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Chapter 845

Father Zhou Weitian suddenly gave a low cry, which greatly exceeded the expectations of the three of Dustin Zhou. Asher Chen and Sun Lian both had a trace of worry on their faces, for fear that Dustin Zhou would really offend the old man Zhou Weitian, then They must come here empty-handed. On the contrary, it was Dustin Zhou. Although he had thought about how Zhou Weitian would react when he said this, Dustin Zhou still did not anticipate the current reaction. Zhou Weitian unexpectedly fainted. The tendency to get angry. This made Dustin Zhou also something unexpected. He did not expect that Zhou Weitian would be partial to his son to this point. Even his son sent someone to monitor him and was indifferent. When others said this, he instead reprimanded him. The other party. In an instant, Dustin Zhou even had all of this in his heart. Maybe it was Zhou Weitian’s idea to ask Zhou Wei to do this. However, soon, Dustin Zhou swept this idea out of his mind. Because he was clearly from the old Zhou Weitian. There was a trace of loneliness and sadness in his eyes. Although the emotions flashed quickly, it was still caught by Dustin Zhou. Lonely and sad. Dustin Zhou suddenly realized that Zhou Weitian had nothing to do with this incident, on the contrary, he was the real It’s just that why Zhou Weitian wants to help Zhou Wei to get rid of, and doesn’t even want Dustin Zhou to continue. “Hehe, Mr. Zhou, tell you the truth, we came to you today not for long, but for a temporary purpose. , Before coming to you, we just came from the Tiandi Financial Building and met with Mr. Zhou Weihai.

“We came here just to see you. We don’t have any other thoughts, let alone any conflict of interest with your son.”

“Dustin Zhou said slowly. He felt that his unilateral stimulation of the old man is no longer feasible, and it may even make the old man emotionally break down, become even more disgusted with himself, and even unwilling to see himself. And once a person reaches a certain level At his age, he will miss the past very much. So Dustin Zhou decided to attack the father’s psychological defense from other aspects. “Zhou Weihai?

Are you coming from him?

“Sure enough, after hearing the name of Zhou Weihai’s father, Zhou Weitian was visibly stunned. After looking at Dustin Zhou, he looked at Asher Chen again, wanting

Check again.

After all, compared with Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen, Zhou Weitian obviously believed in Asher Chen, a familiar junior.

“Yes, we did come from Zhou Lao.” Asher Chen nodded and responded generously.

And seeing Zhou Weitian’s mood improved a lot, he was very happy, and his eyes on Dustin Zhou were full of admiration.

Unexpectedly, after hearing Zhou Weihai’s name, the old man, who was still a little excited, immediately calmed down, and his face was full of nostalgia, as if he was reminiscing about his young experience.

“Weihai, I haven’t seen him for a long time, he is okay.” Zhou Weitian said very emotionally.

“Old man Zhou Weihai is very safe and healthy. The key is that he can tell right from wrong, know who is good to him, and know who is bad to him.” Dustin Zhou said.

And Dustin Zhou’s words are already very suggestive.

In other words, if Mr. Zhou Weihai can tell right from wrong, then you Zhou Weitian can’t tell right from wrong, and even help the bad guys conceal it.

After all, the victim of this incident is Zhou Weitian, not anyone else.

Dustin Zhou can only order so far, it is impossible to really ask Zhou Weitian to turn his face with his son, that is unrealistic.

No matter what you say, Dustin Zhou is still an outsider to the old man Zhou Weitian compared to Zhou Wei.

“Father, with all due respect, the reason your son Zhou Wei did this was because he didn’t want you to see other people in the Zhou family.” “And he did this to allow you to support him in seizing power in the Zhou family.” Dustin Zhou said lightly. I have seen it thoroughly, and I have a deeper thinking about the relationship between Zhou Weitian and Zhou Wei.

Dustin Zhou knew that he knew Zhou Wei’s thoughts and even his three sons’ thoughts.

However, knowing is one thing, how to pay attention is another matter.

In Dustin Zhou’s view, Mr. Zhou Weitian might have known what his three sons are and what their minds are.

Although Zhou Weitian does not like fighting for power, he has no way to control his son and does not like fighting for power.

In himself, Mr. Zhou Weitian is a high-ranking man in the main house, and his words are very weighty. Any expression of his attitude will attract the attention of others.

Under such circumstances, if anyone can get his support, then they will occupy a very advantageous position in the Zhou family’s struggle for power.

Others can think of Zhou Weitian’s three sons.

It is precisely because of this that the three sons who know Zhou Weitian very well have kept the old man from being in the East China Sea, preventing him from returning to the capital, and preventing strangers from seeing him, just to make everything possible.

All factors affecting the father are excluded.

When the fight for power is the most critical time, as a father, how can the father support his son?

And this is probably all the thoughts of the three sons of Father Zhou Weitian.

After thinking about this, Dustin Zhou felt that he was a lot easier in an instant.

“My father, maybe you don’t think there is anything, but I want to say that since ancient times, all those who fight for power, whether it is an official or a family, are often accompanied by blood and blood. You always think that your own three sons, Would he be the best candidate for the helm of the Zhou family?” Dustin Zhou asked rhetorically. He wanted to put Zhou Weitian on the ground. If he were the head of the Zhou family, would he hand over the family to his son?

After all, when it comes to understanding the three brothers of Zhou Wei, the old man must know best.

Sure enough, after Dustin Zhou finished the question, the old man was silent, his head slightly lowered, his expression complicated.

And Dustin Zhou did not continue to ask questions, he wanted to give Grandpa Zhou Weitian enough time to think.

The time passed by one minute and one second, and it took nearly ten minutes before Grandpa Zhou Weitian raised his head again and looked at Dustin Zhou. The expression on his face at this moment was extremely calm, as if he had already thought about everything indifferently and calmly.

“I know what you want to say, but do you think I will ignore my son?” Zhou Weitian asked back.

“I didn’t let you ignore your son, but maybe it would be better to change it. You know, what do you think your son has in the fight for power?” Dustin Zhou asked again.

He knew that at this time, Zhou Weitian’s heart was already a little shaken.

Therefore, he wanted to work harder to conquer the old man’s heart in one fell swoop, and make him realize that what he did before was wrong.

Chapter 846


Father Zhou Weitian was silent.

Dustin Zhou’s question made it very difficult for him to answer.

What are my three sons like?

Senior Zhou Weitian knows the standard better than anyone else.

It is precisely because of this that when Dustin Zhou asked this question, Father Zhou Weitian knew that if his three sons really wanted to fight for power in the Zhou family, the odds of winning would be less than 20%.

Even if they weren’t still alive, they would be considered a bit prestigious in Zhou’s family, maybe they didn’t even have a chance of winning.

Under such circumstances, it is simply wishful thinking that his three sons want to fight for power and become the heir to the head of the family.

Father Zhou Weitian sighed, thinking of the current situation of Patriarch Zhou Hengtian, he felt a bit bitter, not a taste.

If Zhou Hengtian had heirs and was able to inherit his father’s inheritance, then the Zhou family would not have so much sh*t, and his three sons would not wish to become heirs to the head of the family.

“Oh, to be honest, I know what the virtues of my son are, but the current situation of the Zhou family, you must have heard about ASher. The situation of the Zhou family is unknown, and the head of the family has no children. The position of the Patriarch is eye-catching, ready to move, and all want to become the heir to the Patriarch.” “My three sons are the same. It’s not that I don’t want to persuade them, but I can’t persuade them at all. Just imagine, Patriarch of the Zhou family, this is What a huge temptation, even if I were a few dozen years younger, even I would be tempted.” Father Zhou Weitian sighed, his face full of regret.

When Dustin Zhou heard this, his heart was shocked.

He didn’t expect that, in the final analysis, this matter had something to do with Zhou Hengtian, and it was directly related to Zhou Hengtian’s no heirs.

With that said, the Zhou family did not know of their existence.

This made Dustin Zhou a little relieved.

It’s just that if Zhou’s family fell into civil strife because of this incident, then it was definitely not what Dustin Zhou wanted to see.

After pondering for a moment, Dustin Zhou didn’t intend to reveal his identity at all. After all, he didn’t know what kind of person Zhou Weitian’s three sons were, or whether Zhou Weitian would tell his sons his identity.

But now it seems that although Zhou Weitian has taken care of his son, he can still tell right from wrong.

So Dustin Zhou suddenly made up his mind.

Take a look at Asher Chen and get Asher Chen

After his affirmation, Dustin Zhou no longer had any concerns.

The big deal, when the Zhou family knows of their existence, the water will cover the earth and the soldiers will stop it. The world is so big, Dustin Zhou still doesn’t believe that there is no place for him.

“Lao Zhou was wrong, Zhou Hengtian may not have no children.” Asher Chen said in a deep voice.

After knowing that Dustin Zhou had made a decision, Asher Chen did not stop him any more, but took the initiative to speak.

Because he knew that instead of letting Dustin Zhou take the initiative to speak out his identity, and let the old man Zhou Weitian doubt it, he should take the lead in speaking out Dustin Zhou’s identity.

In that case, even if Zhou Weitian doubted it, he would be dubious because it was Asher Chen’s identity.

What Asher Chen needs is Zhou Weitian’s doubts.

“What are you talking about?” Zhou Weitian was shocked and stood up abruptly, staring at Asher Chen with fiery eyes, as if he wanted to see Asher Chen from the inside out.

“ASher, what do you mean?” Zhou Weitian was shocked. He didn’t know why Asher Chen said such words, but he knew that Asher Chen’s words would definitely not be aimless.

There must be some evidence, otherwise Asher Chen simply cannot bear the consequences of saying such a thing.

Zhou Hengtian has children?

This time, Zhou Wei innocently felt that Asher Chen’s coming today might be a fortune that God brought him.

Although Zhou’s family is still one of the four major families in Beijing, they are powerful.

But because Patriarch Zhou Hengtian had no heirs, Zhou’s family was all about to move.

Especially after the death of the Patriarch’s wife, Zhou Hengtian had only one daughter, Shui Bingyue. Many people in the Zhou family looked at the position of the Patriarch and contacted all parties to initiate an impact on the Patriarch’s position.

And Zhou Weitian’s three sons are one of them.

This situation makes the Zhou family’s current situation very bad, and the development of the family industry is also affected, with varying degrees of loss.

The root of all this is that Patriarch Zhou Hengtian has no children.

However, if Zhou Hengtian had an heir, then the position of the head of the Patriarch had been decided, it would be impossible for others to give birth to such an idea, and there would be no confusion in the Zhou family.

It’s just that, after so many years, no one in the Zhou family, including Zhou Weitian, knew that Patriarch Zhou Hengtian had an heir, but why did Asher Chen say that?

Does he know anything that he doesn’t even know?

Zhou Weitian looked at Asher Chen with anticipation, and even his breathing became much quicker.

He desperately wanted to know whether what Asher Chen said was true.

If it is true, then where is Zhou Hengtian’s heir? Why hasn’t been heard from Zhou Heng for so many years.

If it is false, then

What exactly does Asher Chen want to do?

Does he still want to fabricate a so-called heir of Zhou Hengtian?

Asher Chen pondered for a moment, let the old man regain his mood, and then looked like Dustin Zhou.

“He is Zhou Hengtian’s son. Zhou Hengtian met a woman in the East China Sea more than 20 years ago…” Asher Chen looked at Dustin Zhou and said slowly, slowly speaking about some things that happened to Zhou Hengtian in the East China Sea more than 20 years ago. come out.

At this time, Dustin Zhou was also the first time he heard such a complete past.

As Asher Chen said more and more, Zhou Weitian’s expression became more and more excited, and he looked at Dustin Zhou, tears even appeared in his eyes.

Yes, yes, everything is right.

Zhou Hengtian came to the East China Sea more than 20 years ago. Zhou Weitian knew about this. Even, at that time, Zhou Heng talked about the marriage with Miss Shui Family. They brought it together.

However, at that time, none of them thought that Zhou Hengtian would fall in love with a woman and make that woman pregnant just once he came to the East China Sea.

At that time, after Zhou Hengtian left the East China Sea and returned to the capital, they did not hear Zhou Hengtian talk about it.

So Zhou Hengtian was pregnant and gave birth to a boy. No one knew about Zhou’s family.

Even Zhou Hengtian might not even know it.

“That’s him? He’s Hengtian’s heir?” Zhou Weitian looked at Dustin Zhou and stretched out his hand tremblingly, trying to touch Dustin Zhou.

Asher Chen gave Dustin Zhou a look, and Dustin Zhou took the initiative to move forward, holding the old man’s dry hand. It was cold, but the beating pulse was very stable.

Chapter 847


It almost caused a disaster!

“Like, really like, similar to Hengtian when he was young.” Zhou Weitian was very excited, holding Dustin Zhou’s hand, his face was very strange, excited, excited, and moved. Regret again, all kinds of emotions are mixed together, it still looks a bit ugly.

“Does Hengtian know?” Suddenly, Zhou Weitian asked as if he had thought of something.

Asher Chen said that this young man is Zhou Hengtian’s heir. Zhou Weitian has already believed it. It was because Dustin Zhou and Zhou Hengtian were seven to eight points similar when they were young. If this is not confirmed, then Zhou Weitian doesn’t know, who can find any other reason. deny.

It really doesn’t work, the big deal is to do a paternity test, the truth can always be in broad daylight.

But, for so many years, he had never heard Zhou Hengtian himself talk about it, for fear that even Zhou Hengtian himself did not know that he had a son with a woman in Donghai more than 20 years ago.

“He should know that I have seen Bingyue before, and she is also

Tell me some of the status quo of my father.

Dustin Zhou hesitated for a moment and said truthfully. It is true that he has not seen Zhou Hengtian, but this does not mean that Zhou Hengtian does not know his existence. Let’s not say that he has seen Shui Bingyue before, but from Shui Bingyue’s words. Dustin Zhou knew that Zhou Hengtian actually knew of his existence, and even, for so many years, Zhou Hengtian had been secretly protecting their mother and child. And Dustin Zhou now thinks about it carefully. In the past twenty years, although he and his mother depended on each other and lived It’s very difficult, but it seems that they have never encountered a major event that made their mother and son at a loss. Even when they encountered some troubles, those troubles were quickly solved, even their mother and son felt strange. Now I want to come, then It should be Zhou Hengtian arranged by their side to protect them. “Shui Bingyue?

It turns out that you have seen her, that is, Hengtian must also know that Hengtian has children, and the family will not be messed up next week.

Zhou Weitian said with a smile, very excited, pacing back and forth. “By the way, I want to tell Zhou Wei and the others about this, so that they can dispel the idea of ​​fighting for the owner.

“Suddenly, the old man Zhou Weitian clapped his hands violently. And this made both Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen very scared. If Zhou Weitian told his son about the incident at this time, then what would be the consequences? Unexpectedly. Even, Zhou Weitian’s three sons, together with other people who want to fight for the position of Patriarch, will take the lead in solving their own heirs of Zhou Hengtian to solve their threats. “No, old Zhou, this million Never!

Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen quickly stopped. “Old Zhou, you must not tell anyone about this!”

Asher Chen said quickly, his tone was very solemn and his expression was also very serious. “What’s wrong?”

Zhou Weitian was a little surprised. It stands to reason that the Zhou family should know about Zhou Hengtian’s heir as soon as possible to prepare for it. But now, Asher Chen and Dustin Zhou turned down together. What does this mean? Is this the two of them jointly deceived My old man? In just an instant, Zhou Weitian had many thoughts and thoughts in his heart. But soon, all these thoughts and thoughts dissipated. Because he knew that this matter was very important, not to mention that Asher Chen did not dare to lie. Even if he lied, it is very simple to try to unravel it. As long as a simple paternity test, all lies can be easily solved. However, if all this is true, then why both of them prevent themselves from telling themselves this Where’s his son? Zhou Weitian couldn’t think of anything else at this time. He just felt that Zhou Hengtian was

It’s a happy thing for a patron to have an heir.

“Old Zhou, I know you are very happy and excited. I would like to share this news and tell others as soon as possible, but this is absolutely impossible.” “We will tell you this matter only if we trust you. But what about the others?” “You know, the situation of the Zhou family now is very complicated. Even Mr. Zhou, you all came to the East China Sea?” “The situation of the Zhou family now is that Patriarch Zhou Hengtian has no heirs. , So many people are eyeing the position of Patriarch. It can be said that many people hope that Zhou Hengtian will be able to take the position after he stepped down as Patriarch.” “At this time, someone suddenly appeared, claiming to be Zhou Hengtian’s son. , What do you think will happen?” Asher Chen said in a deep voice. As a bystander, he can give Mr. Zhou Weitian a very good angle and perspective to look at the problem, so that he can think about the problem more from their perspective instead of one Bit follows his own inner thoughts.

Zhou Weitian is not an idiot, otherwise he would not be the helm of the Shuntian Wharf, a high position in the Zhou family.

So what Asher Chen said just now, the old man quickly reacted.

Yes, they believed the old man to tell me this.

But they don’t know what other people are like.

And now the situation of the Zhou family, the old man himself knows that many people, even his three sons, are eyeing the position of the head of the family. Everyone wants to sit in the position of the head of the family and enjoy the orders throughout the week. the feeling of home.

And at this time, a person suddenly appeared, claiming to be Zhou Hengtian’s heir, and the future Patriarch, who directly replaced everyone and blocked everyone’s dreams.

In this way, what are the consequences?

Father Zhou Weitian just thought about it slightly in his heart, and suddenly he felt a chill in his back.

At this time, he realized that if it weren’t for Dustin Zhou and Asher Chen

The two stopped it in time. Once they told their son about the incident, even the old man Zhou Weitian could not predict the consequences.

At that time, for their own benefit, those people will definitely be the first to unite together, first act on Dustin Zhou, drive Dustin Zhou out of Zhou’s family, and even make Dustin Zhou disappear in this world.

Zhou Weitian knew that those people were absolutely capable of doing such things.

In order to achieve their own goals, they simply do everything they can to achieve their goals.

“I see. Fortunately, you stopped in time. Otherwise, if I really told Zhou Wei and the others, the consequences would be disastrous. Then I would have no face to face the Zhou family’s ancestors.” The old man looked general. , A trace of sadness and loneliness flashed under my eyes.

“Father, in fact, there are not a few people who know this thing now, and they are all people I absolutely trust, and my identity cannot be known by the outside world now, so for my identity, please also It must be kept secret.”

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