of something very serious.

Now she pretends to be integrated into this world and leads a normal life with Lin Ziyu.

But sooner or later he will rescue Enderia Shen. At that time, Enderia Shen has returned to Mingyang. What should Lin Ziyu do?

Dustin Zhou didn’t know if Lin Ziyu’s memory would be restored at that time, but if Lin Ziyu’s memory can’t be restored, then the memories of the entire famous company can’t be restored.

In other words, even if Dustin Zhou rescued Enderia Shen, no one in this world really knew Enderia Shen.

People only know that Dustin Zhou found a woman who looked exactly like Lin Ziyu.

Such as

At that time, Dustin Zhou decided to rely on force to restore Enderia Shen to her rightful position.

He would forcibly drive Lin Ziyu out of Mingyang, and then let Enderia Shen sit back as chairman.

Don’t think that Dustin Zhou is just a second shareholder, but if he really wants to do it, this kind of thing is not difficult.

After all, all the resources of the famous company are basically accumulated for him.

As long as Dustin Zhou said a word, Lin Ziyu immediately became a polished commander, and a new famous company was established, with Enderia Shen as chairman.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou knew that if he really did something like this, Lin Ziyu would be very sad.

Because in Lin Ziyu’s heart, she is Enderia Shen himself, and Enderia Shen does not exist in the world. Only Lin Ziyu alone is Dustin Zhou’s boss and the woman who has had many stories with Dustin Zhou.

But Dustin Zhou suddenly found another woman to replace her, how would Lin Ziyu collapse?

At the beginning, Dustin Zhou always avoided this problem subconsciously.

But later he discovered that in fact, this problem could not be avoided at all.

He will face this problem sooner or later, so it’s best to test what Lin Ziyu is thinking about first.

“Mr. Lin, don’t get excited, I mean what if.” “If there is such a situation, one day I brought a woman, who looks exactly like you, and has exactly the same personality as you, even the tone of voice is the same. It’s exactly like you.” “I said I was not crazy. I said that the woman I brought was named Enderia Shen. She was the chairman of the famous company. You are just a substitute for her. What do you do?” Hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Lin Ziyu blinked, as if digesting what the words meant.

Finally, she wanted to understand. The first reaction was a wave of her big hand and she said indifferently, “Impossible, where are you going to find such a woman, who is as beautiful as the president, and what kind of character and speech? The tone is the same as the president.” “Can you find a second woman like this president?” Dustin Zhou understood that Lin Ziyu was actually trying to tell a joke to ease the atmosphere in the office.

Because of the situation described by Dustin Zhou, she felt fear.

What the hell is that?

A woman who is exactly the same as yourself appears out of thin air, and then tells yourself that that woman is who you are, and that you are just a fake?

If I am a fake, then who should I be?

Lin Ziyu didn’t want to think about this question, so he answered this way.

But Dustin Zhou stared at her straightforwardly, forcing her to face the question, “Mr. Lin, I’m not kidding.”

At that time, Lin Ziyu realized the seriousness of the matter.

“Dustin Zhou, what are you telling me? Do you know something?” Lin Ziyu asked.

Dustin Zhou shook his head, “You don’t need to worry about these things, now you continue to treat me as a mental illness.” “But you can face this problem a little bit.” “If I really bring back a woman named Enderia Shen, Are you willing to give her a position? Are you willing to make her the president of a famous company?” Lin Ziyu was also taken aback, and she also looked at Dustin Zhou seriously.

After a while, she slowly spit out two words from her mouth, “No.” “Dustin Zhou, listen to me, I don’t know what you have experienced, or what you saw, but you know what Why should I be replaced by a woman who I don’t know from somewhere?” “Mingyang was founded by me! All the employees in it, including you, we are here step by step! Now! You pulled an inexplicable woman, and you want to replace me? Why? Why do you tell me?” Dustin Zhou shook his head and said in his heart that it was not for Enderia Shen to replace you, but to let the family return to their original position.

You are the inexplicable woman.

But he didn’t say this, because what he said was a bit hurtful to be reasonable.

And there will be these things today. In fact, for Lin Ziyu, she was not at all wrong, because she did nothing, but someone changed her memory and gave her a brand new life.

In other words, she was also a victim because she completely lost her previous memories.

She has lost herself, and what she now has is completely the memory of Enderia Shen. She has become another Enderia Shen.

So if possible, Dustin Zhou is really unwilling to hurt this Lin Ziyu.

But he had no choice.

“Well, I have received your answer,” Dustin Zhou stood up and tidied his clothes, “but you also have to be prepared, if that day really comes, maybe I will stand on her side.” This can be regarded as a vaccination.

Dustin Zhou thought.

There is only so much he can do.

After speaking, even he felt that the space here had become depressed, and wanted to escape from here quickly.

But at this moment, his sleeve was suddenly pulled.

“No, Dustin Zhou, no, don’t stand on her side.” Lin Ziyu looked at Dustin Zhou with a slightly begging look, “Why? Why on earth? Have you forgotten all the past between us?” “You said you had Mira Xie, and I would admit it, because Mira Xie knew you earlier than me.” “But you are messing around now.

A woman will replace me when I am pulled out. What’s the matter?

“While talking, Lin Ziyu actually cried out, “Dustin Zhou, I beg you, don’t abandon me!”

Chapter 1138

Lin Ziyu was very emotional, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but feel a little softened. Actually, think about it, Lin Ziyu is actually a very poor person. What did she do? She didn’t do anything, she just thought she was Enderia Shen, she was completely integrated into the role of Enderia Shen. Now, Dustin Zhou told her that there was another Enderia Shen, and she was a fake character. This made her How can you accept it? This probably means, let her disappear out of thin air, no matter who it is, she will panic at this time. But Dustin Zhou has nothing to do. Lin Ziyu is not wrong, but Dustin Zhou can’t apologize to Enderia Shen. Best. The way to do this is actually to help Lin Ziyu and help everyone find their memories. As long as they can find their memories, Lin Ziyu will become his own Lin Ziyu and return to the life she should have originally. After a while, the president feels disappointed, so don’t care about Dustin Zhou. “You don’t need to be excited,” Dustin Zhou can only say, “The current situation may not be so good.

“But I promise you, I will do my best to find the best solution.”

Dustin Zhou left after all, leaving Lin Ziyu in the office alone. She looked at the door of the empty office and suddenly turned her head and said, “Mad.

“Why are you vying? How can there be another Enderia Shen in the world? It must be Dustin Zhou who is crazy, how can I follow him? If Dustin Zhou really finds Enderia Shen to take his place, it will prove My memory has really been modified. If that’s the case, it doesn’t make sense to pester Dustin Zhou, after all, he and he are not people in the same world. Lin Ziyu shook his head and took this idea away I threw it out in my mind. And Dustin Zhou here, when he got home, he got through the phone with Master Tiger. “Master Tiger, how is your development?

“Dustin Zhou asked indifferently. “Mr. Zhou, everything has developed according to plan, and even exceeded expectations.

“Now the Zhou Group’s assets in the Imperial Capital have reached more than 100 billion. Although it is not as good as Donghai’s famous company, it is still a group called Shanghao.”

“Hu Ye replied respectfully. “Of course, our biggest shortcoming is that we have risen extremely fast. It can be called the biggest dark horse in the imperial capital in the past ten years, and it has attracted the attention of many people.

“Hu Ye said with some worry. Two months ago, Dustin Zhou accompanied him.

Starting from the day Lin Ziyu finished the East China Sea business exchange meeting, Lord Tiger also started to act.

With all the martial masters of Donghai City, went to the imperial capital.

The power of the Xu family, the hidden family, is itself a great power in the entire East.

Coupled with Dustin Zhou’s economic support, this incognito team has gathered an unimaginable force.

With their basic strength, they can slap all families except the four major families of the Imperial Capital!

What concept is this?

It is true that ordinary people cannot imagine, so this incognito team has quickly risen.

There are countless people who want to make trouble for them, of course, the consequences are nothing.

It is conceivable that the full strength of the Xu family can be called the first family under the four major families.

And the scale of their business is around tens of billions.

The people who trouble them are at the level of some second-rate families.

How could these second-rate families be Tiger’s opponents?

So so far, Tiger’s development has been smooth.

But maybe he was too sharp, and soon attracted the attention of other superpowers.

For example, the four major families of the Imperial Capital.

No way, their rise is too strong, and their name is too fascinating, Zhou Group.

In the imperial capital, it would be self-evident what it meant to be called Zhou’s Group and still have such strength.

But the situation in the Imperial Capital is a little different from other places.

Perhaps it was because at the feet of the emperor, no matter how powerful a family was, they did not dare to be too arrogant. Therefore, among the four major families in the imperial capital, there was no internal fighting and chaos, they were rather peaceful.

Headed by the Zhou family.

So when the four major families of the imperial capital noticed Dustin Zhou’s Zhou group, they quickly held a meeting. The result of the discussion was a bit surprising. The Zhou family didn’t even know how the Zhou group came.

“Is it for rapid development, so deliberately named such a name, want to use the Zhou family’s reputation to rise?” Li family said.

“I think this is possible in 80% of the time, so this approach is quite unorthodox!” The Wang Family also said.

“In fact, because nothing matters anymore, since the Zhou family doesn’t know this Zhou group, then this group has made it clear that it is taking advantage of the loopholes. What we have to do is to teach them how to behave!” The Xuanyuan family said very domineeringly .

In the end, the opinions were unified. The four big families took the action personally, and they would know the Zhou group for a while.

What is shocking is that the four big families made their first shots and they were defeated!

Of course, the meaning here is not to say that the four big families are not the rivals of the tiger and the Xu family. In fact, any one of the four big families can be slapped against the Xu family.


It’s just that they are careless.

After all, in their eyes, although the rise of the Zhou Group is rapid, in the final analysis it is just a small and influential role.

They randomly dispatched more than 20 martial masters to the Zhou group.

More than twenty martial masters, even if placed in the imperial capital, are comparable to a first-line family.

The Sun Family, the first family in Donghai City, has six martial arts masters, and any first-line family in the imperial capital has more than 20 martial arts masters. This is the gap.

Of course, these twenty-odd martial arts masters were not yet Huye and Xu family opponents, so they were defeated.

In the past two days, the four major families did not make another move.

At exactly this time, Dustin Zhou called, and Lord Tiger explained the real situation and his concerns.

“Mr. Zhou, although our development is very fast, I think we are indeed a bit too ostentatious.” “That’s the four big families. We all dared to let them go home with their own actions. It’s already a big deal.” “We are too focused. Although the four big families have not made a second shot yet, I can guarantee that when they make a second shot, it will definitely not be simple. There are more than 20 martial arts masters.” Hu Ye said his worries.

But Dustin Zhou was very calm, “It doesn’t matter, because I’m going to the imperial capital.”

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