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Chapter 218


This smile almost made Dustin Zhou silly.

But fortunately, Dustin Zhou’s concentration was not bad, he coughed slightly, and calmly turned away from his face, regaining his posture.

“If this is the case, then you can prepare in these two days, and I will call other companies together.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

He came to Mira Xie this time mainly for this matter.

After confirming that Mira Xie would participate in this new project, Dustin Zhou let out a long breath for no reason.

During this time, the relationship between Dustin Zhou and Mira Xie has recovered a lot.

It’s just that the two parties are relatively busy in their respective companies, especially Mira Xie, who has been running around during this period of time, so the meeting time between the two is very short.

Under such circumstances, even Dustin Zhou had the intention to mend the relationship with Mira Xie.

But fortunately, now Mira Xie doesn’t have to worry about Yuet’s beauty makeup. The two can have enough confidence to make up for the lack of emotion.

“Yeah.” Mira Xie nodded softly in response.

A strange atmosphere instantly arose between the two.

Dustin Zhou felt a little uncomfortable.

He hasn’t experienced this feeling for a long time.

It’s like when I saw a girl I liked when I was in college, I was shy, but I was about to move.

“Tingling bell.” Dustin Zhou was about to say something, but the phone rang.

Mira Xie looked up.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t wait to throw away the phone. He won’t come early or late, so he called at this time.

However, when he saw the call from Sara Ye, Dustin Zhou’s anger disappeared instantly.

Normally, Sara Ye would not call herself unless there was something important.

“Hello.” Dustin Zhou didn’t evade Mira Xie, and directly connected the phone.

Dustin Zhou’s face became more solemn just when Sara Ye said it.

When Dustin Zhou hung up the phone, his face was so gloomy that it almost dripped water.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?” Mira Xie obviously felt something too. Just looking at Dustin Zhou’s face, it was unprecedentedly solemn.

In Mira Xie’s impression, he had only seen this a few times during the three-year marriage between the two parties.

And every time, Zhou’s mother had a disease and needed timely treatment.

“Well, something happened, but don’t worry, it will be resolved soon. I will go back to the company now, and you should hurry up and prepare. When the time comes for new projects, I have some plans, and I will talk to you in detail.” Dustin Zhou After a few words, he sent Mira Xie to the door, then turned and left.

Galloping all the way.

When Dustin Zhou rushed back to Mingyang Company, Enderia Shen and Sara Ye were waiting in his office.

To Dustin Zhou’s surprise, Lord Tiger also came.

Dustin Zhou did not mention the new project this time.

Originally, this was a relatively professional project, and it was necessary to convene the entire East China Sea cosmetics companies to work together.

If Hu Ye got involved, it might arouse resentment from those cosmetics companies.

The most important thing is that Dustin Zhou has always felt that Tiger’s background is a bit complicated. The previous cooperation on the whitening factor project was confirmed before Dustin Zhou took the position.

He has no way to modify, but to work together.

But at the moment, the new strain project is fully led by him, and he is thinking about not getting involved with Lord Tiger.

In order to avoid problems in the future, some people will delve into Tiger’s background.

At that time, not only Tiger Lord, but also new projects, well-known companies, and Dustin Zhou, will be paid attention to and caught in a storm of public opinion.

“What’s the matter? Call me back in such a hurry?” Dustin Zhou didn’t ask why Lord Tiger came, nor did he see the sudden feeling of Lord Tiger on his face.

“Let’s take a look first.” Enderia Shen’s expression was a bit ugly, even very solemn.

This was the first time Dustin Zhou saw this emotion on her face.

Even when Enderia Shen was persecuted by her father before, she had never had this emotion.

Dustin Zhou shook his heart and looked at Sara Ye.

“Zhou, this is news that just couldn’t be published.” Sara Ye didn’t hesitate, immediately opened the web page and played a video.

Dustin Zhou took a look and couldn’t see anything.

But in the next second, the person appearing in the video made Dustin Zhou frowned instantly.

Zeng Datou, Zeng Pingchang.

General Manager of Chengming Cosmetics Company.

Professional managers!

When the new plant meeting was conducted at Fengyue Hotel before, Zeng Datou stood up and said that Dustin Zhou and Mingyang should be the leaders of the entire project, which is unfair.

Dustin Zhou also retorted strongly, forcing Zeng Datou to directly withdraw from the new plant project.

Dustin Zhou thought that Zeng’s big head couldn’t make any waves. After all, he was just a professional manager, and he would not have much influence on Donghai’s makeup industry.

But in an instant, he held a press conference?

In the video, Zeng Datou sits in the center of the rostrum.

And beside him, there was an old man who looked in his early seventies with white sideburns, but his eyes were bright and full of energy.

“Zhou, this person is the chairman of Chengming Cosmetics Company and the founder of the company. Zeng Pingchang is working for him.” Sara Ye pointed to the old man and explained.

Dustin Zhou suddenly understood that a company founder and chairman, a professional manager, and general manager of the company.

As long as one of the two people usually appears, it will attract the attention of reporters, and even put the entire company into tension.

But now, two people show up at the same time, and still hold a press conference.

The use of

Mindful, Dustin Zhou only thought about it slightly, and then he thought about it.

At this time, there is only one purpose for having the two of them appear at the same time and holding a press conference.

New strain project!

Sure enough, the video continued to play, and the big head Zeng on the podium was also talking freely when faced with reporters’ questions.

Dustin Zhou couldn’t see the slightest arrogant and proud look on him.

“When did they hold this press conference?” Dustin Zhou asked, his tone a little unhappy.

He hates others doing things behind his back!

If you were unconvinced, you were at the meeting at that time and you can refute it directly.

Even if you don’t give Dustin Zhou face, it’s OK to make a big fuss.

In that case, the two sides can always reach a balance.

But now, Zeng is quiet at the meeting, but after the meeting he holds a high-profile press conference.

This act of stabbing a knife in the back made Dustin Zhou very angry.

“Just half an hour ago, the press conference should continue now.” Sara Ye replied.

“Where are they holding the press conference? Now tidy up, I’m going over!” Dustin Zhou took a deep look at the video, then said in a deep voice, ready to go out.

“They are at the Brilliant Hotel. It was only when I got the news that I came over to take a look. Let’s go over together.” Before Sara Ye could answer, Lord Tiger spoke.

Dustin Zhou glanced at Hu Ye, and found that his face was flat as usual, without a trace of emotional change, so he suppressed the doubt in his heart and nodded slightly.

Chapter 219

Press conference!

Brilliant Hotel, as a five-star hotel, has a great reputation in Donghai City and is also a hotel frequented by many business people.

At this time, in the conference hall on the fourth floor of the hotel, a special press conference is in full swing.

It was Chengming Cosmetics Company that held this press conference, and it was Shang Zeming, the founder and chairman of the company, and Zeng Pingchang, the general manager of the company, who attended the press conference.

In the conference hall, Zeng Datou and Shang Zeming sat on the rostrum, facing the many reporters below the stage, his faces were full of disgust.

“Mr. Zeng, what do you think about Mingyang’s whitening factor project?” “Zeng, we all know that Mingyang’s whitening factor project makes it the biggest cosmetic in Donghai City. Company, do you think Mingyang will threaten Chengming’s position?” “President Shang, what do you think about Mingyang’s new project that excludes Chengming?” …… Questions from reporters Left behind, the entire press conference was extremely lively, like a vegetable market, and everyone was talking.

Some asked questions and some whispered, each recording important things.

“Everyone, I am happy to answer your questions.” Zeng Datou stretched out his hand, pressed forward, and signaled the reporters to be quiet.

When the reporters’ voices became quieter, Zeng Datou continued.

“It is undeniable that the famous company was not well-known before, and its scale was average. It has grown to the current scale. It is indeed the credit of the whitening factor project!” “In other words, this project has made the famous company. I believe that even if it is another company , Even a newly established company, as long as it has a whitening factor project, it can grow into what a famous company is now.” “As for what you said, a famous company will threaten Chengming. I think this is unfounded worry.” Zeng Datou An explanation of righteous words caused the entire conference room to fall into a brief silence.

“This…this is too big a word?” “Yes, even if it is a newly established company with a whitening factor project, it can become the current state of the famous company. This is simply what the famous company was before. Everything is erased!” “Yes, I heard that Dustin Zhou, a famous company last time, called the cosmetics companies in Donghai City to discuss matters, but Zeng Datou came out early. I don’t know if it has anything to do with this press conference. “I don’t know, Mingyang has not responded yet. Wait, let’s send out the news of this press conference first.” … The reporters whispered and exchanged the information they got.

“Everyone, Chengming Company held this press conference today, mainly to clarify

One thing, and want the famous company to give us a reasonable explanation.

Seeing that the reporters’ interest was raised, Zeng Datou felt that the time was almost time. He glanced at Shang Zeming, and the other party nodded slightly, and Zeng Datou knew it in his heart. “What!

Is this going to declare war immediately?

“Unexpectedly, there will be such an explosive news today!”

“Yes, it seems that there is big news this time, and my bonus is going to rise!”

“Hurry up and be quiet, listen to what he says!”

The reporters became excited when they heard this. As reporters, their accusation is to discover the news and report it. But recently, the media industry in Donghai City has been cleaned up by integration, except for individual media companies that have drifted away from industry associations. In addition, most other companies have joined industry associations. Because of this, many reporters’ behavior is subject to the association’s restrictions. Now most of the reporters in the conference hall are journalists under the association’s restrictions. They usually dare not Reporting news related to Dustin Zhou without authorization. For fear of being held accountable by Dustin Zhou. But now it is different. It is now that Chengming Company takes the initiative to break the news. They just passively accept it, and they can report it all! The long-term binding force has been imposed on them, and they have been let them. Feeling heavy, now there is a chance to relax suddenly, and they will naturally not let it go. But Zeng Datou is satisfied with the attitude of the reporters, and a fierce look flashes in his eyes. As a professional manager, Zeng Datou has never lacked means and wisdom. Otherwise, he will not be in charge of Chengming Company, which has decades of history, and will make Chengming Company where it is today. “As you all know, our Chengming Company has a history of nearly seventy years since its establishment. Here, we have been adhering to the principle of being kind to people and people-oriented to develop the company.

“Before this, although Chengming Company did not say that it was dominating the East China Sea, its position in the industry was obvious to all!”

“For this new project proposed by Dustin Zhou, a famous company, our company is very friendly and wants to cooperate. For this reason, we paid 10 million in advance as a deposit for participating in this project!

Zeng Datou spoke sharply, his eyes wandering throughout the conference hall, watching every move of all reporters in his eyes. He knew well that he wanted to compete with a company, especially a large company, and rely solely on the strength of his company. , It is difficult to take the absolute initiative. To this end, we must use external forces! Nowadays, in Dong Hao, there are very few cosmetic companies willing to oppose famous companies, and apart from them, other companies should not be afraid So Zeng Datou can only use the power of the media to make this matter so big that everyone knows it. At that time, Mingyang Company wanted to calm public opinion.

, And had to surrender to him and give up part of the project leadership!

And this is exactly the ultimate goal of Zeng Datou’s press conference!

… Just as Zeng Datou was talking at the press conference, Dustin Zhou and his party also came to the Brilliant Hotel.

“Master Tiger, you are back.” Brother Pao has been waiting in the hotel, and seeing Master Tiger and Dustin Zhou come back together, he immediately greeted him.

“How about it, people haven’t left.” Tiger Master asked directly.

“I didn’t leave, they were all inside.” As Brother Pao said, he took Dustin Zhou and his party to the fourth floor of the hotel.

The press conference is also being held here.

When he came to the entrance of the conference hall, across the door, Dustin Zhou heard the angry voice of Zeng headed inside.

“Bang!” Dustin Zhou directly pushed open the door of the conference hall with a sound.

In an instant, everyone in the conference hall looked over.

The reporters were angry at the beginning who made such a big noise at this time, so that they did not hear what Zeng Datou said.

But when they saw Dustin Zhou, their dissatisfaction disappeared instantly, and the rest was full of excitement and gossip!

“It’s Dustin Zhou, and Enderia Shen, why are they here!” “Now there is a good show. Zeng Datou held a press conference to discuss the famous company. Now the famous company is here directly, are they going to confront?” “It’s over, it turned out to be Dustin Zhou, why is he here, can’t let him see us!” …

Chapter 220


Dustin Zhou’s appearance caused the entire conference hall to fall into a frenzy.

The reporters looked like beasts out of prison, staring at Dustin Zhou with fierce eyes, waiting for Dustin Zhou to react, and then they had a chance to report the news.

“Oh, I’m thinking about who is so irritable. I didn’t expect it to be President Zhou of the famous company.” The moment Zeng Datou saw Dustin Zhou’s appearance, he was shocked and even panicked.

He knows his purpose for holding this press conference.

And Dustin Zhou’s appearance made him think that he had been exposed, and Dustin Zhou was looking for trouble.

But this idea quickly dissipated.

Zeng Datou sneered in his heart.

The purpose of holding a press conference by himself is to make the company famous, and it is best for Dustin Zhou to appear. In that case, he can use the power of public opinion to make Dustin Zhou compromise.

“It’s just, I remember that I didn’t ask you to come over. Are you uninvited?” Zeng took the lead and immediately put himself on the right side.

For uninvited people, there are always only two results.

One is a distinguished guest, so the owner naturally welcomes with his hands and warmly entertains him.

Another is the villain.

No matter who it is, he always shouts and screams for evil guests, and doesn’t give a good look.

Zeng Datou’s meaning is obvious.

I didn’t invite you Dustin Zhou over, and this press conference was just to denounce Dustin Zhou and Mingyang’s overbearing company.

Now Dustin Zhou comes uninvited, naturally a villain.

For the villain, then Zeng Datou’s next approach is appropriate.

However, Dustin Zhou seemed to turn a deaf ear, and he didn’t care about the cold words of Zeng Datou, and he wanted to go to the podium.

The reporters are sharks that smell like blood, constantly recording the scene at hand, and constantly shooting and recording the movements between Dustin Zhou and Zeng Datou.

“This is the meaning of Chengming Company?” Walking to the rostrum, Dustin Zhou did not stand on the rostrum, but stood opposite Zeng Datou and Shang Zeming, and asked coldly.

For a moment, Zeng Datou, Shang Zeming, and the reporters were stunned.

They originally thought Dustin Zhou would be very angry, and even went to fight.

At the very least, you should scold some swear words to eliminate your inner anger.

But Dustin Zhou surprised them!

Dustin Zhou didn’t do what they thought at all. Instead, he asked such a simple sentence.

From this sentence, everyone couldn’t tell whether Dustin Zhou was angry or not.

It’s just that his expression is extremely flat, as if nothing outside can affect him.

“Dustin Zhou, this is a press conference. What do you mean by uninvited?” Zeng Datou calmed down and refuted coldly.

This is his home court, he will not allow his face

The son was knocked out by others.

“You’re Dustin Zhou, I know you, a rising star, it’s not easy, but you have to know that the entire East China Sea is huge, no matter how good you are, there are people who are even better than you!” At this moment, I never said anything. Shang Zeming spoke suddenly, looking at Dustin Zhou with scorching eyes.

Shang Zeming has spoken!

In an instant, the reporters’ lenses moved from Dustin Zhou to Shang Zeming.

For Dustin Zhou, the reporters are a little bit jealous, for fear that they will provoke this big man and be liquidated by their own company.

But reporting on Shang Zeming does not have any risk!

Moreover, as the chairman of Chengming Company, Shang Zeming has not appeared in public for several years.

This time, it was not just a press conference held by Zeng Datou, but also a talk to Dustin Zhou at the conference. If this is released, it will be absolutely big news.

“My patience is limited, and I don’t want to say useless words. Does this press conference clarify the meaning of the company?” However, Dustin Zhou did not respond to Shang Zeming, instead repeating the initial question with an impatient look.

He has asked this question three times.

But neither Zeng Datou nor Shang Zeming gave a positive answer.

“So what?” Zeng Datou took a deep breath and looked at Dustin Zhou with a sneer.

He didn’t know what Dustin Zhou’s purpose was for asking this question.

But he is not afraid!

It is not only because of the support of Shang Zeming behind, but also the support of the entire Chengming company, he believes in his own strength even more!

Otherwise, he would not be in charge of a company worth billions of dollars like Cheng Ming!

“Since it is, it will be easier.” Dustin Zhou got a positive answer, nodded slightly, his eyes flickered slightly.

“Master Tiger, trouble you!” After finishing speaking, Dustin Zhou turned to look at Master Tiger and said softly.

Hu Ye was taken aback for a moment, and soon reacted, nodding to Brother Pao behind him.

When everyone was confused, Zeng sneered.

Brother Pao took out his cell phone and whispered a few words.

Everyone was watching Dustin Zhou and his party, not knowing what they were going to do.

Could it be that he came over aggressively just to ask such a nutritious question?

If this is the case, then everyone will have to re-examine the capabilities of Dustin Zhou and Mingyang.

“Dustin Zhou, don’t pretend to be a fool here. I’m afraid you think this is your famous company? Not to mention that you are just a small shareholder and cannot represent the famous company 100%. Even if you can, this is my press conference. What can you do?” Zeng Datou sneered in a low voice.

“Here are all reporters. As long as you dare to mess around, they will report everything without fail. At that time, not only you, but also famous companies will also stinks!” “At that time, I don’t know.

Can you still be as proud and arrogant as before!

Zeng Datou’s face was full of triumphant smiles, as if he was comfortable and refreshed after his revenge. “Boom!

“It’s just that, how long has it been in the United States that there was a sound of footsteps outside the conference hall. Everyone was surprised, looking at the door, wanting to see what happened. The next second, the footsteps stopped, but Everyone opened their eyes wide, staring at the door, and their expressions were a little flustered. People! All people! The gates of the entire conference hall are full of people, blocking the gates. “Master Tiger, Brother Pao. !

“Looking at the past, it is estimated that there are at least more than fifty people. Fifty people shouted together, the sound was like thunder, making the reporters in the conference hall numb. Most importantly, they heard “Tiger” “Ye” and “Brother Pao”. For these reporters, they have never lacked news. Naturally, they know who Hu Ye and Brother Pao are, and they also know that the Brilliant Hotel they are currently in seems to follow The two are inextricably linked. “Mr. Zhou, these people will lend you temporarily.

“Master Tiger looked at these people with satisfaction and smiled at Dustin Zhou. At this time, other talents reacted. These people were called by Master Tiger to help Dustin Zhou support. Even an absurd idea flashed in everyone’s mind. And they don’t know what emotions they are now. They seem to have expectations, but there is a trace of worry!

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