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Table of Contents

Chapter 212

Two choices!

Mother Xie’s voice was so loud that everyone in the house was attracted to her at once.

“Hey, isn’t this Mira’s ex-husband? Why does he still have a face?” “Bah, such a person is really not ashamed, ruthless and unjust. Thanks to Mira’s vision, he divorced him in time!” “Yes, really no Knowing how there is such a person in this world, when Mira’s company is getting better, he will immediately join in.” “Tell you, I want to take advantage of Mira, take advantage of Xie’s family, wishful thinking!” … Dustin Zhou also Without speaking, the people inside were just a sneer.

Dustin Zhou just glanced in, and his heart suddenly became clear.

These people are relatives of the Xie family.

Dustin Zhou met him the last time he came to celebrate his mother’s birthday.

The attitude of these relatives is very bad, this time compared to the last time, or even worse.

“Hehe, Dustin Zhou, let me tell you, since you have left Xie’s house, don’t think about getting close to Mira, I know why you came!” Xie’s mother gave Dustin Zhou a cold eye, her mouth widened, full of sarcasm, as if Dustin Zhou is like a clown.

“Isn’t it just seeing Mira’s company getting better now, you feel like you have a share of the pie? I tell you, this is a wishful thinking. I have asked Mira to contact a lawyer. If you don’t sign the divorce agreement, go there. The court resolves it!” Mother Xie put her arms around her chest, full of pride and confidence.

In her eyes, Dustin Zhou seemed to have been caught to death by herself, and there was no room for reversal at all.

Dustin Zhou now has only two choices.

Either agree to the divorce and sign it now. Perhaps Xie’s mother will sympathize with him as a winner and give him a divorce fee.

Either the lawyer will take over and go directly to the court. At that time, not to mention the divorce fee, it is just a penny, and Xie’s mother will not let Dustin Zhou take it away.

All of a sudden, everyone looked at Dustin Zhou triumphantly, waiting for his reaction, and then they could humiliate Dustin Zhou again.

The last time Dustin Zhou took out Jadeite’s jewelry on his mother’s birthday, they didn’t recognize it and lost face.

This makes them very upset!

They are members of the Xie family, and Dustin Zhou is just a son-in-law. Why can you buy Jadeite jewelry and give it out in such a calm and graceful manner, without feeling any distress?

That’s right.

These people are envious!

Envy to the extreme, that is jealous!

They don’t want to see Dustin Zhou!

And when Mira Xie’s Yueji beauty makeup got better and the business recovered, even better than before, the more I felt that Dustin Zhou was not worthy of Mira Xie.

Although Dustin Zhou had sold Jadeite’s jewelry before, it was no more than two million.

And Mira Xie’s company has a monthly profit of more than 5 million!

They think Dustin Zhou is dead

Pi Lai’s face is not divorced because of Mira Xie’s company.

“Have you finished?” Dustin Zhou glanced at everyone and said lightly, without a trace of emotion in his words.

This made Xie’s mother and relatives angry!

You are a son-in-law, now in order to cling to Mira Xie’s company, you are chasing home with a stubborn face, so you dare to have this attitude!

“The surname Zhou, what’s your attitude?” “That’s right, we are talking to you now, we are worthy of you, who do you think you are?” “If we hadn’t taken you in before we thanked the family, you might have taken yours with you. A sick mother is living on the street, and now I don’t know how to be grateful, so I dare to talk to us in such a tone and get out!” “Yes, get out. I don’t want to think about who took you in, gave you food, and gave it to you. Drink, but also responsible for your sick mother, Dustin Zhou, I tell you, this marriage is divorced.” Xie mother also said proudly.

“As for the Jadeite Jewelry you gave before, it should be our Xie family’s reward for taking in you for the past three years.” Having said this, a trace of greed flashed in Xie’s mother’s eyes.

The jewelry of Jade Pavilion is worth nearly three million.

Although Xie’s family is now showing signs of recovery and Mira Xie’s business is getting better, Xie’s mother will not dislike the money.

Besides, in the previous three years, the Xie family took in Dustin Zhou and his mother, and somehow they had to withdraw a little interest, so Dustin Zhou could not be gained in vain.

The other relatives also showed greedy eyes at this time.

They looked at Xie’s mother first, and found that they would not get a favor, so they immediately turned their attention to Dustin Zhou.

“Hehe, Dustin Zhou, when you married Mira before, aunty did a lot of effort. You should at least thank you?” “Yes, we were busy for your wedding with Mira. If you are busy, even if there is no credit, there will be hard work. Thank you and compensate us. Isn’t it too much?” “We don’t know your difficulties. You still have a sick mother to support. , Didn’t you loose Jade’s jewelry? Since you can give two pieces, then use your relationship to give us one more piece.” “Yes, we don’t want you too much. After the delivery, We don’t owe each other!” … After speaking, the relatives looked at Dustin Zhou with greed and expectation, wishing to strip Dustin Zhou completely clean now.

Dustin Zhou glanced at the people leisurely, watching all the changes in their expressions and eyes, and couldn’t help sneering in his heart.

This is a group of greedy people, and there is no bottom line, and there is no trace of shame.

It’s just that Dustin Zhou is a little strange. These relatives have never done this before.


The Jadeite Jewelry I gave out last time, also

Did not see them like this.

There must be reasons that I don’t know yet.

“Dustin Zhou, can you please give me something!” Auntie became a little impatient, waved her hand and asked Dustin Zhou to respond.

“Okay.” Dustin Zhou said lightly.

Look ahead.

“Really?” At this moment, not only the aunt, other relatives, and even Xie’s mother changed their expressions, and the gaze towards Dustin Zhou became even hotter.

“Since you have agreed, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and prepare. When the time comes, there will be not enough jewelry at Jade Pavilion!” Auntie couldn’t help but urged.

This is a time of taking advantage of nothing. If you miss it, you don’t know when you will encounter it again.

Moreover, after this time, Dustin Zhou will divorce Mira Xie, and he has no relationship with their relatives.

This is the last opportunity to squeeze Dustin Zhou.

“I know Zhao Tianlai, the manager of the flagship store at Feicuixuan. He can give you jewelry at a lower price. One million per person. I will contact him immediately and ask him to send the jewelry over.” Dustin Zhou chuckled lightly, looking harmless to humans and animals. It seems to be really considering these relatives.

“What do you mean?” The expressions of all the relatives changed, and their gazes at Dustin Zhou became worse.

“Can’t you hear what I mean?” Dustin Zhou sneered.

Chapter 213

It depends on whether you have this strength!

(1) “Everyone is self-righteous, thinking that they have given me Dustin Zhoutian’s great favor, and want to claim benefits.” “If you really helped me when I was in trouble, how about the jewelry I gave you Jade Xuan? “But you didn’t. Not only that, you have looked down on me for three years, thinking that I am not worthy of Mira, because I am clinging to your Xie family.” “Even, every time I was overwhelmed by my mother’s illness, you all It’s like hell, I can’t wait to be thousands of miles away from me.” “Now, what high-sounding excuses do you use to take advantage of me.” “I see, the shameless people are you!” Dustin Zhou Leng Shouted, don’t give relatives a chance to speak.

After a violent meal, all the relatives were confused and looked at Dustin Zhou blankly.

Even Xie’s mother was surprised and couldn’t figure out when Dustin Zhou would be so tough.

This is not like the only Dustin Zhou in their minds at all!

“You! Dustin Zhou, don’t talk nonsense!” “That’s right, even if we didn’t say anything to you at the beginning, but why did we treat you badly? Between you and Mira in the past three years, if it weren’t for us, you would have been divorced. My mother is dead a long time ago, where is the present?” “Yes, don’t think we don’t know, or if you are a leader in a well-known company, you can’t be alive, you really think you are a green onion? You carried Mira shoes. No qualifications!” “That is, Mingyang is so popular now, you really think it has something to do with you, makes so much money, and has something to do with you. If you don’t give us an explanation today, you won’t want to see Mira! “… The relatives were angry, and started squirting wildly at Dustin Zhou.

In their eyes, only others are wrong, and they cannot be wrong.

But Dustin Zhou actually said that, in their opinion, it is slander!

No one can accept the slander of others!

However, Dustin Zhou frowned slightly and looked at the person who had just spoken.

Did they just say that they knew that they were leaders in a famous company?

This shows that they already know that they are no longer a small ordinary employee of the famous company.

But I only know half of it, and I don’t know that I am now a shareholder of the famous company.

However, according to Dustin Zhou’s cognition, these relatives disdain to pay attention to Mingyang and themselves.

As for the news that I was the person in charge of the whitening factor project of the famous company, I didn’t tell them, because of Mira Xie’s temperament, I wouldn’t say it.

So how did they know?

“I’m talking nonsense? You want to explain?” Dustin Zhou was neither humble nor overbearing, not at all the cowardice he was three years ago.

“Do you think your face is so big that you can talk to me for nothing

Want jewelry worth hundreds of thousands?

Or, I have a very good relationship with you, so I can give you hundreds of thousands for nothing?

Dustin Zhou said coldly, directly exposing their true colors. “You!

Dustin Zhou, we are all your elders!

Are you treating your elders?

It’s so unrequited!

“That is, in ancient times, people like you would be immersed in a pig cage!”

” “Humph!

People are immortal, do you really think who you are and dare to talk to us like this?

“… Dustin Zhou looked at the ugly faces of his relatives, and he didn’t want to speak anymore. And he knew that these relatives suddenly behaved like this today, they will not be aimless, they must rely on it! But what are they relying on? Dustin Zhou doesn’t know, and for the time being Can’t figure it out. “Mom, who’s here.

At this moment, Mira Xie’s voice came out. There was a trace of fatigue and a trace of laziness in the voice. Dustin Zhou had heard such voices. In the previous three years, Yueji Beauty was in trouble many times, and Mira Xie every time. Busy work, physically and mentally exhausted, the sound is the same after going home to sleep and waking up. I am tired and lazy. She, is this just waking up? Dustin Zhou didn’t think much, he had already thought of that scene in his heart. Dustin Zhou has also seen Mira Xie’s lazy appearance just getting up, with blood spurting many times. But he has been patient! He knows that there is a huge gap between himself and Mira Xie, and the Xie family. Before he has that ability, he will never cross it. That gap! “Mira, why did you get up? Didn’t you mean to sleep longer?

“Yeah, it’s okay here. There is a bastard who wants to beg for money without seeing where it is. He can come?”

“Yes, you’d better go to bed, and we’ll have dinner later.”

“… The relatives suddenly showed a panic on their faces, and they persuaded Mira Xie to go back to sleep. And Dustin Zhou also read all of this very real! In an instant, he understood it in his heart. They are like this, Mira Xie is just like that. I don’t know. And they just want to drive themselves out before Mira Xie wakes up. “It’s okay, I’ve already rested, you just need to give a little money.

“Mira Xie said, the sound of footsteps gradually approached. In the next second, Dustin Zhou’s eyes met Mira Xie’s. And Dustin Zhou clearly noticed that Xie Linyu was holding a small purse in his hand and was pulling out a hundred yuan from it. Dustin Zhou was stunned, and there was something strange in his heart. Mira Xie believed the words of his relatives, thinking that he was really a beggar outside asking for money, so he took the money directly. It was really the same as before, the kindness remained. Dustin Zhou sighed in his heart, but it made Mira Xie. There was a misunderstanding. Mira Xie saw Dustin Zhou, beautiful

He stared roundly and looked very shocked.

At the same time, she looked at the faces of Xie’s mother and relatives, and she turned out to be very angry.

“This is the beggar you are talking about? If Dustin Zhou is a beggar, what am I?” Mira Xie was very angry.

The moment she saw Dustin Zhou, she thought that her eyes were dazzling. After blinking twice, she saw Dustin Zhou still standing in front of the door, and then she believed Dustin Zhou was really here.

But Mira Xie was very ashamed when he thought of the words of his relatives just now.

At this moment, she was in a state of anxiety.

She was afraid that Dustin Zhou thought all of this was instructed by herself.

“Dustin Zhou, I don’t know you are coming here, I was sleeping just now, I don’t know, you come in quickly.” Mira Xie was a little incoherent, but after taking a deep breath, he still eased his emotions.

But this scene, in the eyes of Xie’s mother and relatives, was a blow!

“Mira, you are going to divorce him, why are you letting him in?” “Yes, I tell you that he is coveting your property. Before the company encountered difficulties, why didn’t he help? Now the company is improving. He just rushed over non-stop, it was clearly unpredictable!” “Yeah, Mira, you are still young, and you run such a company, there are so many young talents in Donghai City, which one is not better than Dustin Zhou?” … Began to persuade.

However, Mira Xie seemed indifferent and attracted Dustin Zhou in.

As soon as Dustin Zhou entered the room, he immediately noticed two surprised eyes.

He turned his face and saw Charlie Chen and Edward Shen sitting recklessly on the sofa, looking at him with surprise, obviously surprised that he came in.

At this moment, Dustin Zhou also realized that the reason why those relatives had this attitude must be seduced by Charlie Chen and Edward Shen.

After all, Charlie Chen has always been a golden turtle son-in-law in the eyes of these relatives.

And Edward Shen is even more serious, he turned out to be the son of the Shen Group, and the well-known president of the company Enderia Shen is his sister.

Dustin Zhou’s eyes tightened instantly, and he glanced at the two of them calmly, and walked in with Mira Xie.

Chapter 214

It depends on whether you have this strength!

(2) “Some people really don’t know the heights of the world, and they really think they are such a great person.” “That is, if it weren’t for the kindness of Mira, we would have driven him out!” “I don’t know how to come today. What is it for? If you want to benefit from the Xie family, I would advise you to die of this heart.”… Although Dustin Zhou entered the Xie family, the relatives were reluctant and still mocked.

“Yes, Master Shen and Charlie are here. Some people are afraid that they will die of shame!” “This person is more angry than a person, and he is of the same size. Why are some people rich in wealth, but some people are dead skinned. Do you want to take advantage of Xie’s family?” “If you want me to say, this is Mira’s kindness.” And the existence of Edward Shen and Charlie Chen makes those relatives seem to find a catharsis point, and they can’t stop at all. .

But they didn’t notice that when Dustin Zhou came in, Charlie Chen and Edward Shen looked ugly for a moment.

However, relatives all regarded Charlie Chen and Edward Shen high in their hearts, so how could they notice this?

Finding that other people hadn’t noticed the change in the expression of the words, Charlie Chen and Edward Shen looked at each other, and each smiled slightly.

After Dustin Zhou sat down, Mira Xie personally made a cup of tea for him and brought it to him.

There was a trace of guilt on Mira Xie’s face, obviously because of the words of relatives just now.

She knows Dustin Zhou’s character, and also knows that Yueji beauty can bring back the dead, Dustin Zhou has played a vital role.

If Dustin Zhou hadn’t opened the back door for Yueji Beauty, cooperated with the whitening factor project and made huge profits through IO mask, Yueji Beauty would not develop stably as it is now.

However, this scene fell in the eyes of the relatives, and it was shocking!

What did they see?

Mira Xie made tea personally, and also brought it to Dustin Zhou?

Even relatives like them have never received this kind of treatment before!

Even Charlie Chen and Edward Shen never received such treatment when they came over.

“Mira, this is just a shameless person, why do you want to be like this?” “That’s right, come to Xie’s cheeky, I am afraid it is for Xie’s property, Mira, you have to keep your eyes open and don’t be fooled by him. That’s it!” … The relatives only felt that Mira Xie had been deceived by Dustin Zhou and filled with righteous indignation. As long as Mira Xie spoke, they would be able to rush forward and shred Dustin Zhou’s momentum.

“Enough, have you finished talking!” When the relatives still wanted to persuade Mira Xie, Mira Xie coldly scolded.

At this moment, all the relatives were taken aback, and then their faces became very ugly.

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