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Chapter 608

Niu Chuan was silent.

He didn’t know how to reply to Dustin Zhou. At this moment, he could feel Dustin Zhou’s desire to become a strong man like a martial master.

However, the reason why the martial master is strong is because it is very difficult to become a martial master.

Among 100,000 people, only one or two martial masters can appear.

Most people who practice martial arts stay under the martial arts master for life.

“Brother Yang, I can help you if you want.” Niu Chuan could only answer like that.

Because he himself became a martial artist, not because of his advanced techniques, but because he was trained in the army and trained in actual combat.

Dustin Zhou, on the one hand, is not young, on the other hand he has no foundation.

If Dustin Zhou asked other people, the possible answer would be impossible.

But Niu Chuan wanted to help Dustin Zhou, even if he couldn’t become a martial master, it was a good thing to have a skill to protect himself.

“I see.” Dustin Zhou nodded and did not continue the topic.

He also knew that Niu Chuan was not a

A liar.

Since he said that, it means that he really has no relationship with the martial master.

The two were speechless all the way, and soon came to Changsha First People’s Hospital.

Chen An and Li Chen were sent here for treatment.

After asking the front desk of the hospital, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan walked towards the third floor together.

Chen An and Li Chen didn’t actually suffer much physical harm.

It is only because of environmental and psychological factors that the two of them have deep psychological scars, and they are now recuperating in the VIP ward.

In the ward, at this moment, Enderia Shen has arrived.

In addition, Mira Xie, Asher Chen, and Su Wei almost all came.

Chen An and Li Chen, after all, came to Xiang Province from the East China Sea with everyone. No one can pretend to be ignorant or ignore what is happening now.

“You are back.” Seeing Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan coming back, Enderia Shen asked quickly.

“How’s it going?” She knew where Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan were going, so she was always worried about what dangers Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan would encounter when they went to the Jiang family base camp.

But now that the two returned safely, Enderia Shen’s hanging heart finally landed.

The eyes of other people also gathered, wanting to hear what Dustin Zhou said.

After all, although Chen An and Li Chen do not have a strong sense of existence, they are regarded as their own.

Now that he is like this, Dustin Zhou, as the leader, would be a little bit unreasonable if he didn’t do anything.

In that way, even if a few close people would not have any opinion on Dustin Zhou, there were quite a few people who came to Xiang Province from the East China Sea together, and they might not understand Dustin Zhou.

Even, it is very likely that because of the conflict between the two sides, there is a grievance in the heart, and eventually parted ways.

After all, such a thing is not without precedent.

Wang Wei chose to part ways with Dustin Zhou on the opening day of the Liushi branch. There may not be a reason for the contradiction between the two parties.

“It’s all resolved, and someone will come to apologize later.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, giving everyone an answer.

Although everyone has great expectations for him, they also know that the truth is too late.

To make Chen An and Li Chen such a person, they must have a big background and even have super strong backers.

For such a person, forcing the other party to apologize is already very good.

If you really want to care about it and let the other party’s life equal one life, then it will undoubtedly attract the other party’s more powerful revenge and attack.

Under such circumstances, everyone can understand. After all, in the face of such retaliation and attack, Dustin Zhou, no matter how powerful, is only a person.

And they have no way to help.

What’s more, Chen An and Li Chen, compared with Dustin Zhou

In terms of being an outsider after all, the relationship is not so close enough.

As long as Dustin Zhou did what he was supposed to do, it was already very good.

“Really from Kong Hui and Jiang’s family?” Asher Chen said coldly, standing on the edge of the hospital bed with frost on his face.

The whole person is like a sculpture. If you don’t look at it carefully, you can easily ignore him.

However, this is such a person, immobile like a mountain, aggression like a fire, and an invisible pressure swept the entire ward when he opened his mouth.

Asher Chen was very angry.

In the past two days, he was busy with his own affairs, so he did not pay much attention to the situation here.

If it hadn’t been for Chen Xin to tell him that this happened, he might still not know.

Chen An and Li Chen are both from the East China Sea, and they have some friendship with Asher Chen. After they came to Hunan Province, they had a lot of contact.

Asher Chen has always felt that the two people are very promising. As long as they follow Dustin Zhou and wait until Dustin Zhou returns to Zhou’s home, their future is boundless.

But now, the two people are lying on the hospital bed. Although there is no life-threatening danger, the experience of this time has already left a deep impression on the two of them.

Whether it is one year, five years, ten years.

Chen An and Li Chen, I’m afraid they will not forget the ticking sounds that are constantly making in the darkness in the Changsha Stadium.

“Well, it’s Kong Hui and Jiang Feng, but it’s okay now. I just went to the vicinity of Jiang’s house with Niu Chuan and taught them a good meal. They will come later.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, he felt When Asher Chen became angry, he felt slightly apologetic.

After all, I was too proud and didn’t take care of everything, which allowed Kong Hui and Jiang Feng to succeed.

“Where is Zhang Hai?” Asher Chen asked coldly.

For traitors, Asher Chen has always acted simply and decisively.

In Donghai, if anyone betrayed him, there would be no good end.

It is a better end to be a waste.

Serious people will even be directly arranged by Asher Chen to sink into the Huangpu River.

“Yes, Mr. Zhou, the traitor Zhang Hai escaped.” “Yes, if it weren’t for Zhang Hai, Chen An and Li Chen would never have become like this.” “I saw it before, but Zhang Hai persuaded him. Chen An and Li Chen went out together, and just after that, Zhang Hai rebelled, and Chen An and Li Chen’s whereabouts are unknown.” “Zhou, you must not let Zhang Hai go.” … Everyone suddenly became dissatisfied.

Many representatives came here, all of whom have a pretty good relationship with Chen An and Li Chen.

They are naturally very sympathetic to Chen An and Li Chen’s experience, and at the same time they are very angry.

If it weren’t for Zhang Hai, Chen An and Li Chen would not have become what they are now.

Moreover, no one knows that Chen An and Li Chen wake up and know

What will happen after everything that has happened to Tao?

“To deal with such a traitor, we don’t need to act.” Dustin Zhou shook his head slightly, not wanting to talk about Zhang Hai, nor did Asher Chen want to clean up Zhang Hai.

After all, for such a person, his fate has long been doomed, and there is no need for him or Asher Chen or other people to do it.

And Zhang Hai’s best end is to immediately return to the East China Sea, and then be a low-key man.

However, even then, after returning to the East China Sea, these people will become Zhang Hai’s nightmare.

Chapter 609

Dustin Zhou stayed in the ward for a while, and repeatedly confirmed that Chen An and Li Chen would not be in danger of life. As for when they would wake up, it was hard to say. It all depends on their respective wills.

In other words, if Chen An and Li Chen’s will are strong, then they will soon wake up.

On the contrary, if the two people’s will is not strong at all, or even very weak, it will be very difficult to wake up.

“Brother Yang, people are here.” At this moment, Niu Chuan walked in and said softly.

And this sudden, it also attracted the attention of others.

When Dustin Zhou just came back, he said that someone would come over and apologize.

Now, what Niu Chuan means when he says people are coming, everyone knows very well.

When Niu Chuan was talking, two figures walked in directly.

It is Kong Hui and Jiang Feng.

Seeing these two people, most of the people in the ward were glaring at each other, wishing to rush up and give them a severe lesson.

It was them who made Chen An and Li Chen like this.

When Kong Hui and Jiang Feng walked into the ward, they naturally saw the hatred in everyone’s eyes when they looked at them, and at the same time, they also felt that everyone now wished to swallow their hatred.

But what is this?

For Kong Hui and Jiang Feng, most of the people here have no threat to them, nor do they have any overlap with them.

Therefore, the two of them didn’t care about the hatred look of these people.

What they need to care about now is Dustin Zhou’s attitude.

What’s more, Dustin Zhou had said before that as long as they apologized to Chen An and Li Chen, the matter would be over.

Therefore, they have absolutely no sense of fear.

Isn’t it just an apology?

This is too simple.

“Take it in.” Jiang Feng said lightly.

Then, a person walked in from the outside, holding two big red gift boxes in his hands.

“Dustin Zhou, this is an apocalypse brought by Kong Hui and I. It is two 300-year-old ginseng. After taking them, they can wake up faster. At the same time, the previous physical injuries can also be quickly recovered.” Jiang Feng Put the two gift boxes on the bedside, looking at Dustin Zhou.

He wanted to see Dustin Zhou’s reaction, but there was no change in Dustin Zhou’s face, which disappointed Jiang Feng.

Could it be that 300-year-old ginseng, and there are still two roots, for Dustin Zhou, it is not attractive at all.

However, Dustin Zhou did not respond, and the others were different.

After Jiang Feng said that it was 300-year-old ginseng, several inhalation sounds suddenly appeared in the ward.

Ginseng is not a rare thing, but some ginseng that has been in the old age is already considered more precious.

Nowadays, a 100-year-old ginseng can be sold for millions of dollars, and it is hard to find, and there is no market.

What’s more, Jiang Feng sent a 300-year-old ginseng with two roots.

Those who understand, immediately breathe in air-conditioning.

The price of these two 300-year-old ginseng roots is probably hundreds of millions.

This is not even counted, and money can’t buy it.

You know, 300-year-old ginseng can even sustain life at critical times, allowing people who are dying to hang in their breath and wait for rescue.

Such value is simply that there is no way to measure it with money.

Suddenly, many people looked at Jiang Feng with a strange look. At the same time, when they looked at Chen An and Li Chen who were lying on the hospital bed, their eyes were a little envy, even a hint of greed and jealousy.

Just being kept in the gymnasium for two days, and without much injury, can get such a big compensation.

This is simply a profit. If possible, many people hope that they are Chen An and Li Chen.

Dustin Zhou raised his eyebrows and saw everyone’s gazes and expressions in sight, and he was also a little dissatisfied.

However, now that Kong Hui and Jiang Feng are here, it is not easy for him to explode, so he can only hold back.

What’s more, Jiang Feng gave out these two 300-year-old ginseng, and he didn’t even watch the jokes of everyone, even his own reaction and the meaning of the jokes.

If you get angry, you might just fall into Jiang Feng’s arms.

Jiang Feng saw that Dustin Zhou did not respond, and he was also disappointed and regretful.

Just as Dustin Zhou thought, Jiang Feng’s wishful thinking is indeed like this.

Although Dustin Zhou is a shareholder of Mingyang Company, it has developed extremely fast in the past six months and the momentum is strong and unstoppable.

However, Jiang Feng did not investigate Dustin Zhou.

He knew that before Dustin Zhou became famous, he was only the door-to-door son-in-law of the president of a small company in Donghai, and had no status in the woman’s home.

Such a person has no background.

Maybe Dustin Zhou has never seen anything of real value in his entire life.

What’s more, a 300-year-old ginseng like this is not something you can buy with money, you must have an identity, a family must have a heritage, and most importantly, it must have that influence.

And these three hundred years

The ginseng of the year was obtained by Kong Hui from the Kong family.

Otherwise, Jiang Feng alone would not have this ability.

“Everyone, Chen An and Li Chen will become like this. Kong Shao and I have an unshirkable responsibility, and we will certainly not evade this responsibility. These two 300-year-old ginsengs are just our apologize. Wait until Chen Anhe After Li Chen wakes up, we will definitely come to visit again to apologize and send an apologize again.” Jiang Feng said in a deep voice, with a look of sorrow and remorse on his face, as if he was really sorry, and started to treat Chen An. The encounter with Li Chen was also very sad and wanted to compensate them.

Everyone heard what Jiang Feng said, and the two 300-year-old ginsengs were already placed on the bedside, so everyone already had a little trust in Jiang Feng’s words.

Moreover, Chen An and Li Chen are not in danger of life after all. In this way, as long as Jiang Feng and Kong Hui show a little sincerity, they will naturally be forgiven by everyone.

What’s more, this apologize is so weighty, and it really shocked many people.

“Haha, it is not easy for Jiang Shao and Kong Shao to have this mindset, we…” Someone was about to speak, but they were caught by the people around them.

And as soon as he saw the gazes of other people around him, especially when Dustin Zhou’s face was gloomy on the side, his heart was instantly irritated, and the secret path was bad.

Just now, he was really shocked by Jiang Feng’s atmospheric shot.

This is a 300-year-old ginseng, and there are only two ginsengs as a gift.

Such an atmospheric person is not so easy to encounter.

Therefore, he has a mindset that he wants to sell Jiang and lose face. In this way, maybe everyone will have the opportunity to cooperate in the future, and he can find a strong backing outside Dustin Zhou.

But now, this person’s heart felt chills, and his body couldn’t help shaking slightly.

“Hehe, thank you for this friend, this is my plain film, if there is any need in the future, everyone can still cooperate.”

Chapter 610

Jiang Feng sighed slightly in his heart, this person hadn’t finished what he said, and with Dustin Zhou present, others were afraid to continue speaking.

Otherwise, with such a person taking the lead, other people will definitely have a good impression of him, and then he can weaken Dustin Zhou’s strength to the greatest extent.

However, even so, Jiang Feng sent a business card of his own, and he personally delivered it to that person.

In this case, there may be someone who finds himself secretly, and then works a little bit by himself, maybe it can be used by these people.

Jiang Feng’s idea was good, Kong Hui just watched.

He has not recovered from his injuries up to now

, And there is a bandage on his face.

Otherwise, he would not be able to go out to see people even if his face was smashed by Dustin Zhou.

Therefore, he was all about letting Jiang Feng speak and Jiang Feng’s apologize, while he was watching.

Kong Hui’s gaze swept across Dustin Zhou from time to time, and a touch of resentment flashed past.

What happened today is undoubtedly a huge shame for Kong Hui.

This has never happened at all in Kong Hui’s past two decades.

In the past, once there was a conflict with other people, as long as he showed his identity, the other party would be subdued no matter what.

But today, Dustin Zhou not only didn’t subdue him, he didn’t even consider him, the Confucian family, and the Confucian father.

Kong Hui has decided that the hero will not suffer the immediate loss.

When I return to Liushi and return to the Kong family, I will tell Grandpa what happened today, and will definitely exaggerate Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan’s arrogance, and let Grandpa avenge himself.

“Okay, you can go now.” Dustin Zhou said coldly. He couldn’t know the motive behind Jiang Feng’s actions.

And he also knew very well that most of the people in the ward were ordinary people, and for the children of a big family like Jiang Feng, there would be no thoughts of confrontation at all.

Before, everyone was filled with outrage, but after Jiang Feng and Kong Hui appeared and sent two 300-year-old ginseng, a big change in attitude immediately occurred.

And now, Jiang Feng is even more in front of him, directly trying to win over others.

The most important thing is that the person who received Jiang Feng’s business card has a look of surprise and excitement at the moment, while the eyes of other people looking at him are full of envy and jealousy.

This is simply not normal.

If Dustin Zhou didn’t take action to stop it, Jiang Feng might really be in this ward, in front of the unconscious Chen An and Li Chen, and bribed most of the people here.

However, Dustin Zhou had no way to stop him.

After all, most of the people here have very limited benefits from Dustin Zhou.

Even in the branch project, they are all the people in the second batch of branch projects. Now the branch project is still under review. Whether it can be Chengdu is a question.

So everyone can have one more choice, and this choice is still a person like Jiang Feng, who has a generous shot and a strong background, then it would be an excellent choice.

Even if everyone offends Dustin Zhou for this, I am afraid that they don’t care much.

“Hehe, Mr. Zhou, if this is the case, then we will leave first.” Jiang Feng was not a procrastinator either, and he said goodbye and turned and left directly with Kong Hui.

Soon, the ward became quiet.

In addition to the sound of the machine dripping, there was also the slight breathing of everyone, no longer

No one made a sound.

Everyone is watching their noses and hearts, they realize that the atmosphere is very wrong now.

And some people are a little flustered.

The person who accepted Jiang Feng’s business card was even more at a loss at this moment. The business card he held in his hand was not to be put away, nor was it to be thrown away. He looked flustered, and he had no idea at all.

“Zhou, I…” In the end, he still couldn’t hold on, holding Jiang Feng’s business card, and said slightly trembling.

He has already decided that his family is still in the East China Sea. Even if he is attached to Jiang Feng, can he re-establish a family business in Xiang Province? Even if he wants to, is Jiang Feng willing.

Therefore, starting from the overall situation, he decided to give up this opportunity.

Since he wanted to give up, he would naturally express his stance in front of Dustin Zhou.

He threw out Jiang Feng’s business card and fell on the ground, stomping under his feet severely.

“Well, if it’s okay, you all go back.” Dustin Zhou didn’t wait for him to finish speaking, so he waved his hand to let everyone go back.

This is a ward, not a vegetable market, and there is no need for so many people.

Moreover, the relationship between everyone and Chen An and Li Chen may not be as good as their performance.

Everyone was silent and soon left.

Five minutes later, only No, Mira Xie, Asher Chen and his daughter, Su Wei, and the person who just received Jiang Feng’s business card were left in the ward.

“You all go back too, ready to clean up, we will return to the East China Sea in two days.” Dustin Zhou said softly.

And Enderia Shen and others also nodded slightly, and then left.

In the end, only that person was still in the ward and did not leave.

“Why are you still not leaving?” Dustin Zhou frowned, and he didn’t want to say something a second time.

Especially, what he didn’t want to say in the first place, it is undoubtedly a waste of his time and saliva to say to the person who does not want to talk.

With this time, he was able to arrange some of the last things in Hunan Province.

“Zhou, I really didn’t mean it on purpose. I didn’t mean to be close to Jiang Feng.” Li Bing was about to cry, standing in front of Dustin Zhou, not knowing what expression he should face Dustin Zhou with.

He is a straightforward person, always saying whatever he thinks of. In fact, he is a little open-mouthed, so in the past, he also offended many people.

And just now, he saw Jiang Feng sending out two 300-year-old ginseng, and he felt a little bit surprised, so he said that.

However, Jiang Feng suddenly gave him a business card, which Li Bing never expected.

He was very excited at the beginning. After all, someone like Jiang Feng, a child of a big family, would undoubtedly recognize him by sending his business card.

This makes Li Bing even a little overjoyed.

But wait until he

When I reacted, I wanted to decline but it was too late.

Jiang Feng’s business card was already in his hand, and the eyes of everyone, including Dustin Zhou, fell on him.

At that moment, Li Bing felt that he was finished.

“I know, you don’t need to explain to me.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, and he didn’t care about Li Bing’s explanation.

Let’s not talk about Jiang Feng’s business card to Li Bing, what is his true intention.

Even if Jiang Feng really wanted to win over Li Bing, Dustin Zhou didn’t care. A person who had no sense of existence on his side would not have any influence on him even if he was poached by Jiang Feng.

What’s more, the branch project plan submitted by Li Bing is in the second batch of the entire branch project.

Therefore, Li Bing is now in Hunan Province and has not been exposed to Dustin Zhou’s core business at all.

“You go back first, don’t think so much. What does Jiang Feng mean, I know very well, you should do your own thing first.” Feel free to appease Li Bing, and Dustin Zhou sent him away.

Now, in the ward, there are only two people, Dustin Zhou and Niu Chuan.

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