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Chapter 791

Xu Wei and Xu Ran looked at each other, and they could see a little bit of horror in each other’s eyes.

Obviously, the two did not expect that Dustin Zhou was not only surrounded by a martial master, but two martial masters.

The two didn’t know whether these two martial masters were all Dustin Zhou’s hole cards, or that there were some hole cards that Dustin Zhou did not show.

And these two possibilities, Xu Wei and Xu Ran’s attitudes will be different.

If Dustin Zhou only had these two martial arts masters, then even if the two parties cooperated, they would not be the opponents of the Xu family’s current line at all, and the tone would expose himself. It would be better to attack Dustin Zhou directly first.

However, if Dustin Zhou has other cards, maybe they have to consider the issue of cooperating with Dustin Zhou and how to cooperate.

“Are you Dustin Zhou?” Xu Wei’s position in this line is slightly higher than Xu Ran, so this time, Xu Wei is the main subject.

“Yes, you said you want to discuss matters today, don’t you even know who you want to discuss with?” Dustin Zhou said lightly, not caring about Xu Wei’s initial questioning.

With such a method, it is completely meaningless for Dustin Zhou to decide the difference between the two sides before the discussion.

He wouldn’t be a bit weaker in momentum because this is the Brilliant Hotel and the two martial masters sitting opposite him.

One point is weak here, one point is weak there, weak come and go, and in the end, Dustin Zhou will be led by the nose.

And this is definitely not what Dustin Zhou wants to see.

“Well, we all know what you told Ahu, but I don’t know how confident you are to say that…” Xu Wei didn’t care about Dustin Zhou’s attitude.

When they reach their level, they dominate people with their aura from the beginning, but fortunately, they don’t care so much about getting enough benefits in subsequent negotiations.

After all, if they really want to cooperate with Dustin Zhou, the enemies of both sides are the same, but the purpose is different.

Dustin Zhou just wanted the Xu family to stop being his enemy.

And they want to enter the Xu family and become the main line of the Xu family.

After Xu Wei finished speaking, he glanced at Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng intentionally or unintentionally, and the meaning was very obvious.

If you Dustin Zhou only have such a handful of cards, then sorry, we

It is impossible to achieve cooperation between them, and we even have to consider whether to keep you, lest you tell the Xu family about the things here.

And if you have other cards, don’t hide yourself, just say it, so that everyone has a bottom line, and the subsequent negotiations will go smoother.

“Hehe, that’s right, what I said to Lord Tiger earlier is what I really meant and what I want to talk about today.” Dustin Zhou chuckled and continued.

“However, as I said before, we can cooperate and defeat the Xu family together. I can completely eliminate the hidden dangers, and you will enter the Xu family and become the main line of the Xu family.” “But what do you use to cooperate with us? Just these two martial masters? I’m afraid I’m not enough!” Xu Ran suddenly said, his voice was a bit cold, obviously he was a little dissatisfied with Dustin Zhou’s sincerity.

In Xu Ran’s view, since Dustin Zhou had spoken first and wanted to cooperate with them, at the very least, he had to show enough sincerity and the strength to make them shine.

But Xu Ran did not see it.

Xu Ran didn’t care about the words of just two martial masters.

Although their line suffered a lot of trauma more than ten years ago, there are now more than a dozen martial arts masters, and this is still not the opponent of the main line.

And even if the two martial masters on Dustin Zhou’s side were added, they were still not opponents of the main line.

So they were not very willing to cooperate with Dustin Zhou and take this risk.

Had it not been for Master Tiger to say a lot of good things in the family before, Xu Wei and Xu Ran would not even come to see Dustin Zhou.

Dustin Zhou naturally understood Xu Ran’s disdain.

There are two martial masters, Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng, around him, which is not a small deterrent for ordinary people, even for first-class families like the Su family.

However, for a hidden family like the Xu family, even for the line that suffered heavy losses due to the defeat of the battle, the two martial masters are not enough.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t panic at all.

The two martial masters, Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng, are nothing but a flag of Dustin Zhou to show his strength.

“Two martial masters? Then you look down on me too much. If I only have two martial masters, do you think I will come to you for cooperation stupidly? Don’t I know, don’t say two, even if it is Three, four, together are not the opponents of Xu Ran’s line?” Dustin Zhou squinted at Xu Ran, and the corners of his mouth opened slightly, as if he was silently mocking Xu Ran.

“Oh? Listening to you, it seems that there are many martial masters on your side? I don’t know where they are? Can I take a look and confirm it.” Xu Ran said coldly, a little unhappy with Dustin Zhou’s attitude.

Hum, it’s still

There is no cooperation, just this attitude, if cooperation, will not go to heaven?

However, a tough attitude requires a corresponding strength match.

However, in Xu Ran’s view, Dustin Zhou currently does not have this strength.

Unless, Dustin Zhou called out the remaining martial masters in his mouth, let Xu Wei and Xu Ran take a look and confirm.

“Hehe, you’re such a big tone, I didn’t say anything, you just let me call the martial master to show you, why, you are ordering me?” “Besides, even though you are part of the Xu family , But I don’t know what your current strength is. Then why don’t you call out all the martial masters in your line, let me see it too, and know what you know?” Dustin Zhou said ironically, looking at Xu Ran’s eyes were full of disdain.

Dustin Zhou had great hopes for today’s meeting.

But now, it seems that the two people from the Xu family’s line seem to be not so inferior.

Xu Wei looked like a silent old man, who didn’t talk much.

Xu Ran looked a little domineering. Maybe it was the strength of the Xu family that made him a little bloated. He felt that they were still in the Xu family and didn’t recognize the current situation of himself and his line.

Dustin Zhou can be sure that if people in the Xu family line are like Xu Ran, then the Xu family line will never be the opponent of the Xu family line.

Nowadays, even the main line of the Xu family is about to be born, competing for resources in the East China Sea, and this line that failed miserably back then still wants to be conservative and comfortable.

“Presumptuous! Do you know who you are talking to? Believe it or not, as long as I say a word, you can’t get out of this door today!” Xu Ran was furious, got up angrily, and pointed Dustin Zhou’s nose as a curse. His face flushed and looked a little upright.

Chapter 792

Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng were already on guard when Xu Ran got up angrily.

As long as Xu Ran dared to make a move, the two of them would fight back with thunder.

Needless to say, Niu Chuan is 100% loyal to Dustin Zhou.

As for Zhou Feng, Shui Bingyue ordered it directly, and he must not violate this order.

If Dustin Zhou had any mistakes in front of him, Zhou Feng would not dare to imagine what the eldest lady would do. At that time, even if he was a martial master, there would be no good fruit.

But now, the atmosphere in the office suddenly became tense, and a few invisible coercion permeated the office.

Master Tiger also saw his scalp numb. He wanted to persuade him, but he knew that the matter had been entrusted to the two elders Xu Wei and Xu Ran. The reason why he was able to sit here was only because Dustin Zhou was the most It’s him who started to come in contact

Listen, you can provide some advice when appropriate.

But the key is to look at the two elders Xu Wei and Xu Ran.

But now, they haven’t discussed anything yet, Xu Ran and the other two martial masters are at a standstill, in a posture that they will shoot directly in the next second.

Elder Xu Wei was even more motionless, with no waves on his face, as if the tension between Xu Ran and Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng simply did not exist.

Master Tiger was secretly anxious, his brain was running fast, thinking about how to resolve the tension in front of him.

“Okay, Xu Ran, you sit down, the visitor is a guest, what are you doing?” At this moment, Xu Wei suddenly spoke, with a very plain tone.

And Xu Ran also recovered in an instant, and sat back again, not even a trace of the fierce aura he had just now.

Upon seeing this, Niu Chuan and Zhou Feng also sat back to their original positions.

Both sides were expressionless, as if nothing happened just now.

Lord Tiger looked at this scene, feeling a little confused.

Just now, he was arrogant, making him think that both sides would really do something, but now, in a blink of an eye, it seems that nothing happened on both sides.

Lord Tiger tilted his head slightly and looked at Xu Wei, suddenly feeling excited.

It must be Elder Xu Wei!

The words of Elder Xu Wei just now caused the tension between the two parties to collapse instantly.

Since Elder Xu Wei did this, at least he didn’t want to work with Dustin Zhou and the others here. If this is the case, then it is necessary to continue the discussion, and there is also the possibility of the two parties successfully reaching cooperation.

Thinking of this, Lord Tiger couldn’t help feeling hot.

If he can return to the Xu family and become the main line of the Xu family, then he may one day break through and become a martial master.

“Little friend Dustin Zhou, we should be friendly and have the same purpose. Don’t make the atmosphere so tense.” Xu Wei said with a light smile, looking at Dustin Zhou with very deep eyes.

This made Dustin Zhou a sneer in his heart.

It sounds good, but it was clear that Xu Ran was the first to stir up the tension just now, and now he has thrown the pot on Dustin Zhou’s side, where Dustin Zhou is willing.

“Hehe, what Elder Xu Wei said is that if Elder Xu Ran wasn’t so excited just now, I think we can explain this thing more thoroughly.” Dustin Zhou sneered and threw the pot back directly, and it was The kind that is very determined.

“Well, if that’s the case, then we will talk openly and honestly. It’s not impossible for us to cooperate, but if there are only two martial masters here, then I can understand that Dustin Zhou is just Want to use us to achieve your goals?” Xu Wei smiled faintly, with a wise aura on his face, as if

What he said here makes sense, and it is impossible to refute it.

If Xu Wei was saying these things to a normal person at this time, then maybe he could succeed.

But it is a pity that Xu Wei is saying this to Dustin Zhou.

For someone with a ghost in his heart, Dustin Zhou didn’t care about Xu Wei’s words.

Just want to use you, so what?

This time, for Xu Wei and the others, the opportunity is very rare.

This was also an important part of Dustin Zhou’s ability to win the support of the Su family.

As long as Dustin Zhou completes this link, it is not impossible to get the support of not only the Su family, but also other unwilling families, and even the Sun family.

In this world, there are no eternal friends and enemies, only eternal interests.

Yes, Dustin Zhou had a bit of grievances with the Sun family, but he was facing something like the Xu family

When they exist, their goals are the same, so maybe they can abandon their previous suspicions and reach cooperation to fight the Xu family together.

Dustin Zhou had considered all these in his heart.

“Naturally not, Martial Master, the number I can call is naturally inferior to yours, but it will not be less than this number.” Dustin Zhou stretched out a hand and slowly opened five fingers.

And this fell in the eyes of Xu Wei and Xu Ran, and both surprised them.

Are these five?

No less than five?

Although it is not as large as their current number of martial masters, if there are five, together, there may be a certain chance to deal with those people in the Xu family’s main line.

Suddenly, Xu Wei and Xu Ran were a little moved.

Of course, the main reason for their enthusiasm was that Dustin Zhou cooperated with them, but he didn’t need to share anything from the Xu family. His purpose was simple, that was, he didn’t want the Xu family to trouble him all the time.

“If this is the case, we can talk about the aftermath of the cooperation in detail.” Xu Wei said lightly with a slight jaw.

And Xu Ran’s gaze at Dustin Zhou no longer looked down upon it as he did at the beginning.

One person has more than five martial masters in his hands, so the strength will be very strong, and this will be a strong line in their Xu family.

“…” Next, the two parties conducted a consultation on some things after the cooperation, and some action steps, so that both parties can accept, and at the same time, they can support each other in the face of the suppression of the Xu family’s main line.

“By the way, if you can, I still hope that you can send two martial masters, let me borrow them temporarily, maybe I can find more martial masters.” Dustin Zhou suddenly said, looking at Xu Wei with far-reaching eyes. .

He didn’t know what Xu Wei thought about this idea, and whether he would agree with it, but one thing is that Xu Wei really wants to revive this pulse.

“No! Two martial masters? What do you want to do?” Xu Ran disagreed first before Xu Wei spoke.

In his opinion, even if the two martial masters are not that important to their lineage, they are also very precious.

Any original martial master is a valuable


If these two martial masters were transferred by Dustin Zhou, it would be too late for them to regret what happened.

“Yes, I promise you.”

Chapter 793

The office seemed quiet for a moment.

Dustin Zhou looked at Xu Wei in surprise. He never thought that Xu Wei would still agree to Dustin Zhou’s request when Xu Ran directly said it was impossible.

Xu Ran was stunned and glanced at Xu Wei sideways, her eyes full of puzzlement.

“Xu Wei, you…” Xu Ran pointed at Xu Wei, her voice a little angry.

He did not expect that he was the first to reject Dustin Zhou’s request, but Xu Wei agreed to it again.

You know, Dustin Zhou’s request is very unfair to them.

They didn’t even see Dustin Zhou’s confidence, and they had to send two martial masters to follow Dustin Zhou’s dispatch.

What does it mean?

They Xu family rushed to Dustin Zhou and let him command it?

Although they came out to discuss matters with Dustin Zhou this time, everything was mainly Xu Wei, but Xu Ran’s position in this branch is not low, and he has a lot of say in the family.

“Do you know what you are talking about?” Xu Ran whispered.

At this time, he couldn’t take care of all the orders headed by Xu Wei before he came out.

“Xu Ran, I’ll be responsible for things here, so don’t say more.” Xu Wei glanced at Xu Ran slightly, said lightly, and then looked at Dustin Zhou, smiling again on his face.

“Little friend Dustin Zhou, we can agree to your request. However, there are only three days. In three days, we hope you can surprise us.” Xu Wei’s words are very serious, and there is no joking on his face. meaning.

Dustin Zhou was silent in his heart.

He naturally knew what the surprise Xu Wei was talking about.

Just now Dustin Zhou stretched out a hand and said that the number of martial masters he could call was no less than a palm.

The number of one palm is five, and if it is not less than the number of one palm, then the minimum is five.

There are only two martial masters on Dustin Zhou’s side, and the eyes of the Xu family, which are naturally not allowed to enter the Xu family, are of little significance to the Xu family, and have no effect on the result.

However, if it is five, or more than five, then the Xu family will take it seriously.

The five martial masters, plus what they have now, even if they can’t quickly defeat the people of the Xu family’s main line, they are still in a stalemate with them for a long time.

But Xu Wei’s words meant he had made a decision, and Xu Ran’s words just now didn’t count.

As the principal of this discussion, Xu Wei naturally has the right to speak with his family.

“Don’t worry, as long as you don’t hide your personal information when the time comes, just go all out.

“I don’t know, our family is not that strong, we can only rely on their first-class families.

“You said, the Sun family has such a tough attitude, where do they come from?

“I don’t know. Actually, I think the Ding family’s proposal is very good. We don’t do anything. Could the Xu family take care of us?”

But don’t forget that this is modern society, and the secret family style has long been out of fashion.

“Oh, this thing is really hard to say, we just wait and see how it changes.”

“… Dustin Zhou listened to the people whispering, and suddenly began to think about it. It seems that many people already know the news of the birth of the Xu family. Dustin Zhou doesn’t know if the news was discovered by the families themselves, or the Sun family. The purpose of the Ding family’s announcement to the public is to arouse the panic of many powerful families and thus give them a head start. Moreover, these families still hold different opinions on the choice between the Sun family and the Ding family. People think that the Sun family’s proposal is good, but they are a little worried that the Sun family is not an opponent of the Xu family. Some people think that the Ding family’s proposal is good, but they are a little worried even if they do nothing like the Ding family. Will the Xu family really let them go? All these doubts linger in the hearts of everyone at this moment, making them very irritable. The most important thing is that the Sun family and the Ding family agreed to come to Cuihu at nine in the morning, but now they are all It’s already half past nine, and there is still no figure in sight.

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