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Chapter 215


It’s not that the aunt said you, what is good about Dustin Zhou this time?

What did he do in Xie’s house for three years?

If it weren’t for him, you married Charlie Chen, where would the Xie family suffer from the previous sins?

“My aunt’s face was not worried, she glanced at Dustin Zhou coldly, snorted, and started to posture. And his eyes dangled over Charlie Chen and Edward Shen on the side. In her eyes, both Charlie Chen and Edward Shen were both. It’s a young man, and both of them are worthy of Mira Xie. If it weren’t that her family didn’t have a daughter, she would have liked to put her woman in their arms. As long as anyone fancy her woman, she would immediately become prosperous. Auntie said so, and other relatives also nodded and agreed. In their eyes, people like Dustin Zhou are a burden to the Xie family. Not only are they useless to the Xie family, they will bother the Xie family. And Charlie Chen It’s different from Edward Shen. Not only they themselves have a wealth that is not inferior to the Xie family industry, but also the family behind them can speak for themselves in the East China Sea. Where can I find such a person? If you miss this time, I’m afraid you will never see it next time! “This is my own business, is it the auntie who wants to make the decision for me?”

Since you are so optimistic about others, then you have a daughter yourself and marry him!

“Mira Xie is angry! Faced with such relatives, and still said such things in front of her husband, even if she is a clay figure, she has a temper! She has had enough of her relatives. She has nothing to do with her family. It’s useful to know how to come to Xie’s house to play the autumn breeze! Even if Yueji’s beauty was in trouble before, these relatives still want the Xie’s family to share the profit for them. Such a person, Mira Xie doesn’t want to endure it anymore! Most importantly, she knows that Dustin Zhou is not The incompetence in the eyes of these relatives, she could not bear the slander of Dustin Zhou by her relatives. “You!

Auntie was shocked and angry, pointing at Mira Xie, her face was full of anger, but she couldn’t speak. When other relatives saw this, they all calmed down and looked at Mira Xie and auntie in surprise. “Mira, How to speak?

This is your aunt!

Hurry up and apologize to your aunt!

“Xie’s mother saw that the situation was not right, and she immediately scolded. “Aunt Xie, this spirit jade is okay. She was just fainted. That’s why she said this. Mira had been talking to me before, and my aunt treated her very much. Well, he is a very kind person, so he should be close and close!

Charlie Chen also stood up and helped Mira Xie. But he seemed to be speaking for Mira Xie, but in his words, he thought that what the relatives like Auntie had said before was correct. “Yes, Charlie understands me.”

Auntie was very moved and rubbed her eyes pretendingly.

It seems to want to wipe away the tears that do not exist.

“I have also heard about things between Mira and Dustin Zhou. I thought they were divorced before and wanted to know Mira, but I didn’t expect them to be divorced yet, but I was thinking too much.” Edward Shen stood up and said lightly, with the intention of leaving directly.

“I didn’t think too much, I didn’t think too much, Master Shen was slow.” Mother Xie saw that Edward Shen was about to leave, immediately panicked.

She knew that Edward Shen was the young master of the Shen Group, and that in the future, she would inherit billions of assets from the Shen Group.

For such people, it is undoubtedly a great thing for Mira Xie to know Mira Xie!

Once the Mira Xie he fancyed can get married with Mira Xie, then Xie’s mother can also get great benefits.

At that time, not to mention a piece of Jadeite jewelry, even if it is the jewelry of the entire Jadeite flagship store, it will not be a problem!

And these are all Dustin Zhou’s exhausted life, and there is no way to achieve it!

At this time, Mother Xie was thinking about keeping Edward Shen behind, but she didn’t even notice Mira Xie, whose face became more ugly.

“Hehe, what a great show!” At this moment, Dustin Zhou said slowly, still sitting on the sofa, looking at Charlie Chen and Edward Shen coldly.

“You want to be a fisherman, but it also depends on whether you have this strength!” “If you don’t have the strength, you want to be a fisherman. In the end, you will only be eaten by the big fish in the river!”

Chapter 216

In my heart!

All the relatives flushed!

This is not ashamed!

But anger!

They felt that Dustin Zhou really didn’t respect them and didn’t treat them as elders at all.

But they didn’t think about it. They never regarded Dustin Zhou as a junior, but as an outsider, doing everything possible to drive Dustin Zhou out of Xie’s house.

“Hehe, Dustin Zhou, I didn’t expect you to treat your elders like this. If my sister knew, I don’t know what to do to you!” Edward Shen sneered, and a fierce stern flashed in his eyes.

He knew that his remarks would not have any effect, but at this time, at least he would be able to give these relatives enough confidence to collide with Dustin Zhou.

As long as they conflict, he and Charlie Chen will be able to find an opportunity to deal with Dustin Zhou, and even receive Mira Xie into their own hands.

At that time, Edward Shen will see Dustin Zhou suffering!

“Yes, Mr. Shen speaks, Dustin Zhou, don’t be arrogant!” “Don’t think that if you become a small leader, you can lose your respect!” “Mr. Shen, how can someone like Dustin Zhou be the leader of a famous company? My son has just graduated from university this year and his grades have been very good. I don’t know if I can bother to recommend him to work in Mingyang, and just arrange a small leader.” … When the relatives heard Edward Shen’s words, they immediately greeted him.

“Can you call the shots?” Dustin Zhou raised his brows and looked at Edward Shen with interest.

For Edward Shen, these relatives did not know his details, but Dustin Zhou knew exactly what he was.

“If you can call the shots, I will immediately withdraw from Mingyang.” Dustin Zhou said categorically!

“Huh! President Enderia Shen of the well-known company is the older sister of Young Master Shen. It is not a matter of a word from Young Master Shen whether he can be the master!” Auntie dissatisfied.

She is preparing to recommend her son to Edward Shen so that he can be introduced to Mingyang.

Not asking for a high position, a small leader, just like Dustin Zhou, she is satisfied.

It’s just that Edward Shen didn’t say a word at this time.

He was a little embarrassed. He just said it casually, but these relatives took it seriously.

The most important thing is that there are people who really want him to recommend people. Ordinary employees don’t do it, and they are quite leaders.

If Edward Shen knew that Auntie wanted his son to be the same leader as Dustin Zhou, he would probably vomit blood directly.

Dustin Zhou is a shareholder of Mingyang Company, accounting for 20% of the shares, and he is also the person in charge of the whitening factor project. Such a leader is the only one in Mingyang Company!

Don’t say that no other leader can be like Dustin Zhou, even if there is, Edward Shen can’t get people up!

“Master Shen, why aren’t you talking!” Seeing that Edward Shen didn’t respond, Auntie was also a little surprised and couldn’t help but relax.


“Of course he dare not speak, because he is not qualified to join the famous company!” Dustin Zhou said lightly, his eyes full of contempt!

“And don’t say that he can’t recommend people to work in Mingyang. Even if he can, if I say something, that person will have to get out!” Dustin Zhou’s words made all relatives stunned.

Auntie didn’t believe it and looked at Mira Xie.

“Mira, did Dustin Zhou have a problem with his brain…” “He is right. Dustin Zhou is a shareholder of Mingyang Company, and he is also the general manager. The whitening and anti-aging factor mask is his lead.” After speaking, Mira Xie explained directly.

Only at this time, the expression on her face became extremely cold.

Obviously I am bored with these relatives!

They are so harsh to the Xie family, even mean and unkind.

But for Dustin Zhou, they were the same, which made Mira Xie couldn’t help it!

“What?” “How is this possible!” “Isn’t he an ordinary employee before? He is just a small leader now!” “Yes, I also listen to others, who knows he is so powerful!” We treated him like that before. Wasn’t he very angry? It’s over. It could have been convenient for him to let my son go to the famous company.” “Otherwise, we apologize to him. Anyway, everyone They are all relatives. I apologize, and this matter is over.” … When the relatives were shocked, they immediately thought of ways to resolve the conflicts between the two sides.

They looked at Dustin Zhou one by one, as if they saw countless gold bars, and they wanted to rush up and grab them in their palms, not letting go for a moment.

“Mira, is this true?” Mother Xie was also a little dumbfounded!

He always thought that Dustin Zhou just wanted to get wealth from Mira Xie and Xie’s family.

But unexpectedly, Dustin Zhou changed his body and turned out to be different from before.

“I’m also using that whitening and anti-aging factor mask. It’s too popular. How much money does that famous company make.” “This can’t be counted!” “But Dustin Zhou seems to be at odds with Charlie Chen and Shen Shao. Ah!” The relatives also reacted.

From the beginning, Edward Shen and Charlie Chen didn’t catch a cold with Dustin Zhou, and their words were mostly sarcasm and sarcasm.

If you think about it carefully, there must be many conflicts between them.

They even made Edward Shen and Charlie Chen come to Xie’s house to instigate conflict.

“I don’t know what Charlie Chen and Edward Shen have told you when they come to Xie’s house. I don’t want to know and are not interested.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, not looking at those relatives at all.

“I’m here, just talking to Mira, it has nothing to do with you, and I don’t want to have anything to do with you in the future!” After Dustin Zhou finished speaking, he looked at Mira Xie with bright eyes.

“Mira, let’s go out and talk about things!” “Well, wait for me.” Mira Xie nodded without thinking.

In her heart, it must be very important that Dustin Zhou can go directly to Xie’s house at this time, and endure the cynicism of so many people, and still have nothing to go away.

“Mira, where are you going? The meal is about to start, and you are not eating at home?” Mother Xie asked in astonishment.

“There are too many idlers at home, I can’t stay any longer!” Mira Xie simply tidied up, replied, and went directly with Dustin Zhou.

After the door was closed, the relatives in the living room exploded!

“It’s simply not respectable, Dustin Zhou is like this, how can Mira be like this?” “It must be that Dustin Zhou who instigated Mira to do us this way!” “Yes, it’s simply too damn, we are all elders, can it? Do we have to take the initiative to apologize?” “I really thought it would be great to be a leader, and we don’t rely on him!” … The relatives suddenly screamed.

“Auntie, it’s late, we have to go back.” Seeing that the instigation was not successful, Edward Shen and Charlie Chen also left directly.

Even Xie’s mother and relatives kept staying, they did not hesitate.

“Oh, what’s going on?” “It’s incredible. Is that Dustin Zhou so good?” “Humph! No matter how good he is, he is just a part-time worker. Mr. Shen is the young master of the Shen Group. Inheriting billions of fortunes! That’s something that Dustin Zhou can compare to.” “Yes, it seems that we still have to have a good relationship with Master Shen, sister, next time you must invite Master Shen to eat at home again! “…

Chapter 217


Dustin Zhou didn’t know what Xie’s mother and relatives thought, nor did he have the intention to know.

At this time, he was hanging out with Mira Xie in the community.

When he was still living in Xie’s house, he also wanted to hang out with Mira Xie.

But at that time, Mira Xie’s make-up work to please himself was so troublesome that he didn’t have the time to accompany Dustin Zhou so leisurely.

Therefore, Dustin Zhou often wanders around the community alone.

The community where Xie’s family is located is a high-end community, which is quite well-known in Donghai City and ranks among the best.

Just one square, you need nearly 100,000!

The single-family villa where Xie’s family is located was bought when Xie’s father was alive.

There is a small artificial lake in the center of the community.

The artificial lake is in the shape of a meniscus and the shore is full of willows.

It is now October, and I can feel the coolness of the autumn wind.

Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie were silent all the way, and slowly walked to the shore of Crescent Lake.

“Thanks for you these days.” Dustin Zhou said softly.

He knew that during this period, Mira Xie devoted almost all of his time to the beauty of his own makeup and was constantly busy.

Compared with other well-known companies in the whitening factor project cooperation company, Yueji Beauty’s performance during this period of time ranked first, second only to the beauty of Yueji Beauty, which is several times larger in scale.

And Mira Xie also looked exhausted!

Fortunately, she has rested these few days, and overall she looks a lot better.

However, Dustin Zhou could still see the trace of residual fatigue from the corner of Mira Xie’s eyes, which was well hidden by her.

“It’s okay, after a few days of rest, I feel much better!” Mira Xie smiled lightly, and his right hand gently closed his temples, looking immortal.

Mira Xie pretended to be relaxed.

But Dustin Zhou heard a trace of fatigue in her tone.

“I looked at Yueji Beauty’s performance this month. It is very good, much better than other partner companies.” Dustin Zhou thought for a while and decided to tell her about the new strain project.

“I know that you are very tired during this period, and I also want you to take a good rest and take care of your body so as not to hurt yourself for work.” “Some time ago, I thought about a new project.” Said this, Dustin Zhouton After a while, I looked at Mira Xie, wanting to see her reaction.

If Mira Xie is not interested in this new project, Dustin Zhou and Ye Hui can stop talking about it.

Because at present, the current performance and scale of Yueji Beauty Makeup are enough for Mira Xie and her family to live a good life. Even if Mira Xie no longer devotes himself to work, relying solely on the sales of whitening factor masks, he can live a rich life. rich.

However, as soon as Dustin Zhou’s voice fell, Mira Xie’s eyes lit up, staring at Dustin Zhou without blinking, waiting for Dustin Zhou to continue talking.

I know that when you talk about work, you can’t stop at all.

Dustin Zhou smiled bitterly, and slowly told Mira Xie about the new plant project. Especially the new plant project, which will integrate almost the entire Donghai City cosmetics companies to cooperate, Dustin Zhou also told Mira Xie. After all, a new project, the total amount. It’s just that big. When there are more companies working together, the profit that each company can distribute is less. “Really?

“But Mira Xie was not worried at all. On the contrary, he was very interested in this project. He even followed Dustin Zhou and asked all the things she wanted to know and didn’t understand. When Dustin Zhou explained, she was dry. At the time, Mira Xie nodded in satisfaction, and stopped asking. For a while, there was silence between the two. Mira Xie lowered his head and looked at Meniscus Lake, as if thinking about this project. Yueji Beauty can play the role. What kind of role. And Dustin Zhou turned his face slightly, looking at Mira Xie’s profile, and fell into a hazy moment. I still remember the first time I saw Mira Xie, all the students in the whole university regarded her as an immortal. It was like a fairy who fell from the sky and came to play games in the mortal world, and Dustin Zhou was also one of many students. At that time, I don’t know how many people regarded Mira Xie as the goddess of their dreams, thinking day and night, wanting to be able to be with the goddess. There was a close encounter. But afterwards, many students like Dustin Zhou heard that Mira Xie was in love. For those students, it was like a bolt from the blue, shocking everyone with nothing to say, even quite a few People were confused for a long time before they slowly walked out. At that time, Mira Xie’s love partner was Charlie Chen. From an outsider, Dustin Zhou also had to admit that Charlie Chen’s conditions were very good. Aside from grievances, Dustin Zhou thought to himself, If you are a woman, you can’t help but feel moved when you see a man like Charlie Chen. Young, handsome, rich, and polite. In him, he can almost satisfy all the college girls’ fantasy about boyfriends. But later Charlie Chen broke up with Mira Xie because he was going to go abroad. Dustin Zhou still remembered that when the news of Mira Xie’s breakup came out, their entire dormitory building was carnival, and there were even many dormitories, and they went out to celebrate together. However, Mira Xie never again. What gossip came out. Until… Thinking of the scene when Mira Xie found herself near graduation, and bluntly said that she was going to marry him, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help but chuckle. God knows how shocked and ecstatic he was at that time. Even, The envy, jealousy and hateful eyes of classmates and friends, Dustin Zhou can still remember clearly. … In a blink of an eye, time flies, three years

Has passed.

Dustin Zhou also did not expect to enter the Zuixie family. For the Xie family and for Mira Xie, it was just a means for her to retaliate against Charlie Chen and deal with her family.

When Charlie Chen appeared in the vision of Mira Xie and Dustin Zhou again three years later, Dustin Zhou could clearly feel that he was very scared.

I was afraid that Mira Xie would divorce himself directly and get back with Charlie Chen.

Fortunately, although Mira Xie has always been relatively indifferent to himself, at this time, he did not do anything about chaos and abandonment.

Even when Charlie Chen appeared, Mira Xie would slightly consider Dustin Zhou’s emotions.

If it hadn’t been for the sudden knowledge that he was the heir of the Zhou Group, Dustin Zhou would not dare to imagine what would happen later.

Fortunately, everything is different.

Now, he has the ability and the means to help Mira Xie and even help her Yueji beauty makeup flourish.

“The specific plan for the new project has not yet come out and needs to be adjusted continuously. During this time, we will work with other cosmetics companies in Donghai City to advise and advise them to optimize the entire project!” Dustin Zhou said softly.

“Then I want to participate too. It just happens that this time I have enough rest, and I should start working!” Mira Xie turned his face leisurely, smiled, and responded with a smile.

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