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Chapter 842

(2) But soon, he also realized that he too It was not Dustin Zhou’s opponent at all, so he turned his attention to Asher Chen and began to question Asher Chen. He hoped that Asher Chen could persuade Dustin Zhou based on the relationship between the two more than ten years ago. However, since Asher Chen already knew that Xue Donglai was obstructing them Seeing the reason for seeing the old man Zhou Weitian, naturally would not help Xue Donglai. Moreover, today’s Xue Donglai is no longer the Xue Donglai that Asher Chen had known more than ten years ago. Asher Chen’s heart was as calm as water, and he didn’t even bother to respond to Xue Donglai’s questioning. In response, he glanced at Xue Donglai faintly, and took Sun Lian to follow Dustin Zhou and walked directly outside. Seeing Dustin Zhou and the three of them leave the office directly, even if they bothered to ignore themselves, Xue Donglai was angry. Extreme. However, he has nothing to do except anger. This is the office building of Shuntian Wharf. Yes, but he is not covering the sky alone. After all, there are people above Xue Donglai who can restrain him. But because he is affected. Father Zhou Weitian’s three sons’ orders are here to prevent anyone from seeing the father and everything has to be reported to them, so Xue Donglai has been on the first floor of the office building. In this way, he can complete the task more perfectly. But today , But for the first time he met someone who couldn’t open his eyes and insisted on seeing the old man. Xue Donglai was trembling with anger, but he had nothing to do with his skill., He was not Dustin Zhou’s opponent, just that hand, Xue Donglai knew. If he desperately obstructs Dustin Zhou, if he really makes a move, he will probably end up miserably. “Damn, you want to see the old man, I don’t believe it, you Asher Chen dare to contradict Wei Shao!

Xue Donglai looked sullen and murmured fiercely, and immediately began to call. He wanted to report what had just happened to the person who ordered him. As for whether it added fuel and jealousy, everything depends on Xue Donglai’s mood. And now, he Is in a very bad mood. “Hey, Westbrook!

“… Xue Donglai called the so-called Wei Shao to report the situation here. Dustin Zhou and the three naturally didn’t know. But even if they knew it, I’m afraid they wouldn’t care. They just didn’t know who secretly instigated Xue Donglai, if so When the other party showed up on their own initiative, that was a good thing for Dustin Zhou. At this point, the three of them had already arrived on the eighth floor of the office building. The office building of Sainty Wharf has ten floors, and the father of Zhou Weitian’s

The office area is on the eighth floor.

All the way to the eighth floor, Dustin Zhou and the others did not encounter any hindrances, and even very few people checked.

Compared with the inspection intensity of the Tiandi Financial Building, this is not on the same level at all.

“It’s nothing strange.” Seeing Dustin Zhou’s doubts, Asher Chen began to explain.

When it comes to understanding the Tiandi Financial Building and the Sainty Wharf, Dustin Zhou is naturally inferior to Asher Chen, so Asher Chen explains that Dustin Zhou is naturally willing to listen.

“First of all, the nature between the two is different.” “The Tiandi Financial Building is mostly financial institutions and companies, there will be a lot of financial transactions, and even there is a lot of cash, and it is in the city center, with many people. There are so many people coming and going. Naturally, it needs to be stricter.” “And this Shuntian Wharf is on the edge of the river, so the flow of people is naturally much smaller, and most of the people who come to this office building are here. Those who deal with matters have a very close cooperation with Sainty Wharf, and other people will not come here, so there is no need for too much inspection.” “Of course, there is a more important point, that is the two Zhou elders. The attitude of Zhou Weihai is different.” “Master Zhou Weihai has no heirs, and there are not a few people who have ideas about him, while Zhou Weitian has three sons. Not to mention that no one will have any thoughts about him. Even if you have any ideas, you must first Crossed the threshold of his three sons.” Asher Chen said slowly.

“Threshold?” Dustin Zhou asked softly. He could generally understand what Asher Chen explained just now, but he was still more puzzled about what Asher Chen just said that someone had ideas about the two old men.

Dustin Zhou didn’t know what Asher Chen was referring to when someone had thoughts about the two old men.

“Well, this is actually easy to understand. Like the two Zhous who have been with high authority in Zhou’s family, there are naturally not a few people who want to get involved in relationships, and they are most able to get the support of the two weeks to make the most of it. There is nothing better for this relationship than to be the sons of two old Zhous. Although they are not biological, the godson is also a son.” “Like the assistant of the old Zhou Weihai that we saw at the Tiandi Financial Building before, that Zhou Shiming, He is the godson of the old man, and working with him, naturally, the tide will rise and the boat will be like a fish in the water. Even if the old man fails one day, he will definitely be arranged well and will not make him worry about the rest of his life.” Asher Chen explained. .

After saying this, Dustin Zhou immediately understood.

Feelings There are still people rushing to become godsons.

But after thinking about it, Dustin Zhou quickly understood.

Someone wants to be

Being the godson of another person is nothing new since ancient times.

As long as there are benefits and can bring enough benefits to people, then what is the disadvantage of recognizing this godfather?

Just like in ancient times, many powerful ministers and eunuchs often come to worship godfathers, wanting to be godsons.

And everyone doing this is nothing more than one wants something and the other wants something.

Zhou Weihai and Zhou Weitian, two elders, are both high-ranking people in the Zhou family. They don’t say anything, but at least one word, the entire Zhou family must be treated with caution.

Therefore, there are naturally many people who want to cling to the relationship and become godsons of the two old men.

As for Zhou Shiming, Dustin Zhou also had a deep impression. He and Asher Chen should have been old friends for many years.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou didn’t expect Zhou Shiming to be the godson of the old man Zhou Weihai. He hadn’t noticed it at all.

However, these have no effect on him.

Whether the two old men have any godsons does not affect Dustin Zhou, and it is impossible for Dustin Zhou to rush to worship the two old men as godfathers.

The three of them went all the way to the eighth floor.

However, the eighth floor is very different from other floors.

There are many people walking on other floors, or the staff, or some people who come to handle the business, it is more noisy.

However, the eighth floor, the floor where Mr. Zhou Weitian’s office was located, was extremely quiet.

There seems to be a barrier that isolates all the noise downstairs.

Chapter 843

“It’s so quiet?” Dustin Zhou was a little surprised, but they didn’t care too much. After all, it was the old man’s office area, and it was normal to be quiet.

After searching, Dustin Zhou and the others found the office where Zhou Weitian was located.

However, they were not seen alone outside the office.

This made Dustin Zhou wonder.

It stands to reason that with Zhou Weitian’s status and his age, there can be no one outside the office.

However, the actual situation now is like this. Outside the office, there is really no one.

If something happened to the old man inside, the consequences would be unpredictable.

“There was no movement inside.” After listening for a while outside the office, Dustin Zhou did not hear any sound inside.

“Boom boom boom.” After knocking on the door a few times, Dustin Zhou and the three people waited peacefully outside the door.

If the old man was inside, he would have a little reaction to the knock on the door.

However, time passed by minute and second, three minutes passed, there was no sound in the office, and Dustin Zhou knocked on the door three times intermittently.

However, there was no reaction at all in the office, as if no one was in there at all


“Who?” At this moment, a scolding sounded from not far away.

Immediately afterwards, there was a sound of footsteps coming towards Dustin Zhou and the others.

“Who are you guys, what are you doing here? Don’t move!” A small group of security guards surrounded them and surrounded the three of Dustin Zhou. There was no loophole at all.

Dustin Zhou was a little surprised. He did not expect that there were security guards on the eighth floor.

Moreover, Dustin Zhou looked at a small group of security guards, completely different from those in the lobby on the first floor.

If it is said that the security guards in the lobby on the first floor are all hungry, and they seem to be sullen and scornful.

Then the small team of security guards who appeared at this moment were more serious.

, Each of them was wearing security uniforms, tall and majestic, looking at Dustin Zhou’s trio with vigilant eyes.

Even, they all pulled out their swing sticks. As long as Dustin Zhou and the others moved, they would shoot directly without hesitation.

Dustin Zhou was speechless, and looked at everyone again calmly, confirming that this team of security guards should be elite.

At least, Dustin Zhou also felt a strong momentum from them.

This momentum has actually been felt when Dustin Zhou was in Hunan province before, when he fought against the Zhang and Jiang family nursing homes.

“Don’t get me wrong, we came to Zhou Weitian.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, trying to behave as harmless as possible to humans and animals. He came today to discuss important matters with Zhou Weitian, not to trouble him.

If it really gives a bad impression to Zhou Weitian, and he will refuse his request, then some of the gains outweigh the gains.

“Misunderstanding? What’s the misunderstanding? How could the three of you appear here? Where is Xue Donglai?” The security guard looked at Dustin Zhou and screamed. He didn’t relax for a moment because of Dustin Zhou’s explanation just now, but stared at Dustin Zhousan. people.

When he heard the security guards say this, Dustin Zhou had a heartbreak, looking at these security guards a little wrong.

Now they even ask Xue Donglai, are they all in the same group?

Xue Donglai blocked anyone who wanted to see Mr. Zhou Weitian on the first floor. It was good for him to succeed. Once he failed, then these security guards would block those who wanted to see Mr. Zhou outside the office.

Even these security guards do not hesitate to join forces.

In just an instant, Dustin Zhou became vigilant and protected Sun Lian with Asher Chen. They didn’t want to wait for the security guards to harm Sun Lian after the conflict.

“Xue Donglai? We have already told him, and he also agreed, otherwise how could we be here, right?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, trying to confuse the security guards.

“Hehe, you really think we are all fools

If it fails, dare to trespass and take it all!

“The leader gave an order, and the security guards rushed towards Dustin Zhou’s trio regardless of their concerns. Their team of security guards, plus the leader, made a total of thirteen. From their point of view, they should learn from Dustin Zhou. Three people, especially a woman, is not simple and easy. “Huh, it seems that if you don’t show a little strength today, you won’t see the old man.

Dustin Zhou yelled, and he didn’t hesitate immediately, and directly chose to strike back. Since the other party did this, and started to do it for no reason, then they would naturally not ask for it. “Go away!”

With a low shout, Dustin Zhou directly counterattacked. The twelve security guards originally thought that the cleaning up of Dustin Zhou’s three people was a matter of hand, but when Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen started to counterattack, everything seemed to be different. Even, even. Asher Chen didn’t take any action, just guarding Sun Lian on the side, and relying on Dustin Zhou alone, he already blocked all the twelve security guards in front. Boom! Boom! Just a few minutes, all the 12 security guards Dustin Zhou fell to the ground, one by one pale, and screamed again and again. And Dustin Zhou was not soft at all, and his shots were quick and accurate. Every move was directed at the opponent’s key parts, trying to destroy the opponent with one blow. of

Combat effectiveness.

Therefore, these twelve security guards, at this time almost all the arms of all people are abolished.

And seeing this scene, a trace of panic flashed across the face of the leader of the security team, and his gaze at Dustin Zhou became extremely shocked.

He didn’t expect that there were a total of twelve security guards on his side, plus himself, there were 13 people in total, and the other party had only three people, and one was a woman, and his side was defeated in an instant.

“Have you ever thought about the consequences of doing this? Jay Chou blamed it, the huge East China Sea, there is absolutely no place for you!” Zhang Seli, the security team, saw that he was not the opponent at all, so he had to carry out Mr. Zhou Weitian, thinking Use this to deter the opponent.

It’s a pity that what he said was nothing to Dustin Zhou at all.

This group of security guards are clearly the same as Xue Donglai, and their so-called protection of Mr. Zhou Weitian, I am afraid that more of it is surveillance.

There are Xue Donglai on the first floor, and security guards like them on the eighth floor. The double protection is to prevent strangers from seeing the old man Zhou Weitian, thereby threatening his three sons.

“I don’t know if there is a place for us in the huge East China Sea, but I know, if you still don’t get out, then you don’t want to leave today, just stay here!” Dustin Zhou said coldly. Hands on.

“Hold on, I’ll get out, I’ll get out.” The security captain quickly begged for mercy, walking downstairs with a pee in his butt.

However, when he was about to leave, he suddenly turned to look at Dustin Zhou, his face full of hideousness.

“You wait for me, Westbrook will not let you go!”

Chapter 844

Dustin Zhou stood quietly on the spot, and did not pursue him.

Because the security team leader said a person’s name just now, Dustin Zhou was lost in thought.


Could it be that this is the person who instigated them behind the scenes, who instructed him to be unfamiliar with Zhou Weitian’s three sons, so Dustin Zhou didn’t know who the Wei Shao was in the other party’s mouth.

“Wei Shao is Zhou Lao’s second son. He is about the same age as me. He is very ambitious. Among the three brothers, he is the most ambitious.” Asher Chen walked over and said softly.

He didn’t expect that the person behind the scenes would be Zhou Wei.

“Well, since no one is obstructing him, let’s see if the old man is in the office.” Asher Chen patted Dustin Zhou’s shoulder lightly and said lightly.

“Yeah.” Dustin Zhou replied, knocking on the door again.

However, this time, Dustin Zhou had just knocked on the door, and a voice came from inside.

“Come in, we have no locks.” Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen looked at each other, and they both saw a touch of shock from the bottom of each other’s eyes.

Before they continued

After knocking on them three times, there was no movement or reaction in the office. They thought there was no one in the office.

And just now they clashed with the small team of security, and there was still no movement in the office.

But now, when he knocked on the door again, a voice came from the office.

Moreover, listening to the voice, it seemed to be the voice of an old man.

Father Zhou Weitian?

Dustin Zhou stopped hesitating immediately and pushed in directly.

When the three of them entered the office, they saw an elderly man over seventy years old, sitting vigorously behind the desk, leaning on the chair, and looking at the three of Dustin Zhou who walked in with a smile.

This is Mr. Zhou Weitian?

Dustin Zhou looked at the old man with only this thought in his heart.

The only person who can be in this office, and who fits everything well, is only Father Zhou Weitian.

“Hehe, good come, good come. Come, sit down.” The old man Zhou Weitian looked like a kinder person, and he let the three of Dustin Zhou sit down with a smile.

Naturally, Dustin Zhou and the three would not refuse, and they just sat on the sofa aside, looked at Mr. Zhou Weitian, and took a closer look.

Dustin Zhou felt a little strange.

In his guess, how could he be extremely angry if he was arranged by his son like this, and even arranged two insurances to monitor him.

But now it seems that the old man doesn’t seem to care at all, but he is cheerful, as if nothing happened.

“Old Zhou, you are…” Asher Chen took the lead. After all, he had met Zhou Weitian before. Unlike Dustin Zhou, he had never seen Mr. Zhou Weitian before and couldn’t speak to him.

“Hehe, ASher, I didn’t expect to see you in the East China Sea. That’s good.” Zhou Weitian met Asher Chen and said with a smile, but didn’t mention his own situation.

This scene also made Asher Chen feel a little heavy.

He didn’t expect Zhou Wei to be so towards Zhou Weitian, and the old man had no opinion at all.

Even, Mr. Zhou Weitian must have known what happened today, but he didn’t mention that Quandang never happened.

Does the old man want to protect Zhou Wei?

Just as soon as he had such a thought in his mind, Asher Chen directly denied it.

Although he didn’t have much contact with the old man Zhou Weitian, he still had a good understanding of the old man.

When he was still in the capital, he also had contact with the old man many times and heard of many deeds of the old man.

From those deeds, Asher Chen also knew that the old man Zhou Weitian was actually a person who could not tolerate sand in his eyes.

But now… Asher Chen was silent, instead of continuing to speak, he turned his gaze to Dustin Zhou.

Right now, Dustin Zhou should be asked

Come to play.

And Asher Chen’s every move all fell into the eyes of the old man Zhou Weitian, he was also a little surprised, the kid Asher Chen looked at just now, who is it, how do you feel that they came this time, it was headed by that young man.

For Asher Chen, the young man, Zhou Weitian naturally knows that the company of the Chen family in Beijing was also a man of action in Beijing more than ten years ago.

But later because of a woman, I went to the capital, but I didn’t expect that, but came to the East China Sea, and now, he came to his office.

Dustin Zhou felt Asher Chen’s gaze, and thought slightly in his heart.

He doesn’t know much about the old man Zhou Weitian, so he can’t analyze the old man comprehensively.

However, facing the current situation, Dustin Zhou knew one thing.

That is the father and son in the world, almost all have in common.

In Dustin Zhou’s view, the reason why the old man Zhou Weitian didn’t mention Zhou Wei was most likely because he didn’t want to deal with his son, and he was also voluntarily arranged by Zhou Wei.

Dustin Zhou felt very tricky for a while, making a fuss and going crazy, wanting to find a breakthrough.

As time passed, Dustin Zhou did not speak for a long time.

Asher Chen and Sun Lian looked at each other, their faces full of worry.

If Dustin Zhou can’t persuade Zhou Weitian, then their purpose for coming today will have failed, and it will be a big blow to what they will do next.

“Master Zhou Weitian, introduce yourself. My name is Dustin Zhou. I don’t know if you know, we can sit here and see you, but we have passed two barriers.” “The first one is on the first floor. Xue Donglai obstructed us. See you.” “The second way is just outside the office and was obstructed by those security guards. I think you must know it.” “However, these obstructions are not just for us, all those who want to see you, I’ve encountered such obstruction.” “I don’t know if you know, who is preventing others from seeing you?” Suddenly, Dustin Zhou said a lot of words, and he didn’t hide the facts. speak out.

At this moment, Asher Chen and Sun Lian were both surprised and speechless.

And Zhou Weitian was also shocked, his face was full of surprise, and he did not expect that this young man would say these things.

Moreover, these words are facts, there is no lie.

However, Zhou Weitian didn’t know what Dustin Zhou said these words for and what purpose.

“I don’t know, I don’t know what you are talking about, ASher, are you looking for me, is there anything? If so, just say directly, if I can help, I’m happy to help.” Zhou Weitian quickly changed the subject.

Haha, old man, you know whose arrangement this is, because it was your second son, Zhou Wei, who arranged these by himself. The purpose is to prevent others from seeing you, and his purpose for doing this is probably not that simple. Right.

“If I didn’t guess wrong, he did this for…” Before Dustin Zhou finished speaking, the old man Zhou Weitian suddenly drew in a low voice. “Shut up!”

Stop talking!

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