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Chapter 206

“New strain” debut!

These people who went to the city center were not noticed.

But when they all stopped in front of the Fengyue Hotel in a five-star hotel in the city center, they inevitably attracted attention.

“What do these people do?” “I don’t know, is there a big person inside?” “Impossible! We didn’t get any news!” “Hey, isn’t that Dustin Zhou? And that, Shengyi from Shengrong Company Crown!” “Oh my God, these people seem to be in the cosmetics business. They gathered together, is there a big news?” The reporters went crazy, all with excitement, and they called back to the company quickly. Report the situation here.

Fengyue Hotel.

Zhang Wei stepped forward and booked the fourth and fifth floors to serve as a rest room and meeting room for discussing cooperation projects this time.

When all the people who paid the entrance fee of 10 million were all present, after a brief greeting, they directly entered the conference room and started the topic.

Dustin Zhou saw Wang Dalu and a middle-aged man beside him.

It’s just different from the last time he saw Wang Dalu, his face had very little life.

But this time, Wang Dalu’s face was red and full of energy.

Only satisfied nodded.

Wang Dalu’s 10 million entry fee was only credited to the account on the last day.

Combining Dustin Zhou’s understanding of his current situation, we know how many people he has asked in these short three days.

But it was so, and it was only borrowed at the last moment.

This world is like this, Dustin Zhou feels nothing.

If you think that the world is dirty, there is no mercy.

Then you might as well spend the time and effort that complained about to strengthen yourself.

Only when he is strong, the world does not appear so cold.

This time, nearly fifty people were present.

A total of thirty companies were present.

These are almost all of Donghai Cosmetics Company.

Except for the three companies excluded by Dustin Zhou, the cosmetics companies in Donghai City, and companies that can afford an entrance fee of 10 million, are all here.

As the promoters, Dustin Zhou, Enderia Shen, Zhang Wei, and Professor Shao Zekai sat on the top.

“Everyone, I know what you are here for today, so I won’t delay and go directly to the subject.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, looking around, seeing everyone’s faces written with tension and excitement.

This new project, ranked first and second in Donghai City, was jointly established with the best universities in Donghai, and its scale can be imagined.

Once you can successfully participate in it, you can’t imagine the benefits you will get in the future.

But there are some people who have a bad mood on their faces, or they are gloomy or cold, and some people even have greedy faces.

Dustin Zhou remembers them all

Some companies are larger.

Although it is not as good as the Meizi Makeup where Mingyang and Zhang Wei are located, the scale of their combination is not to be underestimated.

They don’t think they just get involved.

What they think about most is their right to speak in this new project.

Dustin Zhou remembered the changes in the expressions of these people in his heart. Although there was no change in the expressions on his faces, he still sneered in his heart.

“Next, let Professor Shao Zekai from Tunghai University introduce to everyone.” Dustin Zhou smiled and Professor Shao Zekai came to the stage.

On the speaking stage, Professor Shao Zekai looked calmly at the dozens of people below.

He has been a little hard to understand.

As a new plant rich in collagen, the new plant will benefit greatly once researched and developed.

And Professor Shao Zekai is the director of Zhou’s testing institute, so it can be said that he belongs to Zhou family.

If Dustin Zhou really wants it, Professor Shao Zekai will not hesitate to give him the results of the research and development of the new strain.

In this way, it was enough for Dustin Zhou to build up strength on the outside and make adequate preparations for returning to Zhou’s family.

But Dustin Zhou was unwilling to do this. Even Professor Shao Zekai had secretly reminded Dustin Zhou several times before, but the poison did not get a response.

And now, Professor Shao Zekai understands.

Looking at the dozens of eyes below, the eyes were red, crazy, excited, but a little indifferent.

These people are all for the new strain!

Professor Shao Zekai came to understand at this time.

Of course, Dustin Zhou can enjoy the benefits of the new strain alone.

But after all, his foundation is very shallow now, and he hasn’t announced the identity of Zhou’s concubine.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t defend against the coveting of outsiders.

Coupled with the popularity of the famous whitening and anti-aging factor mask before.

If the two are added together, well-known companies will become targets of public criticism.

The wood is beautiful in the forest, and the wind will destroy it.

Professor Shao Zekai understands this truth very well.

“This child has grown up.” With a light sigh in his heart, Professor Shao Zekai quickly entered the state and began to explain some information about the new strain.

Of course, it is impossible for him to tell all about the new strain, which would undoubtedly be stupid.

People with ulterior motives will try their best to explore the existence of the new strain, and once they find the location of the new strain, it is not a good thing for Professor Shao Zekai and Dustin Zhou.

However, Professor Shao Zekai spared no effort to explain the effects of the new strains, which are rich in collagen, which can be absorbed and used to repair the skin.

And this is the most attractive part of the new strain.

“The new plant is a newly discovered plant rich in collagen, and its content is nearly three times higher than that of fish maw and aloe vera!” With just this sentence, the entire conference room exploded!

Fish maw and aloe can be cultured in large areas, single

This cost is not high.

But the individual collagen content is also low.

Calculated in this way, the cost will rise a lot.

This is why collagen has always been more expensive.

If the collagen of the new strain is really three times higher than that of fish swim bladder and aloe, it will undoubtedly reduce the cost while increasing the output of the original protein series of cosmetics.

“Dare to ask the professor, is it difficult to plant this new plant? Are the conditions harsh?” The next person asked directly.

The others also looked over with solemn expression.

The high collagen content of the new strain is certainly a happy event, but if it is not easy to grow, then everything is delusional.

Is it possible that it can only be planted on snow-capped mountains. Will everyone plant it on snow-capped mountains?

This is impossible!

But if the planting is simple, even as long as it is similar to aloe vera, it can be planted in a large area immediately, and cultivated and promoted.

Everyone has expectations.

Even Zhang Wei is the same now.

“Cough cough.” Professor Shao Zekai coughed twice and slowly laughed.

“Easy to grow, even easier than aloe.” Boom!

In an instant, the entire conference room exploded!

Everyone is laughing.

“Great, this way, our costs will be greatly reduced in the future!” “Yes, not only that, we can also increase production.” “Haha, cool, I must have a drink after I go back!”… …

Chapter 207

Who is for and who is against?

“This is just a small matter, it’s nothing.” Professor Shao Zekai continued.

All of a sudden, everyone calmed down and looked at Professor Shao Zekai.

They are also looking forward to what Professor Shao Zekai will discover.

Just a high collagen content and simple planting are enough to excite them.

If there are other important conditions, it would be great!

“That is, compared with other collagens, the collagen of the new strain is more active and easier to be absorbed!” Boom!

This time, the meeting room really exploded!

Everyone is crazy.

“Is this true? Isn’t it true that future cosmetics will be more effective?” “Yes, the greater the effect of cosmetics, the more valuable they are! I will be rich in the future!” “Haha, great, I am worried about what to launch New product, with this new strain, I think everyone can just join hands to launch a new strain and new product!” “Is this verified?” … Nearly fifty people argued, the voices were very noisy, and there were even people arguing.

Dustin Zhou followed the voice and looked over, and saw the two people arguing, their faces flushed.

But simply, neither side did it.

Otherwise Dustin Zhou doesn’t mind sending them out.

“Everyone, this new strain has been jointly purchased by Mingyang and Meizi Beauty! All future research and development results of the new strain in my laboratory belong to them.” After Professor Shao Zekai finished speaking, he immediately downloaded it. Up the podium.

Dustin Zhou sat in his seat, quietly waiting for everyone to discuss.

“Dustin Zhou, is this new strain really so powerful?” Enderia Shen was shocked when he heard what Professor Shao Zekai said.

Dustin Zhou hadn’t told her about the new strain before, and it was the first time she heard of it today. It is inevitable that while shocked, she was a little bit dissatisfied with Dustin Zhou.

More than that, Dustin Zhou didn’t regard himself as his own.

It seems that the relationship between the two parties is not close enough, just like the superior.

This made Enderia Shen feel a little sad.


He was married after all. Although he said there were some relationship problems, he hasn’t divorced yet.

Enderia Shen suddenly raised his head and looked at Dustin Zhou.

“Why didn’t you bring Xie Linyu here? She is your wife. Is such a good thing cheaper for outsiders?” Enderia Shen said with a narrow smile.

“They contributed nearly 300 million yuan in R&D funds. These funds are the initial R&D funds of the new strain, which has saved us a lot.” As for Mira, you think I will let Professor Shao explain everything here. Is it clear?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, glanced at Enderia Shen, and watched her turn her head in anger.

Dustin Zhou’s words are very simple, Mira is not an outsider, so naturally I have to tell her something

Something delicate with a steel frame.

Obviously, what Professor Shao Zekai just said was not detailed enough. Although there are no flaws, it is nothing more than that.

“Zhou, I don’t know what kind of cooperation is to call everyone over today?” A middle-aged man stood up from the crowd, looked at Dustin Zhou, and asked with a smile.

In an instant, everyone else looked over.

Professor Shao Zekai’s introduction just now is only an appetizer at best, and this is something everyone knows.

The appetizer is finished and the digestion is almost complete, now is the main course, right?

The next thing Dustin Zhou wants to talk about is the main course.

“Everyone, the right to use the new strain is in my hands. I will not use it exclusively, so I will share it with you all.” As soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, a lot of admiration sounded from the crowd.

“Yes, this young man is not bad!” “Since ancient times, there have been no shortage of people who eat alone, but those who eat alone did not end well in the end. I am very pleased that Zhou can recognize this.” Dustin Zhou looked over and immediately. Recognize the speaker.

Wu Dawei.

The founder of Wu’s cosmetics company.

He is over seventy years old, but his mental head is still very good, and he looks radiant.

If someone else is praised by Wu Dawei, they will be very happy and even go out to show off with others.

After all, it is something to be proud of to be praised by bigwigs before the industry.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t like it.

He felt that Wu Dawei was acting as a force!

Relying on the old to sell the old, probably so!

So Dustin Zhou didn’t speak, but just glanced at Wu Dawei, then looked away and didn’t look at him.

This scene was naturally seen by others.

“Mr. Zhou, Mr. Wu Dawei, Mr. Wu, are our predecessors, and have a pivotal position in the cosmetics industry.” “Yes, Wu’s cosmetics company is the third in the East China Sea, but it has always been the first.” “Now everyone. Together, we must be based on the East China Sea and create a large market across the country!” … Many people want to draw everyone’s attention elsewhere.

Dustin Zhou’s jaw slightly.

This is for revenge, but if the strength is not enough, then use words to revenge?

Wu’s Cosmetics Company was the number one in the industry before.

Now it is ranked third.

So who took the top two away?

The answer is obvious!

This Wu Dawei was just because his Wu’s cosmetics company was robbed of the No. 1 position in the East China Sea industry by the famous company, so he wanted to export to rely on the old and sell the old, and give Dustin Zhou a lesson.

Wu Dawei saw that Dustin Zhou did not respond, his face suddenly became calm, and his attitude became cold.

“Oh, young people nowadays, with a little achievement, they think how great they are, but they don’t know that there are people outside the world, there are heaven outside the world, this world is very big!”

Wu Dawei said coldly after sitting down.

Anyone can feel the meaning of anger, but no one can stand up and refute it directly.

On Wu Dawei’s side, Dustin Zhou will be disgusted, and maybe he won’t be able to participate in new projects.

Standing on Dustin Zhou’s side would offend Wu Dawei. If he used his energy to publicize it outside, his reputation would be bad.

It’s best to be so cool and don’t want to help.

“Let me just say a little bit, now the initiative is in my hands. If someone is unhappy or feels that they are awesome, they can go out directly!” Dustin Zhou said coldly, pointing in the direction of the door, but his eyes fell on Wu Dawei’s. local.

Everyone’s faces were stiff, and their hearts were very helpless.

Everyone knows that Dustin Zhou is a young man, and young people naturally have his arrogance.

Moreover, the previous whitening factor project, the whitening and anti-aging factor mask was led by Dustin Zhou, and it is now popular all over the country.

This has been beyond the reach of most of you.

But Wu Dawei insisted on relying on his old age and wanted to oppress Dustin Zhou by his seniority.

Now Dustin Zhou is rebounding, and everyone is not able to say anything, just bowed their heads, and their respective wanderings.

“This new project is led by the famous company, and Meizi Beauty Company as the deputy leader, coordinating the chores.” “Who is for? Who opposes?” As Dustin Zhou looked at it, many people bowed their heads and dared not follow him. Look at each other.

But there were still people who looked over in dissatisfaction, with a look about to move.

Dustin Zhou raised his mouth slightly, and sat down peacefully, waiting for these people to take the initiative to find something.

In this case, he can also eliminate all those who are disobedient.

This new project requires only obedient people!

Chapter 208

I am the rules!

Dustin Zhou was like a sharp blade at the moment, the cold light was pressing.

Most people present are asking for money. As long as they can make money, they can listen to others and let others dominate.

But some people are bound to gain the dominance!

Although the scale of their company is not as large as the famous company, but when they are united together, they are comparable.

“Zhou, this is not so good.” When everyone was silent, a middle-aged man slowly got up and looked at Dustin Zhou with firm eyes.

“This is Zeng Datou! Why did he come?” “I don’t know, there is a good show at this moment.” “Hey, he said that Zeng Datou has always dissatisfied with others, even the chairman of their company dares to contradict him. I don’t know how Dustin Zhou will respond this time?” … Other people were surprised when they saw the person who was speaking.

Dustin Zhou naturally saw all of this in his eyes.

But his gaze rested more on Zeng Datou.

For today’s project cooperation meeting, Dustin Zhou did a lot of homework a few days ago.

He checked all the information of the CEOs of all the nameable cosmetic companies in Donghai City.

Whether it is Sheng Yiguan of Shengrong Company.

Still the king of time beauty makeup.

It also includes the big head Zeng who is opposed to the export.

Zeng Datou, his real name is Zeng Pingchang, because his head looks a little big, so outsiders often call him Zeng Datou.

But he personally thinks that a big head means cleverness. He said that someone called him a big head but i was saying he was clever, and he accepted it.

And he is also the general manager of Chengming Cosmetics Company.

However, Dustin Zhou noticed that this Zeng Datou was just the general manager of a clear cosmetics company, while the company’s legal representative was someone else.

Later, Sara Ye said, this Zeng Datou is a professional manager!

Dustin Zhou’s eyes were light and he couldn’t see any happiness or anger.

“What’s wrong?” Dustin Zhou asked softly, looking at Zeng Datou.

Everyone is a little bit excited at the moment.

To be honest, Dustin Zhou took the lead, and they were still a little unwilling after all!

But no one is in the lead, and they don’t dare to act rashly. If they fail, Dustin Zhou will be excluded, and they will fall short.

Now that he is a big head, others are happy.

If Zeng Datou couldn’t talk about Dustin Zhou, then he would only be unlucky, and the others would be fine.

However, once Zeng had the upper hand, he eventually got the right.

Then other people can go together.

Zeng Datou got the right, why should they not do it?

You are discrimination!

When the time comes, all will come together, even if Dustin Zhou is indifferent, it is impossible to remain indifferent.

“Hehe, Mr. Zhou, we know that you are the first to cooperate with Professor Shao Zekai in this new strain, but there are so many people present here.

There are so many companies in the watch. If only your famous company is leading, I am afraid that everyone will criticize!

“Zeng Datou said calmly, as if he was holding the winning ticket. Dustin Zhou smiled lightly, looking very peaceful. “Who has any criticism?”

Is it someone else, or is it you?

Suddenly, Dustin Zhou gave a cold drink. Suddenly with this cold drink, many people did not expect that, at first, they were shocked. “I didn’t say that, but, no matter what, I always want There is a rule, otherwise, if there are differences of opinion during cooperation, who will listen to?

Do you just listen to Mr. Zhou and you alone?

“Zeng’s big head squinted and looked at Dustin Zhou, not knowing what he was thinking, but his tone was not yielding at all. As if the purpose of his existence was to fight Dustin Zhou, the two sides must decide the outcome. “Rules. ?

“Dustin Zhou sneered. The big head Zeng looked at Dustin Zhou indifferently, and did not look back at all. While other people looked at the posture, I am afraid they could not persuade them, and simply waited for the final result. Anyway, no matter which side succeeds, the other side fails. For them, on the existing basis, there will be no loss. Why not do it? “In this project, I am the rule!

Dustin Zhou made a loud noise, and the entire conference room fell silent for an instant! Boom! But in the next second, a sound awakened everyone. When everyone looked over, they saw Asher Chen, who had been sitting next to Dustin Zhou, standing up, smiling at Dustin Zhou. The movement just now was just that he got up eagerly and touched the chair. Bang! Bang! Bang! … But Asher Chen stood up and supported Dustin Zhou, like a fuse, constantly making noises. Enderia Shen , Zhang Wei, Professor Shao Zekai, Sheng Yiguan, Wang Dalu, Lu Bin… In addition to the people who had made friends with Dustin Zhou himself, more than half of the dozen people who went to the famous company that day stood up. They all stood up. Dustin Zhou. That is to say, once this project is established and everyone runs the project together, they will all support Dustin Zhou to lead. And this time there are more than half of them, and the companies they represent are nearly 20! Most of the company! Zeng Datou’s complexion is extremely ugly! When Asher Chen stood up to support Dustin Zhou, his face changed a little. He always thought Asher Chen was here to join in the fun, a conference room person, and the cosmetics industry. Unable to go together, Asher Chen wanted to intervene and had no way. But he never expected that Asher Chen would support Dustin Zhou so clearly and directly. After all those who supported Dustin Zhou stood up, Zeng Datou’s face instantly became pale. . He knew he was wrong.

Hajime was wrong 1 From the moment he wanted to take advantage of the momentum of playing low, he was wrong.

There are already so many people here who support Dustin Zhou, but he has been kept in the dark without knowing it.

Zeng Datou looked around, wanting to see how others reacted.

After all, there are nearly twenty people sitting there. If they are united together, they are also a force that cannot be underestimated.

But Zeng Datou was disappointed!

Those people avoided his gaze, turned their faces away from Zeng Datou, and turned a deaf ear to his help.

It’s you who died, and no one can come to save you now!

“Zeng Pingchang, do you know what the rules are?” Dustin Zhou sneered, then asked back.

He calls Zeng Datou by his real name, which represents his attitude.

Not just perfunctory, but to be true!

Otherwise Dustin Zhou would call him Zeng Datou.

“Hmph! They are just a group of people who have forgotten their own interests and are driven by interests! Such people, even if they cooperate temporarily, will sooner or later break up!” Zeng Datou dismissed.

No one helped him, so he broke the jar.

Anyway, the company is not his, he is just a professional manager.

I work hard every day to help that family work. Although the salary is good, but the shares are not there, and I don’t have the energy to work.

Instead of doing this, simply change to another company.

This is what Zeng Datou thinks at this moment.

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