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Chapter 650

Sure enough, it was stated in the document that the two sales outlets did not admit to breach of contract at all, and they were confident that they were not afraid to file a lawsuit against the famous company.

This is not beyond Dustin Zhou’s expectations.

As for the media listed later, Dustin Zhou also took it seriously.

Because of these media, there is a 90% probability of being related to the people behind the Qingfeng District incident.

So, as long as you look at these media, you can roughly guess who is behind the scenes in Qingfeng District.


Sure enough, Dustin Zhou looked at the media listed on the file, his mouth raised slightly.

Media like the “Donghai Evening News” are impressively listed.

Dustin Zhou thought of many possibilities in an instant.

All the media involved in the above reports are excluded by the Donghai City Media Industry Association.

In other words, they all made some false reports before, violating industry standards that the media should abide by.

In other words, they all have a criminal record.

“It’s all a group of people who only dared to hide behind.” Dustin Zhou smiled. After reading it, he left the file on the table at will, not looking at it again.

In his opinion, the contents of this document only confirmed some things for him.

That is, the people behind the Qingfeng District incident are not so scary, and I am afraid that they are inseparable from the big families in the East China Sea.

“Zhou, do we really need to make some preparations? They are only plotting against Qingfeng District, but no one knows that they will be tempted to that place next.” Sara Ye asked in a deep voice.

As Dustin Zhou’s assistant, she naturally has to consider all aspects.

After all, Sara Ye was also very helpless for such a calm person like Dustin Zhou.

And Enderia Shen also finished reading the document, turned his head, his eyes also fell on Dustin Zhou, his eyes were full of meanings waiting for Dustin Zhou’s answer.

“There is no need to do anything. During the Spring Festival, they just want us to mess around at this juncture, and then they can make trouble from it and bring the entire famous company into the vortex.” Dustin Zhou slightly jawed, His eyes gradually became deeper.

“However, we can’t really just do nothing.” After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou slowly smiled.

“The other party wants us to mess around during the Spring Festival, so we will let them expose themselves as they wish.” “On this point, I will design a plan in the next few days and post it when the time comes. Give it to Sister Qian. Then you hand it to the company’s Commerce Department and Legal Department. They will know what to do when they see the plan.” Dustin Zhou smiled and was very happy.

Because at this moment, an idea in his heart has slowly formed.

Moreover, this idea will definitely be very interesting.

I just don’t know if those behind the scenes will see through their plans.

“Okay.” Sara Ye was helpless, but since Dustin Zhou said so, she could only choose to believe in Dustin Zhou.

After telling Sara Ye some more, Dustin Zhou let her go to work first.

Dustin Zhou looked at Enderia Shen. He had something to ask, otherwise he might not be able to sleep at night.

“Why are you looking at me like this? Is there anything on my face?” Enderia Shen was a little hairy when Dustin Zhou saw him, pretending to be calm


“President Shen, I actually have a question. You just called me Xiao Zhou in the hotel. I don’t know. Where am I young? Have you ever seen it? You haven’t seen it. How can you say that I am young? Or, do you need me to prove to you that I am not young?” Dustin Zhou almost gritted his teeth and said these things. Now he can’t wait to press Enderia Shen on the sofa and give her a severe lesson to let her know. I am not small.

“You…” And Enderia Shen was also a little embarrassed by Dustin Zhou’s remarks, his face was flushed for an instant, and the eyes that looked at Dustin Zhou quickly dodged, and he didn’t dare to look at Dustin Zhou at all.

However, Enderia Shen had feelings for Dustin Zhou after all, so after taking a deep breath, Enderia Shen looked at Dustin Zhou again, and the blush on his face disappeared.

“Why? Are you not Xiao Zhou? Da Zhou? Besides, where are you old, why didn’t I see it?” Since Dustin Zhou asked this, Enderia Shen took a tit-for-tat approach and suddenly asked Dustin Zhou a little speechless. .

After all, Dustin Zhou and Enderia Shen could not prove to each other about big and small things.

“Okay, I won’t mention this in advance, but you gave them a business card and said that you are looking for the project leader. Is this intentional?” Dustin Zhou asked with a smile.

“So what? Didn’t it just give you a chance to give him a good face? I am thinking now, if they know that the person in charge of this project is you, you can directly reject their application with just one sentence What kind of reaction will they have?” Enderia Shen smiled, naturally leaning on the sofa, with one leg up, his posture was particularly attractive.

Even Dustin Zhou was lost for a moment, but soon Dustin Zhou recovered, but Enderia Shen rolled his eyes and was not looking at her.

“I don’t care how they will react, do you think I’m such a caring, small belly person?” “They come to see me, I don’t see it, then, even if they hold your business card, I won’t see me, I Think, they are the first to scold, blame, and blame, I am afraid it will be you.” Dustin Zhou looked at Enderia Shen, wanting to see a hint of surprise on her face.

However, what surprised Dustin Zhou was that Enderia Shen didn’t change his expression at all for her own words, as if she had known for a long time that she could not meet Xie Mu and others.

“You thought it was impossible for me to meet them? That’s why you gave them a business card?” Enderia Shen did not deny Dustin Zhou’s question.

In fact, after Xie’s mother said that they were planning to establish a sales store, but the application was rejected, Enderia Shen thought of this idea in his heart.

The initiative is entirely

Dustin Zhou’s hands.

In this way, Dustin Zhou also created a good opportunity to grow his face in front of Xie’s mother and others.

If Dustin Zhou wanted revenge and wanted to show off his prestige in front of Xie’s mother and others, then this time would be an excellent opportunity.

“In fact, this is also an opportunity. Don’t you want the opportunity to prove yourself in front of your mother-in-law and a group of relatives?” Enderia Shen did not answer Dustin Zhou’s question, but instead asked Dustin Zhou a question.

And this question, for Dustin Zhou, is indeed a good opportunity and a very suitable opportunity.

He could use himself to provide help this time when Xie’s mother and others asked for help, to change the way Xie’s mother and others viewed him, and there were almost no sequelae.

“Do you think I lack such an opportunity? To prove it to someone, is to prove that person is worthy of me to prove myself. For those who are not worthy of me to prove their worth, I have not been so idle yet to prove something specifically to them. “Speaking of this, Dustin Zhou’s tone is already a little low.

He didn’t know whether Enderia Shen’s true intention was this, but he didn’t bother to guess.

For Xie’s mother and those relatives, outsiders can never understand how they feel.

After speaking in a low voice, Dustin Zhou got up and left the company.

And Enderia Shen did not try to stay. She knew that at this time, Dustin Zhou needed to better understand her own heart, and know what she cares about and what she needs.

And those are not what outsiders can point to him, everything can only rely on Dustin Zhou himself.

Chapter 651

After Dustin Zhou left the company, he went around outside, his brain confused.

He knows that what Enderia Shen is doing today is for his own good. He wants to regain the dignity and face he lost in the past so many years in front of Xie’s mother and others, so that he can prove himself in front of Xie’s mother and others. Not a waste in their mouths.

However, all of this is really so important to Dustin Zhou.

Whether Dustin Zhou is a trash or not is not determined by Xie’s mother and those relatives.

All of this is based on his own strength, as well as the goal and direction of his hard work.

If Dustin Zhou is willing to be a salted fish, then, no matter how many other people create opportunities for him, he can’t prove himself in front of Xie’s mother and others.

On the contrary, if Dustin Zhou himself is not a waste at all, but has very powerful strength and means, then even if he does not prove himself in front of Xie Mu and others, even if Xie Mu and others still consider him a waste, he is not a waste.

In the eyes of others, he is already a figure that cannot be ignored. In Donghai, he is also

A person with a pivotal position.

Dustin Zhou didn’t complain about Enderia Shen’s extra effort, but felt that Enderia Shen had been with him for so long and still didn’t understand his true thoughts.

He Dustin Zhou didn’t care about the opinions of those who Xie’s mother.

Even if Xie Mu and others think he is a great person, so what?

What Dustin Zhou can get is not enough praise and flattery from Xie Mu and others.

These are not what Dustin Zhou wanted.

And even if Xie Mu and others think Dustin Zhou is a waste, is Dustin Zhou really a waste?

Therefore, Dustin Zhou actually disagrees with what Enderia Shen did today.

However, Dustin Zhou knew that Enderia Shen was doing it for his own good.

However, there was a pimple in his heart that was always there, which made Dustin Zhou feel uncomfortable for no reason. He didn’t want to stay in the company, so he wanted to go out and relax.

Otherwise, Dustin Zhou could not guarantee that he would not do anything confused because of impulse.

Walking on the streets of Donghai City, Dustin Zhou surprisingly discovered that as the Spring Festival approached, although the whole Donghai City had become a lot more lively, it had a strong New Year flavor.

But one thing is undeniable, that is, the streets of Donghai City are indeed deserted a lot.

Many shops on both sides of the adjacent streets closed early at this time.

Dustin Zhou walked a long distance on the road, most of the stores he saw were closed.

However, fortunately, the things sold in the closed stores are not necessities of the residents’ daily life. Most of them are clothes, shoes and the like.

Most people have bought their New Year clothes very early before the New Year, so these stores are not closed now and there is nothing to do.

Unconsciously, Dustin Zhou has been swaying for almost an hour.

In this hour, Dustin Zhou also thought a lot.

He now understands Enderia Shen’s approach.

Enderia Shen had absolutely no malice, nor did Dustin Zhou mean to joke in the past.

She did all this, thinking about problems from Dustin Zhou’s perspective.

However, Dustin Zhou discovered a problem. Although Enderia Shen was thinking about the problem from her own perspective, she did not know what she was thinking about now and what her future goals were.

Enderia Shen thinks that he just wants to get ahead and exhales in front of the Xie family. This is thinking about problems from a small structure.

In fact, Dustin Zhou’s eyes have always been on the Zhou family in the capital. Dustin Zhou didn’t care about the big families in the East China Sea, such as the Sun family and the Su family, let alone Xie’s mother and those relatives.

In Dustin Zhou’s eyes, they may be just a passer-by.

Even if he and Mira Xie are now married, once Dustin Zhou returns to Zhou’s house, he won’t let Xie’s mother come here.

What benefits these snobs get, even more will not let them take the Zhou family’s name to do evil outside because of themselves.

All this, in Dustin Zhou’s mind, was something that had been thought of long ago.

Huh – Just as Dustin Zhou was thinking, a pink beetle suddenly stopped beside Dustin Zhou and made a sharp sound.

Dustin Zhou was also awakened all of a sudden, looking at the red beetle parked beside him in surprise, his brows frowned slightly.

The car parked very close to him. It can be said that if the driver is not paying attention, he will hit him.

Dustin Zhou was about to get angry, and a familiar voice came over.

“Mr. Zhou, is that you?” Dustin Zhou looked over and realized that it was someone he knew who was driving.

Liu Xue in Lvjingwan City.

Seeing that they were acquaintances, the anger that Dustin Zhou had just born disappeared instantly.

Thinking about it, Liu Xue didn’t do this on purpose.

“It turned out to be Miss Liu, what a coincidence.” Dustin Zhou said hello with a smile.

“What is Mr. Zhou doing here? Where do you want to go? I can take you there.” Liu Xue saw Dustin Zhou, her face was full of excitement and excitement, and the thoughts in her heart also spoke directly without thinking about it. come out.

After she said it, she discovered the abnormality and her face was flushed with blush.

Just now, when she was driving on the road, she saw that the figure in front was very familiar and wanted to take a closer look.

When Liu Xue realized that it was Dustin Zhou, her heart suddenly became excited, and her foot on the gas pedal became a little bit stronger, and she almost hit Dustin Zhou.

But after seeing Dustin Zhou, Liu Xue spoke with joy.

“Uh, where are you going? Dressed up so beautifully, maybe it’s not going to go on a blind date. If it is really going to go on a blind date, I’d better not bother.” Dustin Zhou did not expect that Liu Xue would speak to herself In this case, I couldn’t help but feel helpless and looked down at myself.

Is this a look like where you want to go without a car?

Moreover, Liu Xue is more beautiful than when she saw it yesterday. The clothes she wears are probably carefully selected. Dustin Zhou can tell at a glance that these clothes are relatively fashionable, definitely not normal. Worn.

At the very least, the occasion Liu Xue is going to is a bit important to her.

As for the blind date, Dustin Zhou said casually.

After all, during the Spring Festival, blind dates have become a very popular topic, and he can see some news related to blind dates on the Internet almost every day.

In addition, through yesterday’s chat, Dustin Zhou knew that Liu Xue was still single and fully met the basic requirements for a blind date.

And when Liu Xue was said by Dustin Zhou, she blushed immediately, even with

A trace of annoyance.

She didn’t expect that her Qin Tian dress would be considered by Dustin Zhou to go on a blind date.

“No, no, Mr. Zhou, I’m not going to go on a blind date. Besides, if I go on a blind date, no one will look at it.” “I’m going to the Mountain Mist Club.” Liu Xue quickly explained.

For some reason, Liu Xue didn’t want Dustin Zhou to misunderstand that he was going on a blind date, and even told Dustin Zhou his destination.

“Hehe, it’s okay. With Ms. Liu’s qualifications, if you really want to go on a blind date, I think there will be countless people waiting in line.” Dustin Zhou smiled, and the topic of blind date passed. , Discussing the topic of blind date with a girl, always a little awkward.

However, Liu Xuesuo was going to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse, which made Dustin Zhou think about where she would go next.

Go to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse and have a good chat with Asher Chen, which may solve the confusion in your heart.

Chapter 652

Dustin Zhou’s praise was straightforward and straightforward, making Liu Xue’s cheeks flushed and his heart pounding.

“Mr. Zhou, you don’t want to talk about me anymore. Where are you going?” Liu Xuesheng was afraid that Dustin Zhou would still talk about herself. At that time, she might make a fool of herself and quickly changed the subject.

Besides, Liu Xue watched Dustin Zhou keep walking forward, as if to go somewhere.

It just so happened that she came by car herself and could take Dustin Zhou for a ride.

“I’m just telling the truth. It just so happens that my destination is the same as yours.” Dustin Zhou smiled. Since Liu Xue was unwilling to talk about blind dates, Dustin Zhou would naturally not talk about it anymore, and Liu Xue would not like it. .

“Same destination as mine? Is Mr. Zhou going to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse too?” Liu Xue blinked her eyes, her face even more flushed.

She didn’t expect that Dustin Zhou would even go to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

There are so many coincidences in the world.

It was a coincidence that Dustin Zhou was driving away by himself.

Dustin Zhou’s destination was the same as himself, which was another coincidence.

Liu Xue didn’t believe it anymore, she even suspected that this was only Dustin Zhou said deliberately, and the purpose was probably to get close to herself.

So, what is the purpose of a successful person like Dustin Zhou, a mysterious person, who wants to approach a woman, Liu Xue only thought about many possibilities.

However, all possibilities have a prerequisite, that is, Dustin Zhou did it to create an opportunity for Liu Xue to contact.

But now, riding Liu Xue’s car and heading to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse together is not such an opportunity.

“Yes, I’m going to the Mountain Mist Clubhouse to talk to a friend, how about you? Maybe it’s going to go on a date?” Dustin Zhou smiled, opened the car door and sat down.

In the car.

Seeing Dustin Zhou’s familiar movements, Liu Xue’s heartbeat accelerated a bit.

However, once she has said everything, it is impossible to go back.

What’s more, Dustin Zhou was already in the car, and even if Liu Xue wanted to go back, she didn’t have the face to say it.

Liu Xue forcefully pretended to be calm, and drove slowly towards the Mountain Mist Clubhouse.

“I’m not going on a date, just taking advantage of the time before the Spring Festival, our university classmates reunion.” Liu Xue explained what Dustin Zhou said just now.

She didn’t want Dustin Zhou to misunderstand that she was really going on a date.

Otherwise, driving by yourself, before the Spring Festival, dressed in such a fashion, the destination Mountain Mist Club, no matter how you look at it, it seems to be a date.

“University classmates reunion?” Now it was Dustin Zhou’s turn to be surprised.

If I remember correctly, studying abroad seems to have only graduated this year, and there are few parties who have just graduated half a year from college.

“Didn’t you just graduate in the first half of the year? After only half a year, a party was organized?” “Yes, I didn’t expect that this party was organized by our university monitor, and most of the people who attended People living in the Donghai class, so the number of people is not very large, it can be regarded as a small gathering.” Liu Xue said helplessly.

She also just received a message in the morning, saying that it was going to be a party, and the location was the Donghai Yinhu Club, and the time was in the evening.

And Liu Xue also took advantage of nothing in the company and took the time to rush over.

“That’s it. It seems that the relationship between your classmates is pretty good.” Dustin Zhou said with a smile.

He remembered that Liu Xue graduated from Tunghai University, and Dustin Zhou himself was a student of Tunghai University and a graduate student under the name of Professor Shao Zekai.

Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou felt a little guilty.

Although Professor Shao Zekai accepted Dustin Zhou as a student, Dustin Zhou has not fulfilled his obligations as a student.

After staying in Hunan Province for half a year, I have never attended a serious class at Tunghai University. I just briefly talked to Professor Shao Zekai.

It seems that during the Spring Festival, I’m going to see Professor Shao Zekai.

I made up my mind that when the Spring Festival comes, I will definitely find a chance to see Professor Shao Zekai.

“Speaking of which, you are still my school girl.” Dustin Zhou looked at Liu Xue who was driving seriously, and smiled lightly.

“What, really?” And Liu Xue obviously heard the news for the first time, with joy on her face, and her hand movement was a little messy. She was panicked, or at Dustin Zhou’s reminder, before she readjusted. come.

“Of course, I am now under the name of Professor Shao Zekai, a graduate student.” Dustin Zhou shook his head slightly and said softly.

He said this not to get closer to Liu Xue, but to let Liu Xue know that the relationship between himself and her is still comparative.

Close, I don’t have any other thoughts about a primary school girl like her.

“Mr. Zhou, are you still a graduate student under the name of Professor Shao?” Liu Xue was obviously taken aback.

She knows what the three words Shao Zekai mean in Tunghai University, even looking at the whole country, this name represents a powerful energy.

Professor Shao Zekai is one of the country’s top experts in materials testing.

Even if it is not ranked first, it is at least the top three.

However, now, Dustin Zhou actually said that he was a graduate student under the name of Professor Shao Zekai. How could this not surprise Liu Xue.

“I heard from my classmates before that Shao Zekai seems to have accepted two students this year. Is one of them Mr. Zhou?” Liu Xue asked again.

She confided all the news she had heard from her classmates, just to ask Dustin Zhou for confirmation.

After all, Professor Shao Zekai is synonymous with high-end in the eyes of Tunghai University students.

If anyone can enter the name of Professor Shao Zekai, then it represents a boundless future.

But then, a new doubt came to Liu Xue’s mind again.

It stands to reason that if you can become a graduate student under the name of Professor Shao Zekai, you should be a student.

However, Liu Xue knew that Dustin Zhou had bought the villa in Lvjingwan City in full, and even the boss of the company was respectful when facing Dustin Zhou.

Such a person would be a graduate student under the name of Professor Shao Zekai?

Will it be an ordinary student?

How do you look at it?

Perhaps after seeing the doubts in Liu Xue’s heart, Dustin Zhou didn’t care that much.

Indeed, thinking from the perspective of Liu Xue, I am a graduate student under the name of Professor Shao Zekai, which is indeed somewhat unexpected.

Besides, Liu Xue also knew some of his own situation.

It was difficult for her to understand, and it was normal.

“This is nothing. Actually, I graduated from Tunghai University three years ago. However, because of some things, I met Professor Shao Zekai and studied for postgraduate under his name.” Speaking of this, Dustin Zhou thought about it again. For a semester, I didn’t attend class seriously, and suddenly laughed.

“However, this semester, I haven’t attended class, so I feel so sorry for Professor Shao.” And this also made Liu Xue feel that her three views are about to be broken.

That is Professor Shao Zekai. Every year, how many students want to study for graduate students and doctoral students under his name.

Sometimes, Professor Shao Zekai only accepts one or two students a year, or even no students.

But now, Dustin Zhou has become a graduate student under the name of Professor Shao Zekai, but he hasn’t attended classes for a semester.

If this spreads out and is known to others, it will definitely be sprayed to death.

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