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Chapter 209

New project established!

After Big Head Zeng finished speaking, he took a cold look at everyone, got up, and walked outside the meeting room!

As for the entrance fee of 10 million he paid before, he is not worried at all.

These admission fees are equivalent to a proof of assets.

Only paying the admission fee shows that you have the strength to cooperate, otherwise it is just empty talk.

However, if you feel something is wrong in the follow-up negotiation session, you can also voluntarily withdraw, and the admission fee will naturally be refunded.

What’s more, the ten million was taken from the company’s account and had nothing to do with Zeng Datou. He was not worried at all, nor distressed.

“Arrange for someone to spread the matter out just now, and let this person suffer a bit!” Dustin Zhou whispered to Asher Chen, and Asher Chen quickly arranged it.

Will continue, with Zeng Datou as a lesson for the past, the others are also quite safe, at least when Dustin Zhou speaks, they dare not take the initiative to interrupt.

Not to mention anything like dissatisfaction.

As the meeting progressed, everyone looked forward to this upcoming new project.

Everyone is looking forward to this new project to bring huge profits to the company.

Just think about the current popularity of the whitening and anti-aging factor mask, these people simply cannot bear the excitement and joy in their hearts.

If a product that is comparable to the whitening and anti-aging factor mask is developed again, then everyone in the room will sit at home and wait to count the money.

… “This time the new project will be named’Xinzhu’. Mingyang is the leading company, and Meizi Beauty and Professor Shao Zekai’s laboratory are the deputy to assist Mingyang in project research and development, promotion and expansion.” Dustin Zhou finally Made a summary.

Zeng Datou left the scene sadly and gave the others a warning. They didn’t dare to be presumptuous, so the whole meeting went smoothly.

After speaking, Dustin Zhou took the lead to leave the meeting room and return to his room.

And Enderia Shen, Asher Chen, Zhang Wei, and Professor Shao Zekai also entered the room with him.

“Zhou, this meeting was very successful, congratulations!” Zhang Wei arched his hands, with a smile on his face.

Although Dustin Zhou had been offended by his men before, Dustin Zhou blamed him.

But after he showed his attitude, the relationship between the two sides recovered.

And this time, it was Dustin Zhou’s return that Meizi Beauty could become the deputy of the project.

Both sides have come back and forth, you support me, and I return to you, so that the relationship can last.

Zhang Wei thought about what the next project would do, but he didn’t stop smiling.

“This is just the beginning. For this project, the products that can be produced may not be limited to facial masks, but there are others. Anyone who needs collagen can be researched and developed.” “Shao Jiao

Grant, you still need your laboratory to do more tests in Hsinchu.

Dustin Zhou said with a serious face, and said in a deep voice. At this time, he knew that the profession of material testing is so important and can play an important role in many aspects. Like this new strain, if it were not for Professor Shao Zekai’s discovery, if he was not material testing Professional professors would probably not know that this new plant is a brand new plant. As for the species detection, it is not a big deal to Professor Shao Zekai. “Dustin Zhou, don’t worry, let me take it. The old bones are still tough. After finishing the new strain, I am going to resign from Tunghai University and go to work in the testing institute.

“Professor Shao Zekai said with a smile. This is actually a statement! From now on I will work at the Zhou’s Testing Institute, but whenever you have a famous company or if something goes wrong with this new project, I can help. Not only that, I’m still authoritative and able to guide others’ opinions very well. This is considered as escort for Dustin Zhou! Dustin Zhou was very moved, but he also knew that this was not appropriate in this room, so he nodded slightly and responded with a smile. Mr. Shen, after you go back, you must quickly set up a department for the new project, immediately start a new plan for the new project, and mobilize all the company’s leisure power.

“The whitening and anti-aging factor mask is now in formality, and it doesn’t require much manpower to intervene, and people are transferred to new projects.

“… Dustin Zhou made arrangements one by one. Enderia Shen nodded from time to time, but her gaze stayed on Dustin Zhou’s face, full of curiosity. Dustin Zhou had been in Mingyang for three years in obscurity, and Enderia Shen felt that it was only at this time that she found out. Dustin Zhou’s talents can’t help but feel shame. But more, it’s the longing in her heart! Ever since she left the Shen family and Enderia Shen founded Mingyang Company, she has always wanted to prove herself and prove that she can still live without relying on the Shen family. Very good. And now, this wish is about to come true. Under the leadership of Dustin Zhou, Mingyang has ushered in a brand new development speed and prospects. Sara Ye is keeping records on the sidelines. After these records go back They all need to be sorted out. They need to be carefully identified, which ones are urgently needed, which ones can be done later, and which ones can be done interspersedly. And this is her assistant’s duty. Dustin Zhou explained some more things, and let them Leave first. When there was only one person left in the room, a deep sense of tiredness swept over him. Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but lay on his back on the bed, staring at the ceiling in a daze. “Dong dong dong.

“While in a daze, Dustin Zhou heard a dull knock on the door. He wanted to get up and open the door, but his eyelids were not contested.

I couldn’t open it at all.

Soon, the knock on the door disappeared.

But Dustin Zhou heard the sound of the door opening.

Although it was very subtle, Dustin Zhou heard it clearly.

It seems that those who come in are very careful.

Who will it be?


Dustin Zhou sighed in his heart, just about to shout, he felt a trace of softness scratching his nose.

The nose is fragrant.

“Huh?” Dustin Zhou wondered in his heart, how could it smell so good.

After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou remembered that this is clearly the smell of shampoo, so it should be the hair that was scratching his nose.

Dustin Zhou was thinking about who the prank was, when he heard a deep choking sound.

“Brother Yang, I am leaving the East China Sea.”

Chapter 210

Su Xiaomeng is leaving!

Hearing this voice, Dustin Zhou woke up suddenly.

“Ah!” An exclamation came, and Dustin Zhou subconsciously stretched out his hand to embrace the waist of the person beside him.

“Brother Yang, you are awake.” Dustin Zhou let out a sigh of relief.

“Mengmeng, why are you here? What should I do if someone sees it?” Dustin Zhou said helplessly.

He felt that the voice was familiar, and he was still very reluctant.

I thought it was Su Xiaomeng, opened his eyes, and saw Su Xiaomeng next to him.

At this time, because Dustin Zhou was holding Su Xiaomeng’s waist, the two of them looked like Dustin Zhou was holding Su Xiaomeng, while Su Xiaomeng was directly in Dustin Zhou’s arms.

Dustin Zhou’s face blushed and immediately let go and put Su Xiaomeng down.

But Su Xiaomeng’s expression was joyful, but it disappeared in a flash, becoming a bit disappointed.

“Brother Yang, I’m here to say goodbye to you! I know you have something to do here today, and you won’t come in until there is no one.” Su Xiaomeng’s tone was a little low.

If you let a paparazzi see this scene, he will be shocked and excited.

Who would have thought that Su Xiaomeng, a national idol, among Rocket Girls, should be so close to a man like Dustin Zhou.

He even entered Dustin Zhou’s room alone.

If this is captured by someone and broke the news, then the consequences are hard to imagine.

Dustin Zhou doesn’t matter, the clearer is self-cleaning, he has this ability to bear it.

But for Su Xiaomeng, it was a fatal blow.

Not only will it destroy the Rocket Girl combination, it will also destroy Su Xiaomeng.

“Are you leaving? Where are you going? I’ll see you there!” Dustin Zhou was a little surprised, and he was about to get up and drive Su Xiaomeng to drive.

He didn’t notice that Su Xiaomeng’s mood had not been high.

“Brother Yang, we are leaving the East China Sea.” Su Xiaomeng said seriously this time, raising his head to look at Dustin Zhou.

However, Dustin Zhou was taken aback, and he didn’t expect Su Xiaomeng to say that he was leaving.

Although he felt a little disappointed in his heart, Dustin Zhou couldn’t make a stay.

But when he looked down at Su Xiaomeng, he was stunned.

Su Xiaomeng’s face was full of tears, and her tears flickered, which was truly pitiful.

And Dustin Zhou only noticed at this time that the necklace Su Xiaomeng wore on her neck was the necklace she had previously given her.

For an instant, Dustin Zhou was slightly moved in his heart, but there was no way to say it.

“When will I leave? I will see you off then?” Dustin Zhouqiang cheered up and said with a smile.

Nothing lasts forever.

Dustin Zhou, Rocket Girl, and Su Xiaomeng met the city very accidentally.

This is a kind of fate.

But the reality is so, this kind of fate can only end here.

“I’m leaving tomorrow. I don’t know when I can come to Donghai again. Brother Yang, I’m leaving. Will you be like me?


Su Xiaomeng bravely raised her head and looked at Dustin Zhou, her big eyes full of expectation. She hoped to get Dustin Zhou’s affirmative answer. “Of course I will miss you. You can’t come to the East China Sea. When I have time, I can visit you. Ah, anyway, your news is available online, so I will go to your concert then!

Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and gently rubbed Su Xiaomeng’s head, his face was spoiled. He had long regarded Su Xiaomeng as his own sister, and he didn’t have many other thoughts in his heart. At this time, Dustin Zhou did the same. “Really?

Su Xiaomeng’s eyes flashed abruptly, and she looked at Dustin Zhou in surprise with a smile. She was already prepared for disappointment, but she didn’t expect Dustin Zhou’s answer to give her a big surprise. She was excited for a while. He directly stretched out his hand and hugged Dustin Zhou. “I knew that Brother Yang must not bear me. Brother Yang is the best.

“Su Xiaomeng’s bell-like laughter kept rippling in the room, and he was in a great mood. Dustin Zhou was also infected by Su Xiaomeng, his fatigue disappeared instantly, and the whole person became more energetic. “You come out, do anyone else know?” ?

“When Su Xiaomeng had enough, Dustin Zhou pulled her off her body. “Tiantian and Wanrong know it, but Sister Yang doesn’t?

If I told her, she would definitely not let me out!

Su Xiaomeng wrinkled her nose lightly, she was really cute. It sounded like a complaint to Sister Yang, but Dustin Zhou knew that this was a girl’s independent psychology. She always felt that she had grown up and could be independent. I don’t want to be disciplined by adults. No one is exception, and people like Su Xiaomeng who have been surrounded by sweet talks are even more so. After speaking for a while, I promised again that I would take the initiative to see her when I have time, Su Xiaomeng That’s it. Dustin Zhou sent Su Xiaomeng to the door of her room, and he heard the sound of rustling in the room. Listening to the sound, it was clearly the laughter of two young girls gossiping. Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but smile, thinking Interesting. “Go in, I’ll come to see you off tomorrow.

Dustin Zhou said softly, let Su Xiaomeng enter the room. When Su Xiaomeng closed the door reluctantly, Dustin Zhou wanted to turn around and leave, but found that Sister Yang was standing not far away, looking at herself. Sister, hello, are you leaving Donghai tomorrow?

“Dustin Zhou’s heart sighed, there was a flustered feeling of hooking up with someone else’s girl, and then being discovered by the other’s mother. “Well, what happened here, the company gave a notice to all return to the capital, so as to avoid another accident.

Sister Yang walked over slowly and explained softly. “Mengmeng went to see you just now?”

“Sister Yang turned her words, seemingly careless, but she kept staring at Dustin Zhou. As long as Dustin Zhou tells a little lie, Sister Yang can

Feel it.

“Yes, she told me that you are leaving the East China Sea tomorrow.” Dustin Zhou hesitated, but he still said it directly.

Sister Yang is Su Xiaomeng’s agent and will not harm them.

“Yes, but I heard you just said that I will send them off tomorrow, so come here tomorrow.” Sister Yang said, then turned back to her room.

Dustin Zhou glanced at Sister Yang, gave a wry smile, and then returned to Mingyang Company.

After returning to Mingyang, the entire company is already in excitement.

Enderia Shen came back first and immediately announced the launch of the new project.

The whitening and anti-aging factor mask in the previous whitening factor project was a great success, which made the entire famous company’s employees excited.

Now that the company’s President Shen announced that it will launch a new project, the employees are wondering if it is the second whitening factor project.

In that case, the company gains huge benefits and also rewards its employees.

“Mr. Zhou, Mr. Shen is calling you over.” As soon as Dustin Zhou arrived at the office, Sara Ye walked in and looked a little strange at Dustin Zhou’s gaze.

It seems that I want to laugh but dare not laugh, but I am a little curious.

Dustin Zhou was puzzled for a while, wondering why Sara Ye had that look and expression.

But he hurried to Enderia Shen’s office.

By the way, ask for a leave tomorrow.

Chapter 211

“President Shen, are you looking for me?” Dustin Zhou pushed the door directly into Enderia Shen’s office without saying hello.

But the next second, Dustin Zhou retreated with a flushed face, his heart pounding.

Enderia Shen actually changed clothes inside?

Is this accident, or is it waiting for me?

Dustin Zhou was puzzled.

Sara Ye just came over to call him, and as soon as he came in, he saw Enderia Shen changing his clothes.

Coupled with Sara Ye’s weird look just now.

If there was nothing between these two women, Dustin Zhou would never believe it.

After waiting outside for about ten minutes, there was no sound from Enderia Shen inside.

This puzzled Dustin Zhou.

You obviously called me over, but now you ignore me.

What does it mean?

Is it just to show me you change clothes?

“Come in.” When Dustin Zhou was hesitant to push the door in again, Enderia Shen’s voice finally rang.

This time Dustin Zhou was very serious. The reality carefully pushed open a crack in the door. He saw Enderia Shen sitting in a chair with a tight heart, so he opened the door and walked in.

Enderia Shen’s face was flushed, watching Dustin Zhou disappear, carefully observing the situation in the office, and thinking of the scene just now, he was extremely ashamed.

She hasn’t experienced this feeling for a long time.

Since the university, like

After the passing of her first love, she never felt this feeling again.

But now, this feeling suddenly came to my heart.

Set his mind, after Dustin Zhou came in, Enderia Shen straightened up his face immediately, appearing to be more dignified.

“President Shen, what’s the matter?” Dustin Zhou’s eyes drifted a little, and he dared not look directly at Enderia Shen.

God knows what it is like for a woman to go crazy, if the time comes, he will desperately ask Dustin Zhou to take charge, he will cry without tears.

“I’m going to let you do the person in charge of the new project. Do you have any good ideas?” Once Enderia Shen returned to work, his shyness disappeared instantly, and the whole person returned to the high-cold style of a beautiful president.

“Uh, what good ideas can you have, that’s it, it’s the same as the whitening and anti-aging factor mask, but this time we have cooperated with so many cosmetics companies, so we need to cooperate in promotion.” Dustin Zhou stewed a paragraph, Continue to say.

“In addition, before and today, there were some people who withdrew. For them, we must not be careless, and we must prevent the previous things from happening again.” At this point, Dustin Zhou’s expression became serious.

Enderia Shen nodded slightly, his eyes cold.

In the last whitening factor project, it was because Edward Shen secretly stolen the formula of the whitening and anti-aging factor mask, so that there were a series of follow-up things that brought a lot of trouble to Mingyang.

And this time it was a collaboration of multiple companies. Once such a problem occurs, the entire cosmetics industry in Donghai City will be in chaos.

“But don’t worry too much. I will inform all partner companies later. In the end, Professor Shao Zekai will keep the research and development of the new strain in the hands of Professor Shao Zekai. He will not tell anyone else except us.” Dustin Zhou smiled and said calmly.

He had considered this issue before.

Therefore, for safety this time, all the research and development of the new strain are firmly in the hands of Professor Shao Zekai.

Every time a stage of research and development results, Professor Shao Zekai will send the results to Dustin Zhou, let him decide the follow-up.

At that time, product research and development can be carried out in the R&D laboratory of Mingyang Company.

In this way, once the industry is successfully developed, it can be mass-produced, and the recipes can be firmly controlled in the hands of Mingyang.

“By the way, when are you going to talk about Mira?” Enderia Shen stretched his brows slightly when he heard the words.

“Tomorrow, I won’t come to the company tomorrow. I will send a few friends first, and then go find Mira.” Dustin Zhou said relaxedly, and by the way, I won’t come tomorrow.

At that time, if Enderia Shen asked for himself, then he could have said it in advance.

… The next day, after Dustin Zhou got up, he did not go to Mu Mingyang Company, but went directly to

The Mountain Mist Club drove a multi-seater Land Rover off-road from Asher Chen’s garage.

After arriving at Fengyue Hotel on a familiar road, Dustin Zhou went straight upstairs to find Su Xiaomeng and the others.

At this moment, Su Xiaomeng and several people have packed up and saluted.

This time their team came to Donghai City to hold a concert, but an assassination occurred, which caused great harm to the entire team.

Although Su Xiaomeng was not injured, no one wanted to stay in the East China Sea anymore.

Everyone feels that someone is staring at themselves behind them, and they will be violent at them all the time.

“Everything is packed. Don’t get on the plane until you find out that you are missing something.” As the team leader this time, Sister Yang is telling everyone.

And Su Xiaomeng’s three little ones had already packed their things and stayed in the room eagerly, waiting for Dustin Zhou.

They are all girls, they don’t have so many things, except some clothes, just a small amount of cosmetics.

So the two suitcases have everything packed.

As soon as Dustin Zhou went upstairs, she saw Sister Yang who was instructing the team to pack things.

“Here you are, they are all in the room. Go and take a look.” Sister Yang smiled when she saw Dustin Zhou and pointed to the room.

Dustin Zhou nodded and walked into the room.

“Brother Yang!” Su Xiaomeng has been waiting for Dustin Zhou.

Yesterday Dustin Zhou personally said that she is coming to see them off today. She believes that Dustin Zhou will not miss the appointment.

When he raised his head and suddenly saw Dustin Zhou appear, the surprise instantly flooded his heart, exclaimed, and rushed directly into Dustin Zhou’s arms, clinging to Dustin Zhou.

Zhang Tiantian and Zhao Wanrong looked at each other and smiled, covering their mouths and laughing.

“Okay, are you all packed? You should be leaving soon, right?” As Dustin Zhou was talking, someone outside came to inform him that he was leaving.

The convoy headed towards the airport with great vigor.

Rocket Girl’s trip to the East China Sea was very unpleasant.

Especially when they encountered the assassination, the police have not given a good explanation until now. This made Sister Yang dissatisfied. At the same time, Yanjing’s company quickly recalled them to prevent other accidents.

…… When parting, I always feel a little sad.

Even though Dustin Zhou and the three girls of Rocket Girl have known each other for a short time, there is still a trace of affection between the two sides. At this time, there are many disagreements.

Seeing the plane disappearing from the field of vision, Dustin Zhou could only wish silently in his heart.

He believes that with Rocket Girl’s ability, he will definitely shine in the future, and by that time, he himself should be returning to Zhou’s house soon.

At that time, he could protect the Rocket Girl. If anyone dared to have evil intentions, Dustin Zhou would definitely not let them go.

Driving back, this time Dustin Zhou went directly to the community where Xie’s family was located.

Xie Ling

Yu has been in Xie’s house for this period of time, and now Yueji Beauty has come back to life, and has become formal, Mira Xie does not need to work hard as before.

Since Dustin Zhou took away all the security from the community, the security company re-arranged the security.

However, because of the reminder from Brother Pao and Xiaodao, the security guards arranged by the security company this time are very responsible, and there is no sign of arrogance.

The most important thing is that the security company specially trains the security guards and lists all those who cannot offend, so that the security guards can remember each other.

Once encountered, you must be respectful and not presumptuous!

So when Dustin Zhou drove to the gate of the community and was about to let the security pass through, he saw the big smile of the security guard.

“It’s Mr. Zhou, you are back, please come in!” The security did not need to remind Dustin Zhou, just opened the door and let go.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t figure it out for a while. He didn’t know when he was so famous. Even the community security knew him.

He clearly remembered that this community can be regarded as a high-end community, and the security measures have always been strict, even for those rich and wealthy homes, the security guards would not have this attitude.

Parked the car, found Xie’s house, Dustin Zhou rang the doorbell directly.

It’s been a few months since the last time I came here. I don’t know what the Xie family is now.

The door was quickly opened, and it was a woman who opened the door. Seeing Dustin Zhou, she was obviously a little surprised, her eyes filled with doubts, and she looked strange.

“Who are you? Who are you looking for?” The woman asked softly, her attitude was okay, she didn’t directly drive Dustin Zhou away.

“Dustin Zhou? Why are you still here? There is no place for you anymore. If you are acquainted, don’t hurry up!” But soon, Xie’s mother walked over and saw Dustin Zhou and immediately scolded.

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